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White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor Image

Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds   

127 Reviews

Animalic, Floral-Chypre. Designed by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991, White Diamonds is an elegant, gentle, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: neroli, lily and tuberose. The middle notes are: orris, narcissce and amber and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. White Diamonds is recommended more

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Animalic, Floral-Chypre. Designed by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991, White Diamonds is an elegant, gentle, floral fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: neroli, lily and tuberose. The middle notes are: orris, narcissce and amber and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. White Diamonds is recommended as an evening fragrance.

  • TERRI DANDRIDGE02/26/2016

    It is a wonderful product. I love it and have been wearing it for years...

  • SUE REDDING12/03/2012

    What can I say... this is a truly beautiful perfume. Like a silk nightdress and a large power puff. I just love wearing it.

  • JOHNNY J01/04/2012

    Was just like I expected. Good shipping time. No change in product.

  • SHERRI04/09/2011

    first introduced to W.D. by a lady in church, fell in love with it , bought my own

  • APRIL12/22/2008

    My female co-worker wears this sometimes, and it smells up her office area so nicely. It is wonderful, however, I don't think it smells as nice on me. But it makes her smell great and she gets compliments all the time, from me and alot of other co-workers!

  • NICKIE12/20/2008

    I purchased this again after years of wearing other fragrances. I tried all of the newer celebrity fragrances, but I came back to this one. The EDT is not overwhelming and it dries down to a nice light floral scent on my skin. I can not state that thoughts of my grandmother run through my mind when I wear this fragrance as another reviewer wrote. Maybe Youth Dew or Shalimar but not White Diamonds. Just my opinion.

  • HONEY07/07/2008

    I followed a woman in the grocery store this morning because as she walked by I smelled this absolutely beautiful smell. I asked what fragrance she was wearing and she said White Diamonds. She definitely confirmed what I have been suspecting lately which is that we all have become used to thinking there is nothing to White Diamonds any more if ever. Several times lately I have learned that a nice fragrance in the air was White Diamonds. I came home and found my old bottle of WD in my perfume closet. I sprayed it and have been feeling very queenly since. One does forget the good feeling it gives you. Please try it again.

  • ANNIE05/14/2008

    After taking a break from it for a zillion years I smelled White Diamonds recently and, personally, I found it a really nice-smelling floral chypre for all the disrespect it garners now. I've also noticed that it smells terrific on some people, and not so great on others, and I wonder if that's due to over-application in some cases that results in the fragrance not just being too strong, but different smelling (or maybe that's due to differences in formula concentration, i.e, edt vs. edp?). I think of White Diamonds as a formal scent, not casual, though I wear whatever I like when the mood hits me. I'll probably pick up a small bottle in the near future. I enjoy this type of lush floral chypre - the same type as Estee Lauder;'s Knowing, for example. This type of fragrance is probably too mature for the younger generation. Not in all cases, but in most. If you do go for this - have a heart and don't overspray! ;-)

  • BARBARA11/19/2007

    I have been wearing the body cream for over 16 years and love it more each day. Friends have given me the perfume / spray which is a totally different (too strong for me!) aroma. I get more compliments about my fragrance!

  • MS. DEE11/08/2007

    I couldn't help but laugh @ TRINITY'S comment.. it is so true!! My grandmother would run through my mind also when smelling this perfume


    and not in a good way. I was in a store the other day and walked by a woman who must have applied it with a garden hose. Thank goodness I was leaving the store anyway. White Diamonds is so wrong in every way- smells like wet animal mixed with powder! Nothing personal against Ms. Taylor- a lovely lady I'm sure- I wonder if she wears perfume that bears her name?

  • DANA09/20/2007

    Not my favorite scent. Smells OK on me but I just can't take to this one.

  • MISS KIM04/09/2007

    I received White Diamonds in a gift set and I'm not very impressed with it. It doesn't smell bad, just not that great. It has a very generic smell. It's strong, but kind of boring. Not unique or exciting at all.

