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Perry Ellis


27 Reviews

Chypre, Fresh, Marine. Perry Ellis designed 360 in 1996. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, freesia and lavender. Blended with notes of citrus, vetiver and musk, 360 is a all around type of fragrance.

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.0 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.75 oz Deodorant Stick + 0.25 oz Mini Spray
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Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.0 oz Shower Gel + 3.0 oz Aftershave Balm + 0.25 oz Mini Spray
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0.12 oz EDT Mini
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3.4 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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Chypre, Fresh, Marine. Perry Ellis designed 360 in 1996. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, freesia and lavender. Blended with notes of citrus, vetiver and musk, 360 is a all around type of fragrance.

  • DON CORLEONE01/23/2012

    Though I understand that many fragrances of the Perry Ellis line are knock-offs (high quality knock-off's that is) of much more expensive designer scents, PE is my favorite budget designer line (RIP Perry). I own numerous items such as PE 360 White, Red, Black, and Original Light Blue (which I'm reviewing here), and also Perry Man and Perry "M". There is no question that this original is by far the weakest link in the line as of yet...although I haven't sampled all the other fragrances they make... It starts out "barbershop fresh" with some syntheticness for sure, then dries down fairly well as others have mentioned. I am usually okay with frags that start out rough and mellow into an extraordinary scent (Versace Dreamer anyone?), but I can't get into this one. Oh well

  • TIM05/15/2011


  • SNAPSTAR07/12/2007

    This is average and like all of his fragrances they all smell very synthetic and after a while become very painful on the old nose

  • DAV01/23/2007

    this is not worth the money man very stinky man ladies do not like this smell dude

  • SILKY12/29/2006

    It was the first time I bought cologne based on what I read about the basenotes and I will never make that mistake again, unless their samples. It was horrible! I through out the whole bottle! It has no identity at all!

  • NAJA11/26/2006

    This one's yummy, sexy smelling cologne, so much so that I wondered about the other PE scents. Your comments have been helpful and I'll stick with this regular sneak into your senses cologne for gift giving.

  • ARMYGUY08/18/2006

    I bought this cologne for prom, and it was a knockout. Years later, I visited home and decided to pick up another bottle of it, and it wasn't quite the same. Still a nice smell, and not quite recognizable so you're still pretty distinctive when you wear it. I think that it might be a little out of date though.

  • ANGELIA BLAIR05/25/2006

    I must admit that this is great smelling cologne, I bought it for my husband for his birthday, and I think I love it more than he does, it really bring out the shyness in me when he put it on. I will buy this from now on, he has the whole collections, thank you Mr. Perry Ellis for this great smelling cologne......

  • MAROS11/26/2005

    when i first smelled this i was captured by the scent, and once i put it on it changes but for the better

  • R.J.10/06/2005


  • ANYM08/22/2005

    I recieved a sample vile of this and it smelled like a type of cold medicine . however when i tried it on in the store it smelled rather nice

  • RMJ01/11/2005

    I first was introduced to this cologne a few years ago. I don't like the smell when it first is sprayed on as it is harsh and cheap smelling, but once it dries and the alcohol evaporates leaving the fragrance, it is a nice warm fragrance which i like. However, it does take at least 30 mins for it dry and go into it's real smell, so if you are going to put some on before you go somewhere, put it on at least 30 mins before you leave. Also as some others have said, it is pretty strong(at least at first) so don't go too crazy with it. I don't know if i would recommend this for day time use as it can be quite strong and warm. Personally i would say this is a good fragrance though.

  • MARK10/08/2004

    I think that some of the reviews of this scent have been overly harsh. Personally I think that this is a wonderful scent. It is pretty strong so you have to be careful. I would rate this 4.5 out 5 but since there is no 4.5 I will give it a 5.

  • HANNIBAL LECTER08/25/2004

    This fragance is nice once you put it on, but 4 hours you have have it, it stinks

  • W.B.01/14/2004


  • JUSTIN09/14/2003

    360 has a weird smell,like those disinfectants with lemon or ammonia used to mop your floors. My dad uses it alot and sometimes it makes me sick.

  • PJ07/04/2003

    This scent is unique just how the womans version is. It is a very strong scent, I can not believe someone here posted they need 50 sprays to smell it (gosh don't be standing near me on the bus!) The scent last ALL DAY into the night, it has a very pungent sage note along with a musky note. It you want a scent that can go from causual to causal dress with long lasting powers give this one a try. It is very unique and please do not put 50 sprays on you!

  • RICH06/29/2003

    This cologne always makes me feel better when I wear it. It's not my favorite, but it is invigorating.

  • OSI BARE06/22/2003

    Like we all know, the top fragrance is quite different from the middle and base notes and i think i like it when it's stayed on you for about an hour or two (the smell changes)

  • FERNANDO06/12/2003

    I think 360 smells awesome when applied. The fresh oceanic smell is very different and as other people have said, it makes us feel very good. It is a different fragrance with an interesting property that in my case sort of calms me down. Other people have differente reactions... However, after two hours or so the scent changes and I think the base notes are sort of boring. If the first scents would last longer it would be an awesome perfume. But I still think it is worthy of being in my collection. A different scent for days when you feel strange... :-)

  • MARIA02/20/2003

    Like what Anton said it has a twist. Its good and it gives you that feel good effect.

  • ANTON11/30/2002

    Hi, i used 360 some time back and it is a very good cologne, i must say, but it is with a twist. If you immediately spray it or smell it from the bottle, you are not getting the real scent. About 10-30 minutes after you spray it on, you get the base notes. I found that in my case that smell was invigorative and helped me with my homework. If you are laughing, i understand, it is just one of those scents that help concentration.

  • STEVEN09/22/2002

    I don't know why there is negative comments on this. Perhaps cause it is so different from you typical cologne. It is very light, refreshing and perfect for daytime use. Perry Ellis makes the best colognes with this and Reserve

  • NISSA08/20/2002

    My Bro- in -law had this on and it smelled great. I brought some for my guy and it smells great on him.He loves it. He wears it quite often.

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    I had a sample of this so bought the small bottle of it. I got sick of it after awhile. It's not very strong so I had to spray 50 times it seemed to smell anything. I think it does have a decent tangy scent to it. I do recomend Reserve by P Ellis . This one is mnediocre

  • PHIL04/07/2002

    uh..can you say joke

  • MEMBOI03/11/2002

    A rather cheap both monetary value and quality!

  • ANTON01/19/2002

    i used this cologne about three years ago and now, and i can tell you that it does the job of a good cologne really well, that is, it really is pleasant and does not tend to force the occupants from the room which you co-inhabit. it is the cologne to wear because the top and middle notes as well actually do sharpen my mental facilities... very nice... i am not exactly sure if this has tea in it, but the effect is like that of tea - invigorating.

  • JASON11/02/2001

    this is the worst cologne on me to each their own but i personally cannot stand this scent

  • ELAINE11/30/2000

    This is the nicest cologne I have. I get so many compliments on it and people are always copying down the name so that they can buy it..Try it it is great!! Clean and fresh smelling..not overpowering at all..

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