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Ocean Pacific

OP Juice   

33 Reviews

Young and upbeat, the top note of OP Juice cologne blends funky Hawaiian fruits, bergamot, bright berries, splashes of orange, watery green cucumber and cardamon freshness to energize the senses.

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Young and upbeat, the top note of OP Juice cologne blends funky Hawaiian fruits, bergamot, bright berries, splashes of orange, watery green cucumber and cardamon freshness to energize the senses.

  • GAVIN11/05/2006

    this is about the best smelling cologne i've ever had, and ladies sure cant get enough of it

  • MR. KNOW-IT-ALL06/07/2006

    Bravo, Ocean Pacific! You have designed a fragrance that actually stands out among a lot of garbage on the market. You can actually destinguish this scent from others. Has a clean, refreshing, bright smell to it. Definitely not a punguent and offensive cologne, great for daytime wear.

  • KALIHIMOKE05/03/2006

    Because of all the good votes for this product, I purchased an ounce... wasted money on this product. It smells more appropriate for females than males, unless I was given the wrong bottle...

  • TONY T01/27/2006

    shampoo in cologne form is what op juice is about. not a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you look at it. definately a west coast/ summer scent.a fun scent, not boring at all but you gotta be under 25 to wear this one. great 1st time cologne for the teens or a good scent just to be playful. not a collector's scent, paris hilton is more refined and be delicious is one of the best amongst fruity scents, nevertheless i enjoy it.

  • TROY12/19/2005

    Relatively clean and fruity. Could have laid off the citrus accents a bit, but I do get compliments when I wear it. A good change from the heavy designer brands.

  • DON CORLEONE09/15/2005

    Juice is the type of fragrance I wear casually when running errands, going to work, or for special occasions. I lived in Hawaii for several years while in high school and it does remind me of the islands. I can't imagine a lady who wouldn't like the scent, plus it lasts for quite awhile on the skin or clothes, which I can't say for other more expensive colognes. A winner in any scenario!

  • JON05/04/2005

    It's very fresh, but maybe too weak smelling. It needs to be stronger.

  • SUSHINE12/23/2004

    op is great except for the giant rubber bottle and the upward sprayer. I think the manufacturer should rexamime the design

  • ALAN G.12/18/2004

    i love this smell, try to mix with clinque "happy" and you'll love it! the bottle is cool to hold. but be careful when u spray it cuz its spray up-word, i got it in my eye! omg.. but it smells nice... just becareful when u spray it lol

  • JON09/12/2004

    I like Juice, Its a nice scent, But like a lot of the other people said, its a "young" scent. Mainly for teens and early twenties.

  • ERIC02/27/2004

    Is perhaps a great scent for very young teenagers or that first cologne experience. It isn't something I would ever have considered wearing after turning 25.

  • KIMBERLY02/08/2004

    both my husband and i are avid cologne wearers.....this is a GREAT scent for men.....very different.... unlike any other scent.... not too overpowering or OFFENSIVE like some of the other colognes......

  • ANTHONY12/27/2003

    The reason surfers wear this cologne is to repel smell sensitive sharks from getting anywhere near them...

  • DADDY'S GIRL12/19/2003

    I love the smell!! My man wears it and I love it!!

  • FERNANDO11/29/2003

    Ocean Pacific is a kind of surfwear company and I can understand this fragrance in this context. It is really not something for formal use, but instead, it is intended for casual use, like hawaian shirts, tanned people, etc... It has a nice mellon or watermellon scent and it reminds me of bubblegum. I think it is great for young people or sunny places, hot summer places, vacations and the likes. And for casual use only. In this scenario it is perfect. A light fruity scent that is pleasant to everyone.

  • PJ 11/28/2003

    I don't understand that post! This scent is very strong and long lasting ...if your carrying it around and respraying yourself that could be quite awful! INDEED! This is a scent if too much is put on your nose will turn off to it.

  • A. NONY. MOUSE11/17/2003

    One of the stronger fruity fragrances out there, and it is possible to overdo it with OP juice. Definetely a good funky, casual, out-of-the-ordinary scent

  • JAMES05/25/2003

    it's an excellent fruity, not too sweet, but also fresch smell! It's REALLY good! I have tommy hillfigiler, desire blue, calvin klein crave, cool water and this. OP is My favorite perfume. You won't regret buying this perfume. Stronlgy recommended

  • SPYNENA05/07/2003

    Bought this great scent for my hubby. It is crisp and clean a very nice cologne for everyday.

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/12/2003

    OP Juice smells like melon or fresh cucumber. It's not what I think of as 'cologne' per say, but it is very young, vibrant, and fruity. Definitely not a fragrance my grandpa would wear.

  • nice smell but i last 10 minutes. u should carry the bottle in your pants pocket.

  • REGULAR GUY12/26/2002

    This cologne is great. It will get you plenty of compliments and it lasts all day.

  • JUSTA GUY12/14/2002

    I love Juice and wear it all the time. I think it is the best smelling cologne ever.

  • MAURICIO10/18/2002

    If you gonna buy this cologne yuo must be under 21. Just for teens.

  • TBRO10/03/2002

    I have worn every cologne known to man. This cologne has gotten me more compliments than all the others combined. That is no joke.

  • STASH09/19/2002

    Thank God for never mind. The only thing this makes me wish to do is order a vodka chaser. It's way too fruity.

  • MARISSA08/24/2002

    my boyfriend wheres Juice, and its soo amazing..whenever, he wears it...ummm nevermind

  • MATT08/20/2002

    I love the scent. Amazing. There is one bad thing about it. The spray nozzle. I don't like how it shoots up. Just a pain in the @$$.

  • CONTROLLER07/04/2002

    Juice smells great but the spray trigger on the bottle is junk. I have broke 2 already.

  • CONTROLLER07/04/2002

    Juice smells great but the sprayt trigger on the bottle is junk. I have broke 2 already.

  • KALVIN05/27/2002

    I love the smell of this stuff, it is by far my favorite cologne to wear. Plus girls like it too.

  • ERNIE04/09/2002

    Guys, if your looking for the next best thing besides being VALENTINO, then this is it. Walk past her then turn around. That smile in her face will tell it all.

  • PHIL04/07/2002

    it gets the ladies attention alright....makes em thirsty for fruit juice. what a joke for a fratgrance...nice for the "tommy" generation tho

  • DAVA01/29/2002

    this cologne has a great smell to it and when worn at the right time well you can figure it out...just ask any women who hasn't smelled it yet...also let them try to figure the outside of the bottle out and see if its familiar to them!!!!!

  • ERIC B.01/02/2002

    I love it. It will get the ladies attention for sure.

  • DAN12/15/2001

    Summer in a bottle. If you like a good clean citrus, Juice is it. The bottle is funky too with its rubber case and a spray mechanism that shoots straight up.

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