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13 Reviews

0.50 oz COL Spray (Unboxed)
SKU 14403
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  • LAURIE11/09/2010

    Why can't I find the 1.7 oz. Incognito anymore? I love it but get fustrated not finding it anywhere.

  • JOMY04/27/2009

    I have used this product several years and have always loved it and the compliments are so great when u get them from everyone.

  • MELODEE06/22/2008

    I have been wearing this cologne for years and do not seem to outgrow it. I have tried others but keep coming back to Incognito. I am glad that you can still purchase this online as it is not available in stores

  • HEIDI02/08/2008

    Anyone who says this is a nice smelling perfume has got to be out of their mind!! This is the most natiest and stinkiest smell I have ever smelled. I have over 100 perfumes and I have never smelled something so bad. It's like old lady perfume x10.

  • GRETCHEN09/27/2007

    I found Incognito to be a little too sweet for my's lacking in something to cut through the ambery sweetness. I give a point for the unique bottle, though.

  • TISH MUNIZ06/22/2003

    I love this cologne and I cannot find it anywhere. I've been to all the fancy stores, I am so glad I found it here.

  • TERESA KEHOE06/18/2003

    Thrilled to be able to find this fragrance again. It is the best. Everytime I wear the compliments just keep flowing. They should put it back on the shelves.

  • SANDY B05/18/2003

    i have a hard body chemistry to match any colognes, i wore one for 20 yrs and then was discontinuid..i was so glad to find this wonderfull scent.and then it was off the shelves,as soon as i found this out we contacted the stores in 3 different towns to see what they had, you guessed it! bought them out, then that was gone and found it on the internet(forgot were tho) and ordered enough to last me two years.. yippee!!!! it is still here on the enternet to get.......i have a bottle left yet (i put the extra in the freezer).and was starting to get a panic and then found here on this just don't know how happy i is just to stressfull for me to go out and find a new smell, so please don't ever get rid of it in my life time....i get more comments on this cologne from women and i can tell them were i got it from....sorry this is long but i just love this's the best!!

  • DEBORAH03/31/2003

    I`ve used Incognito for years! It has a distinctive ,unforgetable fragrance that I must have. I always get asked what I am wearing. It`s the greatest!

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    Oh my gosh! I wore this perfume years ago and LOVED IT and then I thought they discontinued it because I've not seen it anywhere! I am so excited that it is still available! Wow this made my day. I can still remember the fabulous scent clearly. Very rich and almost spicy fragrance. Sweet, but not overdone. It has a sort of mystery to it. For the price, it is well worth it. I usually stick to "the good stuff" only available in department stores, but this is one old drug store favorite I cannot live without (anymore)

  • SHEYNA10/08/2002

    a very masculine scent for the woman, sensual and musky. Mmm.

  • TAMARA HORN09/02/2002

    I love the scent this perfume has. I had no idea it was taken off the store shelves. I just didn't know where it was purchased. Thanks Perfume

  • ANGIE08/27/2002

    Ihave used Incognito, since it came on the market. In fact, it's my husbands favorite also. We were very dissapointed when it was taken off store shelves. Please put it back, I only can get it there or if a friend, will get it off internet for me. It's a great scent!!!! A.R. London, Arkansas

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