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Escada Signature   

27 Reviews

Escada's new refreshing scent, Escada Signature, presents a sensual symphony of bergamot and black currant, enriched by leafy greens and Italian lemon, with a splash of sea breeze accord and honeydew melon. A girl's best friend, this pure essence of luxury invigorates the soul and energizes the mind. Notes include Bergamot, Black Currant, Leafy more

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Escada's new refreshing scent, Escada Signature, presents a sensual symphony of bergamot and black currant, enriched by leafy greens and Italian lemon, with a splash of sea breeze accord and honeydew melon. A girl's best friend, this pure essence of luxury invigorates the soul and energizes the mind. Notes include Bergamot, Black Currant, Leafy Greens, Cucumber, Italian Lemon, Sea Breeze Accord, Freesia, Honeydew, Magnolia, Jasmine, Muguet, Rose, Orange Blossom, Peony, Amber, Musk, Nectarine, Vanilla, Orris, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

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  • H PALMER04/11/2014

    ... It is light, fresh and not too sweet, suitable both for daytime and evening wear

  • CHRIS10/15/2012

    lovely perfume, I wear it for every occasion.

  • CHRISTINE10/15/2012

    This is a lovely perfume, and it suits all occasions

  • CHRISTINE10/15/2012

    I just love this perfume, it suits me perfectly.

  • CATHY04/04/2008

    I ordered this over the internet without having smelt it at all and just based on the reviews I read about it, and also because it was a very reasonable price! When it arrived I thought it smelt quite nice but a bit too marine smelling maybe, which disappointed me a little bit as I'm not really into marine type scents, although I like refreshing, clean and subtle scents. However, once I had it on it started to smell gorgeous, light and refreshing and I now love it and it's definitely one of my favourites! I hope it doesn't get discontinued as a lot of perfmes now do because to me it has an timeless appeal and would suit lots of women of all ages. It's soft, subtle, refreshing and smells expensive. I also think it's memorable without being cloying and annoying, like heavier perfumes are. I love it!

  • CATHY03/28/2008

    I just treated myself to this from the internet based solely on the reviews here and having never smelt it before. I thought I'd take a chance and hope that it was as nice as most of the women here have said! On first smelling it I was a little indifferent and wasn't too sure about it, although it definitely wasn't unpleasant. It smelt a bit too aquatic in the bottle for me but once I spritzed some on the lemony undertones started to come through more and it started to really work well with my body chemistry! It's clean and fresh smelling, which I like as I hate heavy, cloying perfumes. It was well worth buying and I can highly recommend it.

  • DOODS09/09/2007

    Hello Robin! I always wait for your comments on certain perfumes I am curious of sniffing at. Although our sense of smell is very subjective, I think you give one of the more objective assessments on these perfume. Thanks! BTW, have you smelled the perfume buy Almay? The color is something like peachy-pink and it smells REALLY great! However, it is not available in our country (Philippines). By any chance, is there a perfume you know similar with Almay? Looking forward to your response. =)

  • MELODY08/09/2007

    Every single time I wear this I receive compliments... it is very light and feminine, not boring but interesting as well... also expensive smelling.

  • ANGELIQUE05/25/2007

    So fickle is my nature that I'm going to have to promise myself not to comment on any perfume until I've had a least a few tries of it. Last week I just wasn't sure about this. I was in two minds - I thought it might have been a bit on the astringent side. I was wrong. This scent is beautiful, and transmutes through so many wonderful shades until it dries down to an interesting yet subtle tone. I like this a lot.

  • ANGELIQUE05/16/2007

    I just can't decide whether I like this or not. Not sure if it's 'me', if you know what I mean. It's nice(ish), but for someone else. If I smelt this on someone else I'd think "Ooooh you smell nice," but I don't think it's nice on me. Maybe I just need to smell it with a fresh nose. I bought this today because it was being offered at a bargain price and as I was in a hurry (and it had smelled nice enough on the testing card), I just went ahead and purchased it anyway. Not sure if it was a good decision now. I have a feeling I smell a bit like a chemical plant - but at the same time I keep getting a waft of something nice (but that could also the DKNY Red Delicious I tested ... ). I've tested quite a few perfumes today so maybe my nose is all scented out. Will probably be back soon with a more final verdict but for now I'll give this 3 Stars.

