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Britney Spears


71 Reviews

A fragrance inspired by love's ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it, Fantasy Britney Spears is a captivating blend of ripe fruits, sweet cupcake accord, delicate flowers, creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods. Notes include Lychee, Quince, Kiwi, Cupcake Accord, Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid, Musk, Orris Root, Woods.

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A fragrance inspired by love's ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it, Fantasy Britney Spears is a captivating blend of ripe fruits, sweet cupcake accord, delicate flowers, creamy musk, orris root, and sensual woods. Notes include Lychee, Quince, Kiwi, Cupcake Accord, Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid, Musk, Orris Root, Woods.

  • TRACY11/22/2013

    Nearly everywhere I have had comments on how lovely this smells... LOVE this scent-is to die for. I am a lover of fruity and vanilla smells...and this just does it for me! Love the bottle too...

  • FUZZYBEAR01/09/2013

    I was reluctant to try this perfume, but one smell and I was hooked. I have had so many compliments (especially from men) as I walked by. If you like warm, sweet perfumes, this is for you. I will buy it as long as it is manufactured.

  • DENETTE01/17/2012

    Fantasy is a unique fruity perfume. There is a certain warmth to it that makes it suitable for the fall and winter months, which is unusual for a fruity perfume (most are more suitable for spring and summer months). This particular scent lasts up to 8 hours which makes it a perfect work scent in my book! I would love to try her other fantasy scents (circus, midnight, hidden). I will definitely repurchase when I run out of this bottle.

  • LOVESPERFUME1009/28/2010

    I got this perfume for christmas and I really like it. It does'nt smell too sweet and it has a warmness to it. Definetely try it !!

  • STEPPH07/21/2009

    it's my boyfriend's favourite scent on me... it has very sweet notes of candy and vanilla, with a slighty spicy note that comes out towards the end... it makes my bf want to kiss my neck! it has a very warm allure to it, makes you feel cozy and bubbly. love it!

  • REBECCA01/26/2009

    I found the little roll on somewhere in a store bin and it was $5.99. Sold! I got it because it smells good and is easy to carry in a purse. It's sweet but there is more to it. I can smell all of the fruits and florals. It's not lost in sugar, so that's why I like it. I don't wear it all the time, but it still smells good. The blue bottle looks less tacky than the pink. The new one is red...

  • FATMA.S09/15/2008

    I love it and i would get another once the one i have finishes.As long as u love a scent go for it,doesn't matter ur age,i used to wear strong oriental scents when i was a teen .. lolita lempicka and now i just turned 33 and i love to wear sweet scents.Fantasy is a winner,though i must mention the bottle looks cheap.

  • ANNIE08/11/2008

    I will be buying my 3rd bottle and that says a lot. It works wonderful with my body chemistry and I always get tons of compliments. Stella Macartney is very good also in florals.

  • DMARIE04/12/2008

    I love this stuff! It is so sweet and pretty. Feminine and makes me glad to be a female! HA HA sorry guys, Brit makes the good fragrances for us ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ATOMIC KITTEN02/29/2008

    Ok, I like the smell, but I HATE Britney Spears... All I'm saying is that: even if you don't like who made the perfume & you like the smell; well BUY IT! Like if Fidel Castro or Saddam Hussein made a good smelling perfume; I would STILL buy it! Like I said: If you like the smell well buy the perfume! Even if you HATE the one who made it... I hate Britney Spears; but I LOVE the perfume!

  • JENNIFER S.02/25/2008

    I have yet to be impressed by any of Ms. Spears' fragrances. This perfume smells a bit like liquid cotton candy, and lacks a full-bodied aroma. I would recommend this scent for girls in high school, or perhaps for a freshman in college; it should not be worn for any women who are beyond their college years. This scent lacks sophistication and maturity, and perhaps reflects immaturity of its designer.


    Smells great sweet and creamy but i have a hard time really getting into celebrity perfume especially Brittany

  • CARINA11/02/2007

    I get so many compliments on this perfume. Perfect for winter weather. Scent is warm, inviting, and soothing. I dont usually like foody scents but this is such a cozy yet sexy scent. I hightly recommend it. I suggest testing the product by buying a small bottle. Dont let the Britney name fool you. This scent is very complex and suited for all ages. It is not as one dimensional as Pink Sugar, nor as heady as Angel. I love this perfume.

  • BARBARA W08/23/2007

    If you like Pink Sugar, give this a try. I like the smell of it, but I don't want my *body* to smell like it, if you know what I mean. Good to smell if you're on a diet and need a sugar fix! ;-) Midnight Fantasy is better, more complex and mysterious.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT06/05/2007

    Fantasy is a very soothing attractive fragrance. I find it smells a lot like Givenchy Very Irresistible. In fact I wear the two together and can interchange the Fantasy body souffle and Very Irresistible Body cream. My husband says this combo is very very very irrisistible but says he is attracted to Fantasy all by itself.

