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Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana   

280 Reviews

Fougere, Fruity, Powdery. Designed in 1994, Dolce & Gabbana is described as a refined, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. The fragrance opens with a stimulating and dynamic freshness, with the citrus notes of bergamot, tangerine, orange and lemon. The aromatic heart note harmonizes the freshness of lavender and the simplicity of sage and tarragon more

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Fougere, Fruity, Powdery. Designed in 1994, Dolce & Gabbana is described as a refined, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. The fragrance opens with a stimulating and dynamic freshness, with the citrus notes of bergamot, tangerine, orange and lemon. The aromatic heart note harmonizes the freshness of lavender and the simplicity of sage and tarragon with the intensity and power of cardamom and impertinence of pepper. The woody end note hinges on an accord of sandalwood, cedarwood, tobacco, musk and Tonka bean.

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  • SUAVE04/02/2011

    Drives the women wild. Long lasting as i spray it in the morning and at night people still give me props. Just be careful not to spray too much as its very strong. 1-2spays is all you need. Pricey but worth every penney. Enjoy!!!

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • RB03/06/2011

    Why is it made in Germany now?? Use to be made in Italy! Does not last as long! Use to be my favorite.

  • KENNETH MARSHALL10/13/2010

    Excellent scent,smell like tobacco,and leather. great smell on a mature man.

  • SLIMM06/29/2010

    Because there's no they won't smell you. This scent's heavy on tobacco and lavender at the top notes, so beware when testing, it may very well kill a few brain cells. I suppose haters will hate, but I won't. I'll give the fragrance its due: It's good -- not great -- but good, and very popular (even more incentive not to buy it). If you're looking for something trendy this is you. If you're looking for class, I recommend Dreamer by Versace. If you're in search neither but want need something just as loud and as obnoxious as D&G, Platinum Egoiste by Chanel.

  • KEN. B06/05/2010

    Very sexy smell on a man.

  • KEN03/23/2010

    My gal likes it, which is good enough for me. Personally I think it's a bit weak and too strong on the tobacco scent. I prefer Spark or Chrome, little hotter scents I think.

  • KBM03/15/2010


  • DENNIS10/14/2009

    A must have. Drives babes crazy.

  • BOBBY10/04/2009

    This cologne is now bottled in Germany, no longer in Italy! Does not last as long! It's a shame, because this is my favorite cologne, well use to be.


    very nice warm and smooth and a little sweet lemony fragrance ideal for cold weather and the evenings,ppl who love sweet citrus fragrance will love this its just sexy

  • JMUSIC03/10/2009

    I'm planning to stock up on a favorite cologne that is being discontinued. Anyone know how long the shelf life of a cologne is? Thanks.

  • KUGIRL12/04/2008

    This is the scent that Keith Urban wears and since people have found that out, it is selling really well. Maybe D&G should be paying HIM a commission....It is great and by the way...maybe people like Juan just plain stink on their own!! Sorry, just something you'll have to live with.

  • BIG MIKE10/19/2008

    a top 10 scent. longevity is a key. DG has longevity.

  • THE DOUG08/02/2008

    I find this scent to be mediocre at best. It doesn't annoy me when I put it on -- but it comes close. Others swear by it -- so I wonder if I am missing something. Honestly -- I may never wear it again. There are other scents out there that trump it.

  • ARIEL07/15/2008

    TOP delicious, different, in my opinion it´s a perfect mix of a salty and luxury fragance, i´m from argentina

  • SEAN06/26/2008

    i was expecting a better smell from this cologne according to the reviews from this site...but then its not bad at smells pretty nice...just got it, so we'll see how many compliments i get...but nice cologne!!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE05/24/2008

    After several hours, its pleasant. but the top fruity notes in Dolce are wayyyyy too pungent and strong. After a few uses, I started to get headaches from it, and I stil do now just thinking about it. This has go to be hands down the most overrated fragrance on the market. avoid.

  • JAMES 04/13/2008

    This scent is better for a skin type that is more dry. It really works well with dry skin because cologne fades from dry skin quicker which makes this a perfect fit, it is very strong at first but will settle down on the right person to perfection.

  • GUY04/13/2008

    Makes me want to gag! Don't buy just because of the name. Gosh this makes me sick to my stomach!

  • ERIC04/09/2008

    Dolce & Gabbana is okay but is way overworn almost to the point that Curve is and you might as well be on an assembly line being sprayed with it. There are SO many other fragrances that smell just as good out there to choose from. I can't imagine ever going near this again since everybody wears this. Too common place.

  • ARAMIS03/09/2008

    I tried a lot of perfume. and i return to the DG. Just wonderfull. Is there any men cologne on that site that take more review than DG? DG has about 250 review.

  • STU03/01/2008

    D & G smells nothing like Dreamer and that's why I don't buy this. Everyone wears this, everyone doesn't wear Dreamer.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT02/06/2008

    Well here goes. I got this as a sample from PE and I love it. It is a very feminine scent that will keep your husband mesmorized. It is one of those scents you will remember because you will be constantly complimented. I think you will be glad you tried it.

  • SCENTEXPLORER01/11/2008

    Dolce & Gabbana & Dreamer smell very similar. D&G is better and came out first. Versace The Dreamer smells unpleasant at first but the fragrance settles down quickly and begin to smell like D&G. I like them both, Dreamer lasts longer however.

  • DON12/18/2007

    Its 1 of the best... Just dont over do it... 1 spray is all you need of this stuff...

  • DONALD SELF11/13/2007

    I've been collecting colognes for 40 years and Dolce & Gabbana is near the top. It goes on nice and dries nicely. I get a lot of compliments with this one.I plan to get two or three new fragrances soon and I've narrowed my choices to the following colognes for men: Body Kouros, Magnetism, Sables, Dreamer and No. 89 by Floris. Can someone help me as to the best of this group and the second and third best? Now, I'm going to put you on to a men's scent to die for. It's Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze. It goes on nice and dries nice and will get you many compliments. There's nothing like it that I'm aware of. It will have you sniffing yourself all day long.Warning, don't put it on heavy.

  • PATRICK10/28/2007

    Im 17 years old and my grandmother bought me this because it was recomended by the associate at a cologne counter. At first I smelled it and I ignorantly labeled it as a "more mature" scent but I kept on reading on how it was so highly rated. I finally put it on for a day and I have to tell you, no cologne in the history of colognes dies down so gracefuly/sexy. Give it a minuet and youll see. I cant stop getting compliments.

  • J.RIV09/23/2007

    I was in the store and I grabbed the bottle like a complete moron and held it at chest height. I then sprayed upwards towards my nose. Of course not directly.. but in front... I leaned into the cloud and nearly asphyxiated!!! I began coughing and my eyes began to water.. I felt like I was in a tear gas chamber. I let it tone down and surprisingly... it reminded me of the great Egioste Platinium by Chanel. I love both... I do believe EP is better but thats a matter of taste.. Both are great scents.

  • LORA08/29/2007

    This sent is so great it puts a spark in my day with my husband. Every time he wears it OH MY GOODNESS! Let me just say it is a P.D. if you know what I mean.

  • CISTIAN08/06/2007

    I like it,though not my favourite. And it does last long time.It sprayed on my shirt and 2 days later the smell was still there.Even on my skin it lasts all day.

  • LEBM07/23/2007

    Initally I feel inlove with the smell - there is just somthing about it - I did get a headache though - I kept smelling it - bcuz I liked it so much. Hope the ladies in my company like it - I have not worn it out yet....

  • SNOW-FALL07/12/2007

    Nasyschenyy, voluptuous aroma capable to leave bright impressions under first acquaintance

  • DAVID WB06/07/2007

    D&G smells a little too perfumey right after you put it on, at least to me. Women seem to love it regardless. But if you let it sit for a while it lightens up and turns into an amazing scent.

  • DOES-IT-SO-WELL 05/31/2007

    Every women wants a piece of this flavour. I own 30 scents and this one really captures hearts!! Magical potion....

  • JSTAGRL2U05/11/2007

    so disappointing but this really doesn't last longer than a half hour, really...i love it when first sprayed, the dry down is nice too, then *poof* it's gone.

  • TONYGIO04/29/2007

    To all those who might be tempted to purchase this blindly based on the good reviews..please DON'T! Not to say you won't like it, but imo this was very disappointing, compared to the hype. Very glad I sampled it first and saved my money. Imo, both the other d&g scents offered on this site are MUCH better than this one....

  • ERICA04/22/2007

    Who wore this in college in 1997. You were hot and smelled great. And everytime I smell this scent, I think of you. It is a ladies magnet. Men please buy it!

  • SAHILM04/17/2007

    recently got the d&g , and i must say it is brilliant , fresh, fruity and strong , long lasting , i love this one , highly reccomended , get it u wont be dissapointed ,

  • ALFIE03/06/2007

    This fragarnce is quite weired for me. Its too strong and I'm not sure what it is contained cuz it seems that everyting are mixed randomly without any estimation.

