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Calvin Klein


130 Reviews

Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein is about sexiness, fantasy, and being captivating. Sexy and sensual, Euphoria perfume speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life - to provocatively be part of an exciting world filled with pleasure, surprise, and temptation. Her fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive more

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Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein is about sexiness, fantasy, and being captivating. Sexy and sensual, Euphoria perfume speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life - to provocatively be part of an exciting world filled with pleasure, surprise, and temptation. Her fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive florals, for a rich, creamy, seductive signature. Notes include Pomegranate, Persimmon, Green Notes, Black Orchid, Lotus Blossom, Champacca Flower, Liquid Amber, Mahogany Wood, Black Violet, Cream Accord.

  • JUSTINE03/03/2013

    Wow,I just love Euphoria. It's a very sexy and grown-up scent. I wore it to a family wedding last year,and everywhere I went from standing in line for food to the dance floor,heads are always turning in my direction. I guess people love the scent too. The best comment I got from some random guy was: "She has to be a foreigner,because she smells utterly exotic!." Lol. Highly recommended.

  • KIM10/22/2012

    Fantastic gift set - favourite perfume

  • ERKAN DESAT05/16/2012

    attractive and high quality fragrance , attracts attention ...

  • ARLENE04/06/2012

    This is a beautiful fragrance that smells great on everybody! It's a must try scent!!!

  • MARGARET06/22/2011

    i use this perfume on special occasions I have had that many compliments to how nice I smell.

  • SUSAN05/01/2011

    I just bought this yesterday and all i can say is CK has a new loyal customer :)

  • LISY05/21/2010

    I loved this scent I really did! Until my boyfriend said he didn't like it. Lol if your bf isnt as picky as mine you can really appricate this scent.

  • MELISSA05/12/2010

    I get asked all the time what perfume I use! Men & Ladies love it! It is my husband's fave....

  • JOANNAH02/07/2010

    I finally finished off my bottle. I'm not sorry and I won't be buying it again. The only reason why I've been able to finish it off so quickly (purchased summer 08, used winter 08/09-09/10) is because we've had 1½ months of very frosty weather so I've been able to spritz it a couple of times a day plus I no longer pritz directly on myself but into the air so I can spray a few more times than I would if I were still applying fragrances directly to my skin. It could just be my chemistry that makes it heavy in the gagging sense and not in the exotic/sensual sense.

  • ANN01/01/2010

    I don't know about those that seem to hate it, but I put it on today and 3 people asked me what it was and said it smelled great! I love it and so do 2 men I don't even know.

  • KATHY11/27/2009

    I have never had so many men comment on how great I smell. Every where I go, they take a sniff and then say "mmmm, you smell great." I think it's the musky, sensual smell that attracts men. I love it!!

  • S'ME11/20/2009

    The first few times i tried this there was something I didn't like but couldn't put my finger on (still not sure what it is) .. but I persevered and I'm really starting to like this now - just one squirt and rub wrists together and it is spicy and creamy - lovely, i shall wear it more often.

  • RACHAEL11/06/2009

    I really don't understand the appeal of this perfume. The department store ladies were pushing it on every woman who walked past, and I couldn't even stand to smell it, let alone wear it. It's much too masculine and musky for my taste. Too sharp.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/21/2009

    I really like this very much! I bought it site unsniffed at this huge clearance sale JCP had (they are getting a new Sephora in our store! Yea!) and it was marked $79.00 down to $9.97 so how could I resist! At first I was unsure about the fruity blast, but the dry down on my skin was very nice, not overly sweet but more spicy and ambery. On first sniff I almost got the same notes as Poison by Dior, but it changed signifigantly quickly. I will keep this and use it in the late summer/early fall in my rotation of scents. Cheers!

  • MIRANDA02/04/2009

    While I may not wear this fragrance every day it is a wonderful switch every now and then, especially in Winter. My boyfriend commented on it twice in the same evening and said that he really liked it. If he likes it and I like it... it's a 10. The great thing about perfume is that you can wear it according to your mood. This is an excellent choice for that special evening out or a nice change from your everyday wear.

  • BARBARA02/03/2009

    So many people (men) will say...mmmmmmmm you smell so great what is the fragance...I have never had anyone say that to me before. It has such sexy notes!

  • JOANNAH01/07/2009

    While it works with my chemistry and lasts all day, I have to admit that I probably won't want to wear it from...middle of Spring or whever it begins to get warmer. I just don't associate the scent with summer. I'll store mine upside-down in the box at the back of my medicine cabinet for next winter and hope we'll have plenty of cold days like this winter. If I'd owned this winter 07. which was much milder than winter 08-09. then I probably wouldn't have worn it much. I wouldn't wear it in the evening or for a social. I'm a homemaker and it's fine when I spritz it on in the morning, go for my walks in the cool, clear air outdoors. I can't stop sniffing to my wrists. I think it's very nice on me. I bought it last summer and while I liked the fragrance in the bottle, I couldn't bring myself to wear it at that time. I hope that was helpful. In the end, it's individual what will work for you. :-)

  • CMCJIFF12/29/2008

    I liked this when I sampled the Tester, but after getting it... Yuck! A strong, bitter, spicy scent emerged. The longer it was on me, the stronger it got! It even started burning my eyes! Not for me!

  • LVJ12/04/2008

    I really liked this and it worked well with my chemistry; however, it just didn't last long on my skin.

  • TRABOT11/22/2008

    I bought this on a whim and liked it until I got pregnant and could not STAND it. I still can't smell it to this day and if someone walks by wearing it I want to gag. WAY to strong for the office. Save it for a date, and only wear a little!!

