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Yves Saint Laurent


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The overtly sensual side of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume masterpiece is less assertive in the Eau de Toilette, but only a little. The opulent, decadent character is immediately apparent from the immediate swoon of mandarin and bergamot notes, deepened by myrrh, jasmine and carnation. Amber unlocks the final note… and the heart of the woman who more

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The overtly sensual side of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume masterpiece is less assertive in the Eau de Toilette, but only a little. The opulent, decadent character is immediately apparent from the immediate swoon of mandarin and bergamot notes, deepened by myrrh, jasmine and carnation. Amber unlocks the final note… and the heart of the woman who wears it. In a chic Chinoiserie-inspired flacon.

Oriental, Spicy. Designed in 1977, Opium is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of coriander, clove, bayleaf and is accented with vetiver, pepper, lily of the valley, amber and patchouli making Opium a recommened evening fragance.

  • PATRISIA06/17/2013

    I have been using Opium for over 25 years and get a lot of compliments on it.

  • CATHY03/25/2013

    YEA!!!! I was lucky enough to find a REAL bottle of the orginal Opium scent, NOT the new awful one. The original is the BEST...have worn and enjoyed it for 25+ years. Would love to find more...

  • LINDE03/24/2013

    I have worn the original Opium for more than 30 years, and absolutely HATE the addition of cat spray to this wonderful scent. I, too, was assured by the salesperson that it was just the packaging that was changed, but no! I took it back - I won't have it in my house.

  • R.GROOMBRIDGE02/24/2013


  • CHRIS PARKER01/24/2013

    The opium Perfume I purchased for my wife was excellent value. It would have been good to have been advised of an approximate delivery date as i was hoping to give it to her for Christmas.

  • DARLENE11/30/2012

    I agree this version is no where near the wonderful smell it use to have. You wondered about other fragrances....try Calvin Klein's "Euphoria".

  • RAY11/13/2012

    Can't believe the new formulation. My wife tried it and it smelled like bug spray. Oh how I miss the sexy, fragrant original scent. YSL, what are you, crazy

  • DAWNALYNNE09/02/2012

    I was assured when I purchased Opium in the new packaging that it was the identical fragrance only in a new bottle. My daughter, who loved the original fragrance on me, asked me what I was wearing when I switched to the new scent. She said it smelled like a combination of insect repellent and stale soap. Why are earth would Yves St. Laurent change a fragrance that was absolutely wonderful to something so disgusting??

  • PAT06/21/2012

    i thought my skin had changed when spraying this new packaged opium on me . it smells disgusting and nothing like the original that i have worn for 30 years. so pleased to read these comments. thought i was going out of my mind. now cant find a perfume i like any suggestions.

  • STEFANIA05/31/2012

    it is a nice body cream which smell good, but different from the old opium

  • PRISCILLA CLARK05/17/2012

    this was a great deal on Opium and it smells so good!! I will recommend this product and this site. I love this site for all my fragrances.

  • VAL04/06/2012

    love it

  • JOY HILLEN04/05/2012

    LOVED IT!!!I have worn this scent for 20 years and was hesitant about any changes...glad I tried it !!!

  • PO03/29/2012

    Can I vent my spleen - new opium, thin, cheap and very very nasty. Shame on l'Oreal.

  • TERRY03/11/2012

    I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I cannot really stand the new formula. A fragrance I have worn for a quarter of a century, the thick wonderful body cream, the shower gel, soap, lotion and even the little candles-remember them? has sadly perished. Either I become a master distiller and perfumier myself or someone better come up with a formula that approximates the rich heady aroma of spicy orangey warmth and exotica that WAS Opium. Dear God what the hell has happened to our world?New Opium-Bad. Old Opium-Fabulous like the people who wore it. Why would this crappy watered down scent appeal to a young girl?

  • MRSST02/06/2012

    I see below from a lot of the messages that Opium seems different, changed....sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the changes you smell are likely permanent. What ends up happening is, year by year, ingredients for the perfumes we love so much end up on a sort of "forbidden list" which is driven by the new Green Philosphies....if a material is deemed rare, or better not to be harvested, a notification goes out to all of the major raw materials formulators, and they have to scramble to try and find a suitable replacement for the now fobidden material...also, sometimes scents are "cheaped up" because of dwindling profit margins...supierior ingredients are swapped out for cheaper inferior ones, in hopes of padding the bottom's just the way it goes. My hope is that the change is due to raw materials becoming forbidden, rather than it being runined due to greediness. Outside of that, original formula Opium is delicious smelling.

  • GAY HANNAN02/04/2012

    I am so disappointed with the new packaging and fragrance of the new version. It doesn't smell anything like the old one. I used to wear this perfume all day and the fragrance lasted. The fragrance with the new one has disappeared almost instantly. Very, very upset, Bring back the original version PLEASE.

  • BETTY BLANKS01/16/2012

    I love the original Opium and have worn it for over 20 years. When, oh when will the old version be available again. From the comments I read and hear the new version is not acceptable.

  • CHRISTY ALLISON01/03/2012

    Wonderful! Great value!

  • WANDA 12/10/2011

    I have been a user of opium, a fine perfum from 1982 till last month I bought a bottle of the new and improved version Like coke ?? It stinks did they lose there minds ? I have seen some post that it was to get new and younger users that the old one was to strong for the young hip buyers. I will be looking for a new mature old woman perfum .

  • JZIELKE12/06/2011

    I have worn Opium for well over 25 years. I was going to re-order since I had only a little left. After reading these reviews I'll have to find another perfume since I will not spend the very high cost of this perfume and end up with an inferior product. When are companies ever going to learn....IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!!

  • SUE11/28/2011

    I was so relieved to find all these comments, I thought I was imagining the change, it does smell like a cheap copy of the "old" Opium, very sad, hope they see sense and go back to the old "recipe"

  • SUSAN10/26/2011

    Absolutely awful. What a waste of $100.00. I am so disappointed. I've worn Opium for 30 years and this is NOT the same stuff. Smells like some cheap Avon junk. Please bring back the "true" Opium.

  • LINDA10/10/2011

    I recently ordered a bottle of Opium and when it arrived, I thought I might have been scammed. It has an acrid smell, not the sensual smell I was used to. Now I read that they've changed the formula. What a disappointment. YSL just lost a 20-year customer.

  • CAROLINE10/06/2011

    The "New"Opium in the stumpy little bottle smells quite different and vulgar. Adieu Opium after 20 years of faithful use.

  • JK09/26/2011

    I agree with last poster. i, too wore Opium in the 70's and 80's and it was wonderful. I recently bought a bottle "for old times sake." What a change. I can't stand the stuff. I work hard for my money, so back it went to the dept. store. I don't pay for junk, and this new version smells like junke.

  • TAWNI09/21/2011

    I totally agree with the posts that say the new formula smells like aftershave. I kept getting whiffs of it throughout the day (when I sprayed it on for the first time) and felt not only like I was wearing a totally foreign perfume (and I've been wearing Opium for about 10 years) but also that I was wearing a man's cologne instead of my favorite women's perfume. I am totally bummed. Why do companies take something that is tried and true, that is clearly liked (loved!) by people and mess with it? I can't fathom.

  • ROBIN08/12/2011

    I just opened my new opium this morning. What a shock! First of all, the packaging is terrible - I pulled the top of the atomizer right off with the safety guard. Then when I sprayed, I was horrified that this is not the same Opium I have been wearing since 1980! Not even close. So unhappy. I hope YSL reads these revoews and goes back to the old formula - people have been telling me how good I smell for 30 years and now it smells like cheap perfume. Time to look for a new fragrance.

  • THERESE04/23/2011

    Loved the old opium, new stuff smells cheap drug store stuff. What a disappointment.

  • JANICE03/24/2011

    New undersized Opium Spray not the same the ingredients are not the same I HATE IT!!!! BRING BACK THE REAL OPIUM OR I REFUSE TO BY I am 59 and have only used OPIUM since I was 25 How unfair to your loyal customers

  • RITA03/15/2011

    I too have used Opium for over 25 years and loved the smell. The new "reformulated aftershave" fragrance makes me gag. Really. What were they thinking? I'm buying up old stock as fast as I can find it on the internet. YSL should be embarrassed.

  • DIANE02/03/2011

    I also took my new Opium back to Macy's. The stuff is nasty, bring back the old Opium, Please.

  • SANDIE01/01/2011

    I have worn Opium for the last 30 years. Recently I ran out and bought a nice gift set in the nerw packaging at Macy's. I was so excited as this was my gift to myself for Christmas. I was totally shocked and so damn upset that the Opium was not the Opium that I have worn for the last 30 years. it smelled like a cheap drug store frangrance. Shame on YSL for putting this garbage and apssing it along as is everything but. Please bring the original fragrance back and stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes! anyone know where I can buy some of the old Opium in Canada?

  • JAN12/04/2010

    I bought Opium a few months ago "for old time sake" as I wore it in the '70's. I kept it two days and took it back. I will not.....will not spend my good money for something that has been changed so badly. I don't mind paying for something worth while, but this new Opium is just junk. When you get hold of somthing that is changed, taking it back tells the higher-ups, "We won't pay."

  • RIRE09/30/2010

    The altered scent has unpleasant notes and the perfume itself now gives me migraines; I only get migraines from synthetic fragrances. Too bad' opium was one of a kind and now it is just one more junk perfume.

  • ELLY T.09/11/2010

    I totally agree with Rosie. The scent has been changed and I do not like it. It is not the same opium I have been buying. I just want the original opium and do not care about the new bottle. Bring the original back, please. Please don't tell me it hasn't changed. It has! It just smells heavier or something, maybe more sandlewood or amber or both. Don't like it.

  • ROSIE08/24/2010

    Has this scent changed I have a small bottle from some time ago and a larger bottle I bought more recently but they smell so different, suffice it to say I like the older one better and my daughter didn't even realise the newer bottle was opium as it smelled so different, not off, just different. Don't know whether I care for the newer version. Why do they always have to fix what isn't broken? I personally don't want a new improved version thank you very much, when there was nothing wrong with the old one, and why do they keep changing the bottle style, I'm sure I speak for most people when I say I am more interested in what's in the bottle not what it looks like!

  • SUZY04/26/2010

    It's funny how certain scents bring back memories. I used to work with a lady who drowned herself every day with Opium. Another lady always wore too much Youth Dew. Because of this, these are my least favourite scents. Even applied sparingly, they're both way too strong.

  • BOULAKE02/09/2010

    A boss of mine gave me a bottle of this back in 1978. I never wore perfume prior to that. I have never worn anything else since. Compliments all the time!

  • MARIE 10/19/2009

    My sister gave me a bottle of opium with a dark lid.....I don't know if the scent has changed or what but it doesn't smell as wonderful as it used the dark lid for men?

  • SHERRIE D09/28/2009

    I have worn Opium for 40 years and it has never "screamed". I have 40 years of compliments from friends and strangers alike. I will wear it forever!

  • GRACIE P06/29/2009

    Have they changed this? I used to love it. I bought some the other day it smells like men's cheap aftershave or a really bad airfreshner for your car. I used to love this and Cinnabar.

  • LIMOBARBIE05/22/2009

    I've been wearing Opium since 1978. I use the shower gel to wash with, the body cream to stay soft and smooth, the powder to stay dry and perfume just before leaving home. Layering the scent keeps it going all day and all night! Men stop me on the street to ask what I am wearing and women love it too. I'll never wear anything but Opium!!

  • SHIRLEY LANTON04/27/2009

    I have used opium for almost 30 years and still love it. I cannot find the perfumed body oil spray in the 4.2 oz. size any more. Did they quit making it?

  • BIGPRETTYBROWN03/16/2009

    I too wore opium in the late 70`s. Being a man a got a lot of complements when wearing opium . I am now in my late 40`s and wear the mens and the womens today love both of them

  • ORCHIDFLWER03/03/2009

    I would never wear it now. Its just too Loud and Explosive. Its beautifully done, but I don't want my scent to scream at people anymore.

  • NANBYTHESEA01/23/2009

    Been wearing for over 30 years and still love it!

  • TENAJ11/23/2008

    and men of all ages still stop and tell me how good I smell. Whether walking through a store or walking by someone at work it's all the same comments. Unfortunately I have told many men what I'm wearing and then told they bought it for their wife and it didn't smell the same :( The parfum is hideous but the eau de toilette.......makes them drool :)

  • DMARIE11/15/2008

    Maya is posting comments under these names: A man's opinion,Barbara W,Apharel,Lola,Maya,and Roxolana,Tahnina Brazil,and Brad.And more I am sure.She is crazy and spending way too much time on this website.Talk about multiple personalities!

  • ELCEE11/12/2008

    I was very worried about ordering this product after getting a bottle from a local store which smelled nothing like my favorite perfume, and I returned it and they gave me another bottle, and again, it was not Opium. I ordered from Perfume Emporium, and waited anxiously, while reading all your comments about how the formula has changed. I received my order today, and it is wonderful! It is exactly the fragrence I remembered, and can't stop sniffing and smelling:) I am a very happy shopper, and am so glad I found Perfume Emporium!

  • AIMEE10/28/2008

    I won't rate it again. I've already done so but now that fall is in the air I turn to spicy scents--and to Opium. I wear just the body cream to work and I layer the cream and perfume for evening--beautiful! Both sexes like it. Once in a while I just prowl the postings of my favorite scents to see what you all are saying and I couldn't resist putting in a plug for one of my faves.

  • SYLVIE10/07/2008

    The perfume industry have new rules and regulations. Some of the animal ingredients and other ingredients detrimental to one's health, are forbidden now to put them into the fragrances. This is the reason why many fragrances smell different now. Not so voluptuous, heavy, warm, and round as the vintage-scents were. So stock up, dear PE-ladies, if you find vintage-bottles of your beloved perfume. - I noticed the formula-changes on many fragrances I adore (original Obsession for example). Very disappointing for the fans. These times changes everywhere... Good hunting and still happy sniffing, Sylvie :-).

  • JUDI W*07/26/2008

    Please, stop saying "old lady smelling". I first flipped over Opium when I was only 22 years old. My best friend wore it, and I sprayed it all over me, and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Has it been tweaked a bit since then, probably, but it's definitely not for "old ladies". Just say you don't like it...

  • MANDY07/11/2008

    way too strong for me. Ive tried to like it, so many people do, but it just is way to "old lady" smelling on my skin. i think my skin reacts with the scent badly. I just keep picturing my ex-boyfriends mother who wore it religiously! ha ha- (that image probably doesnt help) sorry - its a no go here.

  • JUDI W*05/05/2008

    Finally someone noticing when a scent has been tweaked. I noticed this with my last purchase. I'm so disappointed & angry, that they changed this unique & original scent, that had been one of my first loves. Like I've been saying, "what the heck are these ridiculous perfume companies doing to the classics?" IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MASCOTA04/30/2008

    It is diferent, and does not last on my skin as the oldie Opium did, I loved the original one, and many more great fragrances are being modernized.My guess, so they will smell like the new , cheap celebrity, musky, horror.

  • KAREN04/27/2008

    Purchased this bottle of Opium years ago in the Cayman Islands - they called it The summer version of Opium. Never been able to find it again. Anyone heard of it or know where it is available? K

  • JUDI W*03/26/2008

    I had bought a bottle about 3 years ago, and it was nice. I just got one recently, and it has that same chemical smell at the beginning, that Obsession, Shalimar, & Fendi had. I think these three (among others) have been messed with. I just don't like the way they smell as much. They seemed to have lost that yummy, smooth scent that they used to possess. Why, do these companies have to do this to the good ones? (the classics) When I noticed that my Fendi, had been ruined, (in my opinion), to something that I wouldn't have fell in love with in the first place, it made me want to either scream or cry. I loved Opium, & Fendi so much. When these two first came out, many years ago, I thought they made a fragrance just for me, it was so perfect to my senses, but now, eh...but I occasionally still try to wear them, because the'yre still better tweaked, than some of the newer fragrances smell. Why can't people leave well enough alone, and let some of us just be happy? New is NOT always better, sometimes no matter how old something is, if it's quality & loved, then don't change a thing, because then, you've lost something special.

  • ~BOHEMIANGIRL~03/18/2008

    Both oriental masterpieces. They just don't make 'em like this anymore! Divine.

