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Donna Karan


74 Reviews

DKNY was created by Donna Karan in 2000 and is recommended for daytime wear. Notes of orquideas, narcissus, orange, tomato leaf, daffodills and white birch.

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DKNY was created by Donna Karan in 2000 and is recommended for daytime wear. Notes of orquideas, narcissus, orange, tomato leaf, daffodills and white birch.

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  • KAREN BARTON11/12/2013

    I fell in love with this bright crisp fragrance because the receptionist at my optometrist's office wears it and the entire reception area smells like it. What a wonderful marketing ploy!

  • ELLBEE04/18/2012



    This perfume is theeeee BEST. I am diabetic and perfumes in general end up smelling anything like they do in the bottle but my DKNY just seems to get better as the day progresses. I read your intent to discontinue because of the Twin Towers. Please don't rather keep them in memory of . Don't let these wicked people influence something so many thousands love. Fran your best fan.

  • SHEENA04/03/2008

    This fragrance is soo fresh and citrusy!! I have no idea why people smell tomato in it, i never have. I used to wear it in highschool and guys would go nuts in the hallways and 5 years later it still turns heads. It smells furturistic, fun, and a lil daring ;) NO regrets!!

  • BARBARA W08/26/2007

    Blv Notte by Bvlgari has vodka and chocolate, and Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret has a spicy wine scent. Both are very nice, and worth a sniff.

  • JENNIFER06/29/2007

    If it wasn't for Noa (Cacharel), this one would definitely be my baby. I'm picky when it comes to perfumes, and so far this is the only one I can compare to Noa. I love the vodka notes, the sizzly orange and the spicy tomato leaf. It's fresh, citrusy but yet tender and warm. I must say that it takes a while before the true notes comes out, but when it does it has a great staying power and I get compliments wherever I go!

  • MARA03/24/2007

    Sylvie, Please keep up the good work. I truly enjoy reading your reviews here on Perfume Emporium. You give us such good information. Thanks.

  • SYLVIE01/30/2007

    Hi Allison, you asked for a liquor base fragrance. Here my recommendation: Apparition by Ungaro for Women! Year Introduced: 2004. Scent Type: Floral Oriental. Top Notes: Raspberry Liquor(!!), Cayenne Pepper, Passion Flower, Double Delight Rose, Patchouli. - It is sweeter than DKNY and smells not similar, but if you like bold and unique fragrances, Apparition is worth a try. Smells delicious and fruity. Happy sniffing, Sylvie.

  • BOBBI10/11/2006

    I first smelled this fragrance that a girl here at work was wearing. I kept smelling it and wondered what it was. When I asked her, she told me DKNY. Wow it's such a clean and fresh scent. I loved it so much, as soon as I got off work that day, I went to the store and purchased it! My husband never really comments on too much, but he did say how nice he thought I smelled. That was nice! :) I was told that this was going to be discontinued because of the structure of the bottle (Twin Towers). I hope they don't discontinue it, perhaps just change the bottle design.

  • ALLISON R.08/27/2006

    Since my last post I've completly have had a change of heart. I adore this scent. Always wanting to try something new, to find a fragrance catagory that I can delve into. I have found it in this one. I think it's the Vodka notes that make the whole body of this scent uplifting. It takes the sharpness off the citrus and tomato notes. Also, this scent is said to have a cobblestone essence and I swear I can even smell those. I'm thinking that VS strawberries and champagne lotion would compliment this perfume very well. I love it, and if anyone knows of other scents with a liquor base please share!

  • JR08/18/2006

    DKNY smells like spring, fresh and delicious. I always have people ask me what I'm wearing.

  • LORI08/04/2006

    this is one of my first major perfumes that i bought. i wore it to my junior ring dance a couple of years back, and kept buying it sense. But this is the only major fragrance that i have that makes me a rush of sneezes when i first spray it on, but other than that, i absolutely love the scent!

  • ALLISON R.05/15/2006

    I was sampled this perfume today. It was a hot muggy spring day, and like another post mentioned it does smell like cat urine to me. I work with plants for a living and tomato leaves are very astringent and itchy. Why this would be part of a perfume is anyones guess. I do appreciate the effort to try and make perfumes different, but some scents just don't appeal to humans.

