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27 Reviews

Promesse perfume by Cacharel is a luminous fruity floral fragrance created for the passionate woman. Sparkling notes of fresh citrus mingle with jasmine and orchid blossoms spiked with ripe blackberry. Promesse perfume finishes with a deep, sensual dry down of soft amber, musk, sandalwood, and cedar. Notes include Mandarin, Bergamot, Jasmine more

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6.7 oz Body Lotion
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Promesse perfume by Cacharel is a luminous fruity floral fragrance created for the passionate woman. Sparkling notes of fresh citrus mingle with jasmine and orchid blossoms spiked with ripe blackberry. Promesse perfume finishes with a deep, sensual dry down of soft amber, musk, sandalwood, and cedar. Notes include Mandarin, Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac, Orchid, Blackberry, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar.

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  • PAM04/14/2013

    Five star rating for this beautiful fragrance. I always receive many compliments on it and I feel good when wearing it. Have never come across one so lovely in my 70 years.

  • KITTY7901/10/2012

    This is my all-time scent!! It was taken away for the last couple of years, so glad it's back :)

  • RJ ROGERS10/31/2011

    Cacharel is playing games - you can't find this AWESOME product anywhere except EBay or Amazon at ransom prices. NO online sources have it in stock - crappy way to treat the public on such a wonderful aroma -

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    Like a Promise made or an old-fashioned promise ring. A promise should be a promise kept.

  • KALINA10/18/2007

    this was such a nice buy..i sprayed tis on at a dept store and left...2 days later i went back for the full size smeel a little too citrusey at first which is why i left it there in the first place..but then the dry down was so nice..

  • AMY03/19/2007

    i get more compliments on this one than any other ones but the staying power is pretty weak. i use it almost like a body spray. similiar to anna sui dolly girl another one that doesn't last long but smells great

  • SEXY KITTEN02/28/2007

    this reminds me a little of l'effleur by coty...I like's a versitile perfume that's good to wear with almost anything in your wardrobe...a real romantic feel

  • ROCHELLE02/17/2007

    I've had more compliments from girls and guys about this perfume than many others I own, including Versace, Bright Crystal and Burberry to name a couple.

  • GISELLE12/29/2006

    Sickeningly sweet blackberries on a weird cedar base. I bought a bottle after sniffing it once thinking I'd love it ... Now, the more I smell it, the more I dislike it. It's just too sweet, and the top notes don't seem to get along with the bottom ones. Nauseating. No, thanks.

  • CHLOE11/29/2006

    This fragance smells very nice and fresh..its ideal for daytime...but I think its not a special one.. definitly not my favorite

  • LISA09/28/2006

    this is a great perfume to give as a gift when you're not sue of the person's taste...while it's true that there's nothing special about it, there's also nothing really offensive about it... it's a good quality, stable perfume for day to day wear...perfect to put on when you're in a rush running out the door.

  • LUSI07/19/2006

    It can be similar to anything... cause this is really a common fragrance, but confortable to wear.

  • ERICA05/30/2006

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this scent kinda smells like Escada Pacific Paradise and that Paris Hilton fragrance

  • MELISSA05/21/2006

    promesse is one of the best perfumes i have ever used, if you don't like it you should not say nasty things about it.

  • COCOA02/03/2006

    Hi Robin, thank you for your message, very kind of you to reply. I was testing Promesse yesterday again at home. I bought a small 30ml EDT bottle and you are right it was just so pretty when I sprayed it on, love the description you used "rich it's almost jammy, or perhaps like a beautiful Shiraz wine" that was right on the money. A burst of berries so beautiful and yet this somehow didn't stay with me. I got compliments within the first hour or so of spraying and then there was nothing left, and you'll laugh but I so missed that "jammy/Shiraz wine" scent, to quote you. I guess this doesn't come in EDP and that's so too bad? I just love all the Cacharels but somehow this one has disappointed me a little bit with its lasting power. Amor Amor is super long lasting and so is Lou Lou but not as long as Amor Amor and the there is lovely Gloria and that one too is just spectacular with a most wonderful lasting power, and Anais Anais, I wore when I was in my late teens too and wanted to feel lovely and sophisticated and as I recall that one too lasted... So I guess I'll just reapply when I feel like it and buy again when I run out. I have to admit I really like the smell but I think I'll hold off wearing it until the summer. I can really see this blossoming then.

