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Nina Ricci


28 Reviews

Nina perfume by Nina Ricci is a fresh, floral and fruity perfume with mouth watering accents. A perfume deliciously inspired by the red toffee apple, with tender flesh and a crisp outside to tempt and charm. A perfume which gradually releases its magic notes. It starts on a sparkling and spontaneous note like a burst of laughter, with citrus flesh more

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Nina perfume by Nina Ricci is a fresh, floral and fruity perfume with mouth watering accents. A perfume deliciously inspired by the red toffee apple, with tender flesh and a crisp outside to tempt and charm. A perfume which gradually releases its magic notes. It starts on a sparkling and spontaneous note like a burst of laughter, with citrus flesh heightened by the freshness of Calabrian lemon and Caipirinha lime. It blossoms into a juicy caramelized heart...The original mouth watering charm of the red toffee apple, mixed with praline and an infusion of vanilla, wreathes a delicious veil around the peony petals and moonflower, exuding soft and delicate scents. It ripens into a gentle embrace of smooth and reassuring applewood and white cedar, sensually swathed in soft musks.

  • TONYA03/15/2014

    ...I immediatly fell in love with this perfume. ... and I Love the apple shapped bottle ... It was my FIRST perfume purchase that I ever bought ...I invested wisely with this one, it's a winner for sure.

  • CAROLYN01/26/2013

    I absolutely love the smell of Nina. It draws many compliments and lasts a long time, especially when used with the lotion!

  • K03/07/2012

    This flavor is very different from the original Nina. I loved the original. This one is also very nice I would say more fruity than the original which was more floral but neither are overpowering in any way. The new Nina reminds me more of a spring/summer day while the original is a more sophisticated evening scent. I am not a seasonal or day/night snob when it comes to scents and love wearing whichever scent suits my mood.

  • RENEE04/11/2010

    If Armani Code and Amor Amor had a baby, it would smell like this. Not that that's a bad thing. :)

  • SUSAN01/15/2010

    I have the original Nina ........ have not smelled the "New" Nina yet ...... if anyone else can offer a comparison, would greatly appreciate.

  • SOUMA12/09/2009

    i like very much your new perfum ricci ricci i buy it it 's so wonderfull

  • MARA10/18/2009

    Although this is not my favorite perfume, it is great for people who have allergies. My mother starts coughing when she gets around any sweet fragrance, and this one has not bothered her at all. I gave her the bottle. The scent is very nice and certainly inoffensive. It is a safe perfume to give as a gift, as almost anyone could wear it.

  • BABYLUV10/04/2009

    I first smelled this fragrance in one of those magazine adds. I can't wait to get a bottle. Its the best smelling perfume I've come across in a long time. Its at the top of my Christmas list and i hope someone loves me enough to get it for me this year!

  • STEPPH07/22/2009

    i smelled this at the dep. store, i found it smelled like cookie dough lol. but it also smells very fresh at the same time. probably the apple/toffee notes that i noticed the most. it smells great.

  • EVA06/21/2009

    Delicious fragrance without staying power, similar to Amour Amour.

  • FATMAMKS02/22/2009

    It was given to me on valentine from my husband and i love it,it has a floral and sweet scent that lingers on,just love it.

  • ANA12/20/2008

    best perfume ever... sometimes I go to bed wake up next day and take a shower.. and if you smell my skin you can still sense a hint of nina on me...!

  • SEVENTHSIGHT07/25/2008

    This perfume has all the qualities I was looking for. Sweet, but not too sweet, soft and powdery, but not too much, fruity but not to citrusy, soft and feminine all over. I think this fragrance is great for all ages. I love it. Try the lotion, it really compliments the perfume.

  • YAS07/03/2008

    I love the sweet undertones, but it does not last long at all! I wish I would have purchased online instead of at a dept store, which was more expensive.

