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Heure Exquise Annick Goutal Image

Annick Goutal

Heure Exquise   

16 Reviews

For Annick, it was when sunset and twilight began. Sandalwood, Florentine iris and Turkish rose give it a fresh feeling like the transition of day into night... for those very private moments.

3.4 oz EDT Spray (Unboxed)
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For Annick, it was when sunset and twilight began. Sandalwood, Florentine iris and Turkish rose give it a fresh feeling like the transition of day into night... for those very private moments.

  • HOPFLOWER01/23/2009

    I love this scent of soft iris and woods. However, I cannot find any similarity to Chanel No.19 or Crabree and Evelyn's Nantucket Briar; both are quite different. I have worn them for years. Heure Exquise has that certain sexiness the others don't. I would pick this one over them anytime!

  • HOPFLOWER01/20/2009

    One of my favourite A. Goutal fragrances, the rose is softly hidden awhile behind the smoky iris and the powdery scent. This one is a beauty! I must say I am rather surprised that a lot of people add unnecessary comments about perfumes. One should describe the perfume, not bring up others and/or compare them to something completely different. People want to read what one experienced with the perfume at hand; not unrelated stories!

  • KINSEY01/08/2007

    This is so evocative! I've always loved Ralph Lauren Safari and Chanel No. 19, and Heure Exquise smells like the perfect combination of both. Hauntingly beautiful.

  • ANYA07/06/2004

    It's only just dawned on me that Heure Exquise smells almost exactly like Crabtree and Evelyn's Nantucket Briar, particularly in the powdery dry down.Also, they do a gorgeous dry body oil ! Worth a try before paying the high price for Annick Goutal. No doubt there are subtle differences of complexity etc. but Nantucket Briar has a soft, herby, woody, rosy scent which really lasts - it might be patchouli rather than sandalwood, though. Try it!!

  • GLORIA09/18/2003

    I bought and wore this in the 80's when I was in my late teens. Kind of dated for me now. The dry-down smells like Chanel No. 19 (the EDP version).

  • YVA02/21/2003

    This is the finest A. Goutal's fragrance. Powdery, soft and elegant, an all time fragrance! I also like the new "Quel Amour!" perfume and I think it might be great for spring. It is composition of peonies, roses and red fruits. Tender, feminine and YUMMY!!!

  • MUGUET12/20/2002

    Exquisite Exquisite!!!! The balance is perfect. The florals aren't excessively sweet. It's highly complex. There's a powdery element from the iris that's very feminine. It's a "womanly" scent, highly sophisticated. There's a faint rose note that's not cloying as in obvious rose fragrances. It's smells absolutely fabulous very close to the skin (not all fragrances do, some only smell good at a distance). Men love it. What other praise can I give? My favorite AG. This has been compared to Chanel #19, and there is some basis (probably the rose plus the orris) although I think #19 is much sharper overall.

  • JASMINE11/13/2002

    Aldehydic green floral. It has a mature but elegant quality about it.

  • NICOLE10/21/2002

    Great. I like all AG perfumes. Very refined, delicate and made with finest ingredient. Just know which scent you prefer. I chose Heure Exquise because it is powdery, smells rose and stays a few hours. Doesn't follow any fashion trends. The best perfumer of all.

  • N.N.08/27/2002

    This is my fav among Annick Goutal's fragrances (most of them I don't like). But there is a very nice NEW A.Goutal's perfume "Quel Amour". I've just tried it in Paris and I like it a lot: it is sweet but not too sweet, tender, feminine, a happy fragrance!!! Peony and rose... and - I don't know other ingredients. I like it!

  • DANICA06/27/2002

    This is a really elegant fragrance, if you like her fragrances. She is a traditional french parfumeur and this is for a nose that appreciates the complexity and sophistication of the scent. My boyfriend loves it. I highly recommend, but try first (its powdery, not like her fruitier or floral fragrances--Hadrien, Charlotte, Sud, Camille)

  • KATIA06/03/2002

    I don't like most of Annick Goutal's perfumes. Anyway, I think that Heure Exquise is her best and most elegant fragrance: powdery and distinctive notes, very sophisticated is special. And I can recommend you Eau du Sud for the summer (I think it is unisex fragrance): very warm notes of agrumes & tobacco, air of French riviera... nice.

  • GAIL05/23/2002

    I'm not crazy about all of her fragrances either, but I do like Ciel for summer, and Heure Exquise for evenings.

  • DM05/15/2002

    Her fragrances are great, all natural , no chemicals, and they are so elegant. however I don't like her heavier scents like grand amour, and the others Ciel, Hadrien, Charlotte, and Cherie are the best.

  • LOLA05/12/2002

    every time i try any A.G products,i end up with the same question:was this woman snorting anything illegal when she designed her perfumes?YUUUUUCK!!!

  • I.G.05/08/2002

    This is (in my opinion) the most elegant of all Annick Goutal's fragrances, but I'm not crazy about it. Very powdery, but delicate scent.

  • ANDREA03/25/2002

    A bit TOO POWDERY!!!

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