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Ralph Lauren


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A masculine blend of tobacco, wood, and leather, energized with the refreshing scent of brilliant herbals. Discover the classic men's fragrance by America's foremost designer, Ralph Lauren. Created in 1978, Polo cologne is a fresh, clean citrus fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: basil, juniper and cumin. The middle more

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A masculine blend of tobacco, wood, and leather, energized with the refreshing scent of brilliant herbals. Discover the classic men's fragrance by America's foremost designer, Ralph Lauren. Created in 1978, Polo cologne is a fresh, clean citrus fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: basil, juniper and cumin. The middle notes are: thyme, pine and carnation and the base of the fragrance is: amber, patchouli and moss. Polo cologne is recommended for evening wear.

  • BOB08/20/2014

    THE BEST!!!!!

  • WH04/04/2014

    Knew this product since 25 years ago. Very manly. Long lasting.

  • CRAIG A03/17/2013

    very happy with it. My wife loves it

  • PATRICIA01/09/2013

    My son loves to receive this every year.

  • DAVE MORGAN12/14/2012

    Ralph Lauren's original 'Green Bottle' Polo is a superb product and has never been surpassed. Hard to get in UK but Galaxy usually have some of the range. Wife and daughters call it 'daddy's smell'.

  • DAVE MORGAN12/14/2012

    I've used original 'Green Bottle Polo' for many many years as it is the only mens fragrance which does not go citrus on me. My wife and daughters call it 'daddy's smell'. It is becoming harder to find in the UK but thankfully Galaxy always has some of the products. The original range is truly superb fragrance.

  • KATHY TAYLOR10/23/2012

    Excellent value. We cannot get this after shave in the shops any more - can't think why because so many people ask us what the smell is and comment how lovely.

  • KATHY TAYLOR10/22/2012

    I purchased a large bottle of Polo after shave for my other half-it's our favourite and so cheap!

  • MICHAEL B10/19/2012

    Very woodsy without being cloying. It's my go-to cologne. I've worn it for 20+ years. i don't care for the other varieties.

  • GIANNIS05/16/2012

    Very Nice

  • KATHY TAYLOR03/09/2012

    We absolutely love the smell and it lasts for ages!

  • DAVID MORGAN02/13/2012

    Original Polo is still the only fragrance which does not turn citrus on me. hard to get these days but well worth the searching effort. Brill.


    I wore this original Polo thirty years ago as a young man,and enjoyed it then. Of course I didn,t really appericiate fully this masterpiece then,but now as a man of 50. This is truly a mature man,s scent, it has stood the test of time.If you are a man,s man,enough has been said!

  • PETER09/23/2011

    When you first put it on it's a little strong, but after 10-15 minutes it really settles down and smells fresh and masculine. The leather and tobacco really kicks in after a few hours when mixing with your body chemistry. This is a classic men's cologne.

  • JOHN08/30/2011

    unmistakeable fragrance that women always comment favourably on

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • F.MICHAEL11/30/2010

    As I get older - I realise this scent is a true classic; women of all ages ask what I'm wearing.

  • MICHELLE12/23/2009

    My dad wears almost all of the Polo fragrances and I was thinking about buying this one for him but I personally don't this is a very enticing fragrance at all. So just stick with the other Polo scents.

  • MARY SOILEX12/19/2009


  • IMRAN03/11/2009

    Smell is great is used sparingly, lasts a long time. DO NOT OVERSPRAY, otherwise you will give yourself and others a headache

  • ZACK12/02/2008

    The smell of polo is just great, it lasts all day and i haven't seen a cologne that smells better.

  • JULIE ANN11/13/2008

    Brings You Back... Smell Nice

  • BBD05/01/2008

    I rotate between a few fragrances depending on the weather, my mood, and what I'm doing that day. Polo, more than any other, receives consistent compliments from women. A small amount goes a long way.

  • JCNOTES12/26/2007

    This is timeless. A classic cologne. It promotes distinctiveness and class. Those who are offended by it have probably smelled it on those who apply too heavily. It only takes one or two sprays on proper heat points on the body for everyone to enjoy the scent notes and sillage.

