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Blue Jeans   

52 Reviews

Citrus, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1994 by Gianni Versace, Blue Jeans is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, citrus and lime. The middle notes are: freesia, patchouli and vetiver and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar. Blue Jeans is recommended for casual use.

2.5 oz EDT Spray (New Version Packaging)
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Citrus, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1994 by Gianni Versace, Blue Jeans is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, citrus and lime. The middle notes are: freesia, patchouli and vetiver and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar. Blue Jeans is recommended for casual use.

  • ANNA 05/04/2015

    The tonality of this fragrance is oriental. This is simply excellent. Besides this scent is very long-lasting so this is bound to bring joy

  • TONY09/20/2011

    long lasting smell, & great value!!

  • SLIMM06/29/2010

    It makes very little sense. The fragrance is so soft, gentle and profoundly intimate. In my opinion, it smells like fabric softener, which evokes this feeling of bliss. I mean who's never pulled clothes straight from the dryer and put them on? Or remember the smell of laundry being done as you come home from school as a kid, with mom on the couch folding clothes? I usually prefer oriental colognes, and this is a hit even with me. Five stars.

  • REGGIE RUBLE12/20/2008

    This is the best fragrance on the market. I'm sure some people will try to deny this, but you just have to trust me. I have tried them all!

  • TC06/24/2008

    I was really disappointed in this. After reading these reviews I finally got to some. I'm a huge Versace person. It was WAY too sweet going on and though the dry down did improve it was still just ok to me.

  • BBD06/22/2008

    A nice fresh scent with distinct freesia and musk undertones. Not as distinct citrus as its little brother, baby blue jeans, but they both share a sharpness I can't quite identify that I find slightly unpleasant.

  • BOBBY PINS 12/27/2007

    a truelly devotion since 1994, I really have fallen into the Versace trance. I wear it everyday,Its a long lasting scent and its smells even better and my body tempature rises.ive tried other colognes and nothing can compare. I always seem to come back to the blue jeans. Ive completelly just stop trying to find something other. Versace is the one for me. im known for this fresh scent ...when i walk into a room... you know that I have arrived.

  • YURI R09/07/2007

    You can't go wrong with Versace... I have been using this colone since I was 14 - Today I am 28 :-) I Always get wonderful complements!!!

  • PARFUMER12/07/2006

    I love this scent. It is a unique scent that doesn't fall in line of some other scents. It is a good smell. It is great for its unique smell than anything else. It is great for the collection.

  • BJ10/04/2006

    Smells like Indian halava(I used to buy those sweets at NoFrills). Definetely a unique smell,which is good. A lot of colognes nowdays smell very similar. I wouldn't say I like the smell much,but I'd wear it time to time. Too musky for me. I dont know.I am not a huge fan of Davidoff's blue water either. Too musky as well. I am more into sweet colognes such as givenchy(all of them),d&g pour homme,true star from TH

  • GEORGE E07/19/2006

    Unique, head turning, long lasting, and BODY HEAT ACTIVATED this fragrance is! If u club and love to dance, then expect this to "project" on the floor!

  • GQ07/01/2006

    I have been wearing this fragrance for a couple months now. It is an excellent summer scent that is perfect casual wear. It gives off a crisp, clean feeling.

  • DADDY RABBIT05/06/2006

    you know I almost did not but this because it did not cost abunch so I figured how good could it be?What a mistake that would have been I got it today and it has the type of distinct smell that I want in my collection,which also includes,escada magnetism,dunhill desire(blue),burberry,armani black code,KC black and alfred sung paradise.Any recommendations would be helpful as I am new to the game,it is my new obsession.

