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Bvlgari Black    

99 Reviews

Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari is pure expression of the modern metropolitan world. It is a celebration of image, as indefinable and unrelenting as the color is named for. At the heart is black tea, and the rest is still a mystery.

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Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari is pure expression of the modern metropolitan world. It is a celebration of image, as indefinable and unrelenting as the color is named for. At the heart is black tea, and the rest is still a mystery.

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  • MAR04/17/2011

    headache inducer, heady chemical riff and a teaser because it does not explain itself

  • SLIMM06/21/2010

    Firstly, allow me to say that I am not here to demerit one's opinion of this colonge; I simply wish to state my own, and with that being said: I don't understand why this is marketed as a unisex fragrance when it is so "dark". To me, it makes zero sense. It's one of the few "black" colognes that smells "black". If you research the notes, you come up with musk, black tea, rubber and vanilla. Together, these few notes seem to facilitate the heart of this scent, and give it undeniably male qualities. That aside, the cologne is awesome -- It has decent lasting power, definitely has its own personality and is most certainly unique. The only thing I would remain mindful of is over application, especially due to the top notes which contain burnt wood and rubber. You could potentially go from the elegant, tall, dark and handsome stranger to the tall, soot-covered fire fighter.

  • HUGGYBEAR01/16/2009

    Love this stuff! Don't let the rubber note freak you out, it's not that bad. Longevity is awesome and I get the best compliments (more than any other scent) with this sexy fragrance. It's also nice as it won't stink up the entire room/office. Close to perfection on all accounts.

  • LADONNA10/23/2008

    ...reminds me of "Joop! Femme". Overall, a pleasant fragrance and wears close to the skin.

  • EVE08/17/2008

    Black is a very sexy and interesting smell both for men and women. It's not for everyone but I love the smell of hot rubber or lapchong tea. It reminds me of the far east.

  • EVE08/04/2008

    I love Black. It's sexy, exciting and interesting. It's for people who dare. Both me and my husband wear it on and off. My only negative point is that it doesn't last long.

  • MYSTERY MAN05/23/2008

    First off, let me explain that there will be some who do not like to wear this scent. That is to be expected. To wear this you must posess a dark, seductive and mysterious personality/charisma. Most who try to pull off this scent will not be capable of these personality traits. I have read that this scent is considered unisex, however I do not see how a female can pull off wearing this smokey, leathery, dark scent. This is definitely the high end smell of seduction. After all, Bvlgari has a well known reputation for being top shelf! More times than I can count, females have approached me in public and commented on how great I smelled. This cologne works on almost a primitive sexual level with women. Then again, ladies have always been most attracted to the slightly dark and mysterious in a guy. If you can pull it off, get ahold of some now and break some hearts guys! If you cannot, go back to the played out dull generic usage of "boys" colognes like Calvin Klein and Cool Water or the wannabe gangsta pimp colognes that are out there like Chrome. Descriptive words and names for this scent: dark, mysterious, leathery, seductive, long lasting, black licorice (note: in many national scent attraction studies, women responded strongest to the smell of fresh cut cucumber and black licorice), the male equivalent to Angelina Jolie, the smell of passionate sex as you are surrounded by black candles, a dark midnight sky over an European castle.

  • DLS03/26/2008

    this is one of my favorite fragrances. it's subtle and sophisticated but with lots of character. It's all about how it blends with your skin. thanks for providing it!

  • UPTOWN SPENDER10/22/2007

    Each time I smell this fragrance, I can not believe this scent is suppose to be worn by a man or woman. I absolutely do not like anything about this fragrance and the drydown is even worst. Do your self a favor and dont spend the money.

  • CATHERINE07/19/2007

    Smells like you've been riding on the back of a bus all day. The only thing worse than the thought of smelling this on a man, is smelling it on a woman! No way is this unisex.

  • PAJULI02/21/2007

    Oh no no no this is not a woman's perfume ...unless you like smelling like a pipe and tobacco shop...along with the smell of burning tires... And I'm not sure a man would benefit by wearing this either.

  • ANGIE02/20/2007

    I don't know what it is with this particular fragrance, both times that I smelled this, I couldn't smell much of anything. It was so strange, because I smelled next to nothing. The notes just didn't jump out to me. The same thing happened when I first smelled Destiny by Marilyn Miglin.

