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Liz Claiborne


60 Reviews

Fruity, Oriental. Created in 1990, Realities is a sharp, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: chamomile, sage and osmanthus. The middle notes are: rose, jasmine and lily and the base of the fragrance is: vanilla, amber and peach. The bottle is a trio of stacked cubes, with the upper cube as the cap, colored in more

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Fruity, Oriental. Created in 1990, Realities is a sharp, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: chamomile, sage and osmanthus. The middle notes are: rose, jasmine and lily and the base of the fragrance is: vanilla, amber and peach. The bottle is a trio of stacked cubes, with the upper cube as the cap, colored in teal. Realities is recommended for daytime use.

  • J COCKRELL10/25/2012

    Years ago my husband found a sample of this someone had lost in a parking lot where he worked at the time. I have loved it ever since.

  • DALE FISHER03/02/2012

    Have used this perfume for a long time. Is perfect for ladies with strong chemistry as the scent doesn't change.

  • DALE FISHER03/02/2012

    Couldn't be happier with the service and the product.

  • CINDY 06/25/2011

    please bring back the OLD!!!!!!

  • PATTY05/05/2010

    You have to bring back the original realities it's the best smell I have ever known. I have worn it for years until you came up with the new scent which is absolutely not the same I won't buy the new scent it's just simply not me. Please bring it back, last time I found it was in Walgreens! Now they don't sell it anymore can't even find it at the perfume store in the mall either!!!!!!!! Thanks Alot!!!!!!!!!

  • PATTY04/26/2010

    You have to bring back the old realities fragrance the new one just does not smell good and I am angry that you would change the smell and the bottle and not keep the original that smells wonderful and I'd like to know where tofind some ASAP!

  • KIM09/30/2008

    C'mon Liz do us a favor and get rid of the "NEW Realities" and give us back the one we love!!!! You've lost a customer if I can't have my original perfume.

  • VERONICA07/20/2008

    I was also introduced to this fragrance in 1993 and it quickly became my daytime fragrance. The changes in the scent are unacceptable and it is absolutely necessary that the company reads these reviews and understands how many clients they will lose in the process if the original product is not made available again for sale.

  • SHERRY12/10/2007

    Please bring this perfume back to the department stores. I really miss not being able to buy the body wash, powder and perfumes. Why get rid of a great scent that stays with you longer than any other? Thanks Perfume Emporium for carrying Realities by Liz

  • ROSALINDA09/06/2007

    The old Realities is the only cologne that my picky husband liked. He hasn't liked anything else I have tried since.

  • TAMMY05/24/2007

    This is THE BEST smell ever! I want the original Realities brought back. Fragrance lasts and lasts and never smells sickening. The new "Realities" is terrible and it's an insult to the original to name it the same.

  • JOAN04/23/2007

    I also would like to see this frangrance come back. The product lasts all day and have always received compliments on this frangrance. Please post Liz's E-mail and I'll join the campaign to bring Realities BACK. PLEASE.

  • JAN03/07/2007

    I also bought the new product and found it not to be the same. I just ordered the old Realities on the Cosmic Perfume - I really stocked up as I'm asfraid that it will be discountinued

  • JUDY 01/07/2007

    Does anybody know the E-mail address for Liz Claiborne? I tried to E-mail them with the address I got off a box of their product but it came back undeliverable. If anybody knows please E-mail me at Thanks

  • RENE12/13/2006

    I have worn the original Realities for about 15 years. Please bring it back! Never want to use anything else!


    Talked to liz C. corp. and they said they are not aware of any request to bring it back. Where are these messages going? Really love the fragrance. The new Realities is (per Liz) a totally new fragrance. They should not use same name for new perfume!

  • KATHY10/13/2006

    I have wore Realities for aprox 20 yrs. and find it to be the only fragance that doesn't change the smell after a time. Why can't the put it back on the local market. I love this stuff!!

  • BETTY C RADER09/10/2006

    Alas, girls...I am finding it harder and harder to come by "Realities"..the "real" "Realities". Will someone please advise the powers that be, that this fragrance needs to be re-introduced in a BIG WAY!!!

  • HELEN08/21/2006

    I have been looking for this product in many of my local stores. Does anyone know if Liz Claiborne has discontinued Realities? Has anyone tried to get in touch with the company and if so what did they say? This is the best fragrance I have ever used. Can Perfume Emporium make it be know to whom it may concern that we want our perfume back.

  • ANITA06/06/2006

    This is the only cologne that I wear and it is becoming impossible to find. I am afraid that they have stopped making it.

  • MADELINE H05/17/2006

    Read your message from year ago. Hope that time has enabled your heart to heal (no, DEAL with) your Mother's death. "Sincerely...."