  • BIBI05/20/2008

    I have this perfume and I have to say that it smells wonderful. The reason why I rated it so low is because this scent does not last on me more than 2 hours. I also find it to be very similar to Amor Amor by Cacharel, which I also own, however, Amor Amor lasts all day. So, if you like Nina, you may want to buy Amor Amor instead ;)

  • JSTAGRL03/01/2008

    to Armani Code...I have both and compared the two, they do have a striking resemblance. Code just lasts longer.

  • JSTAGRL03/01/2008

    I really like this but it doesn't last more than 15 minutes on me! I got a killer deal on it online so at least I didn't pay a bunch of money for it...I still wear it, but not if I go somewhere :(

  • HARLEY-MAMA02/20/2008

    I got the biggest bottle of this for the price of the small one! Pays to shop around! The scent to me, smells alot lie bbw country apple. I dont 'mind' it BUT dont 'love' it either. It's very light,sweet,floral and a smidge gourmand.


    I love this one, light and fresh yet surprisingly long lasting very very similar to Amor Amor which I also love. Young and casual very pretty, perfect for summer!

  • SHARON12/15/2007

    my new signature fragrance! I got a sample of this and wore it and received several compliments of how awesome I smelled! I went to and bought the edt, lotion and body wash for a smokin' deal! Can't wait to get it!!! Delicious!

  • TINSLEY11/23/2007

    my scent used to be amor amor, but nina just smells a whole lot better!! i get compliments all the time!!! also i love how i will frequently get whiffs of it all through out the day!!!

  • LOGAN11/23/2007

    I fell in love with the smell the minute I used the sample that i had recieved from Cosmogirl!! It simply fits my chemistry! it also reminds me of the book twilight!! the bottle shape reminds me of the apple on the front!! i like to think that edwards scent smells exactly like nina (if you've read the book, then you'll know what i'm talking about!!

  • SYLVIE10/29/2007

    For my nose the new NINA by Nina Ricci (cute red bottle) smells similar to Les Belles de Ricci Liberte Acidulee by Nina Ricci for Women (the green bottle with the pink cap) which was introduced in 1996!!! Both Ricci fragrances smell very similar to me, but I prefer the new NINA. The formulation is more complex, mouth-watering and not so boring linear. I didn't like the innovative combination of musk and raspberry-sweet tomatoe-leaves in the dry-down, but I know, that many young girls adore the "crazy" green Les Belles:-). If you are a fan of the green Les Belles fragrance - test the new NINA fragrance. Happy sniffing.

  • ALLYSA09/13/2007

    This fragrance makes me feel so warm. The scent is sweet but elegant and it's quite suitable to represent a fairy tale. The fragrance type is sweet but different with others.

  • ZOEY07/31/2007

    I smelt this for the first time in a magazine today and I gotta say , it smells very good. Perfect for the woman that loves fruity sexy scents, but does'nt wamt to smell like a teenager

  • GINA D.07/22/2007

    I went to the perfume counter expecting to purchase one of my favorites, Chanel Allure, & saw this interesting bottle sitting there. I picked it up to smell & couldn't get it out of my head. Needless to say I wound up purchasing Nina instead. This smells intoxicating. It lasts all day too, although not in a strong way just lingers beautifully. I even loved it so much I spent a little extra to get the big bottle because after trying it on my wrist I just knew I would be wearing only this perfume for a while.

  • BLUEBERRY07/21/2007

    I must be crazy, but this one smells very similar to Black XS by Paco Rabanne. It must be the praline notes...Nice, though.

  • LOUISE07/05/2007

    I have to be in the mood, i love the vanilla notes that mix with the sweet and juicy notes in it but the only downside is it doesnt last long enough. A nice day perfume!

  • CLM06/24/2007

    One of my favorites I love this scent purchased it duty free in costa rica... it is warm but also fresh & fruity , have had many compliments!!

  • AIN06/17/2007

    i like the smell, i like the shape of the bottle,i like it freshness, floral and fruity perfume.This perfume releases its magic notes. It starts on a sparkling note and freshness of lemon. It melts into my soul...

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