  • CARLA10/31/2008

    This is just the worst, equal to Angel for inducing nausea! I regret buying this one.

  • DIANE10/20/2008

    initially I thought this smelled pretty good-but after a few times, it was overpowering, too heavy and kind of nothing special special.

  • CINDIE09/14/2008

    Euphoria is quite unique. To me it's a love it or hate it perfume. The body lotion is simply marvelous!!! I recently brought the perfume gel and so far I am digging it. When I wear the body lotion alone I always got compliments on it, we will see what happens now with the perfume gel. I do like the texture of it and seems to last awhile. My advice is to try before you buy and don't get this one blindly because your chemistry has to be right on point with this one. Have a great day! to my fellow perfumistas!

  • PERFUMEJUNKIE07/27/2008

    I don't understand what all the fuss about this scent is. I mean, it's not bad. But it's nothing special, either. Forgettable, is what I'd call it.

  • JOANNAH06/02/2008

    I tested this one and several other fragrances at Billund airport that I had higher hopes for than this fragrance but in the end I settled on this one. I'm really surprised because I don't usually care for CK fragrances which to me, all smell run-of-the-mill and are completely characterless. I'll make an exception for this one because not only does it work well with my body chemistry (so do all the other CK fragrances I loathe) it develops nicely on me too. This one and Obsession are the only Calvin Klein fragrances I'll consider wearing. I'm still not a converted Calvin Klein fan though. The flacon is beautiful in itself too. They didn't have the special edition flacon at the airport. I tested the Blossom but it wasn't right for me.

  • TRAYB05/14/2008

    I bought this before I got pregnant and loved it, especially the body cream. When I got pregnant I couldn't stand the smell of it have not been able to dissasociate it with that time ever since! I know someone who piles WAY too much of this on and it drives me NUTS. PLEASE ladies, just wear a little. Too much perfume is NEVER sexy

  • HOT MAMA05/05/2008

    I just tried Euphoria after reading a ton of positive reviews. It has been 1 1/2 hours since it has been on me and I have to say, I am not impressed. There is a note that stands out that I do not particularly care for. Personally, I like Armani Code better. Maybe it is my chemistry. I have asked a few people if they like it on me and they have said "no". Too strong.

  • ANNABELLE04/30/2008

    I've come to the conclusion that I can't wear anything from the house of Calvin Klein. When I first tried Euphoria, I thought it was nice but when I revisited it later, after trying several other fragrances, I found it to be masculine and, as one reviewer said, "seedy". Not Euphoric on me. I have since found other scents that suit me quite well.

  • WILDFLOWER04/29/2008

    I have never smelled Angel as it is not sold at my local malls, only at the drugstore where I can not test it. I own and like Euphoria, but to me it seems to be missing something. The drydown on me is nice but light. (nice for summer though) How does it compare with Angel with sillage. Might sound ridiculous, but I'm looking for something with the vibrancy of Euphoria along with the deep sultry of Hypnotic Poison. Any suggestion from fellow posters? Thank you.

  • TINA03/20/2008

    i've been wearing this in the winter, but can anyone tell me if this goes for the summer?

  • DANIELLE02/12/2008

    I happen to love this scent. I just recently purchased the gift set, and I've had nice compliments thus far. Although I see some say it's similar to Angel, I don't see the resemblence, myself, I don't like Angel, but love Innocent! Anyway, Euphoria has become a nice add to my collection, warm and inviting.. yumm!! I'm starting a new collection of perfumes, so any recomendations, I'll take all that I can =)

  • GINA D02/04/2008

    Euphoria is my newest fave! I am in love with how long lasting it is. Euphoria does not smell like just another ordinary perfume, it has alot of complexity. A few of my other complex favorites are Lolita Lempicka, & Givenchy Hot Couture(my all time fave) Euphoria just melts into this yummy scent on my skin with a hard edge at the same time, brilliant!

  • BELLA01/21/2008

    That is what my 35 year old partner said. He went on to say, "It just smells like the woman is trying to hard to attract a man in the bar and one could conclude that she is a dirty woman." lol I said, "Perfect!" I know Euphoria was created for the "older" demographic, 25-40 to be exact. (I guess fragrances are like Hollywood, you are old after 25) lol Back to the juice, as a women in her early 30's I find that this works for me sometimes in the winter, but it is not my HG. At times, it smells nice enough, woodsy and creamy with a hint of darkness and tramp. Other times it smells like over ripened fruit and it makes me feel ill. (maybe that is the tramp note) To some things up, I where Euphoria when I want to smell like every other tramp in the back of the bar. So beware, everyone is wearing this one. I smell it frequently.

  • RESHU01/18/2008

    Bought it few days back and just loved its fragrance...too classy and sexy... my boy friend loved it too....and that's what I wanted..lolzz


    this one was love at first smell, sweet, spicy very very sexy, perfect anytime! In my top 10

  • DARRSHAN01/02/2008

    this perfume has an instant appeal and lingers fast so u get good compliments, a crowd puller

  • TAMMI12/09/2007

    This seems to be getting some mixed reviews. You really have to try it. I happen to love this perfume. I have been p[laces where people are walking around trying to find out who is wearing this scent when they discover that it is me they have to know what it is. On the other hand I went shopping with my mom who usually wears obssesion. She tried it and it was absolutely discusting on her. It is very much an individual perfume. Like I said you have to try it on first.


    It's not that this smells bad, but it's boring- and reminds me of other trendy scents.

