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DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan Image

Donna Karan

DKNY Be Delicious   

127 Reviews

DKNY Be Delicious is a modern feast for the senses. Served in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. Like the city that inspired it, Be Delicious celebrates individuality with refreshing spirit. Notes include Amaerican Apple, Cucumber, more

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DKNY Be Delicious is a modern feast for the senses. Served in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. Like the city that inspired it, Be Delicious celebrates individuality with refreshing spirit. Notes include Amaerican Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber.

  • TONYA03/15/2014

    ...It's really good. Buy it you won't regret it!!

  • DENETTE01/18/2012

    Unfortunately, I did not like this fragrance, which is unusual for me to say since I generally LOVE apple scents (especially green apple). On me, this scent is sooo sour and really sharp. It is so sharp that it almost smells metallic. For those who can wear it, it would be great in the summer time, as it is a bright and sunny fragrance. I really wish that it would have worked for me. My co-worker wears this and it smells lovely on her!

  • ANGELA08/15/2011

    I found out from a perfume consultant that not all people can wear the same kind of perfumes..Everyone's body chemistry is different so it will react differently with some scents. I personnally can wear this fragrance and absolutely LOVE IT!! Too bad for the people that can't... LOL

  • KENNETH B. MARSHALL12/31/2010

    I really love this scent on the three women I smelled wearing it! I can smell this scent all day.Heavenly on any woman. Take this advice,and buy this perfume-a mature man,s veiw-point! Cannot go wrong with this one.

  • KENNETH B. MARSHALL12/25/2010

    I love this scent on any woman, I have smelled this on 5 different women, and they all smell delicious enougth to follow! Smell like a cashmere sweater. Ladies take this advice from a man,you will smell like heaven!

  • KENNETH B. MARSHALL12/21/2010

    I love this scent on women.It is truly amazing. I could smell this everyday,and still want more of it! Trust a man,s viewpoint.OMG!

  • KARYE02/05/2010

    I always get compliments on this perfume. I have been wearing it for over 2 years and I love it. I have never once heard someone say I smell gross. I dunno what these other haters are talking about on here. I LOVE DKNY BE DELICIOUS

  • SOECAR12/03/2009

    very delicious

  • HELENA08/10/2009

    I love the smell its fresh and lasts the whole day. I will deifinately refer it someone

  • GIRLY GAL01/18/2009

    wow i love this my top fav right up there with jucy:)

  • DMARIE09/13/2008

    Fake apple smell hasn't bath n body works and victorias secret already accomplished this with body sprays that smell so much better?

  • SG 09/02/2008


  • LILY06/18/2008

    I actually caught a whiff of this from my sister and thought it smelled really good. When I tried it on, I was disappointed. It smells a bit strange...I can't put my finger to it but after awhile I end up feeling really nauseous along with a slight headache. Even my niece complained that it smelled bad. So-So product. I thought it was going to be better. Does smell somewhat like rotten apples mixed with alcohol (and not the one you drink).

  • ANNIE05/07/2008

    I love this scent. It's a feel good happy fruity floral, the kind I would wear anywhere. I don't think it's very sophisticated, just a nice all around pleasant fragrance. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy a bottle, but if I received it as a gift, I wouldn't be disappointed, and I can definitely see myself using it up. I like Tommy Girl, too, which this one does not resemble, but they are both casual, pretty fragrances - very clean and "American" smelling.

  • SOLE03/01/2008

    I normally wear floral orientals or woody orientals but during the hottest months of the summer, I need something fresh and sparkling. I like Be Delicious quite a bit but I do agree that it is a bit simple and lacks depth. The thing is that in the summer I don't need depth. I want something fun and light and this scent accomplishes that. If it works with your body chemistry it should last all day without overwhelming your senses. I recommend it for those lazy summer days when you are kicking around in your sun dress and flip flops. Not sure about the New York connection though. Reminds me more of Venice Beach.

  • BEAPEA111112/19/2007

    I love this, maybe 'cause I'm a citrus and fruit fan. I get lots of compliments when I wear this. It is more of a summery fragrance

  • TRICIA12/10/2007

    I sprayed it on myself and I threw up, twice. But I love the smell..

  • JENNIFER11/27/2007

    DKNY, a leader in fashion...the "Be Delicious" fragrance has a primary "experimental" note of green apple?

  • AMNA10/06/2007

    i loove this perfume but whenever i wear this, theres something in this perfume (some ingredient) that makes me wheez, i can feel my lungs getting very irritated and as long as i can smell this , they are not feeling too good. anyways, maybe its the alchohol content...but brings on an athsma attack. so its not too good ..

  • BETH08/03/2007

    Always get tons of compliments on this one. This is the only fragrance that I get compliments on. It lasts all day. I use the lotion with it.

  • BOMBSHELL07/23/2007

    After much debate, I finally got this. Did they change it somehow? I definitely get the green apple, but there's a slightly musky dry-down. Got this one to wear into the fall. I just hope it does well in cooler weather, too! 4 stars for the "what-if" factor. Otherwise, quite nice, almost subtle.