  • KATHY04/06/2007

    This is very strange but just had to comment on my rating before! I tried this a couple of years ago in the PX in Germany...YUCK. It smelled just like some kind of strange chemical, not perfume in the least. Well, about a month ago I tried this one again and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Smells pretty and clean with great lasting power. I can only guess that what I smelled before must have been way past it's expiration. Give it a try and the price is right!

  • BLONDIE03/18/2007

    Yeah, I have to say this one is a little hard to wear. Body chemistry is very important. Mostly encounter this on those over 60. But, it does have that old time glam Hollywood thing going on..I'm sure it suits "Miz Liz" to a tee!! Love her she is still beatiful!

  • LIZ01/30/2007


  • KELLY01/21/2007


  • JACKIE01/06/2007

    I've been wearing this perfume for about 10 years now and it's always my favorite. I've tried other top of the line fragrances and always return to white diamonds!!

  • DEBORAH01/05/2007

    I tried this several years ago and was undecided about it. I have since tried several other Liz perfumes and loved them so decided to give WD another try. Wow! Just goes to show first impressions can be wrong! I love it.

  • BORN4MD12/12/2006

    i am so happy with more than a few of ms. taylor's perfumes and am going to check out more. each one i fell in love with is totally different than the last. great job.

  • GALA11/26/2006

    I love this perfume and so does my husband. It is rich and leaves a lovely scent on my clothes. No matter what I try I always come back to this one. I also love the fact that I can layer this with the lotion and powder.

  • JK08/28/2006

    Yes, I followed a lady into a dept. store last week to ask her what she was wearing. It was wonderful. Why I was actually disappointed when she said, "White Diamonds," I will never know. I had just made up my mind I did not like it and classified it as a cheap perfume. But, I can't deny, I followed that lady to ask. She told me she gets tons of compliments, especially from men. Hummm.....

  • ROME07/06/2006

    I feel like a Queen thats wearing tons of beautiful diamonds!!! It really DOES make you feel like a million dollars! BUY IT!!!!!!!

  • TRINITY04/17/2006

    In it's lifetime, I've only met one person on whom WD smells alright. On my best friend, who insists it smells great on her, however, blech. On me, even worse---I can't get my grandmother out of my head when I smell this. Bottom line, this one cannot stand on it's own feet---you seriously have to have the right chemistry and panache to pull it off. I just don't think as many people have "it" as think they do. ;o)

  • NASTASSIA04/09/2006

    Being a nut, I bought this for my mother on Mother's Day a while back. I used to wonder what she did with it because I never saw it. While she was gone on vacation with my dad, I "mistakenly" found it in the trash. I tried it on, and I couldn't help but throw it in the trash myself. In addition to making me feel nauseated, it smelled like root beer! I hate root beer! True enough, I have to agree with Gretchen here...I've been around some of the old folks in the nursing homes who swear on this stuff...eww! Who wants to smell like a carbonated drink? Well, apparently they do!

  • GRETCHEN03/28/2006

    I don't know anyone who smells good with White Diamonds on. Even applied if with a light hand- it smells harsh, and smells like... cat urine. I know that's unkind but when the scent hits my nose it burns and smells like a cat litter box that hasn't beeen emptied in quite some time. I have worked with staff in nursing homes who wear this- it's cruel to wear this around sick people- or anyone for that matter. The scent definition is this clash of essences... unpleasant all around.

  • EVELYN03/09/2006

    Let's say, I have to agree with some of the people on the comment site. Some of them said that these perfumes are way too strong and more for older ladies, and I can say the same thing. The fragrance is recccomended for women over fifty years of age. The scent is overrated, and it is not really the one for me. The only good thing that I find about the fragrance is that it lasts long enough on me.