  • BARBARA W10/15/2007

    I thought it was too sweet when I first sampled it, but when I smelled it again I noticed different aspects of it that I like. *However*, just before I was going to buy a bottle, I smelled Tom Ford's Black Orchid and LOVED it. So...bought the Orchid instead. It has some similarities to Euphoria, but it's much richer and more velvety.

  • PEETJE10/10/2007

    I don't understand why this is so popular scent like Cacharel scents and Chanel scents. They all smell very powdry and suits only the very old ladies with heavy makeup. The Joan Collins like ladies. The scent is so present and not in a pleasure way it's not sexy at all end i really understand that it scares away men instead of attracts them

  • JAMIE10/03/2007


  • JUDI W*10/01/2007

    Don't you think this is kind of fruity & sweet? I tested it a couple of times, and although it's pretty, it is somewhat too fruity for me. Will have to retest it. My tastes change pretty quickly, and things I liked alot, now not so much, and vice versa, but some scents never quite appeal to me. We'll see, I'll check it out again. Glad your liking it...

  • CALIFORNIA GIRL09/28/2007

    I love this.... I've never worn a perfume that a love to spray on and wear ALL the time! SO pretty. I HATE pachulli (sp) I don't smell it at all. Remember every perfume smells different on different people

  • SHARON09/28/2007

    I wear this fragrance sometimes and get complimented. A little goes a long way, that's for sure. Kind of heavy, better for evening use I think. Kind of a mature fragrance, in my opinion.

  • TINA T09/21/2007

    it is not a bad fragrance but on me it has a hint of medicinal smell, the kind you smell when you enter a small pharmacy (not a drug store).

  • MAHOGANI82109/19/2007

    ok ladies, i read the reviews and they all sound appealing, now i have been a organza givenchy lady for a while, im lookin for something with a lil more spice and sassiness, i sampled it once or twice and didnt bother, but i smelled it on a co worker today and was mezmorized, so i said im gonna treat my self to a bottle it smells so pretty and most of all its not so ordinary i like different i want to stand out , and i think i found signature scent..

  • BARBARA W07/31/2007

    Up another star from my previous review. I sampled this again the other day and it smelled wonderful. I will purchase a bottle in the near future.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC207/20/2007

    hi i have sampled this and i seem to enjoy it, now i want a signature scent i been wearing organza by givenchy but want something uniquie and different this seems to fit and i see everybody here has complimented this perfume. should i go for it?

  • TINA07/18/2007


  • CHRIS06/14/2007

    Not since I used to wear Amarige have I gotten this many compliments on a perfume. And believe me, I've tried many. This one just seems to work with my chemistry. I get tons of compliments on it. Definitely a keeper on the right person.

  • MARGARITA05/10/2007

    I have always worn Obsession by Calvin Klein since Jr High Days a long time ago. When I met beau who is now my husband for 10 years, I bought him Men's Obsession so our fragrences would blend together and be in harmony with each other instead of a blend of scents. I always ignore new perfumes.Obsession is my perfect scent...well I went to the perfume counter to pick up more Obsession and I picked up the tester of Euphoria, sprayed it on me..picked up my Obsession Gift Box walked away to the register and half way out of the store. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, went back to the Calvin Klein display and bought a bottle of Euphoria. It is so heavenly and uplifting. It is unbeleivable. Some of my friends have tried it and it smells awful on them. The chemisty of the fragrence was made for me. I am so upset because the US Customs stole my bottle out of my luggage coming back from my cruise and I have not been to the store to buy some since. I am hoping that I get some for Mother's Day with my box from Tiffany's of course LOL

  • GREEKGIRL03/26/2007

    The more i smell this the more i love love love it, wonderful creation, dont agree that it smells like Angel, to me its more similar to Fantasy, but i prefer this one, and i also love love love Angel.

  • AMY03/21/2007

    i guess you either love this one or hate it. i tested this and the blossom and i think the original smells much better to my nose. will definitely buy in the future

  • ANGELIQUE03/18/2007

    I hate scents like this. Angel is in the same category (but worse). It just gets up your nose and lingers. I've even switched train carriages to get away from the smell of this. Headache inducing and stinky.

  • LEONESS03/02/2007

    I've tried both the new Euphoria Blossom and the original Euphoria and I much prefer the original. I have smelled a lot of perfumes, but none like this. I think it's the mixture of fruits, florals, and sweets-- it seems like the perfect blend (not too much of one or another). It's really sexy (but not over the top) and yet cozy at the same time. I can't really explain it. If you get a chance, try it! It's definitely one of those perfumes that you smell and involuntarily go, "Wow!" I'd give it a six if I could.

  • PAJULI02/22/2007


  • RAJUL02/13/2007

    i read many posts that say this one reminds them of angel-thierry mugler. as i like angel i thought i would like this one.......but......i did not ! i know i will not be buying this perfume and am sooooo glad i tried the tester and did not just go and pick up the perfume. by the way, i did not find it like angel !