  • JONNA04/28/2007

    This fragrance is very nice and fresh smelling. I Love Escada Collection however. Where and when can I get it? I know it is discontinued, but I know these perfumes then show up here. Could somenone please let me know. Perfume Emporium, please try to get "Collection". It is warm, delicious and wonderful and very, very special. Thank you.

  • LAURINHA11/28/2006

    I think that my taste for fragrances is changing, 'cause now I like Escada a lot - bought a big bottle w/ BL - sooooooo good and chic :)))

  • ROBIN 09/26/2006

    Sorry to be so late in saying hello -- and thanks, too!!! I really appreciate your kind remarks. I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to post anything in AGES, but I hope to get back at it soon. In the meantime, if you like what my dear friends Lizzie and Maya have to say, that's terrific too; I have great respect for their noses -- and brains, and heart, too. And if you're looking for a few interesting new fragrances to try, I've been LOVING the new Nanette Lepore Shanghai Butterfly, the new Lolita Lempicka called "L", Incanto Charms and Incanto Dream as well as the original Incanto by Salvatore Ferragamo, the chocolatey-orangey Missoni -- SO rich!, Brit Red (not so new, but now it's fall, it's perfect weather for it), Maxmara (ditto), Promesse by Cacharel (underrated, in my books; maybe even discontinued?? Lovely blackberry notes. . .), Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes, the limited edition Oscar de la Rentas -- Violet, Citrus and Bamboo, all very pretty, Love Hangover, Cast a Spell (the last two favourites of Lizzie's), La Perla Blue. . .Oh, I could go on and on!!!! Or, if you want very rich, almost wintery scents -- I've mostly listed very vibrant, fresh fragrances -- give Dior Addict and Donna Karan's Black Cashmere a try. Maybe Hynotic Poision, while you're at it. And for guilty pleasures, I ADORE my Jennifer Lopez Live (the Luxe is even richer) and Britney Spears Fantasy (don't laugh!). Along the same lines, I can't get enough of Calvin Klein's Euphoria. Anyway, Sweetie, have fun!! xoxox Robin

  • SAMMY07/15/2006

    I first smelled it on my boyfriend and died to have one too. We were watching a movie together at one of our friends place. And wow, I had to cuddle next to him and smell him. I dont recall the movie that much, since my whole attention was around his neck, smelling and kissing him continuously. I think it is a unisex perfume! Men out there try it, you won't regret what you have put on. Please dont think its for sissies! Woooooow its something!

  • DESDEKID06/30/2006

    it smells like a great perfume, but a men perfume. fresh, musky, and a drop of honeydew sweet.

  • TIA06/19/2006

    Best perfume ever. Long lasting fresh mesmerisinf scent. Everyone running to me asking 'what are you wearing?'

  • *BARBARA W*06/05/2006

    This perfume has no character in my opinion - just a blah, watery, "safe" perfume that I'm sure will appeal to very young women. No staying power on my skin, either. Ho hum.

  • BARB05/15/2006

    Of all the scents I have, (too embarrased to tell ) This is the most wonderfull fragrance I have ever smelled. It is fresh and not at all smothering but very feminine. I can't compare it to anything else because nothing compares to it. It is definatley quality and long lasting in a great way. Never stale . I'm trying to think of another way to describe it but I'm not good at this. All I can say you WILL NOT be sorry you bought this and you will be so excited that you found it. With all the cheap short lasting fruit bowl crap out there you will be so thrilled with this one. Escada used to make quality scents and I was disappointed in them for a while. What a come back they made with this one. All I can say is WOW. Life is good.

  • ANGIE05/11/2006

    Opinions of different scents are like ******** we all have one but they are not the same. To say, that Robin, Lizzie, & Maya are "experts" on what is the best is overstating it, don't ya think? I've read their reviews on alot of fragrances, and most of them, I would disagree with & them with me (when they don't like a fragrance, they can get down right nasty)They are not experts, just people that YOU happen to agree with. Nothing more & nothing less.

  • LAURINHA05/10/2006

    Today I was finally introduced to this fragrance. I have to agree that it's good, but I think it's too serious, too classic, too strong: not for me!

