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Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne Image

Paco Rabanne


43 Reviews

Floral-Oriental, Lavander. With a new age comes a new kind of feminity - a woman with sensuality, light, strength, and intelligence. These values have been captured in a fragrance - Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne, a blend of fresh spicy and floral notes, and sensuality of ambery Oriental notes. This feminine scent contains a blend of bergamot, more

Gift Set - 2.7 oz EDP Spray + 5.1 oz Body Lotion
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2.7 oz EDP Spray (Tester)
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Floral-Oriental, Lavander. With a new age comes a new kind of feminity - a woman with sensuality, light, strength, and intelligence. These values have been captured in a fragrance - Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne, a blend of fresh spicy and floral notes, and sensuality of ambery Oriental notes. This feminine scent contains a blend of bergamot, jasmine, violet and is accented with oakmoss, rose making Ultraviolet perfect for daily use.

  • SIMONA06/21/2012

    This has been my favorite perfume for the past twelve, yes twelve years! I just love it, and everybody asks me what perfume I'm wearing and they say it smells so good!

  • PS201103/28/2011

    Very sexy and long lasting.

  • SHASHA12/27/2007

    I bought ultraviloet but it didn't come with the package that come outside the perfume I want ittttttt :(

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE03/20/2006

    Where did you get that fabulous description of Ultraviolet? Thank you for it! I always enjoy knowing the notes of my fragrances, and your description was unlike anything I have on record for Ultraviolet. What is your source?

  • GARDENIANGEL12/18/2005

    Smells pretty good out of the bottle, kind of a spicy floral. Once it was on me for a while, it stunk though. My body chemistry seems to do best with sweeter scents.

  • DESDEKID11/06/2005

    it's a great perfume. I bought it because I tried it once in a perfume shop and after I left, men were just turning their heads all over the place on the street after me. I love it. It's modern, young, fresh and still sexy, and very different from any other scents. If you are a hip, independent but still somewhat flirty chic, and want to get noticed and your scent remembered, definetly try this!

  • KALILA10/12/2005

    Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne celebrates the intimacy and reality of a woman's life as she and her those close to her truly live and enjoy it. This is such a feminine lovely gentle fragrance... Filled life life! Ultraviolet is a fresh fragrance has notes of bergamot, chamomile, sage, osmanthus, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, white lily, carnation, freesia, amber, sandalwood and peach. The peach makes it slightly Oriental but it's mostly a very nice floral scent.

  • PATY09/29/2005

    Reverie is a nice perfume with a wonderful fragrance, but i can`t find it. Anyone Knows a perfume that smeels identical to Reverie? Tx

  • RATAN (BANGLADESH)07/23/2005


  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    What a great scent, with such a stupid bottle! I feel like I'm holding a burger when I'm spraying myself! Still, that won't stop me because I LOVE Ultraviolet. A sample hooked me and I'm in love. Very different; I like the touch of peppery spice. The body lotion smells predominantly of peppery spice, but then adjusts to more floral notes. I have gotten MANY compliments on this one.

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    This perfume shouts purples and violets. I see juicy black grapes and blackcurrents with this. Not unfortunately the violet flower which i love. It's fine but already dated i think.


    This is a wonderful fragrance created. Very feminine, light and sweet with a touch of elegance. I got a sample of it, to my surprise it smells really nice on me. Has good staying power too.

  • MARY01/07/2005

    I bought this perfume thinking that it would smell like "violets" - wrong! If you have ever smelled the violet shampoo from White Rain, now that smells like violet, this perfume smells terrible. This is totally a granny fragrance.

  • MANDS08/03/2004

    This scent has become part of my identity. So unique and inviting. I feel powerful and confident with ultra violet

  • BELINDA07/05/2004

    the floral & oriental(amber and vanilla) scents are very fantastics and the ending sensation is like and incense,is delicious,wow!!

  • KYSAI05/08/2004

    I have owned Ultra Violet since it came out on 2000; I have over 100 different fragrances, ant this by far, is one of my favorites, it's sweet, floral and powerful; I know that confidence does't come in a bottle, but combined with a power suit, there is no obstacle you can't conquer; this fragrance demands attention, and you'll be sure to obtain it.

  • MAXXXX04/29/2004

    This perfumes is "The Buisness" i am soooo pleased with it. Beautiful addictive and not cloying. Thankyou Paco Rabanne!

  • JADEY03/30/2004

    Lasts forvever!! and gives me confidence! everyone always notices it!! 10 out of 10

  • NANCY03/18/2004

    I love this perfume, it is really amazing

  • LEAHA02/11/2004

    My boyfriend bought me this perfume for my birthday so i fell inlove with it not just for the smell but for the memory. I wear it every day now and it's grown to be my favourite perfume. It's so different, and that's what i love about it.

  • SUEY02/04/2004

    sexy fragrance not too strong but has staying power, ultra feminine and wearable to any occasion

  • LAUREN01/31/2004

    i owned this perfume and felt the smell doesnt last very long. It may be a little too flowery otherwise it is pleasant

  • TALEEN11/12/2003

    EVERYTIME I wear Ultraviolet, I am stopped and asked what scent I'm wearing, I try to save it for evenings out and special occasions, it's tough....I LOVE IT!!!