  • JENNJ02/09/2007

    I liked the smell at the counter, but the first time i wore it all day, i had a migraine within an hour..tried it again a week later, a migraine.i have a lot of similar perfumes, but this one did me in-too bad bcause i really liked it.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~02/02/2007

    I said i was going to stop on my perfume search for a while since i last counted 23 bottles sickening i know ! But at that darn Macy's again and i was stopped to smell the new e. blossom and it was ok but then i smelled this one and i can still smell the 1 squirt she sprayed on the back of my hand it's about 5 hours now..Think this one will be the last one for now! It's great

  • TO PERFUJME NEWBIE01/23/2007

    If you are looking for some nice fragrances that are not too sweet, but smell wonderful, I would recommend Cristobal by Balenciaga and Byblos, by Byblos. Also Cabotine is very light and lovely.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE01/06/2007

    Thankyou so much for your recommendations. I have purchased Goddess and it is amazing. Lovely, light and seductive. I also have found another that I love, Byzance. Thanks again for replying and helping a fellow perfume addict! LOL. ;-)

  • MARTHA01/04/2007

    I also did not see the similiarity between Fantasy and Euphoria. I tend to go after the sweet scents, but even Fantasy turned out to be a bit more overpowering as far as sweetness goes, which did not work with my tolerance levels. Euphoria's scent IS darker and has a little more of an edge to it.

  • MONIQUE12/04/2006

    This is a great new scent from Calvin Klein. I am on my 3rd bottle of this outstanding perfume. This is the scent when people smell, will think of me. I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS all the time. I have been stopped a few times by random people asking what scent. Thank goodness this works well with my chemistry!!!! Euphoria For Life!!!

  • SUZAN D11/30/2006

    I read many & women would do well to pick a few samples walking through the department stores. Because of each person's chemistry, a fragrance well smell somewhat different on each person. It is a challenge to purchase a fragrance for another. One idea is to buy a fragrance selection. Spray a small amount on the pulse point and wait. It will smell bad(sometimes sick because you're allergic) or smell wonderful. It's great to get the opinion of the opposite sex....You would be surprised at some reactions to your fragrance: WOW, that is sexy on you!,,,,on other people I didn't care for it......or it smell sooo great on smells awful on me. I personally have up to 4 frangrances for warmer weather and up to 4 for colder weather. I like variety..and I get great feedback......Each person (and the opposite sex) will discover what fragrance works best with they're body chemistry; Good Luck!

  • AGATHA11/29/2006

    This one is outstanding. I've had so many compliments on this one that ended up decanting so many samples for my friends that I'm onto my 3rd bottle! My husband also loves this one. he was very interested to hear that there is also a men's version of this. This fragrance is worth it!

  • KALINA11/28/2006

    i hated this scent to..try these fragrancess: unbound,cabotine,envy me,tommy bahama,hugo deep red,portfolio,fcuk,envy me 2... theres alot more but youll like those if you hate euphoria...i also dislike thierry mugler perfumes..there way to strong..the best perfume ive smelled is by avon..its called shine..also try goddess by avon.. you can get the cheap as hell on ebay.

  • ALEXY11/28/2006

    I never realized fruity floral could smell so seductive. I like the subtle creamy undertone to it. I’ve been wearing it too much though, and need a break. Does anyone agree with me that after wearing a perfume for too long it starts loosing its meaning and complexity? Not that perfume has some great meaning, but hopefully you know what I mean.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE11/21/2006

    This perfume was too sweet on me. It smells like sickly sweet fruit covered in sugar. It also gave me an instant headache. It smells like all the other really sweet fragrances on my skin. It must be my chemistry, because anything mildly sweet turns horribly sweet. Does anybody have a recommendation for hot weather, not sweet, great lasting, floral?

  • NICHOLE11/17/2006

    omg, I don't have this perfume yet, but it's def. on my christmas list! I smelled it in a magazine. what it smells like...ok do u remember those tiny bottles of perfume that were popular with teens about 4-7 years ago...they had names like crazy, pretty, weird, daring...etc.? Well Daring has been my favorite perfume since it came out, but they stopped selling it, and I think Euphoria smells just like it, but somehow even better!!!

  • GAYLA/DALLAS, TX10/29/2006


  • HARLEY-MAMA10/20/2006

    I think this smells similar to Britney Spears "Fantasy" and Chopards "Wish!" I still give it a 4 out of 5 rating!!

  • TEA10/11/2006

    I tried it few days ago, and I was feelling like I wanna throw up!!! Artificial awfull scent! For grandma's too.

  • SUZY10/05/2006

    Smells like a more expensive and more richer smelling 'Tommy Girl' fragrance. Smells more flowery and last longer than 'Intense Pleasure'. Smells mysterious in a better way than 'Eden'. Has more deepness than 'Depp night by Ghost'. These are just few fragrances i own and as you can see Euphoria knocked the other fragrances off my dressing table :O).

  • NAUSHEEN10/05/2006

    I just got this today as a gift... i'm surprised at how many people love this perfume, i'm also surpised that people say it doesn't stay on long. Actually i am only 22 and have owned more than 15 perfumes and most of them don't last on me which is really bad. However strangly this perfume just stays on me. I like fresh scents but this doesn't allow me to breath much but i think this perfume will grow on me. After all i just got this perfume today. One thing good about this perfume is it's something a rock chic would use, someone with attitude :OP because it just shouts out to u and u will be noticed. I think it's best to wear it outside and not as everyday wear because this stuff smells expensive, which is weird for a 'Coty prestige ' Calvin Klein perfume. By the way i also have the lotion and wow i love the bottle the lotion comes in :oD.

  • RANDOGG09/29/2006


  • BELLE09/19/2006

    I get tons of compliments on this when I wear it. I do not think it smells like Angel. Angel has a harsh & cloying chemical smell (patchouli with a cotton candy scent). Euphoria is a nice blend of it's notes. It doesn't knock people over (or out), they just notice and comment on how nice it is!

  • JEN09/12/2006

    I LOVE this perfume... I have sooo many complements on it...

