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Delices de Cartier Cartier Image


Delices de Cartier   

34 Reviews

Newly Launched Delices de Cartier perfume by Cartier is a supremely feminine fragrance and a timeless blend of distinctive fruits like iced cherry and zesty bergamot blended with the spice of pink pepper and feminine floral notes like violet, jasmine, and freesia, finished with warm amber, musk, and sandalwood. Additional notes include Iced Cherry, more

1.0 oz Deluxe Parfum (Tester w/ Cap)
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Newly Launched Delices de Cartier perfume by Cartier is a supremely feminine fragrance and a timeless blend of distinctive fruits like iced cherry and zesty bergamot blended with the spice of pink pepper and feminine floral notes like violet, jasmine, and freesia, finished with warm amber, musk, and sandalwood. Additional notes include Iced Cherry, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Violet, Jasmine, Freesia, Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood.

  • ELSETH08/25/2012

    I like this product

  • KATHY04/07/2011

    This perfume smell excellent.

  • GERTIE01/25/2011

    Great smell good for day or night.

  • AMANDA07/13/2010

    This stuff smells exactly like a long island iced tea- which for me is not a good thing (long islands always make me sick fast). It just has that distinct smell like youve drank one too many, its nuts. Just something to think about...

  • THECATCAMEBACK03/30/2009

    I can see how this is a love/hate frag: it's way too distinctive to be a crowd pleaser. I did notice that the EDT is a lot drier and sharper, not nearly as deep nor complex as the parfum. Another thing I've noticed is that in dry weather, it smells terrible on me. But in the rain... Oh my goodness. It's the kind of frag you need to apply with a Q-tip, I'll never understand why Cartier chose a spray bottle, for this. Think tiny dabs under the hairline, behind the knees, no more than that: this stuff is powerful. But the drydown is to die for, I find it extremely sensual and mouthwatering.

  • DIANA08/12/2008

    A friend got me the EDT from Amsterdam when I mentioned it once. I smelled it in a Vogue magazine i think and it smelled great! But once i tried it smelled too old for me. Like pepper and some other stuff. Im 25 and like sweet but dark scents like Ralph Lauren Ralph.I thought it was just me but i sprayed it in the air for about 3 other people and they said it smelled a bit old lady-like. Maybe the one in the mag was NOT the EDT and was the Deluxe but id say it would go great on an older woman.

  • ANNIE05/07/2008

    I tested Delices while fragrance shopping last Christmas for gifts. I LOVE the bottle, but I found the fragrance disappointing. I didn't smell much cherry, actually, and I found the overall perfumey blast a bit too nose singeing. It was kind of boring. Perhaps I was suffering from olfactory fatigue from shopping and I should try it again some day when I'm fresh.

  • BARBARA W04/27/2008

    My comment about Delices being a "young" fragrance is based on Cartier's marketing and the perfume itself. This fresh, fruity scent is much more likely to appeal to women in their early 20s than, say, Panthere or Dragon, but that does not mean a woman our age can't wear it! I said that I like Delices, but that I personally am tired of fruity scents - I was just stating my own personal preference/opinion. I would never presume to tell anyone what to wear at what age, but generalizations can be made about perfume (like fashion), don't you think? Delices is quite pretty, the bottle is beautiful, and I'm sure it smells wonderful you. Enjoy. :)

  • LOUISE04/18/2008

    Only discovered this in December when i was on holida in Belgium, it was everywhere over there and i was given a sample and fell in love with it, i get a real spicy but warm and sexy smell when i wear it. It was very expensive but got hold of a 100ml tester on my return to England and i have used half already! Will purchase from here when i run out the prices are much more reasonable than the UK!

  • DEEDEE03/27/2008

    I have the EDT of this scent. I bought it for a nice office scent. I spray it on and can't smell it. I asked my coworker if she could smell it and couldn't. I tend to use a light hand when applying fragrances for work. For the money this cost the scent almost immediately goes away. Not a bad scent and would rate it higher if it stayed with me longer.

  • HELOISE 03/03/2008

    You detect a hint of leather and 'ouch honey, that hurts so good'? So this perfume is for the type of woman who likes the idea of someone being hit with a belt? Ugh. I was interested in this scent till I heard that!

  • KIA11/28/2007

    I received this as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. Usually I don't like people picking my scents because I know what works with my body chemistry. But he hit the nail right on the head with this one. I LOVE the scent. I can't stop talking about it, and I've had so many of my friends want to try it when they've complimented me on it. When I run out of what I have I will be purchasing another bottle. I'm just glad that I found a place to order it without paying what my boyfriend did at the mall. I highly recommend!