  • MATEI01/31/2007

    very strange... not for a man i'd say. it hits you with that vanilla-like smell..or... i don't even know what that is... smells like cookies or sweets or pastry products. Very strange. I'm kind of dissapointed. And it is very similar to Davidoff Silver Shadow, you might even confuse them,very very similar. Also it reminds me a bit of Ultraviolet from paco rabanne. I think it's the moss that gives them this strange vanilla-cookie scent. rather interesting than nice

  • TONYGIO01/24/2007

    Would encourage all who claim to like this scent to try Ferrari Black, and note the differences. Hopefully you will be able to sense the obvious quality in Ferrari's offering...and the obvious lack of it in this stuff.

  • PEPP12/18/2006


  • VALISSA11/01/2006

    Bought it for my husband and he really likes it and so do I.

  • DAWN10/10/2006

    Oh what an awful smell. I agree with all the negative reviews here and then some. It's so nasty smelling. Like gasoline or something just gone wrong in a bottle. Certainly nothing I'd want on my precious skin. God forbid. I like sweet creams and luscious perfumes, not awful, poisonous, gaseous smells like this. It's just foul and nasty to smell this. Thank the good God it is relatively unknown and you don't have to smell it to often, but when you do there's no mistaking this witches brew.


    I think this fragrance is EXCELLENT. I am a woman and I enjoy it very much. I've gotten nothing but Great compliments on it!!!

  • EXPERT06/30/2006

    I really like this cologne. Not one I'd wear every day but still good. This is scrictly a night time cologne if there ever was one. It's dark, steady, leathery....masculine. That's right. I smelled this instantly from a girl at work and asked her if she was wearing this. She was. I didn't tell her but it does not smell great on least her. For all I wonder if it smells that strange on me. There are alot of colognes out there that you may think smells good on you but everyone out there will think your drydown on your skin stinks. I liked it when I had it. Out of all of them though, this was marketed incorrectly. I think the original or BLV is more unisex then this but even that is pretty debateable. This is not unisex, strictly male colonge.

  • KATHERINE06/22/2006

    I understand to each his/her own but this is beyond my capacity for understanding how or why anyone would want to smell this way. It is absolutely one of the most repulsive scents I've had the experience of smelling and hope that I don't have to smell it more than the twice I've smelled it.

  • *BARBARA W*06/04/2006

    ...and I hate to use that word to describe my beloved house of Bvlgari. All of their other fragrances are close to perfection, but Black is just awful in my opinion. Who on earth would want to smell like burning rubber??? Gross! Whoever created this has spent too much time at Nascar races.

  • SINGH04/25/2006

    Got this as a birthday present recently. I have to agree with the burnt rubber remarks and the autoshop stuff. This is one nasty fragrance. I didn't want to hurt the giver of the gifts feelings but I could never wear this nor would I ever with good conscious ever give it away so I poured it down the toilet and threw the bottle away. I'll just say an accident happened and oops the bottle broke. Oh Good God this stuff stinks.

  • ERIC04/07/2006

    I must disagree with Mr. Tolstoy. It doesn't seem to me that everyone wears the CK colognes. Perhaps the Curve and the Acqua di Gios, but fortunately there are those of use that choose the off the beaten paths and go for the Romas, the John Varvatos', the Tommy Bahamas, The Barons, etc., more wonderful, maturer fragrances, so let's not characterize. I just happen to not like this particular fragrance. It plainly sucks, no offense to you intended, just my own opinion. We all are entitled to our own opinions and that's mine. I hope you can buy up all the bottles of this and I never have to smell you!

  • BIG GUY04/04/2006

    I must agree with JB, this stuff smells like tire rubber. It's simply AWFUL. I really don't understand why so many people give it favorable reviews. YUCK!

  • KAREN03/19/2006

    Wow, maybe you got a bad bottle or something. This is very leathery with a smokey sweetness but it smells NOTHING like mechanics I've been around. I'm sorry you had such a negative experience.

  • JB03/17/2006

    YIKES!! This is by far the most retched cologne I have ever smelled. This smells exactly of axle grease, new rubber tires, mixed fuels and smoke. My father used to be an auto mechanic and this cologne smells EXACTLY like he did when he would come home from work. NO JOKE! If I could I would rate this NEGATIVE 100,000,000 stars. I wouldnt even recommend this to a worst enemy, but hey, if you like the smell of a grease monkey after a long, hard days work, then you'll like this one.

