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Launched by the design house of Guerlain in 1919, Mitsouko perfume is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of an exotic blend of fruits and spices. It is recommended for romantic wear.

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Launched by the design house of Guerlain in 1919, Mitsouko perfume is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of an exotic blend of fruits and spices. It is recommended for romantic wear.

  • GREY FRIAR08/21/2018

    I am a man. I, on occasions, wear Mitsouko because it works with my skin chemistry (especially in the winter months). The scent wraps around me like a thick warm cachmere jumper. It is intoxicatingly comforting and disturbingly sensual. If you are male and like heavier scents such as Tom Ford's Noir, Noir Extreme, Dior Homme Intense or Dior Homme Parfum (don't believe the bad rap this one gets. It will be a classic), then push that olfactory boat of yours out a little further and at least try Mitsouko. You may, just, fall for its seductive charms as I have.

  • MARLEY ALLIN12/04/2017

    Refined yet alluring, this is such a fabulous perfume. Whenever I wear it friends and colleagues always say how lovely it is. It makes me feel good, worth every penny.

  • DEBRA J JOHNSON07/14/2017

    ...This is a good size and concentrates the scent... I just love it!...

  • ALLEN RICHINGS01/19/2017

    lovely perfume

  • MRS J E CARROLL10/12/2016

    This is my all time favourite perfume.. and the product lovely.. could not wait to unpack it/smell it again!

  • KAREN FARAGO08/13/2015

    This is the same fragrance I've purchased over the years and still love it, especially during winter.

  • CLARE05/21/2014

    A fab fragrance

  • THERESA01/31/2014

    I love Mitsouko--been wearing it since high school.

  • SWEETTHING09/25/2011

    I first tried this when I was 16 years of age, an older, sophisticated lady (27 years) sprayed some on my top (she said don't ever spray your skin as it will change the smell.) I thought it was absolutely stunning and very sophisticated for a girl of my age. A few years later, when I could afford to treat myself to more expensive perfumes I came across this again in a departmental store, so I purchased a small bottle and sprayed,I was instantly transported back in time to when I was 16 years old. Even now, at nearly 70 years young, I am still purchasing this perfume. I always spray my clothes and not my skin (as the young lady once told me to) and the smell never changes at all.

  • SHEILA09/13/2011

    I was first given this cologne as a gift when I was sixteen years of age. That is now 53 years ago and I always have a couple of bottles in my cupboard.

  • VALERIE08/27/2011

    Heys Girls - Read all your comments, I love Mitsouko, was abit confused over Admiral Togo, I thought the "idea" as naming him just to sell a perfume abit below the belt.........what you all need is a dose of Chanels New perfume, "Chanel 19 Poudre", here in the UK and rest of Europe, it's the best one out yet! It's got white musk in it and smells fantastic, even my hubby likes it!!!

  • CRITIQUE ANONYME07/27/2011

    I am Japanese and I would like to comment on the controversial inspiration behind the perfume, coming from the fictitous 'love affair' between a British officer and the alleged wife of Admiral Togo. I would like to mention that many Japanese people of my parents and grand-parents generation take great pride in the victory of Japanese-Russo War and hold the highest respect for Admiral Togo, who was the most talented and cultured figure in the Japanese navy, who left behind intangible legacies in our memories. I am not sure whether the novel la bataille was written for a political purpose of humiliating the top political figure of Japan, but if you imagine a novel coming out saying that the wife of Churchill or Roosevelt or a war hero were having affair with Japanese men, you will immediately get the point. Worse of all Admiral Togo is a real figure, and according to the strict moral standard and the strong antipathy against Westerners in those days this 'love story' cannot be considered as beautiful but unimaginabe sort of deep insult. If this controversy never came out as an issue before, that is due to power and inequality structure that allows orientalism and racism to be unquestioned. If it is a fiction story at least they should have had a couresy to use a fictitious name. Set that aside, the perfume itself is a masterpiece without doubt. I personally love Mitsouko as a work of art, but I believe the story behind its creation should NEVER be cited uncritically.

  • JUDY10/06/2010

    Maybe your husband hates Mitsouko because it's just such a sexy fragrance, and he KNOWs if you walk into a room with that on, every man is going to look up and say "Whoa! Gotta meet her!". You think? 'Cause I can't believe a man wouldn't like it. I mean, secretly.

  • JUDY10/06/2010

    I love Mitsouko, but it is EXPENSIVE, and the world seems to prefer Guerlaine's other fragrance, Shalimar, which is sickly sweet. Shalimar goes on sale, but never Mitsouko. However, not long ago I found a bottle at Marshall's for $19.95, and you can bet I snapped it up. First and only time I've seen it there. Mitsouko is a beautiful, rich, dark, very feminine fragrance, but also VERY strong...a little goes a long way. I wear it when I'm really dressing up. It even SMELLS expensive. I also love Clinique's Aromatic Elixir, which is almost as lovely, not quite as strong, and cheaper, and so this fragrance I wear every day. If you know someone in the service, Aromatic Elixir is much cheaper at PX stores, like a lot of perfumes. PX's don't carry Mitsouko, though.

  • RAJUL07/21/2010

    i have used this fragrance many years ago n have noticed its classic notes....yet, as many of the others have pointed out, this frag is moody alright!! reveals its true character only on occasions n not consistently.......! there have been times where it has smelt amazing, n that is where i have identified the true essence of the frag, but at many other times that i have sprayed it, i smelt NOTHING........n i was not suffering from a cold ! strange! i accept that this is a superior perfume, but, i would not count on it .......not a favourite of mine.

  • KAZ01/15/2010

    i ordered, i waited, anticipated, id heard so much about this wonderful perfume, no stores near me had a tester, so i took the plunge... it arrived, fingers trembling i ripped open my parcel, sprayed and waited for the aroma to hit my sences... it did, i was wafted away in my minds eye to an old peoples home, old ladies in linen and lace, knitted cardigans and stale piss and lavender! bloody revolting stuff, and if at all possible, it smells even worse on my daughter... But, my cat likes it!