  • DAVE LIVESEY11/25/2007

    Class in a Glass!! Reminds me of high society in England. A true classic in all scents of the word!

  • MILES06/18/2007

    Although I personally don't care much for this scent , ( I find it overpowering) I know many people that wear nothing but Polo. It's one of those that you either love it or hate it. The patchouli in it does not work with all skin types and in fact smells literally like dirt on some people. As far as the fragrance is like food comment, some people like spicy food, some people eat junk food and others are vegetarians. People that like a loud and strong will swear by this stuff andnever change. Polo is well made, but you'll find that people have a strong reaction to it - positive or negative. I find it harsh and even offensive at times. I prefer Polo Black

  • JUDI W*03/24/2007

    I haven't smelled this in about 22 years, but my ex used to wear this, (because I bought it for him) I remember it to be, very manly & green. Which I liked back then. I still like manly, but I don't like those "green type" of scents like I used to, but it's still a good solid masculine scent.

  • HARLEY-MAMA01/20/2007

    This is definately a winner in my book! Bought this for my hubby and its my favorite. Wore it out one night and the ladies could not stop smelling him and asking what he was wearing! Needless to say...I think he LOVED the attention!! Guys, your women will love this on you!

  • MARTY11/25/2006

    I can smell a man a mile away wearing this cologne. It has always been my favorite. It has a unique, one of a kind scent that drives me wild..:P.

  • SHERRI08/15/2006

    This is the only men's cologne that gets under my skin in so many ways. Elegant and timeless. sexy and masculine. My all time favorite!

  • BUDRHON07/21/2006

    It amazes me how anyone can put so much of this on. It only takes a dab her and there. It also isn't a warm weather cologne. I prefer the Polo Black anyway over the original anytime

  • DUDU06/15/2006

    I think it is absolutely beautiful. Always a classic, I wear it everyday. Definitely for the confident, self assured, succesful man.

  • STUART05/17/2006

    I don't care for the fragrance but what does it's age have to do with anything? Plenty of fragrances stand the test of time. They are what are called classics. This to many are one of them. You can't take that away from this fragrance. Just because I put down my flip comments which were really just that, doesn't take away from the fact that this fragrance will be around 20 years from now still doing it's thing. Many young people have never heard of it like for example Obsession and will probably like it. So what you're 30 something. Polo is a staple to many and always will be - like it or not.

  • CWB7200405/02/2006

    I can't believe anyone still buys this. This is what I wore in high school, and I'm now 36 years old. Do they give away stone washed jeans and a recipe for the perfect mullet with every bottle?

  • LEELEEYA GIRL03/16/2006

    When my guy sprays it on, it is strong in the beginning, but as time goes on, it is a very sexy scent. So good and woodsy. Give it a try.

  • OBJ02/07/2006

    This is a classic !!!!!although new fragrances may smell different nowadays it still does not take anything away from this perfume.

  • STUART01/06/2006

    Makes me want to clean kitchen cabinets and scrub the toilet bowls. Should be termed Pine Sol. Smells more like a toilet bowl cleanser than a perfume. But for those who feel the opposite enjoy. I just can't be near the stuff.

  • FELICITY2701/03/2006

    Perfume and Colognes have to be a perfect match to a persons body chemistry. All are different trial and error. One of my old boyfriends wore this it was his signature everyone enven men said that it smelled great on him. I tried it on my husband recently and it was "ok" it just wasnt the same. I also think that some of the old fragrances from the 80's (my favorites in particular) arent that great anymore. They are diluting them with all kinds of crap now. THis is why maybe the 'Girls of today dont appreciate them as much.

  • FELICITY2701/03/2006

    I agree this has been one of my favorite mens colognes of all time, If worn on the right person it is a classic. It doesnt smell the same on my husband as it did on my old boyfriend though.

  • STEVE YOUNG12/11/2005

    15 years ago it wasn't bad but nowadays even among the Polo lineup alone, this herbal/woody fragrance is too outdated.


    Just took delivery of a 118ml bottle of polo aftershave, cost me 28 quid, (about 40 bucks). One of the best buys I have ever made. I may be coming to this fragrance a bit late, but better than never. If this doesn't knock all the women bandy I dont know what will. Pine as fresh as a Norwegian forrest, It has great staying power too. Get down to your nearest Dep't store and hand over the readies, you wont be let down. Tell them Groucho sent you.