  • T03/12/2006

    It is all true, this is a cologne/perume that smells exactly like burnt rubber, and I don't find it appealing or attractive, although it does not induce headaches or clog sinuses, the scent for me is not appealing, the only one I could see liking a scent like this is some one into bondage or rubber fetishes or maybe the Grand Prix, or maybe a character out of a comic book with a perpetual 3 o'clock shadow. I am sorry but in my opinion this is not good.

  • T03/11/2006

    Should i try this one man, because they have discontinued / changed CK Be and I need another cologne it is between this one and Ferrari Black, what do you think.

  • SAVANNAH02/07/2006

    I appreciate a good fragrance and this is why I choose a BVLGARI all the way. I like Omnia too but this is my special signature scent and funny but true no one out there knows what I wear as most ladies would not even dream of wearing a fragrance that is mostly worn by men. This is a BONUS for me!

  • NOSE02/03/2006

    getting hard to find now...just like all the greats..not as smoky as black cashmere...more musky...subtle and sexy

  • PAZZO01/22/2006

    does it smell like black cashmere by donna karan?I have that one and love it.Since this one is a spicy, smoky woodsy fragrance i was wondering how similar it is to that.I don't want to buy 2 perfumes that smell same.

  • FLEA01/17/2006

    Utterly indescribable Masculine,Intoxicating.It HAD to have been created for Mick Jagger!

  • FLYBOY01/11/2006

    This fragrance is one of my top five. It is a shame the marketing of this cologne was not on par with its aroma. I have a hard time seeing this as unisex but to each their own. I use this colgne quite frequently at work. It stays close to the skin so it doesn't become overwhelming in the confined spaces of my work environment. It is masculine and bold without being overpowering. The smokey/sweet rubber is an engaging combination. Some see Darth Vader and poker with the Godfather. I see Steve Mcqueen in the chase scene from Bullet with Angelina Jolie sitting in the passenger seat. A easy 5 stars.

  • MERA01/05/2006

    ooohh so lovely smell, simply amazing, very sensual and comfortable, i think that is more oriented to male fragances, great choice

  • TONY T12/29/2005

    smells exactly the same. copycat by bvlgari. others will agree 100% once you sample signature and signature is cheaper. good fragrance but lack of orignality brings it way down.

  • TOLSTOY12/21/2005

    I used to wear DK Men (the one in the black bottle), that is, until Donna Karan stopped producing it a few years ago. Since then, I've been looking for a scent like it and Bulgari Black is very very close. Whenever I wear Bulgari Black, everyone comments on how they like it and they want to know what it is. You see - it seems like everyone wears the Calvin Klein scents like Obsession, CK One, Escape, etc. to the point that most scent-minded folks can tell what you're wearing a mile away. Bulgari Black has a leather/smoky woods scent to it with hints of black tea. It's often marketed as a unisex scent. It lasts a moderate amount of time and doesn't seem to be the kind of cologne that will overpower.

  • JOLIE11/22/2005


  • ERIC11/22/2005

    Hate to disagree with all the fragrance afficianados but this is certainly not Bulgaris best by any means. I can't fathom why anyone would wish to smell like burnt rubber. Even Darth Vader would have some sense and would choose something else that smelled better, perhaps Ferrari Black. But certainly not this. I tried to get used to it but alas was unable to even after all the creative comments on this message board.

  • ANTON11/05/2005

    Takes me away to the unknown. Absolute pleasure when I'm wearing it. Be careful because the day you're going to wear BVB is the day you're going to remember for a long time. Mystery of BLACK....

  • SABS10/19/2005

    This smells interesting--It smells like...TIRE RUBBER! --But really good tire rubber. Or the scent of steamy hot baking blacktop. If you like uncoventional scents, this may be your go. It made me think of Comme de Garcons--they make unique scents. if you like this, try CdG #2. Rubber, yes. But strangely appealing.

  • ALV09/17/2005

    This fragrance is CK be type but it's softer than CK be. If you like CK be you will like this fragrance

  • ADAGIO08/17/2005

    This is a very interesting scent which is utterly unique. There is no other scent like it. It has a rustic, burnt tone which is quite masculine and the fact it is bvulgari and very indivudual gives you the sense of exclusivity.