  • R. SHREST02/28/2007

    My first impressions on this has always been its masculinity and an element of ruggedness which I believe all men should have in their persona to some degree. Though it can be worn in a casual way (best for evening outings) if used lightly (it's quite potent) with due thought on what you're wearing, this certainly is more for your formal occasions when you are looking your smart best and want to command respect with a distinctive image. There sure aren't many colognes out there which can project elegance in this way. D&G Pour Homme is a timeless classic. And I've noticed it attracts more of your 'whole-woman' kind than the youngish girly types. (I'm mid-20s) If a review can make one buy a cologne blindly, it has to be SoulWriter's 'The Power Scent'. Hits the nail right on its....etc. ;)

  • R. SHREST02/25/2007

    After a few years of saying I can see myself wearing this one in future, I finally bought it and it sure has carved out a niche in my collection. arf! My first impressions on this has always been its masculinity and an element of ruggedness which I believe all men should have in their persona to some degree. Though it can be worn in a casual way (best for evening outings) if used lightly (it's quite potent) with due thought on what you're wearing, this certainly is more for your formal occasions when you are looking your smart best and want to command respect with a distinctive aura. There sure aren't many colognes out there which can project elegance in this way. D&G Pour Homme is a timeless classic. And I've noticed it attracts more of your 'whole-woman' kind than the youngish girly types. (I'm mid-20s) Your body chemistry plays an important role in making sure your fragrant aura achieves its intended potential. If a review can make one buy a cologne blindly, it has to be SoulWriter's 'The Power Scent'. Hits the nail right on its....etc. ;)

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI02/13/2007

    Got to pass on this one, and not just because EVERYBODY wears it in CA. This is too sweet/amberish/synthetic off the bat. By the time the alleged tobacco hits, I'm near insulin shock. Ok, not nearly as bad as JOOP. Look, if you want GQ sweet with sharp fruit go with Mont Blanc Individuel. Edible sweet go with Igniton (vanilla) or Rochas Man (coffee/amber). Just Fruity? Try John Varvatos, Rocabar or best of all, Nicole Miller for Men or Geir Ness. Heavier citrus with fruit and still a babe magnet? Le Roy Soleil. Just refined amber? The Baron. Woods? Too many to mention. Tobacco? Romance Silver or Mike Kors or one of the Dunhills, or Rob H's fave, Vera Wang. In fact, the best thing that could be said about D&G is that with good body chemistry,(or a lot of sweating) after 2 hrs,it resembles what Vera Wang is from the start. Pax. 'all. Mario.

  • GREENTEA02/07/2007

    Perfect date cologne and or night out. Very strong, everchanging spicy scent that is very commanding. This cologne is taylored made for people that want to experince what quality cologne should be.

  • BRUCE01/26/2007

    so you mean to tell me d&g would be great to wear on a 90 degree summer day? i dont think so. it would be way to strong in the summer heat, and would drive the ladies away from you. trust me. yes, d&g is one of the best fragrances, appropriate for night wear, all year round. but, it can only be worn during the daytime during fall and winter. come on man, dont give d&g a bad rep.

  • JOHNEL 01/23/2007

    chris this an good perfume and it is very good to wear anytime of the day and at times any place that there are plenty of females in the area take my word chris this is worth a shot my friend

  • JOHNEL 01/23/2007

    To all my fellas read this here real good I'm a man who Knows what ladies like to smell and this here is what they really love. If you get this you will not only get there sex look you will get the sex and alot of hugs and kisses. this perfume has alot of power to it's name don't get confused by the cheap looking bottle this is a perfume ahead of it's time to me eventhough it's an old Known perfume bottom line you will be very happy with this perfume if your like me you will not get below a half of an bottle befor you go an get a nother this is a must have to all my fellas in the world

  • BRUCE01/08/2007

    d&g is definitely not a cologne for everyday use. even though it is one of my favorites, d&g is more appropriate for fall and winter, or for evening use. a good every occasion cologne, even though too popular would be acqua di gio. i would also recommend chanel allure sport. anything that would fall in the fresh scent category would be great for you.

  • CHRIS01/05/2007

    im considering buying this scent. but i want a fragrance i can wear all the time no matter time of day or what the occasion is. i have about 12 colognes ranging from dunhill desire to jean paul gaultier. none of which suit me to my liking. can this one be worn at any time. if not any suggestions??

  • STARLIGHT12/22/2006

    Can be worn for most occasions.With enough sweetness and much class! A cologne thats hard to get tired of.

  • PEPP12/18/2006


  • GEORGE E12/08/2006

    Very well said MrLongrove! 10-12 sprays entirely too much for D&G no matter of skin type! And any other cologne requiring 10-12 sprays needs not to be purchased if its that weak! D&G compliments would come 4hrs later after it settled but people will be talking about you negatively within the 1st few hours of this many applications and you not know it still thinking your'e smelling good. D&G is 5*s by the way!

  • JAKE12/03/2006

    Honestly im sure it smells good on some people and it smelled great on the magazine that I found it on, but to me it just doesn't work. It smells TOO citrusy/lemony/bright. Plus too many people have this one right now anyway.

  • ULTRAVIVIDMAN12/03/2006

    Dolce & Gabbana is great for fall/winter months. I highly recommend it.

  • MRLONGROVE12/02/2006

    It's always good not to overdo it. 10 to 12 times sounds like too much to me, especially with something as strong as Dolce & Gabbana. Also keep in mind that most women have sensitive noses...far more sensitive than most men. So what you may consider enough may send their sense of smell into overdrive and too much cologne can be as bad as BO. With Dolce & Gabbana, I'd recommend a quick spray to each wrist and to the sides of the neck depending on what you have planned. You may want to add a spray if you're going to a nightclub. Of course it's good to experiment with what works for you. I hope my advice has helped.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD 10/21/2006

    There is little reason to be troubled about application. You have discovered one of the inarguable greatest of all. Eau De Toilette 101... you cant go wrong with this one. Not only is this an original scent, the oil content is huge. Believe me, I dont have a chemistry for longevity. If you like the scent, longevity will be no factor. To answer your question, why not cover all bases? I spray neck, chest, stomach, forearms and my shirt. Depending on the occasion, on the average, I spray at least 10-12 times. Even more. I also reapply thru out the day. Hey, I like to smell good.

  • M.N10/09/2006

    can any one tell me how to use a perfume, to spray on cloth or skin, and if on skin then where and how.

  • FABIO3610/01/2006

    Hey I like this cologne DG smell great its my favorite cologne. Ladys turns crazy and attack for this MMMMM Smell.

  • HEATHER09/27/2006

    This is the sexiest smelling stuff I have ever seen! I bought it for my husband and I can't keep my hands off of him! We looked for HOURS and the minute I smelled this I got all woozy and warm...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • DMITRI09/26/2006

    bought this a month ago. I switch it with cool water,Pi and True star. I like this smell a lot. First few days,after I bough it,I sprayed all my clothes with this,my hair my bed. I calmed down since then.... Now,I am trying to find something similar to those. I like variety in my life.

  • RICARDO09/23/2006

    Hi Guys, Hey Ladies, How iz it goin'? Would like to hear some of your comments on my selection of colognes. Currently. I’m in my late 20's working in a bank in the tropics and occasionally I need to meet clients and give presentations. I do not want to ‘choke’ my clients with my choice of colognes in the boardroom and I have chosen 3 office colognes to use on a daily basis. 1) Allure – Chanel, 2) Egoiste Platinum – Chanel, 3) L’eau D’Issey – Issey Miyake For causal events, I would use Chrome – Azzaro. Lastly, for more formal events / evening events / romantic dates, I was thinking of getting Black Code – Amani. I think I may need another 1-2 more bottles for evening romantic settings. Definitely need you guys’ views! Cheers everyone!

  • DAWN09/14/2006

    Best ever? Hardly. As others here have said there are so others to choose from now of days. I get so tired walking everywhere smelling this. It's almost as common to smell this now as it is to smell Curve, although much better made I have to admit. It's not a bad fragrance but it's just overworn like Acqua di Gio is. But guys do you and keep thinking all women swoon over you. That's not always the case. Some variety is nice also especially when every other man wears this.

  • AMIR09/10/2006

    Been wearing it for more than 8 yrs now.. changed in between to some new stuff but still the best in all TIME... I cant find any one that makes me like it more.. i wish i can find a new one to try somethign new.. but i cant resist using it.. and yes the compliments ARE flawless lol

  • JERRY08/29/2006

    i were it and it drives the woman crazy they love it i never had a bad comment on it in fact woman go out there way to get close and ask me what i have on and ask for a closer smell

  • ERIC08/22/2006

    I had a bottle a few years ago but gave it away to someone else. I found way too many guys wore it and it smelled ok but not great on me but not good enough to buy again (no matter what Tajsmellsgood says). It's personal choice. To those who love it do you. I choose other fragrances, especially ones that aren't worn so much.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD08/18/2006

    wear it anyway. You will be a convert after all the compliments.

  • MANSUR08/14/2006

    I like this one cause its simple yet sophisticated. The older ladies (25-35) really like it, whereas the girls my age (21) or younger think it smells like freshly done laundry. So if you wanna impress the younguns go get you some Curve just like every other sophomore in high school lookin to get some ass. But if you want a REAL time tested woman go with D&G or Joop is another great cologne.

  • LOS08/08/2006

    2 sprays is all u need...3 is absolutely max. If wearing to work- two sprays-one to base of neck, and the other a "walk-thru" spritz to the clothes. That lasts me all day at work and I have dry skin even though I rarely wear it to work. If you're going out, then 2 or 3 and u will never need a miniature if u do the one spritz to your clothes. Hope this helps!

  • COMMON SCENTS08/07/2006

    If you are looking for a moderate strength, enduring, masculine scent that combines citrus and earthy elements without smelling sweet or acidic, then Dolce & Gabbana pour homme is a perfect choice. Apply it conservatively.

  • LOVEIT08/05/2006

    wher do you spray the DG? on the neck, many times do you spray it in the morning? and what about in the evening..or if you have to go out but don't have time to go home - do you bring a miniature?

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    Of those listed, Ive only smelled Blue Jeans and Black.I own Blue Jeans and get compliments but I dont wear it much.It is a very good fragrance, but for an unknown reason it mostly sits there.Ive smelled Black and it is very good also.Ive considered buying it. Its a fruity fragrance to me.Good, but I could live without it.I also considered purchasing Swiss Army when I was looking for "green scents". It didnt really smell "green" enough for me, although I couldnt stop analyzing it. I appreciate and respect your opinions.I will definately have to smell the others you mention,though I have yet to run across them in my circles.Holla at me sometime.