  • CARLA02/12/2006

    Again, another scent that I absolutely adore that they choose to discontinue. I *always* get people asking me what I'm wearing, that it smells wonderful. I had to beg, borrow and steal to find a replacement and I have to say, I despise Be Delicious. The men's fragrance is wonderful but I can't tolerate the women's. Sigh

  • TLG12/04/2005

    i do hope it will be brought back again. i have a lot of men and women ask what i am wearing. it's fresh

  • ALABINA11/23/2005

    I just purchased my second huge bottle and I absolutely love it. I have had hundreds of people asking me what I am wearing. I love it. It is the best fragnance ever!!!!

  • TANGY11/07/2005

    This scent was bought for me by my boyf on a trip to NY, I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I thought it smelt like cat wee on me, and has done ever since.. it's just 'Ewww' NASTY! I sold it, and don't even feel guilty....? Sorry Paul.

  • PATRICIA05/05/2005


  • ATL0204/06/2005

    this was/is my favorite. they stopped selling it in the dept. stores but the men love it!

  • SHEILA03/26/2005

    I have to stick with citrus, no matter how expensive the perfume, to avoid having it smell like bug spray on me. DKNY is a clean, crisp, refreshing scent that works perfectly without overpowering.

  • BEBE02/25/2005

    DKNY dreams kindly nuit yeux. enchanting. wise. wow. each spray gives a youthful glow. very nice.

  • SUSAN DKNYLOVER02/19/2005

    This was my signature fragrance and I do NOT like Be Delicious. So I'm hoping to find the real thing on the Internet. Or it's back to men's colognes for me (I only like the citrusy ones)

  • CHRISTELLE02/15/2005


  • SHARRIE01/26/2005

    slender and seductive. makes my body feel young. full strength and bold perffect . attraction. wonderful.

  • DAIZY01/18/2005

    I haven't heard this complaint yet, but to me it smells SOUR. Like lime juice with alcohol? Maybe I got a bad bottle!

  • KIMBERLY10/20/2004

    This is a super crisp and fresh scent. Their are citrus notes and some unusual floral notes. There is a hint of something masculine about it as well....but I mean this in a good way. It is not a girly flowery scent but bold and fresh. Men love it on me, and I am asked always what I am wearing. It is a great summer scent, and it get sexier as it warms with your body chemistry. Try it you'll love it!

  • PIA08/25/2004

    Why oh why do these fashion designers feel that they have to "invent" fragrances? Their talent(or some of them anyway) is to design clothing , shoes, bags etc... not perfumes!

  • T08/03/2004

    i asked this girl what she was wearing when Andy Hallett said she smelled good-and she said DKNY. fyi, he smokes, and is a fan of vodka, so now i'm curious...i might try it but it's pricy for me. (he played Lorne on Angel.)

  • LUCI07/28/2004

    dkny is perfum of my life!it is so different from other perfumes,i just love it!!!

  • JULIE07/12/2004

    Can anyone tell me what this fragrance is like, it is hard to get in the UK and so before I adventure out I would like to know if it is worth it. Thanks

  • RICHELLE07/04/2004

    i love this perfume its so refreshing. even though it reminds me of lemons and oranges its still gorgeous and keeps going strong.

  • CAL06/25/2004

    My favorite fragrance for my man to wear is DKNY - and he likes it, too, so I decided to try DKNY for women to see if it would get his attention. We'd been apart, so I wore it to the airport for his arrival. One of the first things he mentioned was how good I smelled. That's enough for me!!

  • J8205/31/2004

    Nice, green scent... but still very lasting! I got many compliments from the male audience, so I think it's definitely a keeper!

  • MARY K. 05/29/2004

    First of all, I am not a big fan of citrusy perfumes but thought I would give this a shot since a lot of people obviously adore it. I am not impressed at all, and I am surprised more people do not mention that it smells like tomato leaf. To me, it's like a glass of vodka with tomato leaves mixed in....yuck! Don't wear it to work or they may think you have been drinking!!!

  • MARISA05/19/2004

    I love this fragrance, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I too am disappointed that DKNY has been discontinued. Like some of you, I have purchased DKNY on the internet, I noticed that it wasn't the same thing as what I was buying in department stores. I currently have two bottles of DKNY that the fragrance doesn't last more that 20min. Very disappointed with my last internet purchase.