  • ONG-BAK11/09/2005

    This one smells a bit out-dated and struggles to compete against any cologne it compares to these days, although I really liked it back in the day until around the early 90s.

  • MIKE10/14/2005

    In the 80's, all the girls loved Polo. I wore it until 1995 when my date asked what I was wearing. "Polo" I said. Long pause... "I like Tuscany" she replied. Got it. But I'll give Polo a 5 for old times sake. It was once the kind and it still brings back fond memories although to me it smells different now probably becuase everything else is so Gio now.

  • EARL09/05/2005

    On the bright side, it smells better than wearing gasoline. In fact if you ever get gas on you, I bet this could cover it up.

  • SYNERGY08/04/2005

    If I was at least 40 then I'd probably wear this old school scent from RL. Until then I'll stick with his Romances, Purple Label and Polo Blue.


    just a classic awesome smell.....proven by how long it has been around!

  • ERIC07/12/2005

    Hope you live long enough to be termed geriatric one day. I don't care for the fragrance but aging is something that will happen if you live long enough. Gravity will eventually catch up with even you Longlegs (gasp) believe it or not.

  • LONGLEGS06/15/2005

    This is disgusting. talk about one for the geriatrics. cheap, cheap, cheap aftershave smell and soo strong.

  • ESTERS ARE GOOD06/04/2005

    Smells like chopped up pine trees. It's just not my thang. It's very easy to overapply this stuff.

  • F.MICHAEL05/30/2005

    Have had many compliments from the ladies while wearing this cologne...An old classic!

  • JESSE05/19/2005

    I wore polo for my adolescent years. A few of the girls I dated were crazy about it and a few just never mentioned it. There's a lot of women on here who have a strong objection to it and I 'm going with Romance this time around because of the amount of people who think it smells a bit crusty. Personally though I see a lot of appeal in Polo but can see where the dissent is coming from.

  • JILLIAN 04/23/2005

    just not because I find it sexy. Actually, I find it the exact opposite. It reminds me of men old enough to be my father (I'm 23, by the way). Believe me, that is not a good thing. Most men should smell like freshly showered versions of themselves, not a pine forest or spice rack.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/04/2005

    I keep coming back to this site.This is my third post. I keep running into someone wearing it.I always recognize it and it always smells great.Im just gonna have to buy me a bottle.

  • DAVE03/31/2005

    I wore Polo when I dated my wife in college. She still wants me to wear it...all over! When I wear it to work the women just love it. As long as my wife likes it...I'll wear it!

  • KATHLEEN203/21/2005

    I think that this is by far the best smelling men's masculine and clean. I have not bought this for my husband as he always uses 3-4 sprays of cologne. Can't do that with this one. He believes that if one spray is good 5 is better. 1 or 2 sprays of Polo is the max. I can buy it and hide it...bring it out and spray it on him myself. Yes..that's it! I always love it when I smell Polo on a man passing by. It's the best. Please wear it amd make women happy! But remember to go easy with it. 1 good spray is enough.

  • I LOVE IT. MY WIFE HATES IT.03/11/2005

    I tried this stuff on at a department store and was KNOCKED OUT by how strong it was. I couldn't believe it. And better yet, I smell like a pine forest afterwards. Very strange....I don't know when I would wear this...

  • HOLLY03/09/2005

    Someone I loved years ago always wore Polo. My head still turns when I scent it in the air. He turned out to be a jerk, but the scent of

  • COLOGNE DOC02/25/2005


  • BIG D01/31/2005

    Someone broke a bottle of this stuff when it fell out of a locker in high school. Ever since then I can't stand it.

  • POLO0512/18/2004

    lemme tell u everyone one will have a different opinion on this depending on how much u put.I recommend putting two sprays the most ,no more than that on yur skin before putting a shirt not when u got it on already.In my final word polo is not for a certain age group its just one of the best classics out ther and perfect for being attractive to others.

  • BETH12/12/2004

    This is the only fragrance that my husband will wear. I love the classic scent of Polo, it's masculine without being too overpowering. I think this scent is a classic and will remain a Winner!