  • LOS07/20/2006

    Oh no question that this is one of the best fragrances ever and ranks very high in my collection! There's just a few I like better. That being--Mont Blanc Individuel, Signature by St. Dupont,Swiss Army, K.C. Black, and Blue Jeans(which i believe u have in your collection). I purchase based on what I like and the women like and not one without the other!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/08/2006

    Thanks for the holla back. I was wondering what were some of your favorites.Since I think this is one of the best, what do you consider better? Im always looking for something different, but good.

  • ME*07/04/2006

    Oh my gosh... My boyfriend just starting wearing it and I love it!! LOVE IT! It makes me want to hug him every time I smell him... ;)

  • LOS07/01/2006

    In total agreement with you. Curve is worn out where I live(in the South) and probably in the world! But not many where D&G where I live . It is not my favorite in my collection, but its great and works well in my rotation. Get tons of compliments like "you smell good" or "what are u wearing" and not "u must be wearing D&G"!

  • DON CORLEONE06/26/2006

    Versatility is the key to a man's success with fragrances: each guy should have a range of scents that are good for him, and should rotate them for the enjoyment of others. I've worn many good ones to work, and one day a female co-worker comes up to me out of the blue, and says: you always smell so good, so what are you gonna wear tomorrow, Dr. Smellgood? Now, I'm a fairly decent looking guy, well, at least my wife likes me, sort of. And I'm supposing my rotation is a good one with the responses I get, including that one. That was all I needed for encouragement, and to realize that others do notice quality fragrances, and getting a different one often pleases them. That's what I call "success with fragrances". Like Eric said, not everything works for every guy, so find what works for you, and stick with it. Always try them on first though!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD06/20/2006

    These fragrances are obviously wore more in some areas than others.Everyones on the Curve bandwagon in Polk County.Not many wear this.I get the most compliments when I wear this.Even the fellas be like,giving props.It lasts well.This is the one for me.Its got a big name behind it, but the fragrance is great no matter what name you call it or what bottle it comes in.

  • JUAN06/16/2006

    If you get this invest in some NyQuil, because you won't like the headache that comes with it. This stuff straight up stank.

  • KATHERINE06/08/2006

    Girl, where you been that you haven't smelled this one? This is everywhere and one just about everyone. It's better made than Curve thank God but it's worn so much you know it as soon as you smell it. Luckily, it smells better on some guys than on others like anything else. Some just shouldn't wear this just like some guys tried the earring thing and shouldn't have. I just tell people to do you whatever that is, but don't do it because someone says Dolce & Gabbana is the thing to wear. Try other fragrances and there are so many choices now and classics. My man smells great wearing Pi or wearing Gucci Pour Homme. I just prefer him not wear this since I can smell this on any woman's man. Not a bad scent but an overworn one in this woman's opinion.

  • TYRA05/28/2006

    I went out w/a man who wore this over the weekend. I wanted to snuggle up and sniff him all night, just for the cologne! lol Wonderful scent, very clean and natural! I read a few comments about this being a very popular cologne. Honestly, the majority of friends are male, as is my family and co-workers, and this is the first time that I have come across someone wearing it.

  • *BARBARA W05/28/2006

    This one does nothing for me. Smells like a weird mix of citrus and smoke. It's not horrible, but doesn't excite me in the least. Maybe it was the guy's chemistry I smelled it on. Sometime I'll have my boyfriend try it and see if it smells better on him.

  • CHRIS05/25/2006

    I will wear it but it does appear every other guy does wear it too. Nice scent though. A few post down some girl Dawn asked what else do we wear besides this and Acqua di Gio. Made me wonder about that if women smell it on every guy out here.

  • BRIAN05/20/2006

    This cologne was suggested to me by a friend who's a professional stylist. I bought it without first smelling it because I trusted his advise. At first I was turned off by it because too me, it smells very lemony ... like a coughdrop or that stuff you spray onto wood. But the tobacco does seem to even it out. One spray on the front of your neck from maybe 10" away will do. The only thing I'm wondering is if this cologne is too popular.

  • HENKEL05/20/2006

    At first it's very strong but when it dries down it's just amazing. Very long lasting and powerful. Definately for clubs and evenings, dunno if you can use it casually?

  • DAWN05/14/2006

    I just wish you men would buy something else to wear besides this and Acqua di Gio. Isn't there anything else out there? Every place I go every one has it on.

  • YO DON04/10/2006

    This is a guaranteed winner. I don't even have to describe it. On the downside, it's very mainstream and worn by many. Now Don, I was reading your previous post and I was wondering what you mean by "versatility is the key to a guy's success when it comes to fragrances." I'm a newbie, but does that mean one should diversify his collection? Feedback, please.

  • EXPERT04/09/2006

    This is how all colognes should be made - highley concentrated and powerful. This is one you would only need a few sprays on because it is that powerful. The combination of the fruits with pepper and tobbaco make an interesting, sexy, masculine scent that has made this one of the best colognes ever made hands down.

  • DON CORLEONE04/01/2006

    versatility is the key to a man's success with fragrances, IMHO. I'll admit there's a few that I'm not too crazy about, everybody has a different set of senses when it comes to scents. My advice is: test it out at the mall, if you like it, get some ASAP. As far as D&G is concerned, I'd put down a friendly wager that it'll be a winner.

  • ERIC03/21/2006

    Says nuf said and this should be in everyone's collection. I uuuhhhhh can't quite agree with that statement. This doesn't smell good on everyone. If it don't good on you then it shouldn't be in your collection no matter what anyone tells you. Mr. Corleone is one of those versatile men I guess where most anything goes well on his skin but there are those less fortunates where everything doesn't quite go as planned. For those less fortunate, if D&G doesn't smell quite as good, don't waste your money and buy D&G just because Mr. Corleone and others here say you GOTTA have it. It's not required and there are so many other fragrances out now that are just as good.

  • MARIO03/21/2006

    this scent is really special and makes a good impression. i like it very much because it smells very fresh and natural against the other heavy men's fragrances.

  • DON CORLEONE03/17/2006

    no, not Kessler's Whiskey lol... D&G is smooth, sophisticated, and has an awesome citrusy scent which perks up the ladies' senses; whether or not they're actually courageous enough to say something is another story. Citrus-based scents such as this one invite a myriad of responses, the vast majority of which are positive, yet there will always be a few odd naysayers, as we've seen below. The fact is that this is excellent stuff, a definite mainstay (or should be) in any man's collection. Nuff said.

  • STU02/28/2006

    Women are all different as you know. Some love D&G and some love Givenchy Pour Homme. I've been told when I wear Givenchy Pour Homme it reminds them of being in an old Roman market full of spices and incense. They love it. Every one's different. You gotta think for yourself and flow for yourself. They're both great fragrances if they match your body chemistry.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD02/28/2006

    Pleasantly fresh herbal and woody fragrance is long-lasting and great for any occasion use during the day or night. Becoming a bit too commonly worn though.

  • W.B.02/21/2006


  • MR LONGROVE02/21/2006

    I tried some Dolce & Gabbana for the first time yesterday while in Macy's. At first I didn't like it that much...I thought it was too strong, and I know I didn't put on too much. But after about 30 minutes it began to mellow out some and eventually it became a very cool spicey, musky scent. Good stuff indeed and it lasted a good long while too.

  • JOHN02/21/2006

    Danny you can try Black Code or christian dior's silver shadow.I hope you like one of those.Of course remember D&G or Joop too are could be your choice. Good Luck

  • DANNY02/19/2006

    I'm thinkin of getting a new cologne, i'm usin ralph lauren polo atm but the smell isn't what i can use for formal occasions. I'm thinking of RL romance, Black Code, D&G and Givency pour homme. Can of you guys tell me which ones ladies prefer? thanks

  • JOSUE02/16/2006

    I'm new to the whole cologne thing, but I must say i love Dolce & Gabbana. Especially the dry-down. Definitely 5 stars!

  • JOEUSMC02/16/2006

    I can see how some people might think this gets cloying or might be a tad to sweet. Luckily I enjoy lavender on myself and it tends to relax me, so this fragrance comes in handy quite often. This should always be tested by any guy who wants to smell good but not in a "oh my god, what are you wearing" way Give it a try if you haven't already, most likely you'll enjoy it's energy

  • STU01/31/2006

    Why would anyone need to ask Terrence Howard about this fragrance? Does he know something no one else knows by way of having more acute sense of smell? I'm amazed at the "star" struck idiots on these message boards. Think for yourselves and stop worrying about what the "stars" that don't care about what cologne you wear are wearing.

  • MR DON LUCAS MCMHAN01/17/2006

    1 of the best colognes out there period. Received many compliments.Very unique smell. Mob style!!! If you want a lighter version of this cologne try Realities!

  • ERIC01/11/2006

    You always have a way of turning any male on this site off with your lewd, uncalled for comments. I remember you from over a year ago turning everyone off with your comments, yet you persist.

  • TURKISH01/03/2006

    this scent may make you feel uncomfortable at the first instant but later the fragrance really starts to suit you and it is long-lasting. definitely for winter though.

  • M.R.12/26/2005

    One of the best if not THE BEST all-around casual fragrances that happens to have sophistication and elegance as opposed to the everyday ordinary Curve, Cool Water, Eternity, Drakkar, etc.

