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Must De Cartier   

76 Reviews

Cartier introduced Must de Cartier in 1981. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, tangerine and ylang-ylang. Blended with notes of vanilla, musk and amber. Must de Cartier is recommended for evening use.

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Cartier introduced Must de Cartier in 1981. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, tangerine and ylang-ylang. Blended with notes of vanilla, musk and amber. Must de Cartier is recommended for evening use.

  • BARB10/17/2012

    absolutely love it, have used this for about 15 years, fast delivery, no hassles

  • BETTYBEE09/13/2010

    Red box, toilette, black box perfume. Big difference in them. I prefer the perfume-absolutely out of this world.

  • CAZ12/01/2008

    Confusion mom has asked for the traditional old MUST de that the Must de Classic or just the Must de cartier perfume spray?

  • CAROL PULLEN12/01/2008

    I am trying to get my mom her favorite perfume...Must de Cartier. I cannot figure out whether it's the classic or regular perfume she usually uses. Any recommendations? Is there a major difference between the two?

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS03/01/2008

    There are actually 3 different Musts! The classic, the newer version and Must II...I have not tried the Must II but the newer version and the classic are what I have. They are both eau de toilette but completely different scents. Just wanted to clarify this in case someone thought I was comparing the EDT and the EDP....that's it for now!!! :)

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS03/01/2008

    HELLO! I have found that there are 2 different Must perfumes. One is the classic in the red bottle/box and the other is the newer Must. They are completely different! I think this is why some of us are smelling a comparison to Obsession and some are not. Actually with the newer version I DO smell a similarity however the classic has a scent all its own. I adore the newer version better as it is a more wearable rendition of Obsession and has great lasting power. Check your bottles ladies to see which one you have and read these posts again. You'll be amazed! Toodles.

  • REDROCKADDICT02/24/2008

    Wore this often in the 80s & 90s, and loved it. Had to discontinue after my husband told me (repeatedly) that he reeeeealllly didn't like. Somewhat similar to Obsession, yes, but far superior. Very rich, romantic (I thought) & sophisticated - not for little girls unless they want to get into big girl trouble.

  • JEANINE01/22/2008

    I ever since the 1980's I have always loved the way Cartier smells.It's so classy,clean,and professional.Please do not compare it to Obsession.Because Cartier is not loud,musty, and overbearing so please don't get them mixed up.

  • TOMMY01/13/2008

    it sends me,. and I wear some real orange oil along with it. does my senses right!! i am sent way back in time. perhaps to the time before my mothers mother.. hey maybe it's just me. but I Love this scent. it "sends" me!!

  • ALLISON06/17/2007

    I sampled this w/ the mil, and thought okay, this is strong, but there's something about it I like. Wore it all day, went back to get a sample, long story short, I could not imagine my life w/ out it. I've always wanted a perfume that resembled samsara's sexiness, and I finally got it! Plus there's a note of daffodil in Must, that sits very beautifully on my skin. I only got the edt., one day I'll fork over the cash for the edp.. I really don't like Obsession, so I don't see the comparison to it, but that's just me.

  • BARBARA W05/12/2007

    Spritzed this again today at Sephora and totally got the Obsession comparison. Very, very similar.

  • BARBARA W03/19/2007

    This is one perfume I thought I'd enjoy, but it had a "funky" smell that I didn't like...yes, musty, I suppose. I think it's the ylang-ylang. It doesn't mix well with my chemistry.

  • GLORIA03/16/2007

    I was given a full bottle of Must along with many other bottles of fragrance sometime ago. I stashed Must away cause I thought it was so so, nothing special. Well last evening as I'm spring cleaning I find my bottle of Must and spritz the air. About an hour later I'm swooning around like a lunatic cause something smells so gorgeous in my bedroom. On this rainy, gray morning as I head off to meet frinds for lunch in the city I wear Must. WOW! This is one gorgeous creature...the Must I mean. It's heaven in a bottle.

  • RYAN03/13/2007

    I was really looking forward to loving this frag as other reviewers talked about how it is similar to Obssession. I was actually hoping for a classier, longer lasting version. When I initially sprayed this on my wrist, it smelled incredible. However, as it dried down (on my skin) it smelled very musty. Honestly, my first reaction was expired suntan lotion left in the backseat of a hot car. I was disappointed as I initially wanted to love the fragrance.

  • FREKLESNCURLS02/28/2007

    I've had men chase me down just to ask me what perfume I had on it is like no other. You have 3 sents in the set 1st just the parfume then just the edt toliet, then you combine the two for your 3rd sent. I first bought this in 1981 Germany!!! just try it

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE01/31/2007

    Must is truly lovely. I purchased the edt and body milk. The lotion is a touch more incensey on me than the edt, but both have that churchy scent going for them. Must is a lovely fragrance, which is similar to Obsession, but not at all like Sheer Obsession. Even though Must reminds me of Obsession at first, it is not so similar that the two would be confused. It is a softer scent, and the musk notes set it apart distinctly from Obsession. The lasting power is not as great as Obsession either, but I'm sure layering with the body milk will help immensely. I would recommend this scent to anyone who likes Obsession, or to anyone who finds Obsession a bit too overwhelming. Must is a gentler scent, but in the same aromatic class as Obsession.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE01/28/2007

    I have just tried a sample of the EDT that my friend Rosaria was kind enough to mail me from Brazil, and I am positively thrilled with the scent! At first sniff I liked Must, but as I wore it over the next hour, it grew on me more and more to the point of love. Translate: must buy asap! I have ordered it and will report further once it arrives and I have had a chance to play with it some more. My initial impression is that it does remind me of Obsession as many of you have commented, but it is a bit different; a bit softer and has more floral notes to my nose than Obsession. Is it perhaps closer to Sheer Obsession than original Obsession? I have them both and wil compare all three and report back with results. Thanks for all the great reviews posted here, they were very helpful, albeit a bit confusing as to the EDT versus Parfum, old versus new debate. All I know is that the EDT is all I've ever known and I find it lovely. The perfume would likely be even better, but alas is way out of my financial reach!