  • BABYDOLL09/11/2006

    I like it but it's sooo like Angel by Thierry Mugler...what's the point of creating a perfume that's going to be considered a clone of another fragrance? Having said that I prefer Euphoria to Angel.Euphoria seems to be better composed ,no harsh notes or something like that.In my opinion it's more classy compared to Angel.Neither of them is my signature scent though.

  • JOANNE08/29/2006

    I tried this a few months back, when it was first released and I did not care for it. But just recently I tried it again and I really like it. Yes it is in the top forty but I think is well done. Very pretty, and for those of us who like stronger scents..This one gives some great sillage.

  • STEVE08/25/2006

    Beware this is a super sensual scent. You have been warned! ;o)

  • SYLVIE08/25/2006

    I'm not impressed. The headnotes smell interesting, but the drydown is a letdown.

  • IYEFU08/25/2006

    Smells like Angel but its a good one and long lasting too.

  • GAYLA08/03/2006


  • SMITTEN06/20/2006

    Sorry to say folks that at first I was delighted with the scent and thought it could be the one for me.I sprayed a little on and as it dried down, out emerged some sort of deadly patchouli that squeezed my brain. Wish I loved it, but be wary...

  • JESICA06/19/2006

    This fragrance is the clone of Angel by Thierry Mugler. I first purchase angel then euphoria and its exactly the same. I love it!!!!!! try the body lotion long lasting scent!!! Lots of compliments from both men & women.

  • RAYDIOMAN6106/13/2006

    I work with a young lady who wears this perfume.. it smells sooo good, I could just lick it off of her.. but, of course, then I would be fired.. so I won't! But, it smells wonderful!

  • BB06/02/2006

    I just love Euphoria. I always get compliments when I am wearing it.

  • *BARBARA W05/21/2006

    I agree with Dominque's postings that this just smells too "Top 40", if you will. I sniffed it and thought, "Smells like all the rest..." If this had been released ten years ago, I probably would have flipped over it, but it has that "been there, done that" quality about it. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm getting very tired of the fruity-overly sweet gourmand fragrances that get promoted as something "new". I realize the popular perfume houses are riding a wave, but I'd like to see something *truly* new and interesting hit the shelves...but I can understand the appeal. Happy sniffing!

  • BILLYET05/17/2006

    I received Blossom and either we were all having a "bad bod chemistry" day or it is nothing special. I don't believe we had set our expectations too high even though we were comparing it to the original Euphoria. The initial spray held promise but the dry down was a disappointing cheap smell even though some of the notes are the same. Four of us tried it and we're in complete agreement - there are much better fragrances out there. Pass on this one unless they tweak the formula.

  • NICOLE05/11/2006

    I have only had the pleasure of getting a small sample of Euphoria but I would, in a heartbeat, buy a full size bottle. I am usually not a fan of CK's scents (too unisex or ordinary for me) but this is different. Creamy, smooth and gorgeous.

  • BILLYE T05/03/2006

    I just ordered (unsniffed) Euphoria Blossom that Calvin Klein geared to the Asian market. The notes (according to the website) features a number of Asian ingredients. The top notes comprise kumquat, a dewy green accord and pomegranate; the heart notes are orchid blossom, lotus blossom and pink peony petals with base notes of blond wood, white amber and frosted sheer musk. It's supposed to be expanded to other markets this year. Ordered it from Ebay so I should get to sniff it within a couple of weeks. Since I love Euphoria it will be interesting to see if Calvin topped that wonderful creation.

  • NASTASSIA04/09/2006

    Though I love this one, it keeps reminding me of Omnia by Bvlgari. Don't tell me, I'm obsessed! The only difference is this one is heavier, and lasts longer. Any other opinions?

  • ELLA04/08/2006

    This one doesn't smell like anything eles. I think some people write bad reviews just to throw others off. I love Euphoria and I have gotten so many compliments its unreal! I had one beautiful woman chase me down in the mall the other day to ask what I was wearing! I'm sure in a year it will be one those scents that every girl recognizes but until then .....giggle

  • CHARLOTTE04/05/2006

    My husband like this on me. I get compliments from women every time I wear it. (More than any other perfume I have) I guess men like it too, but maybe they are not as open to giving their opinion. I love it!!!!

  • AURAL LIGHT04/02/2006

    hey girls,. this fragance is unique on the market.. lovely, intimate and so feminine.. i cant resist. i need a women with this smell !

  • VANILLA03/26/2006

    I don't really see what all the fuss is about. It's pleasant, sweet, slightly fruity. Nice drydown...Overall, it's "eh"

  • ALLISON 03/20/2006

    I was testing this the other day, and thought I already have this scent. It is a clone of apparition by emanuel ungaro. It is very lovely, but very done and probably will continue to be done. Soon cheap make-up company's will probably be making similar sister scents.

  • FOXFIRE03/14/2006

    I love the light, sexy smell of this perfume! It is strong when first applied but the scent fades to a light fragrance that I absolutely love!

  • DJ03/10/2006

    Thierry Mugler so if you cant find Angel anymore you will like this one, its a little to manly for me, i perfer ralph,escada,fantasy,amor amor.

  • CASSIE03/09/2006

    Hiya fellow posters. Does anybody else think Euphoria smells like Mont Blanc's Individuelle? The top fruity notes are so close only Euphoria dries down to a more creamier base, Individuelle is a wee bit softer. Lovely frangrance only I won't purchase it as I have a full bottle of Individuelle and am always wanting something different in my collection.