  • DOROTHY05/12/2006

    Yes, I purchased the new perfume and thought it was new packaging, never dreaming they changed the aroma! Don 't like the new smell at all. Want my old stuff back!!!

  • EDNA LAURA03/31/2006

    Please bring it back I wear it everyday and I want to purchase a supply of it... I love the this fragance... thanks

  • JUDI02/19/2006

    please don't get rid of realities everytime i wear it i get a compliment- i agree with disappointed deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NATALIE12/16/2005

    Hi, from what i understand it is being discontinued and what we r seeing on the market is a new fragrance with the same name nut it is not made by liz but by realities perfume. such a loss. this (the one by liz.)is indeed an awesome fragrance. Hope they reconsider and bring it back. If it aint broke.....

  • DEBBIE10/12/2005

    Is this a new scent or the same Realities in a new bottle????? I like the scent in the old clear, and gold square layered bottle with a green lid!!!!!

  • LILLY09/26/2005

    I love this scent. I get compliments all the time and enjoy the smell of it. Even after a long day my husband still tells me I smell great!

  • TY03/23/2005

    My first love used to wear it... that almost 15 years ago... I really don't know where she lives now... but I bought a bottle of it after she is gone... just for the sake of love and her memories!

  • REBECCA02/19/2005


  • NICOLERHAWKS02/18/2005

    queen, im so sorry to hear that this beautiful scent brings back such sad memories. I love this scent and would gladly accept the offer. my email is if the offer is still available.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/14/2005

    Hi there, my mail address please contact me to discuss the realities gift set. Thanks

  • C.G.02/09/2005

    if the person who doesn't want the realities gift set still hasn't given it away, i'd like to get it. my e-mail address is thanks.

  • QUEENOFSWORDZ01/02/2005

    A friend first gave me a bottle of this many years ago, right after my mother died. I had to throw that one out. I associated it too closely with my mother's wake and funeral. My sister just gave me a Realities gift set for Christmas. Either she did not sniff it closely enough upon purchase, or she is lucky enough to have forgotten! Anyway, I have a beautiful Realities gift set. If anyone would like me to send it to you, please post a message here with info to get in touch with you. Happy New Year!

  • MANDY11/21/2004

    Has this scent been reformulated or just newly repackaged? Its now pink in a new bottle and being promoted at major dept stores.

  • JULIE09/27/2004

    I have been wearing this since 1990. I love it!! Everyone always compliments me. There is nothing like it!!

  • KAYA08/31/2004

    reality has the sweetest, most softest smell you could ever imagine..guys go goo-gooz over this it!!!

  • AWSOME12/16/2003

    Instead of saying eye-catching I changed it to nose-catching as people follow me and ask me what is that lovely smell!! Go on E-Bay and grab many of them at cheap cost before they no longer can be found!

  • TJ12/08/2003

    I've been wearing Realities for 13 years. I get compliments every day from someone. It is my signature fragrance. It does not have that "sickening" smell that so many others have. ALL OF US FAITHFUL REALITIES WEARERS MUST CONTACT LIZ CLAIBORNE COSMETICS TELLING THEM NOT TO DISCONTINUE THIS LOVELY FRAGRANCE!!!!!! Let's save this one!!!!

  • LISA11/19/2003

    I had this when it first came out- smelled it a few months ago on someone else- got another bottle. It is such a beautiful scent. A nice spicy floral, not too strong. Modern for being floral. I love it.

  • LORI09/15/2003

    This is the most fabulous perfume ever. I always get compliments about how wonderful it smells. I have been wearing it for almost 14 years. It is getting harder and harder to find. It is a wonderful scent, and it always drives the opposite sex crazy. All of my friends have borrowed it at one time or another and are amazed how many men wonder what they have on. Truly a great perfume, it would be a shame not to be able to get it in the future.

  • MARTIE06/12/2003

    I like this one. It's distinctive. To me, it smells like sugary crayons!

  • NATS06/04/2003

    Realities is one of the more distintive fragrances out there. I hope they are not really going to discontinue it. for those worried about staying power, IT STAYS. It is like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going and going..... This fragrances stays on ALL day. Not just on me but on my friends. My friend who is a teacher, after school she still smells as if she just applied a spritz and I always ask, u sure it was this morning you applied that perfume? and the answer is always the same, "check my pocket book, nothing. I don t need to reapply" It is worth the money. Stock up on it. It is a fabulous fabulous fragrance and the hotter you get the more it exudes its potency. Grab it!!!

