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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur   

28 Reviews

London's infamous lingerie empire synonymous with seduction, pleasure, and provocation of the senses, introduces Agent Provocateur perfume, the fragrance. Developed by cofounders Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, the perfume encapsulates the raison d'etre of fragrance as a sexual attractant. Entirely feminine, Agent Provocateur perfume was created to more

1.7 oz Perfumed Body Powder
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1.7 oz EDP Spray
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3.4 oz EDP Spray
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4.76 oz Perfumed Body Cream (Tester)
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London's infamous lingerie empire synonymous with seduction, pleasure, and provocation of the senses, introduces Agent Provocateur perfume, the fragrance. Developed by cofounders Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, the perfume encapsulates the raison d'etre of fragrance as a sexual attractant. Entirely feminine, Agent Provocateur perfume was created to remind us of the power that a sensual and unforgettable scent can command. We wanted to offer a perfect marriage of scent and seduction to make for one unforgettable experience, says cofounder Joseph Corre. Agent Provocateur perfume has notes of Indian Saffron Oil, Russian Coriander, Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, French Magnolia, Ylang-Ylang, White Gardenia Flowers from the Comoroes, Amber, Virginian Cedarwood, Haitian Vetiver, Musk.

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  • NANC10/06/2012

    always complimented when wearing, everyone LOVES (including me!)

  • SEZ09/03/2012

    I wore this fragrance back in the mid naughties. It's lovely to wear again, although I certainly don't need as much. An Eau de Toilette should be enough.

  • LOVELY B11/24/2010

    I'm a perfume junkie, I am usually attracted to lighter fragrances; but after testing AP at a Store on Lincoln Dr. I ran back to the store having walked couple of blocks so I could go back for it. The scent lingers, and stays so powdery fresh. One has to know how to wear it, and not to overwhelmingly spray it all over. Everytime I wear it, I get tons and tons of compliments from both genders. Anyone who like exotic scents, should definitely add this to their perfume collection... This is the Best for me so far...

  • JC11/29/2009

    Everything old is new again; as those with long memories have pointed out, this is essentially a repeat of Jean Couturier´s Coriandre from 1973 for the good-natured tarts too young to have worn it the first time. That said, it´s fine, big and rosy, a bit too strong (like everything in its class) with a pale woody base smelling like a fresh ream of office paper. The leather note , however, make this scent pure erotica. Whatever you may think of it, it is, without any doubt, the sexiest scent you will ever live to smell.

  • MEDEA03/28/2009

    after i discovered this perfume i use only this scent and i dare say that every man askes me what spray i wear. it is very magic and attracts everybody

  • ME10/11/2008

    This is like a powdery softer version of Paloma Picasso. I really like this and the body products are worth it. It is soft, but lasts forever.

  • ANNAMARIA10/10/2008

    I really don't understand how anybody could dislike this - but then look at Champs Elysees. I think that is terrible, but so many love it. Anyway, AP is unique, and feminine in a way that isn't too floral. It has an edge of mystery to it, and I like the powdery effect. It smells of light roses to me, and reminds me of my childhood. I think it's great.

  • MISSY08/15/2008

    This my new signature, it's reminiscent of times gone by, yet very modern. I LOVE IT

  • LUKA06/25/2008

    I sprayed it on in the store, and when I left I was really enjoying the smell. When I got back to work it started to remind me of Paloma Picasso, which I didn't like on me when I had it. After a while AP started to really catch my attention with something exotic smelling. It reminded me when I was a kid and went to music school, my teacher's office always smelled sort of warm and woody from the piano, violins, resin. It was the best smell. I am eager to order a large bottle of this after I get my boyfriend's approval later tonight.

  • ME06/09/2008

    This one takes rose and spice to a new level. Lasts forever and the body products are wonderful. It is strong and not a sweet smell - try it!!

  • ANNAMARIA06/01/2008

    I read somewhere how these 2 were alike. I tried for myself. AP is more floral and less leathery, but there is a similarity somehow. I think AP is a pretty special perfume. It is feminine but more exotic than so many perfumes. It has a way of wafting in and out of the senses, making it so much more alluring than some full on perfumes.

  • ANNIE03/20/2008

    I like all different sorts of fragrances, but I never would not have imagined myself falling in love with this one. At first sniff, it reminded me somewhat of Paloma Picasso, which is a fragrance my husband loathes, but as it developed on my skin it bloomed into this beautiful, lovely, intoxicating emanation. I put my wrist under hubby's nose and he said..."'s nice, smells kind of like hand soap," which is pretty good praise coming from him. At least it didn't put him in a foul mood like Paloma Picasso. Someone else on another board mentioned that AP reminded her of Aromatics Elixir, and I can see this too. It's a pretty potent chypre, but then it has this beautiful skin-scenty quality. Now I am lusting for a bottle. Maybe on my birthday... :-)

  • SHEVA01/23/2008

    Whenever I put this on, people literally stop me on the street to ask what I am wearing. I think this one works perfectly if you have very fair skin though...

  • CK12/24/2007

    I had a chance to test this at an upscale store. My surprise was that it brought back memories of a fragrance I had in the 70's by Jean Couturier called "Coriandre"! Chypre! That's what came to my mind when I tested it. It almost like a lighter version of it. I must add this to my collection soon!

