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White Shoulders Evyan Image


White Shoulders   

88 Reviews

Aromatic, Floral. Created by Evyan in 1945, White Shoulders is a refined, flora fragrance. This feminine scent contains neroli, tuberose, gardenia and is accented with jasmine, orris and musk making White Shoulders perfect for evening use.

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Aromatic, Floral. Created by Evyan in 1945, White Shoulders is a refined, flora fragrance. This feminine scent contains neroli, tuberose, gardenia and is accented with jasmine, orris and musk making White Shoulders perfect for evening use.

  • RICHARD GOSWICK11/23/2012

    White Shoulders has always been my favorite ands I have given it to my ladies since the 60's. It has a fragrance that doesn't give up and I can't resist it's freshness.

  • JANET CLAY10/30/2011

    Unfortunately the Original White Shoulders by Evyan which is no longer in business, is not available anymore. The only kind available is this copycat version distributed by another company...Elizabeth Arden was distributing it for awhile but then they stopped before the present company which is now doing it. You are so right about it not smelling the same....very disappointing that some perfumery company has not sought the origninal formula and started making it would be very well received I believe.....

  • MURIEL 02/06/2011

    I have worn white shoulders for 30 years this is not the same product.

  • ANGIE12/17/2010

    dont like the new white shoulders

  • LAURA SABELLA12/17/2010

    the original is the best wish it came back

  • DONNA11/08/2010

    Where can White Shoulders Parfum be purchased? I do not want the cologne. It is not the same

  • BOBBI GIBSON11/07/2010

    Obviously no one is listening to the complaint here concerning our use-to-be favorite fragrance. It is reminesent of my wonderful Aunt and Mother. Also my son's favorite when I wore it. The new product is not the same, in fact the bath powder is terrible. I hope Evyan returns to the old formula too and announces their return.

  • LEE05/08/2010

    My grandmother used White Shoulders, then I used White Shoulders. Loved it. But NOT the new concoction they're selling now. My bottle just sits there....

  • SANDE S. SKINNER02/10/2009

    Miss it so much. Got hugged by a college friend I hadn't seen in 20 years and he said,"You still smell so wonderful-like you did at school! Any perfume I find I will buy. My cousin found the only perfume I have seen since the 80's. I wept...

  • SHERI12/17/2008

    I've been looking for years for a substitute for this fragrance. I've bought the most wonderful perfumes but have never received a fraction of the complements that I got consistently when wearing WS. Have any of you found an adequate replacement?

  • LINDA WILLIAMS10/04/2008

    Whom ever is now in control of Evyan's White Shoulders Parfum is now marketing and selling the cologne as parfum. This is an egregious afront to those of us who have used this product for several decades. Where can we voice our disapproval of this practice? I recently paid $200 for eight bottles of parfum spray that turned out to be cologne which I could have purchased for $14 each had I wanted cologne! There is a profound difference between the two. Because of this deception, I have filed a protest with my credit card company and am prepared to go so far as small claim court on this issue. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  • PHYLLIS07/31/2008

    I haven't worn White Shoulders since 1965 or so but loved it. I saw it while shopping recently and decided to buy it for "old times sake" When I sprayed it on I thought it smelled completely different and not at all good. It smelled like alcohol mostly. I thought maybe it was just my sence of smell but now that I've read other reviews, I know differently. If it "ain't broke" don't fix it.

  • GRACE01/13/2008

    This was my holy grail fragrance from the time I was 14 years old (in the 70s) until it was changed in the early 90s. I wore the pure perfume and there was, and still has not been, another like it. I cannot for the life of me imagine why it was changed, but it is NOT the same -- even the color of the juice and the box is different. I would pay top dollar for some vintage parfum, but I would not accept a bottle of the new stuff even for free. So unfortunate.

  • CONSTANCE12/31/2007

    I used to like this about a million years ago (okay like the 60's or so) but this has changed so much in the scent it is terrible now. It smells wretched! It smells like body odor meets cheap cologne. Its not good.

