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Frances Denney


21 Reviews

Interlude perfume by Frances Denney is a fragrance of an oriental bouquet, splashed with delicately different floral and citrus notes.

1.0 oz Bath & Body Perfume Splash
SKU 49094
$48.00 $36.99
1.0 oz Bath & Body Oil
SKU 11222
$48.00 $37.99
2.0 oz COL Spray
SKU 15816
$40.00 $25.99
4.0 oz COL Spray
SKU 13983
$58.00 $35.99
4.25 oz Dusting Powder
SKU 20434
$37.00 $34.99
8.0 oz Shower Gel
SKU 11220
$25.00 $20.99
8.0 oz Body Lotion
SKU 11221
$35.00 $32.99

Interlude perfume by Frances Denney is a fragrance of an oriental bouquet, splashed with delicately different floral and citrus notes.

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    I've worn Interlude since the 70's and wouldn't want to change now. I was really fortunate because my dear mother always bought me Interlude for my birthday and Christmas. I have a stockpile and after reading these reviews, I am so thankful. I have always received compliments on my fragrance. I have tried other fragrances over the years. As soon as I've put them on, I stink. Some of them have even made me sick to my stomach. I quit trying other fragrances years ago and I only wear Interlude.

  • CHRISSY02/23/2013

    I began using Interlude "Bath and Body OIL" in the mid- sixties and had many compliments. Recently the product has changed ...vey weak scent...not the product I've loved for so many years!

  • CHARMAIGNE11/07/2011

    Thanks for clearing that up. I knew that what I recived was NOT the fragrance my grandmother wore. I am so disappointed. Had been longing for a bottle for a long time. Oh well

  • JUDY N05/27/2011

    I use to wear this for many years. I think the fragrance is nice..but the difference in smell is it is being advertised is its "NOT" OIL! It's Perfume...Like Cologne vs. Parfum..big big difference. I hope Perfume Emporium updates their website for its customers. The packaging/bottle states "perfume"

  • SYLVIA05/07/2011

    The person that left the company with the formula was probably charging more than they wanted to pay for the formula.

  • SYLVIA BACKUS05/07/2011

    Why in this world would you change a fragrance that smells so good unless you had someone leave the company and threaten to sue if you used their formula because why else would you not make it the same since it would be more difficult to change, someone probably sold their share of the company and they can't use the original formula.

  • JULIE12/14/2010

    The purple Interlude is by Elizabeth Arden - Not Frances Denny. Maybe thats why!

  • CW BUG12/05/2010

    Have called frances denney(they have no e-mail)many times. Wanted to know what they have done to Interlude bath and body perfume. Said I must have a defective one,and told me to send it back for exchange. Still not the same. Each time I call, whoever I talk to insists it is the same. It's not!!Once it was light purple. Still said no change in formula. They lied then, and still stick to their story. Can they legally sell a product in the same package,call it by the same name,say it's same formula and charge same price???

  • GALE08/20/2010

    Why has it been so difficult to get the bath oil, it was my all time favorite!

  • KATY GIBSON05/15/2010

    I have been searching for the body bath oil for my mother, because she has worn Interlude bath oil for at least 40 years. She is desperately needing some more. She loves the fragrance and is too old to change this preference. Please make it more available. Thank you!

  • MARY02/04/2010

    I have only worn Interlude for the past 40 years and have always gotten compliments and enjoyed the way it made me feel good until now. The last bottle I bought has a different fragrance, it is much stronger smell and actually makes me ill. Can you please bring back the original.

  • BETH 06/16/2009

    i have the real thing interlude perfume sitting on my dresser i do not use it often because i am not taking any chances that i my not find the real thing again its the bets

  • SWJ03/07/2009

    I simply do not understand why fragrance companies are doing this. Why don't they just take the scent off the market, instead of trying to pass it off as the original. Estee Lauder did this to Estee. Talk about a sad day. That scent is "me" and now it's gone. I also love Rive Gauche and L'Air du Temps---and both have been changed. The Interlude I ordered from the Frances Denney site a few summers ago smelled like it always has (and I began wearing it in the mid 80's). I ordered the bath/body oil.

