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Valentino V   

20 Reviews

Valentino V perfume is a perfume that captures the elegance and sophisticated style of a modern scent. The scent opens with a refreshing floral bouquet and lingers with bitter sweet fruity and woody notes, creating a perfume that is both elegant and modern.

1.6 oz Shower Gel (In Tube)
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Valentino V perfume is a perfume that captures the elegance and sophisticated style of a modern scent. The scent opens with a refreshing floral bouquet and lingers with bitter sweet fruity and woody notes, creating a perfume that is both elegant and modern.

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  • A. BOREALIS07/01/2011

    Wow, what an ultra-sensual babe magnet it is!! Sampled a little while ago based on the majority of shining reviews from some of the kings (and queens) of this site and was very pleased. Instantly snatched a 3.4oz btl of this warm romantic sleeper upon 1st whiff to the drydown.

  • SLIMM07/04/2010

    I personally love both the description, and presentation of this cologne -- very cool lol. I personally recommend this for any occasion, seeing as it is a very charismatic, spicy scent with a sweet undertone of vanilla. In my opinion, it is quite similar to Desire by Alfred Dunhill, although V is far more linear (and less commonly worn). The other cologne it reminds me of is the louder, more flamboyant Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy. They share similar spiciness, albeit, V carries a vanilla note (particularly during th dry down) while Xeryus Rouge has absoluely NO vanilla and still manages to be sweeter (somehow). I would offer this as an alternative to Xeryus.

  • JUDI W*11/09/2008

    My 24 yr old son bought this, and it smells nice. It's not overpowering, like some men colognes can be, but not exciting either. To me, it doesn't smell too common, so that's good. I like the original Gucci Homme the best!! (sexy)

  • DEVIN01/02/2008

    Vanilla, Bergamot, Jasmine, etc. all blended together seamlessly & flawlessly...just enough sweetness too, and it won't offend anyone - there's nothing not to like.

  • LESTAT 11/08/2007

    Hey Hey now this is not bad at all.. lasts long time.. spicy but doesnt give me a headache.. and 100 times better than Prada.just my opinion

  • LOS09/18/2007

    Totally shocked! I cannot stop smelling sample paper. This is a VERY good cologne that I've simply by-passed sampling per thought nothing of the 1st. Will most likely add to my collection along with VM Eau Fraiche-(Pure sexy!)

  • ROBERT07/19/2007

    amazing floral/spicy fragance.. the best of the last year without doubt.. excellent projection, longevity and sillage.

  • TONY T07/10/2007

    in valentino's lineup. just tried my sampler 15 minutes ago and i can't stop sniffing my wrist. not sure about longevity but i sure do like this romantic freak me vanilla wonder.

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    I like this a lot - spicy and warm but not in your face. Modern and fresh. Could easily be worn by men of all ages, too. A winner!

  • RYAN04/01/2007

    When I first tested this at Macy's, I liked it and thought it would be a sexy new choice to add to my collection. I wore it two or three times and then just couldn't do it anymore. I found it to be very boring and flat smelling. There was really no development other than the top notes disappearing and leaving vanilla. And believe me, there are other vanillic scents out there that are much better, i.e. Jean Paul Gaultier 2 and Jaipur. In addition, the lasting power on this was 1-2 hours tops for me. Gave this one to the roommates.

  • R.B03/26/2007

    This has got to be one of the greatest colognes ever produced PERIOD. I'm younger, so i Can't really compare it to the great classics that most of you enjoy, BUT for a new scent, this one is amazing. There is nothing like it, and trust me guys, Women WILL be flirting with you for no apparent reason. Sorry ladies, but its true, you know you do it, if you've smelt this cologne.

  • GARY N.03/20/2007

    Love this new spicy evening hit and even better than Very Valentino! The women go buck wild over this one!

  • VAL03/16/2007

    This perfume is no comparison to Very Valentino. I love that one and naturally was intrigued by the appearance of this one especially after reading these reviews. But Gosh it is such a flat scent, vanilla overpowers every other accord there. It`s just a commercial product and will be forgotten very soon.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON02/19/2007

    Agree with Rob H. that it's even better than the previous one. This spicy-woodsy aroma is perfect for the evenings and the women go crazy over it.

  • LISA K02/11/2007

    mmm...i bought this for my man and he smells absolutely luscious

  • MAURICIO02/03/2007

    Hi, cologne masters. 2006 was a year plenty of bad, ordinary and cheap perfumes; i think that Valentino V is part of the small grounp of good releases. This is a sweet, spicy and fresh taht smell like no other cologne out there. Other excelent fragances are: Dior Homme and boss selection.

  • ROB H.01/28/2007

    Luxurious and utterly sensual spicy-floral hit from the designer is even better than Very Valentino and one of the best evening scents out there for men right now.

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