  • J8207/03/2007

    At first this smelled quite nice... but after a few minutes of wearing it, I started having a headache, and then I got so dizzy that I had to take another shower to wipe it away. I find it too fruity and strong... it might work for other people, but it's sort of overwhelming for me.

  • BRIYA06/19/2007

    I usually go for warm/ sweet scents w/ a little spice like Ellen Tracy's Ellen Tracy and Givenchy's Amarige Mariage because they complimented my personality. Yet, I thought I'd try something fresh that would bring out my playful/casual side. I was undecided between L'Eau d' Issey and Be Delicious. Something about Be Delicious stood out. Now, I wear it exclusively. My collection of 20+ fragrances is gone. I love it! Since I'm used to sweet heavier scents, I forget I'm wearing this fragrance most days. However, I get compliments from men left and right. Men love it! I highly recommended it for anyone looking to switch from floral/oriental scents to fresh scents.

  • DANDAN05/28/2007


  • ANGELIQUE05/16/2007

    So so. I wasn't particularly wowed by this. Whilst I didn't exactly HATE it, there was nothing about it that would ever inspire me to actually purchase it. Red Delicious is a million times better.

  • SANDRA04/25/2007

    my brother in law bought a lot of perfumes as a present for my sister, me, and mom. it picked this up and never chose anything else. i'm in love with the scent. it's really sweet. really a youthful fragrance.

  • TATIANA03/30/2007

    Great scent! Ehergizing, shining like a summer sun! Makes me feel really great!

  • ROXOLANA03/14/2007

    This one I liked very much and recently bought. It does smell like apples and cucumbers, which I can understand some people might not like in a perfume, but I think the notes were put together well. I love it on me. Also, it seems to have recognizable scent as my co-worker asked me if I was wearing "Be Delicious."

  • BRANDY02/26/2007

    I like it, but I am also a granny smith apple fan. Very refreshing.

  • LORI02/19/2007

    Good thing we all have different tastes. How boring would this world be w/o it!

  • ANGIE02/11/2007

    I loved DKNY Be Delicious to death. This is the kind of sweet, fresh, fruity scent that I absolutely adore and look for in every perfume I buy. It lifts my moods the minute I spritz it on. Wonderful. The cucumber is definitely there. Only downside (for me) is the fact that this lovely scent doesn't last very long on me. I have to keep reapplying it.

  • MRS. MITCHELL02/06/2007

    I absolutely LOVE this perfume. When I first put it on I loved it. It is very feminine. Donna Karen did a great thing when she made this perfume.

  • KIMMIE11/20/2006

    Oh my gosh.. it smells delicous! Ugh.. its such a pretty smell. =)

  • RISA11/03/2006

    I falled in love with this scent at first smell at the department store. My sister also loves it. Red delicious is also cool for wearing at night!

  • ASHLEY09/24/2006

    I have a ton of perfumes, and I just recently bought Be Delicious and Red Delicious on the same day. My opinion is what some people have already stated; it could smell great or rotten depending on your chemistry; take the time to try it and see how it stands to your expectations for a day. I waited a year before buying it (lol, no one has to wait that long) but I've finally bought both and I love the way it smells on my skin. *crosses fingers* Here's to hopefully attracting some good attention!

  • TARA09/01/2006

    I have absolutely fallen in love with this fragrance! It is fresh and clean and classy. A must have for this fall!

  • JAS08/30/2006

    i tried it at the malll and loved it...i dont want to buy it tho because alot of perfumes get too sickely sweet if someone weres it all the time...a boy actually stopped to sniff me and my sister because we smelled good...i have a better chance if i used the smaller bottle.

  • JERRY08/29/2006

    when my wife weres this it drives me insane. i love it and i can't keep my hands off her. remember all the woman who don't like it like "be yuk" it's not for you to like it's your man to like

  • KRYSTAL08/29/2006

    I was reading cosmopolitan (mag) and they had a ad in it that lets you smell both be and red delicious, and i love them!!!! i wish i had the accual thing instead of just a page in a magazine, haha

  • SANDRA08/28/2006

    A bad copy of "light blue", flat, too sweet, and too green, and too fruity. Has more cucumber than apple. Impossible to describe on this frangrance opening notes, or base notes, smells the same from the 1st pray until the dry down. Lasts long because it is so sintetic. I cant imagine any elegant woman or girl wearing it. It is a bad smell, even it is "unique"... but there is no many people out there wearing this and soon it is be as common and cheap as it deserves to be.

  • FULLA08/10/2006

    Nasty... reminds me the smell of air deodorant (glade). Not for me...

  • LUSI08/07/2006

    It is a boring and simplist fragrance that try by the long lasting power and sintetic sweet fruit smell to be something special. Bad shot.

  • RENAE07/22/2006

    I just want to start off saying that I love the scent of this perfume. I fell in love with the crisp apple scent of it at the store, but once I sprayed it on, it turned all floral on me just about instantly and I lost all trace of apple fruitiness. I assume that its just my body chemistry, but ugh. I don't like how this one smells on me at all.