  • JET12/12/2006

    I wore this sometimes when it was icy cold, and I felt warmer. Rich, intense...and yet soft. A beautiful spicy scent.

  • PERFUME PERSON11/09/2006

    This posting is for the pure parfum of Must. It is wonderful and very pricey. I splurged on myself yesterday and I feel so good when I wear it. Very rich, spicey, scent. Not obnoxious or in your face. Very nice. Can be worn every day too!

  • HARLEY-MAMA09/08/2006

    I really like this stuff! Yes, I admit it is similar to Obsession..but thats okay, I love Obsession. This is more spicier than Obsession..a tad masculine at times..I like that too!

  • HEY YOU05/08/2006

    There's no such thing as EDP in Must, it's either the parfum from 1981 or the newer EDT which is very different and not as nice, IMHO.

  • CASEY03/26/2006

    I recently purchased the MUST EDP and it smells like a "smoky" Obsession. It seems like the perfume has changed over the years. I hope that the Cartier execs will get back to the original scent. I know that some companies like to update their fragrances as time and consumers change. This one didnt need to be changed as it had a loyal following. I am sure that Cartier would improve their sales if they would go back to the original scent.

  • AIMEE02/13/2006

    I forgot to mention...use the pure parfum in this one. Simply beautiful! The other formulas don't come close.

  • AIMEE02/13/2006

    Jan, I can appreciate that you smell a similarity to Obsession. I do as well, but in my opinion, I think that Must is more refined, less up front and extroverted.

  • JAN01/26/2006

    I recently purchased the Must perfume and I was very dissapointed. I wore Cartier in the 80's and this new perfume smells like smoke. I am sending it back to Neiman Marcus today. I am very sad as I loved this perfume. How different is the EDT?

  • JAN01/17/2006

    When I first sampled it at a dept. store, I mentioned to the sales lady it reminded me of Obsession. She smiled, and told me that I "knew my fragrances." She agreed. Does anyone else agree it smells like Obsession?

  • ERZICKA11/15/2005

    It has a depth which evokes warm sultry nights and is absolutely unforgettable. Each time I have worn it I feel enveloped in its richness and very, very special. Women love it and I get lots of compliments from men too, which is always nice! This is one of those perfumes which, once tried, is never forgotten. Beautiful!

  • CHERYL08/01/2005

    I have use this scent (only the parfum though) since the late eighties. I have been asked by total strangers (men ) what I scent I had on, they wanted to buy their lady the same. I would never wear anything else!!!!!

  • SUE C05/20/2005

    Usually the EDT is a diluted version of the parfum. When Must de Cartier EDT was launched it was actually a quite different scent - perhaps it should have been given a different name to avoid confusion. Try both to make sure you are getting the one you prefer.

  • JENNA05/14/2005

    Yes Debbie, Fragrance can "turn" with age...Try a fresh bottle and I'm sure you will love it. It's rich and sweet and very nice.....the ULTIMATE Oriental fragrance!!!

  • SHARRIE02/20/2005

    must be in must heaven. tears of angels on my skin. the loveliness of a new love in my life.

  • TANIA02/17/2005

    I used the perfume and the edt since the 1980's, I used both at the same time at night time. The original edt is similar at Must De Cartier II. The new edt smell like the perfumenow.

  • NICOLE02/16/2005

    This fragrance is full of sexuality very provocative. Because it's not over populated like some other fragrances people don't really know what it is. Everytime I wear it I get compliments from men and women. It's not for the faint hearted as the fragrance is quite heavy. It's an exotic blend for those who really don't follow every trend. This is classic, womanly, sexy. Very Samantha!!!

  • DEBBIE02/10/2005

    My boyfriend got me some of this - it's in a really old bottle and smells a bit acrid - does anyone know if this stuff goes off or is it just me being a bit oversensitive? I think he got it in some vintage shop and the bottle definitely looks about 20 years old

  • DIANA02/10/2005

    I have been wearing this perfume since 1990's. I received my first bottle as an anniverary gift from my husband. I love the body cream!

  • LINDA12/25/2004

    I love Must de Cartier. However I have the first scent. I need to find the original Must de Cartier body cream

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    must is the must of cartier, a perfect must to be, enchanting nights awesome days a wear anytime


    I have been using the parfum since 1993/4. Also the body cream (used to come in those fabulous large glass round jars) and body lotion (used to come in refillable bottles)....I love layering them. Back in the 90's the EDT definitely smelled different (really nasty) than the parfum, but just last year I got a gift set with a large spray bottle of the EDT and body lotion, and I thought that the smell was very similiar to the real Must de Cartier parfum......can anyone tell me whether they did improve the EDT and make it smell more like the parfum? I read all the messages, and some people say it is different, and some say it is similar. I usualyy order this on line, but I don't want to take a chance if people tell me that the EDT is totally it used to be!!!!! Thanks

  • JOANE10/03/2004

    I like the Must perfume for special occasions and the edt for every day. Even though the edt is a little different, it stays fresh and warm at the same time all day long. A pleasant daily companion.

