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Aromatic, Semi-Oriental, Woody. Designed in 1993, Realm cologne is a sharp, oriental, woody, fragrance. This masculine cologne contains human pheromone, lavender, orange and is accented with juniper, patchouli and ginger making Realm cologne perfect for romantic use.

Gift Set - 3.4 oz COL Spray + 6.7 oz Shower Gel
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1.0 oz EDC Spray (By Five Star)
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1.7 oz COL Spray (By Five Star)
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Aromatic, Semi-Oriental, Woody. Designed in 1993, Realm cologne is a sharp, oriental, woody, fragrance. This masculine cologne contains human pheromone, lavender, orange and is accented with juniper, patchouli and ginger making Realm cologne perfect for romantic use.

  • DAVID SIMON10/13/2009


  • DAVID SIMON10/06/2009


  • ANDY09/06/2009

    this is a nice scent but a little too spicy and for much older people

  • JOHNNY07/25/2008

    Realm aint bad, reminds of "Cool Water" --metallic, sharp, dark--but is much pleasanter than CW. Regarding feromoans: Pretend you put some Realm on (but slum with some Old Spice instead) and then go out and about, and ACT as if you were wearing an unresistible elixir whipped up by a team of genius witches and sorcerers... Cutting to the chase: your behavior is what will win her over, not "human pheromones". Anybody who responds to "human pheromones" has the mind of an ant.

  • MICHAEL07/12/2008

    I have been using realm for about 7 years now and have dated women from all over the world who live in Miami. Spray it on your arms and face. The balm gets then crazy when you are up close. I have had women track this stuff on my body ike an ant on a sugar trail. You will be noticed in a very special way but you need to be confident and know how to flirt and close the deal. Expect lots of hugs and attention with this stuff. It does work and you shoud never leave home with out it on.

  • ALEX03/27/2007

    This product is simply the best when it comes to fragrances that attract women. Now I live in New York City and here its all about having style and smelling good. When i wear this product to go out to the clubs and i talk to women, (this is where it kicks in) we'll talk for about 5 mins. and when she's ready to dance she takes a whiff of me and gets all bubbly inside and asks me immediatly take her home. Now in the city, without this product it would take me about 30 minutes to an hour for me to get the girl. This product is by far the greatest thing i've put my mpney into.

  • CHRIS01/29/2007

    Too strong for me. I just bought a big bottle, wore it once, and got a headache! I like a more youthful fragrance.

  • LEO01/16/2007

    Great cologne--willing to sell my bottle [email protected]

  • LONNIE D12/22/2006

    but fellas this stuff works!!!! bought mine in vegas about 3yrs ago! i wore it to work at some concert in seattle. i was incharge of one of the smoking know ,letting people out to smoke and re entering when they finish and this chick would come in and out & when she did this she was all over me! i thought it was great !!! then at the end of the night they ended up giving me cash as well!!!! il take that kind of response anyday!!

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD10/21/2006

    I would expect something spectacular. Not bad at all. Has no effect on me or those around me. The newer bottle is an eye-catcher. I understand the basis of this scent, but I believe Im a higher class animal. The scent alone wont do the trick. Ill just snatch me one like the cavemen.

  • N2DBLU10/09/2006

    This spicy/floral & pheremonal scent is every bit of babe-magnet as it's supposed to be. Got the bottle for a great price much less than the original retail tag, lasts a good while on my skin and I always receive great compliments from the ladies.

  • Z06VETTE08/14/2006

    I have worn this cologne since I first tested in way back in 1996 and I have had nothing but compliments on it from women. THey all love it

  • B.D07/05/2006

    this cologne is the best,i looked for years for the best cologne this cologne does the trick the women love it on me

  • BIGNUTZ05/14/2006

    I have gotten some pretty good compliments from women all around but I personally think the scent itself despite having human pheremone component, could use maybe some sweetness to it instead of being a spicy/floral.

  • MR. LONGROVE05/07/2006

    I got some of this a few years ago but I didn't like the fragrance too much. I wore it anyway because it's said to have pheromones in it, which supposedly makes you more appealing to the opposite sex. I wore it for weeks and not one compliment or anything. I won't be buying anymore.

  • QUANTUM FIRE03/12/2006

    A one-hit-wonder from the designer and sexy one as well! This spicy-floral and pheremone-containing cologne is an absolute aphrodesiac for any woman out there so wear it wisely or you'll never get any sleep! :-)

  • X.G. 02/12/2006

    Highly sensuous spicy/floral fragrance spiked with human pheremone was a best buy for the small price I paid and lasts a long time. A definite babe-magnet!

  • STEVE01/23/2006

    Not the best cologne But after 3 good sprays this will last for over 3 - 4 hours on your neck and i consider myself to not have a great cologne chemistry.

  • ERMAC01/15/2006

    This one-hit-wonder from Erox is to me one of the greatest babe-magnets amongst mens' colognes. Sensual spice & florals + pheremone = women craving you!

  • HAROLD12/16/2005

    Rather sexy spicy/floral fragrance and one-hit-wonder from the designer is a best buy for the price I paid and the pheromones seem to do what they're supposed to.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/12/2005

    A one-hit-wonder from this designer and I'm amazed how low of a price it is at most stores. Great spicy oriental!

  • WES CLEMENS10/30/2005

    Very original spicy/floral spiked with human pheremone making this one of the better evening babe-magnets out there.

  • JULIAN C. STRATUSON07/29/2005

    A hit and an unforgettable evening fragrance for men. A sensual semi-spicy, warm and floral (and not too floral) fragrance that women are constantly questioning me about the name. The pheromone DOES work for me.

