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Polo Black Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren

Polo Black   

58 Reviews

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is a new expression of the Polo lifestyle. This fragrance is for the urban professional male of our time. Polo Black is sexy, mysterious and slightly dangerous. A bold fusion of iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir. Modern. Daring. Sophisticated.

Polo Black is a hip and edgy men's fragrance from Ralph Lauren. more

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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is a new expression of the Polo lifestyle. This fragrance is for the urban professional male of our time. Polo Black is sexy, mysterious and slightly dangerous. A bold fusion of iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir. Modern. Daring. Sophisticated.

Polo Black is a hip and edgy men's fragrance from Ralph Lauren. Polo Black explores a man's inner passions and suits a modern, confident man who pushes the boundaries of classic style. The scent is an aromatic wood fusion with an intriguing combination that evokes a crisp energy and dark sensuality. Iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir generate a fragrance that's mysterious and slightly dangerous.

  • MARK06/01/2017

    Perfect product. Took much longer to arrive than stated on webpage.

  • IGNACIO GORDOA07/13/2016

    Polo Black is not the best one from Polo, but is still a nice fragrance, lasts reasonably well and has deodorant available which is a plus for me

  • TIM05/16/2011


  • JUDE C12/06/2009

    Not sure how this juice gets any positive rating whatsoever. This stuff smells sickly in my view. Avoid this, especially because it is rather expensive. This scent is awful.

  • RODRIGO11/22/2008

    This scent is very similar to many other sweet critrus scents available everywhere. Unlike traditional Polo (the green one), this is definetely not a classic.

  • THE DOUG08/02/2008

    I find myself reaching for it in leiu of the other colognes I own. A great purchase.

  • BBD04/23/2008

    I rotate wearing a few different colognes depending on my mood, the weather, and what I'll be doing. If I had to pick one scent - and only one - to wear forever it would be Polo Black. I can't even articulate the particular notes I so enjoy - there's a fruitiness that dries into something deep and pleasant. I've noticed that Bvlgari Aqva starts out in a *very* similar manner but dries quite differently (and is not as complex).

  • RICH02/01/2008

    This is THE one fragrance where I am asked by a lady "wow....what are you wearing?" Smells Great!!

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    so now this is something sophisticated and wearable with style. great and even the lasting is good

  • D.12/27/2007

    I have to agree with Barbara W. on the scent. It is on the middle spectrum between Armani Code and KC Black. I prefer Polo Black over both. The fragrance has a unique quality and note that I enjoy. I think it is the iced mango that gives it that certain dark and unique note. I prefer Black over Polo Blue and I have gotten plenty of compliments on the scent. Black is a nightime fragrance, while Blue is a daytime. I am not a fan of Double Black. Polo is a nice, warm, spicy and sweet fragrance. **** stars

  • CILLA11/08/2007

    I find this scent super sexy on my hubby! There's an ingredient in it that just tugs at my inner female and brings out the tigress in me1 Grrr!

  • STEVE EMLENTON10/06/2007

    Possibly in the top 3 scents I've ever smelled from RL and the most GQ of them all. Sensuous, sleek and sophisticated scent could easily go up against Armani, Chanel and K. Cole.

  • J.RIV09/18/2007

    I'll be honest...this smells like KC Black, Armani Code. Basically smells like every "fresh" scent out there. Only scents thats are Fresh that dont really resemble this are Aspen, Essential, 212 Men, 212 H2o, and Geir. It is a good smell but for some reason it brings back the whole "smells like everything" smell to me. I personally would prefer Polo Blue to this. It has a Bluer tone to it ( wow...sorry). Much more fresh and a slight aquatic smell and it is longer lasting.

  • ARIANNA08/02/2007

    to smell like a dead sexy man.. wear this cologne! I looove it, smells very masculine but not to harsh or overpowering, I want to get closer to any man who smells this good.

  • ANDRES07/19/2007

    really nice floral/fruity with light spicy base, this is not a "black" concept fragance... sure could be with other name and other ad. very youthful and versatile for day or night its ok...but simply not an elegant-formal fragance..

  • J.T.05/24/2007

    What are the top dark/spicy Black scents? I just want to know what my best choices out there are. Thanks.

