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Created in 1982, Raffinee is a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of orange blossom, bergamot and tuberose. Blended with notes of carnation, vetiver and cinnamon. Raffinee is recommended for evening wear.

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Created in 1982, Raffinee is a refined, oriental, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of orange blossom, bergamot and tuberose. Blended with notes of carnation, vetiver and cinnamon. Raffinee is recommended for evening wear.

  • JO09/28/2014

    My FAVORITE fragrance!! Since the 1980's. Cannot be without it. So many compliments whenever I have it on...

  • GWEN BLAKEY03/04/2013

    Where can this perfume be bought, I have been using it for over 30 years, the last time I found it in America and purchased six bottles, but did not retain the address/Email....Please help, I am on my last bottle. Thank you.

  • GEORGE MICALLEF05/16/2012

    Great customer service and very helpful. Would like to know when the Raffinee Body talk is in stock.

  • RAE KIMMICH12/02/2011

    looking for a store that carries it i live in n.c. my girlfriend loves it but we cannot find it aanywhere

  • SURFERCAJUN11/29/2011

    This perfume was introduced to my mother and I many years back while walking through the mall in another state. I never forgot the smell and guess my mom liked it too. It has been harder to find now but the smell is just loving beautiful. This was before all the stars or singers in the whole world had their own perfume now. :o)

  • KIM ILLINOIS 05/11/2010

    i just found out it is the vintage bottle of raffine' that i like. i too ordered raffine' and got evidentally the new version . yuck. anybody know where i can find the vintage bottle at . post it i'd really want some. thanks !!!

  • REBECCA09/29/2009

    I need to find this powder..I love it I have all the raffinee products..I have used it since 1984..can not find the dusting powder

  • CHRYS WHITE02/04/2009

    I too have had the older version that I chose as my signature fragrance and loved it everytime I wore it. Then I was given another bottle as a gift and what a disappointment, I realized it was a different bottle from the beginning, but the name was the same, so why was I upset when I put it on? because it was different! Not so happy now. If I find it in what is now called the "vintage" bottle, is it going to be the original scent I fell in love with or is it also the new scent now? Disappointed in Washington State, Chrys

  • JUDI W*02/02/2008

    My Stepmom has worn this as her signature for about 12 years now. To me, as a main scent, put on once in a while...fine. My Stepmom thinks she is a diva of sorts, but she really is quite plain, which is fine, but at least get a more exciting signature to wear.

  • BONNIE09/15/2005

    I have used this perfume, lotion and powder for over 15 years and have always received many compliments. I used to run all over town trying to find it and now it's so convenient to purchase it over the internet. Thanks!

  • JC BALTIMORE, MD08/29/2005

    This is one of 2 perfumes on the market that I can wear. I agree with JC that if your body chemistry has changed for whatever reason, try this one. I never fail to get compliment upon compliment when wearing this and asked continually what I'm wearing. If this is off the market, what a mistake! I have been wearing this since the 80's and is my very favorite signature fragrance. Keep it coming!

  • SYLVIE07/06/2005

    Yes ladies, I agree. It's not the same anymore!! Only the name "Raffinee" is the same. Dana changed the formula. What a shame. The original Raffinee by Houbigant is more powerful, fruity, floral-spicy, bold and outstanding. The Houbigant-Raffinee is loud, complex, shameless sexy and long-lasting. The "new" Dana-Raffinee has a pleasant, uncomplicated oriental smell, but is nothing special. I miss the "wow-effect". Now it's a nice and harmless fragrance. I like the drydown best. Test before you buy to avoid disappointment.

  • CINDIE05/26/2005

    I have the Dana version of this and the older one by Houbigant. The New Dana company seems to take a truly beautiful classic perfume and turn it into crap! I sold the one by Dana and kept the original Raffinee by Houbigant. The Houbigant version is definately better and smells just awesome. The staying power of this fragrance is incredible and I have to say I wear this well. If you are so fortunate to have the original good for you, because this is a classic and one you will never need to get rid of.

  • GLORIA11/29/2004

    I agree with Michele. This is not the same formula of Raffinee that was popular back in the 70s. This one is not good.

  • JEWELIE EBERLE10/21/2004

    I've been wearing it ever since it came out in 1982 , and I feel the same way, men would go nuts over it and strangers would ask me what it was called so they could buy it for their wives and girlfriends.

  • MICHELE09/30/2004

    I've worn Raffinee for years; however, that was when it was made by Houbigant; now that it's by Dana, the scent is different and I won't wear it anymore. That gorgeous scent is gone; now is very alcohol and stringent smelling - stinko!

