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Burberry London   

47 Reviews

Burberry London cologne by Burberry is a timeless signature cologne for the modern gentleman who exudes natural confidence and a sophisticated manner. This understated and refined amber woody fragrance is fresh and masculine on top, creates a seductive, natural sexiness at its heart, and combines unique base notes to create a timeless, signature more

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Burberry London cologne by Burberry is a timeless signature cologne for the modern gentleman who exudes natural confidence and a sophisticated manner. This understated and refined amber woody fragrance is fresh and masculine on top, creates a seductive, natural sexiness at its heart, and combines unique base notes to create a timeless, signature scent. Notes include Bergamot, Lavender, Cinnamon Leaves, Black Pepper, Mimosa, Leather, Port Wine, Guaiac Wood, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Opopanax.

  • CODAD07/09/2017

    I have had many compliments while wearing this.

  • GLEN B02/08/2012

    Got the 5ml EDP Mini this afternoon and tried it on after I'd showered, shaved, etc after work. Interesting smell on paper but on my skin, the lavender drowned out pretty much everything else, leaving me smelling not unlike certain household air fresheners and disinfectants! Shame. Great scent, but not for me. Next!

  • PAO_BASS04/02/2011

    this is a very well crafted scent. good projection on my skin, lasts up to 12 hours on me. love the cinnamon. sweet! one of the best out there

  • PAO_BASS04/02/2011

    this is a very well crafted scent. good projection on my skin, lasts up to 12 hours on me. love the cinnamon. sweet! one of the best out there

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • MICHAELSON11/02/2009


  • JUDE C08/22/2009

    Great great fall scent. Smells awesome - imagine a sexy sexy zino davidoff type. Very manly. However, the longevity is below average in my view. Burberry's original is the best from this design house, but london is very solid and will not regret it. It is, however, a little pricey. But for the fall, it is excellent - put a little more on than usual because it is not that powerful and dies down rather quickly.


    hello, im a cologne lover from puerto rico. i have used many many many colognes in the past, having right noe about 7 left. this is my first time here so need yoy help. among the hundreds i have used, really few has done the job for me, speaking bot lasting power and smell, a dont have a top ten, but the ones that a really like, the ones that i feel when wearing, allure, nautica vogage, burburry london, burburry touch, tous man, bvlgary aqua, le male, individual, armani code and 212. those are the ones i can say they work on my skin. others i have used, but didnt feel them on me, are polo black, aqua di gio, magnetism, dreamer, and the list go on. so here is where i need your help. i need a list of day colognes and a list of night colognes that have the best lasting power, remember puerto rico is a hot place. im thinking to try burburrys brit, starwalker, allure sport, bvlgari soir, black, extreme, ignition, rochas, or any other you can tell. remember i just whant help from the ones that really know, and you are at the top. sp thanks for inspiring me into cologne hunting ill appreciate all help you can give me.

  • DUBAI02/18/2009

    Have a spray of this wonder, sit back, it will fill the space within 9 square meters of you with a scent worthy of the most classical symphony ever composed. Refined and restrained at the same time, well worth the price of possession...

  • JOEY P01/25/2009

    One of my most unique ones. musky with a splash of sexy sweet. longevity is pretty good. definitely an attention getter.

  • HUGGYBEAR12/11/2008

    Man, this is a classy fragrance! It slightly reminds me of the original Polo in the green bottle, but more refined with leather and sweet tobocco notes. It doesn't stink up the joint like Polo does with its gaudy sillage. This one's a winner folks! Very much what an executive businessman would wear to work or an evening out. Smells of money.

  • JESSE12/03/2008

    This fragrance is without a doubt one of the best you can get for your money! 2 sprays is all you need to keep this amazing scent lingering all day. I would say just wear it in the evening, but it smells so great that you cant help but wear it anytime.

  • ~BOHEMIANGIRL~07/13/2008

    Loooooove this! Reminds me of a sexy English prof I had in college. Very cerebral, yet naughty - just like he was. ;-) I'm getting this for my man...

  • RJ07/08/2008

    It has few overtones of Burberry Weekend. Not very long lasting. May be good for light office/indoor use. Definitely not for a sunny, sweaty day.

  • LESTAT06/04/2008

    Thats one of the way to give this fragrance lasting power.. 10 or 12 sprays on chest.. few sprays on arms and wear it with after shave balm..