  • ROSELLE02/28/2006

    I swear, when you dab this on, it feels like you are a glamorous queen with a glittering diamond tiara waiting for her carriage to escort her to the ball. Magical. If you've had a day cleaning the house or gardening and have to go out, switch into your fancy clothes and spray this on your wrists-poof! You're Cinderella!

  • GAIL LAKE02/13/2006

    This is my signature smell..It's very elegant. I feel like a million when I wear this. I'm asked ALL the time what am I wearing..Thanks Elizabeth...

  • GREEKGIRL01/27/2006

    When i first tried this i thought it stank but after putting it on i immediately fell in love and it lasted all day. Try this girls you will fall in love too.

  • MEGAN01/23/2006

    I think this perfume is strong but, not bad actsaully. Compared to other perfumes I have smelled.

  • LAUERMAR01/23/2006

    My mom used to buy this for Christmas for me in the 1990s. Mom looked like Liz and wore all her fragrances well. I never had the courage to wear it, I always gave it away. Now it is 2006, and my 9 y.o. daughter gave it to me for Christmas! Well, I gave it another try, and I'm hooked now that I'm middle-aged. I wear this with jeans, fur and diamonds. It is best worn sparingly and in cold winter. A little will last all day. If you're not a glamour queen like me, pass this up. It's too sophisticated for you.

  • MAGGIE MAY01/22/2006

    I have been wearing White Diamonds since it came out in 1991... haven't used it much in a few years as I favor others now (Boucheron, Touch, Trouble, Jivago 24K, Michael Kors, Escada) but for a long time it was my signature fragrance.

  • ROBYN01/02/2006

    I have not smelt the other white diamonds before, so I can't make a comparrison, but I had it bought for me for christmas, I realy liked it.

  • MS THANG01/02/2006

    Ladies stop buying this stuff. This does not smell good on anyone. It is loud,crusty and stale. Poor Elizabeth!

  • POOKIE12/30/2005

    Another one of my favorite classics. It's got all the traits a good perfume should have. Originality, lasting power and wonderful smell. It's a definite staple in my collection. I'm never out of it.

  • TINA12/29/2005

    I have used WD since it came out and love it also have recieved all the gifts that have come each Christmas with the WD perfume, and have loved them all this year however the Watch clasp does not work. Wonder how I rectify this?

  • COLOGNEMAN12/22/2005

    Got this one for my mom. Holy crap! So heavy you can almost see the scent! Glad my fiance doesn't wear this one.

  • BIANCA12/20/2005

    I smelt the EDP and it is too strong and bitter with this nasty smoky note in it. I like the EDT.

  • WENDY12/16/2005

    This fragrance was passed down to my by a couple of people who didn't like it. I thought I wouldn't either, but it was surprising nice. The best thing about the scent was that it lasted sooo long. I bought some more a year or two later and it's not the same for some reason.

  • CAROLYN11/26/2005

    my husband says it smells really good and he doesn't say that about most perfumes, I like it also,the smell is not overpowering.

  • KATHY11/23/2005

    What in the world happened to this perfume??!! I tried it the other day and it is nothing like it was years ago. It smelled of a chemical of some sort, not perfume.

  • CARLA11/04/2005

    The combination of tuberose, sandalwood and patchouli are just too strong, overpowering and dated. In an age when scents are lighter this one is intrusive, even in small doses and certainly not suitable for the office. Please ladies, leave this patchouli and sandalwood based perfume for the evening. There are two women who wear this in the office where I work and it gives several of us severe headaches. It's a known fact that after wearing the same scent for a long period of time, it becomes harder for the person wearing it to detect it.This doesn't mean that WE can't smell you , only that it is harder for YOU to smell you. So for goodness sakes, please, don't apply MORE because you can't smell it on yourself. This is one of the worse perfumes ever, too strong for anyone.

  • ROXOLANA10/20/2005

    Smelled it in the store. I favor newer scents. This one smelled too old. May appeal to a more mature woman.

  • LALA10/11/2005

    This sent is -far- too strong and musky. There is nothing sweet or alluring about it.

