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Love's Baby Soft Love's Image


Love's Baby Soft   

59 Reviews

Gift Set - 45 ml Body Mist Spray + 60 ml Body Lotion + 4 ml LipGloss
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15 ml COL Spray
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30 ml COL Spray
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53 ml COL Spray
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69 ml COL Spray
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180 ml Foaming Bath
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  • HELEN01/05/2013

    I wish I could find Loves Musky Lemon, it's a smell that I can clearly remember and brings back so many memories. Please leave a message if you have seen this product for sale in stores or online.

  • DONNA09/12/2012

    I agree with the rest of you '70's ladies, Love's Musky Mandarin Orange was my favorite and my husband's also (Who I met when I was 16). I never tried the Lemon but I bet it was good too. Let's bombard Coty with requests to bring it back and maybe they will!! Everything else is coming back around these days, why not? Instead of all this celebrity perfume that doesn't smell good!!!

  • JEAN LEWANDOWSKI01/23/2012

    I was pleasantly surprised that I found the Loves Baby soft. It is not an easy product to find. You shipped it timely and it was a big hit with my daughter in law who been searching for this perfume forever


    I loved this scent so much that I saved the empty bottle from the 1970's and would remove the round clear cap and try to whiff a trace of it. Still have it in my dresser but all the scent is gone. Bummer. The fashions and hairstyles currently reflect the 70's. An entrepreneur would so well rereleasing these Love scents. There are a lot of us boomers and we have money to spend on what we remember fondly.

  • JANET05/03/2011

    I've never forgotten this favorite fragrance from my youth. I wish it was still available.

  • ASTRALARTIST401/10/2010

    Do you know if this is the original formulation from the 70's? I used to use the loves fresh lemons daily in 1972/74, but also loved the Baby Soft.

  • ASTRALARTIST401/10/2010

    Yes, I used to use it daily in high school about 1972/1974. I think it was called Love's Fresh Lemons

  • BROOKS12/14/2009

    I remember Love perfume. I remember their makeup line with Ally McGraw doing commercials on TV, Too! Love perfume was the best stuff in the world. Managed to smell a little different on everyone, but always smelled delightful and sexy! I cant figure why this company got rid of something so well.....loved!

  • CATHY10/12/2009


  • LISA09/06/2009

    I used Love cologne in the late 1960's s a young teenager. I don't know if it wss Love's Baby Soft cologne or another product. It was a spray cologne in a frosted bottle and it had a silver dome cap. It came in a Lemon scent as well. Does anyone remember this?

  • DIANE10/20/2008

    After nearly 25 years I revisited this classic, clean and sexy scent. I thought I may be too "mature" at this age to wear it, but it NEVER fails to get a comment from both men and women asking me what I'm wearing. My 12 yr old son asks to smell my wrists when I have it on. It is just a good classic scent and hard for anyone to find offensive. The body spray lasts a particularly long time.

  • BEVERLY08/21/2008

    Does anyone out there remember Loves Lemon? The bottle was the same and the scent was just fresh lemons! Can you find it anywhere?

  • LEESA L. VANCE08/08/2008

    I have loved this perfume since the early 1970's. I have not been able to find it for awhile though. I hope to see in local area stores again soon.

  • MICHELE06/22/2008

    I still have the empty bottle also, and open it from time to time. I wish Musky Mandarine Orange would make a come back. I would buy a case of the stuff. It has to be the original scent though.

  • SHWETA04/01/2008

    Does this smell like Demeter's Baby Powder? The demeter's baby powder scent is exactly like johnson's baby oil. It is gorgeous esp when layered with johnson's powder. Does Love's baby soft smell anything like the johnson's range?

  • DIDI02/11/2008

    There's something icky about a fragrance that is considered "sexy" because it smells like a baby. I remember a very old ad campaign that had a grown woman dressed like a little girl, slowly and sensuously licking a lollipop, with the tagline "Everyone loves a baby". Aside from the creepy connotations, I always found this to be too sweet. Ick.

  • DENISE01/29/2008

    I loved Love's Musky Mandarin Orange so much that I still keep the empty bottle in my dresser drawer and occasionally remove the cap to smell the "fumes." Why don't they bring this scent back?


