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Magie Noire   

137 Reviews

Animalic, Chypre, Woody. Created by Lancome in 1978, ardent and sensual, disturbing and carnal Magie Noire is both appealing and gives you a strange mysterious and charming power. Bulgarian rose, blackcurrant bud, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cedar, incense, sandalwood, oakmosis, amber, and patchouli. Oriental. It is recommended for daytime wear.

2.5 oz EDT Spray
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Animalic, Chypre, Woody. Created by Lancome in 1978, ardent and sensual, disturbing and carnal Magie Noire is both appealing and gives you a strange mysterious and charming power. Bulgarian rose, blackcurrant bud, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cedar, incense, sandalwood, oakmosis, amber, and patchouli. Oriental. It is recommended for daytime wear.

  • DEE04/05/2017

    Love this perfume, it is the only one I wear...

  • CARLOS05/10/2014

    Bought this perfume for my mother and she loved it.

  • CECELIA09/14/2012

    I don't understand why the makers of this ever-so-popular product would not listen to all these fans of Magie Noire and put it back on the market. It would sell out....

  • LYN MOED09/07/2012

    Thank you for the prompt and efficient service on my recent purchase. Service was wonderful

  • ANN LANDRETH08/31/2012


  • HILDA06/21/2012

    Why is this fragrance, be it body cream (which was fantastic), then lotion and now perfume or cologne be discontinued and/or difficult to find. It is the only fragrance I've every been able to wear, and like others, always received compliments on my fragrance or ask what I was wearing. PLEASE bring everything of Magie Noire back on the market.

  • LYN02/26/2012

    I have loved this perfume for many years and am thrilled to have found a source.

  • MARQUETTA OATES01/20/2012

    Please bring this back into the department stores I love this fragrance and get complaints everywhere i go. I have to order it on Internet when I need it.

  • JOANNA01/09/2012

    this message is for lancome the worst thing you could have done was to discontinue these products .i choose to never buy lancome any more.i will if you bring magie back

  • ANNABELLA01/09/2012

    i have used magie for many years. why in the world would you take it away . the scent was so lovely .people would always ask me what it was that i was wearing

  • ANNABELLA01/09/2012

    why would you discontinue this product? every where i went i would get compliments.please please bring it back.

  • JANE DAWSON01/04/2012

    Please bring back this perfume. It is my favourite of all perfumes.

  • PATRICIA WALLER12/16/2011

    I do not know why it was discontinued but it needs to be put back on the market, there will never and I mean never be another product like magie noire. Please please bring it back.

  • MISS SHARON BROOKS04/26/2011

    My cousin first introduce this fragrance to me, and it was heaven. When I ran out I went to macy's to get more and the salesperson told me they don't sell it anymore, I don't get how a product so well known and smell so good and was a great seller that it was taken off the market. You must bring it back, the body cream would stay on you all day, and men loved it, always would ask what is that fragrance you are wearing, get smart and bring this money maker back, please for us ladies who prefer to smell sexy and good. Get smart. It would sell out, I know it would.

  • BRENDA GREEN04/15/2011

    Please help me find the powder. tell them to stop discontinuing the good stuff. trash the Tresor

  • JOAN WASHINGTON03/30/2011

    Magie Noire is an excellent fragrance. I have been informed by Lancome that they will no longer make Magie Noire body products. My question is who is making Magie Noire body products if Lancome is not?

  • JAYCEE03/16/2011

    Magie Noire is indeed a great fragrance! I started wearing this fragrance layered with the body products in the early 70's. Over the years Lancôme has changed the original Magie Noire formula and discontinued the body products. For all of you, who love this fragrance, contact Lancôme and request that they reconsider making Magie Noire Body Products and restoring them to the market.

  • JOAN WASHINGTON03/16/2011

    The body products are discontinued items. I made a request to Lancome to restore the body product line.

  • JOAN WASHINGTON03/16/2011

    You are right! Shame on Lancome. The body products are discontinued.

  • CAROL THATCHER03/14/2011

    Why are you discontinuing such a great product? I love the fragrance, the cream, everything about Magic Noire Products. I hope that You will bring these cherished products back on the market.

  • SUSAN KENNEDY02/14/2011

    I am unable to find this product anywhere. Is it discontinued? If so shame on you Lancome! It is the best!

  • JUNE 01/21/2011

    Why? When you find the perfect fragance with a full line . it gets discontinued? I have the powder, body cream, lotion, incense.(nice to take a bath with one scenting the bathroom) the soap, bath pearls, perfume, cologne, the eau de toilettee, deodorant , & the soap .almost everything is gone and unable to restock any of these. why? Discontinued: why? Because I loved it. as many others did too!

  • KATHLEEN FORBIS01/11/2011

    i cant stop using this product there is nothing comparable with this product. please bring this product back. nothing comparable!

  • GWENDOLYN01/08/2011

    Please don't discontinue Magie Noire. It is by far my favorite.

  • OYA SORTINO12/05/2010

    WHY? WHY in God's name they can't leave well enough alone!!?? Magie has been "mine" for 20 odd years, and now it has changed. Not the fragrance, not the bottle is the same. Lancome are you listening?

  • LISA11/02/2010

    OMG Bring this back I am out now and cant find it anywhere! It is heaven in a bottle..:)

  • SHIRLEY04/22/2010

    I have used this perfume and body since the early 1954. When my husband returned from France with my first . I have enjoyed it ever since and now you are discontuining this wonderful product. That is a shame since NO other product comes any where near that fragrance !!!!!

  • DONNA01/19/2010

    I have been an avid user of magie noire for years and love it!! I've had allot of compliments even from children. This is a must have for every woman that wants to feel sexy, alive and feminine. I would search the world over to find it, no stone unturned. Ooo la la

  • SUSAN W08/12/2009

    I just bought this perfume after not purchasing it for awhile and it has change. This perfume used to be awsome.Now the smell doesnt last, and I will not purchase it again if its not put back the way it was. Hope Lancome reads our messages there loosing a lot of money people.