  • ANT12/12/2005

    Absolute best out there. Pleasant citrus smell, lasts all day, very stylish and sleek signature scent. I own more than 40 colognes and believe me this is a keeper.In the book of best colognes of all time this one will be in Top 10. Correct me if i'm wrong. Also my other personal favorites are Gucci Envy, Bvlgari pour Homme, Baldessarini by Hugo Boss, Bvlgari Black and of course the ultimate chick magnet Givenchi Pi. By the way i'm in my twenties and appreciate fine colognes and not all the cheap smelling garbage out there. Do not make a mistake of bying something cheap just because it is cheaper. This is a biggest mistake you can make and therefore waste your money this way. Buy expensive stuff and you will not miss your chance when the time comes for you to make a signature of your scent. Also colognes smell different on different people so don't be worried about smelling like many others. This stuff is GOOD.

  • JENNY11/30/2005

    I LOVE D& the point that I asked my last lover to spray some on a napkin so I could carry it and sniff it throughout the day. Might I recommend that to some of you (straight) men...I often pulled the napkin out for my girlfriends and asked "Would you like to see what he smells like..." and, after awhile, the scent alone would cause me to envision him. Very sensual scent for me...

  • RMJ11/30/2005

    Thanks for the reply! And you were spot on, i'm from Janesville. Well i grew up there, currently i go to UW Madison and live in Madison. But i'm still familiar with the southern WI/northern IL area as i grew up there, and also had quite a few trips to six flags growing up (i still go there in the summer actually). Thanks for typing out some of your favorites for me, i'm sure you probably get sick of doing that for people. I agree about acqua di gio being overworn (unfortunately). I purchased acqua awhile ago before it was ridiculously popular and I really liked it. It saddens me that such a great cologne is pretty much ruined by being worn by any and every guy. I don't really understand why it is overworn either, because it isn't low(er) priced like most overworn cologne is. Maybe it's just so popular cuz it's good and hard to mess up...I dunno, makes me angry though. I was at a party once and a girl actually asked me if i was wearing acqua...that pretty much made me stop wearing it to attract the opposite sex...(/end rant). Thanks again for guiding me with some suggestions, i'll be sure to buy a few of them for christmas presents to myself, hehe.

  • ROB H.11/29/2005

    How's it going there, fellow cologne fanatic? I appreciate the message you sent and actually I live about 6-7 miles north of Six Flags, Great America in Lake County. I would guess you live in the Beloit-Janesville, Wisconsin area. Anyways I recommend D&G but not "highly" recommend it for casual wear whether day or night. It appears to be an overly worn scent like Acqua di Gio but I don't seem to smell D&G no where near as much as I do with AdG as far as where I work or the places I go about. Acqua di Gio is commonly worn like the average mainstream designer colognes like Curve, Cool Water, Eternity, Chrome, etc. I definitely recommend Vera Wang (my #1), Egoiste Platinum (potent but the women think it's sexy!) and Magnetism (warm,spicy and woody/sweet). To tell you honestly, there's not a cologne for me that I wear more than a day in a row because I have more than 40 bottles in my collection ranging from the smallest which are 1.7oz to 4oz. bottles. I pretty much stagger the use of all my colognes because eventually they will go bad. If it's casual colognes you seek that won't break your bank that aren't overly worn to death like the ones I mentioned; Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Mont Blanc Presence, Burberrys (aka Burberry London), Aquaman by Rochas, Baldessarini del Mar by Hugo Boss, Zanzibar by Van Cleef & Arpels, Nightflight by Joop and I could go on but I'll stop. As far as colognes in general that are some of my favorites, I "highly" recommend Vera Wang, Mont Blanc Individuel, Himalaya by Creed, Le Male by JPG, Basi Homme by Armand Basi, Twice by Iceberg, Desire by Alfred Dunhill, Pal Zileri by Pal Zileri, Signature by St. Dupont and oh yes, Cristobal by Balenciaga. There are more but I don't want to type a whole book. Anyways, I hope that answers your question and feel free to respond back. Take care, RMJ and happy cologne hunting.

  • DUDE GIVE IT A REST11/26/2005

    The fact that you are black should not matter with the cologne you choose. I wear D&G and I live in MN. I read these comments sometimes to see how many people agree with my taste. The bickering needs to stop. If you want to compare scents try Bvlgari. It out lasts them all even a cheap scent that is now like Joop.

  • RMJ11/25/2005

    Hey Rob H. I saw you said you live 40 miles north of o'hare, do you live in Rockford by any chance then? Just wondering cuz i live about 40 miles north of Rockford myself actually. As for D&G pour homme, do you really highly recommend it? Do you think it's really as popular as everyone says? I go to college and i really don't see that many guys having any decent cologne so i don't think i'd smell like other guys if i wore it...I dunno, i'm probably gonna pick up Egoiste Platnum and Vera Wang (maybe escada magnetism, any further advice on that one would be good too) and i was wondering if you thought it'd be worth it to buy D&G pour homme also. Would you recommend it for daily wear or night? Does it smell similar to any other colognes out? I'm really looking for a good daily wear cologne that is sophisticated and will garner positive attention. Any advice would be great as i highly value your opinion and you are one of the only ones here that doesn't write in all caps and only says how it drives the ladies crazy but don't mention at all what it actually smells like.

  • TONY T11/24/2005

    Just trying to make a dollar outta 15 cents. I'm no better than anybody that is trying to do something with themselves.i like joop bro,i gave it 4 stars.i dislike cristobal which imo is an exact copy of joop.

  • ERIC11/23/2005

    I have to disagree with you. It is worn as much as Acqua di Gio and almost as much as Curve. I won't go near it because of that.

  • ERIC11/23/2005

    Tony T what does your swipe at Joop mean? - You act as if there is something inadequate about Joop and also as if your wearing D&G and being black is synonymous with you being somehow better than other blacks who don't wear this overused, overplayed fragrance. Don't get it twisted. It's just another fragrance, another item on the market for sale that WAY too many guys wear. In my opinion it's worn as much as Curve is and I would never wear it. If it was given it as a gift I would take it back to the store for a refund.

  • SKOOTER11/22/2005

    My new favorite! I always wondered what people meant when they said a cologne smelled "clean". Believe me, this is it. Just like you are fresh out of the shower. Try it; you won't be disappointed!

  • BIGNUTZ11/21/2005


  • SOMA11/16/2005

    D&G invents quite the fragrance. I compare it to Gucci Envy, and both are exceptional fragrances that can be worn formally or informally. I didn't have an affinity for D&G at first because the scent off the bottle top was spicy and didn't stand well with me. However, after spraying some from my friend's bottle, it transformed just like Envy. So, first impressions tend to fool one when using D&G. Allow it to settle on the skin and you'll smell how splendid it really is. Get it.

  • SHICAGOKUB11/15/2005

    Got a bottle today, smells alrighty. Some folks on here complain about the strength of the scent, but I like the stuff that lasts a while. Also seen a guy complain about the strong tobacco scent. I don't think it's very strong. I wore goodlife for years and years and it has a stronger tobacco scent than the d&g. Best part of this is that I got the 2.3 oz spray for 9.99 and that rocks. I'll wear it but I can't see myself buying it in the future, going back to davidoff goodlife.

  • HANDSOME11/14/2005

    well im not a routine usual message poster here on this site but im visiting this perfume site for 5 years and i visit after every week.Ive been collecting perfumes since I was 15 now im 24. I've used enough colognes that a person uses in 30 years . But i have used in only 9 years.well this posting is for dolce & gabbana so let me tell u somethin about it too. ive purchased this cologe after going through all these reviws here and im very pleased to have this cologne in my collection cause cause .....ITS SEXY...yeah it is , secondly its long lasting , everyone likes it from a kid to a grand pa , from a teenage girl to a mature lady, so what else u want from a colgne.i think thats quite enough .so guys if ur purchasing this cologne you cant be wrong about it just for for it atleast give it a try .well i love all my colognes that i mentioned cause i adore them wore them posting many message scant make u a GURU in perfume world .there are many hidden gurus out there like me :) bye see u soon

  • SHAUNY11/14/2005

    Love this scent. When my husband wears it it takes my breath away. Really nice for the fall/winter.

  • NIKITA 11/08/2005

    Yes. Make sure you try on before you leave the store because the bottle of Reaction i got smells old like jheri curl juice and it didn't smell like that when I smelled it at another store. It did smell rancid. secondly it is all about body chemistry. You may like the smell of a cologne but it may not smell right on you. Like this guy I know is really big and hairy and he bought a bottle of Pi. When he puts it on he smells like booty. I like Dolce and Gabbana but it doesn't work on me. Theres this weird smell that comes 5 minutes after and you guys know the turpentine smell I am talking about. Also there are 2 other fakes to Dolce and Gabanna: Realities and Perry Ellis Portfolio Green--both cheaper.

  • ROB H.11/04/2005

    Well imagine that! If you're working at O'Hare, then you're only about 40 miles south of where I live. Anyways to be honest with you, W.B., R.J., Chris Cologne, Toni Finish, Mauricio, Mario Justiniani, yourself of course, Marco Testaverde and a few others are the scent masters of this website. Rock on, D&G!!

  • TONY T11/01/2005

    every female here thinks you are a god because of your knowledge of colognes but trust me,i am a 25 year old security screener in chicago and me and mario share no common bond beyond the fact we are cologne fanatics.16 thumbs up for D&G!!!!

  • ROB H.10/31/2005

    Extravagant and very refreshing cologne that should definitely be in any guy's collection. Finally sampled this just recently. And oh yeah, Tony T.............W.B. and myself ARE NOT the same person. We're just a couple of guys that KNOW our colognes. I'm sure you think you can deter other gents from trying some great colognes out there like Cristobal, Visit and Mont Blanc Presence. Sometimes I think you and Mario Justiniani are the same person.

  • JEFF10/29/2005

    Unlike anything else, have not been a big wearer of cologne but this stuff got me hooked, the women love this and ask what it is!