  • MEL11/29/2007

    This scent did NOT work for me. It sounded very exciting but when i tried it it was NASTY. It had a strange, sharp smell that reminded me of generic branded air freshener. I had to shower and scrub myself free of it! It has one virtue - staying power!

  • E.10/20/2007

    Agent Provocatuer's juice is not at all in line with the delicate pink, egg-shaped bottle. Dark, spicy but not sweet, and quite mature and sophisticated-more so than the company's lingerie at times. In fact, to me, the AP perfume is often the standout of the boutique. Not for the faint, nor will this attract a faint hearted male. Only a real man will appreciate this perfume.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    Sorry, but while I absolutely love the bottle and was really looking forward to it, I'm disappointed to say it really let me down. The scent reminds me of a cheap bag of marshmallows. Nothing else! I'm usually one for sweet scents so that's not what's put me off it.

  • CARINA09/10/2007

    I purchased this perfume and I do not like the way it smells on my skin. It tends to smell good after many hours however, I must endure a very strong synthetic smell for several hours before it gets to pleasant drydown. I now spray it into the air and walk through it or I spray on my clothes from a distance. Others seem to love the smell. Perfume has long lasting power

  • SAMI09/06/2007

    After reading the wonderful mix of notes that make this scent I didn't hesitate to purchase it sorry I didn't smell this one first! It was just way too "woodsey" for me and didn't get better as it warmed up. I enjoy a stronger scent like Paloma Picasso as it's intricate layers are sensual and smell exotic and sexy but Agent Prov. just lingered with the same strong smell that reminded me of the very old Avon scents that my Mom would keep on her dresser. Sorry, I don't mean to offend those who enjoy this scent, perhaps it's a conflict with my body chemistry?

  • JEMMA08/31/2007

    This is one you either love or hate. I personally hate it. Dont b drawn in by the name. Two words - Old lady.

  • BARBARA W08/22/2007

    Still don't care for it. There is something plastic-y smelling about it that is strange. Their new fragrance smells much better to me.

  • PERFUMER08/19/2007

    I really like strong perfumes and this one is strong, but wonderful!! Love it and it lasts forever.

  • BOMBSHELL08/18/2007

    This perfume is unique, sultry, sexy. When I first put it on it rather strong but with each passing hour it transforms. Whenever I wear it, I wonder who smells so good and then I realize I am the one carrying the delicious and captivating scent. I think it is too sexy for daily use. This perfume manages to blend floral scent, chypre, and spices in an enchanting way. This perfume will smell better and better as the day passes. It is rather strong however so one ptshhh is all you need. It has wonderful staying power.

  • BARBARA W07/06/2007

    My initial reaction was "yuck", but there *is* something intriguing about it. Maybe I just want to love it because of the cool name! ;-) Will try it again before I reach a final verdict...

  • LOUISE07/05/2007

    I like Agent Provocateur simply because it has a clean, powdery almost soapy smell but there is just something about it that smells really good on me, its one of those fragrances that you either love or hate, you think its old ladyish or you dont. Its a strange one, i wouldnt advise you buy it unles you have tested. It does grow on you and i wear for work sometimes and i always get compliments. Its the rose in it, in some way i get a whiff of Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood. Its a nice fragrance but really powdery so if you dislike powdery fragrances avoid like the plague!

  • CW07/01/2007

    Oops I meant to rate it full stars. My comment below still stands. In fact my colleague loved it so much she asked me to buy her a bottle, though she isn't the type who'd spend over $20 on a fragrance.

  • PADSTER06/11/2007

    I am so glad I got the "mini" version and didn't foolishly rush in and get the big bottle! This is just awful, and I had such high hopes for it, being a lover of Oriental perfumes. It was super-strong when first misted; so strong that I couldn't even get any specific top notes other than a little "Oh God, get it away!" As it settled down on my skin it started to mellow out a bit. It's a very heady floral mixed with a powdery scent -- but not the good kind. It smells like those cheap talcum powders old ladies put on with puffs after they bathe. I can also see where it would have been reviewed as having a "bad" or "dirt-like" undertone in the New York Times. Basically, they were trying too hard with this one and mixed a lot of unusual ingredients together with a bad result, one that doesn't match their exotic lingerie. Well, unless you like Grandma strutting her stuff in a red bustier....

  • STACY06/08/2007

    They discontinued my favorite perfume years ago (Must II de Cartier) and this is the first perfume I've had since then that I loved. It was reviewed in the New York Times as having a vaguely "bad" or earthy/dirty smell - and it does in a way. But it's floral and lovely. Very nice!

  • CW05/22/2007

    The perfume was way too heady so I bought the shimmering body lotion instead. Everytime I head into a party, a bar or nightclub, I always snag men, even when rather conservatively dressed! Something about this scent - probably jam-packed with pheromones - never fails to get me noticed. My husband hates heavy oriental fragrances but went completely gaga over this one. Magic!

  • ANGELIQUE05/15/2007

    I've never really taken to this. It reminds me a little of the Narcisso Rodriguez fragrance (which I find difficult to stomach). It has horrible creamy tones to it - *Bleurgh!!!* {ó.ò}

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