  • WILLOW01/10/2010

    I have worn mitsouko for 38 years. It is an intoxicating scent I can never let go of.

  • BRITA12/31/2009

    One of my absolute favorites. It is very "French", sophisticated and it stays with you. Irresistable.

  • AIMEE07/21/2009

    I agree with Orchidflower. I am initially enticed by this scent but it is not uplifting at all. I respect its beauty however.

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    Its beautifully crafted, but hard for alot of women to wear I think. This is also not a happy scent. There is something really morose about it.

  • HOLLYC12/03/2008

    Just tried Mitsouko today, in EDT strength in spite of horror stories re: reformulation. My God it is beautiful. This is complex, sophisticated and smells old in the very best way. It's like seeing the Crown jewels for the first time. Old yes, beautiful, absolutely, change . . . never! Must possess in EdP.

  • JUD10/18/2008

    Just an FYI - Guerlain was forced to change the original due to directives instituted by the EU to take out components that "might cause allergic reactions in some people". More government at work.

  • LIZ W10/06/2008

    I do like heavier perfumes, but I think in this case, the EDP is too heavy for most personality types and the EDT has a lighter, flirtier feel.

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/27/2008

    Yes, I hate to say this, but this wonderful scent has been reformulated. And the new stuff doesn't even begin to resemble the classic! This broke my heart. I wore Mitsouko for years and years. It was my signature frag. Then, a couple of years ago, on a trip to France, I stopped by the Duty Free shop and sampled a Mitsouko for old time sake. Nothing to do with the old classic! When I came back, I went to the Guerlain website and sure enough, they said the original had been reformulated "for health reasons." I guess any excuse is a good excuse. I still have an inch or two of the old one, and I treasure it like gold. Guerlain ought to be sued!

  • JOANNAH06/02/2008

    My body chemistry is. I'd recommend anyone to test this one because there's nothing wrong with the fragrance itself. I really wish some of these old classics worked with my body chemistry. I think I misspelt this fragrance name on another Guerlain review of mine.

  • EBOVARY03/06/2008

    I only love Mitsouko in pure perfume. I have had it in the edp(okay, but I wasn't in love with it) and the edt (hairspray smell to my nose). To me it is a haunting, melancholy fragrance. I picture Dame Daphne DeMauier's Rebecca wearing it...haunting the corridors of Manderley. A classic chypre this is. I also heard that the body cream is an experience in itself. Been told it was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy's.

  • KARA02/26/2008

    Years ago I read an article in Vogue about "dark perfume" that mentioned Mitsouko- and indeed it is a dark perfume. To my nose, it's very spicy and smoky, like incense, which is why I like it so much. The first sniff can be off-putting, but the dry-down is great. You do have to be careful, though- use sparingly, and it does last a long time.


    To Mitsouko, I didn't know that the name doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean mystery at all! So everyone is wrong then! I love this perfume

  • ALLYSA08/21/2007

    this fragrance smells like dusty incense. It's quite old fashion fragrance but the scent is quite rare and precious.

  • MITSOUKO07/26/2007

    you r mistaken to say that mitsouko means mystery in japanese. i see in other websites with the same error, but in fact mitsouko (or mitsuko, in english romanisation) is just a standard japanese woman's name without much meaning.

  • JANE LEE03/22/2007

    This is my all-time favourite perfume. An intruiging mix of oriental and floral, it is so elegant and feminine, a unique and distinctive fragrance without being heavy. Wearing this always makes me feel special and chic.

  • TINA03/21/2007

    I think that Mitsuoko reminds me of the smell of pink marshmallows. It is very different from almost anything else, and seems to have undergone a formula change over the years. It has a fascinating fragrance that is very difficult to define, like no other. Personally, I liked the original formula. But I still think it is a classy, very unique fragrance.

  • PIA03/06/2007

    Mara, I saw your message on L'Heure Bleue and I must say that Mitosuko is almost similar to it. I have tried both and don't like the smell of either one. LB is a very powdery anise scent. If you must try it, get a sample first before commiting to a whole bottle. I saw your fragrance list,many are my faves too,esp.Jolie Madame.

  • MARA02/03/2007

    I tried so hard to like this, because I had read in some perfume journal that it was the most balanced fragrance ever created and a great perfume masterpiece. Well, I guess my nose is uneducated, because I really did not like this fragrance. It had one fruity note that stood out above all others to me. Once more, different strokes for different folks.

  • GREEKGIRL10/17/2006

    Hi again, i have a mini of Arpege and i luv it, reminds me of Channel No.5, have you tried it yet? going by your taste i think you might like L`Du Temps by Nina Ricci and Red Door, try them and let me know how you go, bye for now, Helen.

  • ANNIE10/10/2006

    I still love this scent and think it's amazing. But I rarely wear it. It's just not an "everyday" type of fragrance for me, and my lifestyle is very "everyday" and casual. I'm still glad I bought a bottle (edt).

  • BERITANETTE10/02/2006

    I had this 20 years ago, and purchased again some month ago. Was a little bit disapointed. Something is missing. This is the Edt, maybe I should have the Edp

  • HELEN09/26/2006

    Hi, I don't know Vanderbilt. I am up to trying Arpege by Lanvin, as I am looking for something lighter than Mitsouko for easy-going days. Have you tried it? Greetings from Helen

  • GREEKGIRL09/19/2006

    Hi again, sorry i just saw your post now, i see you like Oscar which i like as well, in fact im thinking of getting a full set cos i like it so much, very classy scent, similar to Vanderbilt, have you tried that one? very similar but Vanderbilt is a little sweeter, and very well priced too, what are some of you other favs, bye for now and hope to hear from you soon, greetings from the land down under (Australia!) see ya, Helen.