  • SANDRA04/12/2005

    This fragrance smells like bad morning breath. I find it completely nausiating on me an anyone else.

  • DOTTIE03/25/2005

    I would start a petition to ban this fragrance I find it so appalling. I know people who where it and avoid them like the plague.

  • BEBE02/25/2005

    white diamond vs black diamonds. smels so innocent. wear it at a white wedding. black pearls wins. very nice though.

  • SHARRIE01/14/2005

    diamonds are a girls besy friend, precious. ageless. very sensual. like wearing the golden slipers. wonderful

  • SHARRIE01/06/2005

    diamonds are a womans best friend. awesome. white diamonds forever. blessings in diamonds. a perfume worthy of being called diamonds/ wpnderful. aleways

  • LEELEE12/26/2004

    im very picky about my perfumes and this one surprised me. its very delicious but u have to apply it right, if u dont, its too strong, but if u use the rule "less is more" then its perfect. way to go liz.

  • KIM12/13/2004

    What a great present to give to a woman who is dear to you. I gave it to my mother last Chistmas and the best part is treating yourself to a bottle!! I certainly did.

  • LOLEKA12/09/2004

    I have been using white Diamonds since 1991, and it's basically the only perfume I wear. I love the smell and the free gifts that come along with it. Free gift or not I love it and I buy it alot.

  • DOLLY11/29/2004

    When I was 7 yrs old I smell it in my aunt, Now 22yrls old , is my favorite perfume, Is strong so is better you wear it for evening ocatins, is a perfume with Character!!

  • DEB11/20/2004

    Love it !!! While recommended for evening wear, I doubt Elizabeth Taylor let that stop her from wearing whenever she wants, and neither do I. Wear it all the time and lots of favorable comments (mostly from men).

  • SYLVIE09/09/2004

    Sophia Grojsman - a very popular perfumer - created WHITE DIAMONDS. She composed so wonderful fragrances like Paris/YSL, Eternity/CK, Champagne/Yvresse etc. All her "perfume-compositions" are very feminine. White Diamonds is ultra-strong and ultra-long-lasting!!! It's a very special and complicated mixture. Hard to describe how it smells. Very similar to Ysatis by Givenchy. Unique and outstanding, and therefore a love- or-hate fragrance. Important: Don't spray too much!!! Be careful and use this hot stuff with a very, very light hand... A tiny bit is enough!!!

  • REBECCA07/18/2004

    I notice people who don't like this perfume travel in pairs on this message board! This is already considered a classic perfume with women. I love it in the winter, and a light spritz sometimes in the spring. If you spray too much, people will smell you a mile away. So be aware of that. It's second in place only to chanel No5 world wide. I think it's because there so wearable with many different kinds of women. Young and old are discovering these types of fragrances. I'm 22 and have a wide range of perfumes. I don't think you need a signature scent in your lifetime in order to be assured that your a "woman". If you do have a set scent,then that's great too. Don't be afraid to try new and older perfumes! This is worn out from so many wearing it every day, so switch from time to time please!

  • SHERLYN06/17/2004

    White diamonds is not for everyone. It mixes with ones chemistry and becomes a signature sent. I always get compliments whenever I where it. I always tell friends to try it before they buy it as I have had friends buy it then give it to me because it did not smell the same on them. Good for me bad for them. I have worn it for years and will continue to wear it. I agree it is timeless and personally feel that if you find something that works for you so well that everyone comments on it, then it is a fragrance that you should stick with it as long as the compliments continue. I am not saying don’t try new things, but keep the one you know and trust for those extra special occasions.

  • JACKIE05/23/2004

    this stuff is bloody brilliant i sprayed just a bit on myself and then my boyfriend was all over me i say that this is the perfume to buy

  • KELL04/25/2004

    Way too strong and old womany. Not in style either. An eighties fragrance that should be left there!

