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Kenzo Amour   

37 Reviews

Kenzo introduces Kenzo Amour perfume, a soft, sensual, serene fragrance with a woody, musky scent. Olfactory evocations of travelling through Asia, with memories of India, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, and Thailand… Lovely places, filled with vibrant colors and aromas. Kenzo Amour notes include Frangipani Blossoms from Bali or Borobudur, Cherry more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDP Spray (Fuchsia Bottle) + 3.4 oz Body Lotion
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0.13 oz EDP Mini (Fuchsia Bottle)
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3.4 oz EDP Spray (Fuchsia Bottle) (Tester)
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3.4 oz EDP Spray (Fuchsia Bottle)
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Kenzo introduces Kenzo Amour perfume, a soft, sensual, serene fragrance with a woody, musky scent. Olfactory evocations of travelling through Asia, with memories of India, Indonesia, Japan, Burma, and Thailand… Lovely places, filled with vibrant colors and aromas. Kenzo Amour notes include Frangipani Blossoms from Bali or Borobudur, Cherry Blossoms from Japan, Tanakha Wood, Incense, Thai Rice Steam, Vanilla of La Réunion, White Tea from China.

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  • JENNY JOLIVETTE12/02/2015

    One of my favorite perfums

  • EVA10/22/2014

    I was extremely pleased with this perfume, very fragrant and intense but feminine.

  • HELEN06/10/2013

    absolutely beautiful smelling perfume

  • JENNY JOLIVETTE02/28/2013

    I receive compliments when I wear Kenzo Amour

  • MEG11/19/2012

    This has to be my favourite perfume ever! Best Price and wonderful service from Galaxy. Buying another :)

  • MEG11/07/2012

    Best scent ever! Perfect and subtle. Compliments every time I wear it

  • LORRAINE02/20/2012

    Iam very happy with my purchase. Every time I am out and about wearing Kenzo I always get a positive comment on my fragrance.... people just love it...

  • SALLY06/29/2011

    Yes - the best perfume i have smelled in years - wore it to work everyone loved it.

  • CYNJL12/30/2010

    I am always told how good I smell with this perfume on.

  • SAPPHIRE10/01/2009

    Kenzo Amour is so wonderful. It is an absolute must have for the seasoned perfume lover.

  • ONUR07/02/2009

    This is the best parfume for a women. It seems like a pearl coming from paradise. It is so hot and sexy with lotion. I do like Kenzo Amour.

  • BARBARA W06/20/2009

    The new flanker, Amour le parfum, is gorgeous. Comes in a matte bronze bottle. Worth a sniff!

  • BARBARA W12/07/2008

    I just smelled this is the pure parfum version, and it is amazing. Rich and luxurious, much better than the other version. Pretty gold bottle, too.

  • DADA12/03/2008

    Bought it 2 days ago.My boyfriend said that it is the best fragrance that I ever had !!!

  • JUDI W*09/16/2008

    I was looking for something like Hypnotic Poison, since the price has gone up so much, so the SA suggested this. It was pleasant enough, but not Hypnotic material. Actually, it was too light for me. Went & splurged on the real deal. I liked the Flower Oriental better, that at least had an incense smell.

  • ANNE06/19/2008

    Amour is a warm and sexy scent that is absolutely intoxicating. Men love it and even women stop me to ask what I'm wearing. It's my new signature fragrance.

  • TRINIGAL06/17/2008

    Oooh,I felt like i've just died and gone to heaven.....but somehow got rejected and fell back down to earth!!! This smells beautiful just like my other favorite,flower. Great for a night out on the town.

  • JUDI W*06/14/2008

    Your right Erin, it does smell similar to Hypnotic Poison, but it's not as potent. I need some crux to a scent. When it's too light, it fades on me, way too quickly.

  • TRINIGAL06/02/2008

    Wow,this is a heavenly scent! I got it as a gift and i can tell you both that it's exactly like my other favorites, Flower and Sui dreams,soft not too powdery and you smell more vanilla in it than the steamed rice. Sounds appealing doesn't it? Try it yourselves,you'll be glad you did.

  • TRINIGAL 05/26/2008

    Ooh,I felt like i've just died & gone to heaven......but somehow got rejected & fell back down to earth!! This is a wonderful fragrance,not to mention the eye catching colored bottle designs. Highly recommended. Mr Kenzo you're a genius,keep making us smell beautiful!!!

  • DEEDEE03/27/2008

    This has a nice powdery scent at first. It smelled wonderful on the scent card, I wanted to purchase right away. I decided to sample on my skin. That's when things took a turn. On my skin the rice note is very pronounced that it smells almost weird like someone cooking rice with vanilla. I'm glad I tried it on my skin before buying based off the scent on the scent card.