  • JESSE E05/11/2008

    I'm 21, and have been collecting cologne's since I was 12.... Out of all the cologne's out there today I would say that Burberry London stands as one of the best. Most guys now, especially younger ones, are used to wearing stuff that comes out of a abercrombie or hollister outlet....Its time to move onto to bigger and better things and this is it. If I'm going out for any old occasion I may throw on some aqua di gio or Dolce, but if I'm looking to impress, Burberry is surely the classy and sophisticated way of doing so.

  • LESTAT05/05/2008

    Use the London shower gel and after shave before you apply the cologne.The fragrance will last hell of a lot longer than if you just use cologne.

  • ERIC03/28/2008

    Fragrance doesn't get much better than this. My first experience with Burberry fragrances and I'm glad I tried this one first based blindly on the comments from this message board. From top notes to bottom I am so pleased and will wear this with pleasure.

  • ERIC03/27/2008

    I've always wanted something by Burberry's but never tried anything and so I decided to try this first without smelling it (your comments, especally Barbara W's made me really want to try it). I understand many of Burberry's fragrances are nice and I'll stop by the counter to try those without blindly ordering them. I am astounded with what is in this bottle. I felt like a little boy opening a birthday or Christmas present. It smells so good!! Unparalleled with its spices and warmth I can actually see me in the Poconos at my sister's house wearing my sweater's with the fireplace going and everyone just enjoying ourselves and me with this fragrance on. It is just beautiful. Thank you ALL for your comments. Peace.

  • JOE02/17/2008

    I just discovered (bought) this fine scent after months of smelling it on cards in the department stores. This scent is platinum. I love it and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who cares about smelling great!

  • CHRIS 02/03/2008

    am confused...want your honest u people rate declaration by cartier...u people have great noses....i find its good but!!!....

  • SMACK78701/22/2008

    a refined and elegant woody ambery fragrance It lingers with you all day long and night. And yes you will smell the fragrance on your pillow the next day. Awesome I wear it all the time. Burberry Brit, is good too, wear it with the after shave. Excellent!!!

  • DARRSHANJVORAA01/05/2008

    a very rich blended perfume which is very sophisticated . wear it and feel the richness of it, it is not those loud routine citrusy or vanilla type fragrance. london is class , a beautiful brown khaki color bottle.

  • ZAYIN12/01/2007

    I recently gave Burberry London a second try. For some reason it seemed to last longer than the first time I wore it, so disregard my previous review! I have no explanation...I suppose I just reviewed it too early. I could actually smell London on my jacket a couple of days later. Great cologne for cold weather.

  • YIORGOS GREECE11/07/2007

    It's really one of the best perfumes you can find. It's warm, sexy, and romantic. It's also very strong and it lasts for many hours. If I wear it at night, the next morning my pillow will smell Burberrys London!!! It is magical!

  • SHARON11/02/2007

    Finally, a men's scent that smells masculine! I'm really tired of all the men's fragrances out there that smell watery, unisex, or feminine. London makes a statement and it quite simply ROCKS.

  • RYAN10/25/2007

    Ok, so when I first smelled this on paper when it was brand new on the market, I thought yuck! I thought it smelled kind of musty. However, tonight I was at Macy's looking around (sniffing around) and the sales lady showed me this. I smelled it again, then decided to spray some on my arm. WOW!! It was instant love. I couldn't get over how delicious smelling it was. I ended up buying a bottle and hope to really enjoy it (and maybe get some compliments along the way) . . . I am so glad that I am one who does give things second chances, because otherwise I would've missed out on this sexy fragrance. BTW, I can totally picture what you guys are talking about it smelling a little like the holidays . . . I think its the cinnamon and tobacco leaves . . . guys enjoy this one, it's awesome!

  • BELLE09/22/2007

    This is it! THE scent for my guy. Love it so very much...AAAH!!! Warm & cozy...distinguished, refined, sexy! I think it's exquisite! I'm lovin' this!!! Great fall/winter scent.

  • BARBARA W09/21/2007

    Do you mean Double Black? If so, yes, I love that one. If it's a brand new Polo that you're referring to, thanks for the tip and I'll give it a try!

  • DARRSHAN09/20/2007

    just recently i bought this scent,i feel it is quiet diff from the existing stuff in the world of fragrance. love the dry down, very addictive scent, not for all, very masculine.