  • GAYLA09/08/2006


  • HI GREEKGIRL09/04/2006

    I guess I am also a perfume nut, but I do not wear myself a lot of fragrances. I use edt versions, as I like just a hint of scent around me. Mitsouko is my signature, I wear it during the day (especially for work!). I have recently bought a bottle of Oscar for evening, because of its beauty. My other test-fragrances (I have tried so many!) have made my mom and some friends happy.

  • GREEKGIRL08/22/2006

    Hi Helen, yes i am also Helen, I am so happy to have found Mitsouko, it really is a beautiful fragrance, thanks to you and Courtney for making me try it! what are some of your favourites? i have lots of fragrances and many favourites, im a perfume nut like my kids call me! but my real favourites are the chypres like Paloma Picasso, cabochard, halston, la perla, and many more, hope to hear from you soon, bye for now, Helen.

  • HELEN08/18/2006

    Hi Greekgirl, I am sorry to ask: are you also Helen? Since one of my messages you seem to sign by this name. About Mitsouko: I am still using it, and miss it when I am not.

  • GREEKGIRL07/25/2006

    Hi Courtney, thankyou so much for making me wanna try this, i have it now and i love it, like you said it is so mysterious and different, i wanna wear it everyday now, for me thats something cos i have so many fragrances, its now in my top chypres (la perla, paloma, cabochard) but this one is first in line, i have the edt cos i couldnt get the edp what do you have? if its edp, does it smell different? cos the edt is HEAVEN! bye for now and thanks, Helen.

  • COURTNEY07/17/2006

    Having found Mitsouko all alone on a sale shelf, I took it home! It really has grown on me. I think you will really like it. I wear it when I am feeling mysterious.

  • CHERYL05/16/2006

    I wore this on a dry, sunny California day and the floral notes really came out. It was absolutely intoxicating. Mitsouko is a masterpiece. I'm glad I can wear it.

  • GREEKGIRL05/15/2006

    Hi Helen (nice name!) thankyou for your post, from the posts here I think im gonna like this, funny you said it suits someone mysterious, my husband always tells me im very mysterious and he cant work me out (typical men) im still trying to track it down and try it, so ill let you know how i go (if i manage to find it) bye and thanks again. Helen.

  • HELEN05/12/2006

    Hello, I think if you go through the comments here you will know how many different ways this fragrance smells to different people. A good idea is to listen to the perfume creators themselves, who normally give a clear indication of what kind of women they want to please with a perfume. So, in this sence, this frangrance was created for women with strong, independent and introspective (mysterious) character. Just read the story of Mitsouko, and see the date: 1919 - the start of feminist movements. If it fits, all right. If not, there are so many beautiful fragrances out there for each and every type of personality. I do believe that if a perfume's personality differs too much from yours, then it will not match with your chemistry, or it will be simply uncomfortable to wear.

  • GREEKGIRL05/11/2006

    Hi Courtney, and thanks for getting back to me, by your description (moss and peach) sounds like i will like it as im into those type of fragrances, im 44 so im in the right age group ill have to try it and get back to you, bye and thanks. Helen

  • COURTNEY05/04/2006

    It is definitely not modern. The scent is hard to describe, but when you sniff it in the bottle, it smells a bit like stale perfume. When you spray it on your skin, it is very light, and I definitely smell the moss and the peach. I am 26, and I think it smells a bit too old for me, but it might be something I'd consider in about 10 or 20 years. I appreciate it, but don't love it. Does that help?

  • ANNIE04/22/2006

    I had wanted to check out Mitsouko for ages. I bought a small 1 oz. bottle of edt, and I am now hooked. I cannot recall ever having been so profoundly affected by a fragrance, and I am a fragrance hound. This is so lovely and haunting, evokes all kinds of 18th century Romantic/Gothic visual images for me as it morphs on the skin. It was created in 1919 so I don't know why that should be. It is like a magic potion that transports me to another time and place. It's very comforting in that sense, too. Nostalgic. Definitely in a league of its own. I can't compare it to anything else I know because it would be like comparing maison du chocolate truffles to a hershey bar. I like a hersey bar. :-) But this is a more sublime experience. I have not tried edp or parfum versions yet, but read below that edt is more floral. I did notice a floralcy on me, but it is also dry woods and leaves. I also got the sensation of a dried lavender sachet in an old drawer -- it does have a faint mustiness to it -- but it is freshened by the peach and a very faint whiff of vanilla. The peach is not like sweet peach juice, it is a drier peach. The last note to longer on my skin is the peach before it fades to a pure faint skin scent. It is truly intoxicating and fascinating because it changes so many times as it goes through its evolution on the skin. I don't want to be without this anymore. Has a place now in my top five. My next classic guerlain to try is l'heure bleue.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE04/12/2006

    Hello Rosaria! Yes, I believe the refill bottle is absolutely usable as it is. I have done this with Nahema, when I couldn't find the refillable bottle itself, I ordered the refill, and used it as is. It appears that the Mitsouko refill is made the same way as Nahema's; it's a plain bottle with a sprayer, that simply inserts into the decorative outer metal jacket. There is no reason why it can't be used as is. Sometimes, I have ordered a refill of a fragrance, and it arrives in a bottle that has no sprayer. For that reason, I do have some small roll-on bottles that I simply poured the fragrance into. I don't like not having the original bottle, but sometimes we fragrance junkies have to compromise! But I don't believe that will be the case with Mitsouko. I can even see the sprayer in a photograph of the Mitsouko refill in one of my fragrance websites. Good luck with this one!

  • JAN04/11/2006

    Last night, I took a shower and put this perfume on lightly. As time went by, the smell got worse. I actually had to get out of bed and wash it all off before I could settle down. It was just horrible. I am glad it was a free sample, gift with purchase and I didn't actually spend any money on this one. Shalimar is nice, Champs Elysees is wonderful. But not this one.