  • MAYA08/08/2005

    This is such a mysterious fragrance! I just love it. Initially we bought this one for my boyfriend; but found out that it does not wear long on him at all... I wear it however with great pleasure for both now :) It wears so wonderfully and transforms as the time goes on... At first it starts off quite dark, mysterious and very seductive, then it mellows out bit and and just stays sexy and warm with that lingering mysteriousness... My boyfriend loves it on me and has pretty much declared it one of his favorites among my dresser-top full of fragrances... I am always looking for a new one but this one I'll surely get again and again :)

  • MAYA08/02/2005

    I love the way this scent lingers on my skin and mixes in a magical seductive way... I don't find it to be masculine in the least, I think of it more as a wonderful mixture and a perfect balance of both! Unfortunately, however it does not last on my boyfriends skin, but he loves the way this smells on mine :)

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI06/13/2005

    Darth Vader would have loved it. Easily the best of the Bvulgari line. Great Oriental. Techno/Sweet yet masculine and not the least bit cloying. Unisex? Well, if the women are sexy, dangerous, or enjoy a great cigar and are into into Walther PPKs, I can see it. This is the one to use for those special dates with the crazy beauties who live on the edge. Or, if she cancels at the last moment and you end up spending Saturday night playing poker with The Godfather. Yep. 5 stars.

  • BYME05/26/2005

    Another great concept fragrance by Bulgari which I consider the best fragrance brand nowadays because of the vast amount of creativity and uncompromised high quality which is reflected in their products while maintaining an image of reserved luxury and class free from hype. In my opinion, Black is a mind-blowingly good fragrance in its own right which didn't make it to mass success although it had the potential. Rich, mysterious and unique scent wherein creamy-vanillic sweetness blends with a smoky tartness of black tea. There is definitely something metrosexual and unisex about it. So what. It must be equally good on a man or a woman.

  • TAYANA04/12/2005

    Even though this is unisex it is too masculine for an everyday female. I like certain masculine sents, so this does not bother me, as a matter a fact I really like this one...very peppery...

  • TRACY 03/27/2005

    Originally I bought this for myself but ended up giving it to my husband. It smells spicy and wonderful with a soft, powdery dry-down - I can stil smell it on my husband when he comes home from work. A bit too masculine for me but still a delicious fragrance.

  • ANNA12/20/2004

    Loving the warmth of this fragrance the 'smoke' tempers the sweetness nice balance

  • JT11/15/2004

    I tend to like unisex or women's fragrance which is not overly girly, but rubber? That was all I could smell when I sprayed it onto a paper strip at the store. I thought the rubber smell was due to the fact that I had touched the bottle which has black rubber on it...?? Or was that what it is supposed to smell like?! I don't think men OR women should smell like essence of least not on purpose. Maybe it is so light that I just couldn't smell it after smelling many other perfumes right before...Well, some of these postings really made it sound ok, so I better go back to the store and smell it again closely, maybe this time even daring to spray it on my skin! Then, I will be able to rate this one accurately!

  • W.B.10/20/2004


  • ALLAN10/16/2004

    It is just the pure essence of urbanity and sophistication... it has particular and nice smell of burnt...Do not get me wrong when I say burnt, it is very different from other fragrances, Try it ... it is very suitable for winter days because of its warm smell, it is just awesome!!

  • ALLAN10/16/2004

    It is just the pure essence of urbanity and sophistication... it has particular and nice smell of burnt...Do not get me wrong when I say burnt, it is very different from other fragrances, Try it ... it is very suitable for winter days because of its warm smell, it is just awesome!!

  • LAURA09/05/2004

    With the first spray it was ok, on the dry down it smelled like burnt rubber, couldn't wait to was it off.

  • LOI07/30/2004

    I've seen some negative reviews here, but fortunately this cologne works for me. I'm not into the citrus scents, & this black tea-based scent is just right: just musky enough without overpowering your nose, with a hint of Asian scents. Too bad the scent evaporates all too quickly. May have to carry the bottle with you on those important times.

  • ALLAN GUILLEN06/24/2004

    It is so urban and sophisticated... this really smells like high class!!! awesome brand... go for extreme aswell


    this product is a good colongne for men.not unisex!!

  • SANDRA05/10/2004

    If I could only keep one out of my scent collection it would have to be Black! I receive compliments from both men and women when I wear it. And Ladies... If you're having trouble finding it alongside other women's Bulgari fragrances, look for it at the men's counter!

