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Burberry Brit   

62 Reviews

Epitomizing the modern, British man, Burberry Brit For Men captures a relaxed elegance and effortless style. This fresh, oriental woody fragrance that blends juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and spicy hints of cedarwood to create a confident, sexy, masculine scent. Notes include Bergamot, Green Mandarin and Ginger Accord, more

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Epitomizing the modern, British man, Burberry Brit For Men captures a relaxed elegance and effortless style. This fresh, oriental woody fragrance that blends juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and spicy hints of cedarwood to create a confident, sexy, masculine scent. Notes include Bergamot, Green Mandarin and Ginger Accord, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Tonka Beans, Oriental Woods Accords, Greay Musk.

  • STEPHANIE MIKL06/15/2016

    This is one of my favorite fragrances' that my husband wears.

  • KYLE12/25/2015

    This is my favorite cologne ever I love it so much I wish I could explain in text how good it smells

  • STEPHANIE MIKL01/27/2014

    My husbands favorite, and I love it on him.

  • TIM03/19/2011


  • SLIMM07/02/2010

    Not from me, but other people. Before I ever sampled this fragrance, I had read a number of reviews on several different sites, and it seems some believe it's too sweet, others too musty, and some even speculate it smells like Paloma Picasso's Minotaure which is neither, lol. From my personal experience, the fragrance is very woodsy. In addition to that, it somewhat resembles Hermes' new fragrance "D'Hermes". In my opinion Burberry Brit is far better, as d'Hermes has this undeniably repulsive astringent quality to it. All in all, I believe this fragrance to be decent -- kind of dusty -- but still decent.

  • DR.FRAG03/28/2010

    i really foundit great andsexy it is like the sweet cake so women like i i have used it it is really nice ay one can go for it

  • ANDY10/29/2009

    this one is diffrent and one scent u MUST get used to it will grow on you but its a powerhouse cologne and a definate lady killer i strongly reccomend it i smell some lavendar and florals but its well blended and similar to polo double black, armani code but this has an edge they try to copy and is the BEST oriental woodsy scent IMO

  • RICK01/21/2009

    I purchased the gift set over the holidays and am enjoying it. It has a bit of spice to it (ginger) which makes it a great cold weather fragrance. The after shave balm is fantastic if you happen to get your hands on it and very soothing. Im enjoying this scent but the longevity isnt the greatest. I have to re-apply half way through the day.

  • LEE04/17/2008

    When I sprayed the cologne I thought Oh no :( . But in a hurry I bought it anyway on recommendation. When you wear it its very clean and masculine. Ladies pulled me to smell me.I was Surprised!!

  • DARRSHAN12/04/2007

    pls leave this old stuff and try the new london, it has a manly appeal. go ? what r u waiting for

  • SILKY08/12/2007

    it really is like Armani code, unfortunately, for me, I don't like that type of scent.

  • MATTHEW07/23/2007

    This is a fine cologne with a unusual, but very favorable scent. Not a cologne for everybody and not as good a Burberry London. Go to a local depertment store and try a sample. The downside of scent is that the drydown turns powdery and fades very quickly. The scent life is about 1-4 hours from my experience. Good for a dinner date on a cool fall evening.

  • BARBARA W07/21/2007

    This was a huge let down after trying the superb London. No comparison.

  • DENNIS07/01/2007

    I like its woodsy scent. But to my disappointment, it doesn't last long on body. The perfume maker should not be cheap and economic enough to make their cologne looks bad.

  • TONYSAD06/05/2007

    i bought this cologne today. tried it and it was a total disappointment!!!! could not even smell it when i applied some to my skin. tried spraying some in the air to catch a wiff, nada!! wish i could return it.

  • JAMES R.05/03/2007

    Why are people comparing brit with armani code? It is like comparing night and day. Brit is sweet, light, and powdery with a kick of spice. Armani code is woody is warm smooth oriental spice weaved through it. When brit dries down, it gets really powdery. When armani code dries down, it gets smooth and richer. Brit is day to night scent while armani code is strictly an evening scent. Overall, brit is okay and nothing special.

