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Hollister August   

21 Reviews

1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 12625
$50.00 $48.99

  • JUDY12/19/2012

    I really can't believe this was discontinued. So many people love it, including me. I am a very picky person when it comes to perfume. Most women perfumes smell like soap or plain to sweet. I found the August perfume and really loved it and haven't found anything since. Really don't understand why you wouldn't bring it back. It's would for sure sell.

  • C02/02/2012

    PLEASE bring back the fragrance August! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And so dissappointed they discontinued it. Your business would take off even more if you bring this item back.. It smells wonderful! PLEASE!!!!!

  • MICHELLE BLUE12/07/2011

    My daughter loves this perfume. She has a small amount left in a bottle that she just keeps for the smell. Please bring this item back. Your business may be good, but it will be booming after you bring this item back. I promise.

  • SAM11/05/2011

    Hollister August was my favorite perfume- I have yet to find something I like as much! Please sign my petition trying to get Hollister to bring August back. I can't post links so look up "hollister august petition" on google and it's the first link on the page. Thanks!

  • ALYSSA11/02/2011

    I am a girl that never wears anything really smelly and girly.I work in the automotive industry and have tried finding a perfume i could wear besides mens cologne. this has been the only perfume in my entire life that i bought constantly!!!! i can't and gave up on finding one as good and amazing that fits my personality.....i will pay anything for a bottle of this!!!! this needs to go back on the shelves asap!!!

  • SHAY09/04/2011

    I am so upset Hollister doesnt sell August anymore. Ive kept my empty bottle for 2 years now trying to remember the smell. Please HOLLISTER bring it back I'm so confused without it.

  • DEBBIE MYERS07/08/2011

    I've kept a small amount, just using it for really special occasions; hoping it'll be back in stores soon. Please bring it back.

  • KATIE06/20/2011

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume! It is my favorite!! It is the original smell of Hollister, and lasts forever!!!! I was so sad to find out that they discontinued it, and am still sad about it to this day! PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!! It was the stupidest thing to discontinue this! Bring it back and you will see how much money you will make off of it and how many people love this product!!

  • MELISSA04/21/2011

    please bring it back, there is nothing that smells like it ever.s hollister august is the best perfume and it is complete bs they have discontinued it. nothing will ever be same. hollister perfume doesnt even smell good anymore. please bring it back

  • ILENE RUSSELL08/15/2010

    So has anyone found anything acceptable to replace August? I agree with another post here..Hollister is not very helpful. They full of...welll..lip service....but only in

  • RUNNER5107/13/2010

    This sent is the best i've ever smelled. It matches my personality.

  • KERRI07/05/2010

    i think that harajuku "g" smells like august. i hope i spelled that right. anyway they sell it at macys

  • MICHELLE04/04/2010

    This has to be the greatest scent ever. Hollister thinks otherwise, their marketing BS is that they are always looking for something new... hardly, since I continually see the same perfumes in their stores, just no August. A good thing never dies, Converse is the epitome of that, August should be too.

  • NIKKI01/30/2010

    I love this scent I wore it all the time and when I went to get more I found out it was discontinued! Does anyone know of a fragrance that smells the same or at least simillar to August?

  • KATHY12/04/2009

    Please bring back this scent. :)

  • DUSTY MARLOW08/03/2009

    I love this perfume! I still have a little bit sitting in the bottom of my bottle but i don't dare use it. I absolutely love the fragrance and so do guys. By discontinuing this product I began to realize that was the only reason I ever went to Hollister was to restock on Hollister August! I hope they will continue or restart this soon!

  • MICHELE03/03/2009

    this is by far one of the most amazing scents that there ever was..they always make you fall for something and stop making it in order to drive you mad. I can't believe what they are charging on Ebay for this stuff..Sick I hope you get some in soon.

  • JACKIE BRUZEAU11/30/2008

    my daughter litterally cried when it was discontinued.I don't understand why good products are stopped!

  • JOAN09/19/2008

    Why would they discontinue a fragrance that everyone loves so much? This was their best perfume! I have tried everywhere, but cannot seem to find any left - so disappointed!

  • AVA12/27/2007

    that they discontinued this fragrance. It has been my absolute favorite for years and was by far the best of hollister's perfumes. I can't find anymore anywhere :(

  • STEPHANIE 07/07/2007

    I too love the scent of Hollister August. Do you have any idea when you may be getting some back in stock and what your price will be? I was sad when I found out it had been discontinued.

  • KELLEY SAVAGE06/29/2007

    i absolutly love the hollister august perfume. it is my favorite scent and i would love to order some.

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