  • KAMILL05/04/2004

    i was looking to buy 'white tea' or 'bvl' the other day and the sales person gave me 'black' to try since i like more or less most of bvlgari perfumes. i was absolutely stunned! this is definately not for me (white female) but for some sexy tall dark and handsome man in his late thirties ( which i have developed quite a taste for lately). the scent is so sexy and sensual. it actually reminds me of eastern spices. to cut the story short i was sniffing the sprayed paper all the way back home and hope one day going to meet a guy that smells like that well, maybe looks like the above mentioned description...:)

  • JENNIFER & MATTHEW03/17/2004

    Excellent!!! My boyfriend loves when I wear it and he borrows it for himself on occasion. It's sexy and sensual yet it can be worn casually as well as for a special night out. Our favorite!

  • STU02/11/2004

    Never quite understood the appeal, though I tried and tried. The strangest, burnt smell to it.

  • RJ02/11/2004


  • KEAHI02/10/2004

    And that's a good thing! Even though I only like this one on occasion, it gets five stars for creativity, and it's a nice scent besides. I don't particularly love the rubber notes in it, and I definetely have to be in a certain kind of mood to wear it, but when I do I feel kinda edgy, kinda mysterious. I agree there's nothing "feminine" about this fragrance (in the conventional use of the word) but it is a sexy fragrance for women in my opinion. Unlike anything else I've ever encountered.

  • ZAPORAH02/03/2004

    One of my favorite scents ever!!!! I get compliments on it all the time. Ladies, you want to drive your date crazy? get this one!!!! garaunteed stuff

  • LOURDES12/28/2003

    i love the way it smells so sensual and attractive

  • D12/07/2003

    this has been my favorite fragrance for the past few years...and i have accepted many complements on please take my advice and invest in it.

  • MELANIE11/21/2003

    Soooo delicious! Unfortunately, i have the type of skin that it doesnt last but for a few moments. I guess that means I just have to buy more *wink*. I would love to smell this on my man, but I like it on me just as much. Initially, the top notes does smell like a man's cologne, but in moments the middle and bottom notes kick in and wow!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  • D.LUCCA11/16/2003

    Yeah! I've bought it when I went to Chicago and arriving home(Brazil), me and my friends went out to party. Suddenly, there was 4 girls around me asking about my fragrance... I felt great!!! Well, I am not ugly at all, but the perfum helped me a lot!! hehehe.... If Black is a different perfum, image here because it costs around US$ 100. . .

  • ELIZABETH11/16/2003

    I like Bvlgari Black because it's not the typical "women's" scent, but it is perfectly suitable for women. I don't like generic floral perfumes, I like amber and woodsy scents and this one is unique, for a girl who likes to stand out from the crowd.

  • KYSAI10/23/2003

    To be a unisex fragrance, it's absolutely perfect! You can wear it day or night, though my preference is night and special occasions; both my husband and I use it and we get compliments from wo/men alike. The fragrance is unique and mystifying, unlike anything else on the market

  • MOI10/17/2003

    not that much unisex, i could never imagine this on a woman. too heavy, too much "old man"

  • LUNA ITALIANA09/28/2003

    This by far, is the best cologne I've ever used!!! I get lots of attention everytime I have it on. It's unique fragrence drives people (and me)crazy!!!

  • AUNTGOOEY09/21/2003

    Black tea is in all three notes. Top notes of bergamot and black tea. Heart notes of jasmine, rosewood, cedarwood, sandalwood and black tea. Base notes of leather, amber, musk, vanilla and black tea. I love this fragrance. It's perfect for the woman who's not into flowery fragrances, yet not too masculine. The vanilla and black tea drydown is delicious.

  • CC09/18/2003

    a more masculine shalimar, dry down not as soft or powdery

  • MARIUSZ-K09/17/2003

    Dark scent for gangsta or classy suit... Hard to believe that`s unisex. Perfect for evening and winter time. Bvlgari! I love you!

  • BOSTON IVY08/08/2003

    My favorite colonge. It's so dark smelling and powerful. I like that alot. This cologne should be sold in more stores and compared to the other Bvlgari's this one can be tougher to find. Good choice for that date or evening out tonight. Wear this and you'll always want to wear this at night.