    Hi- I will try to answer your question, but sometimes this site blocks the names of stores- so you might have to guess what I'm trying to tell you. You can usually find Love's at the 2 stores that end in "mart". Those are the ones I can think off the top of my head. Good luck!

  • LILLIAN01/24/2008

    I am over 50 and I find the scent of Love's Baby Soft very sexy and alluring to the opposite sex

  • LISA12/31/2007

    please tell me the stores where i can purchase loves baby soft. I miss that fragrance thank you

  • LISA12/31/2007

    where do you buy loves baby soft in what stores i can't find it anywhere

  • NATALIE10/23/2007

    It's a timeless classic. I don't like heavy perfumes and this is something light that causes no headaches for me.

  • TRACEY07/20/2007

    "Loved" this--so sorry that it's no longer made. "Baby Soft" is OK (if you're fourteen), Eau de was much more fresh, crisp and grown-up. Can any of you perfume mavens who remember Eau de think of anything today that compares?

  • GALA05/31/2007

    I received this as a gift for mother's day. I was really disappointed with this scent. It smells cheap and unsophisticated.

  • CHRISTIAN GIRL05/23/2007

    I love the smell of this after my shower at night or anytime. I think this fragrance will compliment and blend into your skin if you apply it while your body is still moist, I dont think this perfume will smell synthetic if it blends into your skin. this fragrance works for me, It smells very fresh and irresistable.

  • DEANNA05/17/2007

    I tested this in the store today expecting something powdery. It smelled like tanning oil with a hint of plastic. Without the plastic smell it would have been okay. I could smell some baby oil/powder in there, but it smelled artificial.

  • TIA04/29/2007

    i love this product. i have so many of them at home with me. it smells great, and keeps my skin looking, and feeling awesome!thanks....

  • NICKI02/18/2007

    I am 29 and have worn Baby Soft since I was 12. I STILL get asked what I'm wearing and how great I smell. I love it how a cheap perfume gets so many compliments but yet when I've worn something expensive, I didn't get any. I spray this on my sheets too.

  • SUSIE02/01/2007

    My number 1 all time favorite was Love's Vanilla. I recieved compliments every time I wore it and that has not happened with other scents. I miss it soooooooooooo much and want it back. It was a PERFERCT compliment to my body chemestry. Anyone know if maybe it's still available anywhere else?

  • DAWN10/02/2006

    I just got a flyer from Lancome and their new fragrance Hypnose smells just like it!!! It's truly remarkable.

  • 20 YR OLD WOMAN.07/21/2006

    Opinion: I can never get sick of this smell, it's not sickenly strong unlike other perfumes. Scent: This smells exactly like baby powder all the way. It really does.

  • GRETCHEN03/29/2006

    I read your post below and wondered if you mean "Eau de Love" by Love's? If you do, then I'm sorry to say it has been discontinued and is very hard to find. I wish you luck in your search.

  • DEB03/19/2006

    I remember the original Love's Baby Soft fragrance. It was just called Love's. It did not smell like baby powder or lemon. It was a light fresh and clean floral scent. Any one remember it or know where it's available? Please post.

  • *BARBARA W*12/16/2005

    So fun to find this here! Doubt if I'll actually wear it in public again (I'm pushing 40!), but would be fun to spray on at home just for the memories...maybe pick up some Bonne Belle Lip Smackers, too! In Bubblegum, of course! :)

  • LADYBUG12/16/2005

    Every single one of my friends wore this perfume and so did I. It's a really great soft and innocent perfume--the only drawback is it's lack of individuality.

  • LAURA12/08/2005

    I was ecstatic to find Loves Baby Soft again. My Mom bought it for me when I was girl, and at first I bought it for nostalgia, but it is such a beautiful smell. Soft, gentle and feminine.

  • 80'S CHILD11/27/2005

    I have searched the internet high and low for a download of a Love's Baby Soft TV commercial from 1982 but cannot find anything. The catch phrase and song were "Feel How Good You Feel". Back then it reminded me so much of someone who was so special to me (and still is) so if anyone knows where I can find it your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • LISA09/04/2005

    This brings back sweet memories when I was real young. We didn't have the money young people have today. Back in the late 70's my friends and I gave this as gifts to each other and we'd all be so happy. One even said that when her boyfriend got his "sniffer" on her neck and smelled that, he'd be in heaven, which he was. I am an adult now, and still wear it. A young man told me I smelled like the beach and he loved it. Funny how something great passes from one generation to the next.