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    Well, Cocoa, I think you're on to something. To me, Promesse and Baby Doll have a similar fruit-floral balance; yes, when you compare the components of the two, they're very different, but they share a lovely harmony and a very pretty freshness. What I get that's unique about Promesse is that yummy, fresh-off-the-bush blackberry smell, so rich it's almost jammy, or perhaps like a beautiful Shiraz wine. For those of us in the Pacific Northwest where blackberries grow wild and prolific down every lane and up from every ocean beach, Promesse is the smell of late summer. . .If you don't love it at first, try to get a sample from the store to take home. I know it really grew on me; the drydown reveals quite an astonishing degree of complexity and originality, at least to these nostrils. And P.S. Cocoa; I've just bought a bottle of Baby Doll to share with a friend who loves it as much as we do!

  • KRISTEN01/25/2006

    this is a good work fragrance.. my boyfriend loved it and bought me a huge bottle for's okay it's just really plain and generic smelling.. good for work..

  • COCOA01/10/2006

    I like the new Cacharel, although it's not overly original I do agree. But really nice enough. I would not spend a lot of money on it, so I'll wait until the hype subsides - the price is bound to go down. Once again as is true of most Cacharels it's more popular in Europe. But I have a question, does this remind anyone of YSL's Baby Doll? I think it's slightly similar, but Baby Doll is sweeter and louder, while Promesse is more gentle.

  • COCOA01/09/2006

    Promesse is not a 'true' Cacharel in my opinion. If you know Cacharel you cannot wait for a knew one to come out. They are always so authentic and unique. Always beautiful and unmatched. Edan is unique and very dramatic, and the same can be said for Amor Amor, Anais Anais, Lou Lou and Gloria. All very dramatic fragrances. Now Promesse is an odd one out, in that sense. There is nothing dramatic about it, nothing that stands out, nothing that when anyone smells it they would remember it as distinctly as my Lou Lou or Amor Amor will be remembered. This is a non-distinct but at the same time pretty fragrance. I would like to wear this in the summer and see it blossom on the skin. Definitely not for cold weather. Four stars for the pretty smell but I'm holding out on the fifth one because it cannot be compared to Lou Lou or Amor Amor or even Eden. Lacks drama I adore and expect in Cacharel scents.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/23/2005

    Due to the extreme senstivity of some people, fragrance use by health care professionals is generally a no-no, especially the more cloying/heavy/pungeant type scents. This scent however is very light, fresh and feminine. Enough to make u smell great withouth making others gag.


    when i first saw promesse and smelled its scent, i thought it would be too floral and romantic. however, when i sprayed it all over me and smelled the scent carefully, i then realized the fragrance's fruity-floral sweetness without the cloying aroma. promesse is definitely for everyday wear, and you don't necessarily have to be a romantic type of person to wear it!

  • ME12/16/2005

    pure poison to me, a girl at work had bought promesse wanted me to smell her arm, i think it smells good and she loves it, later that same day i went to the mall to smell pure poison and i was surprise that it reminded me of her perfume, unless she thought it was promesse and it really was pure poison just didnt want to say the word PURE POISON. I give a five star on both perfumes

  • ANNA12/10/2005

    This scent is actually what I was looking for, it's a scent that I enjoy smelling and is a scent that I don't think would offend anyone at the office. To me it is a soft, sweet, floral scent.

  • HOLLY12/04/2005

    I personally like the perfume for its soft smell and appeal. I work in the medical feild with touchy patients. So this is the right type of perfume to wear, without the over powering smell.

  • SYLVIE12/02/2005

    The fragrance is nice (3,5 stars), but the pink ads with Laetitia are really beautiful!!! Expensive ads with sexy French beauty Laetitia... Maybe Amor Amor was not the *power seller* for Cacharel, so they try it now with Promesse?? All that is tough marketing strategy only. There are too many new and unimportant fragrances in this world... Confused.

  • DESDEKID11/20/2005

    this is a sweet, fruity floral scent, fresh and young, but somehow it's just not special. it's a nice spring fragrance, but that's it.

  • ORSI11/16/2005

    It's a cheap smelling, boring fragrance. A shame on the Cacharel house which has launched so many great perfumes -among them my all time fav. Gloria. Gloria is not sold anymore in my country, Hungary, and shops are full of this shamful vulgar smelling stuff called Promesse instead. Soo sad.

  • MAYA11/15/2005

    As far as I'm concerned Promesse is a pretty nice scent! But my sister has already fallen in love with it! It's a fruity-floral scent that is not too far from Amor Amor, but I guess still different enough (candy like a bit). At first I smell freshness of Bergamot mixing with Mandarin and then there is that exotic scent of Blackberry and Orchid... sparkling like starlight! At the base there is a hint of woods, and I think that is yet my favorite part, even though I think the the top notes are lovely too. However, and I think that it's note worthy, I don't find Promesse overly original so as far as that is concerned, Promesse is not exactly a five star scent. It's good, but there isn't that uniqueness there, that would make you stand out in a crowd. I prefer scents that are not so run-of-the-mill, or super-trendy.

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