  • MIMI05/01/2004

    IT has the best smell.... refreshing undertones of vodka! my daughter said it smelled like fav I hope they bring it back..

  • NICOLE04/22/2004

    this is the best ever. imheart broken that she does not make it anymore. please reconsider

  • CHRISTINA03/11/2004

    I had to laugh when I read some of the descriptions of others, just shows that we all like different scents. I smelled this on someone else and thought it was beautiful. Tried it out on me and it started off great, i thought the citrusy smell was lovely and fresh, but it just ended up smelling like candy on me, with something else I couldn't decipher. Doesn't work for me, but I did love it on someone else.

  • ALISON02/24/2004

    I love this fragrance. I'm really upset that it is discontinued. I've tried other perfumes, and I'm always left disapointed. When I've wore DKNY, I always get tons of compliments everywhere I go, from teens men & women. Donna Karen what were you thinking? "DKNY ROCKS"

  • JMARIE02/22/2004

    dkny is my favorite perfume. i get soo many compliments when i wear it. im very disappointed to know the department stores in my area no longer carry it. store saleswomen have told me that dkny has been discontinued. i really need to know if this is true about my favorite perfume.

  • ANG.02/02/2004

    I love this perfume. Very disapointed that this was discontinued. I have tried many "other" frangrances and there is absolutely no comparision!

  • HIR01/22/2004

    I absolutely love this fragrance!! Ever since the first time I put this on, it has been one of my favorite ones. The top note is so fresh! It wakens you up when you put it on in the morning. And it dries down to a warm floral scent. It is so soothing. On me it stays long as too. I think this is a very sofisticated fragrance, and what's even better is that it wouldn't be disturbing in the office.

  • D11/08/2003

    I fell in love with dkny twice; once when I lived in another city and a co-worker of mine was wearing it. She and I weren't exactly the best of friends, but I had to know what she was wearing. She told me and I purchased a bottle the same evening after work. I stopped working for awhile and couldn't afford any frangrance. Two years later and now employed, I was house hunting and the owner of the house was wearing it and of course you know what I asked for my anniversary gift (one of them anyway). I Love that stuff!!!

  • ELENA10/02/2003

    I live in the tropics and enjoy fresh citrus fruits all year round. DKNY is like a fresh-picked grapefruit. Super!

  • X-GIRL09/29/2003

    A weird scent... Very citrusy, sharp. I like soft scents - this one definitely is not soft. In fact, it is so unpleasant!

  • MOLLIE09/15/2003

    "What fragrance are you wearing? It's WONDERFUL!" I asked a girl in an elevator. It was DKNY, and I knew it was going to be my new signature scent - yay!!! I purchased some that day. When I seductively waved my wrist under my husband's nose and asked him what he thought, he said it smelled like something "under the sink"...and come to think of it, it DOES pretty much smell like Old English furniture polish or something.

  • HANNAH08/14/2003

    Great summer fragrance makes you feel fresh and clean on those hot sticky summer days... i love it!!

  • ANA07/05/2003

    DKNY is a really good perfume but i think it smells different in each person so maybe that´s why some people don´t like it.

  • SUZY06/11/2003

    Smells just like a gin and tonic - which of course would be a nice smell if it was a G & T!

  • BARB05/17/2003

    I have been wearing since summer of 2000. I get compliments from men and women. I heard it was discontinued. That is why I came on this site to perhaps purchase from here. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. The rep from Nordtrom described it to me as smelling of oranges and chilled Vodka. I wasn't so sure I wanted to smell like Vodka. Guess that's what makes it refreshing.?!

  • SUSAN05/07/2003

    My Favorite...reminds me of summer & relaxing on a tropical island!!

  • OLGA04/20/2003

    I like this fragrance a lot. It reminds me of my dad who grows cilantro in his backyard. Very fresh and stylish, although I admit that many people may not understand it for its grassyness.

  • ALEX03/22/2003

    Fragraces are supposed to smell nice and this one doesn't. It stinks strange.

  • ANTONELLA03/19/2003

    I smelled that only from the bottle. I know this is a big NO-NO but I heard that this fragtrance is very citrusy and I didn't want to try it on my skin because I don't like citrusy perfumes. And smelling that from the bottle I can only say - yes, it is too citrusy and grassy as someone said in a message here. I know that I should try that on my skin to get a better impression, but I don't think I will. When I need something refreshing I like to use Eau d'Issey - it is transparent and fresh, but not citrusy at all, and for those who like citrusy scents I suggest to try Biotherm's Eau Vitaminee - this is the only one citrusy scent that I can stand (it is not so sharp but very refreshing and I like it in summer).