  • MISS CHACHA05/06/2009

    The best product. Hope they don't discontinue it. Have been wearing it for twenty years, and won't recognize myself without it. Neither will my friends know its me coming or going if they don't get the right sniff. Please Please Lancombe don't let it go

  • JESSICA04/26/2009

    I just purchase a bottle of Magie Noir today at a department store. After trying different fragrances this one got my attention. My husband went crazy with too. Its a very erotic, sexual scent. I use Red by Giorgio Beverlly hills the original and it has some similarities. Does anyone thinks the same?

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    This is a chypre and you really have to have the right chemistry to pull it off, but if you do, its a stunner!

  • VANESSA C02/16/2009

    I'm happy to see you have added a wish list for us and a promise to contact us for the items we are interested in. I really miss Magie Noire products. As I stated in an earlier blog, I love this stuff. I really miss the big black jar of body cream I think the most. It was one of the fragrances I could use and it was wonderful all day, without being over powering. Now, it's also hard to find any of the products. I always buy the larger item products, like the large 3.4 perfume spray, the large body cream, the body powder and I carried a tube of lotion in my purse for my hands after washing them during the day. Please bring it back, and bring it back in the strength of fragrance as it was originally. Some of the latter products seem to have been watered down.

  • JACKIE L.02/12/2009


  • VALERIE01/26/2009

    My grandma turned me on to this decades ago - Sure would love to find the parfum oil; it lasts so much longer and I think it's got a bit of a different edge than the cologne. I would pay HUGELY for the oil : vaasbell at yahoo.

  • DP01/13/2009

    I bought some Magie Noire recently and noticed the size and design of the bottle changed! The scent has changed, too! It doesn't smell like it did 20 years ago! Please go back to the original recipe!! Why change such a good thing! I don't want to stop buying this perfume, but... :(


    Hello i have been wearing it for the past 8years and every time i go to Buy it the prices are not the same i just wish i could Aford it a little more often then i'm able to buy it i go on line trying to find it cheaper but cant i Love it very much.

  • MUMMYBEARS11/27/2008

    very harsh at first spray and the dry down doesn't soften much. if you're after a completely overpowering scent that people will turn their nose up at, then this is the scent for you.

  • JULIE10/07/2008

    The department Lancome Rep. told me today that Magie Noir has not been discontinued. However, they do not get much to stock. I did manage to purchase it last month, but the bottle is different and the fragrance does not seem the same to me. I have used this fragrance for over twenty years. I am glad to see that Perfume Emporium has it for us. I did see that the body cream and dusting powder have been discontinued. The rep. suggested going to the Lancome web site and complaining which I will do.

  • BRENDA10/05/2008

    This Product need to stay around for a long time. this fragrance blend in with my body chemistry very well. all day very day, someone will ask me "what are you wearing". It makes you feel good to know that someone else loves your fragrance. Please don't discontinue, a fragrance of this kind have some women feeling self motivate with high self esteem.

  • TAMARA07/09/2008

    Ive used the original Magie Noir off and on since 1978. I have never had more men compliment me with 'you smell so good".. with any other perfume Ive used. To 'Lauren' below, it must be your own body chemical mix that made it smell so bad. I would like to know if anyone has found the original Magie noir on line (legitimate) and purchased it recently? I cannot find it anywhere.

  • JEAN MARIE05/30/2008

    I have been wearing Magie Noire since it first came out in the early '80s. I am laughing at the comments about how this perfume is "stinky" or doesn't smell "nice" on some of the people who have posted here! Two things--first of all I am thrilled MN does not smell good on them so there will be a few less people trying to buy it!! Second, I am thinking those who have the negative comments are not familiar with the fact we all have different chemistry to our bodies and therefore everyone will NOT smell the same in a perfume. I don't care if this perfume smells like an "old ladies perfume"! I continue to get compliments from all ages of men...and enjoy being one delicious smelling sophisticated older woman!! :)

  • MARY05/28/2008

    Years ago I wore Magie Noire which was oil based. It smelled wonderful and I ALWAYS got compliments on it. The Magie spray smells okay but I wish I could find the oil based product again. Any help?

  • ADELA04/13/2008

    I loved Magic Noire but apparently has been discontinued because I find it nowere but bargain stores. I smell it different and think it's faked.

  • KAY03/05/2008

    I was able to test the "new" formulation today and while it isn't quite as strong, in my opinion it is still plenty strong and still very wearable and lovely. I will buy it after my older bottle is finished. I agree with the sentiment though that they should leave these older perfumes well enough alone.

  • LIL02/21/2008

    I've been trying to buy the lotion when Lancome has a GWP since the fall. The stores are not carrying this any more. I can only buy the spray and lotion online. Very strange. Love this stuff.

  • JELENA02/04/2008

    Love the Magie Noire Lotion and cream, however I also count not find it lately. Would love to hear if somebody finds it on the Internet...

  • SUSAN01/08/2008

    Is the discontinuation of magie confirmed? I haven't been able to find it in stores in my area, but was successful on the internet. Sure wish they had the body lotion as I used to always use it and love it. Again, is this confirmed??? PLease say it isn't so!

  • SHERRY12/26/2007

    I, too, and a long time Magie Noire user. No other scent compliments my body chemistry the way this one does. I've been wearing it about 12 years and there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't literally stop me and ask me what I'm wearing and that it really works well for me. They say, "That is your scent! Always wear it." And yet, now Lancome is doing us this huge disfavor by discontinuing it and what am I going to do in the future? I can't afford to buy 10 or 12 bottles at one time, and yet, I don't want to go into the future without it. Please pass my comments on to Lancome. This one needs to stay around!


    I was so excited to see that Perfume Emporium now carries Magie Noir body powder. I ordered some- tried it on yesterday, lovely! I haven't worn the powder in about 15 years (couldn't find it) I am so happy to have it back. It's just as I remembered it. Thank you!

  • JUDI W*11/13/2007

    It seems this is another wonderful scent, that is being taken away from it's adoring public. Why? Why have so many companies discontinued, or tweaked (reformulated) our wonderful classic fragrances? It seems very odd or just down right mean. There are so many fragrances that remain continued, that to me aren't special, but the one's that have been long time favorites, seem to be the one's that their zeroing in on. Why would someone take away something that is popular, & that makes people happy wearing it & sells? Sounds like idiots to me...

