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Mira Bai   

10 Reviews

Mira-Bai is an exotic, light-textured fragrance for the radiant, passionately independent woman. Mira-Bai contains fruity freshness of blackcurrant and bergamot, the delicacy of freesia, a velvety note of peach, with a touch of floral scents.

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Mira-Bai is an exotic, light-textured fragrance for the radiant, passionately independent woman. Mira-Bai contains fruity freshness of blackcurrant and bergamot, the delicacy of freesia, a velvety note of peach, with a touch of floral scents.

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  • BARBARA W09/27/2008

    This is nothing like Casmir, with the exception of the similar bottles/exotic names. Casmir is much heavier on the vanilla and patchouli (I love it). Mira Bai is much more delicate, and reminds me somewhat of the original Burberry in the round bottle.

  • BARBARA W09/27/2008

    I'm really enjoying Mira Bai. I think it's a nice spring/summer oriental, as it's not too heavy. I like it all the way through the citrusy topnotes to the praline/vanilla drydown. Very woody as is Chopard's trademark. Wish it lasted longer, but it's so inexpensive, you can afford to reapply. A keeper.

  • BARBARA W07/17/2008

    What a delightful fragrance. The comparison to Casmir is inevitable with the similar Far East name and bottle design, but the two scents are different enough to warrant owning both. Top notes in Mira Bai are black currant and bergamot mingled with peach. I love bergamot in my summer fragrances - it gives a crisp, aromatic feel without being too citrusy. The opening is very bright, tangy, and refreshing, with hints of the delicious drydown to come. The rose comes to play as an accent - this is definitely not a floral fragrance. The feeling is of a clear woody oriental, delicately exotic. Wearing it, I feel as though I am draped in a soft veil of fragrance, and it develops into a warm skin scent. The final drydown is a delicious toffee/praline anchored in sandalwood and light amber, but amazingly, it never gets too sweet. The whole effect is sheer and light throughout, a perfect warm weather oriental. If you like Casmir but find it too heavy for summer, Mira Bai would be an excellent alternative. Think of Casmir without the patchouli and vanilla, add some bergamot and light fruits, and you have Mira Bai. I still adore Casmir, but I'm definitely adding Mira Bai to my summer rotation. The two bottles look great together, too!

  • AG.04/08/2005

    It has a slightly citrusy top note which I don't like, but it evaporates within a few minutes. Then it changes to a warm, sweet and a little foody fruity-vanillic aroma. Very wearable, good for daytime and a night out as well. I don't find it so similar to Casmir as previously said.

  • ORSI07/01/2004

    Mira Bai is indeed similar to Casmir, that is why the bottle and the packaging resemble to C. and the chosen name comes from Indian culture again. However it is no way a lighter version of Casmir. Mira BAi is like the younger princess of the same royal family. Both are beautiful oriental fragrances,but Mira Bay has more younger, even girlish notes. Such a shame that it's been discontinued and there is not much time left for Casmir either.

  • AMANDA03/13/2004

    I recently dug out the very old small plastic bottle of Casmir's body lotion which was given free of charge when I bought Casmir 7 years ago. The small body lotion bottle is exactly the same as Mira Bai's bottle. Isn't this indicative that Casmir and Mira Bai are actually the same?

  • AMANDA03/09/2004

    I recently purchased a mini bottle of this perfume. Although I like it very much, I cannot find any difference between Mira Bai and Casmir. Both have vanila-fruity-warmth, and I feel cheeted as I have already got Casmir!! Is it just me who thinks they are identical, or anyone out there can let me know the difference? Thanking you in anticipation.......

  • MARY K.12/03/2003

    If you love Casmir, Hanae Mori, I think you will love this one as well. It is not as heavy on the vanilla as Casmir, but it is like a Casmir cousin to me. Very nice. I love all of Chopard's perfumes...a big fan!!

  • ORSI07/28/2003

    This is a really lovely and unique perfume - and in a beautiful bottle! May be that is the reason why it did not become popular enough...too goood for most women having such commercial and plain taste...

  • MARLENE07/01/2003

    I love this perfume. Unfortunately it will go out of the collection. Too bad....

  • NICOLE12/03/2002

    Four years ago, I received a sample of Mira-Bai at the World Expo. in Germany. It is most definitely one of my favorite perfumes, and up until now, I have been unable to find it here in the States.

  • ANDREA IVANOVIC01/02/2002

    my friend buy me this one but i don't use it! smell like oriflame parfums smell cheap!

  • LIZ11/09/2001

    My husband bought me this perfume in the Munich airport several years ago. To my disappointment,it was not available in the USA until now. I like the "exotic" and woodsy smell of this perfume and it is PERFECT for an autumn day! If Mira-Bai was a tree, it would definitely be all gold and orange and firey red!

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