  • R. SHREST04/16/2007

    As already stated by a reviewer a while back, Polo Black is a cologne which seems to be lacking a proper theme (adverts are misguided on this) and is a concoction of unbalanced and unrefined accords. Haven't yet sampled Double Black so hope that has a bit more character and some distinction. There must be a reason noses at Ralph Lauren chose to upgrade the scent so soon after the first release. Well, my hunt for an edgy 'black' scent continues...

  • SAQUIB12/26/2006

    This is a crisp, sophisticated, slightly spicy scent that is great all around. Decent lasting power.

  • SWEETEST_112/14/2006

    I am sensitive to smells, which sometimes leave me with a headache. This scent for men is not offensive... it is very pleasant, and not over powering like many men's colognes. Makes me want to snuggle closer to my husband. Just recently discovered going to ask my guy to wear this one at night. Doesn't smell synthetic or phoney..... my guy wears this one very naturally. From a woman's perspective, this scent is totally irresistable.

  • C.SANDERS12/14/2006

    RL Black is nice,very nice....But Double Black will knock your socks off....if you like Armani Code....then you'll love DB....!!

  • OSCAR11/26/2006

    I used Polo Black since it came out, and it's one of my top favorite fragrances. Sexy and sophisticated scent that really attract the ladies. If you love Polo Black, you're gonna love the second one even more... "Polo Double Black", yes, it's here, and believe me you're gonna love it even more than the first one. I hope they will post this new fragrance soon.

  • AP10/24/2006

    This was a little too strong for my taste. Not as strong as the original and not as subtle as Kenneth Cole Black.


    this smells great. for me its very different form the Polo Blue. Better worn during evening affairs and cold weather.

  • DUC07/26/2006

    Real good modern yuppie scent is the best from the designer but then again I've never really been a fan with exception of his Romance frags. Love the iced mango in this one.

  • NICOLE07/21/2006

    I bought this cologne for my boyfriend who happens to live and die by the "blue" smelling colognes such as "Z" by Zegna, Givenchy Blue Label and Polo Sport. Believe it or not.. he is in love with Polo Black, much to his surprise. He wears it every day and is as addicted to it as I am.

  • BUD07/19/2006

    Yes, too me it's better than the original. Not as strong. I often think of the original as a cologne that should only be worn conservatively and during cold weather months. Polo Black is clean and fresh. One of my favs along with Anucci and Delmar

  • CAT07/19/2006

    I thought of buying this for my man, is it long lasting? He uses the original Polo, i wonder if he'll like black?

  • I.C.07/18/2006

    Areas to spray cologne - wrist, elbow pit, behind ear & neck area, behind the knees. Always apply to your hands then to the areas mentioned. If you shave use a aftershave or just a bit of cologne to the face(not much). Don't waste it on your clothes that's ridicules. Most importantly invest in a good cologne/aftershave that works well with your body chemistry.

  • BUDRHON07/18/2006

    An excellent cologne that I particularly like wearing on special events. I would rank it next to the Anucci and Delmar. Much better than the Polo Blue. The original Polo is way to strong and overwhelming.

  • JARED07/08/2006

    Sexy and aromatic,citrus and fruity.Girls love the scent.Hey guys, get a bottle of this you won't regret it.

  • MONDRE06/24/2006

    the initials are quite good. but the middle and the base notes is smells like a place which is frequently urinated.

  • CRIS KAANTO06/04/2006

    Truly the most GQ and sleek of RL's lineup but overall I like it equally as much as Romance Silver and Purple Label.

  • BELLE06/03/2006

    This fragrance is supposed to smell similar to Kenneth Cole's "Signature" based on what I've read. Although they both have a woody scent, this one's not spicy like the KC fragrance. I chose Polo Black for my husband. Does anyone who's tried both of these know comparisons between the two fragrances? I'm just curious which is better.

  • *BARBARA W*05/17/2006

    if Armani Code were at one end of the spectrum, and KC Black on the other, Polo Black would be right in the middle. Not as spicy as Code, but not as "fresh" as KC's Black. Very well balanced!