  • LAUREN11/13/2007

    This scent would like to evoke an aura of mystery and sensuousness. It accomplishes neither. At first spray it is woody and deep. After about 30 min you will smell terrible, like a combination of auto shop meets moldy towels. I have yet to like how this scent smells on anyone. Sorry to those who like it.

  • BETH11/12/2007

    When I was younger I used to buy many different fragrances and loved the variety until I found Magie Noire 24 years ago. I then did not find the need to try the other fragrances because Magie would last all day. I am so disappointed that Lancome has decided not to keep this product on the store shelves. I continue to this day to have people compliment my fragrance and ask what perfume I am wearing. I recently was on vacation and stopped into a duty free shop in hopes to find Magie there. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. When asked at the counter if they had Magie the lady behind the counter said that when she does receive a shipment, the patrons buy 3 and 4 bottles at a time and she can't keep it supplied. I have tried the other fragrances that Lancome has introduced and they all make me nauseous. Because of Magie, I began purchasing all of my make-up at the Lancome counter. Please, Please, Please bring back Magie Noire. I agree with many of the comments submitted to this website that the younger generation will not be as loyal to the new fragrances as those who have been loyal for years to Magie. I hope to wear Magie Noire for many years to come!!!!!!! Please bring it back!!!!

  • DEB11/11/2007

    Wow, I can't believe that Lancome would change the formula of a perfume that was perfect the way it was!! I've noticed a change in the aroma and wish they would go back to the original formula they used 30 years ago! PLEASE listen to what all of us are saying and do something about it!! :(

  • VANESSA C10/22/2007

    I have been wearing Magie Noire for 24 years. It was the only frangrance I could stomach after having it on for an hour or more. It stayed with me, but was not overwhelming. I only had to use just a tiny amount an it was wonderful all day. I especially loved the body creme that came in the big black jars, and the bath beads, but they have discontinued those items (a blame shame too). Now the france is so diluted, it seems to fade away after a couple of hours, but I was willing to settle beacause I love the scent. For the past year, it has become tremely hard to find the items I so very much appreciated: the large parfum spray, the body creme, body lotion, and the bath beads. I have searched many highend retailers and I am told they either don't carry some or any of these items anymore. I wonder what on earth is Lancome product managers thinking about? It seems that the loyal customer is no longer the valued customer. They seem to catering to the young teens that have no loyalty that just from one frangrance to another and one product to another. Why don't we, the older, more astablished and loyal customer no longer matter. LANCOME PLEASE BRING BACK OUR ORIGINAL MAGIE NOIRE PRODUCTS!!!!

  • MARIA10/14/2007

    You are right. They are replacing natural ingredients with made in lab synthetics.I hate all the other Lancome fragrances. Magie Noire used to last on my skin a long hours, now it smells awful after a while. Sales people deny the changes, but they try to sell as much junk to you as posible. It is really too bad that many great perfumes are changed from the original.

  • MARION B09/13/2007

    Have been wearing this scent for almost 17 years and still love it. I agree that the scent does smell a little different, but still get compliments daily. Also, very hard to find here. Macy does not have any at the moment due to the bottle change which I am not too keen about. Really does not look very classy. Kind of like your regular plain old perfume bottle. It's a good thing I love the scent.

  • PATTI 09/12/2007

    Judy is positively correct. I just went back to the store to get a supply of Magie. I have been loyal to this fragrance for many years. It has indeed, without a doubt changed. I know Magie Noire. It smells as though it has been diluted. I can't tell you how disappointed I am. What used to be excellent, is now so-so. I won't settle for that. If they do not change it back, I will no longer buy Lancome products!

  • BARBARA W08/12/2007

    I agree - I hate when they ruin fragrances for the sake of profit, especially beloved classics. I'm just glad that I wasn't into perfume when I was younger and never smelled some of these older fragrances, because I have nothing to compare them to! Now that I'm 40, I'm interested in trying the classic scents as I'm getting tired of the new releases (they all smell so similar and too juvenile). Sorry Magie Noire got ruined for you!

  • JUDI W*07/30/2007

    I first smelled this on some woman at an office I had gone to about 12 years ago, and it smelled very interesting & different on her. I went out and got some, and wore it for a few years, but honestly, I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't smell the same. It doesn't seem to have the same "edge" to it. Why do these perfume companies keep ruining a classic fragrance & try to pass it off as the same? There has been too many to count, but Fendi, Halston, Shalimar & Magie Noire, (just to name a few) has lost some of it's magic for me, damn them!!!

  • SHIRLEY07/25/2007


  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    I can see how some people would think this is "old lady", but there is something blatantly sexual about this perfume that is really intriguing. I'll have to test it a few more times to see if it's worth buying, but it's definitely caught my attention!

  • JEAN 05/14/2007

    For many years, I wore the great oriental by Guerlain, but when I tried Magie Noire in the late 70's, It won my heart. I only wish it were easier to find! Thanks Perfume Emporium for carrying it!

  • SPOUSE03/21/2007

    My wife has gone into shock when Lancome decided to drop the MN dusting powder after 30 yrs. Someone at Lancome should get their head on straight and start producing it again

  • DOLLY DAGGER02/20/2007

    I wore this scent many years ago, and it was magical, but now it smells unpleasant in comparision. I think that alot of companies are taking out the Oakmoss and replacing it with synthetics. That could make a difference!

  • A MAN02/11/2007

    All of a sudden my wife insisted on wearing this toxic mix- I would sneeze ,then we argued all the time. What ever it was, I blamed Magie- Noir! She went back to YSL Paris and everything went back to normal. Scent can be used to communicate.

  • MARA01/26/2007

    I ordered a mini bottle of this based on the comments of this group. Although I can appreciate this fragrance, I don't think it would be one that I would wear very often. It is a little too spicy for me. I cerainly will not throw it out, but I will wear it only on special occasions. I find that it could easily be over-powering. Nice, but just not my favorite.