  • ROSARIA04/05/2006

    I have a question and a hope someone will answer that. If I buy a refill bottle of Mitsouko, can I use it as a permume bottle? Does it spray ? Or is it necessary the original perfume bottle to make it work? Can anyone answer? Thanks!

  • CHARLOTTE04/01/2006

    This is the first bad rating I have given a scent on this board. I just tried this for the first time the other day out of curiousity as it is somewhat legendary, and I am a long time L'heure Bleu user. I've got to say that on me this was one of the most disgusting scents ever. It nearly made me sick to my stomach until I could get home and wash some of it off! Ughhh! This is the only Guerlain scent that has ever affected me this way.

  • GREEKGIRL03/26/2006

    Hi there, i was wondering if someone could tell me what this smells like and any similar fragrances, i really like chypres so i i might like this one , could anyone help?

  • HELEN03/20/2006

    you have to be patient to understand Mitsouko - or get close. For me it is no mystery any more, just myself. On me it is mild, a little sweet as well, and lasts all day long. I am happy to be home at last!

  • ROSÁRIA03/19/2006

    I bought Samsara and I loved it. The smell is fabulous and it lasts a lot. I wonder if the other fragances from the house of Guerlain are so intense and mysterious as Samsara is. Is Mytsouko so good as Samsara is? Does it last? Besides Mytsouko what other fragances from Guerlain is worthwhile buying? Any suggestions?

  • SEAN03/14/2006

    Suffocating, and as bad as L'Heure Bleue if not. worse.One star for the beautiful bottle.

  • ANN03/09/2006

    Mitsouko makes me feel very mysterious and classy. Not one of those sweet common perfumes that all ladies wear. This one attracts in a unique and subtle way. Not screaming "Look at me". Instead it allures in a quiet, sneaky way! Yes! I like to allure without being obvious about it. Sneaky!!!

  • JILL02/05/2006

    Mitsouko is really a mystery perfume for me. It is not like any other perfume I know. Mitsouko is also totally difficult to describe. Some perfumes I can pin down and seem to know. But not Mitsouko. It is not possible to understand it. Very unique and mysterious. No words can define it. Maybe that is what captivates me about it. If you want to enter a totally undefined and ever new relationship that keeps you guessing, then try Mitsouko.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Mitsouko is a homage to the heroin of the novel of Claude Farrère "the battle". History of an impossible love: Mitsouko, beautiful Japanese woman married with the Admiral Togo, is liked in secrecy by a British officer. In 1905, the war Russo-Japanese woman bursts, Mitsouko awaits the exit of the battle with dignity, dominating its feelings with nobility. The bottle is the same one as that of the Blue Hour. It is said that the two bottles open and close again the bracket between the beginning and the end of the war. Note head: bergamot Note heart: jasmine, Basic note: spices, foam of oak,

  • JANE12/29/2005

    Ihave worn Mitsouko since I was 21(Im 47 now) and met my husband ,he says its sex in a bottle , I also met a woman in her 80`s who has worn it since a girl and her husband thinks the same.

  • MICHAELA11/02/2005

    I got the edp today, since I thought that the edt doesn't last that long. Though the edt is nice - I noticed the floral notes at the dry down too and they are not so much present in the edp, which is more spicy - like you mentioned it. The reason why I chose the edp is firstly, that I like to have some fragrance on my clothes / hair and secondly, to get an idea of the perfume. But I think, once the edp will be empty, I will purchase the edt and the perfume and layer it, if needed. This way, I hope I can have it all: the floral aspects as well as the deep warm base notes. Thank you so much!

  • LOUISE11/01/2005

    Heya. Yes, I have the Mitsouko pure parfum as well as the EDT. I like both, tell you the truth. The parfum is smooth and just fabulous. Truthfully, the EDT dries down on my skin with a nice, florally sillage that isn't quite as noticeable in the parfum. However, the parfum lasts longer and has a nice spicy, chypraic oomph. I don't think you can go wrong with either the EDT, EDP or parfum. I spritzed some EDP in a dept store once. Very, very nice. Let us know what you chose. All the best to you, sweetie.

  • MICHAELA10/28/2005

    I discovered Mitsouko only two days ago and I fell in love with it at first spritz. But now I don't know which concentration I should buy. None of my town's perfume shops would have the full range of it , so I can't test how the edp smells. Also, I think, the perfume bottle looks beautiful (I don't like the latest Guerlain edt & edp golden bottles that much). Does anybody have the perfume? How is it? Thanks!

  • SANDOKAN09/15/2005

    Lagerfeld says it is his favourite perfume, but unfortunately on him it smells like vinegar. He would spray it on curtains, so he can enjoy it.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/27/2005

    Thank you so much for the help. Now i know Mitsouko is indeed this light and it's time to give my own review: This perfume is amazing! In my humble opinion this is the most intriguing and mysterious perfume i've ever tried. Definitely a chypre classic which goes beyond a commercial success to the higher 'aesthetic perfection'. I love how it smells on my skin..soft, mossy and sentimental (which i LOVE because it matches my personality). :-) If only EDT could be as strong as its price...

  • JILLIAN08/22/2005

    I bought this after reading such amazing reviews. Normally I am a oriental-vanilla-powdery type scent person. So, this is my first chypre. I must admit that I rarely wear it, because I am not yet used to this type of scent on me. I did get a comliment when I wore it last. Maybe I will use it more when it is cooler weather.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Meow, buy the EDP, at least. EDT never last on me. Never. Mitsouko was my signature scent for years and years (the EDP) and I always got great compliments. Hope this helps.

  • LAVINIA08/17/2005

    Just re-read your post, and you did say you had applied two spritzes already. Instead of your wrist, try spraying in the crook of your elbow. I'd not go more than two spritzes, though. Your two sprays are the ideal limit.