  • DENIM AND LACE03/26/2004

    Well I must say this perfume is bursting with brillance, elegance and quality.White diamonds is just a perfect name for this fragrance. With this frangrance you can't go wrong. I will always go back to this frangrance because you can't go wrong. Just remember the rule less is more and the eu da parfum is the only way to buy this one. If you follow this rule you will surely sparkle like diamonds and get compleiments where ever you go.

  • BELLA02/17/2004

    This perfume is Simply Beautiful AND a Classic. I wore it at my Wedding in '95. It has the Classicism of a Chanel Number 5 (which my Mother wore..) without the straight chemical quality. On the white side of frangraces, yet strong enough to hold its own. Its refined, and sweet but not heady. It has a sparkling feeling, but not a crazy over the top one. Sortof like a well trimmed bountiful bouquet. This scent has some levity in that it's a happy scent. It has a formal feel but it lifts the wearer and those who smell it so its much more a pearls WITH a shine on them:) I agree with those who say this scent is classic, it is. I saw the mention of Ysatis. And though I adore oriental flower fragrances, this one is not overpoweringly flowery nor Oriental. Just a medium level flowers. Its truly regal. Hey, dont let Elizabeth taylor put you off:) A fine scent is a fine one. Really lovely!:)

  • SONYA02/12/2004

    The top notes are very overpowing and headache inducing. The dry down is even worse. I tried some on at a department store. An hour later I was cleaning my wrists with alcohol pads. I smelled like I had stepped in something.

  • CHRISTINA02/05/2004

    It smells great.and drives the bf crazy =).I think he loves it more than i do. Its a must have.

  • PAZZO02/03/2004

    I got this as a gift from someone and boy was I glad I didn't spend my money buying this horrible concoction.The first time I put it on was also the last time I put it on.ICK!!!The scent is disgustingly strong enough to knock the senses out of you.

  • KARENA12/11/2003

    I absolutely LOVE this perfume. I can only wear the classic perfumes, and when I wear this, it's as if I'm taken back into time when Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn graced us with their magnificence... I get showered with compliments and feel like I was wearing my mom's Chanel when I was a little girl. It's very pretty.

  • CHRISSY11/25/2003

    White diamond is just too heavy for my taste. It makes the scent seem dated and possibly something that someone who doesnt smell very sensitively would like. No offense to anyone that is enjoying it. My Husband is a cigar smoker and doe not even smell most fragrances because of his worn sense of smell. But when I tried this one..he actually thought it just reeked. So try it for yourself ladies.

  • PEGGY11/24/2003

    It is a strange scent. A co-worker wore W.D. and one minute she would smell great and then the scent would be horrible.

  • CHRIS08/14/2003

    I always get compliments on this perfume.People have actually stopped me and asked what perfume I am wearing.

  • MARLENE06/21/2003

    Compliments Galore

  • SHARON06/06/2003

    makes me feel Great!!!

  • JOYCE05/07/2003

    This one's not for me, just don't like appeal..

  • PIA04/26/2003

    This is overrated and the name does not suit the scent which I find strong and stinky and cheap. to me the name implied fresh and sparkly , this is cloying and sticky. Sorry

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I don't get it. How can someone that came up with Passion, a warm, sensual scent come up with this. To me, White Diamonds is overrated, overpriced, and almost always overused. I've never smelled it on anyone that didn't bathe in it. It also doesn't help that it has always reminded me of a cleaning solution used in a vacuum demonstration when I was a child. I hated it then; I hate it now.

  • BRITTNEE02/27/2003

    Every time I tried to wear this stuff it would make me queasy. I think it has very cheap ingredients or something because it's just overall harsh smelling. Reminds me of sweaty women at a dance. Where I am from it is very popular among the people who tend to buy the "imposter" aerosol version of it which is horrendous also. Suprisingly I cannot tell the difference when someone wears the "real thing" or an imposter. Good for those of you who think you can wear it well, but honestly I've never smelled it on anyone and liked it. Far too sweet and has a lingering smell of bounty dryer sheets.