  • NATALIYC12/28/2006

    Just tried Magie Noir in the local mall.. What a scent! Classy, sassy, beautiful, oriental, spicy, and very sexy!!!! Have to get it tomorrow. Not sure, why I did not get it today - it was a big mistake. Great classy fragrance. So me...

  • GREEKGIRL11/09/2006

    This one is hot hot hot!!!!!!!!one to wear on you anniversay night, bewitching and very seeeeeexy!

  • MASCOTA10/06/2006

    It used to be my fave. but they changed it, and does not smell the same on me.

  • KATHY Z.07/31/2006

    My sister-in-law wears this as her signature scent--has for years. She layers it with patchouli oil. You can smell it throughout her whole house and when she leaves a room the scent lingers. Everyone loves it on her. I do, too. But I would never be able to wear this during the summer. Way too heavy. I prefer to wear a variety of scents, but admire those who have one signature scent. This one is very powerful.

  • SANZIO04/10/2006

    I agree with Julie. I bought a 1 oz. plastic bottle and the fragrance is powdery. Just the top notes are reminescent of the Magie Noire I knew. I decided to buy a big glass bottle but the this one has a nauseating sweet fragrance... What a mess Lancôme has made with what was a wonderful fragrance...

  • JULIE04/07/2006

    I don't know if my tastes have changed or the scent (probably both) but I bought a bottle of splash on, and it smells okay, but it is kind of sweet, or something that nauseates me. I remember years ago, it didn't have that effect on me...who knows, but it is different.

  • VERA04/01/2006

    Magie Noire was first given to my mother as a gift. Now I really thank my uncle! She never wore it. Not all women can wear it. One day (I was 15) I smelled it and I felt different. The woman came out of me. It was so strange at first, then it captured me. So sensual, so powerful. I felt it was the only one for me. If you wear it you get noticed because it doesn't resemble any other scent. People will remember you. My boyfriend gets bewitched when I use it and says: "Ah, this is the real you!" Here in Italy you can't find it anymore, now I have to buy it on the internet!

  • DEBS03/28/2006

    'Magie Noire' was my favorite of all the fragrances out there...and for years. Sadly, it did change. It is still a nice scent, but not what it was. It was woodier and more animalic. It takes on a cumin edge with me now. I sent you some posts at the 'Aimez Moi' page, if you can, check them out. Anyway, you may enjoy 'Magie', I would like to read your opinion. Good luck!

  • MAYA02/09/2006

    Hello Starr :) thank you for the review of Magie Noire. I've heard SO MUCH about this awesome fragrance and yet when I tested it I was not all that impressed. On your recommendation I will try it again, this time in a glass bottle and see what difference that makes. I will keep you posted. And Madaza, that post of yours will have me running to the nearest department store where I can sample this magic potion ASAP :) to see if I can get out of it what you and Starr got ;) Will post again once I've sampled it...

  • MADAZA01/31/2006

    My boyfriend bought this for me because he knew I loved the name. I was also curious about the scent. First I thought the scent was too strong and too strange - I could understand that some people think it's awful. There is no perfume like it in the world so it's shocking at first. But after 15 minutes of wearing it I realized that it's such a classy, sexy, mysterious, sophisticated scent without being too romantic or sweet. This is a true woman's scent - not for youg girls. I used to wear other perfumes and I still like them, but they are far beneath Magie Noir. It becomes one with my skin. I feel like I "wear" other perfumes like veils or an article of clothing, whereas I "breath with" Magie Noir and live my day with it. It empowers me. My boyfriend goes weak on his knees when he kisses my neck - with a dab of Magie Noir!

  • STARR01/31/2006

    I too tried this in the black plastic bottle. Did not smell like Magie Noire which is in the glass bottle. Maya, please try it again but this time in the glass bottle. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. It's so much richer, greener, and more powdery. The plastic bottle to me smelled like a cheap spicy floral. No comparison in my book.

  • SERENE01/06/2006

    I was looking for something to replace Hypnotic Poison with, and flippantly tried on Magie Noire in the store. My daughter was with me and said that it reminded her of something that an elderly woman, far past her prime, but who would still be eccentric simply because she could, would wear. We both agreed that I should purchase it, since although I am not past my prime, we both agreed that all women should aspire to be that sort when the world is telling us that we're too old to be glamorous. I found it to be a glamorous, sultry, heady and altogether captivating scent.

  • CYNTHIAW12/25/2005

    It's too bad that this fragrance seems to have been changed. I know that the real (animal derived) musks are generally replaced with synthetic ones these days. I also heard some rumors about oakmoss being taken out of another line's bases. (I think it was Guerlain) It really is too bad to lose a favorite formula, but take heart! ~there are thousands of others to try. I wish I could have tried the original of this one.

  • MAYA12/16/2005

    Not sure if it matters really that I tried the one in a plastic black bottle as opposed to the glass bottle, but this really did not work the magic on me. It sort of developed funny and my fiancé really did not like it at all! I've read so many rave-reviews about this 'magical scent' and I so wanted to love this one as much as all the other ladies here, but I guess 'tough luck' ehh? ;) Oh well, I'll just have to wait and try the new Lancôme perfume, the one they call HYPNÔSE!!! This one is to be their first Oriental-Woody scent and boy have the got my attention with that -- also said to be the younger sister to Magie Noire so they doubled their attention getting there!!! It comes in a gorgeous amethyst colored bottle which is just stunningly beautiful... Top notes are composed of... Passion Flower, followed by middle notes of Sambac Jasmine and Solar Noes... with a wonderful base of Vetiver and Vanilla (wood-vanilla-yummy)... Oh this is another one I cannot wait to try...

  • KYM11/30/2005

    I cant wait to buy a bottle!! I havent worn or smelled the fragrance for over 7 years and I wonder if I will notice a difference. I loved it because it was so powerful and people noticed you were wearing it . i never receicved a bad comment about...people loved it on me!!