  • LAVINIA08/17/2005

    Heya, kitten. Mitsouko in EDT is great but does tend to fade faster than the pure parfum. However, I'll say this about the EDT version---the drydown is fabulous, in my opinion. I can smell the florals balanced against the spices and oakmoss. Reminds me a lot of the opening of Caron's Nuit de Noel in EDT version. Don't give up on Mitsouko just yet. Try it again, but give it two spritzes. Another alternative is to spray some into a decant bottle and roll it on instead of spraying. That way you can control exactly the amount you need/want. It's also possible that you're smelling the Mitsouko too often and are getting some olfactory fatigue, which happens very quickly. Try having a friend or a spouse help you track the fragrance some time. Another nose might be able to detect the fragrance when your nose is becoming too used to it. Hope this helps. I haven't tried the EDP strength of Mitsouko. That may be a stronger choice, though I'll say again that I really like the florally drydown in the EDT on my skin.

  • MEOW-MEOW08/08/2005

    I just got my first bottle of Mitsouko EDT, and i tried it on after i took my shower. The thing is, after the first spritz (which smells divinely-orangy), about 20 minutes later, i nearly couldn't smell a thing! Just a mossy-woodsy scent lingering discreetly. I sprayed at least 2 times on my wrists. I thought Mitsouko should be fairly strong... Is it the problem of my purchase or what? Really need an answer to this...:-(


    Yes, if you love chypres mistuko is worth it-- sophisticated, regal, yet earthy, sexy, timeless, classic, sensual and refined, this is mitsuko. It's not everywhere but well, well, worth the hunt.

  • JULLIE07/15/2005

    I thought this fragrance was nice when I smelled it on my sister-in-law. At the store, I tested some on the back of my hand and ewwwww, it dried down to smell like urine. Not for me.

  • ROBIN 06/23/2005

    Amber, you'd asked ages ago about a Guerlain fragrance that might be lighter than the rest. I've got a great one that's in a limited edition only, but if you can find it, I think you'll adore it. It's much different than most Guerlains, which are very, very classic, traditional French essences but -- to my nose anyway -- seem almost stale, dated, old-fashioned (others, of course, are welcome to disagree). The scent is called Lovely Cherry Blossom, and it's just that: lovely, with a hint of cherry blossom underscored by other light flowers and blond woods. So pretty, so modern, so fresh and just ever-so-slightly fruity. If you're up in Vancouver, Sears downtown's got it. . . but not for long!!!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/11/2005

    I like Mitsouko, but on me the predominant notes are mossy, which aren't my favorite. Still, it is an interesting interplay of essences. It is Spring now, and I think this scent may be better for me in the fall/winter. I love the fact that this fragrance originated so long ago. Anything that has been around for that long, has got to be good. Right?

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF05/01/2005

    Hi scentsual ladies: Have never tried Mitsouko but am curious about it. I love Ysatis, another chypre. Do you think I would like Mitsouko? (If nothing else, I love the name!)

  • HEATHER04/05/2005

    my darling husband now departed bought this for me - now im hooked - as well as my two sisters - makes my two cent day feel like a million

  • BEBE03/03/2005

    EXQUISITE! a true delight. a warrior coat of scent. outstanding. everlasting. ageless. very nice.

  • GLORIA02/23/2005

    I never really GOT Mitsouko. Wasn't blown away...continued to try it every now and then. the BODY CREAM! THAT was it! That SOLD me on Mitsouko! I'm NOW a convert.

  • SHARRIE12/19/2004

    mysterious. magickal. the archangel. hope. brillance. divine. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    ahead of its time, ageless, aromatic heaven, great, inspirational, new beginnings , bold and tasteful

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    true royality of family of scents,awesome, for the strong heart and body, down to thebone


    Mitsouko This classic fragrance, created in 1919 with an earthy heart of oakmoss and peach, sets a standard for chypre perfumes that others have since tried to duplicate. Mitsouko, which means 'Mystery' in Japanese, remains utterly unique, cloaked in a sensuous air. Mitsouko took its inspiration from the heroine of a popular novel of the time by Claude Farrere, La Bataille, meaning 'The Battle.' A wonderful scent!

  • JEANC11/24/2004

    I first smelled this on a friend in the 70's. Thought it beautiful but I never got it. After reading so many great reviews I've decided this one is definitely for me. Love all the notes in it. Thanks everyone!!

  • ELISHA05/28/2004

    Try Femme by Rochas. It is a fruity chypre with peaches and plums, cumin and oakmoss, and its very sexy

  • K2K05/26/2004

    Mitsouko is in the Chypre family of fragrances, so you might try one in in the same family; some of my favorite chypre scents are Diva by Ungaro (evening/fall/winter) and Cristalle (day/spring/summer) by Chanel.

  • LUCY05/21/2004

    Mitsouko perfume is so gorgeous and makes me feel beautiful!

  • MARY L.05/11/2004


  • SUE C04/25/2004

    It's difficult to find a fragrance that is suited to all seasons. Many of the Guerlain classics such as L'heure bleu are very complex however the acqua allegoria range are much simpler in composition and were designed for casual use and to suit different moods. My suggestion is to get a set of miniatures of the Guerlain classics and the acqua allegoria range if you can still get them. Herba Fresca is very out-doorsy and fresh but try it first in case you don't like it. Samsara shine was designed as a lighter version for year-round use. I have Un Air de Samsara which is nice and minty but is discontinued.

  • LISA04/24/2004

    i fell in love with tocade (rochas) and i wear it all year round. in hot weather, when one tends to sweat a little, it turns absolutely lovely and i can't stop smelling my arms. it needs about 2 hours and works best with me on warm skin. try it out: put it on, run around the block or do some gardening and find out just how nice it smells. good luck.

  • EMILIE03/24/2004

    I really want to get this perfume, I am all about having your own signature scent. Coco was my old favorite, but I have two friends who now wear it,thiefs, and I thought the smell was too mature for me at times. Donna Karen put out Black Cashmere which I liked, smelled of incense, but was too smoky, anyway..I think I would really like Mitsouko, but cannot seem ot find it anywhere. I would like a sample before I buy..any ideas? Thanks, and if I like it I will not be telling any of my thieving friends what it is.