  • LILY02/12/2003

    Belonged to my aunt and I used some. At first, I thought it smelled like something an older woman would wear. I'm in my twenties. I got lots of compliments from so many people and was shocked. But the compliments were from older men.

  • JULIE02/11/2003

    This is so strong and sickening. It hurt my nose.

  • DONNA02/07/2003

    Ohhh...smells soooo good. I love it! My best friend gave me a gift set for Christmas - wonderful! I feel so very feminine when I wear it.

  • CHARLOTTE01/09/2003

    My aunt has worn this for years. At her holiday party I used some of it & its not bad at all. A little goes a long way. I'm in my 20's and a got a few nice compliments at the party.

  • PARFUMOLIQUE01/05/2003

    This has to be one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled. Awful, can't stand it.

  • ROSE01/04/2003

    This has got to be one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled.Elizabeth Taylor needs to stop.Boring and old womanish.SICK.

  • STEPHANIE12/30/2002

    I got a new bottle for Christmas. Seriously the best stuff and lasts forever.

  • ELAINE12/10/2002

    men smile when you walk past, you figure it out

  • JANICE STABLER12/07/2002

    This is a delightful, sexy fragrance. It's long lasting and the body cream is just delightful as well as the other products in this fragrance line.

  • LILY B12/02/2002

    Love the scent and it is my husband's favorite, began using it a few days ago recieved as a birthday gift. It is elegant but use with a light hand. As for Aimee, you don't seem to like any perfumes,are you an expert at perfume making? Have not read one good comment from you.

  • SHELLV11/30/2002

    Great nightime scent, I love it!!!!

  • BETTY STEVENS11/29/2002

    Its just wonderful...the best ever.

  • DOROTHY11/24/2002


  • DOROTHY L. D.11/24/2002

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • ANGELA11/19/2002

    i have to agree with those who say be careful not to use too much.white diamonds is my favorite really makes me feel sexy!and the scent lasts all day.

  • JASMINE11/14/2002

    White Diamonds reminds me of Ysatis however WD is not as heavy and sweet.

  • BARBARA11/09/2002

    I have been using White Diamonds about four years. It always makes me feel so feminine. I only use it and Red Door. They both are excellent!!!

  • KATHLEEN10/11/2002

    I just love White Diamonds. I think it smells absolutely divine!

  • KATHLEEN10/11/2002

    I just love Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume.

  • ROSE09/16/2002

    Pretty Floral! Perfect for getting dressed up or just when you want to feel special!

  • KATHLEEN09/16/2002

    Pretty floral...has tuberose in it,just a drop or two is perfect!

  • JOY08/14/2002

    I was given a bottle for my birthday - it's absolutely divine without being too overpowering. I use it every day now and everyone asks me what it is I am wearing. Some of the girls can't wear this, they say it's too strong for them, so I feel special that's it's just right for me!

  • DIANE08/05/2002

    A very special fragrance for special nights. Not for use by those with a heavy spray finger. Just a light touch will last a long time. This is not only my favorite but my boyfriends too.

  • JUSTINE07/26/2002

    Cheap garbage masquerading as class. Sorry, it stinks. Liz should stick to acting.

  • STEPHANIE07/05/2002

    I love White Diamonds. It used to be all I ever wore. I agree it can be very strong, so all you need is a spritz or two. And layered with the body lotion it has an extra richness, but doesn't get too strong, if you know what I mean. It's great. I need to buy some new because I used up my bottle a long time ago!

  • CHANTELL06/11/2002

    Nice,pleasant flowery smell. Can be tasteful and good smelling if you don't overdo it.

  • BUTTERFLY06/06/2002

    Elizabeth Taylor doesn't exactly cut if for me, however her taste in this perfume hit me right. Use sparingly and you will enjoy it.