  • *BARBARA W*05/16/2006

    Ralph Lauren has crafted a winner with Black. Yes, there are elements in it that have already been "done" before, but the mix of spicy/clean is just about perfect. I think Armani Code is a bit too overpowering, and Kenneth Cole Black is too light and fresh - this one is right in the middle of those two. When I smell this I think of a sophisticated urban man over 30 dressed in a clean black suit (maybe an Armani LOL) with a crisp white shirt. It's modern and sexy. Well done!

  • DAWN05/14/2006

    I agree with you. I'd much rather smell Pi on my man than this. I expected something more from it and just don't understand what these men are talking about or all the stars. They must be smelling in it something I'm missing. It's an average smelling fragrance at best.

  • JR05/11/2006

    I just bought this cologne and have to say it is one of THE BEST colognes I have smelled. Ralph Lauren sure has his A game on this fragrance. From owning Armani Code, Nautica Voyage & Chanel Sport, RL Polo Black is my top pick of them all. Clean, confident and masculine are what comes to mind when I smell this fragrance. This is for sure going to be a notch above the rest.

  • NIKITA 05/10/2006

    There is no theme to this cologne. It reminds me of the boys locker room--a whole bunch of 1990's smells just thrown together.

  • PRINCE04/30/2006


  • JASON1304/28/2006

    Sophisticated but just slightly above average scent. Not bad though. P.E. has yet done it again with the new 360 Black! Haven't smelled it yet but I wonder what it smells like?(hhhmmm?)

  • ERIC04/27/2006

    "Me" captured what I really wanted to say in his post. It's not a bad scent but it's the wrong concept for what I would consider something called "Black" to be. Polo "Black" should have been more woody, more rich, more spicy, with a little more musk in there somewhere, not necessarily as much as Gucci Por Homme but something a little similar. The only black thing about it is the bottle. This is a nice enough fragrance but the only really rich thing about it is price. It lacks a level of depth to me which is what I would have expected from this one. Others here disagree I see but that's what makes us all disagree. Doesn't deserve all the stars in my humble opinion.

  • OSCAR04/08/2006

    I've been using Polo Black not too long ago, and I have to admit that this is the best cologne ever.

  • ROB H.04/08/2006

    Some good ones out there, well for starters...........the Romances by the same designer, Armand Basi & Basi Homme, the Spark colognes by Liz Claiborne, Signature by St. Dupont and Ungaro III are some suggestions. If anything else, Tony T, W.B./R.J. or some other fanatics may say the same and/or add to those.

  • M.N.04/06/2006

    what are some of the good recommendations for woody and spicy frangnance out there that are not too strong and long lasting, can u guys please give some suggestions

  • NACHO03/25/2006

    Just call me stupid, I bought this because of commercial and model. But I really really enjoy it after all.

  • MARCO FROM CHILE03/23/2006

    I am a perfume collector and i have a lot on my closset. I think the new creation of Ralph is kind of boring...and no too much original. Maybe I m wrong, but i waited more from Polo Black.Its not bad, but not good at the same time.

  • 211203/18/2006

    really nice smell i agree, some fruity/ light floral base always is a nice mix and comfortable to wear.. but R.L is wrong with the concept, this is not a elegant-suit fragance.. the smell is very youthful, soft and versatile !

  • STU03/08/2006

    It's a nice smell but I expected a deeper, richer, warmer dry down from this one. I have a small bottle and won't revisit this one again.

  • STEVE YOUNG02/28/2006

    The best cologne from the designer as well as the most sophisticated, elegant and professional of them all. RL might be turning into an Armani/Cole type designer.

  • DANIELLE02/15/2006

    I bought this for my husband because it smelled so good. When he wears it, it turns me on.

  • DESAILLE02/10/2006

    When I first tried this cologne at the dept. store I was a bit disappointed at how mundane it smelled like. But an hour later, while I was shopping, I noticed how sophisticated and mysterious it became. It was like seeing ultimate transformation ^.^ Polo black is definitely a great cologne but not the best for it being a bit overpriced. Only polo cologne that worth its tag price is romance silver, not this one.

  • SPICY S02/07/2006

    i got it for my guy and i just love it. it really get things poping alway. ican't wait to see him again!!


    Absolutely the best ever for RL and can stand up to KC's new Signature and Armani's Code. Modern, sophisticated and very sexy!!