  • NEL03/06/2004


  • SUZANNE12/31/2003

    Amber - Try "Imperial" by Guerlain - this is a "unisex" fragrance that is very light and lemony. Wonderful in hot weather.

  • LISA12/29/2003

    Got this for Christmas at my request. It really smells good, but in a different way...there are so many layers to it. If you don't like mossy/woody then it's not for you. A beautiful scent for the right person. Makes me feel mysterious.

  • SALI12/15/2003

    ...daughter who's 2 years old doesn't care for it as much as she likes other (fruitier) Guerlain perfumes. My feeling is that this is one for a more sophisticated taste, not someone who prefers the smell of candy over the smell of woods, moist earth and the greenness of vetiver. I didn't like it until recently when the season turned cold and I grew up a little, too. Now, I positively think it's bombshell but in a brainy sort of way, and see why Jean Harlow made it her (diabolical) signature.

  • LAUREN12/13/2003

    I realize this is a "classic" but its way too heavy, dated, and reeked of the way I'd imagine a Parisian brothel smells.....

  • MURKI11/25/2003

    I really like Mitsouko. It has a warm scent, but sort of has a hint of peaches too. It's interesting. Sorry of green too. Like nothing I've ever smelled. Try a sample first.

  • ANN11/20/2003

    Very different scent, very spicy and quite heavy.

  • AMBER11/15/2003

    Can anyone give me some advice? I'm looking for that one signature scent that I can wear all year round, that doesn't smell too synthetic, sweet or overpowering, but is special and light. I love Guerlain, especially Shalimar, but this is too heavy for hot weather. Can anyone recommend me a (Guerlain) scent that's wearable during all seasons and that has that little "extra"? Thanks!

  • MURKI08/18/2003

    I bought a mini and now have the EDP! It is very sensual but not cloying at all. A warm scent.

  • PHILIPPE07/08/2003

    I've worn Mitsouko for over 15 years...I was buying it as a gift for a female friend, and ended up keeping it for myself (she got Eau de Rochas instead)!

  • INGRID05/16/2003

    Unbelievable! I finally found what I have been searching for in a perfume for so many years! Woody, mossy, subtle, sensuous, as if you were scented of sweet earth.

  • JEN04/03/2003

    My fave by Guerlain, next to Jicky. Like Jicky, men seems to either adore it or loathe it. I've had guys chase me down the street so they could get the name in order to buy it for their gal. I know a frenchman who goes into religious ecstasies over a slight whiff. And then there's my friend Jon, who says it smells like his granny. Some granny!

  • GRACE03/01/2003

    Sadly, he's not alone - it's not a big hit with some men. But we woman who appreciate and adore the unique, mysterious quality of Mitsouko just can't live without it. I can't anyway. There's nothing else remotely like it!

  • MARYMAGS02/11/2003

    wet and steamy like an overgrown japanese garden in a summer mist, very naughty. Also reminds me of moist warm skin. My husband says it smells like a womans bedroom, very personal.

  • BEBE01/12/2003

    This is the most beautiful perfume I have ever worn. Not everyone can pull it off but if you are brave enough to wear it, everyone who gets close enough to smell it on you will ask you what it is. It is that strange and bewitching. For me, it is the best perfume on the market, it is sensual, powdery and warm. It feels like part of me, part of my skin... Very nostalgic and glamorous too, reminds me of old Hollywood stars like Jean Harlow or Rita Hayworth. It is a perfume a femme fatale would gladly wear. So, if you are one...

  • ZOE01/06/2003

    ..if my husband tells me a scent smells awful on me, it ususually is a sign that others will smell the same. But that obviously is not the case with you... very interesting! Excellent!

  • MALLE01/03/2003

    This fragrance has 2 be one of the bests ever!! i have used it for more than 10 years and i still love it and so does it seems that men does in europe it is!!

  • LOLA12/31/2002

    Ooops,I forgot to answer your major question,earlier:It's not that Mitsouko does not sit well on my skin,it is actually very nice and I really love it. It's that my husband can't stand it. He says it smells like fish! I do wear it,though,mainly when he is away on buziness trips, or,evil witch that I am,when I'm really pissed at him...I think it is a gorgeous scent,a masterpiece that can't be equaled,and my phillistine husband compares it to fish...MEN!!!

  • LOLA12/31/2002

    Hi! Mariella Burani is a fruity floral that is very soft and gentle,it works well on me.The only problem I have with fruity florals is that so many of them suck and just don't smell nice, on me or anyone else! But a top quality fruity floral blend can be great.Amarige starts out totally boring and unremarkable,on me,then turns chemical and really ugly. Aqua di Gio smells like pickled fruit, on me,and Elysium smells like dying flowers,or something decaying. Burberry has a ton of fruit in it,but my sisters and I can wear it all the time without a problem, so go figure...I hope this helps!

  • BB12/27/2002

    i love it. mysterious, sexy, confident. its beautiful.

  • ZOE12/27/2002

    I have found that florals do not sit well on my skin. Woody, spicy scents however sit very well. What other perfumes besides Mitsouko have you discovered that do not sit well on your skin? ---I get complimented when I wear Mitsouko but the one time I tried Champs Elysees(or any fruity-floral for that matter) people actually move away from me.

  • 2010WOMAN09/28/2002

    Maya I loved your post. You are so right about Mitsouko. You simply must NOT put too much on. And I have discovered that it smells best when you are not wearing any other fragrances, lotions, or powders. For some reason it has to stand on its own. Also, I always feel so independent when I wear it, like I don't need a man. And I think that's what makes this one so attractive to men. You know how once you've decided you don't need or want one 50 show up.

  • ANA09/23/2002

    When I think about most horrible perfumes, Mitsouko is always on my mind.