  • R. SHREST04/08/2007

    As stated in the official description Brit definitely projects elegance in a relaxed and understated manner. It's not overpowering and for those who have problem with longevity, it's more to do with their skin chemistry coz it lasts well over five hours on me. The drydown might be a touch powdery but it still comes off a refreshing light, warm, and rather sensuous scent. Having worn Armani Code for a bit (got it as a gift) I definitely see some similarities here. While Armani Code is more vibrant (for what little time it lasts) and has more spices going for it, it lacks Brit's refinement and sophistication. The sillage being just right speaks of understated class and is not trying too hard to make a statement. If Brit is the older brother who is on the path to achieving his goals and has things figured out, Armani Code is the younger sibling who might go about stuff with gusto but doesn't know what he wants out of life. I can see Brit drawing women in with its mysterious and sensual nature, wears nicely for many a occasions and seasons except the hottest of summer days, it's a keeper no doubt. :)

  • LESTAT03/31/2007

    I do like this cologne.But for some reason it doesnt last on my skin.I cannot smell it after few hours.Thats why only 3 stars from me.

  • SCOTT03/24/2007

    I've never experienced anything like it in my life. It captures the essence of a mildewed, old basement with poor drainage, perfectly. I almost chewed my arm off to get away from the smell. I think the only one who could possibly wear it successfully would be "Uncle Fester".

  • ROB H.12/20/2006

    I must say that this is truly a unique scent. At first, it is a very acid sharp smell, but the drydown is much smoother. This is a wonderful smell on a warm rainy spring evening. Add a cup of earthy coffee also! Cha-ching!!!!!

  • LEO12/10/2006

    I very rarely get to try a cologne that I really like, but I definately love this one. The beggining starts out with some really great spices and then turns into kind of smelling a little like a gingerbread house. Lasting power is very good also--Just a little jealous that the women have Burberry Brit, Brit Red, and Brit Gold. Definately making this my signature.

  • JAKE12/03/2006

    The first time I wore this was in the summer and I hated it. It sat on my shelf for 6 months until I gave it another shot for a Christmas party. Got a lot of compliments/inquisitions. This is a powdery, cold weather scent that's too heavy for spring/summer. Goes on strong, lasts about 4 hours on my cologne-destroying skin.

  • KIM12/02/2006

    It is very nice at first, but after a while it is even better. Kind of like the way the women's Brit smells amazing after an hour or so.

  • TONYGIO12/02/2006

    very clean, powerful, unique scent, with tons of originality and longevity. BTW the shower gel is quite something, and very recommended- its truly exhilarating!

  • JASON1307/19/2006

    Tony T, right on point with your post! Smelled this when 1st released and plaid sample paper does absolutely nothing for the scent so I didn't test the skin. I have recently added to my collection after actually wearing the fragrance. Yes echoes of minotaure with the slight depthness of Armani Code. Still, quite unique!

  • CHRIS07/11/2006

    When I first smell this perfume, it smells very warm. A present from my gf though. I love it very much. Recently get a JPG Le Male, I still prefer Burberry Brit

  • *BARBARA W*04/22/2006

    What do you all think of the women's Burberry Brit (not the red one). I just purchased it and really like it (and so does my boyfriend), but just curious if any of you have smelled it and what your opinion is...thanks! I haven't smelled the men's version yet, but I will soon.

  • WES CLEMENS04/07/2006

    Modern & stylish semi-spicy/citric-woodsy cologne is possibly the best from the designer right next to Burberry London and has definite lingers of the infamous Minotaure.

  • W.B.02/23/2006


  • LEO02/21/2006

    There are so many different types of Burberry--Burberry, Burberry Touch, Burberry Brit, Weekends, etc. Which one do you guys think is the best.

  • HOLMGREN02/17/2006

    Its absoutely my favorite of my husband's, smells sexy, not so light, still fresh though, quite powdery after awhile, it just makes me horny!

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON01/18/2006

    Very interesting and stylish selection from Burberrys is long-lasting, has a definite keeper of a bottle and very much DOES remind me of Minotaure.

  • ONE SMART FEMALE01/02/2006

    Must have for a man who is sexy, smart,romantic and fun. You will hold it down with this one guys. Money well spent. Secret- the longer you have it on the better it gets it work with your body to achieve pure sexiness, trust...

