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Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune Guerlain Image


Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune   

38 Reviews

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune was created by Guerlain in 1999 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of California Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Black Currant, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

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Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune was created by Guerlain in 1999 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of California Grapefruit, Italian Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Black Currant, Patchouli, and Vanilla.

  • MARGARET12/04/2013

    Earthy exquisite aromas

  • DENETTE01/23/2012

    Wow…this is one tart grapefruit!! When I first spray it on, I get an extremely tart and almost bitter grapefruit scent. But after it dries down a bit, it get a bright and creamy citrus scent with hints of florals and a touch of sweetness. It is a lovely citrus and I enjoy wearing during the summer, but since it is EdT strength, it doesn’t seem to last very long on me (4 to 5 hours). I plan to sample other scents in the Aqua Allegoria line. I hope I find the others as enjoyable as this one!!

  • JOHNNY10/13/2010

    My wife thinks it's too feminine but not me. I like it and I'm not afraid to say so. Ladies in my office LOVE it. Refreshing from all the too-musky scents for men.

  • KAREN06/17/2010

    Hi Folks! I discovered this in 1999 & it's been my signature scent ever since, year round. Understand some can't wear it and it may pong, depending on your chemistry. Me, I tend to musk things out, so a citus/floral with just a hint of patchulli and more of the vanilla, works. The top notes of grapfruit, and neroli are great, but no one ever seems to mention the BLACK CURRANT which really pulls this all together, while still not making it too sweet. After drydown, it musks on me, and people have commented on "how great that perfume is." BUT only when close to me. It's not overpowering. I'll keep buying as long as they keep making it. (They took a break at one point and didn't. Wow, was there ever screaming! 'Round the world, apparently. Back it came - YAY! Do try this one on first and wear it for the req. hour. Hope it works for you! ;-)

  • MARIA YOOS09/26/2009

    Nice, crisp, fresh, wonderful aroma with grapefruit notes.

  • ME05/08/2009

    This reminds me of a grapefruity Shalimar. Just love it - great staying power and a nice spicey dry down. Good for summer.

  • ELIZABETH04/23/2009

    Pure Magic -(I'm a child of the 70's and this scent brings it back full force!) You must love patchouli to wear it - I used to buy it in Copenhagen now you can get it on-line. `

  • ME01/31/2009

    This is a good scent for summer time. It works on me - it is basically a citrusy patchouli smell on me in summer. It does last too. Good price for a big bottle.

  • AIMEE09/21/2008

    Yep, call it BO or just unpleasant, it goes sour on me as well. I do however love the Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat. Stays fresh from shower to shower.

  • ALANNA08/30/2008

    At first it smells like lemon cleaner, but that fades pretty quick to reveal a light citrus/vanilla smell that is great for summer wear. I wouldn't buy this one, but I have a little sample bottle that I will wear, and it if someone were to buy this as a gift I wouldn't complain either, it is just not one that is a WOW fragrance that I have to buy.

  • ME07/26/2008

    I like spicy stuff and this has enough citrus followed by patchouli - works for me. No B.O. note for me! Love this one!

  • ME07/11/2008

    Most Guerlains work on me fabulously! I wear Samsara in the winter, Shalimar in the Spring and Fall, and Pampelune in the summer. This one reminds me a bit of Shalimar Light - this has the patchouli bite that I love!!! Great staying power too.

  • COLLETTE05/01/2008

    i tried this perfume in benidorm last week and thought for some reason that i'd like it but it smelled absolutely disgusting and i wished that i hadn't sprayed it. it took ages to get rid of the terrible pong, and i'm so glad that i didn't buy it before i tried it.

  • ANNIE02/25/2007

    I like many of the fragrances in the Aqua Allegoria line, but this one was a no-go for me. I get the same rank note on drydown that a lot of others do. Some people rave about Pamplelune, though, so you should definitely try this one before you buy it.

  • KINSEY12/22/2006

    Magnificent! Ohhhh this is so amazing. This is an anti-depressent in a spray bottle. I love it. The grapefruit & citrus topnotes balanced with the bottomnotes of vanilla are striking. This scent fills me with joy.

  • JUDY09/18/2006

    From the moment I tried my first spay of this I was hooked and my mood went from doldrums to elation. It still has the same effect every time I use it. This is the sort of scent that will prompt me to chase another woman down the street to find out what it is.

  • TENTYFAV_2509/06/2006

    i saw AA in marrionaud at SM mall of Asia in the phillipines. I was impressed with the smell since i like light and citrusy smell and the bottle. I'm begging my mom to check it out at the duty free. Judging from your comments and knowing our weather here in manila. I should test run it for a while. Thanks u guys!!