  • BARBARA W02/29/2008

    I can understand why you don't like D'Iparie - it takes an hour or more before I enjoy it on my skin. I tell ya, though, Opium can make any woman smell like a goddess. I was chatting with an older woman the other day and noticed she was wearing it. I asked her if she was wearing Opium, and she just smiled and nodded her head. She must have been about 70, but Opium made her instantly mysterious and seductive. Amazing stuff.

  • JUDI W*02/02/2008

    I won a bottle of Opium off of ebay, saved myself some money. I think I smelled the scent your talking about from L'Occitane, smelled okay, but didn't quite knock my socks off, but I will try again, sometimes I don't like things the first time I smell it. I've really tried to go outside my spicy, incense scents, but I never seem to like too much else. If I had money to burn (which I don't), I would go out right now, and buy a gawd awful amount of perfume. (kind of like therapy sometimes) I decided, to go out and maybe get some oils, like vanilla, frankincense, almond, clove & mix me up some scent type of my own. I know the notes I like, but can't seem to find too many perfumes on the market I like, that don't cost an arm & a leg. Don't really like oils, but they're cheap! Hate to spend alot of money & end up not wearing or liking it. Have more perfume that I don't like, than I like. Annoying...

  • BARBARA W01/30/2008

    ...thanks for the input! I just tried something this weekend that you might be interested in: eau D'Iparie by L'Occitane. I fell in love with it! Loads of myrrh, incense, and patchouli - no heavy sweetness or florals, it just smells like pure incense. AND they have a .68 oz for only $17! I think you might like it.

  • JUDI W*01/18/2008

    Hi there! I'm sure the EDP is probably smoother than the EDT, but I usually have to wait for the drydown in most fragrances to really appreciate them, so why spend the extra money? I asked this perfume vendor if I should bother to get the EDP, and he said, "no". (surprising, since it's more money for him) I just bid on a bottle on ebay. I get alot of compliments with this. I still like it, because it is provocative. Also not a fruity or candyish scent. Which smells okay on others, but I just can't get myself to wear those type of scents, even when I think about trying to.

  • JB01/02/2008

    The "toxins" that you mention are in all versions of fragrances regardless of where theyre sold. These ingredients must be listed on the products sold in the USA because of a wonderful new law that forces manufactures to list all ingredients in the products that may cause allergic reactions. There is no such law in France, so that is why a perfume sold in France will not have the same ingredients listed on its package as the same product packaged for sale in the USA will have llisted on its package, even though they both contain the exact same ingredients in the products.

  • PERFUME PERSON12/30/2007

    I just love this one. I discovered it this year and it has been around forever. I like to layer the EDT under the EDP. The EDP is harder to find, but a softer scent. The EDT is harsh at first. Great stuff. It settles into a comfort scent for me. I like to wear YSL Paris when I'm in a floral mood.

  • BLONDIE12/29/2007

    There is just no denying that this is a classic. Still a wonderfully wearable scent and this is it's time of year. Just love to smell this one.

  • DARRSHAN12/25/2007

    ok now classics r classics, like no 5 this is also a real class, will retain its place forever

  • RYAN12/16/2007

    Ok, I'll start off by saying I love this fragrance. So far, I've worn the EDT and EDP and I'm sure I would become obsessed with the pure parfum whenever I get to try it. However, the body products are awful. I've tried the body wash, body lotion and the satin body oil. All of them, in my opinion, smell nothing like the EDT or EDP. To me, they smell of orange rhinds baking in the hot sun. I smell none of the great spicy, exotic qualities that I smell in the sprays. I have not tried the powder or the body cream, but I'm going to guess they smell like the others. Does anyone else agree?

  • OPIUM LOVER12/10/2007

    I was wondering if you have noticed all of the extra ingredient that have been added to Opium and many YSL and other top name designers. I feel it pollutes the original fragrances. I wonder if the French versions contain these toxins? It is ashame that the original composition of perfume alcohol and water cannot be listed. Any thoughts?

  • ALMASARAH12/09/2007

    I've been wearing this product since I too was in my 20's. I loved it then, and I love it now -- 32 years later. I've gotten many compliments when wearing it. I agree that it is heavy for summer/spring weather, so that is when I change to something lighter.

  • BARBARA W12/08/2007

    I would say, yes, try the parfum. It smells like the EDT does many hours later, when the brassiness has mellowed and it's had a chance to warm with your skin and reveal its smooth richness. I think many people get turned off by Opium because of the brassy start of the EDT - it *is* overbearing at first, and people dismiss it as awful without giving it time to develop. The parfum spares you all that, and gives you just the velvety richness. It is, I believe, the way Opium was meant to be experienced. A true masterpiece.

  • ARAMISSSSS11/25/2007

    the perfume and the Eau De Toilette smells different? Becuse i smelled the Opium Eau De Toilette and i dont like it. Will i like the perfume if i smell it?

  • PEETJE10/19/2007

    yesterday i was in the drugstore and thought i will smell Opium again curious if i would dislike it still. I was simply blown away by the very strong offending smell and i don't mean in a pleasant way. It was so strong that i could understand why i still smell this scent 10 minutes after someone has passed by wearing it. It's a very oriental scent but way too strong and disguisting to appeal people i don't understand the popularity of it. Really i'm a fragrance junky and like a lot of scents but this is the top of bad smells together with Poison of Dior and Provocative of Elisabeth Arden.

  • DOLLY DAGGER09/19/2007

    You need to get over this, "I'm young, and can't wear this", thing. This fragrance is not an "older woman" fragrance. It just came out in the seventies, and alot of young girls wore it then, so it's just not the typical fragrance that is trendy now. Someday girlfriend, you'll be mature enough to wear it, and you'll remember when you said otherwise. Alot of "mature women" wear Pink Sugar and other "girly" fragrances, so what? Enjoy it if you do, and stop worrying about how "old" it will make you.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    I've noticed that the women I know who like this one tend to be at least 45 y.o. Most women my age (30) don't like it and have bad memories of "older" women wearing it while growing up. I like it for evening use but because I look so young (ppl. think I'm not 20 yet) I'll pass up on it because I'll look like a teenager who's nicked her mom's perfume. I still think it's excellent and an absolutely none-bland classic!

  • JOANN09/09/2007

    I've been wearing Opium since 1978 at 20yrs old (my fiance loved the smell on an "older" women at work). I'm 49yrs old and my husband of 26yrs still loves the smell, especially the linger on my shoulder seat belt.

  • BARBARA W08/09/2007

    Oh my!!! It is everything I hoped for and more - smooth, rich, creamy, spicy, completely intoxicating! None of the brassiness of the EDT. It is almost like a religious experience to inhale it. If you love Opium or are on the fence about it, you MUST try the parfum! The EDT only hints at the beauty of this fragrance. If I *had* to choose only one perfume to wear, Opium pure perfume would be it (with Jungle L'elephant a close second).

  • ANGIE07/30/2007

    I've worn this fragrance since I was in my early twenties, along with my best friend, so obviously, this is not a "mature" fragrance, maybe in taste, but not in regards to age. I think that since so many fragrances out today are geared towards smelling fruity & candy like, you associate anything else with being "mature." I think some of the fragrances today are boring & repetitive, and don't show much imagination or depth. If you equate that with "young" then that's what you relate to. To me, when I was young, scents were more complex, bolder & exotic, so to me, that was considered what was popular. It's all relative, to where things are at, in the time you happen to be in. To like it, or not like it isn't the issue, but to say it's only for mature women is just not true.

  • JUDI W*07/30/2007

    This was my first "grown up" scent, I was 20, and was used to wearing incense or fruit oils. I loved incense then & still do, but Opium was a dream come true for me, from first whiff. (same with Fendi, but they ruined that one for me). I wore it on & off for twenty years, and haven't worn it in a while, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. In my opinion, it is one of the most creative & haunting fragrance out there. Yes, it is spicy, and if you don't like spice, then you won't like it, but it is sexy & seductive, and gets compliments. I would like to try the parfum, but haven't yet. Opium, Shalimar, Obsession, Enigma, Fendi, and other classics may not be liked by everyone, but are adored by the one's that appreciate an original & unique scent. Will always love these beauties...

  • PERFUME ADDICT07/29/2007

    I am ashamed to admit that I have ovre 150 bottles of perfume. Out of all, Opium comes top! Every single time I wear it, i get a postive comment. Although it poses a very spicy and oriental scent, and very strong smell, it is admired by people with different kind of preferences. I get comments even at the end of a long (and sweaty!) day, and it seems that it blend even more nicely with your own scent as the day goes on! Absolutely reccommeded.

  • OPIUM WOMAN07/18/2007

    They say one should never reveal the names of their lover and their fragrance but I simply must say:The PARFUM is out of this world! It's been my signature for over 10 years now and I will wear it for as long as I live! For anyone who's wondering whether to splash out on the pure perfume ,I'd say:go for it!If you thought the eau de toilette was great ,you'll never want to part with the extract-it's so much smoother,velvety and close to the skin .

  • JERI07/02/2007

    I have worn this perfume for YEARSS!!! It continues to be my all-time favorite and probably always will. I've read some people's comments about it and I must say, this perfume it not for everyone. You really need to have the right chemistry, like with any perfume, to carry this one off! If you do, watch out because you will definately turn heads when you wear it! My husband STILL tells me how good I smell when I wear this scent, and after 16 years, that's a pretty good testiment to it's quality.

  • LONDON06/09/2007

    Like many perfumes, this smells old ladyish and migraine inducing. My mother still wears it, and at the end of day, it actually does smell good. It smells alot like cinnamin and Day lilly.

  • VICTORIA06/07/2007

    I knew someone who wore Opium and I always thought she took a bath in it because it smelled so strong. One day I actually saw her use it and she was using 1 small spritz! Ladies, for those of you who wear it, word of caution-use more than one drop and you will assault everyone's noses around you. Because of that I also thouht of it as "mature" kind of perfume. I first smelled it when I was 17, hated it. Smelled it recently(I'm 35 now) and still can't stand it. Oh, well...

  • SOMDATTA06/06/2007

    There seems to be little point in describing in great detail a perfume that is as famous and widely available as Opium. We have all come across it some time or the other... It's a true classic. Lots of cinnamon and oriental allure. It's spicy, mysterious and strong. Not too masculine, and beautifully balanced. It's a wonderful fragrance to wear to work, if you don't wear too much of it, for it IS potent. But not in a sweet overpowering way. It's a heady smell, warm and spicy, with just a hint of sweetness. Very long lasting, and a sophisticated dry-down. Not floral, airy, breezy ; neither harsh and dry, tobacco-ish or leather-ish. Perfect for women who love unusual, expensive and exclusive smelling perfumes. Perfect for evening and office wear - depends on how much you wear it. The thing about classics is this - they are striking and extremely individualistic to start with - but they become famous and popular, and you may find many people wearing it. That's the compromise you have to make with classics. Many people wear Opium, simply because it's one of the best perfumes ever made ... so if you want the uncompromising quality of a classic, you have to compromise with lots of others wearing it .... I personally love this sublime fragrance. A unique one, (close tro KL) even in my huge collection. You might at least try it somewhere, maybe you will fall in love with it like i did ...

  • JUNE06/04/2007

    A friend has brought me an atomiser spray of Opium. As soon as I had undone ther package I saw that the packaging was wrong. Gold box with burnt orange leaves - a reverse of the usual, in fact. My friend bought it at Nice Airport. Has anything similar happened to any other Opium afficianado? It is only regulars who would notice I think. I haven't opened it yet.

  • JUNE06/04/2007

    I see from other posts that I am not the only one who has noticed a difference. The old Opium used to have a wonderful after-smell on whatever I'd been wearing the night before. That's not the case now. The perfume seemed different - diluted ? in 1998/2000. I had been wearing it since the year it came out. It is sill good but used to be excellent.

  • ANGELIQUE05/18/2007

    No matter how old I get (and believe me I'm getting on a bit), I always feel that this scent is too mature for me. I don't hate it, but it just doesn't 'go' with my chemistry. I just see it as a very matriarchal scent; mature with a wise, commanding presence. But that's just my opinion! It's still a very sophisticated scent but not one that I'll wear.

  • NOT RATED OR ONE STARS05/13/2007

    There are over a 125 not rated or one stars that really say a lot about this perfume--like the drug name that it is strong, and potent and undesirable.

  • KATHY05/10/2007

    Opium is the only perfume I wear and I have worn it for about 20 years. Every time I wear Opium I am always asked (especially by men) what perfume am I wearing and how much they like. I absolutely love it.

  • JONNA04/28/2007

    I HEART This fragrance. I alway feel so hip, classy and sophisticated when I wear it. I feel totally transformed from the scent. The pure Parfum is the Best of course, but I LOVE anything Opium. DH loves it and always comments on how HOt I smell when I wear this. Get It Girls, your man will finally pay proper attention to you.

  • GRETCHEN04/25/2007

    My older sister LOVED Opium in high school- my untrained nose couldn't take it- she always liked the more "mature" scents. Flash forward about 15 years and I slowly began to fall in love with many orientals, but balked at the Queen of them- Opium. Last year I made the mistake of buying some off e-bay- it ended up being a "dupe" and to add insult to injury, the bottle had leaked all over the package- in the dead of summer! The smell made me so sick- I never thought I would give this a try again...ever. Oh, but I am so glad that I did- I love this and Youth Dew- to me they are spicy, powdery masterpeices. It's heavenly aromatherapy! Fabulous!

  • RYAN04/21/2007

    I love a lot of different types, including gourmand, oriental, woody-sweet, and spicy. I usually cannot stand citrus and aquatic scents. I would say my favorites are: Angel, Angel Men, Opium, Chanel no. 22, Hanae Mori, Prada, Prada men, Prada Intense, Jean Paul Gaultier 2, Jaipur, Rochas por homme, By Dolce & Gabbana (which I believe is now discontinued), Dolce & Gabbana (red box), Antidote and Lolita Lempicka au masculin. Sorry to get back so late to you, I was out of town . . . hope to chat again later

  • BARBARA W04/19/2007

    Just read her post regarding Imperiale after I wrote mine about the LEs. She hits the nail on the head!

  • BARBARA W04/19/2007

    Hi everyone - just wanted to give a suggestion to Opium lovers and also to those who sit on the fence about this perfume...try the Limited Editions, especially Fleur Imperiale and Fleur de Shanghai. They are wonderful re-interpretations of the original - slightly sweeter, lighter, softer. I've grown to love the original Opium, but the bitter carnation note has always bothered me. The carnation note isn't as pronounced in the LE versions, yet the great character of the original Opium is retained. I think they're perfect for both Opium fans and those who think it's just too much. I know people who can't wear the original, yet love the limited editions. Let me know what you think!

  • BLONDIE04/10/2007

    This is just one of those all time yummy fragrances that never fails to turn heads. It is softer than many of the more well known orientals of it's kind such as Coco and Cinnabar. A little goes a long way and the body products are some of the best ever produced as far as containing the true scent. If you are looking for a classic oriental that will stand the test of time, this one is a sure bet.

  • AIMEE04/08/2007

    Ryan, how funny that you should ask about my favorites because I have very eclectic taste in scent and I have been on a lifelong quest all of my 47 years for "the perfect one." I just love the idea of a signature scent that permeates one's clothes and sort of becomes one with you when you wear it. Having said that, admidst my many bottles, which I don't dare count, I have some that take front and center on the dressing table. They are: Tom Ford's Black Orchid, Narciso Rodrieguez, Jo Malone's Blue Agava & Cacao, also her Vintage Gardenia, Must de Cartier, Le Baiser du Dragon, Trish McEvoy's Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, the great Shalimar, 24 Faubourg, Gianfranco Ferre, Bois des Isles, Cuir de Russie, and of course Opium. I also have a love/hate relationship with Chanel No. 5. (See my posting there.) I have great appreciation for many others but there are fragrances I love to smell on other people but do not want to wear. My mother used to call me "Parts per billion" because of how I can detect notes in fragrances. It is both a blessing and a curse. I enjoy fragrance immensely but if there is one thing in a parfum that I do not enjoy, it kills the experience for me. I generally enjoy spice that has a clean quality to it. The ones I've named I favor depending on my mood, the season and whether we are talking day or evening--but I do mix it up unexpectedly and wear what some would consider a winter scent whenever I feel like it. I am not a fragrance snob. I do love fragrances made in the fine old French tradition, but when a saleslady once said to me that a parfum has to be made in France to smell good, I said, "Nonsense. I was made in America and there is nothing wrong with me." What's more Italian designers have some beautiful fragrances. My mother wore Estee's pure fragrance spray and she smelled gorgeous in it. I would wear it too, but it makes me cry. (I posted the story of my mom's Estee on that fragrance board.) I don't like watery, "anemic" sorts of scents or loud florals--they give me a headache. For instance, I appreciate Fracas, but cannot wear it. I am guaranteed a headache in 10 minutes flat. For some years I wore Samsara and nothing else, and received compliments left and right, but I no longer enjoy it myself. Another tibdit: Scents that fall into the Chypre category tend to be very unbecoming on me. asked! What are some of your faves?