  • MS THANG01/02/2006

    Great! this is the only male fragrance by Burberry I like. The others are too sweet for a male to wear, it comes off as very loud. Be careful but I'm definately feeling this!

  • OMAR12/24/2005

    Just added this to my collection ... quickly has become one of my favorities ... other current favorites include Mont Blanc Indiveduel and CK Scene ... this is a must buy ...

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU12/23/2005

    Sophisticated and stylish selection from the designer definitely does remind me of Minotaure which is equally as good.

  • 3DSTYLEZ12/14/2005

    A very nice, soft, scent, and my gf loves it. I love the battle, love the lasting appeal, love everything about it. Not overbaringly strong, which is perfect for my taste. You need alteast 2 sprays, and you're good to go. Two thumbs way up for Burberry Brit!

  • TONY T12/01/2005

    by picaso. great cologne i purchased recently after hating it at first then buying mini and now full sized bottle. gret clean refreshing oriental.

  • BRIAN11/29/2005

    This stuff seemed strong at first, but once it drys down - look out. Women over 35 seem to drool over it. I had one girl a few weeks ago come up and ask me "what's the name of your cologne?

  • GEORGE KOUREAS11/06/2005

    It's an amazing and unique fragrance. Although it's a nice fragrance i found it to be very weak.It only lasts three maximum four hours and you have to reply it over and over again.For this reason i won't buy it again. Is it so weak or it just my opinion?

  • N2DBLU11/05/2005

    This refreshing oriental is modern and rather stylish with its unique notes that make it "different" than your average everyday cologne out there from any designer.

  • THE KYLE10/19/2005

    This fragrance is Burberry's best in my opinion. Defnitely versitile. I can use it for casual and formal stuff. Brit has a somewhat woody, modern scent, something in its own category. A girl once told me i smelled like "magazines, really nice magazines."

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC10/12/2005

    A highly unique and distinctive fragrance for the man of style and elegance.

  • MAURICE09/25/2005

    This cologne is great! I use it for casual and formal occasions. Burberry's other fragrances were misses in my book, and it took them a few strikes to get a good fragrance. For the record, i was wearing this fragrance when i proposed to my wife. My - ex - wife. But I still love it. Great top notes.

  • JACKO09/24/2005

    This stuff is truly horrible! Starts off not too bad, a bit kinda JPG but milder but then develops into something that makes you wanna wretch. Absolutely vile!

  • KENNY09/04/2005

    im from vietnam and Brit was a gift from my friend in x'mas the very first time i spray it on,i realized that i got more attention in bars or s for men but has some femini notes in a queer so i think that could be my signature scent.i'd like to use it everyday but its so hard to find real BURBERRY's stuff in iv use it only at night in bars to get compliment.thx BRIT.I will give it 5 stars but actually its worth 100000000 stars

  • MR. LONGROVE08/19/2005

    I think Burberry's Brit is a nice fragrance...a bit spicey with some vanilla thrown in. Seems pretty versatile...can wear it caually or formally. But I'd recommend it more for casual wear. I've worn it to work several times.

  • JOEUSMC08/17/2005

    hard to describe this is a light not overpowering powdery smell. It honestly smells like johnsons baby powder with a flowery scent. I'll wear this because it is unique, and unique is the key to success. Just a word of advice...don't be afraid to reapply this during the middle of the day.

  • M.A.H08/02/2005

    i love this perfume too much. i think it is let me explower my self.

  • TONY T07/26/2005

    INO.. no more comments on cristobal.. and about this one, i originally smelled from the bottle so that was an untrue rating, but i have written 31 other review on brit and i guess it did not get posted. i like it and it is comparable to minotaure in my eyes.. anyway i bought a mini of this, minotaure,angel amen, and paul smith and put them in a plastic bag because i did not want to knock them behind my dresser and to my surprise brit and paul smith evaporated down to a few drops, minotaure about half and angel hmm? i dunno because it's in the flask like bottle. weird right? has anything similar to this happened to you guys?? brit is a great scent but i will wait for the price to drop. also i am not big on orientals but i love signature and my next oriental purchase will be the godly magnetism by escada..

  • K. WIMPINO07/19/2005

    The best Burberry fragrance to date right after the original. Now, I don't understand what this Tony T's problem is giving scents like this and Cristobal some bad ratings.