  • IVY08/05/2003

    I can't go into detail how awesome this cologne is. Out of the 50 some odd colognes I've tried or own this is the best ever. You going out tonight on a date? Slap this stuff on and you will get compliments. Perfect for a night out. I only use this at night. It does ok during the day but I use this treasure for nights out only. Dress well.

  • SHAW07/17/2003

    I have been wearing Blvgari Black cologne for a while and am just starting to realize that it smells similar to licorice. I think the cologne is more masculine but if a woman enjoys wearing it, more power to her.


    Me being a busniess Man, I thought the black from Bvlgari would mean it is mysterious type of dark cologne scent. Something straight from the God Father or something to that effect. No wI hear people saying, Women can wear it....................smeels like rubber??? What is this?? Is it a Mysterious Manly cologne or not?

  • CHRISTOPH07/11/2003

    Amazing scent! I may hereby add an interesting discovery: Just try something: take some drops of old, 10,12, or 16 year old Islay Malt Whisky (Lagavulin, Laphroaig etc.) in the palm of your hand, rub it and smell. You will experience very similar smoky tones just like in the "Black" fragrance. This scent has a remarkable aura and leaves you with deep, positive impressions.

  • ALDO06/28/2003

    Michael has a smokey smell and the black tea also gives it that rich smell. The cologne is very unique, bold, and smells very rich. It is a little bit similar to DK Men cologne but has more of a smokey smell. This cologne is very masculine; although the woman I live with tried some of my Blvgari cologne and received a lot of compliments, and she loves it. I agree that it is a unisex cologne even though it is very masculine. So far I have not found a cologne I live better than Bvlgari.

  • IRUSSIAN05/14/2003

    Starts out heavy and with a sharp rubber note. Then the rubber subsides and the scent becomes heavy oriental, smoky. If the olfactive block works, I can't see it. The scent does change over time, the only thing I notice is that it does not seem to have pronounced top notes. But the middle and the base are there and the transition from one to the other is obvious. Anyway, I find it a very successful product, at least designwise. This one is for an industrial romantic. The most interesting interpretation of an oriental scent I can recall. By the way the shower gel smells like jet fuel in cold air. Very exciting indeed.

  • BLV05/11/2003

    It depends on your skin. On me, you smeel Black far from me. And its long lasting. PERFECT!!!

  • FERNANDO05/02/2003

    Bulgari Black is totally different from all the other colognes out there. I don't know any other that resembles it. It can be used by males and females and is very low profile. The most amazing thing is that it dries to a very dry kind of powder smell, and it lasts for a long time. And it smells very cozy and conforting. People will have to get real close to you to fell this scent, since it is not the kind that spreads in the air around you. But when they get closer and fell that scent, believe me, they will love it. One can't go wrong with this one! I think it has a place in any fragrances collection.

  • BVLGARI FAN04/25/2003

    Very rubber. Suave and sophisticated. Unique.

  • MARCUS04/09/2003

    this is a really different smell, it smell very light kind of like make up or lip stick, girls love it and ask what im wearing. smells like dkny unleaded

  • GABRIEL BR04/07/2003

    It's PERFECT, but not for everyone. I think it's more masculine tha a feminine fragrance. But, if you are a woman with strong personality, it will be good on you. This scent is very strong and deep. Usually, heavy scents makes me have headcacke, but this is different. It's different, unique fragrance. It really smell like rubber or leather. It's very urban and modern. And it's overpowering, yes. BVLGARI BLACK, not looking for general approbation.

  • BEARUK02/03/2003

    Black is one of the few unisex fragrances I know that truly reacts to a person's skin. A young woman at work wears it and on her it smells fresh and clean. I find that when I wear it the black tea is very strong, the 'urban' notes make it smell almost like rubber! This may not be to everyones taste, but it's a true original and I love it.

  • SUZANNE12/21/2002

    Absolutely love this fragrance. I feel so sexy in it and find myself taking many deep breaths to enjoy it...

  • CHARLES12/13/2002

    I don't understand all the raves. I tried so hard to smell what all the others find so intoxicating but couldn't. This seems to have its own distinct following, like people who like to dress up in drag.

  • JOHN11/26/2002

    This stuff smells like a wet animal.

  • FLETCH11/14/2002


  • ALEX06/28/2002

    Simply EXTRAVAGANT!!!!!!

  • DOLL COOKIES06/21/2002

    This is a very exciting fragrance, people ask me and my husband what it is. I makes you feel excited and romantic.