  • E.J.12/04/2004

    It has been an American Bestseller for years in every age group. It does have sophisticated notes that make it seem for an older age group but it is an eternal classic. It is a very long lasting scent and leaves a great impression.

  • JED11/27/2004

    In this ever changing world why wouldn't someone feel secure in knowing that Polo is still going strong and is still pleasing all of those that originally discovered this sensual scent years ago!

  • TAJ11/22/2004

    About two weeks after my previous post, a gentleman blew by in Walgreens.He smelled great and I wanted to add that fragrance to my collection.He said it was Polo.I tried Polo on myself again and it was a bit harsh.I wish it smelled as good on me.

  • TAJ10/28/2004

    I recently smelled this again after reading posts on this site.I was surprised by how many negative comments it received.Polo was the stuff when I was coming up.I always thought it was elegant and masculine.But, you know what?It didnt live up to my fond memories.It smelled not good.Im giving it 3 stars for our history.

  • ROB H.10/14/2004

    Not bitter like "Sport" but not really any better overall which is the reason for retirement of both a few years ago.

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    Too strong and piercing on my skin - not horrible though. Probably good on the right person.

  • STU03/30/2004

    Everytime I smell this on someone it makes me feel like cleaning the bathroom. The pine is way too strong and seems like it should be in the detergent, disinfectant aisle at the supermarket rather than at perfumeries.

  • MANUEL02/22/2004

    Through the years I've spent a lot of money experimenting with different men's fragrances,but always go back to Polo.I love it because it has a unique masculine scent and also like the patchouli in it.

  • ANDREW E.02/16/2004

    When I first applied Polo Blue I really loved it. It combines freshness and masculinity very well. But after an hour or so I felt it dried down to something too conservative. Kind of something like my Grandfather would wear. So close, but no cigar. However I did have a chance to try Romance Silver which I liked a lot.

  • MR. THOMAS01/06/2004

    I wore Polo years ago. It was my favorite. I’d like to wear it again but my wife absolutely hates the stuff. I must admit, it is a strong long lasting fragrance. One has to know how to wear it. A little goes a long way for sure. But it’s great stuff. It’s pure masculinity in a bottle. I’ll bet Polo will be one of those classic colognes that will be on the market for years to come. I wore it as a young man so I wouldn’t have to sleep alone. Now I’d like to wear it again but I’d have to sleep alone. Crap!!!

  • CAMEL12/23/2003

    I think this stuff is the best that's out there IF you like strong, musky scents. Personally, I don't like colognes that are too fragrant and fruity, which I think way too many are. Tho I guess still most people prefer the lighter scents since there are so few colognes like the original Polo. I also like scotch, Guinness, black coffee with no sugar... things that are rich and smokey in general so I guess Polo fits right in...

  • ARNOLD R.12/14/2003

    I always have seemed to be on the outside of the herd’s reaction to Polo. When I was in high school and everyone was bathing in it, I never touched the stuff. Not that I hated it; I thought it was a pretty decent fragrance even back then; I just didn’t want to smell exactly like every other guy in class. But maybe, now that styles have changed and the masses are stampeding in the opposite direction – Polo-bashing seems very in vogue with the kids these days (judging by the puerile histrionics of the “cute and young” girls et al. on this board) – I may have to look this stuff up again and give it a whirl.

  • RICH12/07/2003

    After many years of wearing it, when I try something else, the ladies ask " more polo....then wink! I am staying with a winner guys.

  • BIG D11/12/2003

    This is the scent to wear if you are the sexually frustrated high school senior who isn't comfortable in your own skin.

  • POLO MAN11/08/2003

    In all honesty, this cologne has got a strong scent, which many people dislike. The bottle may look enchanting, but to me, the smell is quite horrendous. However, no two people are alike, and some people like the smell. PLEASE SMELL IT!!, before you buy it. Most likely you will be dissappointed. I prefer POLO BLUE which is way better!

  • RON06/09/2003


  • JEANIE06/09/2003

    My husband has worn this for years...all I have to do is detect a whisper of it, mixed with the scent of his skin to get a rush - NO other scent has ever evoked this response in me - love it or hate it; it is not just for the older set, but a classic that is the epitome of masculine appeal.