  • RYAN04/05/2007

    LOL, we are so alike. I usually go to Macy's here in Minneapolis (which used to be Marshall Fields) and have already befriended some ladies there. I purchased the 1.7oz eau de parfum of Opium, and the nice ladies gave me a free 1.7oz eau de toilette in the special edition black bottle, free 1.6oz and 3.3oz bottles of the lotion. I also purchased the shower gel and find it to be very fragrant. The regular lotion is just ok. I will use it b/c it was free, but I cannot see myself purchasing the regular lotion as it is too orange smelling for me. I can see how the body cream would be better though. I have found with other lines, such as Angel, that the body cream has a much truer scent to the spray than the regular lotion does. I also will definitely try the body oil spray also. I have similar body oil sprays in Jean Paul Gaultier 2 and Angel and they work very well and stay very true to the fragrance. If you wouldn't mind, what are some of your favorite fragrances? It's been nice chatting with you as well. Talk again soon!

  • JASS04/03/2007

    I was wondering if YSL was adding unnatural ingredient such as propylene glycol to its classic? If so, I will stop using these products. Such a shame if so...

  • AIMEE04/01/2007

    Ryan, I prefer the cream in the jar with the screw-on lid. It has pure parfum in it and if you apply it after a shower when skin is still wet (and use it sparingly as I described in my earlier message), a little goes a long long way. You may not even miss the pure parfum if you do this. I also like the body oil--same thing, you can stretch it out. I've even mixed it up in my hands with unscented lotion for a light way to wear the scent in summer. I've had the lotion in the squarish sort of bottle, and while it is okay, I really prefer either the oil or the cream, so I probably would not buy that formula again. I've also had shower gel, but I am not much into shower gels. They are pleasant enough to use but I feel as though I am pouring $45 or so down the drain! I would rather invest in one of the other body products and just use a nice drug store shower gel like Neutrogena or Dove. Why don't you go to a finer dept. store, like say Saks, and go to the fragrance counter or to the YSL counter and tell the salesperson that you want samples of the body products. If they have a tester jar open, they will make you a sample or two and that way you can try for yourself before buying. Also find a store near you and befriend the salesperson. I find that my fragrance salesperson takes care of me with all sorts of free samples of my favorites over time. Happy shopping. I am such a cream puff--I just love body products. I think it is one of the more subtle, sophisticated ways to wear fine fragrance.

  • RYAN04/01/2007

    Thank you for responding Aimee. Are you talking about the thicker cream in the round tub, or the regular lotion in the rectangular white bottle? I did buy the EDP which, IMO, is almost like a different fragrance from the EDT. With the EDT I smell some very light spices/floral with a lot of powder. But, with the EDP, I smell rich florals, spices, incense and orange. The EDP makes me feel like I'm in a mysterious temple in China filled with orchids and incense. A definite winner! Now, just to come up with the money for the pure parfum . . . LOL

  • AIMEE03/29/2007

    Ryan, as for experience with the body products, I love the cream. It is rich and soft smelling and contains pure parfum but at a lesser cost. I find that often the cream is all I need. And, I don't apply it liberally. I do not think it is necessary to slather it all over, just a light layering, especially arms, elbows, backs of knees. The scent wafts around me gently all day.

  • LE NEZ03/23/2007

    I Uncapped a sample without spraying it and I found it identical to the original. I applied a generous amount and found the opening very similar to the original. The heart notes are not the familiar carnation I was used to. Apricot blossom and fruity madarine make this blend sweeter and more youthful while remaining true to the original. Younger fans might appreciate this sweet spicy delicacy as well as Opium loyalists!

  • RYAN03/22/2007

    I've read so many good things about Opium so I decided to go and test it. I went to Macy's who has the entire line including the EDT, EDP and the pure parfum. I smelled only the EDT and EDP and fell in love with the EDP. Does anyone else have any personal experience with the different forms of Opium? I know all the reviews say the pure parfum is by far superior, however, I cannot really afford it. I would love to know more about the EDT vs. the EDP as they are a little more affordable. Also, how about the body products, i.e. the lotion and shower gel? Any insight would be appreciated

  • MARY ALICE03/16/2007

    I just read that Opium was reformulated in 2003 to make it more perhaps that explains the differences I noted in my previous posting. I attributed the new softness to changes in my skin and body chemistry. I liked the old formulation for what I needed out of a perfume when I was younger (men!) and I like the new fragrance now. It is enveloping, sits closer to my skin than the original and is, therefore, less intrusive. The vanilla makes it comforting but the patchouli keeps it exciting.

  • MARY ALICE03/15/2007

    This was the first fragrance I bought as an adult. On my moist youthful skin and in the southern climate where I lived, it was strong and bold and commanded attention. When I married and had a daughter I moved on to softer florals because I didn't need that in-your-face presence anymore. Now that I am older, living in the north-east and have much dryer skin, Opium is again appropriate for me. It emits a softer, more comforting aura than it did in my youth while being unusual enough to stand out from the crowd. Opium has been complex and vesatile enough to grow with me over time.

  • CHARISE03/12/2007

    Colgate Shaving Cream--I mean JUST LIKE IT! I think the shaving cream smells good and looked online for hours forn a hint of it's scent. Then I bought Opium on sale, smelled it and whoomp there it was. It's very warm, masculine to me only because it smells like the shaving cream. Luxurious. Oh! And the first time I sprayed it on myself I made the mistake of pumping 2 sprays on my chest. Had to change my clothes soon after becuase it 'bout made me pass out. So weeks later, after I got it out of my system, I sprayed ONE spritz onto a paper towel, let it sit for a few moments, then touched the damp spot to my wrists and sides of my neck ONE TIME EACH. That was plenty to last the whole 12 hours at work. It's powerful stuff, powerful stuff and smells warm and snug and comfy, like a mug of something hot...there's nothing like it.

  • LE NEZ02/26/2007

    The greatest oriental essence ever conceived! Subtle at first, then mind boggling in its complexity. Since 1977 anyone wearing this precious scent means business. It reminds me of the Disco era of Studio 54 in NYC. There have been attempts to copy its luxury, yet the only one come close is Casmir. Its spicy note are impossible to match-most clones end up smelling vulgar Evening gowns, diamond and pearls match well here. Though a smart pair of jeans work just as well. Turn up those disco records as well!

  • WENDY01/04/2007

    Opium is the ultimate REAL woman's scent: it's earthy, sensual and, while great for winter time, its true power is exposed on warm summer nights as your skin heats up. For me this is an everyday fragrance simply because I like to feel sexy every day.

  • BORN4MD12/12/2006

    this is a great winter scent, it reminds me of spice and the holidays. a light touch is perfect. don't go heavy on this wonderful scent. not for little girls.

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    When I wear spicy scents this is one of three that I truly love. An all time classic. I wore it exclusively for like a year or more.

  • SIMONE11/25/2006

    Perfume is a very individual taste and what suits one person well, particularly in fragrance, will not suit another. I have worn Opium for many years (but I keep it very subtle!) and have ALWAYS received many compliments, from men and women alike...Unfortunately, I am very hesitant to try others since I have found that many parfums out there quite literally represent "instant-migraine-in-a-bottle" to me! Body chemistry has more to do with successful fragrance experiences than anything else, I think...I personally LOVE Opium!

  • JAIME-LYN!11/19/2006

    This perfume is truly "icky", in my opinion. For an excellent oriental--go with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Men will drool over you and you will LOVE it!!!

  • BLUE SWEDE11/15/2006

    Oh no! After reading all the positive comments on this board I decided to take a walk on the wild side: I bought Opium online without ever having tried it on (got a really good deal on it, though). I don't know if it's my body chemistry or something else, but Opium just smells harsh, synthetic and incredibly soapy on me. Do you have any other recommendations regarding oriental-type scents? (I will try before buying next time, I promise!) Thanks!/Helen from Sweden

  • FRIDAY11/10/2006

    My mother's favourite, as a child I could smell it on her from great distances away, still to this day, and Im 38yo now, even when she gets in the car with me, i open all windows so I dont get sick. Makes me laugh that its her favourite cause she cooks with cloves, bay leaves, spices etc - suits her to a T. but in NO WAY subtle as described - overpowering, lingering to no end, strong and harsh. After 20 plus years, I still hate it.

  • MAX10/18/2006

    To you ladies who use this parfum, I am a discerning male and love the parfum on a sophisticated lady. I fell in love with this scent the first time I smelled it on my fiancee 23 years ago. The eaus and other products based on the parfum are inferior to the original parfum. Take it from a guy, this is a heady, seductive scent that can captivate many a men. Good luck.

  • BLACKAMBERMOON09/29/2006

    There are very few true perfume masterpieces that can only be appreciated by wearing the pure perfume - Opium is one of them. The essense of this magnificent oriental is completely lost in the EDT. If you can afford it, it's an indulgence that is well worth it. Few perfumes in our lifetime will match Opium.

  • KOKO08/17/2006

    I think it's luxury scent for my mom or 30-40+of ages. So I gave it to my mom and she loves it.

  • HARLEY-MAMA08/13/2006

    Delicious warm scent! Very cozy and inviting. The dry down is the best! Kinda reminds me of Cinnabar but,....much better and sweeter. Try it!

  • ALHIMIE08/10/2006

    My friend's grandparents died - leaving her family this huge, nice house full of magic. My friend's parents didn't change much in the house - they even left that little cabinet in the bathroom, that was full of original, old, rare perfume bottles from years ago. They all were collected and unopened by her Grandparents. I saw Opium one and I smelled it - oh even tho the bottle was from 30 years ago it didn't lose much of a smell. I smelled it through the cork without opening it - this was such a strong essence! All I can say bout Opium is that it's so unique, and when I smelled it the first time it reminded me of something from my childhood, maybe my Grandma was wearing it? I don't think this is the perfume I can wear, it could be a lil bit too heavy (but that doesn't mean I don't love it, cuz I own it just to sniff on it!) but the new opium florale or something, that is like taking the old Opium and it's mystery and make it a bit more modern so a younger girl could wear it as well. Love it!

  • MARILYN08/09/2006

    The last 2 bottles I've bought seemed different. I thought maybe my body chemistry had changed! Time for a change!!!

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/08/2006

    wow. It does smell different. there is a soapy smell to it.... I suppose the attempt at making it fresher? If they want to change a perfume then I think they should call it Opium light or fresh or New or something and leave the original alone.

  • JAK08/01/2006

    I did ask for my money back when I bought this Opium at a local dept. store. It was not the same, so back it went. I have no problem returning things that no longer are true to the origional.

  • JUDI W*07/24/2006

    I haven't bought Opium in awhile, but if they changed it, which is very possible, how dare they!!!! They have changed alot of different fragrances, such has: Magie Noire, Fendi (my luv), Halston, Shalimar (eau de toilette) and alot more. To me, to take a classic beautiful scent, and tweak it, to save money & make more of a profit, is disgusting. It really annoys me & gets me angry to think how much control these companies have over our beloved scents. Probably also do it, so you'll move on to a "newer" scent that they want to sell. P.S. * Opium was my first real turn on, from a scent. It had a major effect on me, felt sexy, & womanly, even though I was only 21. Never will forget it!!!

  • MARIA HONDA07/19/2006

    What did they ever do to my Opium. It is not the same. I know the scent very well, and they must have changed the ingredients. I should ask for my money back.

  • ELENORA07/18/2006

    I've been told by many people (especially men) that my perfume (Opium) smells sexy.

  • NASTASSIA07/12/2006

    This is one fragrance that I've heard people rave about, and I haven't tried it out yet! Once I get the chance, I'll rate it!

  • BARBARA W07/01/2006

    Mel, have you tried the pure perfume? I haven't yet, but from what I understand that is the best way to enjoy this scent. My boyfriend was crazy for this scent in the early 80s, and asked me to try it recently, but we were both disappointed. Even he admitted something was changed about the scent - he said it was more harsh and synthetic smelling than he remembered (maybe it's my chemistry, too)...but he also mentioned that the woman he used to smell it on had the pure perfume. I think perhaps some magical element gets lost in the EDT version...or I'm hoping, anyway...the perfume will be my next purchase. ;-)

  • SONYA06/19/2006

    Please, don't judge Opium until you have worn it on your skin for an will never know its mystery.I have been a fan of this magnificent scent since 1995, when I had first tried it at the Heathrow airport duty free in London.It is the best in my collection,something I can never give to anyone else as a gift, for some strange reason:) It is very distinctive, and I wore it to the Rolling Stones concert in San Francisco.I hope this states the genre of this robust spicy experience, intense moments with a lingering aftermath.I have never recieved more compliments with any other fragrance.It's for the discerning woman who likes making strong statements.Not for the predictable, this is a statement screaming individuality.Three cheers to those who can carry it off, enjoy the sheer power of attraction, for this one is designed to do that.It excites me that this is truly not for everyone.But if it is you, you will look no further.It's a high for have been warned.

  • MEL06/19/2006

    I wore Opium for years and it used to smell absolutely divine on me, I have never received so many compliments with any other perfume and it used to last from dawn till dusk! However in the past year or so I am positive that a vital ingredient/ingredients have been taken out of the original formula! The first bottle I bought that had the change did not have the same smell on me and it faded in less than an hour so I bought another duty free and had the same problem! I KNOW that something has been changed! Have other people who have worn Opium for a long time found this? There is no point in me buying this scent - it may as well be a new perfume! Now I am hunting for another perfume, sadly I have no choice!

  • DOLLYANNE06/12/2006

    It can't get better than this! No, nothing can compare to this gem. Opium is the epitome of true perfumery, the kind that is no longer produced since it cost too much and doesn't bring much profit. I know fragrance is a very personal thing, but those who appreciate this perfume know what I am talking about.

  • *BARBARA W*05/12/2006

    Hi Judi - I agree that it's interesting how people can perceive a scent so differently. It's part of what makes fragrance so fascinating to me. I soooo wish Opium smelled good on me - it's just divine on my Mom! Even my boyfriend, whose favorite perfume is Opium, doesn't care for it on me. And I think Jungle is more sweet than Opium - funny. And yes, perfumes do change (sometimes for the better) as they get a bit older. I think maybe that's why some younger people think that certain perfumes smell like "old ladies"...I love fragrances now that I would have hated in my early 20s (I'm 39). Anyway, we seem to have similar taste in perfumes...spicy orientals...have you found any interesting new fragrances? I think you might enjoy "Just Me" by Montana. I found it last year and just love it! Really unique and not very well known in the States, so you won't smell it everwhere you go. I'd be interested to know your opinion of it. Take care!

  • JUDI W*05/07/2006

    It's really interesting to me how different women smell different things in a fragrance. I think Opium has more sweetness in it than Jungle does. I had a bottle of Opium, toilette spray, and hadn't used it for over a year and a half, and now it seems to have lost the top notes that were dry & resin- like, and just left the sweeter notes. Probably smells more like the de parfum spray would. All noses are not created equal. I don't even have the same sensory perception I had when I was younger, because some fragrances just don't smell the same to me as they once I said interesting....

  • *BARBARA W*05/03/2006

    Judi, you're right - it's all a matter of opinion, though...and in my opinion I like Jungle better - it has that sweetness that I felt Opium was missing. Just means that it's better for *me*, not everyone else. So glad you can enjoy Opium- wish I could! :-) Take care!

  • JUDI W*04/30/2006

    It's difficult to compare a fragrance (Opium) that was one of the first scents that I loved when I was young, because I was attracted to that incense smell, that was popular then. (70's) When I first smelled it, I was 22 yrs old, and I screamed with delight to find something so "exotic" & sexy. Jungle Elephant is similiar in that it's spicy & incensey (in it's drydown). Their both equally as good to me, but now that I'm older, I seem to like Jungle a little more, that doesn't mean it's better. Opium will always be special, especially now with all the c**p that's out there! Being that it's different, that gives it extra stars for me!