  • D07/19/2006

    I thought I had tried this before and didn't care for the fruitiness of it, but tried it again just recently, and thought it to be a very pretty, light summer fragrance. (maybe I needed to try it in the summer! LOL)

  • JT07/06/2006

    I agree with Jamie-Lyn's post. When I first smelled Be Delicious, I thought it was the best thing ever, but now after having Red Delicious, that one is so much better! I also am disappointed that it is limited edition. I will have to stock up too.

  • JAIME-LYN06/23/2006

    I own both Be Delicious and Red Delicious. Be Delicious is okay, not great. Red Delicious is VERY GOOD. I sprayed myself at the mall and instantly fell in love with it. After walking around for an hour I had to go back and get it. It's extremely sexy--which I really wasn't expecting from DKNY. Too bad it's only limited edition. Guess I'll have to stock up.

  • COLETTE05/05/2006

    Whenever I put this on I get the best compliments. It never overwhelms anyone and it's not harsh to your nose you don't have to wait for it to "air out" to get the correct smell it is delicious straight out of the bottle.

  • VICTORIA04/25/2006

    I love the freshness of this perfume. I wear it in the daytime and my hombre wants to take a bite out of me! hehehehe

  • KATI FROM EST04/14/2006

    Oh, i really love it. So fruity, fresh. and last all day! Super for me. Suits especially good for younger people.

  • TAWNY03/22/2006

    If you'd like to attract someone this coming season, wear this ... they'll think you fell into a vat of rotten apples, but you'll get their attention.

  • LIZA03/18/2006

    I'm buying it again, so it can't be that bad.....great for spring/ lacks a bit of depth but it's nice anyway.....

  • VIOLET03/17/2006

    and thats not a complement. What a let down after something like black cashmere

  • CJ03/14/2006

    This is nice, it does have a "slight" apple scent, but it's quite soft and subtle...I get sooo many compliments on it! More than other's that are FAR more spendy! The Green is my fave!

  • AMANDA03/11/2006

    I can't stomach this fragrance but my teenage daughter likes it as do her friends. Guess it's for the kids! :0)

  • KAITE03/09/2006

    I think that it is VERY GOOD! My boyfriend love it..and all of my friends want it. The apple container is super cute! My favorite..(I also like Paris Hilton)

  • MISTY03/08/2006

    If you like the smell of synthetic overly-sweet apples, then by all means go for this. I found it completely nauseating! I was so disappointed since I usually love fruity fragrances. Not this one!

  • ALLANNAH03/07/2006

    i actually think it smells great!! i loved it the first time i got it i dont know whats wrong with some of you maybe just dont wear it everyday....

  • DJ03/06/2006

    be delicious red apple, and it smells great now i can wear both or one at a time. you must go and sniff this one.

  • LAURA03/03/2006

    Unfortunately it does not work with my chemistry at all. It simply smells like sweet chemicals. Yet, if I just spray it on my clothes, it is the same smell that was on the scent strip :)

  • SIMONE03/01/2006

    Unfortunately I actually bought this scent before trying it a few times and what a waste of money (well, at least I gave it to my 16 year old niece who loves it.) It smells like it was created by teenagers for teenagers (apparently that's who it is marketed towards ... I can't believe this is DKNY!!) There is no depth to it; it smells like an over-ripe bushel of putrid sweet apples. Wretched.

  • MELISSA02/25/2006

    I like it and so do my friends...i guess some ppl are right that the teens like it...but ppl have there differences in their taste

  • NESSY02/23/2006

    I found this perfume delicious indeed. I am not sure why people call it citrus though. To me it smelled like apples! Are you sure--those who smelled it-- you are talking about this new DKNY perfume?

  • ADAM02/17/2006

    Bought this for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day and it really reeked! Thank god she couldn't stand it either so we returned it for a GOOD perfume! This really sucked.

  • PERFUME WANDERER02/13/2006

    i love this perfume! as someone who cant stay on one perfume for long--this scent has made me stop for a few months now! I am 25 years old and this perfume is IT for me!n It has everything a young sexy female could want in a scent :)

  • JOSH02/08/2006

    I though that both DK Men and DK Men Unleaded were great fragrances, but this one doesn't remotely cames to either of those. DK Men is a far nicer cologne than this horrible garbage. Donna Karan made a bad decision to discontinue DK Men and DK Men Unleaded and introduce this putrid fragrance.

  • COLETTE02/07/2006

    This is really awful. I cannot imagine anyone with good taste finding this scent alluring. It is juvenille and simplistic, not to mention sickeningly sweet - repulsive! Perhaps it is the young crowd with little experience that finds this fragrance pleasant. lol.

  • DJ02/07/2006

    you cant go wrong with this one. but i like the fact that this one is getting slot of attention must be really something.

  • PAZZO01/24/2006

    This is a copy of D and G light blue.But it went horribly wrong.Smells like supermarket's fruit aisle.

  • BREE01/24/2006

    kristen said a mouthful ... this stuff is generic and souless ... and it's sad and pathetic. what's even more sad & pathetic are all the girls out there pouring this stinky stuff on themselves, running around like little mindless robots. just because it's dkny with the seductive ads doesn't make it a good fragrance. A+ for their marketing team and F- for the fragrance team.