  • ALLISON R.06/06/2006

    This scent has such a terrible bite to it. It smells like sour oranges sprinkled with black pepper. Guerlain is one of the best perfume makers. I've worn Herba Fresca, and now I wear the new Kiwi scent. The Aqua Kiwi is the very best so far. It's a summer time master piece. I was wearing a very strong peppery oriental scent the other day, and the weather got hot all of a sudden. I felt like I was wearing a cashmire sweater on the beach. Ladies go for the fresh scents in the hot summer months, you'll feel a lot cooler!!

  • BETH01/09/2006

    Have been trying to find a new perfume for a while and really like Guerlain.When I first tried this I was hugely impressed thinking I'd found 'the one'. After an hour or so the head and heart had gone and it smelled terrible. This is one of the first perfumes I've had to wash off. I think maybe it was the patchouli. If you're thinking of buying this one make sure you give it a test run a couple of times first. Basically I agree with Lauren's mother-in-law (read previous comment).

  • LAUREN10/20/2005

    Loved this for the first hour or so. Then its sulfrous notes took over and wrecked it for me. My husband thought it smelled like B.O.; my mother in law thought it smelled like the cat box. Strongly suggest you wear it for a few hours before purchasing, and be ready to put up with some interesting comments.

  • T.E.R.08/26/2005

    this has become one of the fragrances that i would now list as my 'signature scents'. i usually wear it in the summer or fall - before i switch to 'winter delice'.


    Tried this on the, citrusy. but minutes after leaving the store it quickly faded into kitcheny citrus with a hint of...sulfurous onions!? I LOVE grapefruit, but this did nothing with me. ps. I told this to the girl at the estee counter, she was not very impressed by Aqua Allegorica either. We reccomend L Instant and Mitsuko. (Incredible Chypre!)

  • KRISTIN05/11/2005

    The one I always come back to, especially on warm summer days. It's fresh with an attitude, not watery at all. If you like this one, try their new "orange magnifica" for evening use, I find I don't need any more fragrances in my closet...

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    I thought about this fragrance for months after leaving Europe, and eventually I found it here, and bought it last week. I was obsessed. There is absolutely nothing like it! It smells like a wizardly blending of grapefruit with something like Angel by Thierry Mugler.

  • JT10/14/2004

    I tried a sample of Pamplelune, and liked the top notes... but as it dried down it started to smell a little too 'old fashioned' for me. I tried to like it, but I am more of a fan of the contemporary American "fresh clean" fragrances instead. If you prefer 'classic' scents, you might like it though.

  • JANA02/09/2004

    This is a parfume I always come back to. You can wear it all day, all year on every occasion. very fresh.

  • LISA02/05/2004

    This is such a nice and refreshing scent, the depth and middle/base notes make it so much more than just another citrus scent. Lovely!

  • LEANDRA01/28/2004

    I first met Pamplelune while on vacation in Turkey. It was worn by a Frenchwoman in perfect for summer. It will always remind me of that wonderful trip.

  • LISA01/22/2004

    I think this is refreshing and fantastic. Unlike a lot of other citrus scents, this is not overpowering or "too" citrus. The other notes balance it, give it depth and personality. I love it!

  • CYN12/01/2003

    This scent is so intoxicating obtaining it was one of my main objectives while in Europe on holiday. Very heady, very sexy scent, clean and crisp but not overpowering.

  • JEAN07/02/2003

    I love this, but can somebody help me please- one of these aqua scents I tested smelled for all the world a little like beeswax polish on antique furniture- which one? I want a bottle and cannot remember which it was? email me if you know [email protected]

  • HEATHER12/17/2002

    This is a great scent. I regularly get compliments when I wear it. My husband is very sensitive to various scents and this one he also loves!

  • SN08/22/2002

    To me this scent is like wearing a piece of sunshine. The grapefruit is really appeals to the senses and makes me feel alert!

  • TACE07/16/2002

    This line by Guerlain is absolutely brilliant. The Pamplelune is both fresh and exotic at the same time, and I've gotten lots of compliments. The Herba Fresca is also grass notes which dry to a beautiful woodsy mint.

  • TANYA05/27/2002

    As strong as freshly cut onion. Unlike onion induces headache.


    This is the perfect grapefruit scent. It's complex: sweet, fresh, tangy, woody, warm. A great pick me up scent in any weather!

  • MICHELE11/25/2001

    I love Pamplelune! It sprays on citrusy, then dries down to a sexy fresh scent. I've gotten so many compliments on this particular perfume. It's great!

  • GAIL10/22/2001

    I love this perfume,especially in warmer weather.It reminds me of fruit striped gum!!If I use it together with Shalimar,it smells like Angel.

  • BETH IN AK07/06/2001

    This is VERY grapefruit on me but others have said that it dries down to a woody or patchouli scent.

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Definitely recomend this fragrance!! Smells like freshly picked grapefruit! Another brillant frangrance from Guerlain.

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