  • JUDI W.11/29/2005

    I've bought a couple of 1.7 oz "spray" bottles, with the black plastic tops, and they're the one's that smelled different. I ordered a "splash on" bottle, which is in a completely glass bottle, and it smelled more like the original did. So, I don't know what the reasoning is for that, but it smelled like I remembered it. I think they're mixed in (the old & new versions) and you basically don't know what you'll end up getting...just my opinion!

  • SANZIO11/29/2005

    I wonder if the plastic bottle is a fake because all glass blottles both 1.7 and 3.4 fl. oz. have the smell I consider beeing the original one! the plastic bottle is so cheap I cannot believe that it is a Lancôme item! And the smell is completely powdery while the one of the glass bottle is animalic, sweet and full oriental that is the original formula to me! I wrote to Lancôme and They told me that some ingredients are now strictly forbidden as nitromusk and real animal notes as civet or castoreum. But The changes were made trying to keep the original smell and feel of the fragrance. Well, I bought recently two big glass bottles and they smell OK but the plastic one... Lancôme DO NOT mention this one in their website!!! Be careful with this horrible 1 fl. oz. plastic bottle!!!!

  • JUDI W.11/23/2005

    I spoke to a Rep from Lancome, who called me after I sent a few emails stating, that this fragrance doesn't seem to be the same as it used to. I told her not only I noticed it, but many others as well. She tried her best to convince me that wasn't the case, but I stood my ground. I told her that most people who have used it, and loved it for many years, would notice the difference, and we do. She didn't no what to say after that, but told me she would pass my comments on to the "big wigs". Now they know! What they will do about it, I don't know, but at least they know how alot of people feel.

  • GRETCHEN11/20/2005

    I still feel that both bottle sizes DO smell different, I agree that the size of the bottle shouldn't matter, but ther's seems to be a difference. Maybe you are thinking of the "Magie" that is no longer made. To me the 1.7 oz size smells like it did when I first smelled it 15 years ago. The nose doesn't lie! I really hope that for all of you who miss the old Magie (not Magie Noire) get your scent back- there's nothing like good memories, huh?

  • JUDI W.11/16/2005

    The previous post mentioned that the 1 oz smelled different than the 1.7 oz. Maybe that's true, but the larger size STILL doesn't smell the same as the original that I wore years ago. I emailed Lancome and complained a few times and unless others do the same, things will probably never change. Definitely doesn't have that "edge" that it used to have. Alot of perfume companies have gotten greedy and changed their original formulas. I don't appreciate that. Do they think we won't notice, and buy it anyway? NO!!!!! Complain ladies.....

  • GRETCHEN11/12/2005

    Hi, I had the same experience a few weeks back. I ordered a 1 oz plastic bottle online it was made by Lancome, boxed and everything, but as soon as I did a test spray, I knew it wasn't right- I very was disappointed. The scent wasn't bad- it just wasn't my Noire! I went to a store and tried out their 1.7 oz glass bottle tester and explained what happened with the 1 oz bottle to the Lancomer lady-she didn't seem to get was I meant about it. Thankfully I was able to return the 1 oz bottle. I have no idea what Lancome is up to because both the 1 oz and 1.7 oz are "eau de toilette"- but I did comapre the ingredient listing on both boxes- they are different- very misleading on Lancome's part and it sounds like a lot of people think the scent has changed- then have to shell out a lot more for the bigger bottle of the genuine scent they so love! Shame on Lancome!

  • SANZIO11/08/2005

    I recently bought I small plastic and cheesy bottle of Magie noire. It was completely different from the Magie Noire my mother wore. Completely powdery, without its honeyed sweetness accents! Now I decided to buy a big glass bottle from an importer and the fragrance is identical to that I once knew. Sweet, spice and warm! Has Lancôme changed a formula for a awhile, did I buy a fake (the plasti bottle of 1 oz. fl.) or am I going crazy? Does Anyone know something about it?

  • DESDEKID11/06/2005

    My mum wears it and it's great for her (she's 40). It's very strong, and it lasts more that anything I've ever trid (and I tried more then 30 perfumes). Very animalic, sexual, goes great with a black simple dress and it just put's you in the hot spot. Only for seductive women, who can live up to it's smell.

  • CYNTHIA11/02/2005

    I have worn Magie Noire cream for years. I wear Poeme in the summer and bring out the Noire in the fall. I cannot find the cream anywhere and the lotion is getting harder to find. Any ideas on a similar scent. Maybe it is time to change, although I hate the thought

  • ISRAELONOFRE11/02/2005

    Shame on you Lancôme! How could you change that wonderful scent to this powdery smell! Magie Noire is passed away for me!!! And LAncôme too!

  • GRETCHEN10/29/2005

    I first experienced this scent when I was in high school- my aunt had given me some of the Noire dusting powder- I fell in love with how exotic and intense it smelled- while other girls were wearing Exclamation I was wearing Noire. I forgot about it after I lost the powder, then rediscovered it recently. When I smelled the tester at Macy's I was so excited- the Lancome lady probably thought I was strange to be so excited about perfume! Because it is potent, unusual, and has staying power, people feel very strongly about it one way or another. Like Cabochard, this is a scent for a sensual individual, if you want cutsey or fruity, look elsewhere! Save this one for those of us who know what we want!

  • JUDI W.10/22/2005

    I knew it didn't smell the same. I bought it about 13 years ago or more & it was really hot. Now it is powdery & smells half as good as it used to. Why do these companies sacrifice quality for the money. I would rather pay more & get the best of the scent!!! Idiots!!!

  • MARY B10/08/2005

    Discover this Jewel In Italy in 1983 and I get compliments today. Men and women can say she's here because I smell her in the building. My present is there long after me. I have tried Yohji but Black Magic is for ME forever! My man loves the inscense and I only have four left!!!

  • REBECCA S10/02/2005


  • MIMI08/20/2005

    this is a bold. scent. Im surprised it said its a day scent, I would think its for evening, and romantic. A little goes a long way, you will get noticed either way.

  • KAREN WEBB08/05/2005

    Awesome fragrance like nothing I ever experienced before, not a copy-cat scent at all!