  • JAMES R.05/03/2007

    Fantasy is way too heavy and sweet. Just cover yourself with wedding cake frosting while your at it. It is not light or sexy at all. The sweetness is too overpowering that is masks the musk, and wood notes. But if you love sweet fragrances, then try Vera Wang Princess. It is also sweet but it is more toned down. I think that it is amazing how women and teenagers like fantasy and then when they discover princess, they love it and ditch fantasy for princess.

  • VICKY03/10/2007

    For me this fragance is very nice speccially for people who like sweet scents...I know that the perfume is good quality but the fact of Britneys name on it makes me mad...Ill never buy it...because with the same money I can buy some fragance with another name that doesnt sound so cheap

  • NETTIE02/04/2007

    I'm 30 and I love it. My 34 year old s.o loves it too. It is sweet and warm, so if sweet frags makes you feel ill, I urge you to stay away from this one. It does warm up in the end, but remains sweet over all. It's a nicely done gourmand fragrance The bottle could be better, but the juice is warm and fuzzy. Pair it with a a cozy sweater and a pair of jeans. Note: I have frags such as Frédéric Malle's Lipstick Rose and Allure Sensuelle, and Fantasy is always a lovely default. Notes: Lychee, Quince, Kiwi, Cupcake Accord, Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid, Musk, Orris Root, Woods

  • CAPRI01/26/2007

    Look beyond the teenage marketing. Fantasy is actually a very complex and versitle fragrance. I really like it. I never thought I could wear the "frosting" element in perfume but this is blended well. Midnight is also very beautiful. The freesia note is excellent and stunning.

  • KIM01/23/2007

    This really does smell VERY is not as sweet as Pink Sugar (which I do love also) and it is a little warmer, does have a little cupcake type smell.

  • HARLEY-MAMA01/22/2007

    I bought this new perfume because I really liked Fantasy. First spray I knew it smelled a little familiar, and I kept sniffing my wrist until it hit me, it smells like a mix between Bath & Bodyworks 'Blackberry Vanilla' and the perfume 'Butterly' by Hanae Mori. I REALLY like this perfume! I think it would be great for spring/summer. Smells nothing like the original Fantasy. Fruity with the dry down of Freesia and Vanilla. I reccomend it for all you perfume lovers like me!!!!!

  • JAYE01/20/2007

    everytime i wear this i get compliments- Its irresistable-delicious.

  • I AM ANN12/21/2006

    This is my signature perfume, and vanilla, cupcakes, and cotton candy scents blend perfectly into one magical fragrance. Men and women have commented on how good I smell, and men have even stopped in their tracks and asked me what my pretty perfume is! Who cares if its marketed towards young teens! I say wear the perfumes you want, and who cares what others think! Lasting power is GreAT by the way and a little goes a lot.

  • ALEXANDRIA12/17/2006

    i had received the largets bottle in this one, and it's amazing. the first time i tried it, i thought it smelled like cotton candy but now i don't seem to smell it at all. i've gotten many compliments, including from my teachers on what type of perfume i'm wearing. not to mention everytime i'm with my friends they smell me, because it smells so good. a must buy!!

  • TONY T12/15/2006

    and apricot is what i detect.32 year old woman at work had it on but i believe this is for the under 30 crowd. wonderful delicious gourmand scent. i love angel also.

  • MEG12/02/2006

    Everyone seems to comment that this perfume smells like cotton candy, but whenever I smell it I smell a sweet-lime! All my friends do too so I guess it's just different to some people!

  • KATIE11/24/2006

    eeww. i love britney and her first perfume, but this one makes me sick. it is too sweet and heavy. i don't like to smell like food.

  • TONI11/24/2006

    I own and enjoy all 3 of her scents but this is by far my favorite. This is very sweet, a cotton candy type scent with a bit of musk and sandalwood thrown in for warmth and depth. This is a fabulous frgrance that makes me feel luscious and warm in the winter.

  • NIKKY11/22/2006

    sweet like chocolate,nice smell but when it dries down smell like bitter sweet chocolate..hmmm..

  • ATOMIC KITTEN11/21/2006

    who cares who the artist is, if you like the perfume buy it, I don't like Britney Spears but her perfume smells great. don't matter who the artist is because Britney Spears is like Bin Laden for me. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KRISTY11/15/2006

    More a "tropical summer cruising the Carribean" fragrance than a "business meeting in the boardroom fragrance"...but then again I guess thats the whole point...makes me feel like I'm on vacation...LOVE IT...