  • STEVEN10/24/2005

    Can anyone tell me the vol% of the real version? I just got mine in the mail and it says 79% vol on the back :(


    One of the masters of freshness among mens' colognes. This particular fine fragrance should be a part of any man's collection.

  • MIKE10/11/2005

    This cologne is absolutely horrible on me. It merely smells a little odd at first, but when it dries down look out.

  • DJ10/04/2005

    D&G smells ok, but the tobacco notes are a bit overwhelming. It's also VERY popular and certainly not unique any more. Overall just average.

  • LEO09/23/2005

    I remember trying on D and G in a department store and it smelled great. However, I went to some cheap fragrance store and bought a mini and it smells cheap and kind of rancid--For everyone out there I recommend that you either buy it from a reputable store or you at least check the product before you buy it.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD09/20/2005

    I know I smell good.The citrus smells great.It is different.Surprisingly, this lasts long.This is not a light or heavy fragrance.Its somewhere in the middle.It has a subtle sweetness along with the tobacco.This seems to be a uniform scent on dry down.I really like this characteristic.I cant believe I wasnt initially crazy about this one,but it wouldnt be the first time.The more I smell,the more it seems like Im not sure what I like.I always try a fragrance more than once.Im in playa mode when I wear this.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD09/10/2005

    This and Egoiste Platinum are my favorites.It is not light nor heavy.Its in the middle.The citrus is exceptional.I was pleasantly surprised by how well it lasts.This puts me in playa mode.This female asked me what I had on.I told her and she said she knew that it was some good shit just by the smell.To me,this pretty much smells uniform on dry down.I really like this characteristic.I detect a subtle sweetness along with the tabacco.Someone said this was the perfect scent and thats not far from the truth.

  • JAVELIN08/30/2005

    Gentlemen. This cologne is fresh, elegant, and sophisticated. Wear it with pride and confidence.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD08/01/2005

    Great all-around fragrance should be a part of any man's collection and I do agree that it smells a bit like Liz's Realities but I don't necessarily like one over the other......both are great.

  • NIKITA 07/25/2005

    This is good but Realitites by liz Claiborne is better to me and it has the same smel just lighterl. If you have the body chemistry then get it otherwise get Realities for men.

  • EROS07/23/2005

    Got D&G a few days ago, awesome stuff, recieved quite a few compliments (and i'm only 15!) It's smell stays on you for a while, but you need to get somewhat close to the person, it's not the type that you can smell from miles away, but its really good. However, I haven't figured out exactly how many sprays should be sprayed on you exactly, but i've been using around 2 sprays.

  • AZTECH07/14/2005

    I bought this a few days a go and it met my expectations. Smells very strong at first, but after settling (about 20-30 min), it's very pleasent. I've gotten complements already...I definately recommend it.

  • UNCLE TIM 06/15/2005

    After three 0.04 oz samples D & G almost made my "must have" list. It has a very good smell but does have some notes that play in the 2 to 5 hrs post spray time that are a bit bitter. It is strong enough and lasts. D &G competes for me in the sweet & spicy category which has much competition. At the right price I would buy a bottle.

  • JDWYZ06/11/2005

    My top three colognes are "PI" by Givenchy so awesome."CHROME" by Azzarros cool so clean smelling love it.And "Dolce and Gabbana" different, piercing sharp aroma nice scent.

  • SAMY06/09/2005

    i agree with the rest of the list..such a powerful and sexy smell.. stop looking for the best, you got it..

  • NIKITA 06/04/2005

    This cologne seems like it would smell good on a Latino guy as a reviewer said. Has a little bit of Perry Ellis Portfolio Green in it or Realities for Men. Doesnt go with my chemistry but I like the smell.

  • SAMI06/03/2005

    like the rest on the list, i think d&g smells nice and lasts really long..i can still smell it on my arm, even after i take a shower.. i no longer will look for the best, i already found it :)

  • RENO06/01/2005

    After trying many colognes, this one really hits the spot. Long lasting too!!

  • CLEATUS05/30/2005

    This stuff is simply amazing. Before leaving the mall, I hit myself with a couple sprays. Literally within minutes ladies stopped and asked me what I was wearing. I had 5 numbers after being there 30 minutes. Not bad, works well with my chemistry also. I was surprised since im a redhead. Definitely going to keep using this one.

  • TONY T05/25/2005

    to the king of colognes. every white guy wears this in chicago but not to many blackguys which is good for me. great smell, long lasting and very unique. how can anyone say this is feminine?? the only cologne that lasts longer is joop but well need i say more. this is number 1 on my lists and it should be on everybody's.

  • PAWLIE05/25/2005

    You will either come to love this smell or hate it. Yes I can see how women would come to dig this cologne because it's got that different cool crisp lemon-tobacco scent but i've seen a good number of women who think its awful. Best bet, go to Macy's, spray a lil and see how the saleslady likes it. if she gives ya a thumbs up then it matches your body chemistry.

  • ERIC05/12/2005

    Wish I could bask in the hoopla. It's okay as fragrances go but just not a favorite. Those who love it go for yours. I'd just rather not be bothered with it.

  • JERRY05/09/2005

    I don't know what the Italian maker put in this fragrance but it has a potentancy uncommon in men's fragrances. Thus, this fragrance must be applied very lightly! One squirt to the chest will last all day and all night. Any more than one squirt is too much with this fragrance. Another note on this fragrance I like is how the one wearing it can sense the scent throughout the day without consiously trying. If worn lightly it creates a subtle but nice, noticeable aroma.

  • JASON05/01/2005

    This stuff is different and is very strong. Perhaps one of the strongest colognes out there and lasts all day all night. I love the blend of the ingrediants and is great for evenings or romance.

  • MELANEE04/29/2005

    Bought a bottle of this for V-Day, it smells so GOOD, he always gets compliments, one girl even stopped him & stood there sniffing him??!!!

  • LELY04/21/2005

    From a girl's point of view... this perfume smells great!!! I love it and my friends do too.!

  • DUVEED04/18/2005

    This is a very good cologne for smokers, some notes blend in really well with cigarette smoke, well done. I depend on this since i'm a chain smoker.

  • JUSTIN04/17/2005

    Perfect for warm summer nights with your girl. Not at all for everyday wear and I dont see it working as well in the winter. The fresh citrus scent just makes it smell fresh and clean while the tobacco and wood notes keep it grounded as a guys cologne. Doesnt yell "look at me" but doesnt sit back and watch either. Great for dates because the smell stays close. Try it, odds are you and your girl will like it.

  • TONY T04/11/2005

    pepe and i usually agree on most colognes but sissyball oh no. d&g is the bomb everyone knows that even if a bit played out like acqua di gio but what is it with that damn cristobal? if you want a nice sweet smelling cologne try dunhill desire trust me.p.s. are rob h. & w.b. the same person


    I cant believe all the hype reviews for this cologne. To me, the scent is reminiscent of a moist lemon towelette that's been wiped in an ashtray. Hoping it would fare a bit better in the office I went to work armed with a few splashes of D & G. Sadly the only comment i got from a member of the opposite sex was 'Have i been smoking?'. Thanks god i only bought a miniature bottle.

  • SAVOYARD BOY03/22/2005

    I have a tester of D&G ina red velvet card/holder. It just says Dolce &G eau de toilette. I think its the woman's version of D&G.

  • ADAM03/03/2005

    This is a good scent for awhile. Sure people enjoy it and you will get good responses from most people but eventually you just start getting a head ache when you smell it. It is good to wear on certain occasions not something you would wear every day or all day. Many people thought it smelled like cedar chips or a hamsters cage because of the wood chip smell.

  • DEMETRIOS02/26/2005

    I absolutely love this fragrance. This is one of the few fragrances that even after hours after you spray it on the fragrance never changes until it finally dissipates. Most fragrances after a couple of hours practically change into a different sent totally. Usually a stale type of smell, not D&G, it lasts for hours until it starts to dissipate but most importantly the fragrance never changes or gets stale. Most people don't notice the characteristics of fragrances but I do...D&G Rocks !!!.....

  • HOCKEY02/25/2005

    THis is one of the best fragrances ever made!!! It smells extremely good and it's a joy to wear it!

  • PEPE LEPEW02/22/2005

    Truly excellent scent. It's subtle and long lasting. Doesn't offend and is versatile. Very light notes of Citris. It is versatile for all occasions. True elegance and class and it's i my top 5. I wear Romance Silver, Allure, Allure Sport, Seduction, Cristobal and Varatos.

  • STEVE02/19/2005

    This is a very nice cologne for young and middle age. Clean alluring and classy.

  • THE NOSE KNOWS02/19/2005

    It's pretty good, but a bit overhyped. If it came in a 1.7 bottle for a bit less I would consider buying it.

  • ROC01/28/2005

    Its funny how sents work differently on people. Out of the many sents I have, this is one that I do not care for. I know more people like it than not, but, on me it seems a little to feminine.

  • SHARRIE01/26/2005

    lusty and seductive. opens the door to fresh romance. love the woodsy blend. my man is hot. wonderful.

  • DIRK01/23/2005

    One of the top 5 colognes ever made. This cologne is for people only wishing to have an extremley strong, long lasting quality fragrance. It's an unusal mix of alot of ingrediants but to me the citrus mixed with the pepper and tobbaco accent the other underlying joys of lavender and sage and the other ingrediants. It's fruity, spicy, woody and most of all it's refined to the max. Is there such a cologne where you don't need to spray it 40 times to get strength out of it? This one you spray a couple times and one on your hand so your nose can periodicly enjoy it. There are pretty colonges out there, most are poor quality ruined by the alchohol. This one is grade A greatness all around. It's the one colgone I buy over and over. Sure I like others I try but this is my benchmark cologne. Obviously this website agrees for they wouldn't have it featured on thier homepage for over a year now.