  • LAURINHA04/10/2006

    Hi! I imagine this one smells like L'eau par Kenzo or RL Cool, w/ a cucumber note, but someone said it's similar to Amarige. I love fresh and "watermelony" fragrances - can this one be considered like this? Please, tell me what fragrances are similar to this one, I'm so curious! ;)

  • NASTASSIA04/08/2006

    Though I can't sense the notes in this perfume either, I have to admit that this perfume to me is unlike any of the Escada fragrances that my sister favors. It's light, and for me, it's actually wearable in the daytime!

  • TAINA04/07/2006

    I had added Escada to my collection of favorites and I am very hard to please.

  • BILLYET03/23/2006

    I have definitely included you on my "good nose" list!! Whenever I am researching a fragrance I ALWAYS look for posts from you, Maya, Lizzie, Vanessa... and I trust your EXQUISITE taste. I have also noticed that occasionally you disagree with one another which is another reason I trust your "noses". Not everyone is going to like the same fragrance or it's a body chemistry thing. And, it's always an in-depth analysis...never a "it smells good" post (pot roast "smells good" but I don't want to wear it as a fragrance!). I really appreciate the list. I have written everything down and will definitely give them all a sniff. I had someone comment once that "women who wear perfume must be lacking something". I told her I wasn't sure what those women were "lacking" but she could be assured it wasn't style or boyfriends.

  • ROBIN 03/19/2006

    Hope you're including me as one of the "good noses"!! I just want to mention some other fragrances you might like, having seen a few of your recent posts and having just a glimmer of what you might be liking lately. Do find a way to sniff the following: Dolly Girl, Baby Doll, Anna Sui Love, Just Cavalli, Miss Dior Cherie, Maxmara, Nanette Lepore, Live by Jennifer Lopez, 212 Sexy, Promesse, Blush, wish, Incanto, Apparition and Very Irresistible. You're sure to find a few new fragrances among them. Best wishes! (Oh, and if you see posts by Maya and Lizzie, you can trust them implicitly!!!) xox Robin

  • LIZA03/18/2006

    This one reminds me of "Amarige" by heavy, the bottle is nice though....

  • BILLYE T03/11/2006

    I had a "good nose" tell me about Escada Magnetism which I bought and love! The fragrance department can overwhelm the best of noses with all the scents that are lingering in the air from customers spraying. While at the counter I saw Escada Signature but thought I would check out the reviews in the PE chatroom first. I saw "good noses" (I have read their posts on other products) had given this a thumbs up and thought I would give Escada Signature a try. They were right! On me it smells light and clean and very nice! Maybe it's just my nose but I can't put my finger on any one single note but that's okay. It smells so nice. So different from Magnetism but since I don't wear the same clothes everyday why should I wear the same perfume.

  • RAY02/05/2006

    This scent has got to be the best blended "green" scent. The bottle is green, but the scent sure doesn't smack you in the face of soured greens. This is a perfect example of why modern fragrances, 2000 and above are the best. The chemistry, and technology to make scents interesting, and user friendly have never been better. The bergamont and cucumber are the stand outs to me in this scent. I love it, and plan on wearing more of it as the weather warms!!!

  • LIZZIE01/26/2006

    At long last, a green fragrance that isn't too green! it's beautifully, harmonically feminine and yet musky, green and flowery and cucumbery in a way that is totally fresh and just a touch sweet. SO GOOD. smells like green paradise to me! just WONDERFUL!!! i adore escada fragrances!!!!!

  • KRISTIN01/09/2006

    I love the scent - I feel sexy and feminine when I wear Escada's signature parfume. The combination of the green notes and sandlewood are a winner with me. Has to be my all time favorite.

  • SUE01/03/2006

    love escada. it lasts and lasts and lasts. really musky feminine scent that does not get sickening. a little goes a long way. adorable!

  • ROBIN 12/14/2005

    This is an amazingly original scent. Cucumber and honeydew grounded by all sorts of woody base notes: it's an fascinating dichotomy that REALLY works for me! I confess that I seem to love SO much of what Escada has created; Magnetism, Sentiment, Island Kiss, and now, my newest find: all very different, but to me, all delicious!!!

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