  • KRISTEN01/21/2006

    absolutely nothing special about this perfume.. it's so generic and souless that it makes me want to cry.. There are so many other great fresh fruity citrus fragrances out there.. don't waste time or money on this one.. sorry DKNY.. it's true..

  • RENEE01/17/2006

    Obviously this is one of those fragrances you must try before you buy and try it on your skin - not just a card. I have tried it several times and it makes me SICK. Litereally. It stays on forever - practically scrubbed my skin off and I could still smell it - ICK. A really juvenille-sweet scent that I find totally repugnant.

  • DJ 01/12/2006

    every time i smell this i think yea i smell great. when others have it on i ask what fragrance are you wearing? and well it be delicious by donna karen.

  • MADELINE01/12/2006

    "Be Delicious"??? Not with this so-called fragrance. Isn't worth the price of the cheezy bottle it is packaged in, and boy although it smells cheap it isn't priced cheap. Honestly, this fragrance is so totally repulsive it literally made me want to toss my cookies because it is so synthetically sweet. It's not even a "nice" sweet you can learn to tolerate. UGH!

  • KENDRA01/10/2006

    WARNING -- high GAG factor!! Very possibly the MOST HORRIBLE fruity fragrance I have ever encountered. It is so sweet - artificial, one-dimensional, cheap, teenage sweet -- the kind that makes you want to hurl. Heaven help you if you try it out and don't like it because it lingers on and on and on like a bad cold you just can't shake. AVOID.

  • IEZA01/09/2006

    Luv the the scent!...its long lasting frangrance..This is the best perfume eva!awsome

  • RACHAEL01/09/2006

    This perfume is very clean yet not that simple.. as the fragrance unfolds, it becomes complicated and more feminine.. good for day wear... lasts long also.. great buy!!!

  • VERNELL01/08/2006

    This fragrance is SICKENINGLY sweet. Gave me a headache I couldn't get rid of for three days. Never again!

  • LINDA01/07/2006

    Tried this on at the local dept. store and was very disappointed. It stunk. It smelled like something my 14 yr. old daughter would wear to a school. Women might just want to look for something with a little more dimension and complexity. Like fruity but not overpowering AND has CLASS? Try Prescriptives Calyx.

  • BASAK01/03/2006

    this really freshens me up and lots of people ask what it is. A must have for females.

  • KAT01/02/2006

    i don't know what people find so "yummy" about this scent. it smells cheap and sadly i wouldn't wear it if someone gave it to me.

  • ZOE12/30/2005

    Glad to see my GAG reflex is working properly but ... this fragrance is horrid - no thanks!

  • JENNAH12/28/2005

    i thought i'd like this perfume - alot of rave reviews & i like fruity stuff. WRONG! unless you like NAUSEA-INDUCING SWEET i'd try something else which really is delicious cuz this isn't!!

  • ELIZA12/25/2005

    Just received this as a gift and it took all of my power not to GAG after spritzing it! I have been trying to wash it off my wrist since this morning but this scent lingers (not too good if you don't like it!) Please spray before you pay - I will be returning mine (and getting a nice-smelling fragrance - maybe Dior Addict 2!) 1st thing in the morning!

  • TAMARA12/22/2005

    To tell the truth, I was just browsing at a store and I sniffed about 4 testers of other fragrances, I saw the dkny be delicious, but I kept looking at other fragrances, then all of a sudden I kept glancing at it, and finally asked to smell it, I loved it right then, and just think I was about to buy something else, called baby phat goddess ( it smells good too, does anyone agree, it is new and I think I am still going to get it). After buying it and wearing it today (12/22/05) at work, I thought I was crazy because after a while, it changes to a bit of a warmer scent to me, but after reading the other reviews, I was right! I love fragrances and this one is a winner. I am a Mississippi girl, and if this has the energy of New York then NY has got it going on!!!

  • TIFFANY12/21/2005

    This fragrance smells incredible!!! Its very fresh, exotic and tangy ... all the guys LOVE it!!!! Excellent Buy even though its on the pricey side.

  • ROSIE12/17/2005


  • DANA12/14/2005

    well first of all it seems like you have no taste! you don't have literacy either. if you're going to criticize such a nice perfume at least know how to write!

  • ME12/10/2005

    they call it be DELICIOUS they also had the red one to be a red delicious apples, of course both apples are blend with other stuff so it smells great, i find it works better when the weather is bit warmer theres nothing wrong with smelling like apples or like ANY OTHER PERFUMES like Lulu Guinness smells just like a bunches flowers put togher you would smell like a bouitque flowers or Hanae Mori which you would smell like someone baking around the holidays so on... by the way i do enjoy all those fragrance. So dont forget what you spray is what you will smell- apples, flowers, candy,woodsy,marine,or soapy... the list goes on. Have fun sniffing i know i do.

  • JAYLA12/08/2005

    this is a ok perfume but it smells way appley like the name of the perfume should be "smell like a apple"

  • KATIE12/05/2005

    This stuff smells great. I already went out and bought the lotion and the perfume.