  • LOS05/01/2006

    I have a collection of colognes which includes greats such as D&G, JPG, Mont Blanc Ind., Swiss Army,etc. This is my most complimented cologne in my arsenal! This little inexpensive gem is a complete head turner and it lasts 10+ hrs. on my skin doing so. You must give it 10min. to settle cause smells a little funky when 1st applied. Fresh and spicey(pipe tobacco) in harmony for about 6-8hrs. with primarily spicey taking over thereafter. My Chrome and Mont Blanc come in 2nd with the compliments. Try and buy!!

  • STASIC04/27/2006

    When i had i whiff of it in my perfume shop...A smile came out from my heart, this is the one. I LOVE IT SO MUCH

  • HUGGYBEAR04/04/2006

    I dont really like spicy or food smelling cologne's but this spicy fresh stuff is EM-AZING(Im wearing it right now)

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD03/28/2006

    2nd fragrance after Dreamer and 1st of the "jeans" and not a bad selection from famed designer Versace is this citrusy & woodsy cologne that's decent for all around use.

  • PARFUMCHASER11/12/2005

    This one has been one of my faves through the years. Fresh, rich, deep and classy. Everybody loves it when I wear it. A true contemporary classic.



  • NIKITA 07/07/2005


  • NIKITA 07/07/2005

    I've been wearing this since 7th grade. It's just the bomb to me. one of those colognes I'll keep in my collection that define me right along with ISSEY, JIL SANDER and REACTION

  • LARWIZ05/18/2005

    Currently I go back and forth between my blue jeans and my Joop, only until my Joop is done, which it almost is. After that, it is purely Blue Jeans. I love the scent of this cologne! I took one whiff of it and decided I was going to make this my primary scent. It's such a pleasant nutmeg & cinammon scent. I just don't get why it's not more popular. It's inexpensive compared to a lot of more popular colognes, and it smells better. Other colognes I like are Burberry Brit and Curve crush (it might've been wave....whichever one is newer.) But I still think my Versace is the best one out.

  • OLEG04/08/2005

    Doesn't smell bad. Not as unique smelling as Dreamer, but still smells good. Not sure whether it lasts long, my best guess is that it lasts no more then an hour with a few sprays. Good overall.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD04/04/2005

    I cant say anything bad about this one.Its a good scent.I bought this at my girls request.Shes always asking me why I dont wear it often.Theres just other fragrances Im more into.I guess that just goes to show that your opinion is the only one that matters.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE02/25/2005

    I just wanted to say to all those fragrance buffs who are into locating the more difficult discontinued scents such as Jil sanders famous FEELING MAN to skip it and give this a try. Its a very close copy. A nice combination of fruit and tobaco, this may be just a tad stronger than Feeling man, but well made. just my 2 scents....hehe.

  • JASON1302/05/2005

    Is there any other cologne that smells similar to blue jeans? Great smelling cologne, but when 1st applied, smells funny.

  • JACK12/30/2004

    Best cologne I've ever worn. Women can't get enough of it.

  • ME11/15/2004

    I bought this one for my fiance last christmas...I absolutely love it! It smells gorgeous on him, I can hardly keep my hands off! Guys...a sure-fire hit with the ladies ;)

  • R.J.11/15/2004


  • W.B.08/24/2004


  • SURESH06/18/2004

    An excellent perfume for an evening wear.Very sexy and becomes highly pronounced if you start to sweat.

  • HEATHER03/13/2004

    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday, and it smells SOOO good. It is the best smelling scent i have ever been around. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  • ROBERT D.02/07/2004

    smells like sasyfras with honeysuckles, but dries to a distinctive appreciative vesace smell. Kind of stinky to me, but girls like it.

  • SRMIKE12/04/2003

    I found this parfume to be one of the best I have ever seen. It lets you feel manly and yet still keep that soft side. Definitely a chick magnet! :)

  • ADAM MARANELO08/30/2003

    Very nice, unique. Strong long lasting yet classy scent.