  • GDL01/18/2005

    I was trying to decide between the D & G and Dunhill's newest. I went for the Dunhill, but this is definitely next on my list. A classic.

  • SOLYTAIRE01/11/2005

    Great, unique, old. I cannot people are just discovering this fragrance in 2004. Unbelievable. I remember wearing this fragrance in fall 2001. Moving on, its perfect for special occasions and will not be confused with any other fragrance, very noticeable, woodsy.

  • CRISTINA01/02/2005

    i'd compare this parfume to bvgari black...which has tones of personality

  • JESSE12/29/2004

    Im 17 and for the last 5 years or so and ive bought almost every expensive cologne you could think of. It Makes me sick to smell guys wearing stuff like axe and bod. I like a good classy fragrance and i believe ive found my signature fragrance in Dolce and Gabbana. Not only does it have a stiff masuline smell it has almost a spicy fragrance that goes good for casual but tops the cake on any special occasion. My advice to any guy is purchase this cologne!

  • SHARRIE12/27/2004

    my man smells fantastic. sexy.seductive. awesome. wow. another one scored from the bucheron family. wonderful.

  • CB12/16/2004

    Anyone who did not give this one 5 stars is buggin. This is one of the top five fragrances out right now (including Creed). I cannot imagine my cologne collection without it.

  • TOM TURNER12/16/2004

    It's not that I don't like the stuff, but, wow, the lemon scent overpowers all of it. If you like the smell of lemons, give it a shot, but just warning those who are buying without smelling first.

  • JERRY12/10/2004

    When I was in elevator, three girls came on other floor, they had detected my cologne. They told me they wanted to do me because of this cologne that drived them crazy.

  • ERIC = O)12/09/2004

    This cologne has a very nice soft smell to it without being too effeminate. When you first spray it on, it smells like it has way too much alcohol in it and comes on very strong, but it doesn't take too long for that to go away. Just allow yourself a good 20 minutes after you spray it on, before you leave the house. If you're sampling some in the mall, squirt some on your wrist in the perfume store and proceed with the rest of your shopping and smell your wrist as you're about to leave the mall. This way, you'll have a good idea why everyone here likes it so much.

  • JUSTIN11/23/2004

    This cologne is very sophisticated and classy! Good for evening wear Excellent

  • SMYRNIAN11/22/2004

    The most complicated one I have ever tried. This is like good expensive wine. It is a smell with a twist in it. Masculine but not disturbing. Sweet but with some badness. Still very whole. Classy as Armani-He but more romantic and with a mediterranian personality.

  • TWHITMAN11/06/2004

    This cologne is really great, most guys in my age group 18-25 have heard about docle & gabbana once or twice but never really thought twice, so this is a really unique cologne, when you try it for the first time it relaly doesn't smell too great right when you put it on but let it set or 20-30 min, you will not be able to stop smelling it, ladies love the smooth yet sharp masculine scent!..make sure you tell them its DOLCE & GABBANA and you'll earn some points right there. good luck guys.

  • DOMANICK10/22/2004

    how do u apply it to get the maximum results while wearing it


    Wow! Just added this one to the collection, and i have to say that so far this is the number one cologne out there! You can never get sick of the smell, only a few other can come close with this, and those are Versace Dreamer and Givenchy Pi. But wow, this is exceptional, one of a kind, i receive the second most compliment on this just after Di Gio. This will definitely turn some girls on at night, believe that! One problem is that your body chemistry really has to work well with this cologne, just because it smells good on someone else doesn't mean it's gonna smell good on you, and this cologne really has that rule on top!

  • CAIUS09/30/2004

    You cannot go wrong with this if you buy this perfume. This is a very masculine, formal, and romantic type of fragrance. Almost all department stores sell this but buy it online. Anyway, I would give it five stars, right on.

  • DAVE09/28/2004

    This is easily in the top 5 men's fragrance of all time, it's just so classy, truly smells sexy, all girls love it. This fragrance is the only fragrance that has won The Best Fragrance, Best Packaging and Best advertising at the International Academy Awards of The Academia del Profumo. Most critics and users agree that this is the favorite among many, that's why it has become so popular, and it seems the trend will never stop cuz it's that good!

  • JBL09/27/2004

    Alright...Iam so Glad Aqua Di Gio Came out after only 3 or 4yrs DG was released...most of the people my age either doesnt know about it...or they just overlook DG...this makes me unique among the 18yr old group and i love it because all these 18yr old girls have never really had a wiff of DG...and that automaticly makes me a winner in the girls eyes'...The scent is perfect...just spray no more than 2 will last for a good 6hrs...oh yeeeahhh dont wear it to college...cause iam!!!!!...peace out

  • DA RUSSIAN09/26/2004

    This cologne is great, but you need chemistry! Mostly works for latin colored people...not a white person cologne.

  • HANNIBAL LECTER08/25/2004

    I really love this fragance. It's so masculine, so powerful and every single person around you will notice how good you smell.

  • R.J.08/23/2004


  • MARK ANTHONY08/23/2004

    I bought this at a cologne shop at an Airport (L.A. X) and I'll tell you, i havent received one complaint at all about it, and a lot of my female friends love it!

  • MARIANA08/19/2004

    I once dated this guy that had this cologne, and i was head over heels for him. I just wanted to kiss him and kiss him :) This cologne is the best, let's just say that three out of the 4 guys i've kissed have worn Dolce & Gabbana! The scent is just sooooooooooo masculine, it drives me crazy. So far this is THE BEST cologne i've smelled. And for the guys who say it smells too strong let me tell you, one spray goes a long way.

  • POGUEDOG08/17/2004

    I really like this stuff a lot, it's my 2nd favorite after "Cerruti Image". It's a little strong, so I recommend applying about 30-60 minutes before going out. My girl likes it, but still prefers the Cerruti. Give it a try!

  • MARY08/12/2004

    An amazing, sensual, aromatic landscape to sink your teeth into. "Dim the lights, you can guess the rest!"

  • LEE08/05/2004

    I can't tell you how many women come up to me just to smell the cologone at clubs.

  • YOOPER DON07/22/2004

    I bought this cologne because of all the 5-star ratings on this site. I can't get enough of my own smell when I wear it. Unfortunately, it has absolutely no effect on women. Cool Water and Curve are ten times better at attracting women.

  • CHEROKEE132306/27/2004

    This is the most impressive male fragrance I have ever smelled. It fits my very male man to a T.Nice Nice

  • SKYDIVER200506/23/2004

    I'm not joking around when i say this but if you want to get the ladies to notice you, start wearing it. What i like about it is thats its long lasting and women seem to really like it. At work alot of the females will walk up to me and start smelling my neck cause they really dig the smell. Lets just say that D&G has really helped made me popular at work :)

  • MARTIN06/05/2004

    well, i was expection something better. so many outstanding reviews of this cologe made me buy it. it might be due to my body chemistry that doesn't blend with it. i just don't find it good. it's just the begining smell of lemons that makes it original; later it's just one of many. d&g might grow on me but for now i'll stay with dunhill blue, armani's agua.. and chanel's allure

  • BRAD05/27/2004

    Beware! It cost much more then other fragrances. I prefer Acqua Di Gio for a more pocket friendly and great smelling cologne.

  • CRAIG05/24/2004

    I was really disappointed with this fragrance. Thought it might even grown on me, it didn't. Threw out the bottle!

  • ALICIA05/24/2004

    My boyfriend wears this cologne and it smells luscious, sexy, and masculine. Strongly recommended, ofcourse, only if your body chemistry blends.

  • JIM05/14/2004

    It has a very refreshing scent!

  • JEFF05/02/2004

    That last comment was totally retarded and didn't make any sense. One of the most masuline scents out there that has a bit of everything in it so it's exiting: It has your masculine parts in it with the bergamont and tobacco. The spicyness of it with the pepper. The sweetness and freshness of it with orange and lemon. You cannot describe it cause it's refined. A true meaning to the word "refined" with every wiff. Perfect for evening use.

  • SHI04/28/2004


  • M04/27/2004

    If you have diabetes please avoid it. It is TOO sweet and total girlish

  • STACY04/11/2004

    Great scent- I would encourage all men to try it!

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    On my skin, it starts to smell very "dry" after 15 mins (great before that). Loved it in the shop (before the dry-down), and bought a large bottle... (i should of course have waited a little!). Can use it, but not the best on my skin. Probably great on the right person!.

  • YANG04/09/2004

    I love this fragrance.. it's so fresh and invigorating. My girlfriend loves it as well.

  • THEODOR 04/03/2004

    I just bought this cologne and I got ten complements the first day... all by women

  • JEFF03/28/2004

    If I could only own one cologne, this would be my choice. It is not surprising so many wear really is that good. I just pray I don't fall in love with a woman that had an ex that wore this. You guys all know how that works. If it is either her or my D & G, I'll just have to find another woman.

  • BJS03/25/2004

    My favorite out of my collection nice smell, add it to your collection

  • DAVE03/04/2004

    This cologne is perfect. It's not overwhelmingly strong, but yet it still gets noticed. If you are looking for a great cologne that signifies excellence then look no further. But honestly to make this cologne the best it can be, it needs to be complimented with either the after shave or the shower gel.

  • PINOMEX02/28/2004

    This is the best scent to wear to a formal affair. It let's people know you expect high standards.

  • ANNONYMOUS02/27/2004

    Highly recommend this cologne. Just finished my 2nd bottle, on to the 3rd!!

  • BILL02/25/2004

    i really like this colonge has a nice fresh smell

  • MR. T.02/16/2004

    Ijust purchased a bottle Everyone wants to know what it is,And I proudly tell them.