  • CALYPSO12/31/2007

    I first encountered this perfume in the mid-eighties as a teenager. A friend of mine loved it, so I bought her a bottle after first smelling it in the store. I thought it smelled terrible. The image that came to mind was a baby's stinky diaper. I wondered how she could possibly like that fragrance. My idea of beautiful light fragrances are, "Pleasures", or "Romance".


    My first love wore this. She was absolutely irresistable, and White Shoulders fanned the fire all the more. It is a damned shame if they have altered the formula.

  • CC12/03/2007

    this is for all of those who dislike White Shoulders, you apparently do not have the right body chemistry to carry this great perfume!

  • JULIETTE11/27/2007

    This scent has been around for over a hundred years-that says something about it. Classic style lasts.

  • LINDA LOU05/26/2007

    This smells like that Mexican floor cleaner Fabuloso in Lavender. I don't like it. Too Floral and way to in your face. Smells like a dimestore tramp.


    They should change the name of this mustard gas to Cold Shoulder. Cause that is what you'd get if you wore this toxic waste anywhere it is horrible.

  • KIM03/01/2007

    I think this one comes across so clean and innocent and as sweet as a flower garden.

  • TINKERLYNN01/24/2007

    I get more compliments from men and younger women when I were this cologne than my Chanel. To make it last, I saturate a cotton ball and place it down the front my bra. Its not visable, but holds the scent. I'm having a hard time finding a perfume in this scent too.

  • JULIETTE12/12/2006

    I heard a story that this was created by a Baron for the woman he loved. It is a wonderful "old" classic scent...a very intense floral

  • GALA12/01/2006

    White Shoulders has changed, but I still love the gentle femininity of this scent. I always have a bottle on my dressing table even though I don't use it on a daily basis. The scent always brings back wonderful memories.

  • LUCY10/04/2006

    This scent gives me a headache and is quite strong. You are right, not a youthful scent at all

  • LAURA BROWN10/01/2006

    Many years ago, I used White Shoulders bath oil. I would love to find it again. Does anyone know if it still exits?

  • FAERYNUTT08/22/2006

    I still wear White Shoulders, it may not be as good as it used to be but still seems to smell good with my "chemistry". And I do get compliments. So where can you get the original frosted bottle of White Shoulders? I have to laugh at the old/mature lady perfume :) This from girls/young women who don't know that you shouldn't have to pour a ton of some stinking, horrid "in fashion" stench on themselves. YUCK!!! When they drive by in a car and the odor of their horrid cologne leaves a trail behind them (even when windows are closed, is UNBELIVABLE!!!) Bet if you asked anyone of them about layering their scents, they'd give you that cocked head puppy stare of, DUH! WHAT!

  • RANDIE06/26/2006

    I recommend you purchase “the next best thing” which is the parfum in the frosted bottle. I just paid $49.00 for a 2.75 oz bottle (frosted), the clear bottle is not the same at all. There is a huge difference. I found only one store in Orlando Florida which sells the frosted bottle and they promise to keep me stocked.

  • ANGELA04/30/2006

    I too am an avid lover of vintage White Shoulders(EVYAN PLEASE)!What is this crap that Perfumes International is trying to pass of as White Shoulders. Where is that beautiful pure clean scent of Evyan where the scent lasted . I was constantly asked what was the beautiful hauntiung fragrance I wore. Well no more.... how sad .....but gone is that pure clean scent ,here is the powdery knock off.Probably if one did not know the original scent they would find this cheap excuse nice,but we know the real thing! I would pay 300.00 for a 1/4 ounce of the real stuff. Get with it Perfumes International at least call your fragrance Maybe White Shoulders then caption we are still trying!!!!!!!.I found the trueWhite Shoulders when I was 16 .I asked a woman what she was wearing she told me and used it exclusively until approx 15 years ago when it lost its true essence to Perfumes International. I am still looking for a replacement!!! Thanks for listening , Angela

  • "RANDIE"04/16/2006

    Since Evyan passed away, indeed this product is NOT what it used to be. I have been a faithful user of White Shoulders for 35 yrs. I have had several young women come up to me and ask me if they could just give me hug, because White Shoulders reminded them of their mother that has passed away. What a powerful scent to leave a lasting impression.Men have approached me to ask what scent I am wearing so they can purchase it for their wives. My only problem is keeping the lid on after a few uses. Only the frosted bottle for me.

