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87 Reviews

Introduced in the Fall of 1991, Jaipur cologne by Boucheron is a tribute to the bold pioneering spirit that is characteristic of today's man. A fresh and masculine fragrance, Jaipur Homme Eau de Parfum is presented in a refillable jewel-like metal bottle, while the Eau de Toilette is designed in the same spirit using glass. Jaipur is defined as a more

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Aftershave Balm + 3.4 oz Shower Gel
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3.4 oz Shower Gel (In Tube)
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Introduced in the Fall of 1991, Jaipur cologne by Boucheron is a tribute to the bold pioneering spirit that is characteristic of today's man. A fresh and masculine fragrance, Jaipur Homme Eau de Parfum is presented in a refillable jewel-like metal bottle, while the Eau de Toilette is designed in the same spirit using glass. Jaipur is defined as a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of spicy, fresh florals.

  • DAVE YOUNG07/12/2015

    Gets the girl and keeps her coming back for more.

  • JANICE ROSENBERG01/12/2013

    Excellent choice. Not overpowering.

  • ADAM P.12/13/2012

    This is the best cologne for men that money can buy. Women love it and have even stopped me when passing to ask what scent it is so that they can buy it for their husbands/boyfriends. Problem is: It's hard to find...! Thank you for stocking it. The After Shave Balm is fantastic, too!

  • GEORGE POST11/18/2012

    Extraordinary product.

  • BOB KELLEY10/19/2012

    I have tried a variety of colognes and this is the one that suits me best and is liked by my wife. Very subtle but memorable.

  • BILL LEDFORD10/12/2012

    Great product. I use it all the time.

  • BILL04/18/2012

    I had used a lot of different colognes for many years. Jaipur has been the only cologne I've used now for the last 15 years. It shares it's name with a prince, how can you go wrong.

  • P. BRADLEY01/07/2012

    Great Smelling guy's aftershave. I've used it for some years now and it's still one of the best around. Same goes for Galaxy Perfume!

  • KEN SHARPLES01/06/2012

    Jaipur is a hard to come by aftershave in the U.k. and can rarely be bought in the U.k. Fortunately Galaxy Perfume have been able to source it from the USA,and is competativley priced even with the additional shipping costs.

  • SAJID ALI 09/19/2009

    This is my favorite. This is by far the best fragrance for menFabulous sharp oriental fragrance is very bold, masculine and the women find it very sexy! Very long-lasting also.

  • SAJID ALI 09/19/2009

    This is my favorite. This is by far the best fragrance for menFabulous sharp oriental fragrance is very bold, masculine and the women find it very sexy! Very long-lasting also.

  • TONYGIO02/02/2008

    I agree with the perfumed poet, a.k.a. Mario Justiniani, that this is just a bit too cloying to be worn comfortably, especially in day to day, non-formal life. A great scent....but just a little over the top with the sweet and floral. Thanks for the tip on the Cacharel though Mario, I'm sure I'll be on the hunt for a whiff of it sometime soon...

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI12/14/2007

    To be perfectly honest, 4 stars is not really accurate. It's a win or lose situation. An Oriental /Gourmand scent that, depending on the women around you, will make you feel like Granny, or The Big Bad Wolf in disguise. Are we being ultra refined and sexy? Or just powdery and flowery with this one? The scoop: Heliotrope, vanilla and cinnamon BIG TIME. Lasts forever and it's well balanced. To be worn on colder nights. If you think the scent is great on yourself and you're NOT going outside your home (Yummy??)--no comment. If you go out, be sure to dress in designer suits and ties when wearing Jaipur. Some women will trip over themselves falling for you, while others will ask what perfume you're wearing so they can buy it for themselves. Many others will do both. No, I'm not kidding. I find it a bit too cloying, but then I probably need to buy more designer suits. I'd also recommend Cacharel (better, imho) as well as Jaipur to any salesman of a costly product (Mercedes Benz?) who wants to disarm the customer by being sophisticated but also ever so friendly. Little Red Riding Hood, come over here . . .

  • JUDE C10/05/2007

    Well, it took a while but I finally got a hold of this stuff. Unreal. This stuff rocks. Big time scent that, to me, has a drydown somewhat similar to Body Kouros, to me at least. This stuff is so unique and rich. It has a manly smell to it. It is very interesting scent and of the top quality. It is one of the best I have. I love it. I put this at the top of my list. The best this design house has. Very Unique.