  • JULIE03/04/2003

    I smelt this on a young lady on the way to work and I had to ask her what perfume she was wearing, she told me DKNY and so I immediately went and purchased a large bottle of it. It smells so fresh and clean and even though it is winter, I felt that I was on holiday in the sun wearing this perfume.

  • SAR03/02/2003

    this perfume is absolutly ace. everyone who comes near me loves it.

  • M.J.03/01/2003

    I absolutely love this scent. It's fresh, crisp, and remarkably simple. I really like citrusy scents, and really enjoy the way this smells on me. But unfortunately, it did not smell as good on my mother. She didn't like it on herself nearly as much as she did on me. Not for everyone, I guess, but certainly for me!

  • BECKY02/28/2003

    I think this is the best sent. The only bad thing is, is that during the summer, i got bitten by bugs and got scares from them.

  • TEDDY01/16/2003

    I thought this was the best perfume I have ever worn

  • JACKIE10/27/2002


  • VALERIE10/14/2002

    I received this fragrance on my birthday. My friend who gave it to me urged me to try some on. I took whiff of the perfume from the bottle and was not impressed. However, I didn't want my friend to know that I didn't like what she had given me, so I decided to spray some on me. BIG MISTAKE! Not only did I get a throbbing headache, but later that evening my boyfriend told me that I smelled like grass. My honest opinion about this fragrance is that it smells like lemon, musk and grass. It's also very masculine. I have to admit though that this perfume lasts really long. Also, bottle is really pretty. But beware, the fragrance is not.

  • E10/10/2002

    My good friend wears this perfume and my husband and I almost gag whenever she puts it on. His male friends even mention it. This stuff smells sooooo bad. (I have even asked her too cool it on wearing it when she visits)Not sure why she is such a fan of it and loads it on before going out. She hasn't had a boyfriend in a couple years, we think it is the perfume.

  • J LO10/02/2002

    I love the scent, but I can never smell it on myself. My husband smelled it on me and said it made him want to kiss me all over.

  • AMBAREEN09/27/2002

    I think DKNY is great. I loved it when i saw it first but bought it only later when i saved up money.

  • TRACY09/19/2002

    I have to be in the mood and can't wear it often.

  • ALISA08/19/2002

    this smells exactly like some kind of orange cleaning product. atleast thats all i can think about when i smell it

  • YOXHAUS07/09/2002

    I love this fragrance. I have used it since it came out and several of my friends have started using it after they asked what perfume I was wearing. It's very light and clean smelling but does not smell like soap.

  • ANGELHAIR05/08/2002

    Laurie that sits in front of me at work wears this perfume, I absolutely love it. I can smell where she has been 10 minutes after she leaves the area. It reminds me a little of CKB by Calvin klein with a petal soft smell with it. I want some. I saw it at Nordstroms. It must smell different on everyone.

  • ANA03/22/2002

    A very good fresh fragrance.Very different!!!!!

  • CINDY03/17/2002

    I have looked fot this and i,m unable to find it. I looked at the D.K. outlet in tenn please if anyone finds it please let me know!!!!!!

  • LINDSEY03/11/2002

    This is pretty awful. Nice packaging, nice advertising, but Donna Karan got a little carried away when she tried to make it smell clean. It just smells soapy. Ugh.

  • BARB03/08/2002

    Of all her perfumes this one reeks. I think her previous two are so much better. This one really stinks.

  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    DKNY smells like a mandarine, Only more so, and longer than if you just rub the essential oil on.

  • JUDY02/09/2002

    this is good,had to be my girl Donna,i just love everything she does,it is good,worth try it

  • JOAN02/07/2002

    I love it strangers come up to me and ask me what I'm wearring.I'm told all the time how nice I smell. when I have to go away on a trip I sray it on my husband pillow he said it helps so he doesn't miss me so much well it works for him LOL.

  • VI02/01/2002

    I think DKNY looks nice on your night table maybe , but why on earth have they discontinued CHAOS????? THAT was a real good and original fragrance! And nice packaging as well.