  • PAM08/15/2004

    When the topic of good/bad smelling perfume comes up, this one always comes to mind first as the worst I have ever smelled.

  • PAM07/03/2004

    it smells too sweet and nasty! i was given a bottle for a gift and had to throw it out!

  • LINDA04/06/2004

    I have been using Raffinee for many years, every since it was made by Hubigant. It is a very sophisticated and eligent fragrance. Everytime I use it, men are intoxicated by it. I love it and hope it continues to be available.

  • GENEVIEVE10/20/2003

    Strangers actually stop me in public to compliment my perfume when I wear it!

  • JC09/21/2003

    I have worn this brand for many years and have never gotten so many compliments on fragrance. If your body chemistryhas changed because of illness or meds, try this one ...I've found nothing better but hard to find.

  • DESSERT04/14/2003

    Men cannot stay away from me when I wear this....It always has them saying, "God, you smell so good!!" I was horrified to learn it was discontinued, but stocking up wherever I can find it online.

  • LLOZ02/14/2003

    Im surprised they still sell this stuff! I used to work with a girl who wore this and while she was delightful, she reeked...I guess people just dont know how to apply these heavy orientals. Just a drop ladies. They should never come in an spray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RIMA02/06/2003

    I received Raffinee this past Christmas, but did not open and try it until yesterday. Wow! I didn't think I would like it but it's lovely. Very feminine but not too ladylike. It's recommended for evening wear but I'd wear it anytime. It's one of the more soft and refined oriental blends.

  • JEAN HULLS05/04/2002

    I used to but this product at the Right House in St. Catharines, ON now I cannot find it anywhere.

  • ALTA HILL02/25/2002

    I used to buy this in San Diego but have moved to Charleston, SC, and I can't find it. The packaging is similar to the perfume by Dana. Is it the same?

  • OLIVIA02/16/2002

    I constantly get compliment for the fragrance known as "Raffinee"-it is a wonderful scent.

  • LOU ANN02/03/2002

    These stores buy products that can't be at regular prices because the truck was in an accident or something like that.......I've seen other designer stuff at these types of stores too

  • PK01/21/2002

    I saw this just today in a Big & Lots store.

  • ANON01/17/2002

    It's sold at several places online.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    This used to be by Houbigant. I tried it several years at a lower-end department store. My impressions from start to finish: mentholatum/cough syrup; scented toilet paper; Jergen's soap; eventually drying down to soft smell that was Floral Semi-Oriental or even reminiscent of Je Reviens.

  • SUSAN12/15/2001

    I live in Nebraska and I found Raffinee in our local Dollar General. There are several stores throughout this state but not sure if they are nationwide? I believe it was the 2 oz bottle with powder or lotion and sold for between $5 and $10 for the set. Got some as a gift years ago, never really wore it but the few times I did, I got compliments.

  • DEE HAWES11/25/2001

    I would like to buy bath powder, Raffinee. Where can I go for this? I live in Racine, Wis. Thanks for any help.

  • JOAN GRIFFITH10/07/2001

    I live in Yuba City, CA and would like to buy Raffine'e byHoubigant-Paris. What retail stores sell it?

  • JANE09/29/2001

    Stay away from this one. There are better perfumes available.

  • TANA09/18/2001

    I stumbled onto Raffinee' in a outlet mall and have fell in love with the fragrance. I have had more compliments on my smell by men and women since I have been wearing it. We only had two stores in my home town in which we could purchase it and they both have closed, so I'm thrilled to have found your Web sight. I will be ordering soon. Thanks for this web page.

  • LYNDA MITCHELL08/05/2001

    I live in Philadelphia, Pa. Where can I buy Raffinee by Houbigant parfum in my area?

  • PAM HAMILTON07/10/2001


  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    I own this one and it's just one of those I never wear; it just sits there on my dresser. I just find it to be very boring and uninspiring with nothing whatsover unique about it to make it the least bit interesting.

  • BARBIE WHALEY06/16/2001

    Thank You l have been looking for Raffinee by Dana for so long & was unable to find it...but l came into your site & there it was, plus all the other brands that l have been looking for

  • JERI BOYD03/23/2001

    Live in Missouri with access to St Louis and Kansas City would like to buy this product e=mail address is tg7j1@ dam. net

  • WINNIE VIERRA01/25/2001

    I am trying to find Raffinee by Houbigant perfume to purchase. I live in Nevada City, California. Is this one listed here by Dana the same as Houbigant? My email address is

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