  • MAYA02/21/2006

    Hi there :) Good to hear form you again... I have to tell you that I've really grown to like Euphoria in the last little bit. I wasn't sure that I would like it this much at first, and especially since it's so overwhelmingly everywhere - but who cares! It really smells good and oh do I ever get the compliments with it.... CK has done it again ;)

  • BRIAN MARTINEZ02/19/2006

    Euphoria is geared for women ages 25-40. I think it smells awesome, it has been a really good seller at my employment job.

  • GIDGETGIRL02/17/2006

    My daughter-in-law gave me her own bottle of Euphoria when I saw her last and commented on what a wonderful smell her perfume had. It is so exotic and my husband loves it on me. He says it reminds him of "evergreens" He's the out dorsy type. The cat is now coming to me and rubbing up on me to get the fragrance on herself. I love it, good job Calvin Klein. I thought I would never like a perfume that you produced after you discontinued the original "Calvin Klein" for women. It does not stay on as long as my Jessica McClintoch which I have worn for years, but I just touch it up.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/17/2006

    OMG this fragrance is heavenly!!!! It's a pure mixture of everything that is good. In one bottle you have sophistication, femininity, raw sexuality. It encapsulates the wearer in a coat of self confidence, wellbeing and pure aromatic pleasure. Finally, an A+ scent by CK.

  • GREEKGIRL02/16/2006

    Hi again Maya - just to let you know that I retried euphoria and then fantasy and they are not as alike as i thought to tell you the truth I prefer euphoria, will be my next purchase.

  • DAN02/15/2006

    I bought my wife some Euphoria for Valentine's Day. She wasn't very impressed when she initially sprayed it, but after it settled down she called me at work just to tell me how much she loves it. The dry-down notes are very sexy and appealing. I love the hint of spice in it as well.

  • CKLOVER02/10/2006

    i just got this for my girlfriend, and i am sure glad i did! it is sexy, mysterious, yet sweet at the same time. well done ck!

  • LINA02/06/2006

    I smelled a sample in a magazine and immediately got addicted to it. Makes me feel great!

  • MAYA02/04/2006

    I really don't think that Fantasy and Euphoria smell anything at all alike. Fantasy is creamy and smooth whereas Euphoria is more sultry and darker smelling... both are rich however, only Fantasy in a creamy/yummy/lighter way and Euphoria is a sulrty/wild type of scent. As you can tell I do love both :)

  • ANNAMARIA02/03/2006

    I realise that everybody smells things differently, but I really don't think this smells like Samsara, a perfume I wear on and off quite a lot. Samsara has got some kind of musky tone to it that makes it a little cloying, and that's one of the things I like about Euphoria - the lack of this element. It bothers me that it doesn't last long though. I have even wondered if there is a kind of sour smell as the perfume is dying down. Has anybody noticed that at all? How long do you think it is before you need to re-apply? 2 hours? Less?

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    I think this one smells a lot like fantasy by Britney Spears, does anyone else think so?

  • JESS D.02/02/2006

    Euphoria to me is pretty nice but does it remind anyone else of Samsara or even Tuscany per Donna? To me they are pretty similar. Mind you, I love those two scents so I would naturally like Euphoria. To me it is a slightly dark fruity juicy scent. And guess what? I get compliments on it too!

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    This is certainly in my top 5 and I have MANY MANY perfumes!! I agree with all you other girsl the compliments are fantastic however the lasting power is not good at all (so take it in your bag)

  • ANNAMARIA02/01/2006

    I think this is such a lovely perfume. It's warm and creamy and very womanly. It's not overpowering and neither does it challenge too much, yet it remains unique in my mind. It's subtle enough that it won't revolt people who might not like it enormously, yet rich enough that it can't be ignored. I even like the colour!

  • SHAMI02/01/2006

    I sprayed just a dab on my wrist and wow, I was so impressed. Was too shy to ask for a sample so hoping my hubby gets it for me for Valentines. Loved it.

  • VERONIQUE01/27/2006

    Have to agree with Kristen. This strikes me as boring and an overblown re-run. Calvin is often groundbreakingly unique, but this time he just went with a copy of something else.

  • KRISTEN01/25/2006

    I know a lot of people love this one.. and it's nice but it just doesn't move me the way perfume should.. it's a little bland and boring..

  • OLIVIA01/24/2006

    Euphoria is so sultry. I got complement the first day of wearing it and even though I know that this is something that a lot of women will be wearing and are wearing I just don't care one bit. I smell good and that's all that counts! Even if it does not wear as long as some of the other fragrances I wear I still love it, so I just reapply a few times throughout the day, and viola, I smell great!

  • PARKER01/23/2006

    I loved this stuff from the first sample I sniffed. I ordered it, and it smells great when I put it on. I do not notice others mentioning the smell though. I think maybe I need to wear a ton of it to get a reaction and sprays are money!!

  • FROFRO01/14/2006

    I did, however, tire of it after two 1.7 bottles and need a break. I guess this is going to be one of my "mood" perfumes (too bad, I was very hopeful for a moment there that I've finally found my new signature scent). However - it's another success from CK. For those who say some fragrances seem very similar - well, DUH. It's called a "trend", and it's been this way forever. This particular type is currently the trend; hence, most perfume carry the same notes, but in different proportions, etc. I disagree that it smells like J. Lo. J.Lo is far less complex and - frankly - smells cheaper, like a drugstore perfume. No offence to those who use it - perhaps with your body chemistry it smells much nicer.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    Euphoria, a voyage towards the infinite one. Inspired by the freedom of living its dream."Calvin Klein Euphoria is an Eastern perfume envoûtant where the black orchis raised of exotic fruity notes, fact echo with the rich and crémeux wake. One sensual promise which reveals the mysterious beauty of the woman. Olfactive family: Eastern envoûtant Note head: Exotic fruity flight:grenade, khaki, hespéridées green notes Note heart: Plenitude envoûtante and mysterious: black orchis, flower of champaca, flower of lotus Basic note: Wake délicieusement consistent and sensual: drink mahogany tree, black violet, liquid amber

  • GINA D01/06/2006

    I tried this at a dept store Tuesday. It is yummy! I wore it shopping most of the day and had a 2 hour drive home & it lasted well after I got home. This is really unique. I am hoping to get a bottle from my hubby for my B-day, as I have been throwing hints!