  • *BARBARA W*04/28/2006

    My boyfriend likes Opium, so I've been trying to wear it for months...but I just don't like it. I tried to find another perfume similar, and tried Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant - and WOW! Jungle is incredible...spicy and strong, with a creamier dry down than Opium. If you like Opium, try Jungle. I'd be interested to hear other's opinions on it. Oh - and my Opium-loving boyfriend thinks it's fantastic! :-)

  • ALLISON R.04/25/2006

    It's not hard to believe that this scent has last almost thirty years strong. It's perfume perfection. My mom wore it as her scent when I was growing up, then I wore it and still do. I love the structure of it. It starts off strong and spicy, and gradually warms up to a oriental floral with your body heat. It never stops like most perfumes. I think it's the cats meow and hopefully I can calm my perfume addiction and stick with a family favorite. I give it ten stars!

  • JILLAINE03/27/2006

    Couldn't help but notice your 2/6 posting that you've finally tried Opium- but didn't think it felt like you because it lacked a sweet element. Well, I have two suggestions. #1 A trick I have to sweeten this one up a little is to spray a first layer of Samsara, and then my Opium over it. Sure hope it's not a mortal sin to mix houses like that, but I really love this combination! But also, what I'm really excited about is the 2006 Summer version (Opium fleur Imperiale) which will be coming out soon. From the Osmoz description: Opening with Tangerine, Neroli and Bergamot with a Heart of Apricot Blossom, Jasmine & Carnation. Finishing with Vanilla, Osmanthus, Myrrh, Patchouli and Amber. It's 'Opium/Apricot Blossom'. Sounds even better than last summers wonderful Fleur de Shanghai with the Magnolia!!

  • STEVO03/24/2006

    I love Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum and find similarities with the ladies version, but the men's seems sweeter. They are both so in-your-face when first applied, but after they dry down, the two versions are equally rich, deep and resinous. I've heard of men wearing the extrait (parfum) before. It's not as sweet as the men's eau de parfum. I've also read of women wearing the men's version. The editor of Vogue France (..a woman) wears it. I think fragrance should'nt be about gender all the time. Opium, in any version, should be enjoyed by everyone who loves it, no matter the what "gender" it's intended for. To me, it's that good and should be relished for what it is....a classic masterpiece! So, if you love a fragrance and it's not your gender, but you want to wear it, GET IT! wear it! It's for YOUR enjoyment and it's one of the things that is a part of who you are. Celebrate who you are with a fragrance you like and just don't give crap about what other people think! I may buy the Parfum for myself....just for what it is...a wonderful fragrance worthy for any collection!

  • CK03/19/2006

    my mother wears always worn opium, and she loves it. I have never liked it until I recently tried the lotion.. yummmm...I'm a believer now.....

  • COMMENTATOR03/10/2006

    I was at a group meeting the other day, and the ferocious intoxicating whiffs of this terrible rancid spray had me running out of the meeting. I have asthma and this produced an attack. Very potent like the name represents. Don't test unless you want to smell like raid, and have people dying behind you.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL02/26/2006

    it was my very first love ever , i mean ever ... there i was all figured out ...completely oriental ... my aunt gave me a bottle and said, " this reminds me of you " . it's grown up , classy , feminine and woke me up to the perfume world . maya , i cannot believe that you did not identify with this one ... do as i do , before tou put it on layer all over your boby with some vanilla oil ...i make my own ...i have vanilla musk , vanilla sandalwood , vanilla patch , vanilla rose ... there is that sweetness you were missing ... and it makes it so much more interesting ....and it lasts and lasts ...kisses , tania. ps : here in brazil we send kisses all the time , hope it does not ofend anyone .

  • ARICIA02/20/2006

    Power in a bottle. Spicy, warm and sexy. Not for the faint of heart (or nose), this one is to be used with caution. A real mood enhancer.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    at the same time that i was introduced to opium in the 80s there was another one by the name of MADAME DE CARVEN which was soooooooo sexy !!!!!! i loved that one but i believe it has been discontinued !!! why are the best ones always lifted????? there was another comparitively very inexpensive cologne by the name of ANDRON by jovan. this seemingly innocent blend had pheromones in it. while you spray it at first it was no big deal, but, let it blend with your chemistry for maybe a half hour and............ wow !!!! it was a bomb !!!!!! this one's gone too !!

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    back in the 80s when i tried this for the first time it was a rage !! the ad in the mag said "opium has taken the world by storm !" and so it had ! this was a special occasion perfume and restricted to evening wear only. its a very strong fragrance to be used sparingly. now 20 yrs later the trend has changed to lighter fragrances but i still have a 100ml edt bottle nestled among my collection of perfumes. on a wintry night i still feel like a spritz of opium !!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/10/2006

    I dont blame you for passing on those bottles -- nothing is worse than receiving a bottle of fragrance that has that detectable odor of having 'gone bad' (this has happened to me). Please let me know how it goes when you give the Opium another chance because from what you describe, this should be exactly the scent you are looking for! I am also hearing that Cinnabar is another alternative to Opium - also a spicey oriental..but i've not yet tried it myself. Good luck! :)

  • KATHY02/06/2006

    I will try again. I always heard that it is very spicy, and not sweet spicy, which is what I want. I thought it was similar to an OLDIE I loved but just can't fine any more named Ninja. I did see a couple of bottles for sale in eBay, but not sure how old they were so I passed on it. :>)

  • MAYA02/06/2006

    I have to say that this scent definitely is a spicy one! Just lovely! On me it warms up to a nice skin scent that lingers and lingers. Not 'too' strong, as I've seen it mentioned in a few places, just nice. However, Opium just isn't ME! The whole time I just couldn't help thinking I wish it were only a little bit sweeter. I was really missing just a touch of sweetness...

  • GREEKGIRL02/03/2006

    Opium brings back lovely memories of my younger disco days I dont wear it anymore cos my tastes have changed a little but need to sniff it now and then just to remember the good old days.

  • SYLVIE01/26/2006

    OPIUM is a fragrance with excellent staying power!!! Since many years I wear the "Eau de Toilette" version and love it. Hope this helps.

  • MH01/25/2006

    I was given this from my husband for Christmas. I am so disapointed with the smell.... What happened to the lasting aroma! He paid over $100.00 . I won't ask for Opium anymore.

  • SUZY01/20/2006

    I sure will - yesterday I wanted to, but then I saw they had: parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and I was mixed! I started to sniff them all, but I could not smell any differece! only price was REALLY different. at this time I am not thinking about pure parfum at all - this was terribly expencive, just need a sugestion to choose between EdT and EdP. please? :-)

  • SYLVIE01/19/2006

    Hi Suzy, if you like Opium - wear it and be happy with this beautiful oriental masterpiece by YSL. It's very sexy and very spicy (much clove and cinnamon) and very unique. Use it sparingly and ENJOY this fine, bold fragrance. Never use too much, because Opium is really very strong and heavy. It's expensive but lasts for hours!! Because Opium is outstanding and powerful-spicy, it's a love or hate fragrance. If you use only 3-4 sprays, it's a cozy and inviting fragrance for young and "old" ladies ;-). Opium is excellent! Happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • SUZY01/16/2006

    I gave Opium a try just yesterday, because I heard this is Gisele´s (Bundchen) fav. perfume.... and I was amazed! But I am not sure if this a right scent for me, being only 21 years old.... I love it, but am affraid it could bother other people.... what do you think?

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC01/11/2006

    Hi Kathy, i read your post and noted your comment about the bottle of Opium you tried being 'watered down'. If possible, try another store, because I find this to be the King of oriental scents! And it lasts all day. Ive received more compliments for this perfume than most others I have. Perhaps that was just a bad bottle you tried. Take care

  • JK01/09/2006

    Far to sweet. And, too much clove. Too much like Obsession and Youth Dew. Sexy? Maybe for a teenager. Not for someone who wants to be remembered as an individual...not like everyone else.

  • KATHY01/08/2006

    I tried this in a dept. store and braced myself for a spicy oriental scent...what a shock!! It was so watered down. Not good.

  • *BARBARA W*01/04/2006

    I agree with you that Opium wouldn't seem right on very young women. You need sexual confidence to pull off wearing this - and at 21 ya just don't have it going on yet. I'm 39 and am just starting to feel woman enough to wear Opium. We just get better with age... :)

  • FELICITY2701/03/2006

    The first time I ever tried this was when i was 23 back in the 80's, I was on a blind date. It was very strong but we both loved it. I asked my husband to buy it for Christmas for me last year. I hardly recognized the scent. it was so deluted and remined me of cheap mens cologne. (avon) What happened?

  • DON CORLEONE01/02/2006

    This is my stepmother's favorite perfume, expensive stuff too. It strikes me as something a mature woman working in a highly paid position should be wearing. It's something that can be sexy, but wouldn't seem right on a 21 year old young woman. Just my 0.02 as a 26 yr. old man chiming in, but don't fret, I love mature ladies, especially those wearing Opium :)

  • DIZZWITCH11/27/2005

    I have worn this perfume ever since it was launched. I had been invited to a swish black tie dinner and was unable to afford a new gown; so I went into my favourite perfume boutique and told them I wanted something bazazz and drop dead gorgeous. The assistant sprayed Opium on my wrist and said it was so new, they were the first in the area to have it. I was completely hooked....and the dance??? Well, no-one noticed the the plain black dress but I had my pick of all the gentlemen, they practically fell at my feet!!! Opium is the best aphrodisiac in the world. Wicked, decadent and watch out world !!!

  • LILIA11/25/2005

    Heard that Cinnabar from Estee Lauder is similar to Opium. I have Opium, and just tried Cinnabar today. I detect the similarity also. Both are very nice.

  • *BARBARA W*11/04/2005

    I posted some negative comments about Opium a few months ago, but I really wanted to like this fragrance (it's my boyfriend's favorite), so I bought another bottle. Now I really like it. I must have gotten an old bottle before, because this new one smells much better. It still needs some time to settle down, but after an hour or so becomes soft and spicy, very pleasant. I'll wear it regularly. If you like this, try Neroli by L'Occitane - it's amazing!

  • WONDERING11/01/2005

    Just wondering why Cinema, the newest perfume from YSL was removed. Cinema is so nice. Maybe it got sold out!

  • PAM10/19/2005

    I've been wearing opium daily for over 25 years. It is a signature cologne for me. It lasts all day on me and I frequently get compliments. Men find the fragrance quite sexy and it seems to project an aura of sophistication with a subtly sexy allure. The unfortunate thing is that my mom and sister both want to wear it because they like it so well. Why anyone would want to wear a fragrance that's become a family member's signature is beyond me, but I guess imitation is supposed to be a form of flattery. Neither has bought it though...perhaps they realize if they did, their lives would be at stake (smile)

  • MEOW-MEOW09/11/2005

    What can i say? It's just purely luxurious and gorgeous, like no other. The one that matches me! One of my favourites. (Also check out the 2005 limited edition Fleur de Shanghai, another wicked/floral twist of Oipum.)

  • ANNETE08/29/2005

    this is my all time favorite fragrance. EVERYtime I wear this, I get a compliment. Ladiies, if you love spice, then you NEED to order this!! It's an oriental, and that is ususally what I wear, but mostly in the winter. You won't go wrong in buying this beautiful fragrance. I KNOW that you'll get as many compliments too!


    How long does this last? Long? I am asking because I am in a high-stressed job, and I need for the perfume that I ware to last as long as I do, from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    I liked it on other people, or after it cooled down on me sometimes. But my boyfriend liked it best on me. So thats why I wore it. Some girls dont like it though. Its ok.

  • CONNIE FEMIMORE08/13/2005

    i have used opium for years and i will not ware anything else, even my adopted dauther and my grandchildren ware it, i look at it as is some one does not like it sorry as that is all i have to ware lol connie fenimore

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY07/30/2005

    Can you believe it? Than quick I am back with Youth Dew. I went out into this HOT weather we are having here in Kentucky, and the Opium failed me. It didn't last any time on me. Every one is different. I hope that Opium last on you. But for me, I am back with Youth Dew, it hasn't let me down. What was I thinking???!!!

  • MRS. IRIS POSEY07/30/2005

    As of July 27th, 2005 I am an Opium user!!! This frangrance smells so delicious, and I last on me all day. I was a Youth Dew user for almost 4 years. I'm glad that my nose finely woke up. Now don't get me wrong, Youth Dew will always be Youth Dew, just not on me.

  • MARIA HONDA06/23/2005

    I feel the same about OPium and other great perfumes like Joy as an example.Shalimar, Poison still smell the same with the same staying power.

  • *BARBARA W*05/26/2005

    You might have purchased the Fleur de Shanghai Opium, which is brand new and supposed to be a softer version of the original. It comes in the bottle you described.

  • *BARBARA W*05/26/2005

    I recently tried Opium after my boyfriend said it was his favorite women's fragrance. I bought a 1.7 oz EDT and both my boyfriend and I thought it smelled disgusting. He said it smelled nothing like the Opium he remembered from the early 80's. I thought the bottle I purchase might be "off", so I went to a dept. store and tried their sample. Same awful scent, especially right after applying it (it did get slightly better at the drydown). I'm not sure if the bottles they are selling now are just really old, but it's obvious something has changed about this fragrance. I really want to try the pure parfum and see if I can smell the "real deal". I really want to like this scent.

  • AIMEE05/23/2005

    I've tried countless fragrances and have a cluttered dressing table full of bottles, but I always come back to Opium. Many times, I wear just the lotion and always receive compliments, especially from men. The Body Oil is great and I often mix it with unscented lotion for an extremely light version of the scent. For evening, I top it off with perfume at the pulse points. To me, Opium is a classic spicy aroma that has a very clean quality to it.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI05/22/2005

    If not the best women's fragrance it'll do till the best comes along. Wonderfully decadent , this oriental has been imitated but never surpassed. Nightime only, of course (unless you have some incredibly exotic job) Pure class, so be sure not to slouch. However, you can recline on your couch , a la Maja Desnuda. 10 stars.

  • GAVERINE05/06/2005

    I just wondered if anyone else had noticed that when the bottle went from 1.7oz to 1.6oz (and the bottle went from lots of raised design to only a little on the backside of the bottle and smooth on front) that Opium isn't as strong anymore?? I love it and it is my signature scent, but these last two bottles were duds (not purchased from Perfume Emporium). I could only smell it for about 20 min. after I put it on, and also my wrist would be oily from the essential oils. Now it looks dry after being applied and I can only think that they must have decided to put less essential oil in it in an effort to make more money? I don't want to stop using it, but I can't afford to keep using it if I can't even smell it at all. My husband noticed with both bottles also. If anyone has any idea why the 1.6oz spray Opium is so weak now - please post it here.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    I have so many wonderful memories associated with Opium. It's beyond words. Can't get enough of it. Have worn it for years and will continue to wear it for the rest of time!

  • JESSICA 04/30/2005

    Yes I love cinema too, very sensual and strong and so good you want to sniff on it all the time. They should really start to sell it here too.

  • BARBARA W04/30/2005

    I'm the one that wrote that Opium reminds me of Old Spice. I still think that, but I'm trying REALLY hard to love this fragrance, and I've heard that the parfum is far this true? Is it worth the money? How different is it? I bought the EDT spray and I'm disappointed. Who knows, maybe the bottle was really old. I want to love this stuff like everyone else! :) Thanks.

  • ANGELA GREEN04/28/2005


  • GLORIA04/17/2005

    First of all....let me say that OPIUM is above all my all time favorite perfume. NOTHING comes close. I ADORE all the products and the parfum is TO DIE FOR! Anyway...just wanted to say the new addition of the Fleur de Shanghai Opium for the summer is another wonderful masterpiece that has taken nothing away from the original....just a different slant on Opium. I adore it too. Those of you who are Opium lovers...try'll LOVE it! It goes well with the body cream, lotion, oil...dry oil...powder..whatever! HERE'S to YSL!!

  • BARBARA04/03/2005

    I've heard a few other comments about this fragrance being reminiscent of Old Spice - and I agree. I think it's a bit masculine. I don't dislike it, but I'm not crazy about it...but, my boyfriend is! It's his favorite perfume so far, so I'll wear it for him. As far as spicy orientals go, I prefer Casmir by's one of my favorites.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/20/2005

    I bow to the house of Yves St. Laurent, for this scent is truly a one-of-a-kind...its the king of all perfumes. So unique in it's makeup, it is a brilliant masterpeice and work of art. I have worn this for years and have received more compliments for this than any other perfume I wear (and I have many). Its invigorating to the senses and makes u feel rich, important and alive! It's lasting (even the EDT!) and just downright sensual. Can't imagine a true perfume collection without this one in it! The lotion is just as rich and luxurious smelling as the perfume!

