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French designer Jean Charles Castelbajac introduces the new fragrance Castelbajac. This bold and sexy fragrance contains notes of vanilla, almond and musk.

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French designer Jean Charles Castelbajac introduces the new fragrance Castelbajac. This bold and sexy fragrance contains notes of vanilla, almond and musk.

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  • FOTIS04/17/2011

    I went to Paris to find this amazing flavor but there is nothing. Where can I find it again ???

  • SUSIE02/20/2011

    I purchased CastleBajac from Saks and when I went back to buy more I was told that it was no longer available at Saks. I did not go to another store. As popular as the fragrance is, why is it not in the stores anymore? I love it and everytime that I would wear it, I always get a compliment.

  • OPHELIA MORONEZ01/24/2011

    Its the best i started using it when it first came out. i bought it in Nordstrom but then i couldn't find it anymore please does anyone know where i can get it???

  • TIINA T08/22/2010

    I purchased my 1.7 at the mall of america just to try it out. I am in love this subtle almond fragrance. I am now searching for my 3rd bottle. Please help

  • ANNA TIRADO08/02/2010

    i love this prefume ..

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/17/2009

    Very nice fragrance. Heady notes of almond sort of blast you in the face at first, but give it a few minutes to settle down, and it will envelope you in a bubble of warmth, comfort and gentle olfactory sweetness. This is too much for me to wear "out" as it is entirely, overwhelmingly gourmand to my skin, but I love a spritz or two on a rainy Seattle evening before I settle in with a book, my slippers, husbands confiscated sweater and a crackling fire. As yummy as rice pudding. As comforting as a mama's embrace. If you are craving comfort/sensual smells, I recommend "Simply" by Clinique (sometimes difficult to track down) which to my nose has similar notes, plus a note of anise seed (licorice accord) or Vanilla Musk by Coty, which is a five dollar drug store delight. All of these seem quite linear and do not really go through to many dry-down phases.

  • CINDY08/04/2008

    I too love this frangence but I too am having trouble finding it any more, I would buy parfume and lotion if I someone could tell me where to find it

  • KARLA06/17/2007

    this is my favorite fragrance-I always get compliments on it when I wear it. My only complaint is that the scent does not last through the day as I would like it to. I have recently found that it is getting hard to come by-with many sites posting out of stock signs, and no longer available at Saks...

  • REBECCA03/24/2007

    Gloria by Cacharel- somebody recommended it for ladies who love almond-laced scents, but I think the musk really overpowers the almond note. I'm glad I ordered a sample instead of just buying it on a whim. IMO it doesn't hold a candle to Gloria, which has a more complex, interesting structure, & the almond scent is much nicer, not suffocated by the base notes like in Castelbajac. Unfortunately, Gloria has been discontinued & its rather expensive for small sizes. But if you love unique perfumes its well worth it. Its much more distinctive than this linear, boring fragrance.

  • LEIGH02/23/2007

    I am trying to locate the purse size castelbajac which includes a refill - does anyone know where I can get this ?

  • TAT8ER02/17/2007

    This is my all-time favorite fragrance. I was surprised when my teen daughter agreed with me -- and started using it. Two generations in agreement! The funniest comment was made by my husband who likes the fragrance but his reason: "It smells like that paste you use in elementary school." Well, the maker does say it was inspired by childhood!!

  • HISAKO01/12/2007

    this line is still in production. you can find in internet and i saw enough sites selling the castelbajac- red as well as pink/ red bottle although i don't know the difference.

  • IRENE01/08/2007

    I live in Greece. I can't understand why shops stopped sell it! Does anybody know if the perfume is annulmented or stopped drawing out????? please if somebody knows answer....

  • MONICA12/31/2006

    For those of you who don't agree this perfume is wonderful, your body chemistry must be unusual. The first time I wore this perfume out I received numerous compliments on how great I smelled from women and men.

  • INNA10/29/2006

    I had the same problem' But then I found an Internet site that sells other perfumes and ask them for help. They offered me not very expensive price for this special request.Althout I live in Israel, U can try it too in your country.

  • JULIE09/21/2006

    I live in Romania...and here is impossible to find this far as I if someone can tell me from where can I buy it ( it can be also from abroad..), because I love this fragrance! If u can help me pls........

  • INNA09/02/2006

    This is my favorite. Men adore it, but I just can't understand why all the stores stopped selling it. If somebody has any idea how can I find it, inparticular in Israel, do tell

  • CRAZYSCORPIO01/31/2006

    After smelling all this perfume in a eye was caught by somehow differently lookin bottle....i smelled it....i fell in love with it!!!!i think it's for women who want to be different form the's unusual, tempting, someone mentioned before, either u LOVE it, or HATE it!everyone knows Channel, Kenzo....but very few know Castelbajac, which makes you original and exceptional!