  • ANGELIQUE11/07/2007

    Maya, don’t be sorry for me. The sense of smell is a perception rather like, for example, the perception of beauty. We could both look at the same person and be polarized in our perception of their beauty; where one sees beauty the other may find only hideousness. Smells are the same. So is taste. Our lives, influences, experiences can all alter the way we perceive these things, all to varying degrees. In saying this my *PERCEPTION* of this scent is of cherries which I do not like. I got ‘sweet’ from smelling this. I got ‘cherries’ from smelling this. I got a weird ‘pepperiness’ from smelling this. It has nothing to do with having a 'refined sense of smell’ - or whatever term it was you used to patronize my opinion, it was merely what I got from it. I find it very unpleasant - am still hating it and would prefer to be far away from it as possible, but if you like it then enjoy it. However, I do not understand why you directed such a response toward me. I come here to give an opinion on my perception of a scent rather than to come under scrutiny as to how cultured or refined my tastes are. If my perception differs from yours then it differs, it’s really no big deal. If the intention of your response was to be insulting or to undermine my opinion then that’s a real shame. No hard feelings, tho’ – I’m too old and too tired for bad vibes.

  • GREEKGIRL09/18/2007

    Hello again, thanks for replying to my neverending questions! you really are a helpful lady, i have not tried the guerlain one you mention but ive seen it in stores so ill have a squirt next time i pass, i like some cherry frags not all, dont like them too strong, as for Live, i have that one, i dont mind it but its not a favourite, let you know how i go thanks once again, you are terrific! btw i left you a post for Maitresse which is another fav, see ya, Helen.

  • BARBARA W07/22/2007

    The cherry in this is pretty unique and makes it hard to compare to other scents, but it does smell somewhat like Guerlain's "Cherry Blossom Fruity" and somewhat like JLo "Live", though not as fruity. Delices is nice, try it.

  • BARBARA W07/22/2007

    Hi - Cartier has said in its advertising for Delices that this is being marketed to appeal to the "young demographic". I'm 40 and don't consider myself in that category anymore, but I wear what I like anyway. More power to you if you can pull this off. But to me, Delices smells young and candy-ish, and I personally have grown tired of those types of fragrances. Just expressing my opinion, which is what this board is designed for, yes? If you like it, wear it with pride and be happy about it! I'm sure it smells fabulous on you. :-)

  • LISAANDTHEWORD07/21/2007

    A little heavy on the bourbon note, but that probably helps it be the womanly cherry scent it is. Dries to a soft, thick bourbon vanilla w/ tinge of cherry cordial, occasional syrupy sweetness. It's not for me tho, I'm a redhead who's more comfy in woody rose or violet perfumes, or amber/spicy. I bet this would be smashing on the right person!

  • VICKY06/26/2007

    I was looking for something different, yet beautiful. I narrowed it down between three perfumes and put my teenagers to the test! They steered me off my old stand-bys, which they said "mom, these are old lady scents! You gotta get somnething that smells good but not OLD. Both of my boys LOVED Delices (and so did I!) My oldest said it reminded him of Cancun..a little beachy, but soft and a fresh new frangrance...not old, stuffy, and dated! I think he said it best. I LOVE the fragrance and the bottle!

  • NEL06/20/2007

    Hi Alexis, I have both fragrances and like them both. Delices de Fruitee, is more fresh and less sweet,also very long lasting. Hope this helps. Happy sniffing. Nel

  • GREEKGIRL06/20/2007

    Could someone be kind enough to compare this to another fragrance so i can have an idea of what its like? thanks, Helen.

  • **HEATHER**06/20/2007

    I tried this scent today and my husband loved it on me. It is comfortably warm, flowery and sweet. It reminded me a bit of Hypnose by Lancome - which I think is a bit too much on the sweet and cloying side.

  • DALILA06/13/2007

    Well we have Barbara, saying this is an attempt to draw in the younger crowd, I'm 45, then we have other comments that this is made for "older women", again I'm 45, does this make me young or old?, I don't buy into the idea that scents are for a certain demographic, they simply are what they are, you love them, like them, hate them, for different reasons. I happen to love this fragrance, it is very sweet, but I happen to like that, as does my husband, I believe it to be elegant and luscious. Most men love it, I get alot of compliments, mostly from men. A good example of how different people react to scent is "Stella", it gets great ratings, most women love it, and to be truthful I liked it, not love, but liked it. I bought some for my mother, she had received a sample and loved it, so I sprayed some on me, came home and my husband about gaged, his comment was "what is that smell, it smells like a funeral parlor." So I guess we all have our opinions, personally I love this scent and according to some of your remarks, not sure if I'm supposed to or not, is 45 young or old?

  • BARBARA W05/20/2007

    Delices is an obvious attempt by Cartier to draw in the younger crowd, which is fine, but this fragrance does not have the quality of the other Cartier fragrances. Pretty bottle, though! Delices is not a bad fragrance, but I think Miss Dior Cherie would be a better choice for young women.

  • BONNIE05/19/2007

    What are you talking about, this is a great fragrance, my husband LOVES it, as do I. I get a lot of compliments, as with all the cartier fragrances, it is exquisit. I've bought 3 bottles to stock up, layer with all the other products.