  • M.R.06/22/2005

    The scent which to me smells spicy, floral and even animalic definitely stands alone from anything else out there which is good. I do like this one a lot but for having human pheremone in it which is meant to directly attract the opposite sex, my girl doesn't find it to be that sensual. Comments from other women overall are average. I still like it a lot, though.

  • MAEDIN06/16/2005

    As a woman, I must say Realm is captivating, invigorating and sexy scent to wear. Rarely worn by men, but when done is oh so yummy!

  • R.J.11/05/2004


  • BILL JEE06/04/2004

    Nothing special about the scent of Realm. It does smell nice but it's not exceptional. As far as the pheromones go...I've noticed no changes in the women around me yet. If I do I'll re-post and let you know what happened. If you do decide to purchase some, I do recommend Realm for evening or romantic use.

  • ROB H.05/12/2004

    I'm wondering if over 10 years ago when this cologne hit the market that there was negative controversy over the human pheromone it contains. I'm wondering if the sales were high the first year or so and then eventually downhill when customers complained that it didn't attract attention from the opposite sex. I don't know if that's the reason for it not holding it's value like a few colognes out there. I've seen the price of the 1.7oz. bottle for more than 50% off the original price at a few websites. Anyways Realm for Men is a great buy for the price and does it's job attracting positive attention from women.

  • RANGER02/17/2004

    What a big disappoiuntment. Lasts about 5 minutes on me or even on clothing. Savew your money.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE12/08/2003

    Another unique smelling fragrance. Is this considered an oriental or a floral? I can't tell. It just smells good. Not sweet, not citrusy or musky but just original. I hope Erox corporation makes a follow up cologne. Oh, the after shave balm is awesome too!

  • W.B.11/12/2003

    Listen fellas: Have some fine wine and hot babe at your side; kick on some Luther; and most of all, throw on some Realm,that no-lie sexual elixir and have a night you won't forget.

  • DAVE05/24/2003

    At first I did not know if I liked this scent or not. It has a very strange scent that takes a while to grow on you. After a couple uses though, I am pretty much sold. Recommeded, but try it first to see if it is to your personal liking.

  • JOE04/05/2003

    Hey Jamie, every girl I know likes this but one said it wore off after only an hour. She said she smelled it later though. Everyones diferent but how long does Realm last to you?

  • JAMIE03/29/2003

    Realm is so sexy! The smell drives me insane! 2 up on the man who wears it!

  • JOE03/27/2003

    Yes women do like it the girls I wore it around liked it alot. They did say it wore off or they got use to it after a couple hours. But when one moved nearer to me she said she could still smell it even after 8 hours. So its a good cologne but not a pheromone miracal worker. My feeling on this is if you got it working for you you do and if not your out of luck

  • ANDY03/26/2003

    I dont care if its got them pheremones its smells all stuffy and cloying. The mamacitas dont like it.

  • JOE 03/22/2003

    I cant smell most colognes for very long same goes for this one. But my friend I get compliments on colognes long after I stop smelling them say 3 to 8 hours. Its because those lovly ladies have much stronger sences of smell.

  • JOE03/22/2003

    Thats very convincing Womans delight. I just picked this one up today I hope it works as great for me as it is for you. I give it an excellent up front.

  • WOMANS DELIGHT.02/27/2003

    I sneek some on at night in bed my wife gets wet and horney. I picked my boss wife up after a snow storm and I banged her in the back seat. my sister n law gave it up. what can I say, just spray, at the right time. set it up it, be sneeky, it do work! P.S. Im now working on the girl at the bank, I KNOW ILL GET HER TOO. it gets them wet and they dont know why, or they dont tell you just play your part and youll bang them every time,trust me.

  • SHAQ01/26/2003

    Pheromone or No Pheramone, it smells great !!!!!!!!!

  • JOSE12/26/2002

    It really does turn the women on. Too bad it is not available in larger size.

  • LARRY12/26/2002

    I have a large collection of designer colognes, including all five Bulgaries and 3 Creeds. The one I always get the mosta compliments on from the ladies is REALM.


    It smells great, but after five minutes of having put it on, I wouldn't be able to smell it anymore. Where's the darn smell? Should be a little longer-lasting.

  • JOSH10/24/2002

    Just heard from the ladies in the local Lord and Taylor by me that this is being discontinued. I've been using it for several years and my wife loves it. She just told me to buy 10 bottles. It's really just a great cologne, not that expensive and not so you'll always be the one the women want to smell. Trust me, this is the bomb.

  • ALLYSON03/31/2002

    I am so tired of spicy, woodsy, green, stong men's colognes. This one is masculine but soft and not offensive.

  • JASON03/02/2002

    I wear this and my woman goes wild. It's like an awsome food for my girl. I put it on my dick and she sucks away.

  • BENITA01/28/2002

    I am always complimented on my cologne. Women love it!

  • GVERVE12/30/2001

    The cologne is excellent as it has a very light scent, aromatic and fresh, lightly oriental. As for the pheromone (you can't smell them) and I'm not sure on its success.

  • ANTON12/24/2001

    you know, it is always best to have your own so called pheromones than use these hormonal substances artificially manufactured that may supress the production of your own... hormones are highly dangerous to use...

  • PAUL12/17/2001


  • RICK THE DICK12/15/2001

    Think Hairspray....

  • EDIE06/23/2001

    I dated a man who wore Realm, and I LOVE it! It's a very masculine fragrance, but it's not too strong. It strikes a perfect balance.

  • KARON06/05/2001

    My SO wears this and I love it . . . it's not overpowering like most men's colognes.

  • AMMO70106/02/2001

    Ladies, are there any of you out there that this stuff does anything for outside the norm of a good mens fragrence? Just wanna know from a real womans perspective.

  • STACY12/27/2000

    My husband wears this and I love it.

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