  • GUY06/03/2007

    How this stuff ever became legal is lucky. Frankly, it burnt my skin upon every application. I usually like spicy orientals, but this one takes it too far. It last 24 hours or more. Too much cinnamon or something. Try it first- refers to EDP.

  • GOLGAPAS04/25/2007

    oh no.... it's a traditional market meets curry rice. everybody here must be joking to give jaipur excellent rating.

  • RYAN03/22/2007

    I just bought this for my roommates birthday in the 3.3oz EDT. He loves the smell and I wanted to get him something different. However, after a few days of wearing it, he got a rash on his arms. Instead of exchanging it at the store for something else, he just wanted to trade with the Escada Magnetism that I own, so now I own Jaipur. I love it. Even though it's EDT, spring/summer is approaching. I think I will use the bottle and then purchase the EDP in the fall, as it is even better!! I love Jaipur!

  • RYAN03/15/2007

    I just discovered this while shopping for a new scent. I must admit I'm about 10 years late in finding out about Jaipur. Trying this on, both the EDT and the EDP, I am now in love with it. I definitely prefer the EDP, as it is richer, warmer, woodier and longer lasting. It has one of the sexiest vanilla scents out of all the many I've tried (along with JPG2). I am already planning on buying this for my friend's upcoming birthday and for myself later on. This is what Givenchy Pi tried to be, but failed miserably. Don't get me wrong, I liked Pi, but since discovering Jaipur, I don't think I'll ever go back!!!

  • SILKY01/19/2007

    must have missed that note. It is not to masculine, but, it does remind me of an overbearing perfume somewhat...something a middle-age professional woman would wear. isn't offensive at all!

  • MAURICIO08/27/2006

    Hi cologne fans. As a Jaipur's fan , i got the new light version and i think it is awesome. Somo people think jaipur is too strong (not me), but if you preffer a ligther version lets get this a try


    Elegant & luxurious sharp and spicy floral is a top class fragrance which I like a bit better than the original Boucheron and stands right next to Twice and 7 Elements.

  • DOM05/29/2006

    Smells like I've been rubbing myself with vanilla fudge. More feminine than most guys would like, I think.

  • EXPERT05/10/2006

    This is the only cologne I’ve ever used that it would burn my skin. I also don’t like the overbearing amount of vanilla. I didn’t find it all that great personally.

  • QUANTUM FIRE04/11/2006

    Sharp, spicy and ultra GQ floral fragrance is classy and modern and definitely not for all well with my chemistry.

  • JASON03/09/2006

    It is not your everday, run of the mill scent. I love Boucheron Homme so I decided to try this without smelling. This stuff is very unique, but in a good way. The best way I can describe the smell is a cross between baby oil and suntan lotion. If you want the same old boring, fashion designer cologne, stay away. But if you want something different and unique, try this.

  • TO MARIUSZ-K01/05/2006

    Hello Marius, how are you? I live in south of Brazil. You told that have more than 46 perfumes and Jaipur are the best. Please, I want your opinion about other fantastic perfums. What are your indications? Awaiting you answer. Thanks a lot. Gian

  • MICK F.12/04/2005

    Fabulous sharp oriental fragrance is very bold, masculine and the women find it very sexy! Very long-lasting also.

  • DAVE11/27/2005

    It never fails. The days I wear it are the days that I get the most queries wanting to know what it is. I've never had a complaint compared to many, many kudos. It doesn't wear off too soon yet it's never overwhelming. Somebody should make it into a fine liquer. Top drawer for me.

  • SENSE11/14/2005

    Very exotic, quite a surprise when I first put it on. Really different from my other colognes, distinctive with an oriental sexiness.

  • RICHARD 11/09/2005

    Like a confectioners blend of wonderous spices, at first smells like Old Spice. Then it takes some dramatic turns! The mood is sexy and surprising. I found it works well in the fall/winter months. It is really strong otherwise. It makes a bold impression on dates and business appointments.

  • SPACE PILGRIM11/05/2005

    This sexy elegant fragrance is worth every penny of its fairly high price and not really for all ages and tastes. Unless you're maybe in your 30s or older and are a man of refinement and sophistication then you'll love this sharp, bold and floral hit.