  • JUDY03/19/2006

    Evyan owner died, sold rights to Parfums International. The strongest scent they now make is Parfum, which is absolutely not the same as the perfume. Some stores try to pass it off by saying it is just the French word for perfume and is the same, but trust me, it is NOT the original perfume. The light, long-lasting, clean fragrance is gone -- it's replaced by a heavy, powdery scent that doesn't last. Everyone seems crazy about bringing back the retro stuff -- how about bringing back the original White Shoulders Perfume using the Evyan formula!!!!

  • NICOLE01/23/2006

    My favourite. Elegant, classy, powdery, sweet, flowery but with just the right touch. Not overpowering. Price is very reasonable. This scent is unfortunately hard to find. I don't tolerate most of the scents but that one fits me perfectly. A real classic but doesn't smell old.

  • MEGAN STAFFERI01/20/2006

    I laugh at the remarks about WS being "old fashioned/old lady" from some of the commenters. It has nothing to do with is how a perfume smells on the wearer. It is like "favorite songs" that bring to mind pleasant thoughts. Regardless of a person's age, it is choosing what is "right" for you....even if you are young, it woud be a big mistake to wear trendy, young, in-fashion clothing when the clothing doesn't suit your body type...same with perfume; if it doesn't smell good on you, don't wear it...but put it in perspective. Perfume has nothing to do with how old or young a person is...if you get compliments, wear it; if not, don't wear it. Simple.

  • ANNE01/14/2006

    I'm writing a short story about White Shoulders and would be grateful if anyone can give me details of the bottle/box/packaging that Evyan used about 1950/55. It was my mother's favorite perfume.

  • DENNIS12/29/2005

    It reminds me of 1977-1978 & The Roxy in L.A. A girl who frequented that bar used to carry a big honking 8 oz. splash size of this around with her everywhere in her hippie bag. To me, it smelled too innocent for that era. It's more appropo for 40's post-war nostalgia.

  • CHEE CHEE12/19/2005

    i love white shoulders but over the years it seems that they changed the formula that made it smell so beautiful. now when i buy it i get pure essential oils of the scent that it carries and put it in there and by it being so much alcohol it dissolves the essintial oil and producess the original scent it once was.

  • LADYBUG12/16/2005

    I find this scent rather depressing. It's not that is smells so very terrible, just that it's so flowery, heavy, and um, mature.

  • KATHYM.12/07/2005

    When I was a young girl my mom went to visit her friend, and when we walked in to her house I remember asking "what smells so good" and my mother's friend told me it's my perfume; white shoulders. I tried in High School a few times, and always got compliments. I can't go too long without this fragrance in my collection.

  • AMY12/06/2005

    perfect scent for the "mature" types. there are some that have been around for long time and stil smell modern and fresh but this is not one of them!! very antiquated!!

  • DOROTHY11/03/2005

    I've been wearing White Shoulders off and on since the 60's. I always go back to it. I've NEVER had a man not comment on how great I smell. It's a guy magnet!

  • KATHY10/26/2005

    Don't know when this perfume was changed, I used it briefly about 15 years ago. I would say that a change could only improve this highly toxic, headache in a bottle stink water.

  • ARONA10/15/2005

    I wore this perfume in its original formula years ago and always received compliments (especially from men). Since it no longer has the same beautiful scent I stopped wearing it. It is often considered an old lady's perfume but I do not know anyone who did not like the scent of White Shoulders original formula. The excellent I gave is only for the orginal and not this second-hand cheap version they put out on the market.

