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Le De Givenchy Givenchy Image


Le De Givenchy   

8 Reviews

Le De Givenchy for women is made up of crushed violet petals, sage and coriander notes.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
SKU 14627
$150.00 $95.99

Le De Givenchy for women is made up of crushed violet petals, sage and coriander notes.

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  • LYNN BURNS03/14/2013

    Searched everywhere for this perfume-even Harrods with no luck.To think i could buy this at Boots the chemists in the 1960s. Devine perfume very sophisticated Please reintroduce it!

  • SHERI01/18/2011

    Are you saying this is not the original, which I fell in love with at the age of 16 in the 60's. I'm in NYC and I've scrounged up a toilet water and several of the "sample"sizes and use it VERY sparingly. Years ago, I even got in touch with Givenchy in NYC to ask if the perfume is available in France. I was told, much to my dismay that it had been discontinued---I even wrote to Givenchy in Paris, I was so hearbroken!

  • JANE11/08/2010

    The original, which I wore in the 60's, was entrancing, sophisicated, soft, highly individual, and was obviously a costly fragrance of natural ingredients. How dare the makers of the (oh so different) reissue call this by the same name?? Yes, they've profitted by this, but at our expense!! Someone, a perfumer out there, please make the original again!

  • BARBARA ROGERS10/02/2010

    I too would like to know if the origial fragrance is still available

  • NORMA IGLESIAS08/07/2010


  • BLONDIE04/21/2010

    I was fortunate to have worn the original of this in the 1960's and early 70's. It was heaven in a bottle. The most delightful floral you can imagine and perfect for day, evening or any occasion. This is not the same. I suppose it is like many other old greats from back in the day, which depended on ingredients no longer available. Sad but true. Save your money on this one. The closest thing to the old one today would be L'eau Dissy but even that is not exactly.

  • MARIA IZABEL12/30/2009

    I did"nt like the new edition! I want Le De Givenchy vintage!

  • FRAN10/29/2008

    This was my most favorite perfume of all time. Unfortunately, my "beer pocket book" can not afford the "champayne Price"

  • JAN09/13/2008

    I have read in several places that Le De is the only fragrance Bette Davis ever wore. I have never found it. Any suggestions?

  • SUEC09/05/2008

    This fragrance was released at the same time as L'Interdit in 1957 and appears to be the original formula (but new packaging of course). It's always been hard to find and I can't remember was it was like but it is a floral aldehyde. Givenchy have also release L'Interdit; Givenchy III; Eau de Givenchy and also the more recent Extravagance D'Amarige and Organza Indecence in this new pale grey packaging and new bottle, a total of six "Mythical" fragrances. I can't get Le De in my country so if someone tries it please post a review here. I love L'Interdit and have both the original and this new release and thankfully they're pretty much the same.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT07/02/2008

    This perfume is way overpriced for a watered down version of Sung. I could have gotten a generic knock off at a discount store for 5 dollars that would have had more fragrance and staying power. When you first spray it, you get a slight whiff of fragrance which disappears as soon as it hits your body. I have the type body chemistry that usually displays any fragrance, no matter how light, quite well. I asked my husband to see what he thought and he said he could hardly smell it at all even with his nose pressed to my neck. I am so disappointed and upset that I paid such a high price for a generic floral water with no staying power. Please!Don't waste your money.

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