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Guerlain's Chamade is the fragrance symbolizing the power of love's surrender. Composed of Hyacinth, blackcurrant bud, vanilla and galbanum.

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Guerlain's Chamade is the fragrance symbolizing the power of love's surrender. Composed of Hyacinth, blackcurrant bud, vanilla and galbanum.

  • BARBARA07/26/2011

    Wore this perfume when I was 21...Full ansd soft, very feminine and great for balmy nights...

  • JOSEFINEANNE03/10/2009

    I began to wear this when I was still young and beautiful, years later it still makes me feel that way!

  • EVONET02/02/2008

    Just tried this in the store for the first time. It somes just like baby powder... which is not bad, but I'm not sure that is how I wish to smell. Something about it feels mature and a bit old lady. Still not a bad scent, just not sure it would be for me. I think I prefer the newer Guerlains.

  • KAREN04/12/2003

    Chamade is a great fragrance but it may turn a bit odd during summer heat. I recommend it as a wintertime or cool evening fragrance, just as Margaret does. For a floral fragrance that stays true to scent in high heat, try Jardins de Bagatelle, also by Guerlain

  • GRACE03/01/2003

    How differently we each perceive perfumes! To me Chamade is a fairly heavy, aldehydic but smooth fantasy floral. Jasmine and sandalwood notes linger beatifully.

  • DEB12/08/2002

    A truly beautiful fragrance - The only one I have worn for 30 years.

  • ANNA12/02/2002

    Before you buy this one, leave it on for about an hour at the very least. I loved it at first, but the smell turned very odd on me later. Almost rotten. Parallels to "love's surrender", anyone?

  • JASMINE10/31/2002

    This fragrance makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud. It has a calming effect too. Starts off very green like cut stems. The drydown is heavenly: sweet, powdery, with a touch of cinnamon. Very sophisticated and classy. I think if you like this you'll also like Rouge and Parfum d'Hermes.

  • HOLLY10/24/2002

    My sister was given this fragrance as a teeneager. I thought it was the most wonderful perfume ever...still do. I frequently sneaked into her roo to use it. She never did, she was saving it for "something special"! How can you let something so beautiful just sit in the bottle! Use it! They'll make more! Just look at all the Shalimar that is sold!

  • ANNIE09/17/2002

    Someone gave me this as a gift a long time ago when I was a teenager (trying to persuade me to give up my stinky musk oil! Thank goodness I did! LOL!) :-) I remember Chamade as a pretty, soft fragrance of fresh flowers and greenery, with a subtle spicy undertone. A very elegant fragrance, as are all of Guerlain's. I've really come to love Guerlain as I've grown older. They always get it right, whatever your preference in scents. They have something for everyone.

  • TRACY07/24/2002

    I remember this from being a little girl as my mum used to get ready for special nights out - I adore this fragrance - the best ever...

  • MARGARET05/02/2002

    This fragrance appeals to me in the winter for some reason, and for evening wear. It's is heavier than most other scents that I wear, but I do love it.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    green floral oriental, very special I do think the Guerlain fragrances are too strong, especially for everyday use, but this is really a great perfume

  • LIZ02/26/2002

    This was one of my favorites for a very long time..nice and spicy..a beautiful fragrance!

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