  • LEELEEYA09/27/2005

    I love this perfume. Even if you spray quite a bit, it is still lovely and lingering like a grandma type smell of older days, and that's what I like about it. It Evokes memories of another era.

  • MIMI08/20/2005

    grandma introduced white shoulders to me. It smelled good. I like it on other people, because if I have to smell it on me all the time, I might gag because of the heavy powder scent that goes along with it. Its nice in moderation. Has a comforting sweet lingering smell.

  • MALIBU07/12/2005

    I was cosmetician for 22 yrs. and sold alot of white shoulders. It is not the same anymore and only buy the lotion and it even is not always the same wish they would bring back the original products and scent Put the price up and it would be a big seller also the old containers and packaging. Hello from canada.

  • PATRICIA06/27/2005

    I also noticed a distinct change in White Shoulders. This was/is my mother's favorite perfume and it used to remind me of her dressing up to go out and coming home after I waited up for her. No more -- now it seems cheap and even unpleasant. Is it possible to get the old stuff. Now, I can't even pass it on to my daughter.

  • LEDA05/26/2005

    I love White Shoulders. I have worn it for years now and never get tired of it. It tends to skunkiness with some body chemistries but luckily I'm not one of them.

  • GLORIA05/18/2005

    I had never heard of White Shoulders being referred to as an "old lady" perfume. News to me. I've been wearing it for over 20 years and almost daily I'm complimented on the wonderful fragrance I'm wearing. Many of these comments come from "young" men and women. The fragrance, however, is not what is used to be.

  • COURTNEY04/15/2005

    Certainly not this cheap, cloying fragrance. My Dad always made fun of this one. He could smell a woman miles away wearing it..

  • LOUISE01/27/2005

    I love this scent; it was my grandmother's favorite. When I smell this fragrance, I immediately am transported back in time to many wonderful memories of my childhood. I see some of the posts here express concern that what is sold in stores today isn't quite the original. Could be. The EDT that is easy to find has fewer of the fragrance oils used in the original EDP which is the strength that many of you may be remembering. So, if you want the "real" White Shoulders, then check out web sites like which is one of the few places where the original EDP is offered.

  • DANIELLA07/21/2004

    It must be true what they say about certain scents and one' body chemistry. There are some popular scents that smell horrible on me (and on others, in my opinion). I've worn White Shoulders off and on for 20 or so years, since I was a teen. I don't think it's old-ladyish, maybe old-fashioned. My husband really likes it. I've always thought it was a feminine, classic, summery scent.

  • MELANIE06/27/2004

    I asked my aunt if she had some empty or half full perfume bottles that she was not using for my collection when she gave me this one. The scent was so sickening that I almost threw up!! Gosh, did people actually wear this stuff in the old days?!

  • CAROL05/25/2004

    I always pick White Shoulders when my husband is with me. I wear this one to please him, since it is his favorite. The powder and cologne are nice together. Have worn this one since the 70's, husband associates this one with our early days together. Still in love with him, and this scent too! Scent is exceptionally pretty, soft, and classy.

  • LAUREN03/15/2004

    This perfume should be more aptly named "Stink Weed".

  • LAUREN03/11/2004

    This perfume is horrid. It smells like a swamp mixed with Lindenberger Cheese.

  • NANCY02/08/2004

    i have a box of most precious perfume in the blue box 1/6 ounce, made in n.y. the box is in excellent shape, and the bottle is barely used and smells good and is in excellent shape. does anyone know how much this might be worth, i may sell it. thank you

  • JULIA01/08/2004

    my mon got me started on ws when i was 15, 20 years now!! i need to find the bigger size bath powder, not in the set, the big on they make

  • LISA01/01/2004

    Apparently, I am not the only one who has noticed a change for the worst for White Shoulders. My recollection from childhood is that of a rich, oily fragrance heavily floral with just a hint of resin and spice. When I encountered it as a young woman in the 80's it seemed to have changed somewhat, become less oily and floral, more dry and spicey. Still, it retained enough of it's character to make me happy. After a fragrance-free hiatus of ten or so years I recently purchased a bottle of spray cologne, brought it home and had a "yucky" surprise. I am researching the ingredients of W.S. for home experimentation as that is probably the only way us diehards will come close to being reunited with our beloved fragrance. It is unlikely that the current producers will listen to us and oblige.