  • IONE11/13/2006

    I liked it at first, but it started to get to me-the sweetness, wound up trying to wash it off.

  • RISA11/03/2006

    It made me happy when wearing it and made me think of sugar sometimes. Anyway, I don't think I'll wear this on my date.

  • HARLEY-MAMA11/01/2006

    This smells pretty good. Kinda like "Curve" by Liz Claiborne. Very sweet! I smell sweet Raspberries and Vanilla.

  • ANTIBRITNEY10/01/2006

    you know what my fantasy is when i wear this? i picture myself sandwiched between brit and her greasy guy friend in their pimped out doublewide. but of course eating candy since it smells like candy. yum.

  • JERUSA09/30/2006

    If you want something fun and playful I recommend this perfume. I got this fragrance as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. My hubby loves it on me. He says I smell just like cotton candy.

  • COURTNEY09/24/2006

    I love this perfume! I'm very pretty and popular at my school and girls want to be like me. I think I started a trend wearing this! Smells so good!

  • MAYA09/19/2006

    I love both of Britney's creations, but this one is just so playful. A heady, youthful mix that just says sensuality! This and Curious are my new two favourites.

  • ANGELA09/05/2006

    This stuff is very long-lasting, it works great with my body chemistry so I get lots of compliments on how nice I smell.

  • ANNETTE08/08/2006

    i got this from a friend, and the bottle is gorgeous, but on me it did not smell sweet, but rather peppery and musky, its got a lot of staying power, but i couldn't stand the smell, if it smelled like vanilla on me, i would've love it!! but on me, it was too musky and spicy/peppery/exotic almost. i guess i have to give it away now, since its brand new and i can't stand it. gosh i wish it smelled like hypnose by lancome, that is my fave! now that one smells sweeet!!

  • MARIA07/28/2006

    This perfume is addictive! It is truely one of the best pefumes out there. There is something about it that makes you want to return and smell it more. Men love it! I was in the train and put this one on and a cute scruffy blonde guy who sat next to me could not stop sniffing his nose. He even tried to lean his head on my shoulder as if he was trying to fall asleep. Ladies put this on everytime you wanna charm that man of yours and keep him. They should have called this one in control. If I smelled this on someone older I would probably laugh. Men love vanilla coffee scented things. It gives you energy and keeps you up. Perfect for clubbing. I wished I put this on everytime I meet my ex. boo-hoo :(.

  • TERRI07/20/2006

    I never thought I would like a fragrance like this. I am a floral girl all the way. But I absolutely love this one. I can't get enough of the smell. Sometimes I just walk by my dresser and sniff the cap. lasts on me, all day - unlike my other scents. The bottle is beautiful too.

  • BRANDY07/20/2006

    Yet the best of her fragrances. But I feel to mature to purchase this. Good gift for a younger person though.

  • LUSI07/05/2006

    It was impressive for me from the first moment... I agree it really reminds BRIT... but flowery. And has a goos staying power. I'm delighted!

  • LESLIE06/21/2006


  • JON06/16/2006

    I love this scent, and I would where it. Regardless of what gender it's targeted for. It smells of fruit punch!

  • MELISSA05/22/2006

    Fantasy is the greatest perfume I've ever smelled. I loved this perfume so much that I over smell it. I waited a long time to get this fragrance but it was worth it because I got the gift set the cream smells as great as the perfume and I love the bag.

  • REBECCA05/16/2006

    I think her first scent was better, but it doesn't last as long as this one because the notes are deeper with fantasy. Curious reminds me of a late 80's perfume called Charlie express which I bought in grades 1-3. For the most part this is too sweet and almost makes others cringe. My first thought was cotton candy. Maybe she shouldn't develop a perfume while pregnant, but she is again.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC04/26/2006

    Those liking Fantasy will be fans of the new In Control Britney endorsed fragrance. With it's "Creme Brulee accord" it falls into another 'edible' smelling scent. In fact, I find direct similarities between this new one and Fantasy itself, only Fantasy is much more potent and sweet. Given a choice between the two, I choose In Control - it's a bit more mature.

  • NOYB04/25/2006

    that new one is just a lot of musk and then some more musk and then well yet some more... JOVAN MUSK comes to mind when you smell this... and then the new Provocative Interlude smells like Fantasy - dead ringer!