  • KEN10/13/2005

    Another great cologne...perfect for lovely night. A lot nicer than Boucheron! Lighter sense...for younger guys...Sorta gf likes this baby smell on me!...if you don't like powdery/floral smell, stay away from this one!

  • ROB H.10/12/2005

    Great sophisticated and sharp oriental fragrance in the same ballpark as Opium, Paul Sebastian and 7 Elements.

  • EARL09/05/2005

    Best all-around colonge. Everytime I wear this I get compliments from women. It smells classy, mature, manly and sophisticated. It also has great staying power.

  • TONY T08/23/2005

    but i am 25 and i am growing a bit impatient with scents that contain fresh florals. (ICEBERG TWICE) I HAVE had a sampler of this and boucheron for months and have worn this to work the last couple days. great staying power, sweet adnd comparable to iceberg but, this stuff offers more. it's more luxurious and richer than most scents. i like it but bought a 4.2 oz bottle of iceberg twice and they are in the same category so i will pass. i must say if i had sampled both this would be my pick..

  • M.R.08/05/2005

    Great elegant and luxurious fragrance is competition against YSL's Opium and Jivago's 7 Elements all which have that sharp oriental likeness.

  • KEN07/15/2005

    I've worn Boucheron for the last 10 years and still do, but this is now my personal favorite along with all the ladies, they are always saying that I smell so wonderful, I highly recomend this you won't be sorry

  • CAIUS04/07/2005

    At first, I was skeptical about this fragrance when I smelled it on the bottle because it smelled a little bit like an old man's cologne. I tried it anyway and to my surprise it blended very well with my chemistry. When I tried on my skin, it did not smell like an old man's cologne. Drydown was excellent. Flowery and sweet. An elegant fragrance for men. EDP version last a very long time.

  • SYLVIE02/23/2005

    JAIPUR - a GREAT fragrance!!!! A must have for fruity-oriental-lovers. Delicious, spicy, warm, and very sexy. Smells wonderful on men and women (androgynous). Not sooo very popular - more an insider-tip. I can highly recommend this fine and elegant fragrance. Excellent!!!

  • BOB Z01/10/2005

    I do not wear much fragrance, but I like this one as it stays and stays. I can start with just a little in the morning and my wife will still smell it when I get home at 11pm or so! Not over powering, but can be if you use too much! Keep it off your suites, I just use in on the body after a shower, be sure your totaly dry or it changes the scent! Enjoy!

  • SHARRIE12/26/2004

    love it on my man.seductive. enticing. great. wow. makes me want to hold my man for hours. wonderful.

  • STEVE10/30/2004

    Initially, this cologne smells great on card samples from the store but it smells somewhat peculiar on the skin. I was ready to ditch this one until a salesman came to my office. I noticed that he was wearing an interesting cologne. I was very surprised to find out it was JAIPUR. This one smells like talcum powder with an unknown masculine scent. It smells great on someone else but don't try to wear it and make a judgement. This one is unique and worth a try.

  • R.J.10/26/2004


  • JOHN09/24/2004

    Jaipur is the longest lasting (EDP), most sophisticated fragrance for men.

  • DREW09/21/2004

    I was using Lauder, Intuition for men. It never lasted long. Jaipur lasts, I always get complements and I am never looking back!

  • TOMMY. A.04/11/2004

    I love the ordinary Boucheron, but this one is just horrible on my skin. It made me sick. Is my skintype of course - many out there love it, and its probably great on them (many nice reviews), but check if it fits your skin before you buy it.

  • JIM SAM01/28/2004


  • JUSTIN01/26/2004

    Ahhh... there's nothing better! My dad introduced this to me a few years ago, and it's been my favorite ever since. I have only experienced the EDT though... but now it is time for me to purchase the EDP!

  • ASCHKAEL01/15/2004 of the best fragrances out there, certainly one of the best of my collection. It's a warm but at the same time pretty fresh scent and it will last all day. This is a very classy scent.

  • W.B.12/09/2003


  • ALLEN11/29/2003

    I have over 40 fragrances in my collection. This is my favorite. I have the EDP, and it does last all day. Woman always say that I smell great after wearing this.

