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Oscar Bamboo Oscar de la Renta Image

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar Bamboo   

4 Reviews

Oscar Bamboo perfume by Oscar de la Renta is a limited edition fragrance featuring lime, cardamom, green tea, bamboo leaves, water lily, vetiver and cedar.

2.0 oz EDT Spray
SKU 10079
$55.00 $41.99

Oscar Bamboo perfume by Oscar de la Renta is a limited edition fragrance featuring lime, cardamom, green tea, bamboo leaves, water lily, vetiver and cedar.

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  • BONBON06/09/2007

    I Love this!!! It is Wonderful!!, My husband's absolute favorite!!

  • CONNIE06/09/2007

    I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!!!! I've been searching for some time for a special fragrance, the ONE!, I have quite a few that are nice, lovely, but not WOW!!!, Just to let you know how great this is, I got this in a package a few days ago, opened it and sprayed a little on, I loved it instantly, but as we all now the scent changes as it drys and combines with out chemisty. I walked into my husbands home office and he smelled it before I reached the door, his response was, well, WONDERFUL!!, he said what is that perfume? and how much can we buy? This is it, I absolutely love the way it smells on you. My husband travels alot for business, and was about to leave for yet another flight this morning, and I decided to spray a little bamboo on to give him a goodbye hug and snuggle, hoping a little would rub off, and he would get a litttle wiff from time to time to remind him of our little ?!@?%@, yesterday. He just kept smelling me, and snuggling me, until he dropped his briefcase and bag and said what the heck, I'll catch the next flight. Needless to say, we had a wonderful morning, Of course I'm not giving the credit to the scent, but it helped. And just to let you all know, my husband is almost 50, we've never had any problems in the bedroom. But this stuff drives him wild!! I think it is definitely worth every penny to try a bottle, everyone I've mentioned it to, loves it, and said that it also drove their men wild. I plan to stock up on this stuff, this is definitely my scent now, I'll keep some softer, more ,casual ones, I don't know about you, but I like to get compliments about what I'm wearing. LOVE IT!!!!

  • BONNIE06/09/2007

    I received this fragrance today, and what can I say, this is absolutely beautiful. I had been in Ulta, and the sales lady and I were discussing Oscar and she mentioned that there had been an Oscar Bamboo that had sold out so fast they couldn't keep it in stock, she said I was off work one day, an entire stock came in, I had planned to buy some, but when I came back, the entire stock was sold! I love this scent, you can't buy it retail, the only way is on-line. I had also bought Oscar pink lily and loved it, but it does not compare to Oscar Bamboo, it is hard to describe, but I'll try, it does go on sweet, but don't let that scare you off, because soon it will begin to dry down to a luscious green floral with alot of warmth and soul. I also am mixing it with Paradise by Alfred Sung as another had suggested. If you like Paradise, you will love!! this. I think I have found my signature scent, I absoutely LOVE IT! Now the trick is getting it. I'm going to buy a stock, hoping it won't spoil, and by the time I go though it, I will find another that I love like this one, but I doubt it. Although some have said it doesn't have much staying power, I have found it has great staying power of several hours, maybe it's my chemistry.

  • TRACY05/16/2007

    I love this perfume!!!!! I hope Oscar reconsiders and brings it back. My children bought it for me for my birthday and i fell in love with it. Please bring it back!!!!

  • DEBI11/26/2006

    I am not sure if anyone who counts actually reads these forums but if you do, please reconsider the limited edition status of Bamboo. My three friends and I are currently buying up what we can of this superb fragrance. Bamboo has the most wonderful scent - reminiscent of long summer afternoons spent at my parents' homestead. It has seen everybody I come into contact with remarking on its light and unobtrusive fragrance. The bank manager in my building even remarked in the lift one morning that he had been 'smelling' me for days in the lift and wondered what the beautiful scent actually was! It was me hoping in before him, and spraying it on before I stopped at my floor. Please, please reconsider the limited edition stautus and let us enjoy it forever. Debi - Hope Island, Queensland, Australia

  • SAGUARO05/30/2006

    "Oscar Bamboo" is an intriguing floral/green scent which opens more sweetly than I expected---probably the waterlily. The top notes remind me of a bouquet of beautiful sweet peas. Ironically, given the name "Bamboo", it's not as sharply green as I anticipated, especially with the presence of lime, actual bamboo, & green tea. Nonetheless, I find it a very charming & calming scent, excellent for spring & summer, and it grows on me more each day. Too bad it's only available in EDT; the fragrance really fades on my skin after 90 minutes. I've layered it with Sung's Paradise EDP and find the two go very well together. The bottle is fun: the plastic lid a vivid fuchsia, but the lovely green you see in the image is the perfume's color, not that of the glass, which is clear. That is a mistake in my opinion because once the perfume is gone, so is the great color combination of fuchsia & lime. Overall, though, I find Bamboo quite lovely.

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