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Perfume fetish, accessory perfume, perfume of addiction: it is a perfume "sower of happiness" which awakes all the directions. A perfume which combines the most intense memories of childhood to the most modern femininity.

  • I WEAR RED12/14/2005

    This scent is absolutely unique! I adore it. It's sweet, but light at the same time. Very sexy and feminine. Seduction in a red bottle. I receive so many compliments every time I wear it.

  • JJ10/07/2005

    oh, so i land upon this and tried it, and everyone smelled me in the elevator. I am sure I smelled like is be sexy in a humorous and ironic way.... and if one wants to smell like almond, why not? i like it.

  • KAT10/05/2005

    mixed feelings about this one ? I personaly think it's great, unique, but a bit to strong, I can't wear it. It chokes me, too strong, just like chanel 5. I love it on other people.

  • TATA07/11/2005

    Ir you're looking to smell like a man, well here's your fragrance. It's absolutely horrible...and it's almost impossible to wash off your skin. Stinks like Hell!

  • CHARON07/11/2005

    I love this particular perfume castelbac. Why have all the department stores stop selling it.

  • JUNIE04/23/2005

    Castelbaja smells so good! It's very unique and not too trendy.

  • TAYANA04/12/2005

    vanilla and almond...mmm...the only drawback is that it does not stay a long time...

  • KELLY 01/26/2005

    This is very lovely. I purchased this a couple years ago. Glad I did. Avery comforting scent. Give it a try.

  • TEES12/02/2004

    I have worn this fragrance for over a year! It is the most wonderful and I am always complimented. The fragrance is very feminine, soft, and sexy!. To be masculine smelling must signify a high testosterone level in others or an obvious difference in body chemistry!! Don't blame the fragrance!!!

  • BLONDIE09/13/2004

    This is truly a wonderfully, sensual fragrance that only some can appreciate.

  • S.S.03/04/2004

    Who would have thought of combining almonds with the scent of clean laundry? Creative concept, and it works. Castelbajac brings to mind almond cookies and fabric softener. That may sound odd, but it smells wonderful; i don't know of any other fragrance like this. I find this scent very comforting and soft.

  • DENISE03/01/2004

    this is suppose to be perfume??? It does not stay w/you long & smells too much like ALMONDS!!! Will never purchase this again. Besides I prefer men's fragrances.

  • CHRISTINE02/13/2004


  • JANN01/21/2004

    It's more of a masculine scent than I like.

  • AQUILLE01/16/2004

    it is not for menish.

  • JAG11/25/2003

    This may be my best buy of all time. I am a die-hard perfume addict (have approximately 200 bottles). After reading these posts over and over for several months, I finally decided to risk it. With such diverse descriptions from everyone, it just has to be the chemistry. From the first spray to dry down -- what can I say -- I have fallen in love with myself!

  • MAURICIO10/28/2003

    this is a perfume for a supersexy woman, one of the best sweet fragances ever. Nice bottle too

  • KC10/01/2003

    I was thrilled to find this fragrance! It is truly wonderful, and refreshing for this Chanel girl to have found a suitable substitute. I have severe allergies,and Castelbajac has not caused a reaction at all. I've had multiple compliments from others and didn't want to part with the name, as I'd like to keep it my fragrance.

  • HISAKO09/26/2003

    I simply didn't like it. imo. it was too sharp almond smell and something was so anoying though it stayed long time.

  • CLAUDIA08/13/2003

    great clean scent, perfect for daytime

  • STINKYFINKY08/06/2003

    It's a lot cheaper to buy Old Spice if you're looking to smell masculine, 'cuz this stuff is definitely for men.

  • PERFUMEADDICT07/24/2003

    I made the mistake of buying before testing. This is one strange fragrance, either you love it or hate it. It's too strong and masculine for my tastes. I'll try to pawn it off on someone that can appreciate it.

  • HOLLYGIRL07/19/2003

    I wanted to love this scent because of the almond descriptions, but to me it smells harsh and chemical like and close to a man's fragrance. Ick. Just not for me. Sigh.

  • CASTELBAJAC07/12/2003

    this was on sale at the differnet site and i was almost buy. today i went to nordstrom and tried it. I am glad i didn't buy it!

  • LINDY LOU07/07/2003

    I bought this fragrance based on the overall rating on this website. What a huge disappointment. I wish I could get my money back. The fragrance is very masculine and offensive in my opinion. The remarks I have gotten while wearing this fragrance have not been complimentary. Save your money and if you have a love for a "vanilla-based" fragrance, buy Hanae Mori's "Pink Butterfly". Castelbajac is heavy, masculine and just not a fragrance you want to be caught dead wearing. Don't waste your hardearned money the way I did. And another lesson I learned, don't trust other people's opinions and buy a fragrance you haven't tried. It could be a big mistake.