  • LOLA'S HUSBAND09/15/2002

    My wife smells good. No, my wife smells really, really good! .... Except when she puts this cod liver oil all over her self. My wife smells bad. My wife smells really, really bad. I hate this stuff.

  • MAYA09/15/2002

    I love Mitsouko,But watch out: It is a sneaky one.No hint of sweetness there,I even have a hard time detecting it...Think of it as an undercover agent:you notice it only when it's too late! On me,Mitsouko is deep,dark,reminiscent of what skin would smell like if it had been bathed in sandalwood,dried in moss, then left bare and touched all night long.(ooooohh...)Also-when sprayed on sheets,the diluted stuff is hideous.But on bare skin,the pure perfume is downright bewitching. I wore it at a party,and the next day the hostess called me to inform me that 5 men had begged her for my phone number.All 5 of them said that I was the only woman there who did not wear any fragrance(they were sure,positive of that)yet they thought I smelled incredible. The magic of Mitsouko is that it seems to be part of a woman's natural aroma,imagine,if you can, body odor that's actually good!I use the perfume only in minute doses: A drop behind each knee,a drop at the base of my neck.Enjoy!

  • SATINSONG09/03/2002

    You're so right! Mitsouko was one of Jean Harlow's favorite perfumes. After reading that when I was in my 20's I couldn't find Mistouko anywhere until about ten years later in 1982. I wore it for a couple years but it got harder and harder to find. Now that I'm looking online I'm thrilled to see that I can purchase it again.

  • STEPHANIE07/18/2002

    If you're a chypre girl, then this is the fragrance for you. I find this one to be quite strong and bold, but done lightly is quite beautiful. This one is not for everyone. Leaves a lovely trail and has good staying power. Not my favorite type of fragrance, but for those who prefer this kind I would rate it as excellent.

  • LOLA07/12/2002

    I just tried Mitsouko,and I absolutely love it...Which will do me no good,because as luck would have it,my husband hates it.He even went so far as to say that Mitsouko smells like fish!!! Oh well,I'll keep that one for when he's away on buziness trips or, (tee-hee)when I mad at him.So there.

  • APHRAEL07/10/2002

    You definitely know your stuff. Mitsouko does contain musk,which is why it is such a soft,yet pervasive and lingering scent.And yes,Asians were using musk in perfume when westerners only knew how to make single note flower scents (such as rose or lavander),and those back then were only mediocre in quality and had very limited staying power. It is when westerners started travelling far to the East that they started bringing knew and unknown ingredients to the West. To be honest,we were fast learners, though,and we were even quicker to take the credit.That in itself is quite ironic,since when the first musky perfumes were invented in France,members of the privileged society declared such blends as scandalous,fit only for the tramps of the lowest class.(In private, though,they used them shamelessly). So I say...VIVE LE NOSE!!!!!

  • 2010WOMAN07/09/2002

    I just want to say that ATN is wrong about Asians, Oriental perfumes, and Mitsouko. First of all, milions of Asians eat red meat everyday. Actually, there are more pigs in China than there are people. Also, the musk deer can only be found in China and other parts of Asia (musk is not a Western scent). The Chinese have been eating musk deer and using the musk scent for hundreds of years before musk was "discovered" by the West. Today synthetic musk is used, but in China they are still raising and breeding the musk deer for it's scent. When the word Oriental is used to designate a perfume it's referring to the origin of many of the notes in the fragrance such as: musk, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver. And I would also like to add that these oriental scents are not considered repulsive to many Asians. Actually, they have been LOVED and WORN in the Orient for thousands of years before the West "discovered" them. They are indeed popular in the East. You must understand that the West got the idea from the East not the other way around. For instance, the Chypres are most certainly oriental and have been WORN and LOVED for centuries in the orient. Here's a quote from the Mystery of Perfume by Rita Schnitzer: "Eau de chypre has been known for many centuries and was prepared in Cyprus. It is a combination of oak moss, amber, rose, bergamont, and other bitter spices, hide, musk, and storax." So if Mitsouko is a true Chypre it most certainly has musk in it - since the very definition of chypre implies musk. Also, I cannot find a single sentence in any of my perfume books that says Mitsouko was created for Oriental tastes. I have even checked the Guerlain website. I'm sure Mitsouko was created for French tastes afterall France was practically the only market it could reach at the time Mitsouko was created in 1919.

  • ATN07/08/2002

    You probably know Guerlain's inspiration for this fragrance was a novel about a Japanese Captain's wife falling in love with an English Officer in WW1. What you may not know is that Mitsouko is a top seller in Japan not just for the romantic story but it was formulated to oriental taste...NO animal basenote like civet and musk. Oriental diets do not include red meat and the smell is repulsive to them...Mitsouko does use ambergris as a fixative which washes up on ocean shores. Oddly enough what westerners call oriental fragrances are not popular in the orient at all..Mitsouko is a chypre. I do own edt,edp and parfum. The parfum is the most elegant and best balanced but on a hot day the edt is quite nice. I bought the body creme but found it too strong.

  • JAKQUA07/04/2002

    I would like to thank you ladies for your precise reply to my question. I was finally able to get a sample of Mitsouko and it is like no other fragrance I have ever smelled!!!! It has an elegant sophistication like no other!!! It is one of the classics. I am going to buy a bottle soon. I would like to know if there are any body products out there?

  • DANICA06/29/2002

    It smells like a stronger, mustier version of Samsara on me. Obviously a refined, well-blended scent, but definitely try it before you buy it, because it can smell like old moss. I haven't checked out the drydown however; Samsara dries down to a beautiful vanilla finish so maybe this one has a good drydown too.

  • MARY06/11/2002

    A few years ago I was given a small sample of I tried it and I was impressed..right away!!It's so unique and it's not one of those perfumes that smell very much like others...this one just has its own my opinion,a very classy and elegant fragrance.

  • GAIL06/02/2002

    Mitsouko smells nothing like Paloma Picasso! The only thing similar is that thay are both Chypre!Bye!