  • KATIE12/31/2003

    Did this company switch over to the original White Shoulders, or do they only sell the not-original "copy" of White Shoulders that most stores seem to sell now? Thanks for your help.

  • DIZBAT12/27/2003

    It smells of times past, brings me right back to the good time of childhood. It has been around for such a long time and is still a favorite.

  • SARAH11/18/2003

    I started wearing this when I was 17. It used to be my favorite, until I discovered Chanel #5. I still like it and I'm only 31, so I'm not exactly an "old lady"


    It may be for old ladys but I have used it for 40 years.

  • KAREN07/26/2003

    What in the world did they do to White Shouldes? I posted in June how much I loved White Shoulders. Been wearing it forever because it was the only thing I wasn't allergic to. At that time, I was still working on a bottle of the ORIGINAL. Having visited this site and was aware of Evyan discontinuing it, I had to purchase one by Parfumes International. YUK. I can't even wear it. It's too spicy and lasts about an hour. The original used to last all day and left such a ever so nice slightly frangrant trail. OMG. I'm heartsick. Has anyone found a reasonably good imitation? I agree with Code Blue and Sherrie. A thumbs up 10 for the ORIGINAL. A big fat "0" thumbs down for Parfumes Interntional.

  • MARIAN06/26/2003

    It is subtle, but beautiful. One of the best fragrances ever.

  • KAREN06/22/2003

    I LOVE "White Shoulders". My mother wore it for many years and now I've been wearing it for years. It's light and it stays with you. It's so nice and sweetly floral! It's best if you use only the real perfume, one drop on one wrist, rub them together and then rub your wrists on your neck. Any more than that and it will be too much. All fragrances should be smelled only when inches from the person; not blocks. Yes...the guys like it if you don't overdo it.

  • P06/15/2003

    When I smell it, I know there must be an old lady near by.

  • MURKI06/09/2003

    I think this was my first official fragrance bought for me by my parents, but it's odd because it's a bit mature! So, I couldn't appreciate then. Too bad it was reformulated.

  • BRITTNEE05/08/2003

    classy, romantic, delicate, aromatic, floral. This is a very natural and subtle scent. I love it.

  • MENA04/13/2003

    I´ve owned 4 bottles of white shoulders and the creams, I really love this perfume, it smells like an old scent my grandmother would wear. I find it neither too strong nor too light of a smell. It´s jst perfect! In an elevator when I smell my own perfume on the air, I dont fell all sick or anything like that, Buy it! :D

  • LALA04/12/2003

    this is okay but its really for a older lady

  • ELLIZA04/11/2003

    incense, delicate rare flowers (jasmine? tuberose? lily of the valley?), indefinable depth and complexity. it is SO inexpensive, comparatively, and so lovely. just gets better and better as it stays on.

  • CHERIE CLARK04/10/2003

    Does anybody know where I could find the original White Shoulders bath oil? I have had no luck. Help please! [email protected]

  • CHERYL04/06/2003

    my mom has worn white shoulders since she was 15 she is now 69 we went to get some bath gel and were told they were discontinuing the white shoulders line so we are trying to stock up for her!

  • NANCY03/28/2003

    I wear this in the summer and it mixes very well with my chemisty as i get coments all the time and I can't smell it on me great.thanks

  • SHERRIE03/04/2003

    White Shoulders used to be a beautiful fragrance when Evyan made it. Now it smells like a plug-in room deodorizer. They wrecked it.

  • DEBORAH02/27/2003

    I believe Evyan discontinued Most Precious. I have been able to find it once in awhile on Ebay. Good luck!