  • TRWC03/17/2003

    This is a fragrance that truly gives the true meaning to extrodinary... You will nt be sorry, guaranteed!

  • SARA02/20/2003

    Very unique fragrance. Like sweet, powdery candy. I received as a gift from mom and love it! The bottle itself is a nice display. Overall the fragrance is very subtle and unique, in a good way!

  • DANIELLE02/13/2003

    I bought this perfume after reading all the great posts. The scent is very different. It definately has an almond scent. The one and only thing that deters me from buying this again.....IT DOESN'T LAST LONG! It averages about 2 hours.

  • KATHY G.02/11/2003

    After reading the comments about Castelbajac here, I tried some on at Nordstrom's. It was very mild and faintly sweet; a soft, pleasant, but unremarkable fragrance. By the time I walked back to the store where I work ( about 5 minutes away in the same mall) it had already faded. It doesn't have much of a top note, IMO, and the dry down was imperceptible on me. I certainly wouldn't buy this one for myself.

  • CATHY01/22/2003

    This is a lovely fragrance. It smells like cherries when sprayed then dries down to a nice vanilla almond scent. Very different!

  • CTMOM01/15/2003

    Just looking back at my comment(s) and saw your message! I am still wearing Castelbajac everyday - 2 months after buying it! I must really like it! I guess we have the same taste in fragrances - I do miss my "Mukki" and was thinking of using it today, but I can't part with my Castelbajac. I do get a lot of compliments on it, and one person loved it soooo much, she kept smelling me, and telling everyone else at a party I was at to smell me too! A little embarrassing. I bought a bottle for my sis, but she thought it smelled like Brut, so I kept it myself!

  • CHRISTINE12/23/2002

    YES! I love & wear Mukki as well. And I didn't realize before you said it, but this fragrance does have similarities & that's probably why I like it so much.....

  • MARY12/10/2002

    I was in NYC 12/08/2002 for a day visit. My friend and I were just having a wonderful time sightseeing and people viewing, we LOVE NYC. Going into Bloomingdales a beautiful, young salesperson for this perfume caught our attention. I am entranced by the perfume, and although I actually bought it for my daughter for Christmas I want to use it for myself. It is a mystical and mysterious scent. I am so glad it found me.

  • CHERI11/29/2002

    I found this last spring and I love it..It's longlasting...isexy and sensual....Al ittle bit of an edible fragrance....Yummy...Men love it...

  • CTMOM11/19/2002

    I found it at Sephora Times Sq. and I love it! Smells clean, comfy, and a bit of patchouli. Love the way it wears. Very different. Hope no one else I know finds out about it!

  • CTMOM11/19/2002

    This is my new "signature" fragrance. Happened upon it in Sephora Times Square. I hope no one else in CT wears it. I LOVE patchouli, and this has some of it. Reminds me a little of my last favorite "sig" fragrance - Mukki. Very different. Not your typical floral. Smells clean, comfy, and I just love it!

  • SIMONA11/11/2002

    I found it wonderful. Something unreal

  • JASMIN11/04/2002

    This IS a unique fragrance, falls short of being sophisticated by having a strong marzipan scent. TOO "edible".

  • STEF11/01/2002

    After reading the wonderful comments about castelbajac, I decided to try it for myself (I'm a big fan of almond based fragrances like Hanae Mori Butterfly.) Unfortunately, I did not find this fragrance particularly...well...fragrant. It smelled like marzipan and something else unusual...maybe the patchouli? It made my brows wrinkle and not in a good way.

  • SHE_RA10/17/2002

    i find this fragrance sweet, clean and comforting. it is best for day wear. the red glass bottle is amusing and playful, however the toggles that turn the spray off and on rather annoying. but don't let that deter you...very lovely :)

  • CHRISTINE10/13/2002

    recently found this fragrance and was attracted by its unique red bottle. i must say, the fragrance itself matches the uniqueness of its packaging. it is the perfect juxtaposition of sensuality & childlike innocence. long lasting, and in my opinion, dies down to a clean laundry scent. definitely recommend!

  • COURTNEY10/01/2002

    This perfume smells outstanding! It's classic and sexy at the same time. I love it!

  • KAREN08/24/2002

    I love this one. I got it last fall and wear it at least three times a week. It's nice and easy to wear with the almond and vanilla in it. I hoped it would be my secret but word is getting out.

  • HEATHER08/23/2002

    Recently acquired this and it is a winner! Different fragrance, a soft, clean, wonderfully blended "almondy" type of scent. There is something very soothing about wearing this. It is as though this could be smelled on a baby, a child, and it would still smell right. The bottle itself is very fun, has little charms to turn it on and off, and is a beautiful red transparent glass. Very glad I found this fragrance! It is unlike anything else I own.

  • LENUS08/22/2002

    very strange fragrance!something between masterpiece and coty!for evening wear only..let's say for oscar's night

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