  • TAT2DBETTIE07/28/2005

    I will never understand the attraction to scents that smell just like baby powder! Save yourself the money, and just buy the real thing! Ugh!


    I am still looking for Babe. I loved the stuff I wore the roll on deodorant and the body powder and lotion too! I gots some loves babysoft and some blue lipstick came with it a Mothers day along with some Heaven Scent from the kiddies. I get some strange looks with blue frosty lipstick and the day-glo green nail polish. They are still marketing it toward young girls. Yes I too wish they would come out with a stronger version. I am costantly spraying the colonge.

  • JULIE06/07/2005

    I love the lemon scent too. I bought the whole line of cologne, perfume and other lemon products. I wish they would manufacture it again!

  • AMY06/05/2005

    I've been looking for's no where to be found. Brings back memories......I keep buying stuff that 'kind of' smells close to it...nothing is as good!

  • LISA06/01/2005

    Oh!!! I haven't thought about Love's Lemon for about 25 years! I loved it too...Apparently it's discontinued by the manufacturer. If you go ahead & Google it, you can find some folks who still have some old bottles that remain unopened &/or partially full...but my guess would be that it was discontinued years, or even decades ago, and that any remaining product is long past it's shelf-life (in other words "gone bad"). Boy that sure does bring back memories. My main first-loved perfume was Love's Baby Soft, I'm now shopping for it for my own daughter, so I'm really glad to see that it's still in production. I always wished that the manufacturer would create the same scent in a stronger formulation- like a pure perfume- for us grown up girls to wear. The EDC/EDT is just too weak.

  • AIMEE05/28/2005

    I too remember Love's Fresh Lemon from the 70's. I first smelled it on my junior high school history teacher. I told her that she smelled so wonderful. She was a "cool" teacher which made me all the more infatuated with the scent. I wore it myself for years. I can no longer find it but do enjoy the fresh smell of Baby Soft. I find it at our CVS Pharmacy--hope that helps those of you in search of it.

  • LAURA05/25/2005

    Around Christmas time, Loves puts out gift packs of several fragrances in one box. I have seen them with the lemon, the lavendar, and an aqua colored one that I can't quite remember- I bet they will have them out again this Xmas :)

  • GRETCHEN05/08/2005

    This scent makes me feel very feminine and sexy. I don't know hy people knock the baby powder scent. It is such a comforting scent that I can wear anytime. It brings back memories also of a good friend of mine who used to wear this. I hope they never get rid of it!


    I want Babe back and Jean Nate' those were the classics. I seen Love's just about everywhere now get the BABE back and Jean Nate Lemon. I loved the after bath splash it was a essential staple in a girls bathroom in the 1970's.

  • CINDY04/01/2005

    I remember love's lemon and wore it faithfully and would love to find it somewhere . Any ideas?

  • DANISE03/16/2005

    I too would love to be able to find this again...I also really like Love's Rain scent...These all bring back such memories...Just bought my 4 year old Love's Baby soft because she wanted her own perfume...I couldn't believe they still had it...It was on the bottem shelf...they need to move it up! Also was looking for Heaven Scent...That was nice for young girls!


    I Love this stuff! I wish my stupid mother in law in Findlay would buy me this instead of that Bora Bora crud!


    I wished they would bring back BABE I know it was made by a different company Faberge I think but it shared equal rank with this stuff.


    I remember gym class and drowning ourselves in this stuff after gym to cover up all the odors.

  • LAURA D12/07/2004

    I wore this as a young teen ( all my mom would allow cause it was inexpensive and not very strong) They say that your sense of smell is the strongest memory and when I smell this fragrance today I think about sneaking out to smoke cigarettes and letting Stevie put his hands down my bra. Ahhh, those were the days!

  • CHRISTINE11/05/2004

    This was my favorite in jr. high...has anyone seen it anywhere???