  • JENNIFER09/21/2004

    I absolutely love to wear this fragrance in the winter. It's a heavier perfume and I love to smell it when I'm all bundled up with a scarf around my neck. I find it too heavy for summer, though, and switch to a lighter fragrance during the warmer season. DO NOT BE MISLED....the EDT is NOT at all like the perfume - I dislike it immensely and would never buy it. Stick to the parfum and you'll never be disappointed.

  • SUE COLORADO08/16/2004

    you might try hanae mori butterfly or must de cartier. both are wonderful and sweet and you definitely won't smell like everyone else.

  • SUZANNE05/19/2004

    When I wear Must de Cartier I smell like baked goods - and I mean that in a good way! My 8-year old daughter's comment - "smells like fresh doughnuts!" Really, on me this is a warm, sweet, fresh scent, almost yeasty, with hints of nutmeg and vanilla. It smells warm and comforting. If a scent could be a security blanket, Must de Cartier would be mine. It is really delicious!

  • SUSANNA04/27/2004

    I haven't given a fragrance 5 stars before. I started wearing this last summer and in the EDT it's perfectly acceptable to wear this in warm weather. This is a fragrance with a bit of mystery/allure but still perfectly appropriate for the office. I recently bought Coco Chanel and the new Cartier (which is fabulous) and this is definitely my favorite still. It's got a very warm feel to it and a lot of understated sex appeal. You'll smell like you really have it together!

  • VICTORIA04/18/2004

    It is of course the original scent - you must have purchased bootleg. I was in Paris in 1981 when it was released and have worn only one perfume my whole life. It is intoxicating.

  • LULU04/11/2004

    I used to wear the 80's Must and had received fabulous compliments from men during that time (I was never so popular!). When my bottle ran out, I mourned until I found this one while on a trip to the States. I was disturbed that the bottle was different, and the scent does not last as long as the original. It's almost like a facsimile of the real thing! I still have the original body lotion which is so much stronger and headier. That all said, when I put a little of the lotion on the pulse points and follow that with this newer spray, I manage to almost recapture the elegance of the original. Still, I love the scent (even it if is only through reminisence) and am happy I bought it. I wear it when I want to make a statement of elegance and sophistication, but not necessarily to seduce!

  • NEL03/09/2004

    I love both (must de cartier) and also (must de cartier II.) I also found (must be cartier jasmin) have not smelled it yet. If anyone has post a message please.

  • SANDY12/08/2003

    I will take all of this fragrance that you have and don't want...I love it!

  • SUSY10/30/2003

    I miss a lot the original fragance,this one is too strong ,too sweet,nothing like the other

  • NORA10/01/2003

    I finaly had an oportunity to try the pure perfume. I can't say I love it: it is very strong, smoky-ambery, it reminds me a lot of a masculine fragrance. Not for me.

  • BECKY09/25/2003

    I have been reading this site and I gotta thank you guys for all of your great info. I was all ready to buy Obssession (I was in the mood for an ambery smoky oriental after I sparayed the tester at Boscov's), but my aunt who was with me told me that Must de Cartier was actually what CK used as his inspiration. I always want the original of something, so I checked on PE to see what was posted about it. Sure enough I found that everyone agrees that Must is way better than Obsession, its cheap copy. But the real reason I was glad I checked PE is the conflict over the EDT not being the same as the original. I looked in all the stores and they only had the EDT. I checked ebay and found a mini bottle of Must that was listed as "parfum, not to be confused with eau de parfum", so I bought it. I just tested it out today and it is wonderful. It is in a reddish bottle with a gold cap, small .12 oz. the writing of "must" looks very 80's in the script, I am guessing that it is deadstock of pure parfum, leftover. It smells absolutley wonderful, similar to Obsession, but way better in the drydown, it doesn't become all powdery and lose its amberness. All I have to do now is find a bigger bottle!


    Make sure you buy the classic perfume, not the EDT. The classic perfume was never changed. The EDT is a totally different bird. You can find the classic perfume online, many sites carry it, or go to Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales, they have it. Also, our chemistry and scent perception do change overtime. If you are indeed using the classic perfume, it could simply be that your own system is perceiving it differently. I can no longer wear Paris for that reason.

  • JANICE06/23/2003

    I must agree with the writer that just rated it as a fragrance that has changed. Yes, it definitely is not the same fragrance. I have purchased the new one and I will use it, however, it's not nearly as nice of a fragrance as the original one. I would love to be able to purchase the original one again. I have used that one for years and would not purchase any other fragrance. I was so disappointed when it was changed.

  • MYLAAN06/09/2003

    For years I was convinced that Must was a winter fragrance only. I guess there are no set rules, with perfume. Lately I've been coming back to it while scolding myself that I should put it away and wait for the fall to return. I can't figure out why, but there's something haunting and addictive about it, these days. How bizarre...