  • MAGGIE11/27/2005

    I love fruity, but this fragrance is extremely sweet (sickeningly so) ... I can't find a nice thing to say about it. It smells cheap (which it sure isn't) and one-dimensional. I don't care how many awards it did or didn't win. No thanks! :(

  • CHRISTINE11/25/2005


  • JOLIE11/22/2005


  • RR11/18/2005

    This scent works well with my body chemistry, I always get compliments whenever I wear it, its a must to have in your perfume collection.

  • ROBIN 11/17/2005

    Dear Becks -- Wow, your nose has an amazing range of fragrances it likes! I'm impressed. For that reason, it's a bit hard to zero in on some other recommendations. Lucky you to be able to take the train to NYC. I'm from Vancouver and envy you. I wish I could say I've had the chance to try Valentino Gold, Le Baiser or E'clat de Arpege, but I haven't been so fortunate. . . yet, anyway. I'll keep my eyes out, anyway. I love many of the fragrances you mentioned, too, and will look forward to trying some of the others. I was just thinking, and this might not work at all (you know fragrances and their subjectivity!!) but I read that Maya thought that Prada reminded her a bit of Aromatic Elixir, so you might think of that. Also, if you like Cinema (mmmm!) you might like to try l'Instant by Guerlain: not the same, but in the same basic family. I see you like Michael Kors; with that tuberose (if memory serves; I'm no perfume expert, just a casual lover of the stuff) it's got some commonality with Jean Paul Gaultier Fragile. Probably you've tried that already. Also, from what I've been reading on the board, you might like Bvlgari Omnia or its new, more citrusy sister, Omnia Crystalline: in fact, the Crystalline might be just perfect for you, because it has those classic middle and base notes I know you enjoy, plus some fresher top notes you also appreciate. Maybe next time you're in the big city??? Anyway, nice to hear from you, Becka, and stay in touch!!!

  • FRUITI-TOOTI11/17/2005

    I already have All About Eve from Joop which has green apple scent in it, so when I tried this one, my response was No Thanks I already have an apple perfume. Light Blue from Dolce and Gabanna also has apples in it. If you love apples, these 3 are worth trying.

  • BECKA11/15/2005

    Hey girl! I had a feeling you were the Nanette Lepore lover. Thanx for your new recommendations. The only one that you mentioned that i've had the opportunity to sniff is Light Blue, which I did appreciate, but felt it was too strong for me. I've heard that E'clat de Arpege by Lanvin is actually very similar, but lighter. Have you experienced it? As for the Anna Sui one, I have never heard of it. The Macy's by me only carries her signature, Dreams & Ooh la la love. If I wanted to try any Moschino, I guess I would see if Sephora has testers. Or else hop on the train to New York City (only an hour or so from me). By the way, here are a few of my faves: Burberry Weekend, Gucci parfum II (pink), Michael Michael Kors, 212sexy Carolina Herrera, Red Jeans Versace, J lo Miami Glow, Opium YSL, Calyx by Prescriptives, New West Skin scent (woman) by Aramis, Pink Sugar by Aqualina, BCBGgirls Sexy, Rare Gold by Avon, Narcisse by Chloe (Karl Lagerfeld), Red Door Elizabeth Arden, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Cinema YSL, Diesel zero plus feminine or any other coconut top note scent, and the list goes on. I recently found out from a friend that Valentino Gold is a very unique one, smelling of key limes, white musk, and cranberries. But it's not readily available; naturally this site sells it. One last thing, have you ever tried any of the Lalique perfumes? I think I recollect smelling the original as a pre-teen, but I can't remember what it's like. Le Baiser sounds interesting to me. Anyway, get back whenever you can. I really value your feedback, since I know how passionate you are about perfume. Ciao bella :@)

  • ROBIN 11/11/2005

    So nice to hear back from you. Yes, I'm the Nanette Lepore girl, too, as well as the Robin who responded to your questions about apple-y scents. I was just thinking about some others you might go nuts over, so here they are: Anna Sui Secret Wish, Moschino I Love Love (actually citrusy, but with that green apple freshness I know you love), Miss Dior Cherie (strawberry sorbet -- and strawberry leaves to keep it fresh and not overly sweet or cloying), Light Blue (if I haven't mentioned it already; so hard to keep track!!), and Oscar Citrus (it's a limited edition, I think, and it's quite inexpensive, relatively speaking! Not appley, but fresh, warm, light and lovely). Hope you find them, and do let me know what you think!! I wish there was a kind of all-purpose posting board so we could all find each other and communicate more easily; I've sent a message to Perfume Emporium, but unfortunately they can't easily do that. Too bad. Anyway, sorry to get back to you so belatedly; it always takes awhile to recirculate through all the individual fragrances to find messages! Take care.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    DKNY Be Delicious is as fresh and irresistible as a bite of a green apple! Sassy and feminine, it is also seductive and clean at the same time. You may think it synthetic, but I really like it, it's just fun!

  • MARI11/08/2005

    this scent smells fresh and fruity and familiar but i couldn't quite place it. then it hit me: it smells a lot like happy. i liked it but wish it were more original.

  • NIKKI11/07/2005

    I love this scent. It's soft and fresh and just smells natural. I bought the bottle after trying a sample and having my boyfriend repeatedly lean over to smell me.