  • LESTAT09/12/2007

    Hello barbara did you try the new Polo? Its dry down on the paper smells like London.I didnt try the new polo on my arm so I cannot say if it's long lasting .Let me know what you think about The new polo :)

  • WB09/10/2007


  • BARBARA W08/22/2007

    Not surprised you didn't like it if you don't like those notes! Wish I could find a woman's fragrance that incorporated the wine and spices so well. Closest one I can think of is Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret. I'd wear London, but it's too masculine to get away with wearing it in public (but I will enjoy it at home!). :-)

  • JEFF08/19/2007

    I love this one. It will be my fall/winter scent (I wear Bvlgari in the summer). I'm a lawyer and this will be great for work as well as nights out. Reminds me of cool forests and the smell of the holidays. Like others have said, it has a classic feeling with a modern twist. Excellent!

  • JUDI W*08/18/2007

    I smelled this, and it is nice, but I don't like lavender, wine, or tobacco notes in my fragrances, but do enjoy!

  • JIXJAX08/18/2007

    I ordered this blind based on the reviews here. Before I received it I had a chance to test it on some paper while shopping and thought I had maybe made a mistake and that it might be a little too bold for my tastes. When I received it I gave it a test run on a work day. The longer I wore it the more I liked it. It is a wonderfully different scent.Deep, rich and classy....and found that initially I was wrong. It is Perfectly bold for my tastes. Thank you posters for you recommendations. I love this scent.

  • PATRICK08/17/2007

    When you're ready for a grown up fragrance, this is the one. I'm a 41 yr old executive and never got compliments on my cologne until I started wearing this. Even men have asked me what I'm wearing, and women get closer to inhale deeply. Most importantly, I love it. It projects class and refinement.

  • ANGELA08/17/2007

    I had a sophisticated, sexy English professor in college (naturally, had a huge crush on him), and this reminds me of the way he smelled. Makes me wish for those long nights of "extra help" wishing he would kiss me. ;) It's wonderful!

  • ERICK08/17/2007

    Smells like it could be an older classic, but has a fresh, modern edge to it that I like. Will be my signature this fall/winter. It's perfect.

  • TIM08/12/2007

    A classic! Rich and mellow, full of character, yet subtle. Stays close to the skin, which I like. Compliments galore from the ladies. Should be in every 35+ man's collection.

  • BARBARA W07/28/2007

    I agree that the lasting power could be better - let's hope they release an EDP! I hardly ever see them in men's fragrances, though. Why is that?

  • LESTAT 07/26/2007

    Just like brit smells great !!! but just like brit it doesnt last long on my skin :( guess Burberry is not right for me

  • ERICA07/25/2007

    then bring them on! I'm a 30 year old woman, and I absolutely LOVE this scent on a man. It suggests confidence, intelligence, and sex appeal all at once. I'd rather smell a man than a boy any day. Wear it!

  • COLIN07/25/2007

    Hopefully, destined to become a classic. Unusually refined and blended to perfection. Masculine elegance in a bottle.

  • ADRIANA07/21/2007

    Men, for all that is good and holy in this world, please wear this fragrance! Finally, a men's scent that actually SMELLS LIKE A MAN! Once in a while, forget your watery, unisex, sharp, or in your face colognes and wear this smooth, sexy masterpiece. This makes me seriously weak in the knees. I hope this is the start of a new trend back to truly masculine colognes!

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    I haven't been this much in love with a scent in a very, very long time! From the first seconds, I knew that this was amazing, far exceeding all my expectations. Unmistakably masculine - there is no way this could be unisex. From the first balsamic blast (reminds me of the wonderful smell of Christmas trees), to the winey/spicy midnotes, to the woody/slighty sweet base, it is just perfection. The amazing thing is, with all of that going on, it does not scream "cologne" - rather, it blends beautifully with the skin to create a subtle aura of fragrance - it's restrained. I live in New England, and this would be perfect in the fall and winter, mingling with the smells of the holidays here. It also conjures up images of a walk through a pine forest, sipping hard cider, with the faint smell of wood smoke in the air...or a man smoking a pipe in his library on a leather chair enjoying a glass of port and a good book. If the campuses of Oxford and Harvard had a smell, this would be it - it has a cerebral quality. But - it is NOT stuffy; there is definitely a potent seductive edge that makes me melt. It's the sort of fragrance I could picture Cary Grant or Sean Connery wearing with style. FANTASTIC!

  • ALFIE07/17/2007

    This fragrance is not really modern fragrance. It's a lil bit sweet and what i like about this fragrance is, it's different from others.

  • BARBARA W07/15/2007

    The perfumer who created London (Mr. Antoine Maisondieu) also created Brit, Armani Code, and Gucci Rush for men - among others.

  • BARBARA W07/15/2007

    I haven't smelled this yet, but the notes sound amazing! Spicy wine with tobacco and woods?? Wow! Can anyone tell me if this smells similar to any other men's frags?

