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Wild Musk   

23 Reviews

Wild Musk perfume by Coty was launched by the design house of Coty in 1973, Coty Wild Musk perfume is classified as a luxurious, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of flowers, vanilla and musk.

1.5 oz COL Spray
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Wild Musk perfume by Coty was launched by the design house of Coty in 1973, Coty Wild Musk perfume is classified as a luxurious, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of flowers, vanilla and musk.

  • KAY05/28/2017

    Just like I remember from, well, a long time ago! Still love the smell...

  • CLAIRE 02/28/2013

    wild musk is an addictive smell, i used to wear it a teen but could not find it anywhere to buy, its my all time fave, so glad you stock it, will be buying moore soon...

  • BARBARA BATEY06/08/2012

    Coty Wild Musk is a great product

  • LAURA10/01/2011

    I have always loved this product. Ive worn it for years. Its the only fragrance my husband seems to really like. There is just no other like it.

  • LORRAINE06/29/2011

    my mum used this in the the 1973 and i always used it to was my favorite and my mums cant get it now we loved it it was by coty in the brown bottle was so relaxing would love to get it for my mum

  • GREENEYEDLADY05/10/2011

    I wore Coty Wild Musk Cologne and Oil in the little brown bottle w/applicator back in the 70's. Sooo lovely! This fragrance has a warm; spicy but subtle essence to it. You can find the spray cologne at Kmart and other local Drugstores; very inexpensive. Put it on right after you shower and it will last several hours. I've applied it in the a.m., refreshed with a couple sprays later in the afternoon, and have woken up next day still smelling it. Brings me back to kinder; gentler days when life was free and easy. Love the nostalgic feel to the older fragrances. They are classy and timeless, and the only ones I'll wear. Love older Coty fragrances! Please keep them on the shelves or at least on-line...please???!!

  • PEGGY03/21/2011

    It is ALL I wear.I love it.I have some other sprays ive tried.None comes close to the wonderful scent of Codys Wild Musk body spray.My patients always know im around.Even when they dont see me.They take a deeo breath and says Peggy,I knew that was you because they know that fresh smell.Ive bought sooooo many cans.Thats my kinda spray.

  • NANCY03/03/2011

    OMG!! I get compliments all the time..."what perfume are you wearing?" Some never heard of it, can you believe it? I've been wearing it since high school in the 70's. Don't ever change it. They know me by my smell, it's a good thing. Where can I get some coupons????

  • MS. OUTLAW12/07/2010

    I have used this product for over 20 years, I have tried immitations- NOT!!! Please leave me some people-LOL. This scent lasts and wont give you a migrane like some do.

  • KIDDOUV10/30/2010

    Hi , you can get coty wild musk oil on ebay , I just received some. Awesome stuff.

  • ANNIE10/07/2010

    Some of us enjoy that tinge of "dirtiness" or "skank" in a good musk (or civet or other animal notes). I'm not using the word in a lazy slang derogatory sense, but as a fragrance descriptor. I do not think Coty Wild Musk is as animalic and wild smelling as it once was. If you're missing that quality you can still find it in Kiehl's Musk oil. Just saying, and no offense intended. :-)

  • CHRIS01/16/2010

    its the only colonge i can wear. the oil is outstanding. just wish i could find it in the stores. any suggestions

  • DIXIE LANE06/26/2009

    Yep I'd ding dong agree its the only thing Coty did do right. This is the best!

  • LIZ01/24/2009

    This stuff smells great-I think it just depends on your body chemistry. Starts out a little sharp, then, as it develops the warmth and spice of the musk sets in. Drys down with a sweet warm powder. To me, this is a very comforting scent.

  • SHERIDAN01/24/2009

    What an unusual spelling of the name Vicky! Please don't use word such as skank on our board. It is childish and rude. People resond differently to fragrances and it is a deeply personal compisition made up of heredity, diet, weather, menstation cycles and BAD hygiene. We stive to be honest with our oppinions with out coming off as scurrilous,unrefined or inconsiderate. Think about your words!

  • LIZ12/01/2008

    This fragrance is sort of warm and spicy. I like it, it blends well with your natural scent.

  • CHEE-CHEE11/09/2008

    i love the smell it's just thst it don't last as long as i would like it too. i myself would add musk ketone crystals to the oil and it would make the musk oil last much longer.

  • CHEE-CHEE11/01/2008

    this musk used to smell so good now it is watred down and cheap smelling. The oil version of this scent still smells the same. but the edp is a real shame now.I was lookinf forward to the smell i remembered when i brought this and to my suprise i was skocked that it has change so much. Hey coty stop being skimpy on the ingridients.

  • CHEE-CHEE08/12/2008

    It is a beautiful scent i lovethe oil much better but it's not long lasting neither they should make the musk a little more stronger.

  • ANNIE05/14/2008

    This is a great smelling, sweet/floral, soft musk - no skank at all that I can detect (and I'm becoming a connoisseur, lol!). I think it's been toned down since way back when. I don't know about the cologne spray, but in musk fragrances I always prefer the oil version. Coty Wild Musk Oil is one of the best drugstore cheapies out there. If it came in a different bottle by a small perfumery, or was a Body Shop perfume oil, so many more people would be wearing it. It makes a nice layering oil too.

  • JULLIEFRUIT03/12/2008

    I grew up in the 70's and early 80's. I wore this perfume all the time. My mom wore the classics like Arpege, My Sin and I couldn't stand them. They smelled horrible to my teenage nose. I would save my money and buy my own perfumes and this was one of my favs. I really love Babe by Fabraege but they quit making it. I guess it was Babe, Coty Wild Musk, Jovan Musk and Love's Baby Soft that I spend my money on. I still love them all!

  • SHIRWOMA02/02/2008

    I have used Coty wild musk for over 30 years and its makes me sad to know the only thing you can get now is the oil or perfume. They used to make gift sets with the powder, lotion and soap. I always stocked up at Christmas time. I wish they would bring back the classis for us now, because some of the newer fragrances ar just RANK/

  • LISA01/20/2008

    To the person who wrote what a skank perfume this is... This musk isnt for everyone. All depending on ones body chemistry. I have worn it for 25 years & for 25 years have been asked what i was wearing because it smells so good. It is my smell. Pattouli is the same way, not for everyone.

  • SASSIFRAS 01/15/2008

    This is quite possibly the best fragrance in the world next to Jicky. I just love it! Its so subtle and warm. I love the powdery musk, and the memories just flood back with one little spray. And you are right it doesn't last long. I had some oil once but it wasn't any longer lasting.

  • CONSTANCE12/31/2007

    I love this old classic, but it fades so quickly you have to re-apply several times a day!

  • JAZZY12/18/2007

    The only thing Coty ever did right. Very Nice!

  • MARY10/17/2007

    I dont know about the other post, I have worn nothing but this musk since high school and I have gotten more inquiries as to what it is and where people can get it. I have never gotten any negative feedback on it. But with a musk cologne, it smells different on each person due to each ones body chemistry.

  • VIKKI08/15/2007

    I'm sure that there are nice musk fragrances, if that's what you like, but this is one of the most skank fragrances I've ever smelled. It pained me to get the bottle used up, I couldn't give it away, I wouldn't in good conscience do that to anyone

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