  • KIERON05/27/2003

    I notice that there is a love-hate relationship with polo and I think I can understand why. The scent is effortlessly conspicuous, but so are many disagreeable fragrances, which I have the good taste not to cite. I discovered polo emanating from a superior at my first job and I couldn’t help but feel subservient by the authority, which its presence commanded. I think that it is synonymous with the more mature gentleman because of the elegant musky overtones, which some may consider overwhelming and lack delicacy. Some men do overenthusiastically drench themselves in it but I appreciate its potency and use it sparingly, so as not to make ‘young and cute’ girls ‘sick’. I must confess that discernable ‘women’ that usually come close enough to detect it do find it enticing. I find that most of the fashionable fragrances are very analogous, and it’s very difficult to differentiate between them. That is the catch-22 situation, the others smell so similar so you neither love it nor hate it, but polo is very distinctive so you either love it or hate it. But I think it is better for some people to love something that for everybody just to like it.

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    This was the first scent I wore when I received the after shave splash as a gift about 20 years ago. Even the after shave is a bit too strong (not to mention the cologne), but I liked the scent then and I like it now. I may have moved on to some excellent newer scents like Desire Blue, Mania and Bellagio to name a few, but the original Polo scent still remains part of my collection.


    This stuff has been around forever. It was the preppy smell in high school in the '80's and is still around being sold to the same mindless people that bought it then. Please tell me how to look, smell and think, I'm not able to do it myself. If I wear this others will approve of me otherwise I will be an outcast! Give me a break. This stuff smells like gas or deisel fuel as it cools on the skin. So if you want to smell like the herd (the crowd) or like you just put fuel in your car this one is for you!

  • ERNEST05/15/2003

    is a perfume for men who nochk what they whant and have good taste and manner for gentleman only

  • GREG 05/11/2003

    If your look at the posts, many as they are you ask yourself why? Umm, could it be that this fragrance is in the top 10 of all time? Let's see, how many fragrances have come down the pike since 1978, that fizzled by the wayside? Yet, Polo is still held in high regard. Could it be that it was one of most beloved and unique fragrances of it's time? Ohhh, how bout the fact that this fragrance combines soooo many components of olifactory elegance that exude masculity. How bout the fact that eveyone knows someone who wore it. It's not just that this fragrance WAS one of a kind, this fragrance is STILL and will always be, the one that everyone knows. Nothing compares to this, no other scent smells like this and it will go down as one of the best, most masculine, well marketed, stellar fragrances of all time. I guess I kinda like it. By the way, that's just my opionion......

  • OK, I agree it´s very masculine and elegant, but I think it´s good for people of 50+. Not for me.

  • MARIUSZ04/25/2003

    Most masculin Edt I ever had. Maybe not for fans of fruity shits like Issey, but veeeery classy!

  • PS II04/09/2003

    I am shocked to find out just how popular Polo is, and how many girls swoon over it. Every time I have smelled it in the department store, it makes me gag and choke. In all fairness, though, I am not into the thicker, heavier, and leathery smells like this one, (or like CK Obsession), but there has to be something to it that people enjoy because according to most, Polo is a classic and one of the best....I just don't get it.

  • PS03/31/2003

    not a very nice scent, too thick and heavy and it sometimes reminds me of pine lysol with which I clean off my coffee tables.

  • MARK03/07/2003

    This scent has been the one that has driven more women in my life wild than any other and I have worn many...Try it you will see HOT!!!

  • RICH03/01/2003

    The women in my office loved picking up the phone that I'd just used just to get a smell of this classic. Many requests to wear it more often

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This is by far one of the most sophisticated, classy, yet seductive fragrances available for men. Brings back so many wonderful memories. A classic.

  • GINA02/25/2003

    My memories aren't bad when I smell this fragrance - I just don't like the fragrance.

  • PAULA02/20/2003

    An old boyfriend wore nothing but Polo. Now all my memories are of when he wore nothing but Polo... if you know what I mean, gentlemen.

  • DAWN02/18/2003

    Best ever? Better than Drakkair? They both suck.