  • EDWARD11/26/2003

    Never have I worn a fragrance that has given me so many compliments from women. I find that they sit closer, stand nearer, and hold me longer, when I'm wearing it. Be prepared!

  • CHRIS COLOGNE11/19/2003

    Theres really only one word I can think of to describe this wonderful fragrance.......Magnificent! Almost edible it smells so good. Alot of people say its borderline feminine but i don't care. I love it. Get the parfum version if you want real lasting power. A+

  • MARIUSZ-K09/17/2003

    One of the greatest hit in my big (46 bottles) collection. Veeery classy and totally different scent than "mass products" like Hugo Boss or C. Klein. Perfect for elegant suit and special evening occasion. Girls love it! Thank you Boucheron! Try it!

  • MICHAEL P08/11/2003

    Must agree with Gianni, this fragrance is total class for men. Class is something that is not purchaseable (like the fragrance), either you have it or you don't.

  • GIANNI05/12/2003

    This is by far the best fragrance for men. The EDP last for a full 24 hours. This is for people who understand real class. Not for the Cool Water or Polo types.

  • JOHN05/11/2003

    This is the best men's fragrance...........period!

  • CARL04/21/2003

    Smells best when dry. Kinda smells a bit like paint thinner. Can give a headache after awhile. It smells too much like vaseline/baby oil.

  • DEBBIE04/13/2003

    Sweet, spicy. the get this one.your gals will love it. makes my head turn right now.certainly would inhance a romantic mood.

  • STEWART03/19/2003

    after trying out dozens of new scents i deceided for jaipur one of the only fragrances aside from bulgari and issay miyaki that didnt make me wanna heave it is elegant and classy get this for get about those sissy smelling fragrances

  • CHARLES B03/08/2003

    Jaipur certainly is a fine-smelling cologne. I do like it a lot. Lasts well, too.

  • JIMMIE03/04/2003

    Jaipur is of high quality, sure, but the 'fresh florals' were way too heavy for me. Too powdery. I gave it to my mother and she enjoyed it.

  • PATRICK03/01/2003

    Very good scent nice powdery Finish in the top 5 all time.

  • PIERRE01/30/2003

    Whoever u are, how do you figure vanilla shouldn't belong in a man's cologne?, You really should speak for yourself because many prefer vanilla in their colognes, to me it's a final touch note that you should use, Indeed it can be unisex too, But Vanilla is fine in men's cologne

  • TO PIERRE01/28/2003

    First of all vanilla should never belong in a man's scent. This is good for erotic moments but that is it. It should be labeled as a unisex.

  • PIERRE01/04/2003

    BRIAN YOU LIKE CHEAP SCENTS, First of all Vanilla in colognes I find very appealing and french smelling hints to mens cologne, It is a clean sweet aromo to the fragrance, thats why most fragrances carry vanilla in it, but their are many different types of Vanilla to many colognes, maybe this one didn't suit you. But don't knock off all vanilla's, thats not fair, I happen not to like Jaipur because it's too powdery, it smells like baby oil. Besides I won't even talk about Cool water, talk about cheap and synthetic! (ugh!) on top of that so many men wear that nasty scent which doesnt make it unique

  • BRIAN12/29/2002

    My gf got me this. Course I was hinting to Aqcua Di Gio but I got this. This stuff is nice but is seriously almost girly smelling. Another cologne company decides to put vanilla in it. Course this one it is such a small amount. Attention Cologne Companies: You do not put freaking vanilla in colognes for men! It is nice and subtle and complex overall though and lasts a long time so far which is better then I can say for some colognes I've had aka Cool Water. Good stuff, try it out

  • SHANTELLE12/18/2002

    I LOVE this scent, but my husband just doesn't like it for some reason! I WISH he did. I have a full bottle that I'd love to find a good home for. Email me if interested, I don't want it to go to waste. [email protected]

  • KATANASIX12/12/2002

    Indeed CologneBoy, I agree 100%. Either that, or I would say that it's a woman-macking cologne.

  • JENNIFER XX12/09/2002

    When guys wear this I melt just like a little ol pat a butter.