  • BRAD MEDLING02/13/2004

    Most people are fooled by the humble lemon begginings but in the dry down, the bold lemon and tobacco smell is enough to make a billy goat puke!

  • NIKKI02/08/2004

    ok guys, coming from a girl, this cologne is very sexy! i just started dating a guy who wears this & i'm very picky about scents, but i love this one. it rates right up there w/ my all time favorite, Curve.

  • CAROL02/04/2004

    Very sweet..and makes you feel sick. Very popular, i don't know why...

  • MO 01/31/2004

    Totally overrated and too many people wear it. I smelled it from the store, and smelled it from a dude on my way to the parking lot.

  • NAME01/29/2004

    Wow, this is a really classy scent. Only requires 1-2 sprays. Smells amazing. The Citrus and Tabbacco smell amazing together, really unique smell, definatly upper-class cologne.


    Another of my all time favorites. By far D & G's best cologne. A real masculine scent thats clean and long lasting. Known and owned by many. At this point, it's old stuff with many people using it. However, an all time classic. Best of the best of citrusy smelling colognes.

  • NGUYEN LE01/14/2004

    Just got it today! One word to describe: PERFECT! This is a real cologe for modern men. Very masculine and sexy! Absolutely pleasant!

  • LORRAINE01/09/2004

    It is one of the very best for men, smells absolutely gorgeous but only on the right man, you have either got it or you haven't, so those with low ratings obviously haven't

  • FLORIN01/06/2004


  • ASCHKAEL01/03/2004

    yeah that's right...this is a pretty trashy cologne. Very one dimensional, it just doesn't evolve. I smell this on so many people...yuck. It's just not a very stylish scent... If you like this, Armani's "He" (Black) is right up your alley.

  • BRON12/31/2003

    Brought this for a present for my man..a bit worried that he wouldnt like it as he is so fussy, but thankfully he loves it. I agree that its nothing very unusual in the way of smell but you really can't go wrong with this one.

  • JAY12/20/2003

    Smells so good you could eat it! I love this stuff - My favorite cologne right now, the ladies tell me I smell delicious.

  • ROMEO-1412/15/2003

    aqua di gio is the greatest colongne everyone i know loves it more than 5 stars

  • JOSE12/11/2003

    This cologne is terrific! It is sophisticated and refined. Girls always compliment me, when I wear this cologne. Very nice fragrance. Highly recommended.

  • MARISOL12/05/2003

    is the best lotion for men

  • W.B.11/25/2003


  • ANTGIRL11/22/2003

    It's remarkable and a high-quality fragrance, but too girlish! And too harsh. Disgusting for my taste. It's a girl's opinion.

  • AMANDA10/28/2003

    I was on a plane this weekend on a buisness trip and sat next to a cute guy wearing this cologne.So now I know what to buy my hunny this christmas

  • ASHLEY10/27/2003


  • ANN10/27/2003

    I went out on a date last weekend with a guy wearing this cologne.He smelled great.

  • ALYSSA10/27/2003

    I used to think eternity and Drakkar were the best colognes.... well I added this one to my list too.. and my hubby will be getting this next week on his B-day

  • DONNA10/27/2003

    To men: This cologne is a keeper !!!

  • NANCY10/27/2003

    This is an amazing masculine scent.I love it on my husband!!!!!

  • UTLONGHORN10/22/2003

    This fragrance is heavenly! My husband knows that if he wears it he will definitely get some attention from me. Warning - more than 1 to 2 sprays and you will be sorry! This is not a cheap, drugstore cologne!

  • BRYAN10/01/2003

    This isn't bad at all! But very strong as many have pointed out. If you aren't in favour of overused perfume, don't pump too much. It lingers very well without overusing.

  • DELENDA09/29/2003

    What a wonderful comment! I agree with "SOULWRITER" 100 percent. I had this happen to me, actually. My g/f and I were at a business function, and a lady kept coming close, and finally said "I can't get over the smell. It smells great".

  • DELENDA09/29/2003

    I wonder if some of the people here think of eau de toilette as being something you have to use in abundance. D&G is a a fragrance that needs to be sprayed on very little. It is a cool weather fragrance, and a nice one too. Tommy lovers!! stick with Tommy.

  • SOULWRITER09/26/2003

    If a blue Brooks Brother's single breasted is considered a "power suit", than this cologne is a "power scent"! It provokes confidence. It's not trying to make a statement, it just says that you want to smell damn good without trying too hard. Unlike some colognes, which have purpose, which have intentions, this one is king! You can wear it everyday and tickle the fancy of the opposite gender without trying. It's kind of like flirting, without flirting. So when you're with your girlfriend and that other female is staring at you, you can say "Babe I didn't say a word to her, the D&G did"

  • JACK09/20/2003

    that is wonderfull each time when i wear it, all the girls ask me about a name of my perfume

  • CURT09/20/2003

    I bought this about 2 years ago for the first time. I received nothing but compliments. It has now become my favorite of all the perfumes I own. I would recommend this one to all men. Two thumbs way up..

  • CUTIEC09/03/2003

    My man wears this cologne and he smells SOOO GOOD!! I like it alot

  • JUDE C08/04/2003

    girls like it- it is a light flowery scent-not woody and sexy-it is very citriusy-can't go wrong with it-good for daytime use-not the sexiest scent however

  • GEERT07/30/2003

    What a pitty that this perfume makes me sneeze, and causes tears to well from my eyes spontaneously. I completely agree with anyone who says that it is smelling great when it has dried. It lasts longer than any other cologne I have had so far, but watch out when you spray it on you! I advise to gently shake the bottle before spraying.

  • T07/26/2003

    Iv'e had this for about a month and have had great compliments.I didn't think a colonge thats been out for so long could be so popular and smell good!

  • LESTAT07/21/2003

    I just bought this cologne and it smells great !!

  • ALEX07/21/2003

    This is great stuff. But will always be second to JPG Le Male as far as babe magnets are concerned.

  • WILL07/19/2003

    I find D& G to be a light cologne- not strong and over powering. It starts out sweet with a masculine tobacco finish. A truly elegant scent.

  • SAIL07/16/2003

    I bought this 2 weeks ago and I've had some very positive feedback. I was in a car with my girlfriend and her sister, and she commented "wow somebody smells good tonight!". The high note of citrus dies off pretty fast. For best results use this right before an event.

  • SALLY07/15/2003

    i got this cologn for my boyfriend on valentine's day. he loved it and so did i, it has a very attractive, manly smell to it. he told me that at his place of employment, people (mostly women) have complemented him for his smell. not all colgnes suit everyone, but when this one does its a very great smell. i love the smell.

  • JOHN07/09/2003

    i love this fragrance, it can be worn anytime and women seem to be drawn to it.

  • MUSUMESAN06/28/2003

    it is difficult to say that something is perfect, well, D&G is a perfect scent for a perfect gentleman. Sorry little boys,that's not for you

  • OSI06/22/2003

    Pure citrus & tobacco scent. It is very strong and stays on you for a long time, infact you can't get it out of your shirt.

  • MAXIM05/30/2003

    It's definitely one of the highest quality on the market available. I personally love the After Shave Dolce Gabbana. Try it you won't be disappointed.

  • DE05/27/2003

    After awhile, the citrus scent started to smell more and more like pledge.

  • BRIAN05/23/2003

    I hated this stuff when I got a sample. I thought it was way too strong and nasty. Not anymore cause I tried it again then bought a bottle. This is actully one of the few..very few colognes I like with tobbaco in it. Tobbaco is great if mixed correctly. If incorrectly it will smell nasty like Joop! and Angel. I think the combination of the citrus and tobbaco makes it stong and commanding. I only wear this at night cause it tends to not smell as good from sun exposure. Some just work better at night. I like the fact it is super strong. If only more colonges wern't watered down.

  • FRANCESCO04/24/2003

    Simply the best scent.....and long lasting too!

  • BERNIE04/02/2003

    This stuff smells like a laundrymat! or its smells like bathroom spray mixed with 20 minute toilet session!

  • LUKE03/31/2003

    well my GF bought me this, and its amazing, it wearable anytime u want, and its stays long.

  • ARNOLD R. 03/28/2003

    Hmm. I see that this one seems to be a popular favorite, but I have a couple of problems with it. First of all, it's too sweet -- which gives it a kind of "prissy" quality that I find distasteful. (Although I have smelled worse in that regard; it's not as disgustingly sweet as Angel Men [Thierry Mugler 1996], for instance.) And secondly, there's something "clashy" about having citrus notes and tobacco notes in a fragrance. It doesn't work. I don't mind citrus per se, some of my favorite fragrances have citrus notes (cKOne, Armani, Acqua di Gio), and probably my all time favorite has an unusual citrus blend in it (Halston Z-14), but I think this is the first time I've ever come across that particular combination: citrus and tobacco. It smells wrong. But in spite of all that, it still isn't terrible. You can tell there's some quality ingredients going on, and I can certainly see how people who like the newer stuff dig it. It's just not for me.

  • VIC03/24/2003

    save your money and do not buy this product for a couple of months and then buy you some creed for $100.00

  • SOLO03/21/2003

    This is simply the best smelling cologne I've ever purchased. I have gotten complements on other colognes before but nothing like this. Guys I'm telling you the ladies will go crazy for you if you wear this around them. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself...

  • KATHY03/18/2003

    Love this perfume. Had lots of comments on it.

  • BRAD03/13/2003

    Nah you can still pull it off.

  • JOHN W.03/12/2003

    like Rick said, for evening wear. It doesn't hold up very stable in the hot sun and not something you'd want to wear at the office unless you really want to be noticed. This is great for at night. The hidden tobbaco notes are great with the citrus. This stuff is strong to say the least. If you want something different, elegant and lasts a very long time this is it.