  • PERFUME_AHOLIC04/16/2006

    And yet ANOTHER new release endorsed by Brittney called "In Control" has hit the shelves. These celebs are churning out fragrances faster than we can sample them! Notes of this newest juice include: Loquat Fruit, Midnight Orchid, Crème Brulee, Black Vanilla Bean, Tonka Crystals, Sugared Sandalwood, Signature Musk(sounds enticing) The bottle is fashioned exactly like her first one "Curious" but is I believe, either black in color, or very dark blue (have only seen pics) It comes with that same atonomizer option (which probably works no better on this bottle than it did on Curious) I have not personally smelled this yet, but I have a 10ml decant on the way...will post back when I've sampled it to give a review.

  • JOANNA04/12/2006

    This is one wonderful scent. What a pleasant suprise. I only tried it because I was given a sample. Didn't expect anything with Brittanies name on it to be good. Boy was I wrong. It's delicious. I do see the similarity to Angel.

  • SARAH B.04/11/2006

    I usually don't like perfumes this sweet smelling, but fantasy puts me in a good mood as soon as I spray it. Excellent!

  • ALLISON R.03/31/2006

    I think about unicorns and cupcakes when I wear this. Pink Sugar by Aquolina and this are very similar. I do prefer this one though, because it is a little softer more sweeter on me. It can also be compared to Lolita Lempicka, but once again I prefer the cupcake aspect in Fantasy. Good job Britney.

  • QUESTION03/15/2006

    has anyone tried the new perfume by ralph lauren "Ralph hot"? It smells like a cross between victorias secret "very sexy" and another perfume called "pink sugar, I smelled it for the first time today and absalutly had to buy it. It smells nothing like the original ralph with i also have or the ralph cool.

  • LIZA03/14/2006

    Reminds me alot of Burberry Brit....this one is more "flowery" though...actually Fantasy is too sweet for my taste but I'll give it a try during the spring....otherwise my daughters liked it....they're 3 and 5*hihi*

  • SEA MAIDEN02/21/2006

    I wrote about Curious and how I loved the bottle but wasn't completely thrilled by the scent. But with Fantasy, I love both! Very sweet, I believe "gourmand" is the word. I think the cupcake accord is what really makes the perfume stand out. You can wear this just about anywhere, save maybe when you're really trying to be serious, like a job interview or a funeral. Wear it around your boyfriend, around your friends and family, or just hanging out by yourself. It's sweet, but not sickening. I've heard it compared to Pink Sugar quite a bit, which I haven't smelled. But if you're really debating, buy Fantasy for the bottle. It looks like a magic potion or a genie's bottle, like a fancy, sexy prop. Sometimes (all the time) I really question Britney's taste in men, but somehow her taste in perfume is spot on.

  • CRYSTALMOON02/20/2006

    I absolutely adore this fragrance, and think it is very similar to Aquolina's Pink Sugar, but to someone like me who loves "foody" scents, that is no problem whatsoever. I'm very surprised that a few people find this does not last on them, as on me, it lasts absolutely hours on end, and is in fact still lingering the next day. If you also spritz it into your hair, it seems to last even longer. I would say to anyone who has the Aquolina Pink Sugar bath and body products, that if you haven't invested in the Fantasy Body Souffle, trust me that you can layer Fantasy very successfully with the Aqoulina products, and I would in fact go so far as to say that the combination of the Pink Sugar Body Lotion with the Fantasy EDP is absolutely gorgeous. A huge bonus for me is that my boyfriend absolutely loves Fantasy (and Pink Sugar), describing them both as something he just wants to cuddle into - and believe me, he is terribly picky about fragrances, both for me and him. One of those guys who is almost as fussy as us women, in fact!

  • YUMMY!!02/19/2006


  • ANNE02/16/2006

    This scent is absolutely dreamy. I wasn't sure how cupcakes and flowers would mix at first, but somehow, it works! Very playful and sweet, but very sexy. It's somehow girly and grown-up all at once, and I think a woman of any age could wear this. The bottle itself is worth it! I like it better than Curious, it's more dessert-like, which might be a turn-off to some, but I think it's very appealing.

  • SKATER CHICK02/13/2006

    I haven't tried this fragrance yet but from what the description of the scent says it sounds like i'd smell wonderful!

  • BELLY-DANCER02/08/2006

    I really like this Britney Spears fragrance. Furthermore, I really think that she's absolutely gorgeous. To me she is as pretty as any girl with make-up and a little nip and tuck off the Big Screen. This fragrance she lends her name to is fabulous too. It smells like ice-cream and cookies. Very edible! What girly girl would not want to smell like that at least once in a while?