  • TINA05/16/2007

    Enough with girly girls sweet fruity stuff. We have a whole generation of baby boomers ready to buy mature fragrances.Please come up with something with substance.Do not copy cat Bath and Body Works.Smells like cherry fragrance from BBW just cost five times as much!

  • ALEXIS04/28/2007

    Has anyone tried this new version of delices? I didn't care for the original but I'm hoping to like the eau fruitee. Thanks for your help.

  • LEONESS03/17/2007

    I love Delices! My only gripe is the price (it is so, so expensive), but still a very high quality perfume. I wouldn't say it smells exactly like real cherries (or the typical fake cherry smell, for that matter). I detect a hint of cherry among a very creamy, luscious base. I usually spray twice- once at the wrist and once at the neck- and the scent stays all day. Despite all of its sweetness, I pick up a slight tang that offsets the creaminess. Amazing!

  • RUTHLENE01/03/2007

    I got the EDT recently for Xmas & used it at a NY Eve party. Whoa!!! got compliments all nite long ....

  • LANCELOT12/26/2006

    Great if your nose is dead but you still want to be able to say your wearing the newest thing from an expensive brand. Otherwise it stinks.

  • NILLA12/25/2006

    i expected delices to be unpleasantly fruity and sweet. when i tested, i found it to be unpleasantly peppery and mature-smelling on my skin. (i'm 28) delices is probably best for women over 25. also, my chemistry just isn't right for this one.

  • ALEXY11/28/2006

    I don't think it smells like cherries. I really like the sweet warmth to Delices. I tried it on at the store and loved it. It had a great staying power. Then I got a mini, and the complexity didn't have the staying power. Maybe it's the difference between a parfume and toilette. Or maybe the perfume in the mini just isn't made to hold up? Does anyone know?

  • MUSE11/27/2006

    I thought this was very nice. I really liked it. I didn't know what to expect after reading some of the reviews. I don't get a big Cherry note. I can't pick that up. I get a very pleasurable scent. I also like Must De Cartier and Le Baiser du Dragon. I'm anxious to try a few of the others.

  • JULIE10/17/2006

    In most of your posts, you act like your the only woman who has any taste. If someone doesn't like what you think is good, she must have no nose for fragrance. Pleeez... I smelled this & it wasn't anything great, it did smell like cherry cough medicine. (my son thought the same thing) Get over yourself already...

  • MAYA10/06/2006

    Sorry my dear, but if you think this smells like glazed cherries then you obviously don't have a very refined sense of smell. I'm so sorry for you. This is another excellent Cartier fragrance, a little sweeter than expected but with the depth and warmth I like in a fragrance. The sandalwood base warms it nicely and in fact I can detect a hint of leather in the drydown.... ouch, honey that hurts so good!

  • SHARINA09/11/2006

    I was excited to get my first sample of this after reading a write up in People Magazine about it. I tend to like sweet, soft and powdery fragrances, as well as spicy orientals. This one sounded right up my alley! I first tried the tester on paper and I already knew it was one I had to take home and try out. Once home, I tried it on my wrist and a little up my forearm. At first sniff, it was a sweet cherry, yummy and soft. As it wore on a bit, I could still smell it and still really liked it. But then when I put my nose to my wrist to sniff it closely, that was when it got strange. Up close, the scent changed on me, it ended up sort of smelling oddly like a tire shop! But yet, still without smelling it up close, from further away, it was sweet and I liked it. So now I don't know what to think! I would certainly not wear it on my neck, but if it only smells nice on me from further away, then I think rather than let myself smell like tires to my husband, I'll get this one for my sister (who tends to overapply) and enjoy its scent from further away.

  • FELICIA08/11/2006

    This perfume is amazing!!! I got a little sample bottle and had to buy the regular size. My husband loves it and I have had several compliments while wearing it.

  • AMY08/01/2006

    i love Cartier perfumes!! this one was most expensive at 120 bucks but so worth it. very sophisticated and elegant!! Dragon is also very good!!

  • ANGELIQUE07/16/2006

    The bottle is so pretty and unusual, rather than see if it would be anything remotely interesting by testing it on card first, I just sprayed it straight onto myself. What a mistake that was! I am nauseated by this. The smell reminds me of glazed cherries (which I don't like), and is also cloyingly sweet (in a syrupy kind of way). Not to be rude, but it reminds me of the kind of smell flies would love. This scent is definitely not for me.

  • DANCER4LIFE07/12/2006

    I really-really like this scent. It starts out as a bright but soft vanilla-musk with jasmine, and wears down to a nice soft finish. My current favorite, received a TON of compliments when wearing it.

  • JENNA07/04/2006

    Unfortunately,I have to say I am quite disappointed with this one. Too many notes make it hard to tell what you are smelling and after a couple hours the scent is just annoying. I'll stick with the other Cartiers that I wear..Must, Dragon, So Pretty, Panthere, Eau de Cartier.

  • BOOPMENOW06/27/2006

    I really loved this fragrance. It is sensual and teasing at the same time. It drove my husband crazy.

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