  • BEBE02/15/2005

    thisis one of my signature scent. obsession riches my blood. obsessed by obsession. very nice.

  • SYLVIE02/13/2005

    Wonderful subscription!!!! Opium is a masterpiece and it rocks my world since it came out. Well done YSL and thank you so much for this tasteful fragrance!!!!!!

  • ANGELA02/10/2005

    I first tried Cinema at the mall and it didn't change smell on me. It is very nice fragrance that my husband liked too. It has very good staying power...can't wait to buy it from PE.

  • SANDY02/05/2005

    Has anyone tried the new YSL called Cinema? I heard it is wonderful. It is not listed here yet.

  • CLETA02/04/2005

    I can not find opium either, not the 1977 real opium cream or lotion. For Christmas, family gave me something called opium, but it certainly was not the perfume cream I have worn for years/

  • SHARRIE01/30/2005

    awesome. amazing. magnificant. classy. edxotic. truth be the best. the moment i smelled it i fell in love. wonderful.

  • MARY01/23/2005

    Hello! I have read many of your great tips about perfume. Such a treat, since I love perfume and love meeting people who also feel very passionately about it. I feel like a beginner with perfume, and feel like it is a process that keeps unfolding. I learn more and more through experimenting. Which means that I have purchased perfumes that turned out to be failures for me. But I absolutely love perfume and am somehow obsessive about it. My husband is getting used to it luckily. Thanks for all of your great insights! My question is if you have tried Cinema and what you think about it?

  • A MAN WHO WEARS OPIUM 01/22/2005

    Opium is a rare fragrance. Not because it's hard to find, but because it's so different than anything else. It spawned many copied after it's debut. Youth Dew, who Mrs. Estee Lauder said Saint Laurent copied with Opium is *very* different and I just can't see a connection. She also made a pale attempt to copy Opium with Cinnabar, which she released the following year, 1978. You can't compare these to Opium, they're far less refined and just smell harsh and sort of cheap compared to Opium. In my mind, Opium is the queen of oriental perfum, Shalimar being the king. Opium starts off on a spicy, aldehydic citrus accord which blends seamlessly into a slightly spicy fruity-floral heart of carnation, jasmine, cinnamon and peach. It's almost impossible to pick out any individual note, because it's so well blended. The base is extremely resinous and slightly sweet with notes of myrrh, olibanum (frankincense), opopanax, benzoin, labdanum, tolu balsam, sandalwood, amber, benjamin and vanilla. You can't pick out notes in the base, they are all welded together and work harmoniously as a single, intoxicating incense spiked with amber and vanilla. The fragrance is only slightly sweet. The fragrance is soft yet aggressive and like the name implies, becomes addictive. There will never be another fragrance that holds the mystique that Opium does.

  • SHIL01/20/2005

    I got this perfume as a sample. I tried a little and it gave me headache. I am surprised about all the positive reviews.

  • GLORIA01/19/2005

    Give me the Opium parfum! OMG! How wonderful can anything be? That and the Opium eau d' ete and I'm good! Body cream is to die for.

  • STEPHANIE01/13/2005

    Bought my first ounce of the parfum in Paris when it was introduced in '77 and have been hooked ever since. Advice to Opium abusers - A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! Opium is exotic, clean and wonderfully heady.

  • DABLEST_101/09/2005

    believe it or not I have NEVER heard of this perfume, till my friend at work told me about it. Then when she told me how LONG it's been out, I was VERRRY skeptical in getting it, I didn't want to smell like an OLD lady at church...At any rate, I got it, and WOW!!!!! no wonder people still where this, it smells SOOOO good!!!! I will be rocking this for a while...

  • MARILEE01/01/2005

    I've been wearing this off & on since I was 16 (quite a scent for a 16 year old!). I'm usually drawn to cleaner scents, but this has remained one of my favorites since the early 80's. There's something about its spicy sensual undertones (I think it's the vetiver) that I absolutely love! Word of caution - avoid a heavy hand, as it can be overpowering if you use too much!

  • MARY12/29/2004

    Opium is a classic. I used to wear it, but tend to constantly switch which perfume I wear, and I havent worn it for 2 years. I do however use the soap, which is lovely and comes in a pretty case.

  • JUDI W. **12/26/2004

    I first smelled this scent over twenty years ago at my girlfriends house. I flipped over it then and wore it for many years. I recently bought a bottle and it brought me back to a time when things were wonderful. I love incense-like scents, that's why I also like Fendi, and Jungle Elephant by Kenzo. No flowery, fruity or citrusy smells for me, I leave that to others. Some woman came up to me and told me I smelled wonderful but because Opium is "outdated" she stayed away from it, and I said "that's too bad for you but for me it's great"

  • SHARRIE12/25/2004

    opium is da bomb. sexual energy. passionate. attraction meets attraction. awesome.

  • BETH12/22/2004

    I have been wearing opium for about 20 years and it is the best. For along time this was the only perfume I would wear because it is that good. I have added a few other fragrences, but I will never get rid of opium as long as it is being made.

  • ELIZABETHANNE12/12/2004

    This was my first real perfume, and it's still one of me favorites. I love spicy Oriental scents, especially with a hint of incense about them and this one is by far the best in that category. Especially warm and lovely in winter.

  • LISA11/14/2004

    I started out wearing the old knock off version "Ninja" when I was about 15-16. Then my parents bought me the REAL stuff for high school graduation and I love it still!!! And I'm 33! Every man I know loves it too.

  • MERMISS11/10/2004

    what he's talking about! I don't consider Opium to be completely feminine, either. That being said, I don't consider Old Spice to be completely masculine! To me Opium has a bit of glitter disco androgyny danger to it-like Grace Jones or Jerry Hall-possibly part of its appeal. I wore Opium when I was 18 (imagine!). I stopped around 19, and have literally despised the scent since until a few months ago when I met a lady who truly wears it well. Worn with a very light hand Opium *can* be alluring. But like its namesake, too much will be your downfall.

  • MARSHA10/16/2004

    Sutra has a misconception about Opium. I have worn it for years and when I do everyone asks what I have on. They tell me how good it smells and that it is not over powering. I feel I have good taste in colognes & perfumes. The Opium is far from cheap smelling. You just do not have good taste yourself.

  • LANA09/20/2004

    Wow, Sutra, you convinced me! I am going out and buying some of this stuff!

  • CINDIE09/12/2004

    I tried so hard to like this perfume, but I can't. It's overpowering and it smells horrible if you put to much on. Am sure it smells great on some people, but on me it's smells yucky.

  • INDERIKA09/07/2004

    This is a classic scent. It smells best in the winter in very cold air. It's very sexy and sensual.

  • KC08/28/2004

    I first smelled Opium when I was 10. My father bought it for my mother, but my mother didn't use it a lot and after about 3 years, she fogot about it! I didnt' really like it at the beginning, cause I had some other perfumes that I liked, but now, since 2 years ago, it has become my FAVORITE! The smell is great!! and every boy like it!! ;-) (I am now 17... and yes, Opium is and will always be my favorite... my Opium bottle is empty now... gotta go buy another one! Ciao!

  • CHRISTIE08/28/2004

    Hey girls, I tell you... your boyfriends will love it!! 100% sure

  • CHIRSTIE08/28/2004

    It's my best perfume. Since many years ago, even though I'm only 17. It smells so good and when I wear it, everybody around me say that my perfume smell good. Also, people ask me what is it cause they want to buy it... IT'S A GRET PERFUME! I'LL SURELFY WEAR IT FOREVER AND IT'LL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE. I also like Ombre d'Or by Jean Charles Brosseau. These two are my favorite. So, if you like elegant, feminine, alluring perfumes ... This will be great for you. (You may also like Rare Pearls by Avon, it's good even though it's cheap).

  • SUTRA08/25/2004

    opium is nothing but an overrated product endorsed by clueless people about exoticness. there's nothing exotic or spicy about this perfume. the money might be raking in, but the juice is a huge flop to my nose. it smells like cheap avon musky perfume that you can get at 1/8 of the price. this is the most common perfume you'll smells on teenage girls (that have an uncultured taste for cheap perfumes) here in asia. you like this kind of scent? pack your bags and live in asia. wake up, honey, this is the most common smell around. it smells like a muslim's mosque, of resins and natural oils that is perfumed in the place of worship. a total waste of my money, and first timers or interest, are advised to test on your SKIN not on paper strips for a few hours.

  • CINDY08/11/2004


  • KIMBERLY08/10/2004

    I have been wearing opium since 1984 and I will always wear it. I once were in a elavator and I was standing in front of a man and I heard him say"I have got to get some of that" I turned to him and said"excuse me" He then proceeded to tell me how wonderful I smelled and he would like to buy whatever perfume I had on for his girlfriend. It made my day!

  • CARRIE HAACK08/06/2004

    Opium Secret de Parfum is NOT the same as EDP. Is has been changed, it is a lighter fragrance. I can tell the difference, I do not like it. I have worn Opium for many years. YSL should have made us aware of the change !! It is being marketed as the SAME and it is NOT.

  • CC06/21/2004


  • DANIELLA06/10/2004

    I'm reading that lots of people love this scent, maybe there's something wrong with my nose. To me, it's heavy, sweetly spicy, and not appealing at all. To each her own, I guess.

  • KIMBERLIE05/06/2004

    Ever since I first smelled this I was hooked.It's very sensual and erotic.My fiance loves when I wear this.He wants to make love to me right there.Sexy women wear OPIUM!

  • ELIZABETH05/06/2004

    Lola, I love reading your, Aphrael's and Maya's erudite, outspoken, and very funny comments. I've been an Opium lover, too, since 1985, and am a confirmed fragrance slut and always will be, please God. I'm just wondering, what's your top ten list (realizing it is always subject to change!)? And do you ever think in adjectives (i.e., this fragrance on me brings three adjectives to mind)?

  • KWANA05/04/2004

    I have been wearing this fragrance for 20 years and I love it. It's my signature fragrance.

  • HERMIONE04/21/2004

    Opium is a sensual, sexy sent. It's very warm and spicy. It's definately meant to be worn in that autumn or winter. I can't see anyone wearing it in the summer. The only weird thing about it is that it kind of has a marijuana-like undertone to it. The imposter called "Ninja" is identical to it for a fraction of the price. Since I only wear it once in a while, it's the only one I buy now.

  • TRISH NEXMAN04/18/2004

    It has a lovely warm tartness to it. Mmmm. Never met a man (or woman) who didn't like it. I plan to wear it on my next big day.

  • SOPHIE04/14/2004

    This perfume is sickening. It is too overpouring and spicy. Just like Tiger balm (used for back-aches). I simply can't understand why people need to spend so much money on this stuff. It is YSL's disaster! And I hate the sexist commercial of this perfume. It is over the top.

  • DENIM AND LACE03/29/2004

    Well tried this at a department store and fell in love with it instantly. So powerful and and mystical. Wore this the other night and so many men pulled me up and asked what i was wearing. So if you want to be a temptress with atmost elegance. This is a winner fragrance. I will sure be a devoted follower with this fragrance. One not to be ever called out dated or smelling like a grannie. Not for the faint hearted, but for the woman that wants to envoke mystery, power and sexiness wherever she goes. Oriental fragrance with spicy notes with the atmost gorgeous dry down aroma that just lingers around you. Ok best stop reading my message and go get a bottle of this stuff and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about. GOOOOOOO!!!

  • GLORIA03/20/2004

    Secret de Parfum hasn't been changed. Just the name. It is now Opium EDP

  • GLORIA03/20/2004

    I have always been in love with Opium. It is a classic that is unsurpassed in my opinion. I have to tell all you Opium lovers that you are in for the most wonderful treat. The summer version of Opium for me actually is more wearable than the original. I adore it. Just bought it and I think they have kept the depth and esseence of Opium and lightened it up without watering it down. I cannot get enough of it. It is like the old saying goes..."Everything old is new again". All Opium officianado's please take my advice and try this jewel. It goes wonderfully with all the Opium body creams, lotions, powder etc. Enjoy

  • TAKI03/19/2004

    How can we get YSL to make Opium Parfume again, and not the EDT? It is the only perfume I wear & I use about a bottle a month. My husband is frantic about not being able to find it anymore----help!!!!

  • LAUREN02/25/2004

    Love the scent. It makes me feel alive, and sensual.

  • LKB02/22/2004

    I adore Opium and have been wearing it exclusively for over 15 years. Like many of you, people stop me in the streets to ask what fragrance I'm wearing. But what's become of my favorite - Secret de Parfum?? I can't seem to find it in the better department stores any more!

  • DENNIS01/23/2004

    No one has ever been successful at duplicating this fragrance. After all the orientals have come and gone, Opium is still unique. Those resin bases make it exotic. But it is the orange that gives it its unique twist. A shame though that after the 80's, no one bothers to wear it any more with the same intensity that all the women used to. If Giorgio was Beverly Hills, then Opium was New York. It's Jeri Hall in all her 80's-MickJagger-dating heyday.

  • SYLVIE01/11/2004

    I can't live without OPIUM. The very best spicy-oriental perfume of the world. Thank you very much Mr. Yves Saint Laurent for this brilliant, wonderful and sensual fragrance full of mystery. I will miss you in the fashion world. You were the greatest.

  • LLL01/05/2004

    What's all this associating of oriental scents with "old ladies"? Orientals have been around a long time, but that only proves that they are classic, mysterious, complex scents and really very sexy. It's the dark, deep, spicy scents that are the most evocative, in my experiece. Opium is one of my favorite perfumes--rich, sexy, complicated.

  • NORA12/30/2003

    Hi, Beth! I recommand you Kenzo - Jungle L'Elephant. It is an Oriental, too (or better to say - oriental/edible fragrance), but more casual than Opium. It could be nice for winter - daily wearing. I found it somehow conforting during the cold, winter weather.

  • SHANNON12/23/2003

    Hey there - I first smelled the glorious Opium when I was 15 years old - it was my cousin's perfume and we were going out and I snuck a spray - I've been hooked ever since! I think it is the most unique, sensual, feminine scent around - I have had the same experience as many of you - lots of times people will stop me and ask what I'm wearing. My stepson likes to pick out my perfume for me to wear when we all go out - guess what is his favorite pick every time? Anyway, I do have a question in all this - does anyone know where I can buy Opium deodorant (I have heard of this just tonight) and powder ? Thanks....

  • I'M TRYIN' TO HELP12/19/2003

    You can try Dune by Dior or Exult by Naomi Campbell or Naomagic (this one is really great). I also recomand Plus plus by Diesel (it is very milky, creamy, vanila like) or if you like elegant scents try Coco mademoiselle by Chanel. Also recomand Allure by Chanel (it is very soft-fruity, young and great), Touch by Burberry, Kenzo-joungle. Hope this helps.

  • MANDY12/17/2003

    Its not my style, but I'll be the first to admit it is an excellent fragrance. Spicy oriental.

  • BETH12/05/2003

    I love opium and have been wearing it for years but it definitely is more of a nightime perfume. Anyone recommend something like opium but more suitable for daytime wear?

  • MARY K.12/03/2003

    Great name for this very addictive scent!!! A very warm, spicy, memorable scent. Once you smell it, you never, ever forget it!!! BEAUTIFUL!! Definitely more of a nighttime fragrance though.

  • MILENA11/28/2003

    I have it and I almost gave it away thinking that I would not use it. At first time, it smelld (to me) very heavy and spicy, even worst than Dune by Dior. Than I decided to give it another chance. On my skin (which is very dry) Opium smells very nice, fresh and just a little bit spicy. I'm glad I kept it. It is really good winter fragrance, perfect for these november days.

  • LAUREN11/15/2003

    So exciting to stop and read all about the spicy women that also enjoy this incredible fragrance. I hope to get to know you all in this type of forum. Incidentally, indulged last week in all sorts of 'fresh' bottles, and sprays. I received a large gift card as a result of a job well done. I could not wait to go put it to good use.

  • ANNE11/11/2003

    I just wanted to say it is a perfect perfume.