  • ME AGIAN11/03/2005

    this one also gave me a headach at first but now its ok i get complaints evey time i wear it and now five people at my work are wearing it. has for estee lauder pleasures exotic i also like it also has grape fruit but everyone said my perfume was too loud and strong so i dont wear pleasures extic at work anymore what a shame

  • GWENDOLYN10/29/2005

    I found this scent to be sooooo sweet it made me nauseous! I was expecting a crisp clean scent & instead it made me nauseous & gave me a banger of a headache (I tried 3x hoping it would improve but was worse each time.) Definitely sample this one a couple times & see how it reacts w/your chemistry. If you're into fruity & tropical ... Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic is INCREDIBLE!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fragrance wow!! :)

  • STAR10/29/2005

    this fragrance is not a alluring or a obsession type of smell its more like fun flirty,females who enjoys live. The grapefruit in it gives a impression of young at heart, read that in a artical and sephora site also read in a magazine and saw a artical that florals and spices together gives a notice of a slim apperance and remember it how your personalty and chemistry of course that makes your smell-smell delicious and nice and good at any age. happy sniffing

  • MARIEL10/25/2005

    every single person that smelled this on me tells me how beautiful the perfume smells. the perfume is sweet but not over the top sweet. Be Delicious even won an award for smelling so great. something has to be wrong with you to not like this scent...obviously ur body chemistry.

  • TANYA10/09/2005

    the initial smell is quite nice then it starts to smell like deoderant on me.totally did not mesh w/my chemistry.amber based perfumes go well w/me but not anything w/musk or patchouli and this has indonesian patchouli.if your body chemistry goes well w/musk or sweet fruity mixed w/patchouli based scents then you'd probably want to give this scent a try.

  • REBECCA... AGAIN10/08/2005

    Just curious, are you, by any chance, the same Robin that said she loves Nanette Lepore? Because that's another one that sounds like it's up my alley. I've meaning to try that one for awhile, although I think it's quite pricy.

  • REBECCA S10/08/2005

    This is the very first time someone has replied to one of my posts. I appreciate you takin the time out. I have smelled Paris Hilton and I do like it, i'm just not sure it wil last on me- guess i'll have to get over to Macy's & try it when i'm not wearing any fragrance. I think it was so insightful of you to recommend Hanae Mori, as it sounds appealing to a fruity perfume gal like me. As for the others, I'd have no clue where to find them, except possibly Perfume Emporium. You seem to be a fruity perfume lover too (although I am, i also appreciate & wear some animalics, woods, greens, florals, etc. too). Any favorites of yours (in any category) that you highly recommend? P.S. I'm in my mid-twenties.

  • ROBIN 09/27/2005

    Ah, that apple smell. Well, Rebecca -- and I agree with the posters who say this is linear and kind of artificial -- if you can possibly track down Lei ("Her" in English) by Gianfranco Ferre, it's got load of apple sorbet and it's just gorgeous. Much more complex and layered than Be Delicious. Paris Hilton also has a good, fruity freshness with "frozen apple" (some kind of new modern accord) along with peach. Regardless of what we might think of Paris herself, her fragrance is lovely. Shanghai by Shanghai also has apple as a topnote, although it's very much mixed up with plum and bergamot. A wonderful fragrance all around! Also, if you love fruit and sweetness, Hanae Mori (with the butterflies) is loaded with strawberries, bilberries, black currant and blackberry, with lots of sweet almond, praline and rosewood. Almost edible!!! Have fun. . .

  • REBECCA S.09/11/2005

    You are so right, girlfriend. I hate the artificial sweetness of this fragrance. And this is coming from a person who loves the smell of green or red apples. It would be so much better if it smelled more natural. I also think that it is too linear of a scent. (not enough notes). That said, do you know of any scents that have an apple note (w/out spices) that smells better than this? If not, maybe one of your sisters would know. Merci

  • MAYA08/30/2005

    I thought I might like this, after hearing all the rave comments from women I work with, well not on me anyway! It smells super synthetic, just really fake. I have to admit that it's fresh, but not a perfume kind of smell, more like the fabric softener type of scent...

  • SMILEY07/10/2005

    Hi Perfumelovers! I think it's a greatly designed and advertised perfume, the package is awesome but I won't let it fool me:)) I do miss the complexity and to me it's too boring. However I would recommend this product to everyone who wants to smell clean, subtle and pleasant because if you wear it to office you will certainly not offend anyone. But for those who expect more complexity and distinction from a perfume, this may not be the best choice. I will go for Miami Glow instead, now THAT one is truly fabulous for my hot summer nights(and days too) ;)))

  • ROBIN 07/04/2005

    I'd written a super-long message to you, Lizzie, but I guess it was too big and didn't get listed. Awww. I'd mentioned all the fragrances I love and own and want to own. Darn!! Anyway, I'm sure you'll discover them all on your own just by sampling. . .Thanks for turning me on to Sentiments and Feminine and the other ones that I'd inadvertently overlooked. I'll keep looking for your name, too, so when you rate something ***** I'll be sure and give it a try!! xxoo

  • ROBIN 06/30/2005

    AND. . .my newest acquisition is Blue by La Perla, which is (I think) utterly divine: bergamot meets marine/oceanic meets I-dunno-what in the way of smooth, light woods. Yummmmm.