  • NO NAME06/20/2005

    This is an amazing scent for men...I just love it!!! When my boyfriend wore this for the first time I couldn't keep my hands (or nose) off him. It is a casual scent with a hint of sexy. I would recommend this as a must buy for any woman looking to buy their man a new scent!!!!

  • DAVID05/20/2005

    I became a Burberry fan after I discovered London for both men and women (I absolutely love both, especially the women's). I later tried Brit and found it to be a bit too strong (perhaps too spicy or something) on paper and passed it up, even though there was something alluring about it. The same happened a few times since then and I felt the same. Now, a few months later I give it another shot, this time on my skin, and after a couple tries I grew to absolutely adore it. There have been too many fragrances I try at the counter and love, only to purchase it and become sick of it a week later, and this has, as a pleasant surprise, been quite the opposite. I could see myself wearing this for ages. It has a somewhat warm yet light powdery smell to it, and is masculine and mature while strangely evoking feelings of early childhood (perhaps because of the association to baby powder?) and wee bit of playfulness. The fragrance clerk woman whom I talked to for a while said she just loves this stuff because it's masculine yet has a sense of vulnerability to it, which (as she said) women love in a man. I suppose she's right. I find it to be a very distinct and classy yet comforting, inviting, 'huggable' scent, and for those reasons (and more ambiguous ones) I could see it as a great signature scent that ten..twenty...thirty years from now someone who now knows me could smell it and instantly be reminded of me. And that's something I want. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this stuff for a long, long time.

  • ROMEO91105/05/2005

    I tried this one many times on the tissue-paper but didn't really like it. But today surprisingly when I sprayed it on my skin, it turned out to be really wonderful and bought it instantly. I think I finally found out my signature scent!

  • DANO04/08/2005

    A clean refreshing scent. I have received several compliments when wearing this scent

  • CPILKENTON02/10/2005

    The cologne evolves in scent the longer it stays on. Luckily, it is a good scent. You can get hints of a lot of different fragrances. Good stuff for casual to semi-formal.

  • CALVIN02/05/2005

    This is great stuff. If you are looking for a more casual scent, then this is it. This is a definite pick-up for this ladies

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    burberry 1st scent was hot but this no and i know because i check peoples carry on bags for a living

  • SYLVIE01/30/2005

    Great, well balanced oriental-vanilla fragrance for men (and women!). Subtle and sexy. If you like warm, oriental-fragrances *BRIT for men* is worth a try. Excellent - 5 Stars!!!

  • DAVID01/29/2005

    I really didn't like this one at first but after tryinging it, ended up liking it. Now I really like it.

  • R.J.01/24/2005


  • A. NONY. MOUS01/17/2005

    This is what I would call a "man candy" scent, kinda like Le Male. Smells like spice cake and roses. This would make a good going-out scent, although it may be a bit feminine for some guys. Longevity is pretty good, almost a whole day.

  • JONA JACKSON LUCAS01/17/2005

    Sexy and appreciated by women. The rose is powdery and very confortable! Truly masculine. If you like "l'ombre dans l'eau", or "Voleur de Roses", try it!

  • MKNIGHT01/13/2005

    This is a great scent with a lot going on. It's quite pleasant really... I can't imagine anyone taking offense to the great smell. It's warm, soothing, sophisticated and relaxed all in one great scent! I admit I am rather new to colognes and have just resently(in the last 2 or so years) stated my collection but I would say this is my new signature scent.... at least for the winter months anyway. I'm sure I'll find something new by spring. :) Oh and for the record I have recieved several compliments from both men and women since wearing this wonderful scent.

  • SCOOTER01/11/2005

    I was talked into buying Touch by someone and it smelled 'okay' at the store, but after wearing it a couple of times I found it waaaay too sweet and overpowering. I was going to give up on all the Burberrys...until I smelled this one. Classy, not overpowering, and can be worn day or night. This will absolutely be added to my collection of 'must haves'. The only draw back (and it's not major) is that it doesn't seem to last very long. Other than that, if you have been dissapointed with previous Burberrys, do yourself a favor and give it a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  • W.B.01/10/2005


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