  • GIANNA06/08/2003

    Must is a great classic scent, pretty strong. Woodsy, leather and sandalwood. It is Oriental but I've never think about it as a perfume for "romantic" moments. In my opinion it is more for office wear and formal occasions. There is something very "serious" in it, it lacks the tender, romantic note.

  • SUE COLORADO05/12/2003

    I loved anne klien II, but it was discontinued I found Indecence and like it but would like a sweet woodsy fragrance, any suggestions??

  • AURELIE05/12/2003

    I have the original Must perfume + a generous travel size edt. I found, after much testing, that although the edt is beautiful on a day when the weather is hot and dry, it is absolutely horrendous when the air is humid. Many people have commented that it does smell exactly like Obsession, but I don't know Obsession very well, so I wouldn't know. The original perfume is interesting: It's obviously an Oriental, but starts out with a surprising GREEN note... (I never thought that green and oriental could be paired, and yet...) On a cold day, it's always great. On a hot and dry day, the leather notes come through more, it's exotic and different. On a cool and humid day, the sandalwood is more pronounced, I love that, too. On a hot and humid day... Skip! A great fragrance to have on hand...

  • BRITTNEE03/27/2003

    This one smells like the oh so popular avon fragrance called Imari. Almost clones by my perception. It is very "musky" and light smelling if applied frugally.

  • PB02/28/2003

    At first I liked it but after a while it sickened me. Too heavy . body lotion is not good either

  • PEB02/24/2003

    This smells like tangerines with something sexy and sweet.very sophisticated

  • HANA02/12/2003

    Thanks Aphrael! I saw your messages about Lalique on Shalimar and Opium board, too. Yes, I know I can purchase Lalique in a blue box anywhere (well, not anywhere...), but few mounths ago in France I've tried the new Lalique version (EDP and EDT) in a white box. I think it is not so sweet like original and I prefer it. But I have to check once again. Thanks to you and greetings to all sisters. Looking forward for your interesting notes!

  • APHRAEL02/06/2003

    You can find Lalique in the blue box on this site,it does come in E.D.P.

  • APHRAEL02/06/2003

    Hi!Check out the Opium and Shalimar boards.Personally I would try to stay with the original version of any scent,If possible.Perfume companies have a way of coming out with a great,kick-ass scent,hook up many customers,and then tweak their formulas for a cheaper recipe,while telling clients that "It's the same, really",and charging the same prices. Lanvin did this with Arpege.(1927 as original launching date,relaunched in 1993...but not the same)Good luck!

  • HANA02/02/2003

    Hi, Lola, Maya and Aphrael! I left you a message on the YSL-Opium board: have you ever tried Lalique EDP (there is a new one, slightly modified fragrance in a white box - the old one was in the blue box). I'd like to hear your opinion and description. Thanks! I like to read your messages. Best wishes!!!

  • INGE02/01/2003

    Must de Cartier and YSL's Opium are two great oriental perfumes - but I found Must more formal, "serious", and for me it is nice for office, formal occasions or something like that, and Opium is more sexy and sensual.

  • SID12/30/2002

    I received this fragrance as a gift and as soon as I took a whif all I could think of was of musty dusty foul smell. I like the bottle though!

  • LOLA12/29/2002

    It certainly sounds like the post you are refering to is loaded with PMS!!! I'm sorry... but what I tried (and failed,obviously) to convey to you, is that there was no Cartier fragrance created before 1981,and that the 1981 perfume creation stood alone until more recently,when the E.D.T was added. That E.D.T has caused much talk and uproar, because it's not at all like the classic parfum.Back in 1981, Cartier had wanted to launch 2 fragrances: one for day, and one for night which could either be layered on top of the day scent,or be worn alone. back then they only came up with the night scent,the parfum, which came to be known as Must de Cartier,or Must du soir.It is believed that this new E.D.T,which, although very different,does have a slight feel of Must to it,is the Must de jour,the daytime scent.So I do believe that,if you wore Must in the early eighties,it was the classic parfum,and that you must have been sold a new E.D.T by a salesrep who didn't bother explaining the new addition to you. Many stores that carried the classic Must stopped doing so when the E.D.T came out. Gee,that sucks. Look,Christine, if I came off as a rabid she-wolf in my previous post to you,I'm sorry.It's not easy,being a perfume psycho, you know!as for "spending too much time posting",I don't,really.But i'll be damned if I'm going to explain my life or myself to someone I don't know.Fair enough?Peace to you,and happy new year!

  • CHRISTINE12/23/2002

    Maybe if you spent a little LESS time on the boards & a little MORE time in the real world you wouldn't be so nasty? Just a thought. In any event, I am referring to Cartier's Must fragrance & apparently I'm referring to the EDT. Which you seem to have discovered! Congratulations! But it's STILL not the same Mst I wore in the 80's.

  • LOLA11/30/2002

    When these 2 decide I HAVE to try something,there is no avoiding it... So there,I sprayed the e.d.t on a card,sniffed a bit,and...forgot about it,while I was emailing to my dad... But then I got distracted,because something near by smelled REALLY good,only I couldn't tell what it was. After much looking around,I found it: The card I had sprayed with Must E.D.T was resting on a radiator,right next to where I was,and the aroma was so nice...Maya & Aphrael are pretty accurate on their description of the scent,and really,it does grow on you.In a previous post,Jasmine mentioned that it was also refered to as Must de Jour,and that was probably Cartier's intention,but I couldn't see using this at any time during the winter.However,I really think I have found a new summer scent,to me this is an oriental that will keep on getting aromatic and round hearted without falling into the "sticky trap" that plagues so many oriental fragrances in hot weather.But could Cartier PLEASE come up with a body line???????????