  • BONNIE11/07/2003

    i agree with the other Bonnie..GEAT but TOO expensive

  • BECKY10/02/2003

    I just bought a bottle of this, and whoever said that this is way better than the EDT was right! It lasts and lasts and lasts some more without that punch in the nose that the EDT has when you first spary it on. The parfum is much softer, rounder, fuller, better. Even my mom, who is not a perfume person at all said she liked it when I asked her to smell my wrist. But you have to be careful with this parfum, a little goes a LONG, LONG way!

  • LENA09/29/2003

    A very nice range of product - I like to layer the fragrance, so it is great when you can find the pure perfume, nice bath range, body powder, body oil... Opium is a luxury fragrance, but definitely too spicy for me (I'm not the type for such a fragrance). So - 3 stars because of my body chemistry which is not great for Opium.

  • KAHLAN09/25/2003

    In a class by itself. No, it's not at all like Youth Dew or Cinnabar, it's Opium, and there's nothing like it. All I know is that when I wear it, my husband responds... very, very favorably. And I constantly get stopped and asked what I'm wearing.

  • RAMOLA08/10/2003

    Experience a world of dreams - it's the best perfume ever...

  • DARNELL07/25/2003

    I've never had a cologne attract so many men. They love it!!!

  • ANNA07/24/2003

    I had a teacher in middle school who wore Opium, and whose classroom consequently always smelled faintly of the scent. It was such a warm, inviting fragrance -- she wore just enough, not too much! I didn't like the class too especially much, but I loved sitting in her heavenly-scented room. (For those who try Opium: don't overdo it! It lasts and lasts and lasts, and could potentially be very overpowering.)

  • MYLAAN07/15/2003

    Makes me want to breathe deeper.

  • KATHRYN07/14/2003

    Loved opium when I was younger. Recently bought a gift set with lotion and my husband asked if I was wearing Old Spice! Immediately threw out the lotion and gave the perfume to my sister. It smells heavenly on her. But I guess my tastes have changed and I now find this perfume too masculine on me.

  • CLAY, A 21 Y/O GUY07/03/2003

    It wears so well on me. And it doesn't trigger allergies like some fragrances in the past have. I've tried everything out there and this is just about the only one I like besides "Magie Noir by Lancome" and "Dioressence by Dior". Opium on me starts out with a spicy-fruity note with is loud but pleasent but in about 30 min or so it's pretty much calmed down. It then starts to smell very lightly floral and sweet but then, almost immediately turns into a wicked ambery/frankincense/opoponax(sweet myrrh) aroma that mixes with my natural smell and it creates something otherworldly on me. I have normal to oily slightly olive skin and basically no B/O to speak of, so maybe that's why it works with me. I've never had so many compliments on how i smelled before. I used to wear men's fougeres and chypres like Cool Water and Nautica but this is much more me. I tell them I'm wearing "Dioressence" when they ask, because I know it's probably discontinued anyway and I don't want too many people out there wearing Opium. I feel that it's only for certain people, not to be snotty. I want this stuff to stay secrative like it has for 26 years. BTW I just have the Parfum and a 1.6 EDT spray. But I'd like to try the lotion and soap if they aren't too strong. Right now I put small drops on my neck where you can see your pulse and maybe one or two on my chest and one on the inside of each elbow. Then I spritz from about a foot away my chest and insides of my elbows (one spray to chest and one for each arm) This way it doesn't go straight up my nose (which I hate) but it LASTS ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Sweet, light, warm, mystical incense smell that one never forgets. I used to think I was wierd since I liked this but now I don't care because it wears so well with my chemistry.

  • ROBYN06/27/2003

    My super sexy boyfriend would ask about my perfume. I never told him just bought the whole body set. I love opium. On a clean fresh body it opens doors of love and sunshine. Definately works with the sences.

  • MURKI06/27/2003

    It is good even in summer, reminds me of the incense at my byzantine church.

  • LILITH06/19/2003

    I wouldn't ever give it up!!! You know how chemistry changes so easily in people? Environment, diet, mood, general health... I only wear Opium once in a while, these days, but I know I'll get into it again! It's possible that this crummy weather we've had is responsible for it: I love this fragrance during hot, humid weather. Actually, I love hot, humid weather, too! I find the spice and depth really inviting, but in cooler air, it just becomes "blah", on me... I could really see Opium be created at the onset of monsoon, in southern China. So I'll wait, and sure enough, a few unbearable days will come and I'll wear Opium again...

  • BONNIE06/17/2003

    GREAT..but too expensive

  • HOPE06/01/2003

    For years this perfume was my favourite perfume, but I found this perfume way too heady when I wore it one summer day. Definitely a winter/night fragrance

  • MURKI05/30/2003

    Definitely don't give up on it! I'm sure you'll warm up to it in the future..Every time I wear it, I get many compliments. I even spray it on my pillow to send me off to sleep.

  • LILITH05/24/2003

    I used to wear it all the time... These days, it seems too sweet, almost annoying. I probably need to take a break from it. I always get lots of positive feedback, with Opium. It's a classic!

  • MURKI05/14/2003

    After looking for an alternate evening fragrance, tried it after getting a sample. Ended up with the creme and body gel too! Warm and intoxicating for winter nights.

  • JOYCIE05/07/2003

    Opium body cream is much better than the EDT. It's magnificent!!!! Try it.

  • JOY05/07/2003

    Strong scent, but a nice one. It sure stays on. I wish some others stayed on this long.....

  • VICKY05/05/2003

    Been my favorite for many many years, it's too bad it's getting kind of hard to find these days. I heard something about it being discontinued !!!! I sure hope not!!!

  • MICKEY05/01/2003

    I've worn Opium since it first came on the market. It makes me feel good, my man likes it, and my sister in law hates it. That's reason enough for me to wear it. Wear what makes you feel great and the heck with the rest of them. Class always brings out jealousy.

  • NICO04/18/2003

    I'm sure it's a good perfume, but it's a kind of scent you can wear and bear on a new year's party, otherwise it's terribly heavy.

  • LILIAANA04/17/2003

    Opium is just plain awesome. I am constantly stopped by men and women alike wanting to know what I am wearing and how good it smells. I LOVE it.

  • AURELIE04/16/2003

    Each time I get a whif of Opium, I get visuals of southeast Asia...

  • LALA04/12/2003

    i like the scent it smells good!

  • DEBBIE04/03/2003

    Ok, Ok, I have never ever tried Opium-until this morning. On a hunch from a little squirt on my wrist I purchased a small set with lotion, shower gel and the perfume. Oh, my god am I blown away. The bath products are excellent and the perfume takes a very fresh turn and is incredibly delightful. What a discovery after all this time!

  • GLORIA04/02/2003

    I just have to tell you....I bought the dry body oil...It is SO wonderful! Sooooo soft!! I got the body lotion and cream and that is great for the summer!!

  • ANNETTE03/12/2003

    To all the Opium lovers I would like to recommend: check out "Just Me" by montana, the same type of fragrance. It is so great! Unfortunately it has been discontinued in Germany, but still availiable at P.E. I received so many compliments on it, plus it`s not as common as Opium. Theorema by Fendi is also a beautiful spicy oriental, but softer than Opium. Greetings from Munich, have fun!

  • PEB03/07/2003

    too heavy for me and old ladyish. I tried to like it but it doesn't do anything for me!!!

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    This is a very bold perfume. Strong and lasts all day. The perfume oil is a much more quality version. Smells classy and sophisticated, good for work place. Not for the gentle and sweetly innocent young woman. For the bold, daring, and successful.

  • TO MAYA02/24/2003

    That is the funniest story ever!!!! I always did HATE that Passion by E.T. You girls have such mischief and life to you! That's why we like this perfume. We are not boring.

  • GLORIA02/14/2003

    Just wanted to say that I live in Florida and I've worn Opium for years. I can't be waiting for cold weather to wear my orientals or I'd be wearing boring light florals that all smell alike all the time down here.

  • BEA 02/13/2003

    Thank you,Lola! I think it is the best choice for me to purchase a pure perfume. From your description it seams like this is the right thing for me. I've tried only the EDT - I like it but I would even more like the softer, fuller scent. And I like when there are good matching bath and body products which is not the case with all perfumes but fortunatelly it is with Opium. It is a great scent!

  • MAYA02/13/2003

    BE STRONG,GIRLFRIEND!!!My sister Lola has particularly mean and hateful in-laws,and one day her mother in law flat out told her that she smelled like a dirty whore...That day Lola was only wearing the body lotion and ONE tiny drop of parfum at the base of her neck.So Lola sneaked into Mommy dearest's purse and "accidentally" opened and spilled a full sample vial of Elizabeth Taylor's Passion in it. (that's the in law's sig).cheesh, some people!!! I'm a firm believer that when a fragrance makes you feel good,you look good.So pour that glass of champagne,put on the heels,spray on your Opium and LIVE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GLORIA02/12/2003

    I gotta say it! I still love Opium. It was my signature fragarance for years. I actually had friends that would hug me and say, "Where is your Opium?" if I wore something else. Men DO love it! It was a man who got it for me first. I have to tell you though, I read a book and in one passage they described this woman as having "the stench of Opium" and it messed my mind up for awhile. But I have decided it is a wonderful fragarance and I will never give it up. I sometimes enjoy other fragarances but Opium will always be part of me.

  • LOLA02/12/2003

    Hi!My sisters and I have written many descriptions of Opium parfum, but I'll try again:This scent is meant to be enjoyed full strength.The alcohol and water contents of its diluted versions make it way too harsh upon application,and quite wimpy in the drydown.The parfum is juicier,rounder and very full bodied. The top notes open with umistakable citrus and other fruit, the heart unfolds with heady flowers and spices,and the drydown is all aromatic woods,more spices,musk and castoreum,for a leathery tone. It will go on softer than EDP or EDT, stay closer to the skin si you won't be getting the "aldehydic" effect that so many people find is so "assaulting",and if your chemistry is right for it,the mingling of your own scent with the perfume will create a totally personalised effect,like a whole new scent that no one on earth can duplicate.(ahem...except an identical sibling,don't i know...) On me the scent is very soft,with just a hint of spice and a hugfull of sandalwood.Try the shower gel, follow with the dry oil spray all over, (THE best product in the world,bar none,I swear!)and a few drops of the parfum at the base of you neck and between your shoulder blades. But make sure you wait AT LEAST an hour or more before you make up your mind,because the dry down takes that long.Better yet:The next day,pick up your shirt and get a good long whif...Opium is the reason why my kids keep "borrowing" my sweaters!I hpoe this helps,let me know how it works out.(if you read previous posts,coycate and luilu also have quite a lot to say about opium)

  • HANA02/12/2003

    Thanks Aphrael! I have to try Lalique once again anyway. I quite liked it when I first tried it ( I found it very fine), but I was not satisfied with its staying power. It is very hard to find this perfume, and I don't know anyone who wears it and knows it (!?)...Well, it is up to me, but I would appreciate anyone's opinion about it. (I'm talking about the NEW Lalique in a white box). THANKS. Love, Hana

  • APHRAEL02/06/2003

    Hi!Lola is in Russia for a few days, and Maya is at work,so I will try to answer.I sampled Lalique a while ago,and found it nice, but nothing to scream about.Nowadays so many perfume houses change the original ingredients in their formulas because of cost...and usually for the worst.For me the only way to get a really long lasting brew is to use an old,classic scent,in full perfume concentration,and layer it over matching body cream.But then, I do swim several miles a day and my skin is parchment dry!

  • BEA02/04/2003

    Could someone (Lola perhaps!?) describe me a pure perfume? I've tried EDT today (I can't find Opium pure perfume tester). Well, that is what I've expected (I've tried it years ago): very spicy, a lot of sandalwood I think, after a couple of hours a bit sour. Yes, there are kind of sharp "masculine" notes in EDT, too. There is not "powdernes" in EDT, maybe in EDP (Secret de Parfum) or Perfume. I believe that dry body oil, cream, body-powder (does it exist?) could be great. Is the pure perfume softer (I'd like that), what is it like? What is with other body products? I think that Maya or Aphrael said there were some notes of orange in body cream, and what's with dry body oil? Of course I'm most interested in pure perfume and what are the best body products to use with it? I like warm, soft, full scents. In this light what do you think what is better for me: Opium or Must - I like both, and can't decide. But haven't try the pure perfume of any of them (there is always only EDT tester!!!). Thank you! (Sorry for my english!) xxx

  • HANA02/02/2003

    Hi, Lola! I know that you usually visit the boards of your favorite oriental fragrances, so please could you answer me one question: have you ever tried Lalique EDP (this new one in a white box - it was in a blue box before), and what do you think about it?? It is oriental or semi-oriental, I think it's nice but I have some doubts about its staying power. (I'll leave you the same message under the Must and Shalimar board). Of course I'd like to hear Maya's and Aphrael's opinion, too. Thank you. BYE! :-)

  • LOLA02/02/2003

    You are soooo right!!...I second every word.

  • OLATZ02/01/2003

    I have always loved the way this smells on many of my friends, but on me it smells like I spent a year living in an incense shop.

  • DEVIN02/01/2003

    Intensely sexy on a woman. Goes great with lingerie.

  • MARYMAGS01/30/2003

    the opium ad with the woman naked in the obvious throws of pleasure and extacy laying on deep blue satin, is by far, the most sexy, most beautiful , sensual, provacative, alluring and sexually stunning ad for anything ever! CK's half naked boy toy models in their tighty whities dont come close by a fraction.

  • MARYMAGS01/30/2003

    wow and wow!! Smells like old ladies? If old ladies smell like this, I will be more than happy to age gracefully.

  • MAYA01/30/2003

    I love reading about someone who also likes to mix and play with scents!My sister calls it the "mad scientist syndrome".I can't recall where I read about someone using Samsara body cream with Opium parfum,but I tried it last week and it was very nice.Do try the dry oil spray from the Opium line,it's really fantastic.Not nearly as orange-Y as the cream,this one is loaded with sandalwood,and if you like Samsara, I think you'll enjoy this one.

  • ROBIN01/26/2003

    Opium is a beautiful scent. So far I like the Parfum best, it's sweeter and richer than that EDT, which I find a bit weak and also dry/less sweet. I am not crazy about the body cream - it smells too orange-y to me, nor the body lotion - too dry and spicy again. I would love to try the body oil spray. One thing I love to do is mix Opium parfum with sprays of other scents first. For example, first I'll spray Samsara EDT or EDP on my wrists, and then put a dab of Opium on top. I'll do the same with any rose scent like Nahema by Guerlain or Rose de Rosine, or even just a rose essential oil. I find the Samsara or the Rose scent sweetens the Opium and also cuts the spiciness a bit.

  • KAREN01/13/2003

    I've worn it for over 20 years and men love it!!!!!!

  • MAYA01/03/2003

    Hello,my friend! I have decided that Opium perfume dry oil spray is THE BEST PRODUCT EVER CREATED,bar none.I have been wearing it non stop,and although I've always said I don't plan on ever having a sig frag, I'm beginning to reconsider...Man, oh Man, this stuff is unbelievable, and yes, I am totally and shamelessly addicted. Tip for you: after washing your hair,when it is still wet, spray some Opium dry oil in your hand,then run your hand through your hair.It will feel like if you had used Freeze-ease,but smell like Opium!(both Opium and Freeze ease are silicone based products, and I'm sure you can do this with any silicone dry oils)Anyway, I'm late to practice, I have to run, mucho big hugs to you !!!Happy new year !

  • LOLA12/31/2002

    Hi!I hope you had a great xmas.We are all back,I skiied my heart out in Vermont and had a blast,my kids can all do moguls,now,(those lessons paid off!),it was so much fun! Maya brought back the most gorgeous films and pictures,as well as incredible artifacts, and Aphrael...adopted the most explosive Thai stomach bug imaginable!!!The poor thing has been sooo sick...But before that happened,she got to know people (she is a people person) and customs and things,discovered foods and traditions and is still reeling from her trip (or is that the stomach bug?) Anyway-I explained the whole P.O.L thing to both, and of course,Maya had words that even P.E wouldn't let me post,but she and Aphrael were very touched by your support. Aphrael is not out of bed,yet,(the Thai make much better bugs than we do!!),Maya is doing 3000 things at a time,I do believe one of them is about dropping you a note,soon!By the way,the Opium cream and parfum is a perfect combination on the slopes, and afterward in front of a fire.It's just spicy enough to stand out but not too dry. Big hugs!!