  • MARSHA JONES08/04/2005

    Why can't I still acquire this fragrance of my choice for the past 27 years in the pure perfume touch form?!

  • TESS L. ISAAC04/04/2005

    I love it so much! I'm longing for it. I already consumed the 100 ml given by my friend. Can't find it in Metro Manila shops. Pls advise what shop is seeling it here in Metro Manila, Philippines. Thanks!

  • BEBE03/22/2005

    black magic. houses of the holy. seductive potion. a magicians fragrance. wizard scent. very nice.

  • JULIE 02/21/2005

    I first smelled this on some woman and thought how different and interesting the scent was. I wore it for a few years and moved on to something else. (This was about 12 years ago) I purchased a bottle recently and smells different than the original, no doubt about it!! Not good anymore. Alot of the companies are changing formulas and using cheaper ingredients and IT SHOWS, YUCK!!!!

  • MAX02/03/2005

    This it what this perfume smells like to me. I first smelled it in the 80's. sorry i cannot stand the stuff.:(

  • VICTORIA02/02/2005

    This is one of my two favorite perfumes (Mystere is my other favorite). This is such a subtle, fresh, sexy scent! Many perfumes turn sickly sweet on me after 30 or minutes or so. This perfume does not. It's a wonderful scent!

  • BELLE01/07/2005

    This is probably THE 2nd worst smelling perfume I've ever smelled. Of course I don't like anything with patchouli in it. It smells dirty. This smells old and musty to me. I don't like any of Lancome's fragrances. This one's the pits, Poeme is loud floral, Miracle is sickening sweet, Tresor is elderly lady powdery. Oh well, their cosmetics are good.

  • JUDI W. **12/28/2004

    This scent is very different. Either you like it or you hate it. I began to like it at first, but one day I went into the Post Office and the guy working there starting complaining that something or someone smelled like laundry detergent. (basically gagging) I told him it was me and he was insulting an expensive perfume I just got!! It's nice but I guess not for everyone!!

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    mysreiously magickal. wonders in the night. holy. sacrd perfume. lancome does it again. wonderfuul.

  • GEORGIA WOMAN10/31/2004

    Most sensual fragrance ever. I have worn Magie for over 18 years, and receive compliments often.

  • SEREIA08/30/2004

    This is my mum's favourite fragrance. It smells very sensual and mysterious. I don't believe that the product itself changed, I think it's more probable that body chemistry may change overtime, thus changing the way a fragrance smells on someone. You definitely have to have the right body chemistry for this perfume to work for you...

  • LAUREL07/31/2004

    This is definitely NOT the spicy, haunting Magie Noire I wore and loved when it first appeared. I'm very gratified to see that others have noticed. I I thought I'd made a mistake and reread my sample vial again in disbelief! So disappointed I will never have a bottle of that unforgettable scent again... I won't even rate this because it simply -isn't- Magie Noire!

  • LLL05/26/2004

    Magie Noire is a great perfume. The name means "Black Magic" in French, and that's exactly what this perfume is--an enchanting hypnotic spell of a fragrance. I'm really surprised to read that there are actually people out there who don't love this perfume! I love it; I always love it on others, and it smells great on me! So, so, so sexy. Lancome hit a winner with this one--where they failed, IMHO, was "Tresor".

  • MGARIS05/11/2004

    Picture every spice you have in your rack, gone bad. Then add dried flowers and spray everything with insenct repellant. How in God's name Lancome made a success of this frightful potion, is way beyond me. If you enjoy a spicy scent, try NU by Yves Saint Laurent. It's magical and bewitching.

  • CHRISTINE03/22/2004

    I borrowed a spray of this from my neice and couldnt beleive how wonderful it smelt

  • SHEL03/02/2004

    I wore Magie Noire for a very long time, then someone at Lancome decided to change the formula (I even contacted Lancome about this - of course they deny all accusations). Big idiot! Should be fired! Took a wonderful scent and turned it into a wimpy, powdery mess!!! Notice they don't sell the parfum or the EDP any longer. Sorry to see it go!

  • MELH02/16/2004

    I can’t really understand what people find attractive in this perfume. I had a little sample many years ago, but it was dried-out and it smelled quite nice. Then I smelled it on a girl at a party (not very nice person) and I wanted to know what perfume it was. So she thought that I was complimenting, but actually I was wondering how could she wear that terrible scent! It seemed so animalic, but not in a positive sense! It gave her a gross and dirty aura (or maybe was her natural one?) I should try it on my skin, but it’s not my kind of perfume, even if I don’t usually go for light EdT!

  • VERA02/11/2004

    I've worn Magie exclusively all these years and still get compliments. It's always fresh and mysterious. No fragrance can compare. It's Lancome's best kept secret. You should try it.

  • MARIE02/06/2004

    I love Magie Noire, and especially am in the mood to wear it in the fall. It's the only perfume I wear that my husband compliments. I guess I should wear it more often!

  • MARK02/03/2004

    For people who do NOT like flowery powerful scents. I find it incredibly sexy. We searched for years to find a perfume that was sexy, sultry and NOT cute or girly. This is it. I can't get enough of it.

  • BELLE01/30/2004

    This may smell good on some people, but on me and several others who have tried it, it smells like something an elderly lady wears. This is not a pretty one!

  • LINDA01/24/2004

    Ive worn and loved it for years, I cant get it in the original perfume, only in cologne, and believe me, its not the same. what a shame!!

  • CAROLE01/10/2004


  • *JESSICA*01/03/2004

    this is not something i'd choose for myself! it's complicated and mysterious but my mom makes it work! it smells like dirt and poison on me,but amazing on her...

  • TERRI12/11/2003

    Wonderful scent.

  • LENA11/15/2003

    Like Ro I bought it once without trying it first...And I agree wholehartedly with Maya. A horrible, horrible smell...One of my worst experiences with fragrances!!!

  • RO09/28/2003

    Sadly I once bought this perfume without trying it first. I might as well have burnt the money spent on it.

  • LORI07/11/2003

    This is so wonderful. I've worn for years and always get complements. I have friends that started wearing because that always like what I'm wearing.