  • best ever, better than drakkar

  • RALEY01/19/2003

    One of the most manly scents ever and it has not been discontinued like many fragrances have so this is a classic.

  • KAREN01/05/2003

    Truly the only scent with Tobacco that I like. Ver y Manly.

  • LIZ01/02/2003

    Ewwww gross.

  • RICH12/31/2002

    Eww. Like Spic and Span. Makes me want to add water to it and mop the floor.

  • KARA12/30/2002

    Wow this is one of the all time classics for men! Hot men in High School wore it and now hot men still wear it!

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    I am glad someone recognizes the FiFi it one because it is truly beautiful and manly.

  • RIC12/26/2002

    tried it today. it is one of those 70s fragrances though..

  • JOHN12/23/2002

    I am surprised to hear this. I thought it good as weed spray.

  • TRENT12/19/2002

    I think some people are so rude this is a classic the 1979 FiFi award winner it has not been disscontinued and still does good sales and that is because people buy it. People of all ages not just old men the cool things at my sisters High School in New York are Clinique Happy and Polo so some people are posting messages without seeing the true beauty and being prejudice!

  • ERIN12/19/2002

    Very Sleek and sexy I've loved men that have worn this for over 10 years I would make out with any man wearing Polo!

  • ZUANIA12/19/2002

    Love Polo, my husband wears it and it's just so manly.

  • AARON12/14/2002

    This will be a classic forever never ever will this smell bad to me ad it is very manly!

  • LISA12/11/2002

    A timeless classic I really hope this one never get's disscontinued because it is so good. Like Someone said I would shower in Polo. It is especialy good on Hot model men!

  • AVRON12/01/2002

    With out a doubt one of the all time best scents ever! No one can compare!

  • PAT B11/30/2002

    At first it was good kind of like the first time around a horse after awhile it smells like the rider after playing the game-needs a shower ! Over rated

  • ALLANDRA11/29/2002

    This is a classic I could shower in this stuff. It is a pure classic!

  • ANATOLIA11/01/2002

    I just noticed that with the exception of Marlene, all the women seem to love this stuff. I asked all the girls in my dorm for their opinion and they agree with me that Polo is a huge turn-off. Maybe the "women's" point of view is that Polo is great, but the "cute and young" girl's opinion is that Polo sucks (and doesn't even suck well).

  • ANATOLIA11/01/2002

    I was at a bar with some friends when a very hot, funny, and sweet guy approached and started flirting with me. I would have liked him, only he was wearing Polo, which reeks. Guys, please don't wear this - you'll make everyone sick and never get laid!

  • BRENDON10/29/2002

    Everyone will know if you have this on. It's so strong no matter how much you put on. Better left sitting on shelves gathering dust.

  • GEORGE10/26/2002

    I ask some female feedback. They love it. They were surprised it was Polo. They thought they did not like the fragrance.

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    Polo is the definitive masculine fragrance. No one will yell "hey, who's wearing the perfume" when you wear Polo. Classic.

  • JERRY09/27/2002

    Yes this is a real man's fragrance alright. Really bad smelling. Smells the same on everyone, and it is way too strong.

  • JAMES C.09/26/2002

    I've tried so many colognes over the years and always have one of these in my collection. It's a real man smelling cologne. Not air freshners. Those so called "refreshing" scents are so all the same. This is a real man's cologne.

  • RICHARD09/26/2002


  • WILLIAM09/22/2002

    Joe's comment is perfect, Polo is not suited to hot weather, but it's a great choice at cold days. Just watch out not to put too much of it on you. It's an unmistakable scent with a character of its own. The thing is it won't smell the same on everyone.

  • JOE09/16/2002

    This is one powerful, strong fragrance. You will like it if you are an outdoor type. For the winter it's okay. The pine or whatever is in it can be too much for some folks.

  • CLINT09/13/2002

    The one is a luxurious and classic fragrance. It really brings me confidence when I wear it and it's 100% MAN. Believe me, women will have no doubt about that. Good old Polo is perfect for the night.

  • MARLENE08/29/2002

    You could definitely be eaten without this stuff on. Try something else for everyone's sake.