  • SILVIA01/06/2006


  • MICHELLE P01/06/2006

    ....tried this before Xmas and wow, its got a very delicious smell. My only complaint, as I have also read in another message, is that the smell doesn't seem to last too long and have to top up half way through the day - otherwise, however, great!

  • KELLY01/04/2006

    I was so anxious to smell this new Calvin Klein fragrance and tried the lotion sample on my hand at the perfume counter. All I could smell the rest of the day was the Patchouli, which I really do not care for on me. Then my friend received this for Christmas and it smells unbelievable on her! Very sensual, warm, feminine and spicy without being overly oriential or floral. Just a lovely sophisticated scent and it does seem to last all day on her. Just goes to show, everyone's chemistry is different.

  • ROBIN 01/03/2006

    That's so kind of you to take the time and share your list of gorgeous fragrances, Dominique!!!! I can SO completely relate! I suspect you are into your thirties at least and have had the opportunity -- and the luxury -- of getting to know some real classics that have tended to get lost in the Hot New Fragrance of the Month stampede; I know precisely where you're coming from vis-a-vis that sadly limiting group mentality. I found myself nodding my head in recognition at your list, and for anyone interested in exploring that different dimension of fragrances -- SO different than the flirty, fruity, caramel-and-cupcake-laced scents released since Angel (although don't get me wrong, I love those, too; they make me feel so young and happy! I'd hate to think of myself as a fragrance snob) -- I'd suggest wandering by the French fragrance section and checking out enduring scents like Ivoire de Balmain, Femme by Rochas, l'Heure Bleu by Guerlain. . .it's actually sad that so many lovely ones are extinct now, or at least almost so (I'm thinking of Caron's Bellodgia and Le de Givenchy, overlooked and abandoned in the trample for what's new, what's splashed in full-color ads in all the magazines and on the lips of all the Hollywood celebs. Sigh. Oh, well, I'm just so grateful we still have so much to choose from specifically and so much interest in fragrance in general through sites like Perfume Emporium! Thanks again, Dominique.

  • DOMINIQUE01/02/2006

    that my rating will be "approved" this time. LOL. This is my third go at it. Robin, I appreciate your thoughtful, well expressed comments. You know, the bottom line on something is that if you like it, you like it. I respect a person who likes something because it appeals to her. What is a puzzle is when people run after a fragrance just because it's the latest in the top 40, if you follow me. As far as my personal tastes run, I tend towards older scents. Partly because of nostalgia, partly because they simply smell better on my skin. Ah, there's the rub. Many of these modern frags don't work with my chemistry. My list follows. Guerlain: Jicky, Vol de Nuit, Mitsouko, Shalimar. Caron: Nuit de Noel, Narcisse Noir, French Cancan, Poivre, En Avion (all in parfum form). Lanvin: Arpege. Chanel: Chanel No 5, Bois des Iles, Cuir de Russie. Again, I thank you for your comments. Well put!! Happy '06!

  • SERINA01/02/2006

    I love this one it's so sexy everytime i wear it i get compliments it is on my favorite list

  • DEBBIE01/01/2006

    I have always had a hard time finding a fragrance I love and also that would last on me, but the first time I used Euphoria I knew it would be my signaure scent. I get more compliments on it than anything I've ever worn. It is definitely number one on my list of favorites now.

  • LAUREN12/31/2005

    I'm not really a perfume connoisseur, but I decided that w/ my gift card I would get myself a nice everyday signature scent, something I've never had. I spent 45 minutes at the perfume counters and I was getting dissapointed because most of the frangrances seemed to smell exactly the same. There was no distinction, I figured I may as well just take myself back to Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works and just get a nice body spray. Until I smelled CK Euphoria. This scent is gorgeous, plain and simple. It smells spicy and floral; not light and airy but not overpowering It's a scent whose name you'll actually remember when you sift through the 20+ perfume sample cards in your coat pocket. :-) I would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait for the compliments I'll receive :-)

  • DOMINIQUE12/30/2005

    I thought I had rated this scent when I posted yesterday. Apparently not. I'm rectifying the oversight now.

  • ROBIN 12/30/2005

    Dominique, I was very interested to read your well-expressed, thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. I must confess my terrible secret: I love Euphoria. I love it purely, simply, innocently, just because I love it; in fact, it was with a decided reluctance that I found myself drawn to it, because I tend on principle to eschew derivative fragrances with broad commercial appeal and distribution. Moreover, it is inarguable that Calvin Klein needs my money far less than the small, dedicated fragrance houses I love to support, and, on a purely practical level, I don't want to smell like a zillion other girls. My nose, however, is ultimately connected to my heart, not my head. (Likewise, there are pop songs that speak straight to me, and I love them for that reason, not because they're on the top of the charts: in fact, invariably in spite of it. And some men, too, I have loved -- or lusted after, at any rate -- knowing far, far better.) Without a doubt, I wish Euphoria were from an exclusive niche house, for all the right reasons. And, for the record, I respect lemmings as much as you do (or rather, don't). Ah, well, I conclude, philosophically: as Woody Allen has said infamously, the heart wants what it wants. I wanted Euphoria, and I have it! But really what I wanted to say, the main purpose of trying to catch your eye, was that I am most intrigued by these superior fragrances you mention; I am sure that many message boarders would love to know what some of your favorites are so that we might try them ourselves and hopefully fall in love with them, too. Looking forward to reading the specifics.