  • BUNNY06/05/2002

    If you have any sensitivities to perfumes at all, I suggest passing this one up. I litorally feel like getting sick and get a headache whenever I smell it.

  • A.06/04/2002

    Absolutely use this sparingly, and it can be chic and lovely. Over-doing it the slightest bit puts you in pukey headache territory. I think this is a full and balanced scent. Rich. But it should come with a migraine warning.

  • JAKQUA06/02/2002

    White Diamonds is the type of fragrance that you can wear when you want to make sure you are going to smell good. It doesn't really change alot after it dries down. I personally don't consider it a signature scent as it does not have the same elegance or sophistication to be classified as a signature scent, in my opinion. But it is a clean scent that smells good anytime.

  • BETHANY06/01/2002

    I don't think this fragrance smells good on me, but it smells just great on my mother. Once again, body chemistry makes all the difference. Try it with a light hand, it may be for you.

  • L.05/29/2002

    Let's all hope Taylor stops trying to make a name for herself in the fragrance market soon! This is almost as bad as her "Passion," not quite but bad enough. It smells like something from a drugstore. No wait, it's not even that good. I would not take a bottle of this stuff if it were free!

  • LISA04/30/2002

    This perfume is quite lovely in the colder months. But, even then you need to be careful with how much you spritz on. The spray is powerful on the bottle, also. Use sparingly (or not at all) in the warmer months, as it can become overpowering quite easily.

  • JESSICA04/19/2002

    BUT it smells divine. It's classy and I think it smells very unique. But it doesn't smell good with my chemistry. It smells like scotch tape on me, but out of this world on others. Try it on in the store first.

  • STEPHANIE04/14/2002

    then give the lotion a try, it is divine.

  • NONI 204/01/2002

    makes some women feel more sensual and erotic wink wink.perfumetherapy is another word for it i guess.use a light hand you might be one of the lucky ones.

  • TEX03/27/2002

    Perfume should make you smell clean, not overwhelm, and stink. This stuff is too loud and smells very cheap.

  • ANTIONETTE03/10/2002

    My roomate wears it and it is the most annoying, unbearable fragrance. Maybe it is not right for someone people or maybe she had an old bottle. But I loathe it.

  • CALI02/20/2002

    I originally received a bottle from my husband (then boy-friend) as a birthday present. It is a elegant fragrance with an implication of confidence and luxury. The thing i like the most about this fragrance is that it lasts very long. It stay all day long on me. But I wouldn't recommend wearing them in the office unless you just have one spray.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    but can't use the spray....too strong.

  • TONI02/09/2002

    Just thinking about this perfume makes me shutter. Can't stand it.

  • MICHELLE K.02/07/2002

    As others have said, when used correctly this is a lovely scent.

  • YVONNE02/04/2002

    As with many other perfumes, I really like this scent from the bottle or on someone else. But when I wear it, it gives me a headache after the first few minutes and I can't wait to get it off.

  • STEPHANIE01/25/2002

    This fragrance seems to me the strongest of Elizabeth Taylor's bunch, but in the right amount it's right on! It definitely seems like a "night" or formal type of fragrance to me. It includes lily, rose, amber, oakmoss and sandalwood. A little goes a long way with this one, but if done right it's very elegant.

  • PENNY01/24/2002

    If you wear fragrance correctly and not overdo, this can be a very lovely fragrance. I love jewelry, lots of hair and like flashy, but don't like this fragrance if too much is used. Just a very light spray and it is elegant!

  • ANONYMOUS01/23/2002

    Have to disagree with Amy C. on this one- I also dislike White Diamonds, but if you're looking to know what it smells similar to, I have to say it's NOTHING like Chanel # 5. To me, the two couldn't be more different- and to compare a great classic like Chanel #5 to a tacky scent like White Diamonds is way off base. About White Diamonds, though- I picture a woman who would wear this scent as someone who would love big hair, flashy jewelry, and showy displays of wealth. A "loud" fragrance for a "loud" woman.