  • JEFF DUFFIELD08/26/2002

    Iconsistently am asked by ladies what I am wearing. Get a lot of compliments from them about Polo. Even have been told that I smelled good enough to eat!

  • CARLO08/23/2002

    this is lovely but i think it's okay if u are 60 up

  • MARLENE08/08/2002

    What's with this "Old School" stuff? Polo smells like disinfectant cleaner or wintergreen oil. It is well made but way too strong for most, and most put wayyyy too much on.

  • RODRIGO08/05/2002

    It's a fine, strong and classic smell, it is what it is.

  • LARRY LOBATO07/18/2002

    This is the best the women are all over me!!!

  • MARK06/11/2002

    Amazing scent with rich tobacco notes. A gentlemans smell. MArk Mcquire

  • ARLINGTON JOE06/05/2002

    This stuff is the equivalent of a bad fielding, .220 hitting shortstop with no power and no speed. No man of distinction would be caught dead in this bilious abomination of an anti-fragrance. Total crap.

  • BETHANY06/05/2002

    This is a very masculine,classical type scent that I enjoy smelling on a man. It is not "old", it's just not trendy. Very appealing.

  • WILLIAM05/27/2002

    I have currently 12 cologne bottles and some minis and have to say this is my favorite. There are times I get sick of those "refreshing" scented water colognes like Eternity, Aqua Di Gio, 360..etc and I want to feel like I'm a man and smell like one! This is for real men who are confident. Being one of the original colognes out there, this is the best and every man should have this part of thier collection and wear it during the day or night. Lasts a long time on me and is very strong. Ralph Lauren is the king of colognes!

  • ERIC05/16/2002

    I'm certain Polo is well made and friends of mine wore it but I always thought of Pine cleaner when they did. It is such a strong scent and I just can't take it.

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    This is an old school cologne. So you newer generations ( even though I am young ) may not like this. Some say this is for old men only. I disagree. I think it is one of the most long lasting and strongest colonges out there. Very leathery. It lasts ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! So you get your money's worth.Everyone should buy this once in thier life to understand how cologne used to be made. Good scent. You may either like it or hate it.

  • NICHOLAS P.05/03/2002

    This is one of my all-time favorites. It is a very classy and masculine scent that lasts throughout the day.

  • JORGE04/12/2002

    It has a personality of its own. Don't have to ask what it is, yet is to slight.

  • PHIL04/07/2002

    nice fragrance in the day,classic,but old. flush the toilet and start something new

  • MO03/25/2002

    To strong, over powering.

  • DIANE03/16/2002

    This smells incredible to me. Definitely gets me in the mood. Very classy and masculine. Love it.

  • GOOSE03/08/2002

    Words refered to Polo in the dictionary says: High School, Adolescent Sex and Drain Cleaner.

  • UGH12/23/2001

    It has a tobacco scent in it, for goodness' sake. Too masculine. I can only imagine some niker wearing it..

  • MARILYN12/17/2001


  • TRENT12/11/2001

    Excellent product. Smells great and the ladies love it. Highly recomended.

  • LUCY12/02/2001

    Absolutely my favorite men's cologne. The only scent I don't have to ask a man what he is wearing, I already KNOW. As a female I'm not supposed to wear it, but I have in private, LOL, and I used to spray it on my bed, pillow, and stuffed animals as a teen just to be surrounded by the scent. Take it from a gal, guys, Polo makes most of us weak. Spicy, classic, and Oh So YUMMAYYYYY!

  • JACK STANFORD11/10/2001

    an oldie, but a goodie. a real woman killer...

  • NO THANKS10/16/2001


  • RUDY09/21/2001

    Certainly, the smells spreads all over, mainly because of it's strong concentrated scents...yeah, ladies like it!!

  • NATE EVANS08/23/2001

    the greatest cologne available to a MAN, use it and youll be asked over and over,what is that your wearing?, it smells great!

  • BILL MCDONALD01/29/2001


  • RICHARD DANCHIK11/29/2000

    This is the ONLY cologne that I will get asked continuously "What is that you are wearing. Actually was told by someone at the office, that some ladies picked up the phone after I had used it, to sniff the fragrance more. The Best!

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