  • JERRY03/10/2003

    Does this mean that if you only ride the subway or Long Island Railroad and eat Pizza, Chinese or at Ranch-1 you shouldn't wear this?

  • BRAD03/07/2003

    Don't buy this cologne! It's great and I don't want girls telling me it reminds them of some other guy they know! This is a great scent for riding in your Mercedes and taking your lady out for some 5-star dining. At the same time though it's just light enough to wear casually. It seems to fit any occasion. If you're younger though, say, in high school, I would suggest Curve or Acqua di Gio as a daily-wear fragrance unless you like to act sophisticated at school. Peace

  • DAMION 03/03/2003

    Ahh yes, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme; a good cologne that could have been so much more....Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme opens very robust with full-bodied floral notes that contain just a hint of fresh vanilla and subtle citrus. While deceptively powerful when first applied, Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme's initial fragrant bouquet tends to fade rather quickly after drying down. Given that I wouldn't necessarily consider Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme a true "light" scent, (it's more of a middle-weight cologne so to speak), I find this lack of staying power perplexing. Maybe the short fragrance life I'm experiencing has more to do with my own particular skin type versus the actual cologne itself, but it doesn't seem to have the same staying power as others in my collection (Michael, Dreamer, Hanae Mori, Lacoste Pour Homme etc?). Because Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is both clean and sophisticated, it's definitely a good choice for the office, but perhaps not a lengthy night out on the town due to it's fleeting nature. With that being said, there's an undeniable masculine personality to Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme that sets it apart from a lot of other colognes out there, however those searching for a long wearing scent may want to look elsewhere.



  • RICK01/30/2003

    Best choice for eveningwear!

  • VIC01/24/2003

    D&G is wonderful, but referencing some posts below complaining about what someone else had to say. Mind your own business. No one gives a rats arse about you being offended. Get therapy. Anyway, Dolce is loaded with class and fit for luxury.

  • RONNIE01/22/2003

    Nice enough. I like dreamer and Pi alot better though. Also, really like Time for Peace by Kenzo and Desire by Dunbhill.

  • TACHYON STALLION01/16/2003

    One of my favorites along with Dreamer and Pi.

  • STU01/16/2003

    It is the king of EDT's. Proven, tested, magnet.

  • RISSY01/12/2003

    I think this scent is wicked.

  • AARON01/10/2003

    Okay this is a average Great scent. I really like it and it has gotten so many complements at work...and in bed...

  • DAVE01/03/2003

    Thrust up the arse? Better thrown off a cliff.

  • RICH12/16/2002

    Next time please rewrite your name as Trailer Park Jen. You are worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

  • AV8OR12/14/2002

    half a bottle later... still nothing... at least with "OLD SPICE " i get that "who stinks?" remark...

  • SECURITY12/14/2002

    JENN X should be thrusted up the arse, she's really annoying!

  • JENNY X12/09/2002

    Not with you happy boy. You didn't even rate it. It's off the scale with this babe, they broke the mold.

  • AV8OR11/25/2002

    ok... so i finally got this one instead of my regular OLD SPICE "de toilette"... now to put this, what everyone here so eloquently put as a "babe magnet"...any girls out there need a date... heeelloooooo..... echooooo.... aarrrrrrrr...=P

  • DAVE11/19/2002

    This is truly one of the best, but the problem is that too many guys are using this stuff nowadays, it's just not interesting anymore. Guess it's time to move on before the whole world smells like DG!

  • SHAUNDELLE11/11/2002

    I bought this scent for my boyfriend and we both love it. It's an all around scent nice at the office or at any social event. When my boyfriend wears this I loose control!

  • BEN11/06/2002

    Is okay. Nothing like Grey Flannel or grasshoppers or whatever, and doesn't rule over any universes either. Way too many guys wear it, just like Aqua di Gio.

  • STU10/31/2002

    Your a Biology gone genetically wrong. D&G is ruler of all, never to be equaled.

  • FABRIZIO10/30/2002

    This scent reminds me of grey flannel and both are 2 scents which remind me of high school biology opening grasshoppers in the lab.

  • LOLA10/26/2002

    I've said it before,and I'll say it again.I love this one.It is quiet, elegant,understated and yet very powerful.Perfectly balanced,this is true class in a bottle,devilishly well marketed.Everytime I smell this one,I start to salivate.Don't tell anyone!

  • SHARP AS A KNIFE10/12/2002

    It is so strong but smells good. I like strong colognes but some smell nasty. This smells powerful and nice. I like the mix of the tobbaco in it. I will wear this one forever.

  • PAUL10/05/2002

    It smells very upscale be worn lightly and on nights out when a great first impression is needed..every man should at least try this works wonders on the fairer sex!!

  • SEXYNENAPATI09/23/2002

    my boyfriend uses dolce gabbana and it smells sooo good on him. i just love it. it would be the best gift to give your man if you want him to smell really GOOD!!!

  • MARCO09/22/2002

    this is some stuff, one spray is all you need. very masculine, long lasting, and the female LOVE!!! this stuff!!!

  • NED08/31/2002

    it smels good but it reminds me of a tea i used to drink

  • TINA08/19/2002

    It smells okay but too many guys wear it. I am thankful we don't have to hear anymore about the last guy's night in cancun.

  • DILLON08/05/2002

    This is a excellent evening wear. This fragrence holds up very well in the summer. I get alot of complements from the ladies. this fragrence also alowed me to have an unforgettable night in cancun in the summer of 2001. =)~

  • BRANDON07/24/2002

    This is the best cologne I have ever bought. Its well worth its price. I get many compliments when i wear this fragrance. I might not be able to buy the clothing but i can wear the fragrance!!

  • MARY06/20/2002

    My fiance' wears this cologne and let me tell you...its scent is awesome!!It's not like any other scents you've tried so has its own uniqueness,and that's what makes it different and special!! Yes,it's quite strong,that's why you only need a little don't spray this 5-6 times on your neck or wrists...we're talking about just a few drops,and you've got plenty for the entire day!It stays on your clothes and it leaves an overall pleasant scent. Very very masculine!!!!

  • COLOGNEGUY06/15/2002

    I have many, many colognes yet this is the only one that consistently gets comments from females. Amazing smelling cologne. You certainly need this in your collection.

  • CHUCKY06/12/2002

    This stuff is discusting. Yes it is strong, but it does not have an appealing scent. Get something else! Blah

  • LOLA06/08/2002

    how can one company make a men scent like this one which is so awsome,and then come up with a women version which is so vile?

  • SUSAN05/23/2002

    I love this scent! The new guy I'm dating wears this, and I love it. It's totallly not like the average same types of scents that most men I have dated wear. Men, this scent is a total "babe magnet."

  • RON C.05/22/2002


  • TUM05/14/2002

    Brian,why did you spray it too much like that. It's not aftershave. No one teach you how to spray?

  • BRIAN05/13/2002

    Ever hear of the phrase " a little goes a long way ". I like to use about 5-8 sprays of cologne on my neck, hand , and arms. This stuff is so strong...1 spray will do. Not the most appealing stuff in the world. A very strong woods smell and a little nutty smelling. I didn't care for this stuff on me and gave me a headache after a while.

  • SHANTY05/11/2002

    My future husband wares it.I can't help it, but I get so turned on by it! And he knows it damn well.It's like a magnet-my man is terribly sexy but when he's got his D&G on-it ain't normal-I go insane.An afrodisiac.

  • FEATHERS03/15/2002

    The scent is quite forceful, lingering and piercing. Just one spray is more than enough for me!

  • WHITEHALL02/20/2002

    Complexity is an important quality in a scent. D&G is complex. Single note products just can't capture the attention. The base has a special warmth that fits so well with the mid-notes, which seem to last forever. "Classy" is hard to define but that is the definite impression that D&G leaves on everyone. My preferred evening or formal cologne.

  • KAYE02/07/2002

    Looking over most of the messages posted online regarding this product, I found myself nodding in agreement more than I ever have about anything in my entire existance. This perfume is simply exquisite. Men I am letting you know know....wear this and I guarantee the ladies/or your lady will simply drool in anticipation. This scent is amazing, to tell you the truth I started wearing it myself it is so good. Number 1.

  • MICKI02/06/2002

    My friend wears this colonge and it smells AWESOME. This colonge definetly attracts women!

  • ADRIAN01/30/2002

    Very nice pefume. It has a lot of class.


    this is by far one of the best mens cologne, alone it smells great. if you blend it with a little of the todd oldham cologne (made for women) the two work so well together and create an irresistable scent. its not too strong and not too will leave you with many asking what it is that you are wearing that makes you smell so good.

  • ERIC B.01/02/2002

    You will command respect with scent. something the president should wear. Its that good

  • JUSTIN11/29/2001

    completely agree, inca!

  • INCA11/29/2001

    ladies will drool over you if you wear this!

  • ROBERT11/29/2001

    this is the best dolce and gabanna has made!

  • SYLVIA11/29/2001

    this smells wonderful. Tell your guy to wear this. You'll love it!

  • SOPHIE11/27/2001

    This smells absolutely fantastic. My friend wears it, and I love it! It smells clean, and not too strong.

  • KEN M.11/24/2001


  • CENDRES DE LUNE11/08/2001

    So elegant,it has so much class!!!!

  • SCORPIO11/07/2001

    one of my favorites

  • NETTIE 08/04/2001

    Is their any way I could get a sample of all Dolce& Gabanna I want to make sure that this is the right one to order . Mt e-mail add is

  • FEATHERS04/04/2001

    I found this eau de toilette to be a rich, spicy deeply muted floral that only requires a light spray behind each ear. It is long lasting and quite for cool evenings.

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