  • ERIC06/17/2002

    Deep intense fragrance. Don't see why many women would want to wear this but if you feel it by all means be my guest. I don't see this as a "fresh" fragrance at all. Fresh in the sense that it is unusual, but it is too powerful and smoky to be considered a fresh fragrance. Bulgari really pumps them out.

  • BRIAN05/27/2002

    Bvlgari truly makes remarkable colognes and this out of all of them is my favorite. Why on earth they list this as a "unisex" cologne is beyond me. Trust me I know what Unisex is and colgones like Corilion or Obession for men could smell good on a girl but not this. This is a very masculine scent. It is far different then most colognes, a signature scent. It smells very smoky when you put it on and a little spicy. On my neck and arms after a couple of hours it can smell this very dark "vampy" scent that smells great. This is one of my favorites, one you would like but please if your female get some is for men and this is no different!

  • CHIRON05/26/2002

    Astonishing fragrance! Smells like modern, earthly love!

  • JANINE05/12/2002

    Ladies, this is excellent on us. Nothing is sexier than a very feminine woman in a power suit and Black!! Wear it to the office and see.

  • CHINA05/11/2002

    We bought Bulgari Black for my husband after we both tried it. It seems to be a man's cologne, at least to us. It is so Unique, spicy and musky but not overpowering. My husband gets compliments all the time, everyone wants to know what he wears. He likes it so much, that this is all he will wear. He refuses to try anything else now, this has become his signature scent. And I love the way it smells on him too!

  • MARYUS03/29/2002

    I can't find anything feminine in this fragrance.All the women told me that I smell vrey "macho".Well I like it but I don't like it on a women.The person i imagine wearing this fragrance is a computer scientist working in Silicon Valley.It's very modern, urban.Unique!!!!

  • FANI03/20/2002

    I love this smell, so fresh and energizing. I usually put it in the morning and it completely wakes me up and makes me feel I can accomplish everything!

  • PIERRE03/18/2002

    In Italian, the accent is on the first syllable. The use of the letter "V" for the purpose of today's letter "U" in English dates back to the Roman era and then also commonly used in Latin literature. Bvlgari Black is a fine fragrance.

  • PIERRE03/18/2002

    Character...character...indeed a Bulgari's finest.

  • NIKKI02/07/2002

    It's pronounced bul gar' i(ee). The accent is on the middle syllable. The "v" is actually a u from ancient times before we had the know how to make curves. Have you ever seen inscription on old stone or marble? For example "jvstice" on the courthouse is "justice". I hope you understood all of that rambling. Enjoy the scent!!!

  • DAVID02/04/2002

    As a man, I wear this sent. I can smell it during the time I wear it and it aromatically makes me feel good. I feel its unisex, but only for particular men and espically sexually stong women; as it's sent is designed to send a message of sexual interest. Just please don't buy all of it up! And how do we pronounce it - B silent?

  • AIDA01/21/2002

    The best Bvlgari scent. As Nikki said it is not like everything else on the market, it is original and interesting, with character. I'm not into heavier scents, but I like this one.

  • NIKKI01/07/2002

    I like this fragrance on me as well as on my man. It's not too sweet or overpowering. It does not smell like everything else on the market.

  • BARBIJD12/05/2001

    i usually prefer heavy musk or florientals, but fell in love with this! nothing else like it, sexy, keep on smelling myself.

  • CSONGI11/21/2001

    It's not a masculine scent but it's very special, is so smooth and sophisticated. Not for everyday use.

  • DD11/18/2001

    I like this scent, it is unisex but I think it's better for woman. Very contemporary and interesting fragrance.

  • ELISHA07/28/2001

    This is a very unusual scent, it smells like leather and spice. Just like walking into a leather store. It is a bit strong, but I like it

  • SPECIAL K07/10/2001

    its my favorite since i've discovered it a few years ago.... you can't put too much on !

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    this is nice. unisex and a bit woodsy. but definitely suitable for a woman.

  • TONI04/20/2001

    this scent gives a woman a sense of mystic and draws men to the intrigue of the fragrance. i love the power of the scent.

  • JTSONGAS03/27/2001

    Great scent. I would recommend it for men more than women as the scent seems to suit men more.

  • ALISON03/16/2001

    Yummy! It reminds me of leather stores when you first walk in.

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