  • OLGA05/28/2002

    To my mind, the great mystery of this fragrance lies in its imitation of incense. As known, incense is used in religious ceremonies and has been influencing and attracting people for ages due to its mystical character. I like Mitsouko for its warmth, softness and delicacy, for its long-lasting trail.

  • PAMELA05/27/2002

    It's not for everyone, but that's what makes it special. It has a very complex and ever changing sillage. Terribly sexy, but refined at the same time. I hope they never stop making this. Guerlaine was a true genius!

  • PETITCAJUN04/28/2002

    Mitsouko is so wonderful. It is an old fragrance here are the notes: Chypre, fruity Bergamot, peach, spices, oak moss. I really love this fragrance because it doesn't smell like perfume. It smells like spicy incense (but it doesn't smell smoky). Do you like the smell of incense? I promise that if you wear this you will not smell like any other woman, it is just so unique. You asked if it smells like Paloma. I love Paloma too, but Mitsouko smells nothing like it. Paloma has alot of amber in it so if you like Paloma you might want to find another perfume that has alot of amber in it. However, I think it's safe to say that if you like amber you would probably like Mitsouko. It has that same mysterious aura about it too. But like I said Mitsouko is so unique it really can't be put in a category. Paloma is very strong smelling but Mitsouko is quite subtle, not at all overpowering. But I think as with any perfume you should go to a department store and try some on before you buy it. Also if you like Paloma you might like Samsara. It doesn't have amber in it but it still has that oriental mystique to it. Hope this helps.

  • JAKQUA04/27/2002

    I have never smelled this fragrance. I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the scent Paloma Picasso, if so, do you think this fragrance has any similaries to Paloma Picasso?

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    All this guerlain fragrances start so strong, this is a strange one or maybe it just doesn't suit me

  • MAGGIEMAE03/12/2002

    This is definitely for bombshells!

  • CAROLINE02/20/2002

    When I first smelled this, about 15 years ago, I thought it was a most unusual fragrance and was at a loss to explain why the tourist practically devoured this fragrance. Now that I'm in my early thirties, I see the sultry beauty of this fragrance. It has a most original fragrance. You would be hard pressed to find another perfume that smells like it. It's not a perfume for casually strolling through the mall in your blue jeans. This frangrance was meant to seduce. The less you have on the better! Think Vamp in an incense laden temple!

  • GAIL02/09/2002

    I like this perfume. It smells fruity and spicey. A nice combination!

  • AMY C01/29/2002

    I'd like Mitsouko better if it had less cinnamon--the cinnamon makes me sneeze! Despite the occasional sneeze, I'm very fond of this intriguing perfume...who woulda thought peach and oakmoss would smell so lovely together?

  • JERI01/25/2002

    I love this fragrance; it is mysterious, sexy, and I always receive compliments when I wear it. It's for the independent, demanding woman of today. I'm delighted to find someone who sells it in the U.S.A. I've previously had to find a Guerlain Botique or go to Europe.....

  • A01/19/2002

    I received a bottle of this in a gift set. I love most all of Guerlain's perfumes but this one is awful!!!!

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    Please, if you love Mitsouko, don't read this - this may make you angry! Well, all I want to say is MY opinion, I can understand that not all think the same way.. Mitsouko - HUGE disappointment. I thought that this scent would be something, after all, it was created in 1920s, so it has survived a long long time. But when I smelled it in perfume shop.. It was just TERRIBLE. Like a visit in smelly bazaar, all kinds of oriental spices together. Horrible. Suitable for women of 90 years who cannot smell much.. I just hated it, sorry to say. Maybe it is because I have a very sensitive nose when it comes to spices. I can understand that they are a part of a scent. But it's just insane to create a scent so spicy. In fact, this seems to be the trademark for Guerlain. Samsara is similar. What are these people thinking of? I can name many wonderful classics, among them L'Air du Temps, Chanel 5, Diorissimo - all these are just great. I can understand why THEY have survived. Well, after all - Mitsouko is Japanese and it means a SECRET, MYSTERY. Maybe this scent's success is a mystery to me?

  • AIMEE12/27/2001

    Hi:) I bought this fragrance because I wanted to buy a chypre-type fragrance and this had a very interesting story to it. I got to know the fragrance very well. The notes I wrote down are what I smelled. Mitsouko definitely is different. I know that I am not a fan of 'chypres' and I realize that there are alot of women who adore 'chypres'. I don't mean to step on any toes! *BTW, chypre basically means woodsy, for anyone not knowing.*

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Powdery; green; chalky; Oak - red wine; hair dye; mossy; masculine.

  • MARIA11/14/2001

    It is not my type of parfum (I prefere more sweet ones) but I like it very much. I use it when I want to be more strong, independent, elegant and mysterious. Mitsouko semlls like the forest during autumn rain, so it is better (for me) to use it during autumn. Two more advantages of M - it is unique, I never tested the similiar parfum & it is very strong. I beg your pardon for my mistakes in English

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    The ultimate in evening elegance and sexiness.

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    I wore this for years and years. Whatever else I buy, I always have a bottle of Mitsouko stashed away.

  • LV08/17/2001

    This is one of the most unique perfumes I have ever had the pleasure to wear! Nothing compares - it smells very warm and soft, perfect for winter. I love to pick up my coat or scarf and smell this!

  • S.S.08/09/2001

    I am a guy who wears Mitsouko regularly. The scent is unique, and grows well on my body - smoooooth peach,patchouly and mossy. Not sweet at all. I use EDT and spitz only one or two times. With that it smells soft, but nice at least 4 hours.

  • JOLENE08/04/2001

    I used to have a bottle of this. I liked it in the store. It's really spicy. It wasn't until later that I found out that it doesn't smell that good on me. Could work for others, though.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    it smells almost dusty to me. too strong.

  • ELISHA05/08/2001

    This is one of the best fragrances. It is warm and sweet, a chypre scent which I love!!



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