  • LLOZ02/03/2003

    This is my all time favorite. I started wearing it at 14. I now wear different scents, but always have a bottle of this. It is still fresh and lovely. You also just cant find as pretty packaging as this especially if you have the gift sets. You can leave them 0ut as part of your decorating....the best

  • EMILY02/02/2003

    what happened to this product...I used it for years and have not been able to find it?

  • CHRISTINE01/14/2003

    This scent makes me think of classic gowns and women with southern or European accents; very cultured and leisurely.

  • CODE BLUE01/05/2003

    Since Evyan sold pit to Parfums International and they in turn sold this perfume formula to Elizabeth Arden, its gotten way too spicey, heavy on a clove-type smell and/or other type of chemical smell. Wish Evyan's original scents, White Shoulders, Most Precious, and Great Lady were available to the public other than eBay. I give thumbs up to the original Evyan White Shoulders and thumbs down to Elizabeth Arden's so called version, which is tainted by too much tampering.

  • JENNIFER11/24/2002

    I've had the same bottle of White Shoulders for at least 5 years. I've hardly touched it at all. There are much better scents out there. I guess I just prefer sharper scents and White Shoulders is too light for me.

  • ELEISE11/08/2002

    I have used white shoulders products for over 25 years, one of the few I'm not alergic to. But where are their heavier creams and oils dissapearing to? I love them and need them in winter.


    I too like white shoulders and much prefer the perfume to the cologne. I have wore it for 40 years. I hope the permume marts never stop carrying it

  • STAR09/10/2002

    guest and travel size bars and full size bath bars love the way they cause the entire bathroom to smell pretty

  • SUSAN08/23/2002

    White Shoulders is evocative of verandas and dewy, moonlit nights. It's warmly and subtly flirtatious.

  • JOY08/04/2002

    My mother has been wearing this perfume forever. She is now in her seventies and cannot get the perfume anymore. Can anyone help find the perfume for her?

  • LYNN07/28/2002

    I dont know if Evian makes a liquid soap for White SHoulders but if they do I would love to buy some. I have been using WS since 1972 when I received some as a high school grad present--and its all my husband wants me to wear. I try other fragrances and he just doesnt like them

  • BETHANY06/11/2002

    Smells like an "old world" scent in a good way. Something very feminine and warm and slightly innocent smelling about this one. Not my signature fragrance, but I like it. A little too sweet for daytime or hot weather, but otherwise-good. To be truly appreciated:Use with a light hand.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    whenever I smell W.S. I think of the innocent times when in my early 20s.

  • PATRICIA02/05/2002

    I have been using these White Shoulders products for 46 years & every time I wear it someone comments about how wonderful it smells. I use it every day, the perfume, powder,etc. To me it smells like a warm summer evening.

  • BOB OMERZA12/22/2001

    My wife has been using these products since 1967. I can't find a shop that sells the White Shoulders Liquid soap. Everything else is readily available. I am in the South East area of Mass. Can anyone advise me?

  • J12/21/2001

    Try looking on the JC Penney website under fragrances, then gift sets, then White Shoulders. One of the sets has the powder. But hurry...the set might be gone by the first of the year! Good luck.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    An unfinished, inferior, candied floral. The White Shoulders Cream smells similar to Avon's 'Sweet Honesty'.

  • SUZETTE12/12/2001

    I found eau de perfume at TJ Max store. Isaw a gift set at Savon with lotion in it and at JC Penney store. not powder,yet.

  • J12/01/2001

    I was very happy to find the dusting powder at Walgreen's drug store recently, and it was only $12.95! If you have a Walgreens near you, check there! They are also selling White Shoulders gift sets at JC Penney's this holiday season with the powder as part of the set. Good Luck!

  • KAREN LEE11/29/2001

    I am so glad to find this site. I have been looking everywhere for the bath powder since the major dept stores stopped carrying it. I have even looked in Paris! I love this nce for years along with Lily of the valley, I will start checking out all your suggestions now

  • NORMA ADAMS11/25/2001

    does anyone know where to purchase this product>> email me at [email protected] thenks!!