  • MARK06/11/2003

    The perfume for the one's who really don't like the strong overpowering scent's out there.Soft,Sexy and Superior to all.

  • AURELIE05/23/2003

    I tried it. Wish I hadn't. This is not just bad, it's offensive. It screams "I'm an insecure, braindead twit who wants people to think I'm all that, gimme attention, gimme gimme gimme!!!" It says "I'm not exactly proficient in the personal hygiene department, but I can cover it up, some"... I'm sorry, maybe it works better on other people, and if that's the case, more power to you, and I didn't mean to offend you, but I cannot see the appeal of this hair raising stuff.

  • PIOTR04/30/2003

    my wife wears it for 9 years now, she never tells what it is, when she is complimented for this smell. and i love it!! i love when she wears it!!!

  • UGLY04/24/2003

    I fell in love with a woman once who wore this. I still think of her every time I catch this fragrance on someone. Definitely one of the sexiest scents a woman can wear, in this guy's opinion.

  • JANNINE03/26/2003

    I bought it for myself based on a description I read of it (I know, a stupid gamble), and I have only two words for how it smelled when i tried it on: OLD LADY. I consequently gave it to my grandmother. She doesn't wear it either. What a horrible unbearable stench. And it does smell cheap as hell.

  • LILY B12/23/2002

    magie noire means black magic in french not magic nights, that would be let niuts de magie. I grew up in Montreal therefore I would know. I use this scent with a light hand, this is an evening and romantic fragrance.

  • JASMINE10/31/2002

    Although there's no mention of it in any description I've come across, I'm sure I smell lavendar in this. I used to hate it a decade ago but now I find it kind of nice. It is a unique scent. Don't think they were trying to copy Opium cause it smells nothing like it. Cinnabar, Dioressence, and Ispahan smell like they were heavily influenced by Opium. Then again the late 70's and 80's was the first wave of orientals, esp spicey. orientals.

  • MAYA10/24/2002

    I once new a woman who wore this. She was a mean,cold hearted back stabber who loved to put people down just to make herself look superior.(she failed) She was also the most egotistical control freak that ever lived,who loved to humiliate her husband in public.And if that wasn't enough,she was the most pompous,tackily dressed creature around.So of course, associating this fragrance with her, I am not really able to have a neutral opinion.BUT-first of all, fragrance is never neutral.Second,I really do see Magie Noire as a sorry and failed attempt to copy other high quality spicy-ambery-orientals with a poor blend made of cheap, low quality ingredients.This stuff just screams "I'm not even close but I'm trying,so keep paying!" I mean Holy crap,this is one of the many definitions of bad taste.And yes,I have indeed tried it for myself.And it stunk the same way it does on everyone else I've detected it on.

  • DEANNA09/18/2002

    I used to wear this one years ago, and recently purchased it again online without smelling it once again. The scent seems to be different than it used to. I remember it being more oriental and deep, now it smells more powdery and not as deep. Could I have gotten a bad bottle?

  • CHRISTI08/31/2002

    One more idea... If you are undecided about Magie Noire, go to a department store, spray some on your shirt, go home and hang the shirt up. Smell the shirt the next day. It smells wonderful!!! You'll see!!! (smell). This way, you get a good, clear whiff. And, you get to smell what others smell when you wear it.

  • CHRISTI08/31/2002

    I have worn Magie Noire for years, and have never gotten sick of it, like I have so many other scents. I do think that it has to match the person, though. You either love it or hate it. I don't like the trendy scents that you smell on everyone. This is a nice scent that is not over-powering, not at all musky, just warm, cozy and a classic scent, I think.

  • BETHANY07/28/2002

    I won't even try to like this fragrance. It has a dark,heavy scent to it that I just don't like. Very strange and oppresive smell on me; I couldn't wash it off my wrist fast enough.

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    I hate this smell. It depresses me. Yucky!

  • CRISTINA07/15/2002

    I think that every person finds someday a fragrnce that simply represent him or her,the way of thinking,the way to be,everything...for me,magie Noire is the only perfume (and i tried so so many...because I usually am bored with the scents and always trying something new)that makes me feel good,in every way...I loved it from the first time and even though I bought and got a lot of other perfumes I always get back to Magie Noire.I read in a magazine that this is old fashioned already,but it does not bother me at all.people can even say im old fashioned or smell like an old person,I know deep inside that it is not true,I feel good and thats it.

  • APHRAEL07/13/2002

    Another bad,unsuccessfull copy of Opium. Doesn't even come close,but in the stinker department,it's an absolute winner!

  • SOPHIA07/13/2002

    I can definitely understand why Erik likes to wear it. The top notes of Magie Noire are quite similar to a good man's cologne, and it takes quite a while to get to the dry-down. The dry-down is very long lasting, very complex and hard to describe. It's a little spicy, a little warm, not at all flowery, sweet or powdery. I don't find it heavy, but there is something dark and mysterious about it. If you like burning incense sticks in your bedroom from time to time try Magie Noire. It's a grown-up, very elegant perfume, whether elegant-business suit or elegant-evening dress. It also has very good staying power, although it's not overwhelming. It's one of my favorites, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to wear it.

  • JM06/03/2002

    Wore this when it first came out, men and women commented on it constantly...

  • EVE05/23/2002

    Heard they were discontinuing this fragrance. What is the shelf life of perfume???

  • BLACK DAHLIA05/04/2002

    I absolutely adore this scent. A very hypnotic blend of musk & oriental which is very sexy & sensual. I always get compliments when I wear this frangrance hence this is my all time favorite & I haven't come across anything like it.

  • SHERRI05/02/2002

    I have worn this perfume for over 14 years now. It seems to me that the 30+ age women must be the only ones who know of the incredibly sexy, haunting, alluring power of Magie Noire. It really can't be explained. If you have to ask, you don't get it. This perfume is to be worn lightly, not heavily. You will get everyones attention, and it will be delightful and memorable. Some of my best evenings have been spent wearing this intoxicating scent! This one is a classic and everyone should have it on their dressing table for those special really works!