  • MAYA11/28/2002

    I was intrigued by my sister's "research",so I decided to check it out for myself,while the turkey was still cooking... Wow,surprise-surprise and shocking discovery,I actually like it!The E.D.T,I mean.I have known the parfum and its smoky- ambery accord for quite a while,I never bothered with the E.D.T because so many people were bitching about it,and also because, just like my sisters,I never use any diluted brews,I always go for the fully leaded stuff.Aphrael is right in saying that the E.D.T is mostly a breakdown of the top notes.I also think that the heart is lighter,more floral and rounder than the parfum. I seem to detect some mellow fruit in there as well...What really surprised me was the staying power: E.D.T,as a general rule,doesn't last on me,that's the biggest reason why I normally won't wear it.But this is different,I can still smell it easily since this morning!Of course,anyone looking for the classic scent could not be fooled with this one:it's just not the same.But if one seeks a full-bodied fruity oriental that has a gentle touch and decent staying power,this new E.D.T is quite nice. If Cartier made a bath and body line to match it,it would be perfect.

  • APHRAEL11/26/2002

    No,this is not a "good vs bad" tidbit. But Yesterday I decided to wear Must (parfum),and all day I was wondering about the E.D.T,since so many people out there are talking about it.So I took a travel size of E.D.T that I got as a free gift at Neiman's,and put a generous spritz on one wrist,and some parfum on the other.It's not the first time I experiment with this,only today I really took my time.The E.D.T seems to be mostly a breakdown of the parfum's top notes.It is much richer in citrus and light floral notes to start with,has more jasmine in the heart for fullness,and the base is so wimpy,you really have to look for it. Actually,to me,The Must E.D.T is a lot closer to Must 2 than to the original.It's not a "bad" scent,it's just that anyone looking for the classic Must would be sorely disappointed.In the past,I have tried to see if this could be used to complement the original,with some success.For example,you could wear Must parfum,and spray a scarf with the E.D.T.But that's not for everyone.I prefer the parfum,by itself.In terms of "impression",where I would associate the parfum with a more mature,sophisticated,ultra wealthy jet-setter,I could see the more floral E.D.T being worn by a younger,more care-free and playful young lady.Also-I am not aware of any body products that match the E.D.T,as far as I know they match the classic Must parfum,so maybe it is possible to pair the body line of the classic Must with the E.D.T,and end up with a decent balance between the 2.Personally,I will never understand why Cartier had to mess with a good thing.The classic, original Must is in a class by itself, and since the E.D.T is so different, I feel they should have come up with a different name,especially since the addition of Must 2,which is also very different was confusing enough to begin with.Actually,now that I think of it,it would seem that the Must 2 body line would be a better match to the Must E.D.T... Cartier didn't do anyone a favor with this idiotic,confusing revamping of their line!Stupid,stupid,stupid. Still,as much as other companies have tried,the classic Must parfum will never be matched.YUM!

  • APHRAEL11/25/2002

    Today I woke up feeling the winter in every muscle fiber in my body,and if that wasn't enough,I knew I had to start the day with a 3 hour swim practice that would include tons of sadistic sprint drills...So I went, tortured myself in the pool mindlessly,and treated myself to a looooong steam bath and a hot shower afterwards.The moisturizer of choice today:Must body cream, + a whisper-light spray of the parfum,because in cold weather, and coming home to a roaring fire in the fireplace,well,nothing compares. On my way out of the athletic club, a woman stopped me to compliment me on my perfume,she said she thought it was the most sensuous scent ever.But then she added : "It's so hard to find just the right fragrance for one's skin,I work with a woman who wears Must de Cartier,and it's got to be the worst thing I've ever smelled!" ... I didn't tell the woman that I was wearing Must,but walking back to my car,I couldn't stop thinking that yes,absolutely,one woman's poison is another's olfactory delight...Now, after a few hours,the scent on my skin is light,but full bodied,a bit on the smoky side,and at least with my chemistry,the sandalwood in the base notes really comes through. My kids give me great big hugs just to inhale as deep as they can,this is just neat.Not for long...I have 1 hour of pilates and 2 hours of cardio kick box coming up.I will sleep well tonight...The weather report calls for even colder temps,so I think I will stick with Must for at least a few days...

  • LOLA11/04/2002

    Thanks,girlfriend! I was beginning to despair,as my manicurist had threatened to encase my nails in concrete blocks if I kept ruining her work on something as dumb as a perfume bottle!!( That's because she can't relate to my love of perfume,since she is forced to sit in a room full of nail product fumes all day).Anyway,thanks a bunch,I'll look for the new bottle!

  • JENNA11/02/2002

    I too had the problem using the red baguette bottle and so did many others so to answer our requests, Cartier has changed the sprayer to make it much easier to use. It is still the same wonderful juice so enjoy!!!

  • MAYA10/31/2002

    THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!!! Yes,the E.D.T is different.No,the parfum has not changed. YEEPAHDEEDOOWHEEEE!!Smooch!