  • SWJ03/07/2009

    I get ads in the mail from Frances Denney, the maker of Interlude. I ordered a bottle directly from them a few years ago. Just google Frances Denney.

  • DENISE BROWN03/04/2009

    I am writing this for my mother. My dad bought Interlude for my Mom right after I was born, she has been wearing it for over 40 years. She loves the smell and we are so use to that smell on her, plus she won't wear anything else. I live down here in South Florida where it originated from and I found a couple of bottles of cologne and lotions for here but they are all out every where. Please start making it again. It is a lovely smell.

  • MARY ROBERTS01/30/2009

    Please bring the Interlude back, I wear no other perfume since I started wearing Interlude some 35-40 years ago, and i cant find it anywhere in Texas. Where can I find it? And now you tell me that you are out of stock.

  • DOROTHY PRICHARD12/01/2008

    very disappointed. bad smell when using it surprised at the green coloring of gel i ordered 2 bottles one for a gift and one for myself. very disappointed

  • LUVEY11/27/2008

    i haven't brought any other perfume interlude bath and body oil perfume from way back is the only scent i wear- the new one is a total joke with a weird vanilla smell - pls give us the original scent - it is number one smell in the world

  • ALICE PHILLIPS11/19/2008

    I have worn Interlude since 1969 and have always received compliments on the scent. I recently purchased a bottle of my favorite cologne and returned it to the store in exchange for another bottle. I was disapointed to find out the second bottle seemed as if it had very little scent at all. Why did you change the sought after scent. I'm sure LOTS of us long term clients would have gladly paid more for this once wonderful scent v.s. now having what seems like a watered down version of this once incredible scent. Your gift boxes were incredible. Now nobody knows what to get me for Christmas. I'm sure there are MANY others out here that feel the same way. BRING THE ORIGINAL INTERLUDE BACK!!! ASAP

  • JANET06/22/2008

    What happened to the smell? It used to be this wonderful musky smell and now it has a harsh smell that catches in my throat. Have been wearing for years. I have tried 2 different bottles and they are both not the great sexy smell. Yes the oil is what I use it does activate when you heat up. I am going to rate this product horrible because of the new smell. Had it been the original scent I would rate it excellent

  • ARIANA05/12/2008

    First i'd like to say i did not purchase Interlude on this site, but looking at the prices i sure will. My mother first tried this product at 16 years when receiving a little bottle. She relocated again at age 23 she's never wore anything else. For her birthday, christmas, mothers day and whenever the occassiong calls for a gift she's easy Interlude. Whether it is the body powder, lotion ,colonge, oil she'll wear it all. For at least 27 straihgt years of my mother being the BEST smelling woman, the kind of woman that EVERYONE had to walk by again or ask her what fragrance she wore. She if anyone is probably Interlude's greatest piece of advertisement. Which we thought was one of our best mother's day no that the children have grown. When mother's day really counts YOU CHANGED THE WAY IT SMELLS!!!!! If anyone knows how i can get in contact with the people who need to hear these word please help. Let them know that Interlude smells just like Estee Lauder, White Linen the fragrance my grandmother has been using for a lot of years i fragrance i recognize. i am still gonna buy it cause we have to. My mom prides herself on the way she smells. Her smell creates that much attention. HELP!!!!!

  • CK03/21/2008

    In my young years of trying perfumes, some were a little mature for me, I tried this cologne in the "square" bottle. I still kept the bottle and it has about a drop or two of the orignal fragrance! I love it, when I got it as a 19 year old. I haven't tried the newer one! I purchased this at a upscale store. Heavy weighted glass bottle is still "original" and I love the scent it had.

  • KAREN11/21/2007

    I have been wearing the bath oil as a perfume for 35 years. It is my signature scent, I love that it does not get in own head and give me a headache as many perfumes do. I really get compliments when I work out becasue as my head gets hot it heats the oil and releases. Why is it the more you work out the better you smell? I love it!!

  • CHARBABY07/30/2007

    Is the cologne itself not available. I don't see it listed as such. Maybe I'm missing something????

  • ARLENE03/26/2007

    I have worn many kinds of fragrance. But none keep like Interlude. And now is the first time I have been able to find this excellent smell again.

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