  • MAURICIO06/24/2003

    Hi, you´re right, Blue Yeans sucks¡. I like som e rear smells (like Casran), but Blue yeans is horrible, but many people loves this one. An advice, try first before buying no matter how good it seems to be

  • FERNANDO06/08/2003

    I read all the reviews about Versace Blue Jeans and thought it would be something fresh and casual to wear everyday, etc... Then I bought it without trying first and what a huge deception. I am actually trying to sell it while it is still new. The smell was sort of boring/strange, neither sweet nor acrid, but something that definitely wouldn't go well on my skin. Maybe it's my kind of skin or something, but it really stinks on me. It's a funny thing because I had never had this experience with a perfume before. But I had a friend once who would stink in Aqua di Gio and it was sort of funny. Maybe the skin types do affect how a perfume smell on us? Anyway, lots of people like it so I certainly respect their opinion. But to me, after the deceptions with black jeans and now blue jeans, I am certainly staying away from Versace's fragrances. If you are interested in this fragrance I advise you to try it in your skin first. I would like to sugest Dunhill D though. An excellent light fragrance for everyday wear.

  • ELVIS03/29/2003

    Its one of my favorite parfums ever.

  • TONY BOLOGNA03/22/2003

    smells exactly like pipe tobacco but I like it very much...sweet and fresh

  • RICK01/30/2003

    This is the best choice for casualwear, it smells clean and sexy at the same time

  • ZAARNIS12/23/2002

    hhhmmm....people's taste are different, instead. this my best collection of all. i do reccommend to wear it for casual or going out with your best friends and colleageus. well, sometimes i feel sexy with the scent. strong and musculine. i ain't a Versace fan but i really really like the smells.

  • MAURICIO11/07/2002

    My father geve this to me and i´m going to use it as an unformal perfume. I´m not a Versage´s fan but i preffer Black Jeans. Blue Jeans is too soft and doesn´t last long

  • TEENAGEHERO1310/13/2002

    Dude, This cologne is one tyte' bad ass! Im positive! Buy this thing and prepare to be a Hunk! Just like me! he he he!

  • MATT10/12/2002

    Great cologne. I get nothing but compliments from girls. One actually held me to her and smelt me for two minutes. Very masculine, sexy, clean and great for jeans and a t-shirt to formal wear.

  • H.10/09/2002

    Very "clean" smelling! Love it! It's a men's fragrance that I would wear myself.

  • MATT10/06/2002

    A very good smell. It can be worn with casual and formal clothes. I've only met one girl who wasn't crazy about it.... otherwise I've gotten Many compliments from guys and girls

  • JEFF08/01/2002

    Love the scent right out of the bottle, but I can't seem to smell it on me after an hour.

  • JOLLY07/13/2002

    OK, nothing extraordinary like many people would come to think because of the "Versace" name.

  • BETHANY07/09/2002

    This one is slightly better than Versace Green Jeans, which isn't saying much. Look further, Versace has got to have made nicer fragrances for men.

  • ALIOU07/07/2002

    this stuff smells good, nothing terrible but it's good.

  • PATRICK04/16/2002

    my wife loves it, i don't see how.i've never smell a worse cologne i almost threw up.

  • MEMBOI2404/09/2002

    I love this of my favorites. Great from casual or at work.

  • FELECIA02/13/2002

    I bought this for my fiance when I got the red jeans for myself. I ahd never smelled it before, but when I opened that box I fell in love!!!! I got it for a Valentine's gift, I often go in my hiding space and smell it. It's very sexy, can't wait till he wears it!!!

  • ERIC B.01/02/2002

    In the past 5 yrs Ive went through 3 bottles of this stuff, so what does that say? I have over 50 bottles of cologne and I gotta have my Blue jeans...

  • RAS11/01/2001

    very, very sexy.......

  • M O'CONNOR10/12/2001

    this is a great fragrance1!

  • MICHELLE05/07/2001

    I love this secent on my boyfriend so much that sometimes I even wear it myself. It is a lot sweeter smelling than most male fragrances, and I think that it makes a refreshing change.

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