  • LOLA12/31/2002

    I actually love Opium, but you're right about Opium and smokers.It just doesn't work. My mother smokes and tried Opium because she liked it so much on me and my sisters...It smelled like vinegar and gasoline!Out of curiosity,which fragrances do you like? Take care!

  • CATE12/29/2002

    I hope you all had wonderful Christmas vacations! Big hugs to all of you. How wonderful to be living the dream, isn't it? I understand about exceptional life circumstances. Why should ones life mirror those of the masses? But back to scent...when I read that Maya had the Opium oil, my decision was made, and I purchased it a few days ago. This stuff is soooo good! Very sensual, and when layered with the parfum, the parfum becomes sweeter and less dry...just what I wanted for these dry winter months. I hope Aphrael brought back some sandalwood from Thailand. The sandalwood in the Opium Huile Satine (pardon my lack of accents) is quite intoxicating and sensual while remaining subtle. Wishing you happiness and good health for the new year! Bisous!

  • CHITOWNDIVAUS12/27/2002

    Reminds me of my first love's mother. I loved her to death, but she smoked cigarettes and wore Opium--not a pleasant combination!!! This is another smell that reminds me of old ladies in church--same goes with Paris by YSL.

  • LOLA12/22/2002

    I just wanted to drop you a line on a more peaceful board before I leave on vacation.Thank you so much for your support,you are so cool! As I was finishing to pack,I was remembering your soft spot for Opium,and...unpacked the Must I had previously chosen,replaced it with Opium gel,cream and parfum... If I was able to give you a hug, that's probably what you'd smell like! Incidently,that was also Maya's choice for her Chilean vacation... She took the gel,spray dry oil,and perfume.Aphrael went to Thailand to find out more about birthing customs,there,so she only took sandalwood oil with her...Anyway, we'll all be back roughly in a week, give or take,and and look for you on the P.E forum...Have a fabulous xmas,sweetheart,I'll be thinking of you,this week...If Maya and Aphrael manage to get in touch with me,I'll fill them in,they'll both be so warmed by your friendship...Take good care, enjoy the holiday week!

  • SHARON12/21/2002

    you may think I am crazy! but, what is this opium deodorant parfume? I received it for christmas. I have never seen it before.Is, it for your underarms. lol

  • ROBIN12/16/2002

    From the very first moment I smelled Opium I knew I was in love with its yummy spicy-yet some clean baby powder like-smell!! Usually I hate oreintal perfumes/colognes and think they have an strong, oily, nasty scent to them-some even remind me of the rank smell of hairspray. If that makes any sense. I wear it eveyday and on special occations I use the soap and lotion. My boyfreind says one of the reasons why he asked me out is because of my scent!

  • JEAN12/11/2002

    I was stopped in a mall once and slipped a business card by a man who said I had the most intoxicating and alluring perfume he ever smelled. It's the only perfume I ever wear.....

  • LOLA11/21/2002

    Hi gorgeous! Here is the deal on pure perfume VS the diluted stuff: The high alcohol and water contents in E.D.P & E.D.T make it so that the actual fragrance oil content is lower. So at first,when you just put it on, the scent is actually stronger and harsher,and much wimpier in the dry down.But with the pure perfume, what you have is the fragrance oil and only grain alcohol of the highest quality,to ensure diffusion,and absolutely no water.It is the true scent,the way the "nose" who created it envisionned it.Contrary to many beliefs,perfume is not stronger,but it lasts a lot longer.It is actually much more gentle when you first apply it,the dry down is soft and lingering,and the scent lasts all day.All you need is a few well placed drops:behind the knees,between the breasts and between the shoulder blades AND THAT IS ALL!(Anymore and you will gas every creature in a 5 mile radius)No need to apply behind the ears (common mistake), because scent rises with your own body heat,so it hits too high for any normal size people to notice. With Opium in particular,the use of the shower gel and body lotion from the Opium line is quite the trip! I constantly hear misinformed people bitch about how strong Opium is, only to find out later on that,after testing,it's the E.D.P and E.D.T,they're complaining about! Try it for yourself,the pure perfume is more costly,it's more of an investment,but you need less with each use,it lasts longer and the quality of the scent is first rate.If, for whatever reason,you cannot get the parfum,then you should use the gel and lotion + powder on yourself, and use the E.D.P to LIGHTLY spray a scarf,hemline or any article of clothing that is not too delicate and that you wear all day.I wouldn't bother using the diluted stuff on skin,the effect is all wrong and I'm always disappointed when I do that. I hope this helps,let me know how it turns out!

  • DINA T. 11/20/2002

    Yesss!!! Lola, thanks!!! I'm waiting for a brighter future!!! Are you sure that I should take the pure perfume? Isn't it too strong, is there a big difference between Opium EDP and perfume? Thanks again! :-)

  • APHRAEL11/20/2002

    To those who think opium is awful,it really is a matter of personal taste, there's no controling these things. To those who think Opium is too strong,however,that's a shame: Unfortunately,there are still,(and probably always will be) some dead brained clogged shnaze who are hell bent on plastering Opium on with a shovel.Those are usually the same people who also mix scents on themselves,such as using Opium for fragrance,but then use a vanilla based body lotion and a baby powder scented deodorant,followed by a strawberry hair gel and God knows what else...IT JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!!!!!! Either use the body products in the Opium line, or use fragrance free products instead! Otherwise you are ruining a perfectly good fragrance and making it smell like the armpit of Al Bundy!!! Today I am wearing Opium,(shower gel,lotion and parfum),and during my yearly check up,my doctor didn't believe that's what my fragrance was,I had to show her my purse spray.Her exact words were:"But Opium is such a vile,strong scent, this is much softer and quite beautiful,it CAN'T be Opium." So, sure,there is some of that chemistry stuff at work,here,but a huge part is HOW to use fragrance.The body line creates a base for the scent itself. It ensures that it will stay with you throughout the day (or night) ,so that you only need the right amount of perfume,not a tubfull!Since the bath and body products do not contain alcohol,they scent only your skin,not the air around you.The parfum,however,does contain alcohol,(much less,by the way,than E.D.P or E.D.T),and will diffuse the scent in the air around you,which is why only a minute,tiny,trace amount is needed.What you end up with is layer upon layer of LIGHT,sheer scent that will create the softest aura.So as spicy and oriental as Opium is,it was never designed to assault the senses,and when used correctly,believe me it doesn't.

  • LOLA11/19/2002

    ...Honey,don't you EVER demean yourself with that kind of mind- fucking question!Use the shower gel, the lotion,the REAL PARFUM,(the E.D.T & E.D.P suck,anyway),put on your sexiest,silkiest,slinkiest little number and go...SHOPPING!!! Treat yourself to a decadent meal in a hot restaurant,and offer yourself the things you never thought you would. Once your feet are ready to burst and you have not an ounce of energy left in you,get that full body massage at the new upscale spa in town.And if a man catches a whif of your scent and decides he wants to get to know you better,first,make sure that it's what YOU want,too, then make sure he knows that you are the one calling the shots and he just loooves will be up to you to make it so that whenever he smells Opium,your face is the first and only thing that pops into his mind,gives him a hard on to shame an elephant,and causes him to embarass himself in public!Only then will you be ready to rephrase your original question: "Is Opium sexy enough for Dina T?" Be well, gorgeous,and have a blast!

  • DINA T.11/18/2002

    Opium is definitelly ULTRA-SEXY and sensual. I love the spicy-powdery smell though it is very strong, so be lighthanded with it. The only question is am I sexy enough to wear it !!!??? :-(

  • NONA11/13/2002

    Although Opium is not my personal favorite, it is my spouses. He buys it for me. I wear it sparingly. It has a very musky spicy scent on me, no flowers at all. A co-worker commented on my scent being a little stong, and I immediatly used less and have had no complaints since. Tell your friend/co-worker, in private, that her scent is too much and making you ill. I'm sure she will tone it down. If not, cover your face with a handkerchief in her presence and she will then get the 'hint'. PS. My personal favorite is Hugo Boss's Deep Red. Thanks.

  • LOLA11/08/2002

    HI! I have a tip for you that might help you deal with unforseen chance encounters with your co-worker: Carry with you a small container of coffee beans.(The size of a prescription bottle will suffice).If you have to face the offender and her scent,excuse yourself,inhale the coffee beans,and get away from her as fast as you can. First,just like at the perfume counter,when you sample too many scents,a saleslady will usually offer you to smell coffee beans to clear the nose and head, I've tried it,with some success. Second,If the coworker sees you do that,she hopefully will get the message and tone down the fragrance. My experiences with Opium have always been positive, it agrees with me,but I have smelled it on women who used way too much,and admittedly,it was hard to take.Fact is,any fragrance,no matter how subtle,has the power to gas an entire building if used by the bucket! It's also possible that it's not you,who is incompatible with Opium,but SHE. On some people, (chemistry drumroll,please!),it really is magical.It's usually soft,a bit powdery-musky,with an edge,but not a truckload,of spice to it. Yet on others,(unfortunately my mother is one of them),it reeks of cough syrup and gazoline,with a splash of vinegar and that's most unpleasant. I hope this helps,but if it doesn't, maybe you should be as rude as I would be,tell her :" Honey,nothing personal,but you stink enough to knock the living dead back to their graves,have some decency and tone down the stench,puh-leeze." Good luck!

  • MARIE11/07/2002

    Opium one of the all time most offensive stinkers in perfume history. A co-worker has worn this vile scent for years. Luckily she is in another dept so I don't see (smell) her too often. I prepare myself for a headache whenever I see her coming.

  • LOLA11/06/2002

    Oh,boy,luckily for my husband,I only jump from fragrance to fragrance, and my my philosophy on the man of my life is quite different...( Hey,if I'm going to be faithful to my man for the rest of my life,damn it I will switch perfume 3 times a day if I please!) So I put away my supply of Must,for now,until the next time I'm in the mood for it,and went straight to Opium.And just one whif reminded me what a totally kickass - high quality - to die for - intoxicating - betwitching - ahhhhh scent this is. I recommend the shower gel,dry oil spray and parfum: That's the basic survival kit for a nasty day. OMMMMMMMMMMMMM..................

  • GOOD GIRL10/27/2002

    Opium and Coco (Chanel) = two great evening fragrances. Sexy and elegant.

  • HANNA10/18/2002

    I love this perfum!e

  • CLAIRE10/08/2002

    this is just gorgeous-a little too sophisticated for some but i love it

  • CHRISTINE09/14/2002

    A little heavy upon first applying. When it starts to soften and the underlying notes are more noticible, it's so beautiful. When I first started to wear this many years ago, people used to stop and ask me what perfume I was wearing.

  • CATE09/04/2002

    Thank you, Maya, for your in-depth reply. I agree with your fragrance philosophy. I am very careful when I apply perfume. Less is more...less says, "come closer" much more inviting and enticing! I bought the parfum last week, and I was not disappointed. It is sweeter, softer, and deeper than the edt or edp. It is also less's...."juicier", if you will. I received samples of edt with my purchase, so was able to compare the two. Edt is drier and definitely scents the air around me more than the parfum does. The body cream is really nice contains orange while the body lotion does not. I am very happy with the parfum. I am also contemplating Mitsouko by Guerlain and wondered if you are familiar with this scent. If so, would you mind sharing your impressions? You can respond on the Mitsouko message board if you prefer. Thank you again!

  • MAYA09/04/2002

    Hi!Personally I detest any diluted versions of any scent.Eau de parfum has some water added to it,and eau de toilette has even more.Perfumes, (especially the French ones),are originally designed to work as such: full strength juice that reveals the true nature of the scent.In France, the market for E.D.P or E.D.T is very poor.We like to invest in top quality perfume that is used in very small doses from the back of the knees to the base of the neck.(again:one or two TINY drops will suffice,anymore will have a murderous effect and be seen as the height of bad taste) Don't worry if you can't smell it on yourself after a while:it's supposed to be that way.As a matter of fact, if you do continue to smell it on yourself after one hour,it means only two things:either you put on way too much,the the blend is not blending with your chemistry.The most that you should detect on you throughout the day is the slightest, faintest,most delicate sillage(like a weak aura). Anymore than that and people around you will be passing out or throwing up,no matter how good the quality of your perfume. I hope this helps,good luck!

  • CATE08/26/2002

    Is there a big difference between the edt, and the parfum version of this scent? Has anyone tried both?

  • LAUREN08/06/2002

    This perfume is so beautiful, alluring and warm. I love to read about other women's experiences with this fragrance and their feelings about Opium.

  • ARIANNE07/26/2002

    I think that Opium is a perfume of a great class, strong but very elegant and sophisticated. I usually don't like strong perfumes but this one has an incredible warmth in it and I like it's "character". But my husband (who wears men's Opium - and it suits him excellent!) doesn't like it - he says that it is too heavy for a woman and not alluring at all, so I don't wear it when I go out with him. Yes, and I like new Opium d'Ete limited edition, too. Very nice for summer evenings out. (My husbandt doesn't like that one, too). Well... :(

  • JUSTINE07/26/2002

    Smells like very heavy incense on me; not exactly a favorite smell...

  • LUILU07/20/2002

    I think it would be great if all you Opium lovers out there were to join the chat room...that way we could all get to know one another better and share our common love of beautiful about it?

  • LUILU07/20/2002

    Right on Aphrael... I use all of the Opium products too, year round. I love the perfumed oil, which I use every day, after the shower gel. I use the talc on my private places so that I am comfortably dry AND fragrant. I keep the soap in my lingeries drawers and the smell is soft and provocative. I use the perfume only on special weekends and "Nights Out" with my husband. I use the eau de toilette for less intimate social gatherings....I just LOVE the stuff!Perfume intrigues me, and I have bottle upon bottle of other scents, some of which I like a lot, but Opium is my signature scent..a fragrance that melds with my body chemistry to create something uniquely me.

  • APHRAEL07/13/2002

    I used to wear Opium eons ago. But as I read all the posts out there, I was flooded with memories and decided "what the heck" I'll try it again...And the magic came back. Contrary to what many of you are thinking,I love Opium in the summer. All I do is use the shower gel,the powder and then the tiniest drop at the base of my neck. And then somehow my husband takes twice as long as usual to leave for work,comes back two hours early with with flowers and a take-out Indian dinner,everybody seems to come near me for no other reason but to breathe,and I just feel more calm,more serene,just plain happier.Can't explain it. Tip to all of you out there:My husband hates the smell of Opium when it's sprayed on a card,you need the skin element for the magic to unfold. (Gee I wish I had a bumper sticker that said that...)

  • SOPHIA07/08/2002

    Opium is a great perfume. Sort of what I always imagined classic movie stars and royalties would smell like. The spicy smell is sharp only for a couple of minutes (at least on me) and then it moves to a soft, sweet, very oriental, very distinctive scent. It makes me think of a romantic candlelit evening cuddling in front of the fireplace. I love it!

  • ARI07/07/2002

    WOW! That's the point! I've noticed that, too, but I was desperate why I can't smell my favorite scent on me, and other people told me: "Wow, how good you smell!" I believe in your theory! :-)CIAO!

  • LOLA07/06/2002

    Yup,and that's one of the best kept secrets of the fragrance industry.When your own essence seems to absorb the scent,it usually means that your chemistery has bonded with it.That's when it smells right.

  • LINDA-LUILU07/04/2002

    Don't despair...your Opium hasn't faded, even if you can't smell it yourself anymore....the fragrance is soft and subtle on me too, and I can't smell it on myself after a few moments, but twelve hours later people are still commenting on how good I's a body chemistry thing...I beleieve that the fragrances that the wearer can't smell are the ones that smell the best on that person...what do the others think?