  • LIZZIE06/28/2005

    ALSO, Silver Rain by La Prairie is AWESOME but REALLY EXPENSIVE!!! Also really like Shanghai, Very Irresistable, and Stella. :-D

  • LIZZIE06/28/2005

    HI ROBIN!!! Sorry it took a while for me to get back to you! My laptop was stolen and I had to get another one...but you are absolutely right! There is no such thing as too many gorgeous scents and since it seems that you and I have similar tastes, here is my list: Hanae Mori Butterfly (I LOVE THIS!), Escada Magnetism, Lolita Lempicka (LOVE this), Amor Amor, Amor Amore Fraiche, Aquolina Pink Sugar (not always in the mood for...very innocent), Anna Sui Love (LOVE this), Anna Sui Secret Wish, Nanette Lepore, J'adore, Basic Instinct by VS (so-so), Noa Fleur (so-so), Liz Claiborne Crush, Britney Spears Curious, Chanel's Allure (LOVE this), Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise, Clinique Happy, Liz Claiborne Bora Bora, Spring Fever by Origins, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Estee Lauder Beautiful Sheer, Ralph Lauren Romance, Lancome Miracle, Ellen Tracy Imgine, Petals&Lace by Caswell-Massey, Laura Ashley Dilys (but trying to get rid of this one...old lady dry-down). Here are the ones I want/recommend: Blush by Marc Jacobs (similar to Beyond Paradise when it dries down), Narciso Rodriguez For Her, I Love Love, Herve Leger Paris, Burberry Brit (similar to Allure but with more of a pear/almond top note), Pure Poison by Christian Dior, So In Love by VS is pretty good, too. WHEW...send me yours? I'll check back here more often! THANK YOU, ROBIN! :-D

  • BELLE06/23/2005

    This does smell delicious! It's refreshing & uplifting! It has a grapefruit note in it (though it's subtle). I love the warm notes added...the blonde woods, the amber. Super nice dry down!

  • ROBIN 06/23/2005

    I've fairly recently discovered this site, and I've noticed that "Lizzie" has a nose that's incredibly like my own. Liz, you seem to love what I love for the same reasons, loathe what I loathe, and have the same comments for so-so fragrances, like this nice but kind of simple, one-dimensional new release from Donna Karan. Please -- and I think I've tried to get ahold of you through, possibly, the Anna Sui Sui Love message board (I adore that one, too), but I'll try here too. What I'd like to know is what other fragrances you're hooked on. I think I'd mentioned Hanae Mori Butterfly, l'Eau par Kenzo, Magnetism (you love already) and Maxmara, so let's exchange faves if we can. Is there such a thing as too many bottles of gorgeous scents???????????

  • WEST TEXAS06/20/2005

    Loved this one on the sample card, but the drydown was disappointing. It smelled like every other light fragrance out there, and my husband did not like it. I wish the apple tones had lasted - that would have made it a winner in my book. Try it with your chemistry before you buy it!

  • SYLVIE06/18/2005

    Sorry. Not for me. Can't smell NOTHING "delicious" in this synthetic, artificial, modern fragrance. The drydown is very unpleasant. Any fabric softener or household cleaner smell better than this brandnew DK scent.

  • OLIVIA06/09/2005

    I love this scent. It has a nice crispness that you don't find with alot of perfumes out there. Highly recommended!!!

  • TAZ06/06/2005

    This refreshing,sweet,clean and unique fragrance is a must have! But i don't really like the packaging although its unique. But some how i still like it. Try it! =) Im planing to buy this and another 2 perfumes which is all great!

  • STEPHNIE06/02/2005

    This is in response to the red bottle that a few have mentioned. The red bottle was a limited addition. It isn't the mens version. As for the smell, absolutely wonderful. My husband loved it the first time I gave it a try.

  • ROSIE05/23/2005

    if you don't like this scent, you have difficulties with your sense of smell. this perfume is sweet but not over the top sweet. it smells young and new......not quite like an apple but somewhat. its just have to try it!

  • CHRISTINA C05/19/2005

    I love this perfume. I first had smelled it through an ad in a magazine and I instantly fell in love with the fruity apple accents & floral/woodsy freshness. It is more casual than romantic wear. Guys will love it on any girl though, on any occasion.