  • AMY C01/22/2002

    To me, it has a sickly-sweet, almost rotten scent (powdery aldehydes) that reminds me of Chanel #5 and "old ladies' perfume." (I do like other classic perfumes like Shalimar and Joy.) But to each her own! If you love Chanel #5, you'll probably love this.

  • NICOLE01/16/2002

    I love White Diamonds! And the men love it too!

  • NICANCEL01/16/2002

    I love White Diamonds! It is the BEST!

  • JACQUELYN12/31/2001

    All the guys just go crazy for White Diamonds. I finally gave bottles of it to all our friends wives! It is a great everyday scent.

  • MIRELLE12/30/2001

    In my opinion all the "Diamonds" from Liz Taylor tend to do a little better on older women. I think younger women have to tread especially lightly with this one since our abundance of estrogen can make it do really strange things. It's very pleasant if it clicks with your body chemistry, and very UNnpleasant if it doesn't!

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Bubble bath beads; cantaloupe-like note; potent; fruity; sweet; balsamic; animalic. My boyfriend's comment: P.U.

  • DARLA HAMANN12/19/2001

    I have been wearing White Diamonds for 8 years and I still have people come up to me and say, "what fragrance are you wearing, it is wonderful".

  • COLLEEN12/19/2001


  • MICHELLE12/13/2001

    Please do not take advice from this Gail person because White Diamonds is a luxurious scent. It smells so good and I highly recommend it.

  • GAIL12/12/2001

    This may sound gross, but for some reason this smells like urine to me.Yuck!!

  • CAROL12/08/2001

    White Diamonds was added to my fragrances about 5 years ago and I alternate between "diamonds" and Pheromone them both...and lately have been leaning to White Diamonds...lasts all day and my body "eats" fragrance...Great perfume.

  • ANNIE12/01/2001

    I bought this scent for my mom and she loves it! Even her clothes smell like it way after its washed. It's such a motherly, refined, sophisticated smell. If your confused about what to get mom for Christmas -give this a try.

  • LIL_RED10/20/2001

    I have been using White Diamonds now for several years. This is the "BEST" Perfume that there is!! It is just awesome.

  • H.10/19/2001

    Just beautiful!

  • KATHY 10/17/2001

    I have always liked and worn white diamonds perfume and while hugging my 85yr old gram she told me I smelled yummy. She is gone now but I still spray it on every day and think of her every time I get a smell of it. Love to you BOTH!

  • GLENDA10/11/2001

    I've worn White Diamonds for over 8 years. It's just like Liz!!! Beautiful, alluring, sexy-not too much, nor too little. Only a small amount needed for a lasting fragrance all day! My compliments to Liz!! She picked a winner!!!I refused to wear anything but Chanel for years until I discovered White Diamonds!!!I've never received as many compliments before from men and women! No other perfume can touch this one! Great price for a marvelous fragrance!

  • MANDEE09/22/2001

    i love the smell... but i little goes a long ways...

  • NONI09/07/2001

    its like paul and liz in cat on a hot tin roof intense

  • KITTY-ANN EDWARDS08/28/2001

    The greatest perfume and EDT spray I have ever used. I use nothing else. I am a smoker and it always smells the same. It also lasts forever.

  • KAYE07/02/2001

    can I buy this item in Nova Scotia Canada????

  • CYNTHIA 06/13/2001

    I have been wearing White Diamonds for 5 years and still get a lot of compliments. (White) Diamonds are a girls best friend.

  • REBEKAH03/15/2001

    White Diamonds has been my favorite for many many years and continues to be #1 with me. No matter where I go, everyone comments on how wonderful I smell. I have used this for so long that the scent is in my coats even after having them dry cleaned. White Diamonds is wonderful...!!!

  • COOKIE10/01/2000

    White Diamonds has been my primary fragrance for 7 years. I guess its time for a change.:) ...Naaah

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