  • MILENA10/24/2003

    It is really nice, but not so special or unique. It is (for me) something like Gucci-Rush, I mean for teenagers. I like it, but there is nothing great about it. It smells sweet.

  • KIRSTY07/03/2003


  • SCHMIDT07/01/2003

    I got a great deal on the EDP and the body cream. This is so different and long lasting! Everything I tried was blah in comparison! If you can only buy one, buy this! Seems to me that you can wear this all year round.

  • PINKI06/28/2003

    probably the most unique scent i've ever come across. nothing even comes close to smelling like it. delicious. a friend of mine is addicted to it. i used to wear it, but it's not really my style. cause i prefer more 'natural' and fresh fragrances. nice perfume if you want people to ask you what you're wearing.

  • ALICIA05/18/2003

    This is one of those scents that are unique and you can recognize it immidiatly after smelling it on someone. It's simply wonderful!

  • TETRA05/11/2003

    This is such a great scent - it's sweet, seductive, refreshing, and mysterious at the same time!

  • MICHELLE02/26/2003

    I searched for years to find a perfume I liked. This is it. Not too musky, not too flowery. Perfect. I even brought 2 bottles home with me from France in case I couldn't find it here!!

  • AUDREY12/10/2002

    this is so different is not a signture perfume but it is great for those special evenings;) u know girls,it worked soooo much

  • SARA12/06/2002

    As Amelia said down there it is an "innocently sexy" scent. Perfect description! It is warm, yet subtle and not overpowering, soft, sensual, but not offensive. Very modern - I don't know how to explain it: it is contemporary but not trendy, and unlike the most of other modern orientals. Ultraviolet is not exactly oriental, maybe more in "semi-oriental" family. Nice. They should make nice body-range for it (haven't seen it so far!).

  • JASMINE11/20/2002

    I tried it only once but it certainly did smell synthetic. Reminds me of artificial grape flavour. I'm an oriental/amber fan but this doesn't really smell like one to me. Maybe I should try it again.

  • KIARA09/21/2002

    I love it very much. It is a very sensual fragrance.

  • SARAH09/12/2002

    love this perfume. so do my asked me what perfume i was wearing cause she liked it so much, and the next time i saw her, she had it on! really unique fragrance. scintillating.

  • NATALIE09/03/2002

    i love it!

  • JO08/24/2002

    I am in love with myself with ultra violet on lol! I had some squirted on me around a week ago..I coudn't decide if i like it that much for the fact the lady barely put any on me so I didn't buy from her. went to another store and the lady let me squirt all i wanted on..i walked around with it on in the mall..went running back and bought the BIGGEST bottle!

  • KATHY07/17/2002

    This is my signature fragrance! Can't get enough of it!

  • HEIDI05/26/2002

    I have been trying to find a fragerance like this for years! It is smooth and demanding. You can't help but be noticed when you wear it. I have had people follow me through malls to find out what it is I'm wearing. Everyone I've met loves it!

  • GEORGIA04/26/2002

    Not at all your "typical" fragrance. This was recommended to me because I do not like strong florals and because it softly lingers. I'm told that it has a very well prepared base that allows it linger long after other scents have vanished. It's worth a try if you want something really different.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    nothing special and silly bottle.

  • LINDSEY03/11/2002

    Really cool bottle, but a boring scent. All I really smell is vanilla and amber, and all kinds of fragrances have those notes.

  • LIZ03/01/2002

    Wow..this is a very sexy perfume...reminds me of lusty purple, just like it's color.

  • TRISHA01/11/2002

    Found it. Love it. Love you!

  • TRISHA12/19/2001

    I am trying to find something that smells like Metal, does anyone remember that fabulous fragrance?

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    This smell good, but in a synthetic way. I should say this is a fully 'modern' fragrance. Young. It smell like perfume, like it's sitting on your skin, rather then mingling with your personal chemistry.

  • ANGELA DELGADO11/26/2001

    Really nice perfume for special occasions!

  • PATRICIA10/07/2001

    Ultraviolet is very interesting and very contemporary floriental, sweet, spicy, musky, vanillic scent. Warm and nice for winter, but if you're sensitive to oriental, bit of heavier perfumes - it's not for you. This is not light and delicate fragrance, it's quite heavy and sweet.

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    This is an overwhelmingly strong and heady scent - the kind that causes headaches to sensitive people - I didn't much care for it.

  • NATALIE08/13/2001

    Ultraviolet is unlike any perfume I've ever used. Light, yet heady. Lingering, yet powerful. It drives my boyfriend crazy. He claims it acts as an aphrodisiac on him! I feel like the ultimate woman when I wear Ultraviolet.

  • LEAH07/12/2001

    Suggested by the Duty Free lady, looks like it is in a space capsule, smells like nothing else, it is great.

  • AMELIA03/18/2001

    I bought it for the beautiful packaging but the smell is really sexy in a young and innocent way.

  • OLGA MARINOVA03/16/2001

    It's so powerful and noticable, heartbreaking and longing!!

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