  • CC05/01/2002

    I really like this perfume. It has a powderiness to it that I really like. Certain parts of it remind me of Private Collection and Estee both by Estee Lauder. It takes a special person to pull this one off. Very complex and very well blended.

  • DP04/21/2002

    This perfume is wonderful! It's been around for a long time. It's not a strong perfume. Very pleasant to smell. I get compliments all the time!! Way to go Lancome!

  • LOLA04/10/2002

    smells cheap,artificial,syntethic.

  • ASCHATAN03/19/2002

    Magie Noire smells strange, like melting plastic, and that's a smell you can't get away from. I tried it and then I scrubbed and washed all day long, but I perceived it still the next day. Not the perfume in itself, only this sicklysweet plastic smell.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Used to work with a woman who didn't bathe often and wore way too much of this fragrance. Sorry.

  • ERIK01/30/2002

    This is *THE* single greatest scent ever created in my opinion. Nothing even comes close, NOTHING. If I had a dime for every time a woman told me I smelled good I'd be a rich man. The only fragrance that comes close is Jaipur for men by Boucheron, and it's not nearly as good as this one. For ten years I've been obsessed with the way this stuff smells. I smelled it on a lady one day and I thought, hey that wouldn't smell to bad on a guy. I don't care if it is made for women, I love it to much to ignore it. There's a certain smooth, creaminess to it that's impossible to explain but once you experience it you'll never forget. It's one of those fragrances. It's classified as a spicy, ambery oriental but I've never smelled another oriental like this. It's very atypical. Lancome had a stroke of luck when they created this one. I hope it stays around forever.

  • SHEILA 12/12/2001

    Interesting comments...I came online to order more. One man I dated always used to say "you smell so clean" when I wore this perfume. Strange comment! My stepson went beserk when I wore it.....seems that a girl he was crazy about always wore it. I love the scent, and pleasing myself is the most important thing about a fragrance!

  • ANN-RUTH, MANHATTAN12/03/2001

    Very sexy French scent. I suggest it for the 21 and over. Guys love it! It is the sort of scent you'd expect a beautiful French actress like Cathrine Deneuve to smell like. Although I am not big on the name. Magie Noire is magical! It is long-lasting so you don't need a lot (people seem to make that mistake). Rubbing a little on pressure points like wrists, your waist, sole of both feet is enough. Body lotion is great too!

  • D11/30/2001

    I bought it wore it once and returned it yukkkkk..too strong and stinkly

  • MELANI11/25/2001

    Everytime I wear Magie Noire, wether to the grocery store, Home Depot, or work I get compliments. I work in a sports arena and the men from 18 to 85 love this scent. They stop and either say things like, "What are you wearing" to "Oh, God, take me home with you" .... NO JOKING. I was stopped by a undercover policeman doing off duty work in a dept. store and he said that when I came through the front door, the swoosh of air carried my Magie Noire right to him. He was near the front of the store. He said he knew exactly what I was wearing and it reminded him of an old girlfriend of his in the late 70's and that's all she wore to sleep in. Just yesterday a lady in her mid 20's was following me in the Publix grocery store with her two small kids in tow and when we both got to the cashier at the same time, she laughed and said I've beening trailing beind you because you smell good. What is it you're wearing? So, people who complain this is an old ladies perfume...I've got news for them...everybody loves this stuff...and it's staying power is great. I don't drown myself in it either. I've been wearing this stuff for years and it's my signature perfume. You have to try it, too. The price is wonderful at this site....better than mall prices. Thanks, guys!

  • KATIE11/14/2001

    I love this perfume! My boyfriend thinks its so sexy on me, it puts him in a trance. Men love Magie Noire!

  • WG11/11/2001

    Magie Noire is an awful, old fragrance, and I don't understand how anyone can wear it. It's one of the worst fragrances I ever tried.

  • EWWWWW10/25/2001

    Smells like what my grandmother wears, gross...

  • DEB10/04/2001

    I liked it at first in the store , but when I got it home ..Yuk!! Its too heavy like old lady perfume

  • LORI SCHENK09/20/2001

    Men love this scent!

  • LISA09/06/2001

    I absolutely love Magie Noire! I put it on cotton balls and wrap material around them and throw them under the seats of my car! Heaven! I definitely believe it's name "Black Magic". I have always received compliments when I wear it- men love it and women always wonder what I have on. I will never stop wearing it! I'm addicted for sure!

  • KATHLEEN 09/06/2001

    I love this scent for two reasons- first of all, men always comment on it, and second, not too many people wear it. It is on the strong side, but very sexy-not floral, kind of a mix between oriental and musk.

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    It smells like it was created in the 50's. Very heavy and powdery. Awful!

  • SENDI08/18/2001


  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Magie Noire by Lancome is a very sexy, exotic Oriental fragrance. I used to wear it quite a bit in the early 90's, and I always received plenty of compliments on it. Men seemed especially intoxicated. It definitely has a mysterious quality to it. I guess it really is like "Black Magic"!

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    warm scent. i think it smells a bit like chocolate, but it's not sweet. a bit heavy

  • DEB06/29/2001

    I've been wearing Magie Noire for at least 20 years! It's my all time favorite! I always get compliments when I where this lovely perfume from men and women!

  • DEB06/29/2001

    I've been wearing Magie Noire for at least 20 years! It's my all time favorite! I always get compliments when I where this lovely perfume from men and women!

  • DONNA EYEBASTET06/23/2001

    Very Sexy! This scent works its magic on men!!!

  • JILLIAN05/13/2001

    This perfume smells so wonderful! It's a sexy Oriental fragrance. It's very intense - I love it!

  • LANA05/12/2001

    It's one of my most favourite fragrances.It's definitely oriental but I don't think it's too heavy probably because it's woody and not sweet.Anyway,it's great for wearing in the evening.I get a lot of compliments on this perfume.

  • JESSICA02/22/2001

    Boy you talk about a sexy smell, this is it.

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    It's spicy, and smooth like the scent of pure aromatherapy oils. It makes me think of a hot and sultry summer night. A very heavy scent.

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