  • LOLA10/28/2002

    Yes,Sweet cheeks,apparently,we are ALL missing the point that you love to miss right along with us! The point being:Are we all talking about the same exact product, because it seems that some are refering to the parfum while others are refering to the E.D.T. And the other point being that if the product in question was indeed used prior to 1981,then it came from a totally different maker and has nothing to do with Cartier.OOOPS,I'm sorry, little Darlin' ,what was the point, again?...

  • JASMINE10/27/2002

    I found out about Must by asking someone which nice fragrance they were wearing. When I went to buy it, I tried on the edt. thinking that it's the same formula as the perfume, just with a lower concentration of fragrance (and higher alcohol content) as is usually the case. I was disappointed that this was not the rich oriental fragrance I was after, but a woodsy floral instead. Eventually I tried on the perfume and this was it. I know a perfumer and he confirmed to me that the edt. and perfume are indeed different fragrances. Apparently the edt. (also known as Must de jour) is meant to be worn during the day, while the perfume (Must du soir) is supposed to be layered on top of the edt. for evening use. I never tried layering them myself since I didn't like the edt.

  • CHRISTINE10/25/2002

    prior to 1981, after 1981, it doesn't make a difference. i think some of you are missing the point. i wore must in the late 80's and it WAS a different scent. it smelled different in the bottle, it smelled different on me, and it smelled different on others. so you can all sit & argue about the date & insist that the fragrance hasnt' changed, but it most certainly has.

  • APHRAEL10/24/2002

    Between Maya who's so stubborn, and Lola who,at least today is ,well, hem,whacked out to lunch,(when she reads this,she's going to freak), I will TRY to get a bit creative... Must E.D.T is undeniably different from the parfum.I mean,there are similarities between the two,but you couldn't call the E.D.T a diluted version of the original.I think there are more citrus top notes and much less amber,less musk and no tonka in the bases notes.There is more jasmine in the heart,too.All that plus added water,so although they may have followed the general idea for the recipe,it is a spin-off.So I really think that those who lament over the loss of the original scent ought to make sure they get the parfum.And what to do with the bottle of E.D.T? Lola and I decided to experiment,and in the end,it seems that sprayed on bedsheets, scarves,and even drapes,it is absolutely delightful! It does not clash with the parfum,it actually compliments it rather nicely.NOW- pretend you've just showered and used the Must body products,put on a SMALL amount (please!) of Must parfum,and slithered in the stylish-gorgeous-sexy-classy clothes (that is all you wear,of course) that you previously sprayed with the E.D.T,make a huge pot of strong cocoa (with whole milk,a dash of salt,a stick of vanilla and honey in place of've got to live a little) and enjoy the taste, the smell,and once your Darling has breathlessly answered your call, enjoy the touch and everything else that is bound to happen...Must doesn't suck,really...

  • LOLA10/24/2002

    Now that I've successfully chased my baby sis off the computer,(hey, it IS mine and she was late for work),let me tell you all what I think about this "original-discontinued- new stuff-not as good-bla-bla-bla- crap" :I COULDN'T GIVE A HUMP TO A ROLLING DOUGHNUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use the perfume,the full monty, the true juice,if you will,and yes it does come in a smoky bottle with a gold top.And now that I've indeed recovered from the abject humilation of having to admit that "Oh,no,BOTH my younger sisters were right",I can tell you that Must de Cartier simply rocks.Maybe it is truly wrong for some people's chemistry,and if that's the case,my heart goes out to you,this really sucks like an airplane toilet.Or maybe,like me at first,you didn't give it enough time to really get acquainted with your chemistry.(It did take 3 days,for me) But OOOHH, when it works,it is phenomenal.Also, since the packaging has changed, I must let you know that the pure original parfum also comes in an elongated red container (not a bottle,not a flacon,it looks kind of like a fat,flat stick) with a gold top (it's a real pain in the ass mechanism,by the way),and THAT new packaging is hell on earth to operate if you have long fingernails. BUT,the juice inside IS THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL MUST DE CARTIER PARFUM THAT CAME OUT IN 1981 and since I have to stick with family I will also agree that Cartier never made ANY fragrance prior to 1981.You don't believe me?? Just contact any Cartier boutique on the planet,they'll tell you.So there. Incidently,I really did call the Cartier boutique in the city where I live,and they did confirm this juicy and controversial little tidbit. So, big fat raspberry to you all.PEACE!

  • MAYA10/24/2002

    It seems that many people are refering to different products alltogether...I was under the impression that Cartier did not have a fragrance prior to 1981.I actually did some research on this,and found that several leading authorities (Nigel Groom,Jan Moran,to name a couple) are unanimous on this: Prior to 1981,Cartier was a top jewel design house,then started to make accessories (such as the famed Must cigarette lighter),and entered the perfume market in 1981 with the launch of Le Must de Cartier PERFUME whose bottle was designed to match the original gold cigarette lighter. There is no record anywhere of any Cartier fragrance before 1981. So if some of you out there are searching for "Cartier fragrance" (Must or anything else) that you think you may have used before 1981,there is just no way,and you are probably remembering something else.

  • SONDRA10/24/2002

    Greta is right. Nothing Cartier makes today can compare to the perfume they made pre-1981. What happened? Did they make illegal some of the ingredients? If anyone knows, tell us. If anyone knows what some of those ingredients were, tell us. Thanks!