  • COLOGNEBOY12/07/2002

    I don't have it yet, (and i don't plan on getting it till the near future..), but the 'cologne babe' the ladies who stand by the cologne section at the mall, sprayed it on paper for me, later i took it home and smelled smells very rich, something that a high quality person would wear...its very VERY very formal....veerrryyy formal..wouldn't anyone agree w/me? That's why i rated it excellent for a FORMAL scent. It shouldn't be worn 'every day' or for casual use....can it? at least that's what i think cuz it'll make the mind dizzy if its smelled every day.....anyone agree with me on this?

  • KATANASIX12/05/2002

    I just got it today, and I only sprayed it on an index card. It smelled good but the scent mixed in with the paper. I must try it on my skin to give it a better rating. It smells like a powdery-oriental scent to me.

  • IRUSSIAN12/04/2002

    Oh Man! This is potent stuff. It will suffocate you, intoxicate you; it will displace the air around you and, and might cause a slight genetic mutation. Well, maybe it'll spare the one who's wearing it, but not anybody around. Now that you've been warned, enjoy!!! By the way I am talking about EDT. It lasts for at least 12 hours, at least. How long does the EDP last, a week?

  • FARHAD12/02/2002

    All I got to say is that this scent is wayyy to strong and it smells like baby oil which is nasty x4, go for original Boucheron which is great stuff.

  • TIGRUSHKA11/06/2002

    This scent is really something: warm, spicy and very, very classy. Can't get my nose off this...

  • JAN10/26/2002

    Better than most women's fragrances but also great on my husband. I also love Casual Fridays by Escada and an old time one called Zizanie

  • JEFF10/23/2002

    This one is just too sweet and overpowering for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, it is a good scent, but just not one I would buy. If your tastes run toward very sweet, strong scents, then this one is for you.

  • URI10/15/2002

    too much!!!

  • DOUG 10/14/2002

    I think this smells sickly sweet!

  • TIN09/19/2002

    This perfume is soo cool..i feel diff wheni wear it

  • MAURICIO09/17/2002

    A truly, classic and fine escent, perfect for rommantic wearing

  • A.09/11/2002

    I brought Jaipur EDP as a gift to my step-father from Paris. He won't wear anything else now. People stop him and ask him what him what he's wearing. It is such a lush scent, with real *presence* (strong) but not strong in that cheesy, comb-over, pinkie ring sense . It's expensive, tho'! I just went shopping with my mother to replace the bottle my step-father had finished, and it was much more expensive here in the U.S. than in France. I want to buy this for my boyfriend now. I love the way it smells.

  • CHRISTIAN08/27/2002

    After years of searching, I have finally found my signature fragrance. Warm, sweet, spicy, woody...oriental at it's very best. The Eau de Parfum comes in the best bottle I've ever seen and the scent lasts FOREVER!!!

  • NICHOLAS P.05/06/2002

    Definitely one of the classiest colognes for men on the market. Has a very elegant and light scent that is not offensive and bold.

  • MIKE M.04/26/2002

    I never fail to get compliments from women whenever I wear this scent (which is almost daily). It's a more relaxed scent than regular Boucheron. Works well in all occasions.

  • D'ARCY03/26/2002


  • FEATHERS03/24/2002

    A captivating and delightfully lingering masculine scent that is undeniably the epitome of Boucheron's scents!

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Hub wear EDP spray everyday with his suits to work. On weekends, is great with his casual wear. I love the smell in his bathroom after he leaves for work. YUM!

  • STEVE02/03/2002

    my #1 scent!

  • CHANNING12/11/2001

    Classic, perfect "oriental". Wife loves it, too.

  • LIZ11/15/2001

    I am a huge Boucheron fan. I own all 4 women's fragrances and have bought both men's fragrances. The EDP Jaipur Pour Homme is superb. Smells like a million bucks. Like an addict, I could inhale this for hours....

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    I've worn Jaipur homme since it first came out, it my signature scent for the office. I alway receive very positive comments from female coworkers. The scent is very unique fresh yet very spicy at the same time. You can not go wrong with this scent the quality is very high!

  • RUTH M.03/29/2001

    Prices are great here! After wearing ladies Boucheron for several years, I began purchasing Jaipur for my husband in dept stores at a much higher price. That was a few years ago and he still loves it. He gets compliments from almost every woman he passes! It is incredibly wonderful!

  • STEVE KATZIN01/25/2001

    I'm trying to locate this in the spray re-fill and also the regular parfum spray for men

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