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YSL L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent Image

Yves Saint Laurent

YSL L'Homme   

21 Reviews

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme cologne is the force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality. He has the inner ability to attract and inspire people thanks to his charisma. His universe is the city, where he can express his creative energy and live by his own rules. From the very first seconds, Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme cologne reveals its more

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Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme cologne is the force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality. He has the inner ability to attract and inspire people thanks to his charisma. His universe is the city, where he can express his creative energy and live by his own rules. From the very first seconds, Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme cologne reveals its intense freshness and sparkle. Then, it uncovers an originality with elegant floral notes and vibrating spicy notes. A magnetic and virile signature brings warmth and sensuality thanks to ambery, woody notes.

  • ASHLEY01/09/2019

    I LOVE this cologne, it is one of my favorites for my husband ...

  • NARI01/30/2012

    Not to loud but still very bold and mature. Got several compliments from women in the 35+ crowd. A solid choice if you want to get attention.

  • DENETTE01/23/2012

    Yves Saint Laurent would have to be my most favorite scent that my husband wears! I happened to get a free sample with a purchase I made and give it to my husband. Every time he would wear it I would ask him what he was wearing, and every time he would say “L’Homme!” Needless to say, he is now on his second bottle, and I see him getting countless more in the future! It is sweet, complex, super sexy and it lasts all day long on him (8 to 10 hours)!!

  • JEEZY01/11/2010

    This fragrance stays pretty linear, doesn't really develop that much at all. BUT it is very fresh with class, not for the high schoolers here. Women love it, but there is absolutely no complexity. Good for the fresh classy smell that girls love

  • JIMMY S06/02/2009

    I just got L'Homme a few days ago, very nice scent but doesn't seem to last very long.

  • LJS10/11/2008

    This is a sad display, YSL. Your L'Homme fragrance is a poor knock off from Lacoste red which doesn't smell particularly great either. but it beats this by miles. And the other fragrances from this design house are no better. YSL is in the same bag as Clinique, Chanel, and Estee Lauder. All of their mens fragarnces SUCK!

  • WB04/28/2008


  • CHLOE12/03/2007

    I'm a young woman in her 20's who is obsessed with this cologne. Everytime I smell a man who wears it, I want to pounce him. It is so masculine with a touch of class.

  • LE NEZ11/10/2007

    I like the opening notes here. Ginger carries over rather nicely. There is something strange and annoying about the violet midnote that makes me think of synthetics that somehow nauseates. I cannot put my finger on it. Otherwise it works on many levels-uplifting, energizing and youthful.

  • GUY10/21/2007

    This mens modern classic screams world-wide appeal. Long lasting and subtle with a unforgettable drydown. It is a very clean, fresh and sexy scent that will be recognized from New York, London, Paris, Rio and Tokyo. Hats off to St Laurent on this one!

  • ALFIE10/03/2007

    This fragrance is almost the same like Clinique- Chemistry and Hermes-Rocabar, but this one is the softer version of it, the difference is l'homme is much powdery

  • J.RIV10/02/2007

    I believe this will be the next big thing. There is no way it won't. It fits all of the criteria for a mainstream and overly used scent. It is a great scent. Very citriusy and great amber tones. You can get away with this scent anytime of the day. It is slightly floural and citriusy and that makes it great for daytime type wear. The amber and slight wood smell makes it okay for nighttime aswell. I am currently hoping that everyone jumps on this like ADG and leaves everything else alone. I hate going out of my way to find "sleeper colonges". If the world doesnt take advantage I know I will. lol.

  • LESTAT09/16/2007

    I usually stay away from YSL but this one is great. I think I can wear this as an evening fragrance,or if I go out on a date.I dont see myself wearing it casually.

  • J.RIV09/16/2007

    I swear this is a beautiful scent. You'll smell it and it'll paint a picture of beauty in you head. It is great. Very floural and citriusy. Youw be able to help but fall in love with it. everyone will...

  • SILKY09/15/2007

    People who are fans of this house will probably be disappointed with this one and deem it as being "safe" or "too plain". But for those who aren't looking for a cologne with a decent composition, then, this scent is pretty good. The ginger is well complimented in this "woodsy" scent and the sillage will not choke you at all.

  • GREG08/20/2007

    ..a lady recommended this cologne while I was fragrance shopping on vacation in Canada, and it has not disappointed...some of my friends actually noticed during a game of temmis one evening despite having worn it all day..and they almost hit a run for the mall.. I've had nice comments from some ladies as well..I will definitely be buying this again..

  • DARRSHAN06/10/2007

    iam afraid that this fragrance is going to go a long way like all other ysl scents. lets see.

  • BARBARA W06/03/2007

    I like this a lot! It's clean, but doesn't have that annoying generic "marine" note that so many popular men's fragrances have today. Refined and elegant in the French tradition. A great all-around fragrance for men.

  • RICHARD05/28/2007

    I tried a sample about four hours ago and this one is still with me! It does not scream, like many. Very subtle, which is not to say weak. I was skeptical at first, due to other reviewers. YSL has a long history of classic mens fragrance. This one lives up to this honorable standard. A lady friend of mine said it was good stuff. I cannot detect the sillage myself, yet it is there. I love the opening notes. Ginger has become my new favorite since Opium-vetiver is the wonderful basenote. Very youthful, powerful and loyal to tradition!

  • WAYNE05/24/2007

    This one is similar to so many others, plain, and nothing interesting. Also, too light and really there's nothing positive to say about it

  • RYAN03/28/2007

    This is a clean, nice smelling cologne. However, it is pretty light, not very long lasting, and incredibly dull and boring. Nothing original or groundbreaking with this. Smells nice, but smells like a hundred other mens colognes.

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