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Lacoste Touch of Pink Lacoste Image


Lacoste Touch of Pink   

25 Reviews

Lacoste Touch of Pink is a fruity floral fragrance, that is feminine, fresh and playful. Touch of Pink combines a playful burst of blood orange with the fresh sparkle of coriander, followed by sensuous, honest notes of jasmine and violet. The radiant prelude is prolonged by a refined dry down of sandalwood and completed by a dreamy, lingering kiss more

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Lacoste Touch of Pink is a fruity floral fragrance, that is feminine, fresh and playful. Touch of Pink combines a playful burst of blood orange with the fresh sparkle of coriander, followed by sensuous, honest notes of jasmine and violet. The radiant prelude is prolonged by a refined dry down of sandalwood and completed by a dreamy, lingering kiss of vanilla. Lacoste Touch of Pink is an expression of magnetic and carefree sensuality.

  • NEL02/19/2012

    really good perfume I love it !!

  • ROCHELLE02/15/2012

    It smells good but it doesn't last long

  • SARAH03/29/2009

    This is my favorite by far of perfumes. I wear it almost every day and never get tired of it. It's fairly strong and can last all day. I get complimented alot.

  • SHEENA04/03/2008

    This perfume is perfect for spring and summer. Its light, crisp, and feminine. You really cant go wrong! I get so many compliments, especially when I use the touch of pink lotion along with the perfume. U wont have regrets!

  • CATHY03/28/2008

    I bought this on a whim, thinking it smelt nice in the department store, but once I got it home I went off it very quickly and now I can't stand the smell of it! It smells very run-of-the-mill and ordinary and a bit sickly. However, I LOVE Lacoste Pour Femme, which is a great smelling scent, quite unique and one of my all time favourites.

  • TOUCH OF PINK LUVA02/09/2007

    u must b crazy to not to like this perfume. im in love with it since the first time i bouhgt it. its amazing!! its definitley the best scent i hav eva bought nd its bin my all time favourite for a loooooonnnng time. so my advice is...........BUY IT AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • SOPHIE02/09/2007

    well, what can i say ? im in love with this perfume. not a day goes by without me wearin this perfume. the first time i bought it i was like whoaaaaa!! and it definitley turns a few heads with the lads.

  • SMILEY12/26/2006

    have you smelled the newest scent of lacoste (inspiration)? oh my god it is so very delicious and feminine! innocent and sexy at the same time! very young but sophisticated, sweet but not sickeningly and can be worn on any occation! really fresh and happy-smelling! i advise you to try it, i think u won't be disappointed..the bottle is GORGEOUS,too..i think i will purchase it very soon-perfect 4 me =)

  • PARIS11/18/2006

    Wow! An amazing fragrance! I bought it and i loved it! I loved it so much I put one in each ""my thanks 4 coming to my party ""BAG! SO I bought 200!!! I LOved it and so did all my party guest!

  • CHARLOTTE09/30/2006

    Try using the lotion that goes with this. Put it on first,then the scent on top. Lasts for hours and smells wonderful. Much better than the scent alone

  • MAGS09/15/2006

    This is a wonderful fragrance, beautiful, sweet and girly. It's just the type of scent that suits me very well and I love it heaps. However, I have to spray 3-4 times before i smell anything. Even then, after 10 minutes the smell has gone. It's disappointing that such a beautiful scent doesn't last long enough to introduce yourself to anybody.

  • ANGELBABYGURL06/16/2006

    I got this as a christmas present from my dad. I like it a lot! It's very girly and sexy but not too intimidating. Perfect for young girls and ladies who want to celebrate their GIRLY SPIRIT.

  • S.T.06/12/2006

    Nice - but not outstanding. This smells like a lot of fragrances I've smelled before. Kenneth Cole in the round gold bottle comes to mind. Fruity with a slightly smoky note.

  • CARAMEL05/03/2006

    this stuff is amazing! the minute i put it on, i get this urge to do just about anything! love it.. not sure why many people think it's suitable only for daytime, i think it's suitable for any casual outing, day or night. sometimes i even wear it with dressy outfits just to counteract the boring classical styles and add some zest to my night. looooooooove it! i bought the biggest size, and very glad i did.. i bought it online, so i didn't get to smell it first, i just liked the description of the scent and decided to go for it.. i love the packaging as well

  • CAPRI04/06/2006

    This reminds me of "babe." I think it was around in the 1980's. There was this bath powder my grandmother had that smelled exactly like this. It's nice.

  • VIOLA02/15/2006

    I fell in love with Touch Of Pink when I recieved it as a valentine gift. That's great.

  • CAROLYN02/12/2006

    On me this does not last very long. It fades away rather quickly. The scent it not complex or original to me. It is simply a nice daytime scent, but nothing spectacular. Rather mediocore compared to some of my other perfumes. If you are looking for a fresh scent, this is fine.

  • ANTONELLA02/09/2006

    Well what can I say in addition to that Lacoste Touch of Pink smells like ashes and something kind of rotten. Wish I was kidding too since I've wanted to try this forever and now that I have I'm more disappointed then I can share. This is one of the worst smelling fragrances ever!

  • ANNUTA12/13/2005

    This is very faminine fragrance. It's very sweet and it smells a lot like Hugo Boss Intense. Sometimes, i can't tell the 2 apart. So if I had a choise i would go with what's cheaper. However, I got this one as a gift, so i have both alike fragrances. ONe downfall about this fragrance is that it evaporates very fast. I have to put on a lot in order to smell something and it doesn't last that very long.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/11/2005

    Very refreshing and invigorating scent. While its not my absolute favorite, every time i wear this I am guaranteed to be asked what I am wearing and told how great it smells.

  • PERFUME LOVER08/25/2005

    This has a very fruity fresh smell. It's nice if that is your taste. A little sweeter than I like, but hubby likes when I have it on. Personally, I like pour femme a little better, but only a little. This smeels like a lot of things I've smelled before. It's a very upbeat scent and all in all is enjoyable.

  • DIAMOND GIRL07/08/2005

    This is one of my favorites. I love the blood orange scent that I can smell when I first spray it. It smells so yummy and it is long lasting. I would describe the scent as part floral, part citrus, part creamy which are all the elements I love in a perfume.

  • LEONIE CAMPBELL06/29/2005

    This fragrance is so fresh, everytime I am wearing it people always ask me, what are you wearing? Smell sooooo goood, I love it! I'm in love with this fragrance.

  • SARAH06/28/2005

    This perfume is awesome. I love the smell and I won't wear anything else.

  • TINA06/18/2005

    This scent smells great. It's sweet and summery and my boyfriend loves it. Perfect for day or evening.

  • LANA B*05/31/2005

    Not only does this have a great citrusy smell thats very uplifting it last for a long time.Its truely my favorite!!

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