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Created by Givenchy in 1974, Givenchy Gentlemen is an ultra British chic with an unashamedly strong masculine identity. Woody and aromatic, it combines to perfection the strength of character of tarragon and cinnamon, the masculinity of vetiver and patchouli and the nobility of civet and Russian leather. An original and assertive fragrance.

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Created by Givenchy in 1974, Givenchy Gentlemen is an ultra British chic with an unashamedly strong masculine identity. Woody and aromatic, it combines to perfection the strength of character of tarragon and cinnamon, the masculinity of vetiver and patchouli and the nobility of civet and Russian leather. An original and assertive fragrance.

  • DAVE01/26/2019

    Classic masculine fragrance: not too musky or woody, just right for me.

  • JOHN KNUTOWICZ12/19/2017

    Long time user

  • JOHN06/24/2013

    Love the crispness and gentle scent of Armand Basi!

  • JESUS MENDOZA09/27/2012

    I have used this cologne for many years since around 1977 and I still love as when I discovered it. Everyone that smells it on me tells me that it is very pleasant.

  • SWAYZE, MO02/12/2009

    I was introduced to this Givenchy creation the year it came out on the market. I was in London, and specifically at Harrods. I bought it and wore it once. I gave it to a friend who was a pioneer in the Alternative Life Style Group. It is not suitable for men of the traditional life style. Stay away!

  • DAVID BURNS12/10/2008

    I have been using Givenchy Gentleman for over 20 years, and still get regular comments from strangers asking what it is. I havn't noticed any change in composition, but that doesn't mean there havent been some, if they change it a fraction each time, I'm not gonna notice it over such a long period of time

  • BARBARA W07/11/2008

    This is a classic powerhouse men's fragrance, very sexy in an "old-school" way, and I think old-school deserves to make a comeback! I'm tired of smelling watery, citrusy, unisex colognes on guys. Safe and unoffensive, sure, but where's the sex appeal? Fragrances that turn me on for men are warm, spicy, leathery, and most definitely masculine. Givenchy Gentleman is one of them.

  • JUDI W.03/24/2007

    I bought this for my boyfriend, his first cologne he ever wore, back in 1975. He was also the guitarist in my band, and not only did he look good, play that guitar good, but he smelled WOW! This was so sexy on him, that patchouli in it, warms it up, baby! I haven't smelled it since then, so I'm rating it by what I thought back then...

  • ALFIE02/25/2007

    This fragrance is very classic. The scent of leather dominates the base note. I like this fragrance on certain condition. But I'm sure that this fragrance is not suitable for young guys cuz it will makes you feel a little bit older. I think I'm also have opinion that this fragance is suitable for all of you who are 40 years older.

  • BIG RICH09/06/2006

    ive been using GG for well over 10 years and often get people embarisingly asking what aftershave i use(as it happens i always use the EDT and shaving balm). in fact thats how i found out about GG after my friend was wearing it!! i think the last comment - over 40 years of age, great!!, lasts all day and the musty woody smell is great. now GG seems to be getting rarer to find in the shops because of all the variations of givenchy. i hope they never discontinue it or mess around with the receipe - i'd be lost without my GG.

  • DAZ05/02/2006

    Heavy, Strong and Lasting..... dont need much and it lasts all day. Over 40 yes..... Under 40.....probably not

  • OLFIE NEWBIE02/15/2006

    Everybody seems to rate Gentleman highly but I'm puzzled because I find it not worthy of 4 stars. It suddenly occurred to me that it may have something to do with probably a change in composition when I stumbled on other sites and found that "...This fine fragrance contains bergamot, lemon, rose and is accented with honey, amber and vanilla making Givenchy Gentleman perfect for any formal occasion." The above is starkly different than the one described on this site. Care to comment connoisseurs?

  • JASON BOURNE02/15/2006

    full of antique furniture. That is how I felt when I wore this fragrance. The worse part is I tried this fragrance for a day without knowing the name of it beforehand as part of an experiment. I didn't like it at all and people stayed away from me when I was on the metro train to the office despite impeccably dressed. As I normally would - I didn't even overdo the spray. It's a letdown when my friend revealed the name of this fragrance eventually. The drydown is stale smelling like rustic varnished wooden table. And the fragrance is not longlasting overall. I got a better reaction with versace l'homme especially with the ladies. I put versace in the same category as givenchy in terms of classic gentleman's fragrance but versace wins hands down.

  • WIRANA, ALCHEMIST02/11/2006

    My only complaint is that no one seems to be bothered by the ultra simplistic yet cheap-looking bottle with the plastic cap. The one I bought had even the sticker label pasted off centre to the left. Gentleman should be easily distinguishable from the rest of the pack so Givenchy if you're listening I offer to design the bottle for you - with a touch of less is more yet looking sophisticated and classy. Ah well, gentlemen being who we are we can never live up to our name without our staple diet of GG. This one is one of my top 10 fav for sure but I also hope someday they tone down the alcoholic sting accompanying the top notes. This is for serious men only. Not for the office, not for romance but for standing out from the rest of the wussies.