  • NETTIE10/18/2001

    I love the bath powder.Do you carry it or know where to get it?

  • RITA10/16/2001

    I dearly love White Shoulders Perfume but not the cologne. Will you please try to carry the perfume? I cannot find it anywhere.

  • SHANNON09/18/2001

    In my opinion there is not another scent that is more alluring, or feminine. Someone please help me though...I cannot find the powder set anywhere!!! I am delivering my baby in 4 weeks, and I want to have this soft pretty powder on when he is born, so he will associate it with me, like I do with my mother. Where can I get the powder set? Email: [email protected]

  • ALISON08/25/2001

    I love this one. I partcularly love the body cream. If they would produce an Eau de Parfum spray, that would be wonderful. The Eau de Cologne is nice, but not strong enough.

  • VERNA08/23/2001

    I have enjoyed this fragrance for years. Being a happy person by nature, to me, the scent of White Shoulders is like having Spring-time in a bottle all year round.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    What's not to love about White Shoulders??? It's a romantic floral consisting of sweet notes of tuberose, gardenia, jasmine and other flowers. It was inspired by the love of a Baron for a woman with porcelain "white shoulders"! Her cameo is on each bottle and pink box. My mother has worn this perfume for most of her life, and now I have taken to wearing it as well. It's a one of a kind perfume that was meant to be loved from generation to generation!

  • BETH07/22/2001

    White Shoulders is a timeless classic. It contains: gardenias, lilacs, amber, oakmoss, and jasmine.

  • KARINA07/08/2001

    I also love White Shoulders and definitely feel, like many of you seem to, that the real perfume gives the truest impression of the fragrance. It is becoming increasingly hard to find, but I did find a website called "" that sells a mini size of the real thing-only .25 oz, but it's better than nothing, I suppose! Plus, it's only $15, so at that price, you could stock up on a few bottles. Good luck with your searches!

  • KATHY07/06/2001

    where can you buy the perfume?????

  • JULIA06/24/2001

    I love White Shoulders. I've been wearing it for seven years straight. Men love this stuff!

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    Personally I've gotten tired of this one over the years. Maybe because some days it seems like everyone and their dog is wearing it. Still a nice scent, just a bit redundant to me.

  • PAM06/09/2001

    I found the EDP spray --it is more concentrated and smells better than the cologne--could you carry it, and the powder?

  • LAWANDA04/28/2001

    i agree with tracy. need a more concentrated White Shoulders to dab on in the AM. As it is, I carry a purse size, med size in my desk, one on my dresser and one in my bathroom. and the empty bottles i uncap and put in my drawers! You're getting my business for spray ons, now boost me up to the next level. Its the only fragrance i wear so help me out here! Will pay top dollar.

  • TRACY04/12/2001

    I absolutely love White Shoulders but can't find the perfume. The cologne is in abundance and pretty accessible. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

  • LAWANDA03/14/2001

    i can remember my mom wearing this when i was very little. I wore the teenage stuff in the early 80's, but haven't changed in about 15 years! i would like to find a dab on perfume. Any suggestions?

  • GINNY02/28/2001

    I have worn this fragrance on and off for more years than I'd like to admit. It will always be my favorite and I've had strangers (men mostly) stop me in the elevator and ask me what I was wearing so they could buy some for their wives or significant others. My grown sons must remember it from infancy because one of them bought me a bottle for my birthday and said he knew I still loved it and he did, too, because "It smells like you, Mom." I wish I could find the perfume, too, instead of the cologne.

  • ROBIN12/26/2000

    I've worn this more than any other fragrance for 20 years. It's a classic, very feminine. I especially love the bath gel, body creme, body lotion and bath powder since the scent doesn't change from product to product like so many other fragrances do. Definitely try it.

  • GINA JACKSON09/19/2000

    This is a must have "classic" fragrance.

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