  • SHARON04/02/2003

    I CANNOT believe Realities is being discontinued. I have more compliments on this perfume than any other I've ever tried. I'm going to make every attempt possible to notify Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and see what can be done to continue making Realities.

  • BRITTNEE02/26/2003

    I smelled this one at work (walgreens) and was so suprised that it smells very similar to one of my more expensive favorites Jaipur Boucheron. I have no idea about the staying power or how it smells after wearing it long periods of time, but if you like the other one seems like a cheaper alternative. However most liz claiborne fragrances I have tried are way too alcohol based, so buy with caution.

  • PERFUME PSYCHIC02/02/2003

    This is funny. Last night I was drinking a Dr. Pepper and thinking how good a perfume would be if it smelled like this. Not in a funky scratch and sniff kind of way, but a deep rich scent. I dismissed it. My husband had told me earlier that day that I had recieved a few of my minis in the mail and I knew one of them was realities, although it was sorta just a bonus, I was never on my wish list and it was not something I would ever had tried, it was an extra that came in the lot. So last night I get home and I am trying all my new minis and the biggest suprise of them all was realities. I was like.... holy cow wow. It was awesome. I couldnt stop sniffing it, my husband lovedit too. This morning I came back to work and looked up realities on this website and a few of you mentioned that it smelled like DP. Too funny. No wonder I love it!!!I personally dont smell the DP, but my coworkers do.

  • CATHY01/07/2003

    This is the best! It drives men wild!

  • KITIPUS01/01/2003

    I was one of those people that could never find a fragrance that didn't turn on me. I have been using Realities since it was first put on the market and would be devastated if it was discontinued!! It is my signature fragrance and I get compliments on it everyday from strangers that stop me and ask me what I'm wearing. LOVE IT!!

  • CARMEN JOSEPHINE12/28/2002

    This is the best perfium I have ever had. Before it I wore Chanel no 5. I hope it will go on for a very long time, as I can't live without it. I have been using it since 1990, when I first visited the States. I get a batch brought in to me down under by friends, when they visit the States. Thank you Liz Claibourn

  • DEE JOH11/12/2002

    If I could get my hands on some of that powder that came in a triangular tub with a cute triangular puff! It left me with a subtle shimmer and a fresh scent. The scent is very casual, good for everyday use. Its become a less expensive classic. Its a good fragrance to start a teenager with. Worth having around for any avid perfume lover!

  • BUFFY09/15/2002

    This is the best perfume! I don't know why it was discontinued, as I get more compliments on it :)

  • MARICHU09/02/2002

    I've been wearing this perfume for several years and never been tired of it, I really love it.Please don't ever discontinue this one.

  • PEGGY NELSON08/24/2002

    I have worn this for the past 10years. Many compliments. Fragrance is NOT OVERWELLMING. I find it more expensive here on line than in stores? I would pay but wonder why the difference?

  • AMY08/23/2002

    Kinda smells like Dr. Pepper!

  • LAURA07/22/2002

    Bad news! Liz Claiborne has said they are discontinuing Realities. Don't have a clue why!

  • LESLIE03/09/2002

    THe best one out of all the liz fragrances.

  • LAURA03/07/2002

    I was given a small bottle of this for Christmas one year. I can't say there's anything to hate about it, but it doesn't really have any personality. There's nothing unique or noteworthy about it. Also, it does have a sweet edge to it that I don't care for.

  • TJ02/25/2002

    This is by far the greatest scent ever made. I've worn it for 11 years and get compliments regularly. Has a clean, fresh scent. It lasts and lasts. A must for anyone wanting to "smell classy".

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    My sister wears this but knows I don't like it at all, so she doesn't wear it around me. What a sweetie she is.

  • SALI01/21/2002

    Realities to me is a sparkling fresh floral-oriental, sweet (peach) but not overly so and versatile for all occasions all year long. It also has a peaceful, comforting quality (chamomile) which I love. My favorite form of this perfume is the sparkly body lotion (gold sparkles)--perfect for summer nights with a strappy dress.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Sweet; floral; safe; boring.

  • DIANN12/05/2001

    One of my favorites!! I've worn this for yr., and still get compliments.

  • D11/30/2001


  • MILES11/27/2001

    Bought a bottle for a girlfriend-best 30 bucks I ever spent. Warm,beautiful,romantic and seductive. Buy it for only someone special.

  • TRAV11/12/2001

    This is my personal favorite. A little of this goes a long way. It's sweet but not sickeningly so, and very feminine. This one makes my heart race. Good for all occasions, this is the greatest stuff made. For the money, Liz Claiborne products can't be beat.

  • MICHELLE07/01/2001

    I like this scent. Sweet, kind of like candy. Doesn't seem to last long enough though.

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