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Lady Caron   

8 Reviews

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray + Perfumed Sachet
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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  • JULIE05/20/2007

    I agree with the last two posters, "enough, already Sharrie (Bebe) with your whimsical poetry, that really doesn't describe or explain a thing about the scent itself. Although not hurting is annoying & dramatic.

  • ALLISON R02/19/2006

    I agree. It's very annoying when useless words are put together to describe a scent that interests you.

  • CECE04/27/2005

    Why don't you leave the poetry to Shelley, Byron and Keats and help would-be buyers by describing the scent. Your words are of no assistance and dare I say it annoying.

  • BEBE02/19/2005

    liberty we stand. fragrance of freedom. melting and bold. wont break in the wind. keeps flowing. very nice

  • SHARRIE01/05/2005

    freeedom. a fine fragrance. feel free wearinging it. a bold enhancer. wow. the bottle is a colectable beauty. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    a true collectable bottle with heavens scents, with every drop i reserve the inspiration it gives me ,

  • M10/03/2004

    Lady Caron is very classy and long lastning. Have a good note typical for the Caron fragrances. Mossy wood fragrances usually do not suit me but this one and Miss Dior does.

  • MICAELA03/16/2004

    and if you ever loved the much-mourned Farouche by Nina Ricci, you may well love this one. The fruity notes stay crisp and fresh, the florals stay light and bright, and it has enough nuances to make it interesting. Also faintly reminiscent of Nuit de Noel in its heart. And there's something "happy" about it.

  • JANE01/29/2004

    Its a beautiful classic fragrance.

  • HISAKO07/12/2003

    I tried it at nordstrom. undertone of it was similar to charlie from revlon but Charlie is better by far. i can not believe the scent was "new' from caron. This is old smell and "unfortunately" it lasts long. It developed to cloying smell.

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