  • LIZZIE05/16/2005

    I might get decked for this comment, seeing as this scent is selling out everywhere and people seem to love it, but in my opinion, it's nothing special. The appley scent IS delicious, appropriately, but I can't detect any more complexity to it, and definitely no florals or other notes. I went to Sephora the other day and kept coming back, sniffing it fifty times, to see if perhaps there was something I was missing. The Sephora ladies thought I was nuts, I'm sure, but I was trying to capture the obsession over this scent everyone else seems to have gotten. I waited 30 minutes for a more complex dry-down, to no avail. Maybe it's just my nose. I think this smells like a sweet Victoria's Secret Enchanted Apple, only a little better, with the advantage of a better name like DKNY. I don't mind smelling like apples, or smelling apples on other people, but it really seems like a one-note nose deal. I love the idea of it (dedicated to New York and everything), I just wish that the fragrance would have blossomed into more complexity. I think Nanette Lepore is better than this one...also a juicy, fruity blend but it opens up into different levels of florals and tender spices...a very underrated scent. If you love Be Delicious, I really recommend Nanette Lepore. It's also sold at Sephora. Sorry to offend the Be Delicious fans! :-)

  • BRIANNA05/16/2005

    I lpve this scent. I got it when it first came out and I must say that not only did it linger but the smell stayed very close to the original scent when u first spray it!! Very rare but this one is one of my favorites!!! I'm almost out!!

  • SONYA05/14/2005

    Be Delicious is a lovely fragance. I love the crisp floral apple scent. It reminds me of a custom blended perfume. There is nothing around anything like it. It's so lady-like and feminine.

  • BUTTERFLY05/07/2005

    Definatly one of the best perfumes out there! I love it. It's my new favorite. You like this one try the male version. Omg! I can't control myself when my hubby wears it lol.

  • JOHN05/06/2005

    I didn't find the fragrance I was looking for, but the woman behind the counter suggested Be Delicicious, and I'M SO GLAD SHE DID!!! It's light, airy and playful and I just love it when my wife wears it! I insist on it! I can't get over how "playful" it smells, and I can't get enough of her! This one is a hit.

  • ELISE05/04/2005

    Your bf got the men's version, the women's is green. The colors are unusual though, I would think that the mens would be green and the womens red. Anyhow, there all good;)

  • COCU05/04/2005

    Awesome perfume, really attractive, fresh, and lovely... Be delicious for MEN is really great too, but very similar to Echo*davidoff with some dif. notes.. anyway.... apples rules !

  • SHAWN04/05/2005


  • KAREN03/14/2005

    it just smells really good, most perfumes dont have that hint of green apple. Love it! I told my boyfriend I wanted this or simply by clinique for my birthday adn this is the one he picked of the two.

  • LAUREN03/04/2005

    The Best!!! Smells wonderful from the first spray to dry down and stays all day, just love it!!!

  • REBECCA03/04/2005

    I'm the first to review this? wow, I thought since it was so popular it would already have so many! I have be delicious and it's a juicy apple floral to me. Very clean and sweet, but not overly so. Like a real apple, fresh and pure. I love it, I'm new to fruity fragrances, I usually go for all floral or orientals. This is a good change, and so wearable. It's lasts through the day, but isn't too strong. I love the way it mixes with my skin, and for spring I'm looking forward to wearing it to brighten the day from winter perfumes.

  • BAYLEY02/28/2005

    BEST PERFUME IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! I love this perfume so much, it smells, just like the name, Delicious.

  • SHAWNII02/28/2005

    It is exactly what it says it is DELICIOUS I absolutely love this scent it is very alive and spontanious!! YUMMMMMY!!!!!

  • REBA02/28/2005

    This is a wonderful smelling purfume its a deffin must have for the summer !

  • MELINDA FRYE02/28/2005

    This fragrance is absolutely wonderful, I have a very sensitive nose to perfume and this does not bother me at all! It is great! And best of all I SMELL WONDERFUL!

  • SR02/26/2005

    I really enjoy wearing this. It is very crisp and cool. I find it to be a very intense floral and i LOVE how the apple mixes with the floral notes. It brings them out in quite a stunning way.

  • REBECCA02/24/2005

    I got the 1 oz today, I wanted to see what all the talk was about with it. It's selling out everywhere! It's nice to me, at first you smell the apple, sweet and fruity clean. Then it moves into different warmer flowers. Very nice smelling. I hope it lasts through the day...To me it's a soft fruity floral, that's clean and opens to more than just apple after a short while. lol The price was a bit steep, so I hope I really enjoy it. I also tried the lip gloss. It was very shiny, clear, and smelled exactly like the apple in the perfume! It was great, I'm going to get one of those too.

  • CRISTEL02/24/2005


  • LAUREN02/24/2005

    I love this perfume so much! I did'nt so much the first time I used it, but give it a second it's wonderful! I also got the lotion and lip gloss..try it!!!!

  • JT02/24/2005

    Not long after this perfume came out, I was in the perfume section of a department store when I caught a whif of what I thought was the best aroma I have ever smelled... at first I didn't know what it was, but I was desperate to find it, so when my nose finally led me to the right bottle, and I was instantly in love!! It is completely unique. Green apple with florals and woods, it does have depth. It is young enough for some, yet sophisticated enough for others. Let me tell you, it really lasts too. I have the lotion and the lip gloss too and all are excellent and great smelling products. The perfumer for DKNY really got it right with Be Delicious.

  • COURTNEY02/23/2005

    This one has the right combination of tart and sweet. It is a beautiful, fresh, youthful scent, appropriate for Spring and Summer. It reminds me of being on a beach. My husband loves it and begs me to wear my sample of it. The only problem is that it wears off in about an hour.

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