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Jake cologne by Hollister is the essence of a rugged, young California surfer. Citrus on the uptake that pulls out with a woody scent.

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Jake cologne by Hollister is the essence of a rugged, young California surfer. Citrus on the uptake that pulls out with a woody scent.

  • PM08/03/2012

    Having searched the high street for Jake by Hollister without success i found it at a reasonable price on this site. 'Jake' is a scent i use everyday and is not too strong or vague. Excellent product and highly recomended!

  • TAMMY07/11/2012

    Love it, it is my favorite.

  • CLARE01/07/2012

    Gorgeous smelling aftershave, musky and woody yet light enough for daytime use. Excellent service from Galaxy, quick delivery despite it being xmas, item well packaged.

  • PHIL04/08/2011

    I love it, seems like only a pig would not. Some of my pigs hate it, but the girls keep brushing against me when I wear it. I'll start rearing cows if my piggs go on strike.

  • SHELBY08/14/2010

    I love this cologne...its my fav on guys.!! more guys should wear this stuff!!!!!

  • ??????11/01/2009

    I am a girl and I love the smell of it kind of a circtus smell then a woody smell I love how it smells on men ! ! !

  • HUMBERTO01/03/2009

    I Love this Ever since I would walk in to Hollister like the u could smell it from out side of the store Its Addicting Love this scent Recomend it!

  • ASHLEY11/07/2008

    look, i;m a girl and i wear this. my husband loves it also! so, these peeps sayin that they broke up with their boyfriend b/c he wore it!! WHAT! That's jus crazy as h*** and u need 2 grow up. it's just colonge! In my opinion, IT'S GREAT!

  • MARK09/26/2008

    I wear it to work. My co worker Kathy liked it so much, she sprayed some on her wrist. I don't think you would go wrong with it. Just my opinion.

  • MIKE09/02/2008

    trust me guys, i havent met a girl who likes this. the guys think it smells good but get some better stuff.

  • MICHAEL08/27/2008

    My daughter bought this for me at Christmas and it has been a winner ever since. I receive many compliments on it. It is a value for the price and it never disappoints the women..

  • JON08/07/2008

    The cologne smells pretty good. I like it. But it doesn't last long and they keep jacking up the price. Regarding several comments on the board here, several women claim to love their boyfriend or fell in love with him if or because he wears this? That's not conditional love. True love is unconditional love (The Notebook, Atonement). What I read below is being infactuated with a smell associated to someone a person likes. It's ego driven, in the moment, not everlasting. If a person truly cares to be aware on true, unconditional love, and not being with someone for the wrong reasons, and tapping and developing their sense of purpose and gaining clarity on making their dreams come true for real, please go to amazon and order the short novel, "A new Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle. I think many people will appreciate the insight in that book and it quickly defuses irrational thinking, strengthens the mindset and mentality. I just see some people with each other and not for reasons out of true love yet they say they care about true love. So here's a book that actually has the potential to make the reader more aware of the essence of the person, not the cologne or image that he/she takes on in the moment.

  • JILL05/07/2008

    I broke up with my boyfriend since he wore this all the time. I tried to buy him something real like Chanel or Dior but he liked Jake. Sucks for him.

  • DANIEL02/29/2008

    This is a pretty nice smelling cologne. At first sniff from the bottle I thought it was too feminine but after a spray on the wrist I thought it smelled great. It seems to be popular with the ladies but not as popular as Abercrombie Fierce. It doesn't tend to last very long, maybe 3-4 hours.

  • J.RIV11/27/2007

    I'm so sorry to put a damper on this little party of "OMG IT IS FABULOUS". I liked the citrius notes.. But thats it. On my skin it does not blend well and in general is average. Not bad, but average. Truth be told you'd be better off with ADG or he cheap and still OK Happy.

  • ASHLEY11/19/2007

    I love this cologne! It is the best stuff I have ever smelled and that is also one of the reasons i love my boyfriend! He has the cologne and i spray it on me every day!!!

  • LORENA09/18/2007

    i love it, that's why i fell in love with my boyfriend...he uses that cologne!!!!!

  • CONSCIOUS08/21/2007

    I was walking through the mall and my nose picked up on a great smelling scent, but I just couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I looked like 2Can Sam the way I had my nose in the air. I finally, found myself inside of Hollister Clothing and low and behold..,there it was. The mysterious great smelling scent...JAKE !! My girlfriend went crazy over this cologne. I had no choice but to get this brillient mixture of heavely nectur. U gotta smell me, you'll want to buy !!!

  • DANA06/12/2007

    omg this smells so good it is the best scent that any guy could ever wear

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