  • BEVERLY09/27/2004

    This was my favorite fragrance to wear when I wanted to be "sexy" as a teenager. It was a heavier scent than the other Love's colognes, but it just clicked with my chemistry. Did any of you try this one?

  • PAULA07/15/2004

    wore this for years EVERYONE loved it i think it's discontinued haven't been able to find anything like it since does anyone have any suggestions?

  • FAIRLIND06/11/2004

    Yep, definitely a baby powder smell. Not unpleasant, but not a turn-on either.

  • SANDRA05/18/2004

    I wore Love's Fresh Lemon (I think that's what it was called) back in the seventies and have found a similar scent in Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien. Not exactly the same but just as nice! Great for the summer.

  • OLIVIA05/18/2004

    Every time I mention Love's Baby Soft to a woman they remember it...and they all LOVED it! If they were smart and made it easier to find I bet it would be a top selling fragrance.

  • PAULA05/07/2004

    I do remember the fragrance you mention... LOVEd it!! I wonder if the company could ever bring it back since they are still around... bet it would be a big seller and pick up their business...don't know why things that are obviously liked by consumers are discontinued... i think that is the only one of their fragrances to be shelved...unless they stopped making the lemon one too. Eau de Love was yummy!

  • JCD05/03/2004

    Does anyone remember this Love-ly fragrance? i wore it in the summers during high school- back in the 1970's- such a fave- would wear it every day today if they still made it- it was sooo fresh and clean...i wrote to the company once- kind of a curt reply that I was out of luck. Don't they still have the formula???

  • MARY L.04/25/2004

    Does anyone remember the lemon scent Love used to make?

  • SUSANNA04/16/2004

    This one may remind me of when I was 11, but I just bought a bottle and I still think it's appropriate, even at 29. It's a Friday scent for me, something to wear with my jeans. I'm surprised at myself but I'm really in love with it right now. Does anyone know what the classification of this is? Is it a floral?

  • CHRISTA12/09/2003

    it smells so good i love to wear it when i feel under the weather. its uplifting and it makes me relax.

  • DORI11/11/2003

    I am so happy to hear all of the gorn up women who use Love's Baby Soft. I haven't used it since Jr. High but just this morning the scent popped into my mind and I thought, "Oh my gosh! I hope they still make that perfume because I need to buy some for my daughter!" I'm heading out to the store today to buy some for her AND for me! The pretty bottle and the innocent fresh scent are a powerful symbol of my youth and I am thrilled to revisit it and pass it on to my daughter who will certainly pass it on to hers.

  • PAT11/06/2003

    I love it but I am having a hard time finding where I can purchase it.

  • MARIA03/25/2003

    ONe smell of this fragrance, and I'm sitting in my junior high school homeroom again, 1984. 7th grade. Awesome!

  • TRINA03/12/2003

    Does Love's Baby Soft smell like baby powder? Thanks

  • DANIELLE01/31/2003

    It's a great light powdery scent that screams innocence! I love it for a casual jeans day out shopping.

  • TRACY07/26/2002

    Wonderful splash on and doesn't overwhelm anyone. I have a friend who's quite financially well off who could buy and use an unlimited supply of any perfume she wanted. Her favorite? Yup, Love's Baby Soft. She always smells so fresh and squeaky clean. I enjoy it, too, but I believe it's better with her chemistry than mine.

  • SASSY06/13/2002

    Guys love it -- probably because the vanilla and licorice combination makes you smell good enough to... uh oh, I better not say it!

  • LISA05/16/2002

    I remember being a kid when I first smelled Love's Baby Soft, an ad for it was in Seventeen. It still smells SO pretty to me, even now that I'm in my early 20's. One of those scents that's a definite keeper! I'm a Red by GBH girl now, but when I want something innocent--it's Baby Soft. My kids love it, too! =)

  • KATHLEEN ANN02/23/2002

    Love's Baby Soft has been around for Years...I can remember Baby Soft being one of my first perfume's to ever wear when I was little. It's the type of Perfume to quick put on if you are just running out for a little bit...Nice Soft, Clean, Fresh Scent...Kinda like a Fresh Cut Flower Smell!!

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