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Obsession Night Calvin Klein Image

Calvin Klein

Obsession Night   

17 Reviews

Obsession Night perfume by Calvin Klein is a perfume for the young, sophisticated, approachable, vivacious woman, Obsession Night was created for the risk-taker who is unafraid of experimentation. This delicious fruity blend of citrus, fresh flowers, sexy vanilla, and elegant amber captures the warmth and intensity of the night and the woman who more

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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Obsession Night perfume by Calvin Klein is a perfume for the young, sophisticated, approachable, vivacious woman, Obsession Night was created for the risk-taker who is unafraid of experimentation. This delicious fruity blend of citrus, fresh flowers, sexy vanilla, and elegant amber captures the warmth and intensity of the night and the woman who shines. Notes include Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, White Floral, Angelica Root, Gardenia, Rose, Muguet, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood. Sensual. Mysterious. Irresistible.

  • FIGGY08/07/2012

    Bought for my wife and it smells great. I love the smell and my wife loves it also. Would definetely purchase again...

  • KATHERINE06/22/2010

    This perfume, while nice, does not live up to its name. It is too light and cool, but it's still a nice daytime scent.

  • LJ12/18/2009

    VERY different from original Obession. Dislike the scent. Has a cold, watery smell. Don't make my mistake: TRY before BUY!

  • TANYA10/29/2008

    I love this version of Obsession! Softer than the original (women's) version, yet still makes me feel sexy and sensual. (I also think the men's version of the original is better than the women's.) - Also recommend OBSESSION SHEER.

  • DIANE10/20/2008

    I think original Obsession smells a little sickly sweet, but this has a nice, more powdery dry down. Men seem to like this one, but too heavy and dramatic for daytime use.

  • ALANNA09/04/2008

    I really llike this perfume. I notice a lot of the woody smell. It is probably best for evening wear.

  • DANA08/21/2008

    I bought the big 3.4fl oz size thinking that this would be a sexy night time fragrance. It gave me a nightmare! It's very very heavily scented with sandalwood which gave me a headache. My boyfriend asked me to wash it off because it was making his nose tickle! I didn't think it was a pretty fragrance, rather masculine.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    I sampled this today and was leary as I grew nose weary of the 80's heavy handed obsession drenched women. It is so different. There is a tad of the original smell that comes through to me in the middle notes which is very clever, but it is a complex and comforting scent I really appreciated. You just never know unless you try, right!? I did like obsession, just not all of my college dorm mates drowning themselves in it. This has a richness and masculine quality I can not put my finger on, but I will come back to it later. Very impressive C.K.

  • JESEKA05/02/2008

    I bought this on a whim- I don't like the original Obsession, probably because I'm still pretty young and my mom wears the original. But I find that I absolutely love the Night version. This is definitely a great choice for people who find the original a little to overpowering or matronly- kudos!

  • MICHELLE12/30/2007

    I bought this Obs. Night ONLY because it was on a GREAT deal. i got the whole set. and a OBS day too. I have never smelled it before i bought it, knowing i would like it. But my FIRST impression was "is this for girls or guys?" guess i gotta wear it more to see . NOW the LOTION OMG totally love it so far. but hey for the deal i caint go wrong either way. I just hope it stands up to its rep. i see that some people say it last a long time. THAT is great.

  • JOANNAH09/17/2007

    I hope you're right because I was thinking of buying Obsession for daywear and Night obsession for eveningwear but now I'm not so sure because we're getting into the cooler months. Most occasions I get invited to happen to fall in the cooler months. No one ever invites me out during the summer *snif!* Hub bought me the original Obsession when we first dated and I can read here that men apparently love it. I'll buy it to please him. It's also one of the CK scents I don't find totally forgettable in the perfume jungle. I think much of my perfume prejudice is a chemistry thing because people who know I'm a Lancome loyalist will say so and so scent is very much like this or that CK or other modern scent so they don't understand my reservations. I'm sure they're right, I'm just "weird" or have some chemistry problem.

  • CC09/10/2007

    I was extremely surprised to buy Night and discover that it smells really awful on me...probably just a chemistry thing. Love regular Obsession but Night just was too strong and choked me. Before buying Night be sure to test it, just to be sure it works for you.

  • CANDY06/18/2007

    This fragrance is so boring in the cooler months, but it's oh so very sexy on warm summer nights. The citrus and vanilla notes come alive in warm weather. I was very dissappointed with this fragrance when I purchased it in Jan., but when I tried it out again this summer it was perfect! Now the name Obesession Night makes sense. If you have a bottle that you gave up on, do yourself a favor and try it again. Also, if you find many of your vanilla fragrances too heavy for summer, give this one a try!

  • AMY03/25/2007

    bought a mini set and this was one of the scents. i liked etrnity moment and euphoria the best but this one is not bad.

  • BEE01/17/2007

    I have never been the biggest CK fragrance fan, but this one is quite hot. It definitely has a "night" quality to it, and when I put it on to go out at night, it is mood-altering! It has a lot of depth and I agree that it is somewhat similar to Armani Code for women. It's a good one!

  • BARBARA W10/19/2006

    I really enjoy Night, but it really doesn't resemble the original Obsession or the Sheer - it probably should have been marketed as a completely different fragrance. It sort of has that "Armani quality" about it; something about it reminds me of Code for men...maybe the tonka? It has a sensual depth, but it's also surprisingly fresh - I think you could pull of wearing this during the day in the colder months. I have the shower gel and the lotion, too. Worth a try if you enjoy fresh orientals.

  • MEGAN06/05/2006

    Obsession Night smells wonderful, it's a livelier version of Obsession, and really smells fresh and great on. My problem with it is that the scent does not last. I have even tried layering it with the lotion, but after about an hour, the perfume needs refreshing because it can barely be detected. So, if you have lots of money to spend and can re-apply often, it's a good choice, if not, pass it by.

  • REBECCA05/30/2006

    I'm partial to this because I loved it from the first time I smelled it. There wasn't any hesitation to buy, even though I have too many perfumes lying around. I didn't even see the ad, which is provocative. At first this is a burst of soft fruits which go away quickly and it all blends together. A creamy, lush soft floral that's sexy. It's not as deep as the original or even the sheer. It is mysterious and comforting at the same time.

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