  • SYNERGY01/28/2006

    Sleek, modern, GQ, sophisticated; the best among RL's lineup possibly even eclipsing Romance Silver.

  • RN01/21/2006

    Has anyone tried the new Dior Homme yet? Polo Black is pretty good too. However, I prefer KC Signature because it is very similar and last longer.

  • ME01/18/2006

    kind of a fruity, spicy mess that doesn't amount to much of anything. To me it just smells like hairspray and doesn't last too long. It's hardly what I would call a "black" scent

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC01/16/2006

    Sophisticated selection from RL is some good competition against Kenneth Cole, Armani, Chanel, etc.

  • AKEN401/15/2006

    I like this one a lot. It's classy, fresh and aquatic with a very faint hint of the original polo. Highly recommended, but I agree with Greg. It won't be long b4 everyone has it on

  • GREG01/03/2006

    This is a great scent, but I see this becoming a very common cologne for men. I'll wear it now, but I know that 6 months from now every dude in the club will be wearing this. Like how acqua di gio is now.

  • AL12/28/2005

    I always hated polo with a passion. I always thought of it as cheap and common. Well, till now. I recently tried all the black brands selling now and Polo black was the best one. What a classy scent. I really enjoy the refreshing scent. It's not too strong and it does last on me for a while. It's perfect for a 30 or 40 something that still wants to smell young but still wants a little maturity in his fragrance. Maybe some will argue that fact. But am 30, single, plus still in the game. And Polo Black is helping.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD12/17/2005

    The most modern, sleek, urban and sophisticated of any RL fragrance as well as his best. I think he's trying to give Kenneth Cole a challenge.

  • MICK F.12/16/2005

    Awesome new Polo fragrance is the best in that lineup as well as RL's lineup in general. Sleek and sophisticated.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU12/12/2005

    The latest Polo scent is the most sophisticated fragrance in RL's entire lineup and is in direct competition with Kenneth Cole's latest-Signature. I have the same opinion as far as the targeted age bracket for this one as I do with KC Signature.

  • ROB H.11/29/2005

    Skin has chemistry and clothes don't. Your chemistry could possibly enhance the scent and possibly smell better than others.

  • TONY T11/28/2005

    everybody here is an expert (in their eyes) but imo it depends on a lotta things. some fragrances last longer than others so for some i do spray on my clothes. the experts say cologne lasts longer when sprayed on hair, i found that that is bs. areas that sweat are the best though such as neck,wrists,behind ears and also palms and behind the knee. expierement and find out what works best for you.

  • DANIEL11/27/2005

    im only 16 years old but i smelled this from a friend of mine and it was great! But just a question... I just started wearing cologne not to long ago... and i was wonderin if you guys have some tips on where to spray it? some people say on your clothes and some people say on your skin... which is better?

  • K. WIMPINO11/26/2005

    THE MOST sophisticated of RL's fragrances and I like it just as much as the Romances although I think those are more of babe-magnets than Polo Black.

  • TONY T11/26/2005

    on the money creating another great all around fragrance.some might say suit and tie but i don't have a suit and only a clip on tie so i will say for evenings with your lady.ralph has a great oriental which is somehow not on this site and also a great sleeper (purple label)

  • R.J.11/21/2005


  • ERMAC11/19/2005

    After hours of surfing online, googling and comparing prices on the new Polo Black..........I ended up stumbling onto this website. To my surprise, not only can I purchase fragrances and other products on this site, but I can always express my thoughts on what I'm wearing. My cologne collection is fairly small at 11 and I'm sure there's a few guys out there who have a hundred or more in their collections. I hope to start posting as much as possible considering I like to go sampling colognes from time to time.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/19/2005

    I'm rather impressed with the latest in the Polo lineup. Ralph Lauren has definitely outdone himself this time with this very modern/urban and sophisticated fragrance.

  • W.B.11/18/2005


  • ROB H.11/18/2005

    The ultimate GQ expression in the RL lineup and the best Polo overall. Modern, masculine and highly sophisticated............watchout Mr. Cole!

  • IKE G11/17/2005

    It's not that great. I didn't like it much when I first smelled it but bought it any way. I always thought Polo was over rated. I guess I just wanted it in my collection.

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