  • BETHANY06/25/2002

    I am relatively new to trying the more exotic Oriental type fragrances. I had always heard that Opium was "too much", "very heavy" etc. I tried it for myself and it was a great surprise-it smells really good. Spicy,warm,comforting,and sensual-All at once! I can see why people might think this fragrance is too strong-a little bit goes a long way. For maximum enjoyment:Try this one with a light hand :-)

  • YVY06/23/2002

    What a crazy thing! I've never been into oriental perfumes - I prefere light, airy fragrances...but I got a sample of Opium Parfum D'Ete (a lighter version of original - fragrance for summer), and it drives my man crazy!!!He likes that sooo much!!!!Is there something we women don't know!? Do men really like different kind of perfums, and you just have to put something spicy&oriental to drive them crazy!!!??? Othervise, I knew Opium for a long time, assumed it a very good, high-quality perfume (a classic, no doubt), but for those who like orientals (I'm not the one). Hm, hm, maybe I have to change my mind and wear it from time to time.;)

  • KAREN06/15/2002

    I sprayed it on once on a cruise though a department store. It haunted me all day. But .... when I sprayed it on I forgot to look at what it was (learned a lesson that way.....) Anyway... Looked for it for a bit.... and when I found it I immediately knew it was it, and it was mine. There is a perfumery at St Johns Pass in Florida (outside or Tampa) that sells oils of famous frangrances without the alcohol in it. I have a very tiny bottle that has lasted me for a year. Love it! Absolutely! Plus its kinda funny. I am a recovering drug addict and narcotics were my drug of choice ;) What else would a good addict wear? Opium!

  • PERFUME JUNKIE06/09/2002

    Joe, you're SO right. This is the king of perfumes and I always get compliments when I wear it. In my experience, the only women who don't like it are the ones obsessed with eternal youth and are terrified of being called 'old ladies.' Not much character there, but, oh well ...

  • LOLA06/09/2002

    hi!i'm sure that you've heard thousands of times that perfume reacts differently to different people.i happen to love Opium,but where most people who like it do because of its spicy notes,that is complitely lost on me!believe it or not,when i use opium,i end up with a soft,powdery,slightly floral-oriental scent with a ton of sandalwood and a touch of musk in the dry-down.then my mother tried it,because she loved it so much on me,and it was a total disaster:on her it turned to something that could be best described as a combination of vinegar and gasoline!so you see,the theory of different chemistery/different effect is no exageration.if you are looking for a soft oriental,without the spice,try Jil Sander No.4 or Davidoff Good Life.

  • JOE06/06/2002

    This is a magnificent fragrance, absolutely alluring and sensuous. Ladies, if you don't dig this one you are hanging out at too many biker joints awash in the aromas of cheap beer and urine. Or else the weak Mexican crap your puffing is polluting your nose-buds. In any case, your no longer capable of sound judgement. This stuff will hypnotize and delight like the real thing. Indulge yourselves, ladies.

  • PARUL05/31/2002

    dont know why and how its liked by anyone...a perfume is meant to make u feel and smell pleasant and delicious but this does neither...its way too strong and unattractive...smells caustic ant too spicy !

  • PETITCAJUN05/28/2002

    I have to laugh at some of the comments that say Opium is too strong. When I put it on, it smells like soft powder within several minutes. And after about two hours I can't even smell it on me. So I think this is one of those scents that really changes with your body chemistry. I really like it, but I wish it smelled stronger on me.

  • LINDA05/11/2002

    Opium is my signature scent. I wear it everywhere! I have used it since it first came on the market and have never had a negative comment...quite the reverse I have received compliments at the office, gym, supermarket, mall, parties...everywhere! Opium is timeless, a real "Woman" scent, and men love husband thinks it's my "natural" smell.

  • MARY04/25/2002

    opium stinx @$$...way 2 strong.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    nice, but too spicy for me.I liki rounder scents

  • STEPHANIE03/31/2002

    If anyone loves Opium but balks at the price I can give a recommendation of a scent that smells very similar to it. It's called KL and it's by Karl Lagerfeld, you can find it in this message board, along with my post on it there. It's a nice scent, and less expensive than Opium, if this will help anyone.

  • RONNIE03/24/2002

    I purchased this fragrance last week and fell in love with it. Very sexy, sophisticated and alluring!

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    I don't usually like to wear a fragrance that a lot of women wear, but Opium is one that I can't resist. I bought it a couple of years ago when I was doing my first job interviews with law firms and I wanted something that would make me feel confident and assertive. This fragrance does that, while still remaining feminine and sexy. I have few perfumes I consider to be "all purpose", but Opium is one. I wear it to the office, out at night, and at any other time. Everyone always tells me I smell fabulous and they want to know what it is that I'm wearing. (One culturally clueless husband of a friend asked when I started using illegal drugs when he heard the answer!) The one problem I ran into is that I couldn't wear it around the last man I dated without reminding him of an ex-girlfriend who used to wear it. But that's the danger of wearing such a popular fragrance.

  • LAUREN02/20/2002

    Lucia: I know what you mean about the wonderful compliments. The best compliment is that you know you smell wonderful, it is an invisible accessory that is really a boon to your self-confidence. The scent just evokes a feeling of beauty. I am happy to see someone else feel exactly like I do. It is my winter signature scent. Enjoy.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    used to love wearing Opium but got tired of it when EVERYBODY started wearing it. Loved the EDP but the body lotion smelled like bologna on me. :O(

  • MELISSA01/28/2002

    Good lord this stuff is loud and dark smelling. Like smoky insense. I can be extremely powerful if you're not careful. I like this one in very small amounts. I prefer Youth Dew which isn't nearly as strong. It's more refined and subtle.

  • LUCIA01/25/2002


  • MOKOKOS01/14/2002

    It is a great, sensual, sexy fragrance. If a woman wears it and goes by, it goes right to my loins. Instant romance...instant sex! Ladies, your man will eat you completely wherever you dab it on. Hmmmmmmmmm gooood!

  • MICKEY POWELL01/08/2002

    I first bought Opium for my wife about 1983. I thought it smelled "pretty good" so I bought it for her 12th anniversary. She loved it and has worn it ever since for special occassions or just when she wants to feel "special".. I have a tough time finding things to please her but Opium was a real winner! She also has a favorite by Nina Ricci that she wears most of the time but Opium is her most favorite of all.

  • JACQUELYN12/31/2001

    This fragrance begs to be paired with deep red lipstick and candle light. Less is more really applies to Opium.

  • ANNALISA12/26/2001

    I hate it. It's too warm and dated.

  • BRIAN12/23/2001

    Opium is the sexiest smelling perfume I've ever smelled. It has a spicy, musky type of smell which to me just smells like sex. This one has a profound effect on men. I would recommend ladies keep this exclusively for dates.

  • ZEKIYE12/23/2001

    ...wears this and therefpre it is off limits for me but I LOVE it!

  • LINDA12/17/2001

    Opium is perfect day, night, summer, winter. I could never wear anything less...

  • VANESSA11/25/2001

    I first feel in love with this fragrance when a friend, Petrina wore it. She always insisted on the perfume and it does'nt smell as strong as the watered down products. It is an evening perfume. Very sensual.

  • LAUREN11/24/2001

    Winter has finally arrived, and there is nothing more wonderful than to layer on this delicious fragrance before leaving the house. It is distinct and classic, the quintessential winter accessory. I love the way I smell and I receive compliments daily. Enjoy!

  • CATHY JOHNSON11/16/2001

    Everyone loves this fragrance on me. I have been wearing this for 15 years or more and it drives men crazy. However, not everyone can wear this, it depends on your body chemistry. Fortunately, mine must be just right, because I constantly get compliments!

  • WG11/16/2001

    Karina, I'm sorry, I'm not from US, and I don't know where you can find "Nu" so far. But I'm sure it's going to come to the States soon, after all it's Christmass soon.I'm from Europe, you can find "Nu" in Italy, France, Germany, I thik in all european countries (it came to the stores a couple of weeks ago)...I wish you luck, and all the best, many nice perfumes for Christmas, peace and happiness in a new year! Hi!

  • JOLENE11/12/2001

    I will look into it. Opium is one of my favorite fragrances to wear during the winter too - especially during the holidays!

  • KARINA11/11/2001

    Thanks for filling me in on "Nu"- this site is a great way to get a heads up on a new fragrances from people who really love perfume! Where did you find it, by the way? Even in New York, I've been told only Saks has it so far- I still want to give it a try just to see what its like, but don't want to go all the way uptown! Any other places that you know of?

  • WG11/04/2001

    Karina, I've tried "Nu". It's quite heavy oriental, very sharp, with a strong frankincense note. Personally don't like it, but I'm not oriental-fragrances type. I don't think it's going to be a "great" fragrance.

  • THERESA10/31/2001

    This fragrance just exudes sex.... My husband cant get enough of me when I wear it. It somehow makes me feel different about myself. This is the first fragance to do that! It's name suits it perfectly....This is a legal drug for the mind!!!

  • KARINA10/28/2001

    Hi! Was just wondering if anyone has tried the new Saint Laurent fragrance called "Nu" yet? If so, what was your opinion? I was kind of intrigued by the ads and the descriptions I've read in magazines so far. Thanks!

  • LAUREN10/22/2001

    The Opium spray that I purchased was from the Sephora web site of the same name. I have made an inquiry as to the availability this season. I would make contact through their website though. Good luck it is a wonderful, subtle glitter.

  • JOLENE10/21/2001

    Hi Lauren, do you know if Sephora is offering the glittered Opium this year too? I have not seen it in stores, but I'd love to get a bottle of it! :)

  • LAUREN10/19/2001

    This is my signature fragrance for the cold winter months. I absolutely love to get dressed in the winter and spray it on. I have all of the pieces including a bottle of edt that has glitter in it that I bought from Sephora last winter. I think taste in perfume is an extension of our personalities. I love the scent. I must say I do monitor how much scent. It should not envelop those that are not in your personal space. As with all fragrance "wear with care"

  • NONI10/16/2001

    opium bath and shower creme is a great place to start.the facts on opium is that its smells wonderful but it is strong. so take it easy at first.

  • UMA10/14/2001

    It's a stinker. Period.

  • MELISSA10/12/2001

    Oh yes, you are SO very right Karina...Spicy definitely does NOT equal masculine. And Brad? Good going to even know the difference between the top, middle, and base notes in fragrances. But grandpapa wore Old Spice...and trust me...when I wear my Opium..I smell nothing like him!! LOL This is an unusal fragrance, with lots of "wanna-be's" copying it...but it is still the most sensual, warm, inviting fragrance of all the Orientals. It is an original...and the best.

  • KARINA10/10/2001

    While I disagree completely with your opinion of Opium (it is in my opinion, and that of several men I know, the most sensual, gorgeous fragrance ever) I have to commend you on your fragrance I.Q.! It's rare that a man would go to the trouble of finding out so much detailed information about perfume! One of the major problems with Opium is that women simply apply too much of it -as much as I adore it, even I get sick if someone douses herself in it. It's strong, so you have to go lightly-but I'm sorry, it doesn't smell like Old Spice. Just because two fragrances feature similar ingredients, does not mean they have similar scents-it's not only the ingredients, but the ratios and the way they are combined that are much more important in determining the way a perfume ends up smelling. And since when does spicy=masculine? Say what you will about Opium-and I realize it doesn't appeal to everyone- it is nothing if not supremely feminine!

  • BRAD10/09/2001

    If you don't like my opinion, that's fine. But there is no denying the fact that Opium is very close to Old Spice. The ingredients are VERY close. Check them out for yourself: "Opium" by YSL, 1977 TOP: Aldehydes, Orange, Pimento Berry, Bay Leaf MIDDLE: Carnation, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon, Peach, Jasmine, Orris BASE: Benzoin, Tolu, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Incense, Amber, Musk "Old Spice" by Shulton 1937 TOP: Orange, Lemon, Spices, Clary Sage, Aldehydes MIDDLE: Cinnamon, Geranium, Carnation, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Pimento Berry BASE: Vanilla, Musk, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Benzoin, Tonka, Ambergris I like to smell something more subtle, refined and sexy on women. "L'Heure Bleue", "Fendi" and "Dioressence" are good examples.

  • M.W.10/09/2001

    I could understand if you just don't like this fragrance, but to say that Opium smells like a man's cologne is just ridiculous. Please. Opium is spicy, but that's not a bad thing!

  • BRAD10/05/2001

    It smells like a refined version of Old Spice. I don't think it's feminine at all. I think it's more masculine than the men's version. Just a warning to those who haven't tried it out: It's EXTREMELY strong and pungent. I can see this stuff giving people serious headaches.

  • M. SMITH10/05/2001

    I bought this for my mother for her birthday. Hey, it's what she asked for. I personally think it smells like funeral home flowers. Not good at all.

  • BARBARA10/03/2001

    I love Opium--it's divine! I get easily nauseated by perfume (gardenia, etc.), but have no problem with this. This is such a classic.

  • LINDA09/29/2001

    I have been with my husband for 12 years and Opium is the only scent I have ever worn. He says it is my scent and knows no other. It is perfect summer or winter. It would be impossible for me to wear anything less, anytime of the year.

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    It was 1983. Opium is very 80s. I adored it at the time, but find it too strong now. Still, I love the shameless spiciness of it, so different from the wimpy tart-smelling citrus/florals of today.

  • ELISHA09/16/2001

    I love this fragrance! In my opinion this is YSL's best one. It is spicy, ... incredible. I am looking forward to trying their new one called nu.

  • MELISSA09/10/2001

    Opium, like it's name sake, is highly addictive and totally wonderful. I have made it my signature fragrance for years. One of my female friends said of it, "On you, it smells like sex and if I were a man, I'd fall in love with you."

  • STEPHANIE09/05/2001

    Opium is a very fine, very well-made fragrance. It is brilliant and unique. This is not one I would wear to work however, but on nice cold fall and winter nights here in Minnesota this is heaven!

  • MAGGIE09/03/2001

    My favorite kind of perfume is oriental (politically correct perfumes in vogue these days bore me to death). Opium is definitely the King of Orientals. Hubby loves it! And I invariably get compliments when I wear it.

  • MARIA09/02/2001

    My husband gave me a set of opium for christmas and as I used it it was very true that it drove him crazy. The perfume during the day and at night after a nice warm shower use the body lotion wowwwwwwwww made him go wild and made me feel loved and sexy. I love opium but I find it very hard to find where I live. The perfume is easy to find but the body lotion is hard to get. Please help me find the body lotion I love opium......

  • LAYNIE08/25/2001

    I received Opium as a gift by one who loves it. I, however, got an instant headache from it. I think it is way too heavy for summer, but would probably be ok during the cooler months. I will give it another try in a few months before I make up my mind.

  • CATARINA08/23/2001

    Too heavy and powdery for the current days.

  • GINNY08/08/2001

    My ex-husband bought this perfume for me many years ago when it first came out and the only place you could purchase it was France, where he happened to be on a business trip. It just didn't jive with my body chemistry. However, it smelled lucious on a co-worker. Wish I could have worn it.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    I just love Opium! It's so spicy and rich. It's very sexy and provacative. A definite favorite of mine.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Opium is a sensual, yet sophisticated perfume. It contains coriander, clove, bayleaf vetiver, and patchouli.

  • JULIET07/20/2001

    abs hated it---way too strong, give me an instant headache.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    the lighter one is called fraicheur d'orient. it smells like opium, but a bit lighter, a dash of citrus, less incensey. better for summer regular opium is very nice, spicy, and strong. good for winter evenings.

  • KARINA06/22/2001

    Whenever I want to feel like an absolute vixen, I wear Opium. It is warm, spicy,exotic, and almost intoxicating-makes sense that it's named after a drug! The very best scent for a cold autumn or winter night, and men ADORE it. One precaution- this is a strong, high quality perfume- a little goes a long way. Also I tend to switch to something lighter in the summer. But for the right occasion, nothing comes close to how sexy and powerful Opium makes you feel!

  • JULIE06/16/2001

    opium is all that i ever wear. but i too am looking for the body spray,and i have looked in 3 different states.

  • BRANDI05/07/2001

    An incredibly sexy scent that is subtle, spicy and lasting -- my personal favorite.

  • PAM05/06/2001

    A very good friend gave me Opium as a gift when it first came out and I have only worn it since that time. I love the comments that I get from other people throughout the day, "You smell wonderful! Wow, what scent are you wearing?" and the best was one night at a gas station and three men said, "Please tell me the scent that you are wearing so that we can buy it for our wives!" I will never wear anything but Opium.

  • JENNY04/28/2001

    I love this perfume. It's a warm, Oriental fragrance -- perfect for winter evenings.

  • JENNIFER03/25/2001

    Opium smells sexy, very sexy and spicy and warm and mysterious like the night. It also has a certain confidence to it and feels good to wear it. Too bad they dont make a bubble bath.

  • BETH01/27/2001

    I LOVE Opium Body Spray! There is no scent more sensual! BUT, I can't find it anywhere!!! Please, HELP!

  • TRACY10/18/2000

    Absolutely fantastic... my husband's favorite

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