  • RAJUL02/04/2006

    going by some of the posts by the ladies i got myself a bottle of 'gentleman'.when you first spray it you are made aware that its a men's cologne....but at the end of the !! it has a fantastic dry down and superb lasting power.thanks to the ladies on this sight who recomended it !

  • WIRANA, ALCHEMIST01/13/2006

    Recently I saw a dark blue square bottle with the word MAN on it. Looking closer it was by Givenchy. Does anyone have any idea whether this is the same as any of the Givenchy product listed on this site? I can't find it on this website and I'm almost sure it has to be different from the dark blue label Givenchy. Can someone please clarify?

  • TO ALEX THE MAN12/07/2005

    Hi Alex, I think choice of scents can sometimes separate the ladies from the girls. How old are your girls/ladies? I am a lady and I certainly know what to look for in a gentleman and this scent certainly does not suit everyone, it's for the more definitive, classy men. These type of scents seems to say, 'I know who I am'. So if your girls are teens-late twenties, I can understand thay want something more vibrant and wild but for the more serious woman who know what SHE wants, I certainly prefer these scents for my man.

  • LADY P12/07/2005

    Very classy but Yea, I understand what you mean. When I first tested it, I thought, no way this is too feminine but after a while, I found it soooooo maturely, calmly and peacefully sensual male, it sorts of brings out my submissive side, yet there is that slight feminity about it, THAT'S IT, maybe it's the combination of these two mysterious tones although the woody undertones is what pins it more to the gentleman. I tend to agree that it suits the more mature gentleman, gets a 10!

  • D.P.10/18/2005

    Not a bad fragrance at first. Just don't let it set on a shelf. After a year or so this stuff smells cheap!


    Strong - masculine - eternal. For corporate - business - mature - men. Only for those over 40.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/28/2005

    I'll try it again. This is a formal knockout punch. Vetiver, Patchouli, Civet and Leather?? Stand by for lift off! You must, however, give this one time. At least ten minutes to blend with your skin. Then and only then you can take Arnold R's advice and go to the opera. Or Old Beatnik's. Who knows ? There may be some hippie chicks lining up to hear Mozart :) Gentlemen: This one is an easy 5 stars. Grown ups, enjoy!

  • RISSA02/27/2005

    Some might find it smelling cheap, old-fashioned (because of the heavy patchouli note) or even repulsive. But on the right person and on the right occasion, it will work wonders. It's elegant, charming, classy and gentlemanly. And very Givenchy.

  • DAVE LISTER02/16/2005

    To help you out: I love Gentleman, it's one of my top four favorites -- and the other three in that category: Antaeus (Chanel), Zino (Davidoff) and Santos (Cartier). Give one of those a sniff. If you like Gentleman, odds are you'll like one or all of those. Good luck!

  • LILLY12/28/2004

    I was very upset when I bought this online to my husband. It stinks and give us headache... didn't go with our skin at all! Then we tried Monsier (Rochas) and it was awesome.

  • BEATNIK BOB11/19/2004

    I've been wearing this for years, but it's sometimes hard to find. Among those of you who like this, what else is similar, or also a favorite>

  • AN OLD BEATNIK11/19/2004

    I've been wearing this for twenty years (maybe it is for mature men - I started in my thirties) It's my one extravagance. I keep wearing it because various women over the years have stopped while talking to me, and said, "Gee, that smells great". A few old hippy chicks have also said, "Are you wearing patchouli oil?", so take your chances. A warning - it's getting hard to find.

  • CRAIG11/12/2004

    This is a personal favourite, up there with Allure. Goes on strongly, but even after a day's wear, there is still a beautful scent there, akin to a church!! Highly recommended

  • TAMSIN09/18/2004

    I too am a female wearing Gentleman - it's such a sensous fragrance.

  • ALEX THE MAN09/12/2004

    Look guys, when i tried this cologne, I thought it was nice, until i let the ladies have a whiff and thats when the results became interesting. Some women liked it, some dont. I liked it, but hey, guys you are wearing this cologne not to attract another male right unless you are gay which is fine by me. I'm straight, not gay. Some women said it smelled liked cut grass, or garbage bin............others said its 'nice'. My advice, you may want to let your love ones have a whiff of this before you buy.

  • R.J.05/12/2004


  • W.B.03/24/2004


  • THOMAS02/25/2004

    Gentleman by Givenchy would be the perfect cologne for me except for it’s one weak point. It doesn’t last long enough on me. It is the ideal of class and sophistication. I absolutely love the fragrance. Maybe I’m being harsh and unreasonable but I demand a men’s cologne that last throughout the entire work day. There are a few good ones out there. Perhaps it’s my body chemistry or perhaps Givenchy never intended for Gentleman to go though the rigors of my day. If Gentleman can’t make it through my day then it won’t make it to my shelf to be used in the evening either. I’m sorry Givenchy. There are some younger guys in town that smell just as good as Gentleman that can get the job done.