    I just bought this one and cannot stop smelling my wrist, I am sitting here in a T-shirt and sweats but still feel sexy! Reminds me a lot of Hypnotic poison but smells a million times better on me. I am not picking up on Thai steamed rice scent but definitely vanilla, very warm and inviting and maybe slightly powdery.

  • LAUREN01/07/2008

    I tested this at Sephora 1/6/08, took home a sample vial and am still undecided. For a vanilla based scent this does not smell foody,which is a good thing, yet it is complex enough for a woman, not a girl. My only complaint is the edp doesn't seem to have enough staying power for me. I don't want to asphyxiate people but I don't want to feel like I have to reapply my fragrance often either. I like the dry down and the soft lingering woodsy vanilla note I just wish it stayed longer. No powderyness on me, its subtlety frustrating. Perhaps layering this fragrance will help it stay longer.

  • ANNAMARIA01/05/2008

    Forgot to mention, I really think a light hand in application is required here.

  • ANNAMARIA01/05/2008

    I only just found this in my local department store. I liked the Flower perfumes, but found that just a bit too much after a short time. I've taken a risk with this version, as it seems less heavy some how. It's "different" in a good way - sort of arty and creative - yet sexy too. I like the powdery part and the vanilla too, but the added ingredients make it special.

  • DESDEKID12/29/2007

    i like this a lot, it's like a more werable version of hypnotic poison by dior, which i love on other people but on me it gives me a headache. this one is softer, more cozy, less in your face. good winter perfume. i like to wear this in the day and at night i switch to dior addict. both vanilla perfumes, one is more like an angel and one like the devil. i also like kenzo flower le parfum, witch is more intense then the boring flower. wish it would last longer though, maybe it does but i just cant feel it anymore after a few hours.

  • BARBARA W11/01/2007

    Amour is a powdery floral fragrance. Not something I'd wear, but if you like that type of fragrance, give this a try.

  • SHELLY08/09/2007

    Wow-so many perfumes have a "note" that bothers me - not this one. If you like Amazing Grace, this would be a nice night fragrance..deeper but not heavy at all. Good scent and a repurchase!

  • JSTAGRL05/08/2007

    to me anyway, and when i sprayed my little sample vial the other day my husband said i smelled like baby is very powdery. it's okay but nothing real special about it.

  • PERFUMEPHILIAC05/04/2007

    Got the body lotion & shower honey today and I must exult that it reinforces the fact that Kenzo Amour is truly the best!

  • NEL04/06/2007

    I just got this fragrance, I'am a perfume addict and I have so many of them, but I really love this fragrance, it's gorgeous give it try you will not be sorry.

  • LEONESS03/29/2007

    Kenzo Amour reminds me of incense and vanilla. It is a cozy, sultry scent along the lines of Burberry Brit, although not as sweet. I tried both Amour and Flower, one on each wrist, and could still smell the Amour the next morning. It really is lovely. I say try it!

  • HELEN03/21/2007

    No.. I am sorry to say this fragrence like Flower does not last long.. unfortenatuly.. but they smell divine!! I will buy one anyway.. but I would prefer them to stay longer

  • LILIAN ALMEIDA03/08/2007

    It's the perfect vanilla scent. It's my signature fragrance now and it makes me want to throw all my other perfumes away! I love, love, looooove Kenzo Amour.

  • RHONDA02/25/2007

    I love most Kenzo perfumes. Is this long lasting? I like a scent that sticks with you. I"m thinking about trying this one.

  • PELIN02/22/2007

    wow..I love this perfume..I am very picky about perfumes...but this one smells sexy

  • SEARCHING4SCENT02/02/2007

    I smelt this on a colleague at work and was following the scent all day, after spraying a small amount at the department store, i went out and brought a bottle. MISTAKE! whilst i still love the smell (very comforting) there is something about it that annoys me, i found that if you only wear it once in a while it is ok, but as a regular scent, no.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL02/01/2007

    i fell in love yet another time ... i did not find this one a sexy fragrance at all ... to me it is a cozy and sensual experience ... the kind of scent that is good enough to to get really close to your loved one ... by the fire place ... just the two of you ...

  • ~SEXXYREDD~01/30/2007

    Hi ...Do this fragrance have a lot of powder in it like flowers ??? i don't like flowers ... But love the jungle e elephant by kenzo ...REDD

  • SUE C01/21/2007

    Like all the Kenzo perfumes, his newest is very beautiful, sensual, complex and inspired by nature. If you like Flower you will like this one too. It was inspired by a couple in love on holiday in a tropical paradise. Some very interesting ingredients. I like the use of different coloured bottles for the different sizes. Innovative as always from Mr Kenzo.

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