  • LIZZIE02/08/2006

    I totally agree with Perfume-aholic... people should know better than to think these celebs actually don the lab coats and mix our beloved scents! I hear that Jennifer Lopez wanted her new Live perfume to smell something like a red currant candle she loved, but I'm sure that's the extent of her opinion in her new scent. That being said, I couldn't give a rat's patoot about whose name is on what. The fact is that this FANTASY perfume makes me giddily happy!!!! It is SOOOOOOO joyously sweet, like cupcakes and flowers and all varieties of sugar delightfully baking under my ecstatic nose!!! I'm sure that all of the high school and college hallways will linger with this stuff, but I say GOOD, then!!! Celebs and trends be damned, if my nose is happy, than I'M happy!!! This is like a delicious treat for my senses without gaining an ounce on my delicate hips. :-D Sugar-haters, AVOID! All those in favor of the beloved Pink Sugar by Aquolina, this is basically a richer, fuller version, in my humble opinion (I asked, and I did receive!!! Yippee!!!). ALSO... others have noticed that this is a bit similar to Euphoria, except brighter and sweeter. I'm in agreement. I love both. Fantasy is just DELICIOUS, OLFACTORILY NUTRITIOUS!!!

  • NESHA02/07/2006

    i haven't tried it yet but from the messaging i read it must smell really good. i have curious though. i going to buy some fantasy soon.

  • FRAN02/05/2006

    I so love this fragrance. To me it is a softer version of Burberry Brit. I prefer the Fantasy though and the lasting power is excellent. It is very wearable from start to finish and the drydown is lovely.

  • LOVELY02/03/2006

    to be honest she urks the heck out of me i never liked her music and i think shes ugly. she looks like an alien but her perfumes smell good.curious smelled okay but i really like this new scent

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/02/2006

    It should never matter which celebrity is endorsing a fragrance but rather the quality of the scent itself and whether or not it appeals to you. These celebs merely lend their names to these perfumes -- they did NOT spend the time required in a lab producing it. Whats funny is that if haters of a particular celeb were to sample the scent without knowing who was endorsing it, i'll bet in many a case they'd actually find the fragrance appealing enough to buy it. Who CARES who's endorsing it? I just demand that it smell good!

  • LOVELY02/01/2006

    i really like this one. curious was okay to but fantasy is great. it smells just like cupcakes to me.

  • NORA01/31/2006

    I love this perfume and even if i did'nt love britney i would still get it. It smells very sweet and romantic, like a love potion and the bottle itself is absolutly gorgeouse. I bought some for my teenage niece for christmas and she says she and her friends all love it.

  • NIKKI B01/30/2006

    I admit, I was skeptical at first and I didn't think I would like this fragrance, but I was totally wrong! It smells delicious and my body chemisty really brings out the cupcake accord. It stays sweet after the dry down (on me anyway). I am really glad I tried it, I would have been missing out if I hadn't!

  • MARINA01/26/2006

    You go girl! I too love Fantasy and don't really care if others are not too crazy about it or if they bash it because it's a celebrity fragrance. Her first one was not so good, but this one is just divine! I always get compliments when I wear it and it never fails to make me feel good about myself.

  • HANNAH01/24/2006

    This is so beautiful and creamy, I can't really put my finger on it but I really really love it. It smells cozy and I get a good response from coworkers which is imprtant cuz if they don't like it they vote it out of the office and I am left without what I love. This way we all win. Not like with Angel!

  • ROB H.01/20/2006

    Bought this for my girl for Christmas who I ended up breaking up with in between X-Mas and New Year's Day, what a waste! Anyways this rather sexy and very sweet/floral fragrance reminds me a bit of the womens' Magnetism and the guys' Rochas Man both which I love the smell of. I don't know if this fragrance is intended for Christmas season use being that the bottle looks like a Christmas ornament.

  • VIVIAN P01/19/2006

    When first sprayed, Fantasy smells almost exactly like Angel and Lolita Lempicka, which I love. Not as long lasting as either of the above mentioned though, and loses a lot of its sweetness after the dry down.

  • DJ01/18/2006

    yes it is sweet like some kind of candy i wear this when i feel the need to smell something sweet and yumming, so i do not wear this daily.

  • DENISE01/18/2006

    I absolutly love this fragrance,it is sweet but the drydown is not as sweet,also it lasts all day on me,it just smells soft and nice not overwhelming,I have had a lot of compliments on this.

  • MARI9801/18/2006

    I've got to admit: I am a sucker for this one! I don't care for Britney or her music, but this is such a fun fragrance, and so yummy, I can't get enough of it. As soon as I get tired of, I'll give it to my teenage niece, promise! ;-)

  • RUDEANGEL01/17/2006

    This scent really makes me wanna bask in the sun (with pina colada in hand) I usually go for sweet innocent scents with a touch of wood so this works really well!

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