  • APHRAEL10/17/2002

    Obsession is harsh,cold,and in your face.It's very obvious that C.K tried to copy Must,but frankly,Must simply cannot be duplicated.The end result is a little bit like trying to copy a fabulous dessert of crepe flambee and ending up with a plate of greasy,half burnt pancakes.I much prefer paying the price for a scent that will keep on getting better as the day wears on,as opposed to Obsession,which at best falls flat and cold after a few hours, or at worst becomes more and more sour,sharp and uninviting as time goes by.

  • JANU10/16/2002

    I am a perfume fanatic and this girl at work used to wear the most incredible perfume.... I mean I would literally follow her around because she smelled so good and for the longest time I couldn't figure out what she was wearing until I finallymade the discover on my own. And oh my, I actually have people stop me now and ask me what I'm wearing. It smells absolutely divine... it's clean,yet musky and vanillaish and still smells fresh... I LOVE it

  • LOLA10/14/2002

    ...or my chemistry's bipolar! At the urging/cajoling/nagging of my 2 sis, who both shamelessly ganged up on me,I agreed,kicking and screaming, to give Must another shot.And I promised not to form an opinion until I had sampled it faithfully for 3 days.I used the shower gel,the lotion,and the perfume.I figured,hey, big deal,I'll humor them,stink for 3 days,and go back to my old favorites.I'll even sing "I told you so" In the shower at the top of my lungs.After 72 hours of constant Must-sniffing,I sprinted to the shower,brandishing a huge bottle of unscented shower gel,ready to erase the last remnants of my fragrant sacrifice.Well,after my shower,I needed to do a load of laundry,grabbed an armful of the clothes I'd worn during the weekend and...there it was:Lingering,deep, soft,spicy,ambery,the SMELL!! I can't believe I'm admitting this,but the blend had finally bonded with my chemistry and resulted in a bewitching smoky-sandalwood- musky je ne sais quoi that was all over my clothes and I found myself, like a fetish afflicted stalker,with my face buried in my own clothes, inhaling like I was trying to get high or something...And then,in front of both my sisters who were laughing so hard they had tears streaking down their cheeks,I summoned all the pride I could,stuck my nose UP in the air with a look of untouched dignity,and march back to the shower,holding,this time,the Must products that had me bitch so loud for the entire weekend.Now I'm addicted,I even put a Must soaked cotton ball in my glove compartment (it scents my car beautifully),my husband loves it,and all I need to do now is find a way to shut my sisters up...

  • CHRISTINE10/13/2002

    I too miss the original fragrance in the smoky bottle. maybe if enough of us get together & complain, cartier will bring it back? ;)

  • MAYA10/05/2002

    So I called my insanely cool grandma who knows more people in the perfume industry worldwide than you can imagine.And after calling a couple of friends at Cartier,she told me what happened.The perfume was NEVER changed.The E.D.T, which was a slightly different version from the perfume (more hesperides,less amber),was meant to be worn during the day,the perfume for evening,or both could be layered to create a whole new fragrance.Somewhere down the road,Cartier decided to create yet another version of the E.D.T and called it Must 2.It's more floral, sheer and marine oriented.And then Cartier changed the packaging for the entire Must line.Confusing!But Ladies,don't despair,the original E.D.T is still available.Make sure you ask for the "classic Must E.D.T",and don't let a misinformed salesperson tell you it's been discontinued,that's just not true.Must 2 is a totally separate product,and the classic Must perfume and E.D.T are both available and selling quite well.The packaging has changed,not the scent.

  • MAYA10/05/2002

    I read the posts.Some of you guys are saying that the original formula (smoky bottle) has been changed. (red bottle).Now I'm talking about the perfume,here,not the E.D.T or any diluted version.I have,at home, both bottles,I put some of the "original" on one wrist and some of the "new" on the other.I could not tell the difference,even after a few hours,and neither could my husband. Also 2 friends of mine work at the perfume counter at Neiman Marcus, and they are positive that the Must formula has never been changed.So I'm wondering if it's the E.D.T that has been changed,because no-one in my house could tell the difference between both bottles of the full strength juice.I'd love to know what you all think!

  • DIDDI09/16/2002

    O-la-la!! This one is really strong. I can't wear it, but if you are type for such fragrances it is a perfume of unquestioned quality. It has slightly masculine note but that can be cool especially for winter. My impression is that "Must" is not very sexy, sensual scent - but kind of "formal", cool, office-wear fragrance.

  • ADDICTED09/02/2002

    I have worn yhis one off and on for 15 years and I keep coming back to it each fall. It's spicey and uplifting ..the perfect cool weather scent. The body cream is to die for. I get compliments from men everytime I wear it.

  • MADELINE08/28/2002

    This perfume smelled similar to Obsession, which is not an appealing fragrance to me. I also detected a peppery note to it which I found offensive. I scrubbed to get this one off my wrist. Offensive to me, but to another nose it may smell good.

  • A.08/13/2002

    Tried it on in the Cartier jewelry store in Caesar's. At first, it smelled like lavender and bergamot, and it reminded me of a man's scent. After an hour it was sweet, spicy, and slightly vanilla-ish. Nice, but not to die for.

  • LOURDES08/07/2002

    I agree totally with Greta. It is a shame that Cartier changed this fragrance from the original one in the black bottle. This cannot compare!

  • DIANE07/22/2002

    I purchased this cologne on a cruise ship and at first I didn't like it but if you wear it sparingly it's lovely, a little sweet for the summer but a great winter fragance.