  • DARRSHAN07/12/2007

    yes i totally agree with the comments and ratings on this site, its something very deep and diff. compared to the existing fragrance in town.

  • SARAH V. - UNIV. OF OKLAHOMA 05/14/2007

    This is a real man's scent! My boyfriend wears this in his 3 piece suit and now all he needs is a pipe. What a elegant smell of wine and tobacco. Matthew's post below summed it up nicely!

  • R. SHREST04/24/2007

    I disagree here with what James R. has to say on Brit, no way does it smell way too strong or overpowering. To put it differently I would say Brit projects its scent better and has an edge which is sexy and alluring. London captures that festive vibe and could be a bit heady if not too loud (has not much sillage to offer). It looks backwards against the progressive drive of colognes of our times and clearly trying to strike a cord with the older men out there. The smell of the festive season can be uplifting and fun in the moment but smelling that way the whole year round (or just winter) is quite another thing. Port wine, tobacco, and leather altogether come off too old school. An ordinary and uncharismatic Ioan Gruffudd as the face of this cologne says a lot.A gift for grandpa during the festive season. :)

  • JAMES R.04/21/2007

    I like this alot better than brit. Brit smells way too strong and overwhelming with a hint of a 2 by 4. London is more richer, and tame. It is a slightly sweet oriental wood type.

  • ZAYIN04/11/2007

    Burberry's London just doesn't last long enough for me to buy anymore. I love the smell though.

  • TONYGIO03/14/2007

    It seemed you were disagreeing with me, until I read your thoughts and saw how similar our opinions of this are! Of course this and Brit are very different scents...just as you described. My comment was merely that this is just as original and distinctive as Brit, though as you agreed, perhaps aimed at an older crowd.There are a couple I will compare Burb. London too though, and those are the new Ken. Cole r.s.v.p., which seems to me just a little subtler version of London....and vera wang, which seems to me an even MORE subtle version of london. Although I guess since vera came out first, I should properly say those others are stronger versions of her frag.....

  • TONY T03/05/2007

    comparing this and brit is like comparing night and day.brit is sweet while this is rich in character and a bit (old fashioned) in a good way. not marketed towards the under 30 crowd which is okay with me(27). good notes create a defined and refined scent of elegance and class. the pepper,tobacco and leather actually work in this scent. for some reason it feels like a gucci scent not burberry but i like it.

  • PAO BASS03/04/2007

    combine wine with sugar and spices and i pretty much think this is what you will get or something very similar to this...

  • PAO BASS03/04/2007

    combine wine with sugar and spices and i pretty much think this is what you will get or something very similar to this...

  • KNIGHTOWL02/11/2007

    I just wish the drydown was stronger...still deserves five stars for its addictive aroma!

  • NICK01/23/2007

    This is a classic. Hopefully it will be in stores forever. This scent is unique and awesome.

  • TONYGIO01/21/2007

    I agree the name is easily confused with other Burb. scent, why do design houses do that? It would seem an easy and beneficial thing to do, to come up with a distinctive name for a scent, especially one as deserving as this one. I consider this a "Brit" for the slightly more mature gentleman. All the originality, distinction, allure, and charm of Brit..with just a little more subtlety, (and perhaps... earthy warmth?). I'd say Brit is aimed at the under 40 year old man, and this one for the over 40 gentleman. Since I happen to be exactly 40, guess thats why I like them both!

  • BONO12/28/2006

    I completely agree with everything Matthew said,in his critique of the new Burberry London.The luxurious Tobacco-leather-wine combination makes this my all-time favorite.However,to compare it to any of the weak-as-water crap that armani produces,as J did,is like comparing a b.b. gun to an Atomic Bomb,dismantled,or not.(Pun Intended,for all U2 Fans!)

  • FURL12/25/2006

    I am a bit confused. I thought the original Burberry cologne also went by the name "Burberry London"...Anyways, for those of you that have tried this, how does it compare to the original Burberry?? I might add that I am a huge fan of the original...

  • J12/24/2006

    Gorgeous! as ALL British Ladies must say! Brother or sister of Armani Code but has its unique ways! Its quite surprised that not many guys notice how AWESOME this fragrance is!!!

  • MATTHEW12/20/2006

    This is a wonderful and unique scent. It's unlike any other cologne due to the distinctive tobacco, leather and wine scents that sort of have a very warm feel. It reminds me of being in a library with fine leather bound books and couches in an old english estate - sipping port wine while smoking fine tobacco from a meerschaum calabash. Pip! Pip! Cheerio!

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