  • LDYKREMSLY@AOL.COM01/20/2002

    I love the fragarence and would love to know how to purchase it

  • KRISTIN12/16/2001


  • KRISTIN12/16/2001

    Chaos was my favorite scent when it came out. But it has been discontinued. If my memory serves me right another company (Estee Lauder ?) bought Donna Karan fragrances and discontinued making Chaos. I have not seen it anywhere since.

  • BETH12/12/2001

    EWWWWWWWWWWW is all I have to say!!

  • MAR10/21/2001

    Great perfume... I've had lots of compliments on it.

  • ME10/15/2001

    Horrible!!!!Donna Karan struck out on this one!!

  • CHERYL10/14/2001

    I have searched everywhere for my favorite scent, Chaos and no one has it! I've tried the others Donna, but Chaos is so very awesome and obviously unavailable. I am hoping it's not discontinued.

  • TRINA10/10/2001

    this perfume is one of the best I have used in years...i have gotten many many compliments on the smell from men and women ..I love it donna

  • GAIL10/09/2001


  • GISELLE07/25/2001

    Shortly after I posted my last message about DKNY, I recieved a bottle of the fragrance as a birthday present, and I have used 2 bottles since! It took me a while to get used to it, but it really is a beautiful scent!

  • VIKKIE OREBO07/02/2001

    My daughter Robin has been using DKNY for two years, I always wanted to know what's the name of that perfume she was wearing, she would always say DKNY, I went to Drug Emporium and asked them if they had DKNY? The salesperson said she did, and I have been wearing DKNY for a year now. It is a scent that is unforgettable, clean, sexy and with a distinctive aroma that is never forgotten, I have gotten so many compliments on this perfume, I have also had a man follow me to ask what the name of my perfume was, because he wanted to get some for his wife. Thank you for such a wonderful scent.

  • DANIELLE 07/02/2001


  • SONIA06/13/2001

    In my initial purchase I opted for the light fragrance of Cashmere but in the end I should of went with DKNY. I prefer the scent and it lasts so much longer.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    WOW!! So fresh!! An amazing blend of grapefruit and vodka. Great for a night out downtown. I'm stocked full of this perfume and I love it!

  • FRANCESCA05/05/2001

    I was wasting some time at a duty-free shop, testing every fragrance, and I stopped cold at DKNY. TERRIFIC! My man loved it and bought it on the spot for me.

  • MADDY05/05/2001

    the fragrance can(i emphasize 'can') smell really good...on some people...but if you're a person who sweats alot, i would suggest you to stay away from this...the fragrance DOES NOT blend in well with any sort of body odor....hip bottle designa and all that...but...not the best in its price range:)

  • AMBER03/21/2001

    After realising how stupid my last message was, I'd like to say that DKNY is really a beautiful scent and thankyou Donna Maran!

  • CATHERINE 01/17/2001

    When I first tried this perfume, I thought it had a beautiful fresh scent, and it doesn't fade away, it stays beautiful the whole day!

  • VERONICA DEWRENN01/17/2001

    This perfume is a must have for every woman! Sexy, citrusy, and lightly floral this is beautiful!

  • DANIELLA01/17/2001

    This perfume has a delicate floral and citrus scent! Plus the bottle is absolutely gorgeous too! perfect!

  • MELANIE01/17/2001

    this perfume is one of the prettiest I've ever smelled! I got a sample free with another perfume and bought DKNY straight away!

  • ANNA01/17/2001

    Sorry Giselle, this perfume doesn't smell anything like a lemon, it's a beautiful citrusy smell! Verrrry sexy!

  • AMBER01/09/2001

    The packaging says: "This is a very hip fragrance!" but it doesn't stand out. It's fresh, but that's all. You can even find deodorants that can make you smell more special than this perfume does.

  • GISELLE12/26/2000

    The citrus scent of this perfume is very dominant. After testing DKNY on my skin, I thought that I had taken a lemon, sliced it in half and rubbed it around my neck and wrists. I could not stand the way it made me smell. I cannot see how anyone would want to stand next to me while I smell like a lemon. Sorry Donna Karan.

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000

    My boyfriend bought this for me!! It has a very nice citrus smell. Very sexy!

  • JUDY MCALEAVEY10/08/2000

    Tell mow how I can order the fragrance "Cashmere Spray Mist" in the 3.4 oz. bottle.

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