  • MAX01/03/2004

    I really didn’t think highly of Gentleman by Givenchy at first. Because I recently received it as a gift I was committed to wearing it. It won me over. I really love it now. It’s a macho yet dignified fragrance that says I’m confident, I’m a professional and I’m grown up now. I’ll save all those sweet and contemporary Babe attracting fragrances for my sons who are in college. Gee! Maybe that’s why I received it.

  • ARNOLD R. 12/31/2003

    Standing proudly athwart (there’s a word I don’t get to use very much) the current fragrance zeitgeist, Gentleman is an unashamed throwback to the 1970s; a heady, mysterious scent from a time when designers used to make fragrances for adults to wear. A heavy, powerhouse patchouli blend with a smooth and delicious drydown, Gentleman is definitely not for the kids and definitely not for casual, everyday use; this stuff is for the grown-ups, for the nights, the opera... maybe work if you’re a corporate lawyer or something. Gentleman is for... gentlemen! Seriously, as has been mentioned here by others, stay away from this if you’re not in your thirties yet. You won’t like it.

  • LOCA COOKIE12/16/2003

    this would smell excellent on an older man but definitly not on a young man

  • NAUMAN12/02/2003

    i dont understand those ppl here who are giving this scent only one star. i think they dont know what is masculanity thats why.gentleman is a classic masculine fragrance that i have used yetand i dont think there is any like this or of this catagory in the market. It make you feel like real is worth ten stars i tell you ppl.this is so sexy and attractive.i think that every man should wear this scent at least once in a life.thumbe up

  • ALICE.J11/12/2003

    Hi - I'm another women who wears this a lot. Don't understand why they insist on the heavy 'masculine' image - to me its a high quality smoky oriental, much better than many women's which are too vampy. I think I noticed your name on other boards, now I'll have t track back through to see if we have similar tastes!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE08/22/2003

    This is one of Givenchy's classisc fragrances. Im younger (30) but i think this could be worn by anyone 21-50. When first sprayed its pretty strong but the drydown is nice. Its very woody, spicy and lasts on the skin for a long time. Very, very masculine scent but not on "old man" smell by any means. This one is very distinctive and any one with a nose for fragrances would be able to identify it. If they're still making it after nearly 30 years it's got to be good!

  • 2010WOMAN06/06/2003

    This stuff is great. I wear it all the time. It's sooo woody. I can't stop smelling myself when I wear it.

  • MARCUS06/03/2003

    The ULTIMATE fragrance for the true old fashioned gentleman. Definitely not for kids under 30!

  • ALEX06/01/2003

    An "old money" version of Kuros. A lasting scent that evokes cedar, honey, leather. Strong but mild mannered.

  • TACHYON STALLION01/16/2003

    I ordered a mini to sample it. Gross. Maybe the bottle they gave me was 10 years old or something. I cannot imagine anyone wearing this.

  • XLENDON12/29/2002

    It is an evergreen scent for the real men. It lasts very long, very 'durable' in all meanings, not an everyday scent. It is strong - you'll be able to do anything and everything wearing this. I think it is an absolute must have for the collection of a real man. Enjoy!

  • RIC12/26/2002

    they still sell this one. From 75, this serious cologne will envoke reactions....

  • JENNIFER X12/09/2002

    Your a serious trip honey bunch. MEN do wear this and GET honnies like myslef and my girlfriends with huge success. Oh boy........

  • DIDI12/04/2002

    It is very stuffy but honestly it stinks. No man I know leaves the store with out barfing after smelling this trash!

  • DEXTOR10/22/2002

    too stuffy

  • SIMONLEO09/03/2002

    Very good scent from one of the best frangrance designer in the world.

  • FAZAL 05/08/2002

    You ask me about it...look at where the manufacturer himself tells you that if one fragrance would have to represent givenchy man, it ought to be Givenchy Gentleman..i would say that if one fragrance has to represent a 'Gentleman' it should be none other than Givenchy name like speaks well.........beyond excellence

  • KEITH03/13/2002

    I stumble upon Givenchy when a promotor approach me to try the eau de toilette. I bought the Gentleman and the PI. They are all fantastic. PI gives a vanilla fragrance whereas Gentleman smells elegant and classy. They both can last for 6-8 hours. Infact all their fragrances have unique smell, unlike the other eau de toilette like dkny, calvein klein, paul smith etc

  • JULIET02/10/2002

    My father has worn this fragrance every since I can remember (and I am 35) It's classic, strong and distinctive.

  • BEN GREGO01/26/2002


  • PLANET STOMPER12/24/2001

    This fine fragrance is indeed sophisticated, but there is another one in very similar--if not identical--packaging/bottling, only different color, golden, called "Monsieur (de?) Givenchy" that is exquisite in its own right which I miss the most since nobody anywhere in the States seems to carry it for many, many years now!

  • MC06/12/2001

    This is one of the greatest fragrances I've ever smelled. It's intoxicatingly rich, woody, dry, with a sweet finish. Careful, though - it's best for using in evenings, though, and is rather strong.

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