  • DOMINIQUE12/29/2005

    What causes normally intelligent women to act like lemmings when it comes to fragrances? Must be mass marketing techniques, the "me, too" mentality and the appeal of the "get on the band wagon" propaganda. Euphoria is yet another oriental-gourmand scent that mimics the original Angel. When Angel was released in the early '90s, it was ground breaking. Earth shattering and filled with imagination. Much like Opium was almost two decades earlier. Both fragrances smashed rules and reached new grounds in the perfume industry. They were highly successful iconoclasts in their day. Unfortunately, both scents spawned copy cat after copy cat. I may be wrong, but between the two, I think Angel has more wannabes than Opium. Which brings me to Euphoria, another Angel copy cat. This is a boring, unimaginative scent by modern standards. I just smelled Zut by Schiaparelli. Ditto to Zut, too. All these oriental gourmands basically smell the same, including Euphoria. Look, if you want to smell like everyone else, you have the liberty to do so. However, there are some fabulous scents available that are so unlike all these copy cats that women who like to be different will go for those instead of being a 'fume-bot. Small houses like Caron or Lanvin, larger houses like Guerlain and niche houses like Patricia Nicolai or Serge Lutens have some very nice offerings. Euphoria? No, for me this scent is just an old re-run with too many commercials. Where's the remote? Time to change channels.

  • MSM12/28/2005

    This is the best of the best. I received it for Christmas, and the compliments have been flying off the chain. This fragrance is Euphoric. It is the frangrance of a woman who has lived and lived well. You have to know who you are for this one.

  • MK12/26/2005

    My boyfriend got me this for an early Christmas gift, I LOVE IT, and so does every one that smells it. I have gotten so many compliments on this and it lasts all day! It is oh so SEXY, drives him wild!!!

  • LOUISE12/19/2005

    I'm sorry to say that Euphoria doesn't work for me. In fact, I see/smell it as something truly unoriginal. It smells a lot like Angel, only it's not quite as strong and a bit sharper, IMO. It's also very close to Plush by FUBU, another Angel wannabe. And the bottle is a knock off of Soir de Paris. I will say that I know a woman who wears this fabulously well, but on my chemistry it's too much and not what I like at all. As far as I've found, there was not one nose in particular who created Euphoria. It was a panel at IFF. And you know what they say about committees. If you love this juice, please don't take my opinions personally. My criticisms are with IFF and CK himself. Not with you.

  • NADINE12/19/2005

    I got two samples to try - Obsession Night and Euphoria. I put one on each wrist and my husband practically devoured the Euphoria one. Since he loves me in Obsession I thought Obsession Night would be the winner. It does have a hint of fruity smell, which he likes but I usually don't care for. What's nice about Euphoria is that it's so subtle that the fruity aspect doesn't bother me but it's enough to make him happy. Overall I give it a big thumbs up.

  • CRYSTAL12/18/2005

    omg this perfume is awesome buy it now you will love it i have gotton so many compliments on it you wont even believe

  • ROBIN 12/14/2005

    Up here in Vancouver, this scent has been flying out of the stores, especially for the 25-35 year old crowd. I'm in love with it, too, and I'm 48, so I think it's got great appeal for women of all ages who love sweet, fruity, creamy scents with basenotes of warm wood. Evidently Calvin Klein went to a new "nose" to create this scent, and it shows; it's very sophisticated -- something a great French or Italian perfume house could conceivably create. It's easily one of my favorite scents of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it works for you.

  • ANNUTA12/13/2005

    I'm not really a fan of spicy scents, but this one is actually bearable. It sprays on strong, but easily fades away into milder sweeter tones which last pretty long. What I like about this one is that it's not too peppery and it's not too masculine and one spray will last you all day.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/09/2005

    STOP ripping off other people's nicks on here! Ive been posting with this for quite some time with a dash in the middle and have not seen this used on any other board until today. While this may be trivial, I would expect you to be self imaginative and get ur own nick!


    Well I'm glad it worked for you. Smelled like blah pomemgranite cotton cany sweetness to me, like too much Victoria Secret body products. Shame that the juice is just another "fruity-creamy-floral" since the bottle is lovley.

  • PERFUMEAHOLIC12/07/2005

    I liked euphoria. However, I do agree that lasting power was not good. The fragrance reminded me of Truth by Calvin Klein.

  • LIZZIE12/04/2005

    just bought the 3.4 oz bottle of this amazingly complex cocktail of blasting fruits, flowers, and a beautifully creamy, woody dry-down. It kind of reminds me of Fantasy, by Britney Spears, except it's a more mature, full-bodied, exotic fragrance. SO confident, sultry, and edgy! Yet the cream accord gives it a softness that balances it perfectly without taking away the mystery & edginess. i WILL complain, though, that the lasting power isn't as great as i'd like it to be... it isn't horrible, but even Fantasy lasts longer (i sprayed one on each wrist to compare). still... it's one helluva euphoric indulgence for your nose. you won't be disappointed. :-D

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