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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Hot   

17 Reviews

Ralph Hot perfume by Ralph Lauren is a surprising mix of sensual mocha cream, spicy cinnamon, and luscious maple - a scent as sexy as the woman who wears it. Notes include Mocha Cream, Cinnamon, Maple. Vibrant. Sensual. Enticing.

1.7 oz Body Lotion
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Ralph Hot perfume by Ralph Lauren is a surprising mix of sensual mocha cream, spicy cinnamon, and luscious maple - a scent as sexy as the woman who wears it. Notes include Mocha Cream, Cinnamon, Maple. Vibrant. Sensual. Enticing.

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  • ALISON01/10/2013 this coming back, or has another fragrance I adore gone the way of the cowboy? Gone, gone...and gone.

  • STEPPH07/22/2009

    this is one of my fave perfumes. it smells soo much likes spices- cinnamon & vanilla mainly, and after a while it smelles like coconut. wear it in your hair, and leave your hair loose, people won't stop but notice how sexy you smell. my boyfriend loves it. when i smell it, i imagine warm winter nights, cozy, by the fire. it's definately a fall/winter prefume- way too heavy/spicy for spring/summer.

  • DMARIE12/05/2008

    I had bought this and returned it like 5 times because it is similar to the dry down in Mariah Carey's perfume and I chose M by Mariah Carey instead. Bottle is cute but plain.

  • DMARIE11/17/2008

    Nice one it smells like maple syrup! Warm and delicious I like this alot.

  • DMARIE10/08/2008

    is this perfume extemely light scented? I can smell it but barely! It smells good like gingerbread or cinnamon cookies but it is soooo light! I like a more noticable perfume.I wanted to buy another one but I don't know because if no one can smell it then I won't! But this smells better than Ralph Rocks I had that one first but returned it because it smells just like a lighter version of Curve Kicks! Ralph Laurens perfumes arent worth all the hype!These "Ralph's" are too lightly scented.And for Raplh Cool I sampled it and couldn't smell nothing!These could AT LEAST be a little bit cheaper!

  • SOLE03/01/2008

    I only wear this scent in the winter but I love it so much. It smells warm and delicious, and is sweet but not overpowering. I actually don't mind the cold weather so much because I get to wear fragrances such as this one or Hanae Mori Butterfly. It literally puts me in a good mood. I just can't describe how tasty this scent is and obviously not every perfume is for every person but if you like sweet, creamy scents you will love this. I was so pleasantly suprised when I bought this. Based on the description, I was hoping I would like it and when I smelled it I was hooked instantly. I didn't even have to give it the requisite "walk around the mall for a few hours after you try it on" test. As far as age goes, I think this would work for any age range. Yum.

  • BARBARA W08/12/2007

    I have to admit that I like a sweet/foody scent once in a while (especially on a cold winter's night), and Hot fits the bill nicely. I wouldn't buy a bottle, but spritz myself occasionally at the mall...

  • ADRIANA07/31/2007

    I love this perfume, bought like the week it came out and iv only used up half the bottle even tho I wear it a LOT..I can't keep my byfrien off me when I smell like this deliciouse sexy perfume

  • REBECCA02/15/2007

    Diesel Zero plus Feminine. But much lighter, sweeter & MUCH MUCH more wearable to me. Smells a little like Fantasy by Britney Spears, because of the gourmand aspect they share-but still quite different-think less cotton candy, more coconut & mocha- a delicious dessert like fragrance. Too bad the bottle is very tacky-from the same mold as Ralph/Cool, etc. Otherwise its nice for daytime, casual use.

  • NILLA02/08/2007

    wasn't sure about this at first. but wow, what a nice foody scent! couldn't stop smelling my wrist. this is by far my fave RL frag. lasting power is decent for an edt. prob best for the young and young at heart.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL01/23/2007

    i too think they smell alike ... my sister gave me both the lotion and the splash ( brown sugar and fig from bath and body works )... ok , maybe to an expert ,there might be various differences ... but to me , if they are not twin sisters , they must be related somehow ... brown sugar , being `less` and hot being `more `... complex, that is ! it´s creamy , sweet , it´s got a girly quality to it ... i can see a 17-23 yrs group range ... clubbing ... going to the mall , boyfriends loving the way they smell ... i´m 36 now , and find myself loving it too ! i too use the brown sugar and fig lotion and ralph hot on my pulse points ( and then some ) , it does last at least 5 hours on me ... my baby girl who´s 5 ... loves it too ... so whenever we go out to the park , to the mall ... i wear such sweet fragrances ... ps: it seems to please my husband as well !ps2: it´s not good nor excellent ... it´s right in between ...

  • SAYA01/21/2007

    I absolutely love this perfume! It's yummy and snuggly. It lasts quite long on my skin. One spray on my uncle is enough for a day. Ralph Hot reminds me of Vera Wang Princess (which has got a slightly aquatic scent that Ralph Hot doesn't have) and Burberry Brit (which is much stronger, and has got a distinctive lolly-pear smell that Ralph Hot doesn't have). The bottle, however, is not classy... I think I bought this one much earlier if it came in more beautiful bottle.

  • VONNIE12/09/2006

    I love this scent. Smells good with Bath and Body Works brown sugar and fig shower gel and lotion.

  • AINZ12/03/2006

    Perfect summer scent,i adore the smell.Sort of gives off a coconut vanillery smell but unfortunatly only stays on my skin very briefly.

  • MEG11/26/2006

    I love Ralph perfumes! This one and Romance are my favorites!

  • SAMMY10/31/2006

    The moment you spray this perfume the first impression you getisa sharp smell. It fades away to a vanillic, soft, lucious smell. Its like being wrapped with candy allover your body. WOW... I like it. I am not the kind of person that sticks to one perfume, but this surely will be one of my collectibles when its consumed :)

  • CAPRI08/11/2006

    I was surprised that I liked this so much. I usually don't enjoy perfumes based on foods or desserts but this perfume is wonderful on me.

  • EDEN08/11/2006

    this smells so good and it lasts a really long time on me i can still smell it the next day, definitely a winner from ralph

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