  • GRETA07/18/2002

    It is a shame that the original has been discontinued...the 1981 creation cannot be compared with such a classic. This reinvention of must de cartier falls short. I for one will not buy cartier any longer.

  • APHRAEL07/16/2002

    This perfume should not be called Must,it should be called Moderation because that's exactly how it should be used. It is lovely,no doubt about that,but very,very, potent.I've noticed that when too much is used,the smoky,ambery notes turn to a nauseating,siropy odor that is most unpleasant. But with a light hand,it allows the personal essence of the wearer to come through and mingle with the scent,and on the right woman,it's fabulous. Definitly not for the faint of heart.

  • LOLA05/18/2002

    i loved it in the store,when it was sprayed on a card;then i got home,showered and put it on:major mistake!it just doesn't agree with my chemistery.the moral of this story,ladies,is:always test a fragrance on yourself before buying it.

  • SHER05/15/2002

    I use the "old" dark smokey bottle with red top. Years ago it was sold in two very different versions, the eau de toilette which I preferred and the perfume, which was a sweeter, powdery scent. I never got a hug without hearing "WHAT are you wearing?: Then, I couldn't find it anymore, actually called Cartier and was told they had discontinued the eau de toilette version. I found a few bottles somewhere, bought them all and am still using them. The only scent I've found with the same depth and freshness (and people response) though very different, is Pleasures.

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    I like oriental fragrances, but I don't like to wear them. I prefer something more subtle too wear myself. This one is one of the best orientals, shame of the bottle

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    I like oriental fragrances, but I don't like to wear them. I prefer something more subtle too wear myself. This one is one of the best orientals, shame of the bottle

  • MADELINE02/13/2002

    This is absolutely RICH. No other word can describe it. You must use the parfum to get the full experience. The eau de parfum and eau de toilette just lose something but the parfum....mmmmm it's heaven.

  • V.V.12/30/2001

    Ups, sorry for spelling, I'm in hurry!

  • V.V.12/30/2001

    Clair de Jamine that Patricia mentioned is limited edition (2001.) and it is very nice.

  • COOKIE12/29/2001

    This is a heavenly fragrance, very light and beautiful. I've had compliments on it for years but it is so very, very hard to find. I only use the gold and black bottle - there is definitely a difference than the one with the red top! The closest cologne to this in scent is Paloma Picasso or Anne Klein II (can't find this one anymore). They are very similar.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Tried the parfum - My description: peppermint; black pepper; lemon; amber(powder); soap.

  • PATRICIA12/03/2001

    I've tried Must "Clair de Jasmine" EDT. I don't know is it limited edition or something like that. I think it's lighter than original version, with stronger jasmine note. It is warm and soft, sensual, and I like it more than original Must that is - no doubt - classy and elegant, but too heavy for my taste.

  • MARY D11/09/2001

    I too have been searching for the old fragrance in the smoke colored bottle, holding on to fragrance doesn't compare

  • KANSAS10/22/2001

    this fragrance was sent to me from neiman marcus some 20 yrs ago and i have loved it sooo please yall dont buy it and let me get it all LOL>

  • VIKI09/30/2001

    Far too strong! It has a very strong, almost masculine note, like strong masculine cologne water. But the new Eau legere is quite all right, in my opinion much better than the classic EDT.

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    I get nothing but compliments when I wear this. And the bottle is to die for!

  • JUNE08/22/2001

    in my opinion, one of the finest fragrances ever. I too like the smoke colored bottle of the Must de Cartier Parfum but have been unable to find it.

  • SHERRY08/13/2001

    I am still trying to find the old fragrance in the dark smoke looking bottle. Does anyone know where I find it?

  • MICHELLE08/11/2001

    In my opinion, this fragrance does not smell like Obsession. It is a must better fragrance. It is a classy and luxurious scent.

  • AILEEN07/09/2001

    I love cartier. In fact it's been my favorite perfume of almost 20 years. Men love the sent. So what it calvin copied it from cartier or vice versa, Cartier beats obsession hands down. aileen in new orleans

  • LYNNN07/07/2001

    When I first smelled Must de Cartier I thought it smelled like Obession.But,Must was out sooner.Calvin Klien really did get influenced by Cartier but, he reinvented it and market very well.I like Obession so much more it is longer lasting and it has that special something that makes it amazing!

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    i prefer obsession actually. obsession has more amber in it. must is a bit too cloying and sweet.

  • CAROLOUIE07/05/2001

    This is made of bergamount and vanilla and musk. It is for the sexy female who wants just the right sweetness subtlely worn. P>S>....Cartier did this first, yes. Obsession is only a wannabe. Wears fairly well. Would suggest buying lotion as well. Happy honeying!!!

  • KAREN04/15/2001

    Gail, You are sadly mistaken. If you had read what I said you would know that Calvin Klein ripped off Cartier when he did his "Obsession". Unfortunately, he was able to market it to a younger crowd. The fragrance is not as classy but it's ok. Must was out in '81 and Obsession was out in '85 or '86.

  • GAIL03/22/2001

    Karen, you are sadly mistaken... Must de Cartier was out and very popular in the late 70's/early 80's! If anyone copied anything is was Calvin. I remember when Obsession came out and I thought ... hmmmm, very similar, but NOT CARTIER!!!!

  • KAREN12/01/2000

    This is the original "Obsession" Calvin certainly ripped it off and marketed it well!!Too bad for Cartier..

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